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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 16, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we do appreciate that. we are going to start you off with a really good week. >> let's get right to the fox alert we were telling you about. a major heiress cue set to happen today as officials hope for clear skies. more than 1700 stranded residents have been rescued from the flooding. it left five people dead and ravaged as many as 19,000 homes. we have more on the story. >> good morning heather and ainsley. it keeps on coming more wet weather across parts of colorado adding already to the soaked landscape. a lot of roads have been destroyed many completely washed out others are on foot others paddling their way around. >> woke up this morning to make sure and there was a guy kayaking right outside our fence. >> surging flood waters left at least five people dead and more than 1,000 are missing.
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the latest victim an elderly woman her home one of 1500 destroyed. another 17,000 are left damaged. the wet weather hampering search and rescue efforts. the colorado national guard is continuing to evacuate people and federal emergency management agency crews are searching for those still trapped in their homes. despite the vast devastation officials say the state and its people will push forward. >> the question i had is how can we ever recover from this. i know exactly inch by inch, mile by mile, community by community they are taking this stuff back. >> the flooding is affecting more than a dozen counties and making matters worse more rain is on the way today. heather, ainsley. >> thank you very much, mary ann. we talked about the flooding in colorado. for the latest on what's happening there and what's happening in your city let's turn to mare the weather.
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>> really the worst is over in terms of additional heavy rain across parts of colorado. parts of new mexico are expecting more flooding. an area of pressure it is finally exiting the area and we will be seeing drier air coming in. extended forecast is colorado looking at a drying trend. the issue is river flood that go takes a long time to see the waters recede. areas experiencing heavy rain could be looking at flooding themselves. several flash flood watches across parts of new mexico and across colorado. we have hurricane ingrid and right now maximum sustained winds at 75 miles per hour
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category 1 hurricane for land fall across port wayne, mexico. it isn't a concern in terms of land fall for the united states but heavy rain across southern parts of texas including city of brownsville because of the proximity of the storm system. texas on the cooler side you are talking middle 60s for your high temperature. cold front across parts of the northeast today. we will see showers but tomorrow much cooler in parts of the southeast. >> if you like it i guess you do. >> thank you so much. >> not one person has been fired for letting four americans die in benghazi. but a new report reveals the state department was advised to let some of them go and didn't. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest on this ster re. gad morning. >> good morning. the key part of this new report
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that is going to be released today by republicans on the house over site committee finds that punishment for lack of security in benghazi was only doled out to mid level officials at the state department. while senior levels at the state department were let off the hack that includes former secretary of state hillary clinton. here's why. because the report finds that even though it is not clear which senior officials were involved in the decision to keep the benghazi open with the decision they had clinton's views were likely a big influence on that decision. that leaves a lot of republicans wanting more. >> why the lack of security? did hillary clinton know about the other attacks on western targets in the months and weeks leading up to the attack on our facility? the state department is defending itself saying to suggest anything has been hidden or anything has been averted
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requires willful ignorance of the fact. democrats on the house over site committee are saying the new revelations are not part of an official committee report but instead a completely partisan staff report. they also say republicans are politicizing the investigation. back to you. peter doocy, live in washington this morning. thank you, peter. >> a former college football player is dead and the police officer who shot him is facing manslaughter charges. officers say that jonathan ferrell a former safety for florida a&m survived a car crash in north carolina and then went lacking for help in the middle of the night. a frightened women heard him pounding on her door she called 911 and when officers showed up one of them opened fire. investigators quickly determined the shooting was excessive. a fox news alert. you are looking at laive picturs from italy. at this hour salvage crews are
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there attempting to pull the 114,000 ton costa concordia cruise ship from its side. this is a massive under taking. a ship like this this large this heavy has never been raised before. workers were waiting for favorable weather conditions there. if it is not moved before winter time it could break apart and release toxic substances into the ocean. a college english professor brutally stabbed to death trying to protect his girlfriend. the two were walking home from a soccer game in washington state when the suspect approached them. he took out a knife and started stabbing the woman. her boyfriend quickly stepped in but the man stabbed him repeatedly. the girlfriend survived. she is said to be in serious condition. atlanta police investigating a double shooting near the
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georgia dome before the season home game opener. a man was shot in the leg and a woman in the arm about 3 blocks from the stadium. it is not clear if they were headed home or to the game. >> manning 03 in new york. giants down 24-16. eli did not have a good day. evidences intercepted four times. denver wins 41-23. >> a new miss america was crowned la night in the place it all started atlanta, new jersey. >> your new miss america is,
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miss new york. >> nina booking the second consecutive contestant from new york to win the pageant. the 24-year-old is also miss america of indian dissent. she beat out miss california for the crown. >> congratulations to her. >> u.n. weapons inspectors report on alleged chemical weapons attack in syria. it is expected to confirm deadly bo poisonous gas but may not say who ordered it. this as secretary of state john kerry briefs allies on russia arms agreement hammered out over the weekend. the threat of a strike is still very real. doug luzader is live for us. >> a syrian official already declared victory on this. there is a new report out.
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it may not matter that much at this point the new agreement is in place and secretary of state john kerry will be selling it to the rest of the world. bashar al-assad must destroy them by the middle of next year. >> the russians have have agreed they state that the assad regime has agreed to make its decoration within one week of the location. >> who are the winners? >> president obama painted into a corner looking for a way out. they may have accidentally found an out. bashar al-assad will be turning over weapons in a slow process that may be impossible to fully enforce and he bought his regime a lot of time. vladmir putin who emerges as a
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bigger player and may become a alreadying larger thorn in the side of the united states particularly when it came to iran. >> it gave russia a position in the middle east they haven't had since the 1970s. we are depending on the goodwill of the russian government. i am a firm belief given his record that is a very, very big gamble. >> the users may be counting on the u.s. military strike to waugs you will goed ra -- to weaken the regime. president obama planning to respond by claiming we have seen an economic turn around. lauren simonetti from the fox business network joins us on this story and other top business news. >> lehman brothers went belly up
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five years ago yesterday and took much of the financial system with it. president obama marking this 5th anniversary by trying to lay claim to an economic turn around. he will speak in the rose garden today likely touting economic advances under his watch like the housing recovery the rebounding stock market and 35 consecutive months of hiring. he will not tell you the nation's unemployment rate has surged. it was 6.1 percent around crisis time. 7.3 percent today as more and more americans unable to find work give up looking for it. if you ask americans how they feel about the economy this is what you will hear. a third of them say it is more secure now than in 2008. that's not a big number. we will see a rool lally. up 168 points at the mar at tke. it grew to succeed ben bernanke as the next federal reserve.
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fierce opposition from the democratic party. the president looking at other contenders including david cohen. rather fittingly for the weekend of friday the 13th they frightened the box office with a $41 million opening. that was the second best september opening of all time. the mob comedy the family came in at a distant second. >> i want to see the mob family. now a big horror movie. >> no nightmares for us. >> it is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. something no passenger ever expects to experience. five people getting sick on board an international flight. still nobody knows why. what some believe is behind the mystery illness. >> red flags raised over our nation's bridges. what a shocking report is revealing about their condition. when we go to break a look at the gas prices. new national average 3.51.
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♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ >> rockefeller center. this monday. the search will resume to michigan and tennessee. it was swept away by the fast moving waters. >> i was told he waded out to his hips because he wanted to get a better cast and get his
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line further out. it doesn't take much water at all to grab you. >> the victim did not know how to swim. two others were caught up in the current trying to save him but were able to get out safely. a mid air forced a plane from germany to chicago to make an emergency landing in london. one passenger had a heart attack into the flight. four experienced heart issues and nausea. >> there were two on board so they helped. we had about 6 other people because of all of the stress that fell ill and doctors took care of them. >> the plane landed safely in chicago. two images were taken to area hospitals. they are pektsed to be ok-- exp
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be okay. they are looking at cabin pressure as being an issue. >> if you drive over a bridge during the morning commute listen up. according to a new report thousands are safety red flags. according to the national bridge inventory 65,000 of the bridges in the u.s. 60,000 of structurally fractured. a bridge legislaregulators say bridge is safe to use but sweeping transportation law enacted last year makes it harder to secure federal aid for bridge repairs. >> after the firing on the jersey shore they will continue to monitor the sites for hot spots. this as firefighters rushed to the scene yesterday to extinguish a flare-up.
5:19 am
teresa pre'ole low is live at seaside heights new jersey with the details. teresa? >> hey, good morning, heather. last night the hot spot required a lot of attention by fire crews here. we haven't heard of anything else over night or early this morning. they are continuing to secure the perimeter of the fire which is quite big about six blocks everything from where we are at the casino in lincoln all of the way south taking out some 50 businesses and giving homeowners just quite the scare. these are their lively hoods. this is everything they have worked for not only the last decade or couple of decades but everything they have rebuilt after super storm sandy. they are specifically looking at cell phone video to give them and indication as to what may have happened how the fire started and what accelerated it. we are told by investigators they are no closer to a cause at this point. they are really trying to handle things from that aspect while
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business owners attempt to figure out a game plan. they are meeting with members of the state agency a mobile control center put together by the gofrp anothvernor. so that will be one of the things they are focusing on today as they try to proceed. i will send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you, teresa. the time now is 20 after the top of the hour. coming up if you weren't annoyed by the nsa just yet this might just do it for you. why the nsa chief called in a hollywood set designer to redo it's headquarters. a normal day of fishing arrived after their boat cap sizes. the men clinging on the side of the vote trying to survive. they were out there for 8 days. we are going to tell you who finally came to their rescue. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down
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>> a home owned by her uncle may have answer abouts the former patriot tightened. hernandez never lived in the home but two of his alleged accomplices in the shooting death of oden lloyd, earnest wallace and carlos ortiz spent time there. they were at the house before and after loud's death. a search of the home turned up guns and ammunition and suv they had found in a shooting near a
5:25 am
boston nightclub also linked to hernandez. listen to this story, did nsa chief general keith alexander bring in a hollywood designer to create a top secret war room on the taxpayers dime. army intelligence had the base of operations built to look at the bridge of the uss enterprises star trek. it is called the information dominant center complete with a captain's chair. it is a big sci-fi fan and used the room to impress visiting lawmakers. >> isn't it a little early to be tipping those babies. sparking rumors of a presidential run made an appearance in iowa sunday. he was there for tom par tin's annual state drive. biden has not said if he will or will not run in 2016 but made light of his appearance drawing national tanks. >> you have attracted the entire
5:26 am
national press corps here. i just don't -- never quite understood it. but i am learning. >> he will only run if she decides not to. we will see. they are accused of accepting food stamps for ink. the ink addiction tattoos says edt cards as payments for tattoos several times over the past year. they sold their cards in exchange of $100 worth of art. your tax dollars hard at work. coming up a new benghazi bombshell. the officials responsible for miss handling the attacks were held responsible for it. >> joe plateau under fire today
5:27 am
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>> it is monday september 16th. five people confirmed dead and over 1,000 unaccounted for as colorado was pummelled with more than 15 feet of rain. we will have the latest on the rescue and recovery. the state department's accountability review of benghazi was flawed. who it claims was let off the hook and why. if you had your way and health what age would you like to be for the rest of your life? 12, 20, 30? america was polled. we will reveal the sur priding favorite straight ahead. "fox frien "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. it is monday september the 16th. we are going to have a great week together. i am ainsley earhardt.
5:32 am
i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. let's get straight to the fox news alert for you this morning. a major heiress cue set to happen today in colorado as officials hope for clearer skies. so far more than 1700 stranded residents have been rescued from the flooding. it has left 5 people dead and ravaged more than 19,000 homes. mary ann ha marianne rafferty has more on the story. >> it keeps on coming more wet weather adding to the already soaked landscape. a lot of roads have been destroyed many completely washed out. some residents forced to wade through the water on foot others are battling their way around. >> woike up this morning looked out the backyard to see how it was going and a man was kayaking right outside of our fence. >> it left five people dead and
5:33 am
more than 1,000. her home one of 1500 that has been destroyed. another 17,000 are left damaged. the wet weather hampering search and rescue efforts. management agency crews are strapped in their homes. the state and its people will push forward. a oo i know exactly inch by inch mile by mile community by community they are taking stuff back. more than a dozen counties. more rain is on the way today. colorado is placed today. we are going to toss it over to maria molina. what can you expect? >> we are looking at improving
5:34 am
conditions over the several days and parts of the southwest because the entire region has been dealing with heavy rain. these are areas not used to seeing significant rainfall in a short amount of time. on average they should be seeing 1-2 inches of rain during the month of september. some of these areas picked up 15 inches of tlaiven seen flooding in colorado. in boulder take a look at the extended forecast. drier conditions monday, tuesday, wednesday even into thursday. we are expecting to see continuous flooding out here across sections of colorado and new mexico because it's going to take time for the river flooding to continue to improve. you see the waters recede. that's what we are looking at here river flooding being a major concern in colorado. otherwise across the gulf of mexico we have hurricane ingrid maximum sustained winds at 75 miles an hour.
5:35 am
we are expecting to see heavy rain across cities like brownsville and southern states could be experiencing heavy rain today. temperature wise hot 90 for dallas and san antonio. in memphis and the north ooets and midwest it is feeling like fall temperatures well below average ainsley and heather another front is going to be moving through today and that will keep the temperatures tool for t-- cool for the part of th workweek. >> fall is here. >> good news for people who like fall. >> well a benghazi bombshell to tell you about. a new report says the state department was advised to let some senior officials go after four americans were killed in libya. so why are they still on the job? peter doocy is live for us in washington with more on that. good morning, peter. >> good morning heather. there are flaws in the accounting review report on what happened in benghazi last year. that's according to a new report by the republicans on the house over site committee.
5:36 am
a big part of the problem has to do with the punishment of four mid level state department officials. those officials were only mildly punished for their decisions but later reinstated while senior state department officials who implemented larger policies that impacted what happened in benghazi remain unpunished. that includes former secretary of state hillary clinton because this report says that it is still unclear which state department leaders made the call to keep the benghazi compound running without additional security but that secretary clinton's views were a big influence based on e-mail evidence that is available. that leaves republican lawmakers with a lot more big questions. >> why the lack of security? did hillary clinton know about the other attacks on western targets in the months and weeks leading up to the attacks on our facility? >> in their defense the state department says to suggest anything that has been hidden or
5:37 am
accountability has been a burden requires puwillful ignorance of the facts. over site committee is shrugging them off as partisan and unofficial and believer they are politicizing the investigation. heather? >> thank you very much peter doocy. >> the fox news alert this morning. we are looking at live pictures from italy at this hour. salvage crews are attempting to pull the 140,000ton costa concordia ship on its side. a ship this heavy has never been raised before. they were looking for favorable weather conditions. they fear if it is not moved for winter it will break apart releasing toxic substances into the sea. 35 people died back in january of 2012. this morning a former college football player is dead an the police officer who shot him facing manslaughter charges. jonathan ferrell a former safety
5:38 am
for florida a&m survived a car crash in north carolina. he went looking for help in the middle of a night. a frightened woman heard him founding on her door and called 911. when officers showed up one of them opened fire. officers found the shooting was accepted. oo -- excessive. >> a man was shot to death trying to protect his girlfriend. her boyfriend quickly stepping in when she was stabbed. the man was stabbed critically. the girlfriend survived and is in serious condition. >> police investigating a shooting before the falcon's game. with the home opener and season opener investigators say a man was shot in the leg and a woman in the arm about three blocks from the stadium. the two had gotten into the
5:39 am
argument with the shooter at the gas station. it is not clear if they were headed to the game. no arrests have been made. mull terry veterans can see payment on claims faster. employees are working 20 hours over time each week to clear the long standing backlog. the computer system is now streamlining the claims processes as well. as of last week the va had more than 750 claims pending nationwide. most of those well past the standard 125 day claims period. u.n. weapons inspectors report their finding last month alleged chemical weapons attack in syria. it is expected to confirm deadly poisonous gas but might not say who made the order. this as john kerry meets with allies on a u.s. russian arms agreement hammered out over the weekend. kerry says not so fast. the threat of a strike is still
5:40 am
real avment assad must give the location of his chemical weapons stockpiles earlier this week. >> you are about to play the cleveland browns but your life is in labor. joe flacco's being gifrn flack about his decision. >> flacco's wife gave birth to the couple's second child in 30 minutes. flacco will play today verses browns. >> power ball fever is sweeping the nation once again. the jackpot has swelled to $400 million after the winning numbers went unmatched during the weekend's drawing. the nearly half a billion dollar prize will have a $223.6 million cash option. the next drawing is wednesday. if you are into that buy your
5:41 am
ticket before wednesday. it is 40 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up a normal day of fishing goes awry for two men after their boat capsized. the helpless men at sea 8 days. the incredible rescue next. >> stay tuned for that. a rude awakening for a patient put under for surgery. hospital workers played this prank on her even took this picture of it. how she is now fighting back. [ male announcer ] when it comes to doing what you love, more is better. that's why we designed the all-new nissan versa note, with more technology, to get you into, and out of, tight spots. and more space so that you always have your favite stuff. and just for good measure, an incredibly efficient 40 mpg highway. so that when you're dog more, you're spending less.
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hearings resume for the ladies and gentlemened 9-11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed and four other conspirators. computer problems plagued attorneys in the hey profile case. a judge is expected to decide this week if the pretrial hearings should be put on hold until next year. that would be so technicians can fix the issue. >> a normal day of fishing went terribly wrong for two men from the bahamas after their boat capsized and they were stranded at sea for 8 days. they clung to the boat's hull drifting in the atlantic ocean finally a fraiter spotted them off the coast of florida. check out this incredible picture as the coast guard hospital sweeping in. they were hours from death. >> this weekend lauren summers is believed to be the president's next choice for the federal chairman federal
5:46 am
reserve. this as the president addresses our nation on the 5th anniversary of the financial melt down. diane has more. >> president obama will have to move further down the list of con terneds after larry summers pulls himself out of the running. summers who has been one of the president's top add riseors withdrew in a phone call to the president yesterday morning then followed up in a letter saying i have reluctantly concluded any possible confirmation process for me would be acrimonious and would not serve the interest of the federal reserve, the administration or the interest of the nation's ongoing economic recovery. stiff opposition from democrats from the banking committee he needed to back his nomination. the big question now is who will the president turn to next? the two most prominent names in the running seem to be former fed vice-chairman donald doe
5:47 am
enand current vice chair janet yellen who won reports in hundreds of economists in a letter to the president and the first woman to lead the fed if she were to get the job. he credited him with helping the recovery in the financial recovery. i will be grateful to larry for his tireless work on behalf of the country and you will seek his guidance and council in the future. ber nan key's term january 31st. >> we are talking that and how it's going to effect the markets. >> # tierm is almost 10 minutes to the top of the hour. if you had your way and your health what age would you like to be for the rest of your life? america was polled and we will reveal everyone's favorite age straight ahead. >> every pair represent believes
5:48 am
it -- parent believes it is best for the child to learn early. how your child could end up suffer for it in the long run. >> now we are going to check with brian kilmeade. >> anything going on in the studio? >> not that i can think of. donald trump will be here live in the studio talking about five years since the economic collapse, bret baier and sean hannity in studio first time since 177. by the way we have a brand new set. since you are up so early i am going to give you a brand new preview. >> we are not ready yet? >> no. >> we are going on in a few minutes. >> who are you? >> back in a moment. don't tell mom. don't tell mom!
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♪ i'm fallin' ♪ in love ♪ as she's ♪ walkin' away ♪ and my heart ♪ won't tell my mind >> good morning to you. eight minutes till the top of the hour. due to budget cuts, oakland california's police force is at a bare minimum, and with crime skyrocketing, residents are taking matters into their own hands. entire neighborhoods are banding together to hire private security companies to supplement the police. the companies say they're not trying to replace cops but won't hesitate to make citizens' arrests until the police can get there. oakland's police department says they're happy to have that help. >> a new study to tell you about this morning. on a possible down side to learning to read early. children who learn to speak and read at an early age are apparently more likely to become heavy drinkers in later life. studies on twins revealed
5:53 am
that the siblings who spoke or read first was twice as likely to drink more alcohol than their brother or sister by the time that they were 18. so you're asking why. researchers say more intelligent people are more likely to be willing to try more risky things like verbal intelligence makes people more social. a michigan man wants to find a vietnam veteran or his family to return some priceless pieces of history that he found in trash outside a home. larry wallace found a wedding album from 1939 for robert teary and lois wright. jewelry, a diary and even a vietnam war ring. >> i'm quite sure it is more valuable to them than what it is to me. so makes me what i want to do with it. >> the diary details the vet's time in vietnam during 1969. >> good news for those who
5:54 am
are dreading getting a little older. the best age might be yet to come. according to a new poll, americans say 50 is the best year. just look at these stars. john stamos and demi moore, half a century and look better than ever. research shows as we age we tend to be less depress, less anxious and more optimistic than we were when we were younger and become more comfortable with ourselves and our body. >> i'd like to be young but know what i know now. >> exactly. it's now six minutes till the top of the hour. for weeks the obama administration laid blame for the deadly chemical weapons attack on the syrian government but will a u.n. report due out today contradict the white house? what you need to know before you leave the house. >> and check this out. that was a speeding car
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nearly taking out a woman, and she doesn't even flinch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (train horn)
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...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. >> three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. u.n. weapons sperbgts -- inspectors report findings on the chemical attack in syria expected to confirm the use of deadly poison gas but not who ordered it. officials in colorado planning to launch a massive aires cue for those stranded by the flood. there are five people dead, more than 12,000 people unaccounted for. an effort to pull the crippled costa concordia upright is underway. the cruise ship crashed into a reef in january 2012 killing 32 people. >> time to take a look at
5:59 am
the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a noble act from a homeless man in boston. he turned in a lost backpack with $42,000 inside. the homeless man find the bag, the passport, cash and travelers check that happened to belong to a chinese tourist. next the bad. check out this dash cam video. close call for that woman trying to cross the street. she is unfazed by this. she looks as the driver swerves and almost kareens into her and keeps walking. >> a woman is suing for this prank. the woman said this picture went viral among her former co-workers on facebook. they thought we know her. let's have a little fun. didn't go too well.


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