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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 15, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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breaking news on the draft resolution out of benghazi by the house oversight committee. that we will learn more as the week rolls on. . head. don't miss it. tonight on ck tonight the u.s. and russia reach a deal on syria kmemz will assad comply. >> this is a picture of tyrone woods. he was killed in benz. the woods family deserve answers. >> do the woods family expect answers soon? they join the governor tonight. plus -- >> if god is good, why is there so much suffering. >> reporter: why was the trailer of kurt cameron's new film blocked from facebook and you tube? ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee.
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>> thank you. thank you very much. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. i thought long and hard and was trying to find way to take a movie that would illustrate the astonishing events of the past week. fail safe, the classic with henry fonda. that wouldn't work because it was about a serious president who painfully understood the consequences of making mistakes with world power. >> you are responsible for what happens to it. we have to look at the future. do we learn from it what do we do, mr. chairman? >> i certainly couldn't use the harrison ford thriller "air force one gts about a person who fought off a plane full of terrorists to save his family and the world.
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>> get off my plane! >> all right. well, no, none of the great films about presidents, real or pick tigsal were fitting to frame the events of the week an the way that president obama and his team handled the crisis in syria. i had to reach deep in the vault that worked to illustrate the leadership we have seen from the white house. were considered the clumsiest -- that ever graced the old west. >> okay. maybe that would fit, okay. well, the president preempted reruns of "here comes honey boo
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boo and pawn stars so he could take the tv time and tell americans he wanted congress to approve a plan to attack syria that he had already decided against doing already any way. moreover, he pretended the rhetorical bluff, tossed off the cuff by secretary of state john kerry in london about the syrias turns over chemical weapons was his master plan that he had discussed weeks earlier with russian president vladimir putin . if you thiebelieve that, then i the urged the president to put a man on the moon even though i was only 5 at the time. and a scene from secretary of state john kerry that if we took military action from syria that it would be unbelievably small. i wish my late father would have held that discipline opinion when i was a kid. i would have appreciated the
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small rear blisterings. my father practiced old fashioned patriotism. he laid on the stripes. i saws and if the dr. strange love's quality of our government's inept bungling of foreign policy wasn't enough we had the op-ed by the russian president. i guess the "new york times" ran out of old calmies to write editorials so they enlisted the services of putin, pastor of the great church of the holy imposter who breach the brotherhood and equality by admonishing americans by getting over our heresy of exceptionalism and being as mediocre as our president seems to think we are and invoke his most holy exer isation. the reverend putin appealed to our souls by closing his homily with these words. we are all different, but when we ask for the lord's blessings we must not forget that god
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created us quail. praise the lord and pass the vo ka. the kgb cam maize a dose of religion and details aur all nations are equal and to ask the lord's blessings, reverend putin, i'm afraid i won't be able to sing the hallelujah chorus in your sanctuary this weekend because i don't expect all nations as the same. the ones that murder its own citizens with gas or bullets and bombs are those that call for the annihilation of all jews or christians aren't equal for those who at least attempt to function as a nation of laws. forgive me, reverend putin, but i'll keep believing america is an exceptional country and refuse to believe it is dangerous to believe. that i think we've learned this week that the danger is when we stop believing that we are exceptional and we think that we have to call on russia to rescue us.
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[ cheers and applause ] well, secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergei lavrov have agreed to a deal to eliminate syria's chemical weapons this weekend. under the agreement, syria has to submit a detailed list of the chemical weapons stockpile within a week and for the arsenal of chemical weapons to be destroyed by the middle of thex year. will bashar assad play ball? south carolina lindsey graham supported a strike before the deal was made and senator graham is joining me now. great to have you back. appreciate your being here today. >> thank you. for a baptist preacher, you are very witty. >> you know you might have made all the baptist mad thinking they are not funny as they think they are. >> i am one. i know we're not funny.
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i want to ask you, you have been supportive of the action going in to syria. but then it just got really, really out of hand. now today there's an agreement. >> right. >> >> at least seemingly there is. do you trust the agreement an the parties that are putting it together? >> absolutely not. it is a blind alley. it is a box canyon for america. putin has led us down a road where there is no good outcome. without the threat of force, this agreement means nothing. the reason i wanted to strike assad is to punish him, deteriorate his ability to deliver chemical weapons and change the tide of battle. mike, what happens if assad says no you can't go there? without a chapter 7 resolution, which the russians are threatening to veto which will allow the use of force in the agreement it means nothing. this is a debacle. >> where did this whole thing unravel? >> oh, i think when the
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president came to congress right after the red line was drawn a year ago. the question is why would assad do it after he was told by obama not to? i think from benghazi forward we have been sending a signal that we are weak and a paper tiger. when they kill our ambassador and three brave americans in benghazi and a year later nothing happened to everyone. i think every raed radical jihadist is on steroids and assad sized up obama and said i will do whatever i need to to protect myself and challenge this guy. at the end of the day, the russians, iranians and syrians have won this contest and we have lost and i really worry about what's going to happen in iran. the ayatollahs in iran would be dancing. the only reason they are not dancing is because they don't believe in dancing. >> you feel if we don't get this situation in syria resolved that within six months we will be dealing with something far more serious between iran and israel.
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explain what you mean and what kind of serious situation do you think we will face in six months? >> well, iran is the biggest ally of assad. they are linked to the hip. russia has been helping. anything we do in syria is sending a signal to the iranians. i believe the iranians are trying to develop a nuclear weapon, not build a nuclear power plant. do you agree on that. >> absolutely. i don't think there is any doubt in any sane person's mind they are trying to develop nuclear material. >> if we duplicate that with the iranians they will march toward a nuclear weapon and dare israel to attack them. in the next six month our friends in israel will have to take on the iranians unless the united states can send a clear signal to iran unlike syria. it can't be repeated when it comes to iran. here's what i am going to do. i'm going to get a bipartisan
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coalition teague. we will put together a use of force resolution allowing our count use military force as a last resort to stop the iranian nuclear program to make sure they get a clear signal that all of this debacle called syria doesn't mean we are confused about iran. we maybe confused about what to do with the chemical weapons in syria but not as to what to do with the nuclear program in iran. i think republicans, democrats, libertarians and vegetarians agree that the iranians cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon and i will draft legislation. i will need your help, mike. i will need your audience's help, every friend of israel needs to rally behind this endeavor and israel feels abandoned after syria. we are not going to leave our friends in israel behind and to the ayatollahs f you march toward a nuclear weapon, all
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options on the table, including the military option. >> you actually are going to seek a preemptive approval to give the pat loaded weapon so that he feels the absolute freedom and support of a bipartisan congress to take whatever action, including military, against iran to prevent them from having nuclear weapons? >> that's exactly right, mike. if the iranians develop a nuclear weapon, every sunni arab state will want to challenge the shia's nuclear capability. we will start a nuclear arms race. i'm afraid the iranian ayatollahs will share information with terrorists and it would work its way back to america. you are on the way to arm gedden if the ayatollahs get a nuclear weapon. i will offer a resolution, allowing the use of force as a last resort. let the president know when he said all options are on the table, including the military option that the congress agrees with him. i'm not asking him to come to
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us. we will put it on the table. mike, if we don't do this soon, this mess in syria is going to lead to a conflict between israel and iran because the iranians have to believe that america is not serious about their nuclear program after the way we have allowed putin to lead us in to a blind canyon in syria. >> very strong stuff. stay with us. last wednesday marked a year since four americans were murdered in benghazi. senator graham is going to speak to the survivors about what happened that night. will we ever find out? i'll ask the senator when we come back. will we ever find out, i will ask the senator when i'd like to hear from you, go to my website tell me what you think on the leave feedback session or sign up for my facebook page an follow me on twitter. you can find link to that and more at mikebuck through. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health.
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>> on wednesday, state department spokes person faced tough woenz, state department spokesman faced tough question from matt lee on request from house oversight and reform committee chairman darrell issa. that's to make the survivor of the benghazi attacks available for question withening by congress. >> do you see the contradiction here? when he complains that you are not making people available to him, and you say that's not true, you are. but then you say that in fact people are not being made available, that's a problem. >> well, what i would say to him is we don't understand why anyone would want to do anything that would jeopardize the process. >> okay. but it is factually correct, though, then, that the state department or the administration is preventing people, specifically the survivors from testifying, right?
8:17 pm
for whatever reason -- i'm not asking for a reason. it's just true. >> we were talking about dancing. i thought jen was mimicking ginger rogers there trying to get away from explaining a simple thing. why won't we get to hear from the survivors of benghazi. will we ever? >> i think charles woods is one of the next guest. 34r woods and every other family member who lost a member of the family that lost a loved one in benghazi we will hear from the survivors. it's been a year since the attack. congress is an independent oversight body. can you imagine if this was bush, by the way, how our democratic friends would be acting. i'm going to stop every state department nomination an appointment until the state department agrees to make available to the united states congress, house and senate those that survived this debacle called benghazi. we need to hear from them what happened and not a spokesman
8:18 pm
what happened. >> how come we would be pushed over and over again and again and not be given the answers? sooner or later they should know it is going to come out. why would the stall continue like this if. >> i think the narrative that bin laden was dead and al qaeda was on the run was destroyed by the attack in benghazi. before the attack they made numerous request for security. chris stevens said we can't defend the consulate from a coordinated attack. al qaeda flags are flying all over the place. why for i eight and a half hours no one could come to their rescue and how after the attack did the story start this was a protest gone bad? i have looked at the evidence. there is not one piece of evidence, not one piece of evidence suggesting there was a protest outside of the consulate. the ambassador went to bed at 9:02. he would not have found him dead if there was a protest outside of the conflict wall where he
8:19 pm
was staying. this is a complete fabrication by the administration. mr. woods and his family have not been told the truth. the survivors will speak or all hell will break out between the congress, state department and cia. we are not going to let the state department become putin and we become boechl we are going to push back and win this fight because the american people need to know what happened to these four brave americans and get to the bottom of it so it doesn't happen again. >> senator, appreciate your ten nasty on this. the american people and the families of those four murdered deserve an answer. thank you for standing up for them and pushing back hard. great to have you here and thanks, again. >> thank you, mike. >> god bless. senator lindh di graham from south carolina. as we heard charles wood will be here with us. he is the father of tyrone woods one of the four heros we lost in benghazi. we'll be right back. st in
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one of the four americans killed during the terrorist attacks in wednesday wednesday on september 11th, 2012. woods ignored orders to stand down. he went to the consulate to save those in peril. he fought to his death trying to keep attackers at bay. his body slumped over his machine gun. he was firing nominee his last breath. we are delighted to have his family with us here. charles, there are 30 survivors from that night in benghazi. they saw first happened what happened. they experienced it. many of those people are alive
8:24 pm
because of your son and because of glenn dougherty. have you been able to have contact with some of those folks? >> right after the funeral, there was an individual who e-mailed me. his name was peterson. he was the information officer in benghazi. he was basically relaying the distress calls and telling the powers that be what was happening there. he sent a very touching e-mail and he said your son's sacrifice saved my life. i'd like to talk to you and on two occasions we did get to visit. >> what did he tell you? >> unfortunately at the time, i believed the official story. so i really didn't know what questions to ask. i wish i had the opportunity to contact him again. i have tried to contact him. he is apparently outside of the united states or somehow i can't contact him at his e-mail or phone number that he gave me.
8:25 pm
>> what were you told originally. you thought what he was going to tell you is different than the official version. the official version you were given is what? >> the first official version i got, which has been revised, was from hillary and that was before ty's funeral when the bodies were shipped back to andrews air force base shech said the famous statement about we are going to prosecute the person that was responsible for that video. >> she was talking about the you tube video. >> i have heard about a video in egypt that was the first mention of any video in libya. now, she said she was going to get you the truth. did the president also speak to you? >> yeah. i spoke with the president. he was very gracious. it was nice for him to take time out to come and visit with the families. he went to each family group and came over and he shook my hand. i shook his hand and just gently
8:26 pm
put my hand on his shoulder. and i said, thank you for your service. and i said that i was at peace with my son's death. even though, i grieved quite a bit and i still cry. >> sure. >> when i think about it. but i told him that, you know my view of reality was this, was that it was ty's time. that god could have prevented that but god knew what was best and i think i made a statement that some good will come out of this. >> did he tell you that you would get the truth? that he would find out what happened and let you know, or did hillary -- did anyone tell you that? >> generically the president did offer to reach out to the families and so far that has not happened. i decided recently to initiate contact. so i did send the president a
8:27 pm
letter saying there are several questions that i would like to have answered in order to bring closure to my family. >> but no contact from the white house, the state department -- >> oh, none. none. that's why i initiated contact. i'm sure he will -- he's very busy right now with syria but i'm sure when his plate is more empty he will respond to that. >> with all due respect, i don't care how full his plate is, you deserve an answer, the rest of america deserves an answer and the president should make time to give you and the rest of this country an answer as to why your son died. >> it's a little late for that. i wish he had taken time the night of september 11th not to go to bed, not to prepare to collect money in las vegas, but i wish he had taken time then to watch more of the video of the lifetime basically ambush attack
8:28 pm
of the embassy. and i wish he had sent the troops that everyone knows were available to rescue those. it's always been the policy of our military to never leave anyone behind. to always rescue. [ applause ] >> that is a question that we all say needs an answer. >> there was no rescue attempt. ty's body was left on the tarmac for three hours. and there wasn't even an american plane sent to rescue or to even take his body home. they had to commandeer a libyan plane and they didn't even know where they would be taken in order to remove his body from the tarmac. is that a way to treat an american hero? >> it most certainly is not, charles. that's why i think all of us in this country are asking that we get answers. charles has had a lot of people
8:29 pm
on his side trying to get the answers that he and his family deserve. so is he any closer to the truth? we are now a year past benghazi. we'll continue our conversation with charles woods right after this. benghazi. we'll continue our conversation hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? benghazi. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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just about two days. with up to 48 hours of battery life, it's the longest lasting 4g lte smartphone. the new droidmaxx by . when endurance matters. droid does. continuing rainfall in colorado is really messing up the flood rescue efforts there. crews have been using rescue helicopters. for the time being the weather is keeping them grounded. 1700 people have had to be plucked from the flood zone there. more than 1200 are unaccounted for at this hour. at least five confirmed deaths with that figure likely to rise, we're told. some 1900 homes destroyed an with rain expected through the night, authority thes fear things could get worse before they get better. the latest on the syria crisis. u.n. secretary general ban ki
8:33 pm
moon says he will brief the security council tomorrow morning on the report chemical weapons experts put together after their trip to syria. today secretary of state john kerry briefed israeli leaders on the syrian deal saying the agreement calls for the assad regime to complete its inventory. . we are back with charles woods. he's the father of navy s.e.a.l. ty woods. last week jeff duncan held up a photo of ty while questioning secretary of state john kerry during house hearings on syria. >> this is a picture of tyrone woods given to me by his father charles woods a navy s.e.a.l. his family deserves answers. he was killed in benghazi. america deserves answers. before we send another man or woman in to civil war where there is no clear indication that there is an imminent threat to the united states.
8:34 pm
>> powerful moment. there have been other congressmen and senators that have attempted to get answers. jeff duncan, some others are pushed for answers. >> first of all, i want to tip my hat to jeff duncan. >> i have spoke to him at least three times. once in my office when i gave him a picture. >> which you gave me and i appreciate that. >> thank you. >> he has called me twice, once last spring and he said, i really apreebted visiting with you and i want you to know that i have taped ty's picture to my computer so that i won't forget. right before the anniversary of ty's going home to be with the lord, he called me again and he said, i want you to know, i still have your son's picture taped to my computer so they won't forget. there are some really awesome people in washington, d.c. not all of the people back there are there for the wrong reasons. we have some really awesome
8:35 pm
ones. he's one. another one would be jason chitas and we have talked at least a half dozen times and he gave me his home -- or his personal cell phone. and last january i called him. he happened to be packing up his kids to go to disneyland. he took quite a bit of time out of his schedule and we talked. and one of the things he mentioned to me, he said, i believe it was october 28th, he went back to libya with general hamm. this was the statement he made to me. he said, quote, unquote, general ham told me that he told the joint chiefs of staff that he had assets available immediately in the area, but he was not given permission to use those assets. and there have been so many times when officials have said
8:36 pm
there were no assets available, that there never was an order to stand down, but there was apparently. not only assets available but tyrone was told not to go and to get engaged in that battle. >> three times ty and those with him were told to stand down. and there could have been -- we don't know for sure -- but ambassador ceaseman very possibly could have been saved if ty had not been denied once, twice, three times. if he had gone immediately it is possible there would have been no loss of life. >> your son is a true hero. he could have stayed put where he was safe. where he was told to stay but he ran to the sound of the guns and result there are americans who are alive because of him that i hope we will be able to hear from and i also hope we will not
8:37 pm
forget and i appreciate you giving me a picture of your son ty. i too promise you, charles, i will not forget. thank you, and god bless you. god bless you. thank you. >> thank you. many. >> the united states and russia, whose president has the better leadership skills we will grade barack obama and vladimir putin when we come back. [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor i'to guard their manhood with trnew depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at
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in the new york in his op-ed in the new york times this week, russian president vladimir putin made his plea to the american people. here's how reacted to president obama's address to the nation on tuesday. he said, i would rather disagree with a case he made on american exceptionalism, stating the american state's policy is what makes america different, it is what makes us exceptional. it is discouraging to see people say they are exceptional. whatever the motivation. >> joining me is jessie jane duff ceo freedom works. we will do a little school work today. we will grade vladimir putin , president obama and see how they did. first of all, start with
8:42 pm
vladimir putin . i want you to give him a grade on his leadership ability this week. and we will ask you to make the grade. we'll hold them up and see what you want to say about it. here we go. hold up your grades. so we have an a minus from matt, a b minus from jessie jane and kgb from ellie. i don't remember getting that grade in school. i think i'm probably glad. >> you were playing movies earlier today. showing the movies of our president. i think putin right now is like khan in the star trek movies. we can trust him a little bit but he will turn on us in a second and we have to be ready to blast him in case that happens. >> i they is probably right. >> you give putin a b minus. >> a lot of his op-ed was factually incorrect. i didn't want to go in to the details with. that he was consistent in saying he was supporting democracy and freedom but he is in this so
8:43 pm
deep. he has supported aside, a supplied weapons to assad but his argument was convincing and he outsmarted us by getting the op-ed published. he was driven, focused and saying now what. b minus. >> some red marks but an acceptable grade. he can move to the next one. matt kibbie you say a minus. >> in terms of political propaganda it was almost perfect except he couldn't help but take the shot at american exceptionalism. you usually fall a class for lying and i think that will ultimately happen. >> let's look at president obama and give him a grade on leadership this week. he's had his moments in the sun to say the at least. let's see what we have.
8:44 pm
>> you guys are tough graders. >> tough school. >> elie, i will start with you again. >> it is incomplete. the semester season over yet. i think president is trying to keep us out of war. i don't know if he will succeed or if the plan is great. it is like the hokey pokey. we putting in our drones in and out, shake them all about. i don't understand the plan. >> i don't either. >> his plan has nom not come to fruition yet. these are tough graders. >> let's try you next, matt, f minus. >> on any test you can't give multiple answers to the same question. in that since he didn't get it right. more importantly he tried to skip the class by going around congress. happily the american people insisted he do that. >> good point. >> jessie jane? >> i have to look at this like a marine, my leadership is inconsistent. not showing any fortitude, not
8:45 pm
demonstrating there is logic, reason or why should we do this? i want leadership that makes me hungry to commit to ma what my leader is devoting me to do. we had five warships in the mediterranean when he stated this is a national emergency but let's wait a week until congress gets bad. honor, courage, commitment. he needs to go to boot camp and learn the leadership training. >> oh! . this is a video of general petraeus of his first class teaching at the university of new york. watch. >> every class, david! every class, david! every class, david!
8:46 pm
>> petraeus out of cuny. petraeus out of cuny! >> well, the one guy almost got creamed by the boss who wasn't paying much attention. general petraeus has a four star general is probably not used to that kind of treatment from a bunch of college kids. this is a guy who spent his life dodging bullets and bombs and i found it incredible. i want to see your grade for david petraeus, for the students, i'm sorry. we are going to grade the students. good thing. i was going to say, gee petraeus -- you gave the students a c minus. >> i happen to teach community organizing at freedomworks the first thing is to show up. they get a c minus of showing up for class but the point of protesting is to bring people to
8:47 pm
their side. they were so rude and obnoxious they made the case for general pe tradition. if they want to go after war criminals go after the guy that hired him twice and appointed him twice. he lives on pennsylvania avenue. >> interesting. >> having been a marine and the general ate sand for years in making a plan for this country and devoted his life to service. however, what they were doing is exactly what we defend, freedom of speech and i had to understand that. i was torn with this, but watching the tape there was such an outrageous display that made them lose their message once. two, they almost look like they were on the verge of assault. so they looked like a bunch of jerks. they missed the opportunity to be successful with their mission. >> i have a similarly low grade. the point of college is to figure out how to take debates and make them intellectual and strong and not yell boo like in
8:48 pm
yankees stadium. that's what happened. it is a low grade for their lack of intellectualism f. they have a point, make it but screaming at people isn't the way to do this. i'm an easy grader. i'm not going to fail them. they are kids and kids do kid stuff. >> what they did is certainly i.d. kid stuff. thank you for your grades an i want to make the point to these kids, these hecklers if you are going to scream at a four star general with, his first name is general, not david. he earned those stars and the rest of his life, whether you like him or not you have an obligation to respect him. i don't agree with much that president obama has put forth in terms of policy but i will always call him mr. president but he earned the distinction and will be mr. president until the day he dies. i can rit size him which is my american right but he earned you the freedom you showed contempt for the day you screamed at him.
8:49 pm
well, as mike seaver on "growing pains" he was a good-hearted teenager who always got in to trouble but kurt cameron has all grown up and in his latest project help is asking the question why do bad things happen to good people? kirk will join us next. stay with us.
8:50 pm
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
>> like so many of his projects kirk cameron's latest film unstoppable is about faith and god and as well as hope. when all hope seems lost you just sometimes find only god is there. and yet, facebook decided that the trailer for kirk's film was offensive and unsafe. they took it down. i want you to watch that trailer. i am going to let you see what facebook thought was offensive
8:53 pm
and unsafe. >> i want you to come on this journey with me to discover the answer to this age-old question, if god is good, why is there so much suffering? why all of the pain? why does he allow evil in a world when he could stop it? ♪ i came out the other end of this meat grinder with my faith stronger than before. >> would you please welcome back to our show my friend kirk cameron. kirk? (applause) how are you? >> great. >> great having you here. >> thank you. >> this is a really inspirational and encouraging film that you are going to have. now, the pressure of people who
8:54 pm
heard about this got facebook to repent. >> that's one way of putting it, yeah. it was amazing to me what happened. i think that what we don't understand as conservatives or people of faith is that we are a sleeping giant. we are big, we are strong, we are powerful, we are gold, sometimes we need to get kicked in the teeth before we wake up and use what is available to us. that's what happened here. we are awake now. millions of people locked arms and spoke to facebook and youtube who also stopped the content and said, we don't want you to stop "unstoppable" we want this. they put it all back up. >> this has given a lot of publicity to the film it wouldn't have gotten. maybe what was intended for harm is turned out for good. tell us what we are going to see when we see the film "unstoppable"? >> this is by far the most personal project that i have ever made based on a true story
8:55 pm
of my friend matthew who died of cancer. as a man of faith i know that god is good but i found myself with this gut wrenching question, god, where are you? this is a good boy from a good family, why are you letting this happen to him when i know you could stop it. in "unstoppable" it is my personal journey. i take you with me not only to south dakota with his funeral where his football team is lowering his casket in the ground i take you up to what i call heaven's balcony to give you a wide angle lens view of the history of the world to show you in god's story of humanity there has been evil and suffering and pain since the beginning of the garden of eden. it is a nail biter from the beginning to end. we are in this story but when we understand the author is faithful our tragedies are serving a very important purpose now and in the end we will look back and say wow, that was the greatest story ever. >> a lot of people think if you love god you will be rich and healthy and you won't have any enemies but it never pans out
8:56 pm
quite like that. >> it didn't pan out that way for jesus. >> no, it didn't. >> he really loves god. >> yeah, i think he did. >> he was the one who was truly good and innocent. yet here's a man who was crucified. but what we know, they didn't know the day that they saw him on the cross is that three-days later his story is written for victory. right? so we know that there is victory in the end. we have just got to hang on and wait until we get there. >> the film is going to be september the 24th. you can see "unstoppable" tuesday september the 24th. it is a live one night event and to find a theater near you be sure to go to "unstoppable" the movie dot -- unstoppable the pleasure to have you here. hope more people will see the film than would have ever seen it because of the controversy. >> thank you for helping make that happen. >> thank you for joining us.
8:57 pm
from new york this is mike huckabee, good night and god bless. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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