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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 19, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> so you are the one that is get. >> every once in a while. >> the wheels have come off of the show. >> shoifer me timbers. it is a ponent of exclamation when the cannon hit the pirate ship. >> case in point, everybody. america live starts right now. >> we start with a fox news alert. white white preventing the government to come to a skroeching halt len days from now. welcome everybody. the obama administration said the president will veto a continuing resolution or cr that attempts to defollow-upped obama care. and the house plans to vote tomorrow on a cr that does that. the republicans want to strip the health care law of the funding. democrats refuse to defollow-upped obama care. the nation is set to hit the
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debt limiting on october 1st. if congress cannot pass a cr in time, the government will shut down. it is a political staring contest and neither side is blinking. >> we'll deliver a big victrow in the house and then it will move to the senate. i expect my senate colleagues to be up for the battle. >> we are trying to work together to keep government open and to raise the debt limit because of what it means to households across america. and we'll see when it comes back. but right now, the mood is not favorable. >> what is going to happen in capitol hill. mike emmanuel is there. we find ourselves in this predictament again. >> sounds familiar. john boehner is preparing for the vote to funding the
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government after october 1st. then it will be up to the colleagues in the senate to do their part. >> we are having the fight over here and it is time for them to pick up the mantel and get the job done. >> boehner got upset after texas senator ted cruz said harry reid will try to strip the language and some tock that as giving up. cruz is calling for senate gop unity. >> every senate republican should stand with the house and i believe ultimatelyine the senate democrats if their constituents speak out will have no choice but help the american people avert a train wreck. >> the senator said defunding obama care are dead in the senate. earlier harry rhode island ripped the republicans.
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>> it would be good political theater to watch them self destruct. that's what they are doing. if not so much as stake. >> it is deadly source. >> look at calendar october 1st is not that far off. the white house issued a veto threat on the bill that the house is going to vote on tomorrow. we'll watch and so if anybody blinks. >> the game of chicken continues. mike, thank you. this is how it will likely go down. the republican plan keeps the current spending rate with a added provision to defund obama care. when the cr reaches the senate, harry rhode island will strip that and kick it back to the house. unless both sides agree with something to put on the president's desk government operations would come to halt.
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that means furlourghs and closure of the national parks and museums. president obama is coming under fire for renowsing to negotiate the debt limit. and listen to what he said. >> in case there is confusion, i will not negotiate over whether or not america copes its words and motes its obligation and not negotiate over the full faith and credit of the united states. this country worked to hard for to long to dig out of a crisis to see the elected representatives here in washington purposely cause another croisis. >> now house speaker john boehner mocking the president in a video posted on line. why the president will negotiate with russia and not with republicans on spending. watch this.
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♪ you will certainly, this is something that is not new. i have discussed it with president putin. we'll work with the russians. >> mr. foreign minister we are serious as you are. in moaningful negotiations. >> we are negotiating with good faith and mutual respect. decades the white house and congress used the debt limit to fund the debt. >> we'll bring in chris stirreshgs wald. >> i like the bossa nova. that was posted on speaker.gochlt taking a page from the daily she and when all
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else fails try satire. >> and in a position, he points out that there hasn't been any discussion between the speaker and the president since the syria syria backle. and we get closer to the cliff. >> the president makes the case he doesn't want to negotiate over the debt ceiling. it is about paying your credit card bill for things you have already purchased. listen to the president's rationale here. >> this debt seouling, i want to remind people, in case you haven't been keeping up, raising the debt ceiling that is done over a hundred times, does not increase our debt. it does not somehow promote.
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it says that you got to pay the bills that you racked up, congress. it is a basic function of making sure that the full, faith and credit of the united states is preserved. >> you have to pay the bills you are racking up. why controversial. >> the president is trying to say something they don't believe. none of the republicans say they don't want to pay the bills that congress accrued over decades. we have a 16 plus trillion dollar credit card bill standing there and here comes more expenses down the rod. and the president said it was money spent by previouses congresses with entitlement programs and that is money that is obligated by the congress. what the republicans are telling
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the president. look. if you want to go to the bank and ask for the credit limit to be increased again because of buying groceries and the daily activities of operating, if that is what we have to do. we have to have a conversation of changing the spending. if you want to borrow more. talk about what you are spending now. the president said the republicans want to do is not pay the bill. >> they are at loggerheads over funding obama care. how will they break the impasse? >> they are probably not and when it comes to that stuff as mike pointed out. cruz and company are working hard inside of the senate conference to try to keep the republicans in the senate together on this given the number of moderates in that that will probably not happen. it will break up at some point in the near future and then the president will be forced to the table as unpleasant as he finds.
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it he will be forced to come to theitably, guess what, the polls are with the republicans on this one. the american people say poll after poll, if you want to borrow more money spend less now. the republicans know if they survive the gauntlet and get to the recollect side they can force the president to the negotiating table. >> is there any chance that the government shuts down on october 1st. >> oh, yes, there is a chance. i think that the nuclear clock moved back a little bit with john boehner exceeding to the demands of conservative to move it forward. and speaking of time, every second counts now. moving legislation in congress takes time and has to hold over for many days in the senate and do the other thing and now it is a logistical enterproiz. can you move the pieces fast enough.
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>> i am used to the 11th hour reprieve. i have worked up the intestinal fortitude for that now. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> please get the latest development on the budget and spending battles in washington. go to fox sign up for our daily fox first note. and sign up button on the right. fox don't miss out on the latest news. >> democrats are turning to military veterans to run for congress in 2014 as a strategy to take back the house. could that strategy back fire? we'll debate that. >> is iran extending an olive branch. he is reaching out to president obama wanting to have better relations to the global
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>> as the u.s. works with russia on a plan to dispose of syria's chemical weapons, the white house is working on a separate track engaged in limited diplomacy with the new president of iran. will this make a difference in teheran's nuclear weapon's program. james rosen has the latest. npene pone diplomats tell me they are very, very cautiously optimistic about the diplomatic overtours from the new iranian president. in last's interview with a nn
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curry, his first with a western journalist. >> we have never pursued and saute nuclear bomb. we are solely seeking peaceful nuclear technology. >> he has tweeted greetings to juice around the world and released political heros and transferred supervision of nuclear diplopacy. and he has exchanged letters with president obama, but no western diplomats that the claim that he enjoying full authority on the nuclear issue. that resides with the supreme leader. and the u.s. faces how to structure the dialogue with iowa ran. >> in his letter, the president is ready to resolve the nuclear issue in a way to demonstrate that the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. the letter conveys the need to act with a sense of urgency to
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address the issue, we have long said that the window of opportunity for resolving it diplomatically is open but not remain open indefinitely. >> the first round of new talks will be on the un general assembly when the french foreign minister motes informally with the iowa rannian counterpart. >> james, thank you for the background. turn to lisa. >> graduate to so you. >> in the interview with ann curry it sounds like the president is extending an olive branch. how should we interpret. >> he is well versed on the rhetoric. we have no reason to believe. that the window of diplomacy with iowa ran is many times and they have never proven themselves to be more than just talking points which is what we are hearing now.
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the release of 11 prisoners and attempt to make nice on the eve of the general assem blow. why not release our american pastor that is held in iran and why is there hangings every day and why are you helping the assad regime in syria. our administration is dealing with iran as if they have two different personalities. one helping bashar assad and almost had military strikes against syria and they will be marching in new york city and addressing the world on a global stage. >> the public face and then the role face. is this an opportunity. is he more of a moderate? >> he is a moderate on paper. but his actions and his resume and the blood on his hands speaks louder than his well versed diplomatic rhetoric that he is offering.
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and the iranian regime. we can play out the clock and do what we want the same way bashar assad crossed the red line and was deling kwent and when the word diplomacy turns on. the u.s. will be charmed for that once again. >> here is a moment in the interview where they talk about syria and how the new president feels about the u.s. attempting to pursue diplomacy instead of a military strike. >> we consider war a weakness. any government that decides on war, we consider a weakness and any government that decides on peace, we look on it with respect for peace. >> he has respect, he is using the word respect for how president obama is handling this. and you heard in james rosen's report diplomats are cautiously optimistic. what do you hear? >> i am more cautious than optmistec. we have no reason to believe
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that this time will be different. at the same time on friday, ann curry should have questioned him by what did you tell the people in iran on friday when you said we will not back down and we might be ready to sit down with the u.s., we are by no moans ready to stop the enrichment of uranium. that speaks louder. >> he talked about in the intruchlt we have not sought a nuclear bomb and we are not doing so. >> what about the enrichment of uranium. she should have pushed that point and why do you keep going on with this? he is coming to the un general assem plea and his goal and this is how he ran his campaign. his goal is to improve iran's economy and that is wreckened by the safrpgzs placed by the west. his goal is to come and play nice and hopefully they will
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lift the sanctions and give the iranians economic breathing space to do what? go on with their proliferation and the people upon iran will stay off of the streets. >> so what is the answer? if they want to improve their economy maybe that is a golden opportunity for the u.s. to make enroads? >> the pressure has to be maintained on the iowa rannian regime. they are guilty until proven innocent. you can say to the iranian regime, consider your new president start fresh. show us. this is not time for president obama and our administration to congratulate him on becoming a moderate president and releasing prisoners and any of that. take responsibility in syria and free our american pastor held in iowa ran and free the other 800 prisoners. they are journalist and christians and other people who
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should not be in prison to begin with. show us what you are talking about. >> actions speak louder than words. >> there are new developments in the aaron hernandez murder case. we'll explain who was in court and why. and our legal panel weighs in as prosecutor prove their case as to who killed lloyd. >> and a teenage girl is safe at home after a kidnapping. what link between her family and the men who abdubted her? >> she looked very happy to be back home.
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>> fiery explosion rocking a chemical plant just outside of coke oak city. it is not a blast of fire. fortunately no one was hurt. flames were so hot firefighters had to let it burn. employees of the plant are told to wait for the smoulders to colbefore going inside to check out the damage. a dozen people were evacuated from the nearby neighborhoods because of the threat of dangerous chemicals. >> today, we are getting now information on the bizarre kidnapping in georgia. the 14 year old victim was found safe but the mother may have a connection to one of the suspects. here is the details, hi, johnathon. >> the investigation still very complicated, but the good news is that that young man perez, is back with her family and doing
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well. and earlier yesterday evening she returned to her home and was groated by neighbors who stopped by to wish her well. >> she looked relaxed and to me, she was not shaken up. she looked tired but not shaken up and she looked pretty nice and good. >> and though she is safe, the investigation in the expecting is far from own. they are looking for two men in the stretches who the girl's mother scribe breaking in the home and shooting the dog and abducting her daughter. the mother has links to the other suspects. law enforcement said mrs. carrel was arrested in a marijuana string and along with juan rodriguez.
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charges against both were dropped. contrarez, a mexican national is back in custody on immigration charges and another upon suspect of atlanta is held on a child of conspiracy to commit kidnapping. and so while this 14 year old is back safe with her family and the investigation of the circumstances is far from over. >> it sounds like it was not a random kidnapping as we thought. >> there was a bombshell hearing going on in capitol hill. grilling the investigators on the benghazi accountability review board. a rb that you heard about. one year after four americans lost their lives. florida congressman will join us with what he learned next. >> and a new effort to get our
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>> democrats trying to regain control of the house. they are apparently looking for a few good vets. the party is rekrauting vets to run in next year's midterm election. so far democrats have rekrauted sex to run in republican
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districts. including a retired army general in michigan and kevun strauss, veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars and jim nowrer in iowa. democrats need it pick up 17 societies to take back the house that is under the gop control. in the senate they hold a five society majority. is this a good strategy. simon rosenberg is a former cam 59 advisor for bill clinton and mar mark is a former spoech writer for president bush. simon, let me start with you, is this good sense for the democrats or a baldly political move that they are being transparent in doing? >> i think two things. democrats have tried to rekraut
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candidate that fit their district. they are a diverse party and they aroused to that. and the democrats are a diverse party and want all voices and races and corrodes and people from all over the country and this is consistent with the democrat's party approach to politics. >> and sure, they are not saying, we want all comers. do you veterans come on in? mark what do you think? >> i think simon put a gloss on all ponents of vow. this is good for the democrats and bad for the republican party and good for the country. we need more combat veterans in both pears. they have taken a turn to isolationism. and we used to have a scoop jackson democrats and liberal on the domestic. and they are extinct breed right
1:34 pm
now. we saw the president struggled to get democrats to have limited strikes on assad. and then on republican side you have isolationist like rand paul and ted cruz in the house. and you saw their influence and republicans said in the sequester, no tax increases, but you can have massive defense cuts. i think we have a problem whether isolationism creeping in both parties and you need people who are combat veterans and hawkish on foreign policy in both. >> being a veteran doesn'ts inially make you a hawk and ready for war. with colen powell and people like that they push peace. >> and in the house, there are 87 veterans currently serving. in the senate first. the house, total 87 veterans and 21 of those are democrats and 66
1:35 pm
are republicans. democrats could use to bolster numbers. >> i think what mark is saying. i consider myself one of the last skop jackson democrats. there is a now of us left. >> you are not in congress. >> and the secretary of state and the secretary of defense in the current administration are veterans and chuck hagel. chuck hagel who is a republican was the first actual infrantry man to go up to being the defense secretary, right? we have in the administration a significant presence in the foreign policy making circles of veterans and what you will see in the coming years, so many americans have served overseas in combat, you will see an increase in combat veterans serving in congress in both parties just because more americans have served and combat
1:36 pm
veterans do well in poll teches. they are heroes and often win primary or close elections and bring experience when america's role in the world is important. >> and just looking at playing politics of it and the thinking of democrats. if you have a veteran running as a democrat, it is harder for the republicans to paint them as a liberal. >> sure, and if you look at. that is right. and they will challenge republicans for the most part in the district. it is a smart move for the democrats to look at it. and who is the democrats chosen? susan patrick who is running in virginia beach and jerry cannon whose picture you showed before. he was the head of detainee operations in guantanamo bay. and it was a time when they
1:37 pm
alleged torteur. and he was the democrat for congress in michigan and kevin strauss who was an army ranger in iraq and afghanistan and spent six years in the ciowa a intergaegz. it is an interesting set of candidates that they have rekrauted and shoes how desperate they are to take back congress. >> simon it sounds like the democrats have to ask like republicans to get elected. >> i have been on the show with mark and i have never been happier with mark than today. mark is making the case that democrats are desperate and smart and strategic and effective. and i want to say that i think that the republican look on the house and i don't think the republicans have a lock in the house. we have seen big swings back and
1:38 pm
forth in the recent elections and i don't think that the republicans are governing that well and not convincing the american people they are doing a good job. if the democrats put a good field in place they can win it back and according to mark, it looks to be an effective one. >> i will let the bro mans stop right there. and we'll stop on a note of the unitty. simon and mark, thank you so much. >> right. >> and thanks. >> in his hour long interview with fox news. syrian assad said it would cost a billion to clean up the weapons and the u.s. should pay for that. what is assad hoping to achieve with all of the talking? we'll put it to the attorney general next hour. and workers in the washington navy yard returning to work for the first time since the monday
1:39 pm
shooting rampage and we'll go there live for you. >> and former new now patriot aaron hernandez being charged. in a case it is unclear who pulled the trigger should the prosecution strike a deal?
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>> devastating floods hit a small town in northern new mexico. heavy rainfall is not a river rushing over the banks. it went in six homes. family and friendseracied to fill sand bags to stop the water and it was no use. the houses were sitting if five foot of water. folksoused canoes and rafts to get their belongings. it is causing millions of dollars in damage.
1:43 pm
there are now depments to tell you about in the aaron hernandez murder trial. a friend of the star is arraigned. ernest wallace is charged to a accessory. he was there the night odin lloyd was there and then highway tailed it to florida. wallace and another man is charged long side hernandez. with three suspects, how does the prosecutions try to nail down the case. mereddies is a fox nows analyst and brian is a defense attorney. when you have throw suspects, how does the prosecutions prove who pulled the trigger that night? >> it is a game of chicken of the we know they were at the scone of the murder. my argument would be, that the prosecutions would want to know who pulled the trigger and even
1:44 pm
if they can't prove that. there is a conspiracy to commit murder. one of the throw will tell us about an agreement put together to kill odin lloyd and all throw of them would be get of murder by conspiring to do so. and in terms of immountainity, i would not grant it to ernest wallace. it is to early. we don't know the evidence. they have forepzic or physical evidence that toys aaron hernandez to the shooting why would you do a deal. >> they are charging him with a much lesser charge than aaron hernandez. accessory to murder after the fact. sounds like they are going after aaron hernandez that they want and carlos ortiz and ernest wallace, that they might try to rely on on them to testify.
1:45 pm
they are looking at it. and saying to themselves. we'll take the weakest link. your defense is only strong as the weakest link and target wallace. you can spend years jail or we will go with the conspiracy charge or you will spend 25 years to life. it is your choice and we have film and footage and someone is going to say something and wallace, my guess will spoke up. >> this is a text message that odin lloyd is not before he was killed. let me read it to you. he is not a text message. he is not it to his sister. did you so who i am with? >> his sister writes back who? >> nf l. just so you know.
1:46 pm
that sounds like hernandez would do him harm. >> and if you have any evidence at all. circumstantial that supports a motive for aaron hernandez to kill odin lloyd don't cut wallace and ortiz. they will come clean and implicate hernandez. that text message tells me he is worried about his safety. i have told a friend if something happens to me, look at so and so. and so that is damaging. and here is the homerun. who has the motive to kill odin lloyd. why would wallas or ortiz have a motive to do this. >> can't hernandez's attorneys say you have two other witnesses that are unsafory characters and criminal records and trying to protect their own skin. and one of them is guilty.
1:47 pm
>> that is how they will introduce that bis and to undermoin the kretibility. nine times out of ten their criminal history comes in play. a partnerly they have recent criminal histories and that will diminish credibility. they are cutting a deal and their involvement is greater than it was. that is the type of exposure that the defense will plush out in trial to undermine them. >> and you talk about a motive with aaron hernandez, what is his motive? >> i read something he was jealous of odin lloyd and a conflict that led up to this years prior and maybe it involved a female and maybe it was a competitive. and odin lloyd played semipro football as well. and if you measure herp hearn versus wallace and ortiz.
1:48 pm
they have no connection with odin lloyd. and an important point is, carlos ortiz came forward and said that he saw aaron hernandez with a larger gun after the murder tock place and odin lloyd was killed with a globing 45 which is a larger gun. and so that is another piece of evidence that i think will help the prosecution and obviate the need for deals. >> there are reports that odin, that aaron hernandez was involved with drugs. may have been a drug addict. is that a mitigating factor and does the judge have symptthough if someone said they are a drug a direct. >> it is not an issue with criminal liability. but the defense is really talking about you have the wrong person you are charging. they are not talking about
1:49 pm
emotional impairment and in terms of sentencing, that type of issue will come to play. >> that is an interesting case. thank you for your expertes. >> thank you, allison. >> and wall street may be soaring on news of the fed printing money for the nor future. but for main street, it is cloudy days a head. we have a fair and balanced debate. and plus, the digital world honoring a homeless hero for doing the right thing. we have heart warming details for you, next. >> instead i had a story and i wanted to give him money. wanted to give him money. canned cheer ove, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪
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well the u.s. army decorated one here row for his valor during world war ii. he was captured by the japanese in the philippines and was forced to march 60 miles to a pow camp. but a burglar stole those medals from his home. it turns out the perp was later caught and his lawyer returned those medals to his daughter today. >> he meant everything to me. i'm so proud of him and everything that he has accomplished in his life and also to teach my son and my children that what people have had to go through to serve this country so that they have the rights as american citizens. >> among the medals a bronze star and two oak clusters.
1:54 pm
that is a nice ending. well, a homeless man in boston receiving high praise and big bucks online for doing the right thing after city officials gave a special citation this week for turning over a back back that was holding over $40,000 in cash and traveler's checks. tell us more, trace. >> reporter: he has been homeless since 2005 when he last his job as a court clerk in boston. he has trouble keeping new jobs because he has an inner ear infection that causes vertigo. he finds this backpack with $2900 in cash and $39,000 in traveler's checks and he flags down a cop and turns it in. it turns out the owner was a
1:55 pm
chinese student visiting a friend in boston. he issued a statement saying even if he was des troit for money he would not keep the money. >> i don't want to stalk too much because i stutter. >> he is a man of new words but actions speak louder than words. his actions touched a nerve around the country. have a lot of people questioning their own character. >> i think i would turn it in too but if i were homeless, honestly, i think i would take the money and try to get myself a home or something. >> i think we all need to learn from that and definitely try to emulate that every day. >> so he got a lot of applause but a virginia man took it further. eathan witington opened a funded webpage where you can give donations.
1:56 pm
right now he has gotten $106,000 and every penny will go to glen james and the people who gave to his website come from all walks of life. >> i was going to get an american girl doll but instead i heard this story and i wanted to give him some money. >> who needs an american girl doll when you can do something like that. kids gave hundreds of dollars in an allowance. this statement that he wouldn't take a penny even if he was desperate for money. i don't know. i would think long and hard before i turned the backpack into the cops. >> i mean i think that it is beautiful. this is such a heart warming story what all of the kids are doing and what he stood up for, it is great. it really is. >> meanwhile, we are starting to get a look at the full scope of
1:57 pm
the devastation. we have a live report from one hard hit area for you coming up. well, syrian president now suggesting the u.s. pick up a $1 billion tab for his chemical weapons. did you follow that? we'll explain it coming up. wisest kid in the whole world?
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fox news alert for you. now more than a year after four americans were murdered at the u.s. consulate, new questions on the circumstances surrounding that night. brand new hour. they lead the arb, the investigation into the september 11th attack last year.
2:01 pm
they found major security failures but they did not hold upper level people responsible. >> new information is always welcome. i feel that this report is still on the mark. free of cover up and political tilt. and will personally welcome any new that sheds light on what happened and helps to shed light on the future. >> no one willfully ignored his or her responsibility. we did not find cause that an individual breached his or her duty. the board did find that individuals demonstrated a lack of management ability that significantly contributed to the posture of the benghazi compound. >> for more, let's go to
2:02 pm
kathrine herridge. >> whether the statement department was independent, that he gave mrs. clinton's chief of staff, cheryl mills, a heads up that a state department employee would be a poor witness at the hearing on benghazi last fall. and they confirmed that misses and her boss, secretary of state hillary clinton, were shown a copy of the investigation before it became public. >> if this is so independent why are you giving the state department a heads up. >> did cheryl mills get to see this report before it became public? >> we had a draft report we specifically briefed the
2:03 pm
secretary of state for a couple of hours and ms. mills -- >> as to why hillary clinton was not interviewed, they began with lower level employees and worked their way up. deciding who was to blame. >> we talked to both mr. burns and mr. niges both secretaries of state. at the time that we got to them as it was with secretary clinton. we had evidence full and complete to our investigation that the authority rested with the people we identified. >> now taking legal action to access state department employees that were on the ground in benghazi. >> i'm in the process of issues subpoenas because the state department has not made those people avail and and is hiding
2:04 pm
behind a thinly veiled statement. >> now in it's 5th hour and there is a second panel. and those are relative of those that were killed in benghazi. >> thank you so much for breaking it down. so here now, let's explore more. this is florida republican congressman, john micca, he is one of the lawmakers asking tough questions hi, congressman. >> good to be with you. this was a good day for tough questions that americans want answers. >> what have you learned that is new today? >> we learned that this review was sort of an inside job. the review panel for the five members appointed by secretary clinton and in fact she was never interviewed, the people
2:05 pm
directly under her were never interviewed, they just looked at the lower folks. no one has been held accountable. no one has been fired. and no one has been arrested who is guilty of committing these act. >> did they explain why they never interviewed then secretary of state hillary clinton? >> not to my satisfaction and to the american people. and i told them, they think this is a white wash but our committee is not going to let this go. we will get to these people mullins testified that he had cooperation but we had others who said that they were stimied even in their review again which was an inside state department review. they have done all they can to keep this information from coming out and going to the highest levels who must be held
2:06 pm
accou accountable. >> let me play for you something that ambassador pickering said today on who is repossible. >> responsibility for the loss of life and damage rests completely with the terrorists who carried out the attacks. systemic failures at senior levels resulted in a security posture in benghazi that was inadequate for the mission and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack. >> congressman you understand political speak. management deficiencies at senior levels. >> first, blaming it on the terrorists is a cop out. management levels at the state department they failed to act. even the secretary again, failed to it put in place, there were only about 14 high risk posts
2:07 pm
around the world and they failed to give the dip low plat tick security and security we needed to maintain that post which was identified. there was blame there. no one gave the order to go in and use the military to rescue those that were being held. there is no reason that our seals should have been kale een. there was plenty of time admiral mullen said is responsible for deploying the military in a case like this. and if we didn't have the military capability to get in there to safe them. then shame on us and someone should be held accountable. but they are keeping this to the low level people and trying to blame them. no one has been fired. they have been put on leave and given benefits and restored to
2:08 pm
some times higher positions. >> right. you will recall that when hillary clinton then secretary of state was called in front of the panel she said i never saw these requests so i didn't die any or confirm them. will you be calling hillary clinton back to clarify some of this? >> i think the secretary should come in. she testified to other things before the foreign relations panel. but, she needs to be held accountable all the way up to the oval office on why people didn't take action to protect our embassy and that post in the first place and then when we were under attack everyone was missing in action. that is not acceptability we are not going to accept a white wash report from this panel or any one else. >> congressman we will look forward to what you found out by the end of today's hearing.
2:09 pm
thank you for taking time with you. >> key battleground states. with health care marketplaces set to open on october 1st. there is a message war underway and the target is healthy young people. mike toban is live in coluohio. >> as the deadline approaches, the backbone of obamacare. you have people on the streets talking to people. the conservative group, americans for prosperity, they are using it to discourage people the young and healthy, from enrolling in the exchanges. with the mandates being pushed off and the exceptions for
2:10 pm
congress, it is obviously not ready for prime time. >> now liberal groups are in the same position. they are out on the street and the air waves advocating for obamacare. >> we have had a robust political discussion but not helping people decide for themselves what is best for their families. >> the exchanges are in the cross hairs with the thinks that they won't come with enough money for the sick and the old. >> that is the problem you need young people to make this work. >> three days after a deadly massacre. the washington navy yard reopens for business. workers returning for workdays
2:11 pm
after co workers were murdered. >> we will look at what he had to say and what he may be trying to accomplish. >> you would say that president obama can trust you to follow through? >> i don't think that president obama should trust me, the syrian people should trust me, not president obama. ? ask me about my tempur-pedic. ask me how fast i fall asleep. ask me about staying asleep. [announcer] tempur-pedic owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. now each of you can personalize your comfort at the touch of a button with our new tempur-choice. so both of you can get your best night's sleep together.
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2:14 pm
there is some new information on the future of the nuclear plant in japan. the fukushima plant was ordered entirely scrapped. he says the focus should be on controlling radioactive water
2:15 pm
leaks and the prime minister insists that such leaks are contained to the complex. while syria's president assad raising eyebrows during an intercrew. he claims it will cost $1 billion to remove chemical weapons from his country and the u.s. should pay for it. >> would you be prepared to turn over your chemical weapons to the u.s. government? >> it needs a lot of money about $1 billion. it is detrimental to the environment. if the -- is ready to pay those money and take the responsibility to the united
2:16 pm
states why don't they do it? >>. >> general, nice to see you. >> good seeing you. there is so much to parse with this assad interview. and my colleagues asked great questions. so let's dive in. let's start with the first sound that you heard there. would it cost $1 billion to get rid of the weapons? >> i think that is pretty accurate. congress would have to approve that. congress has not approved upon this framework agreement and i'm sure that they were not planning on another $1 billion to do something like this. but if we agreed and nowhere was i able to see that the u.s. said that they would have to pay for it. >> is that something a responsibility that we should take on?
2:17 pm
>> assuming that he is being genuine and that he would turn over his chemical weapons, is that a responsibility that we should take on? >> i don't think so. but others will make that judgement. that is one of the money questions that we have sitting in front of it. it was a matterful presentation by assad. weeks ago he was barely hanging on. probably three to six months he would have been out. and now he has the un security council that is going to be behind him and he has the russians behind him. >> yes, but general, we can't over look the fact that chemical weapons were used and it was by him and in fact greg palcott did
2:18 pm
ask him did you use chemical weapons against your own people and this was his response. >> the russian satellite since the beginning of these allegations of the 21st of august they said that they have information through their s satellites that the rockets l n launched from another area. so the whole story doesn't hold together. so no, we didn't. in one word we didn't use any chemical weapons. >> what do you make of that response? >> i think it was a brilliant lie. the russian satellites didn't pick it up. because the short time frame, the russians do not have a geocentric satellite that was able to catch this. but he obscures it.
2:19 pm
now we are starting to see the kabuki being played out. for the average american human being watching that on television. they don't know the difference. why do you think assad is agreeing to the community? >> who is he trying to win over? >> he is trying to win over the international community. he is speaking in english and skillful at it. greg and dennis asked some very good questions and he had clever answers. he is winning over an audience that is going to help him and it is going to be in charge of it. he is going to win advocates throughout the western world. >> do you think at the end of
2:20 pm
this pr and so called diplomacy that is happening in back channels do you think that he will hand over his chemical weapons? >> i don't know. he may hand over some of them and he is going to have to do that. will he hand over 1000 tons, i'm not sure of all of that. the time fram e is going to tak so long. he will in fact make himself stronger in syria and he is going to regain control. the rebels are probably in danger of being finished. >> thank you for your insight. >> well, the stock market back home may be soaring but main street is still in the dumps. new report that one in seven americans is living in poverty.
2:21 pm
coming up we'll debate what this means. >> blplus new information on th washington navy yard shooter. >> i was yelling at him run run there is a shooter. she looked up and had a lot of blood coming from her. she had been shot to the back of her head and hand from trying to shield the shot. you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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2:25 pm
the washington navy yard reopening today. meanwhile we are learning new details about the gunman and the victims. i'm so shocked and stunned. we are going to retire soon and he loved his job and wanted to keep working because he loved it. loved it. more so than any one i have ever known in my life. he was a great father and great grand father and just an awesome human being. and i loved him very much. >> boy, that is so heart breaking to hear. steve is live for us from the washington navy yard. today we are getting from the fbi director a comprehensive tick tock of what happened that morning. james saying that aaron alexis
2:26 pm
drove onto the base, went into the restroom with a bag and then came out without the bag. he started shooting and then went to the third floor continued shooting. went to the first floor shot a guard and took his hand gun ran out of ammunition and started shoot wg thing with that gun an a fateful exchange with police. he was dead 30 minutes after the shooting began. police are investigating that ch shotgun. carved in the barrel of the gun were words. they do not know the
2:27 pm
significance of this or a motive. he visited va hospitals twice in august one in rhode island and one in dc. he was complaining of insomnia. he talked to police and displayed signs of mental instability. he said somebody was targeting him with a microwave device and was heari ining voices. folks are back to work here today except in building 197. the navy talking to reporters today about the steps they are taking to help the families of those who were killed. >> so, so sad. steve, thank you for the update. >> and there is a controversial fight in congress that is hitting a fever pitch. some calling for reform as one in seven americans today are on
2:28 pm
food stamps. how much of that money is going to people who need it. plus a former professional football player returns home to find his home trashed. >> turning to the cleanup effort after epic deadly flooding. we'll have a live report for you. >> i'm getting storm water in through my sewage system. i'm doing the best we can. i had it dried out and then lost power. everything went to hell after that. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred.
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developi ining right now republicans in the house, looking at the food stamp program. it has doubled in size and today more than one in seven americans are on it. hi, doug. >> it used to be called the food stamp program. today it is called snap, in the year 2000, 17 million americans par miticipated in it. 48 million americans receive assistance. house republicans want to reign that in. it is leading to an uproar on
2:33 pm
the house floor by democrats who see it as a cruel attack on the needy and poor. it is the working class, the elderly the children and disabled. cutting this program would be devastating to millions of americans. >> one store like the one pictured right here defrauded the american taxpayor for $2 million. the deeptmepartment of agricult found that stores are committing food stamp fraud. >> some say the program is fraud free. it's biggest problem is that it's requirements have been eased under the obama administration. if an applicant received some other form of welfare. that allows people above the poverty line to receive
2:34 pm
benefits. they want to return the work requirement program which has been hardly cruel. vote on house bill is expected late this afternoon. it cuts the program by only $4 billion. >> thank you so much. we will explore that now. we have more alarming economic numbers for you. it is something that programs cannot fix. it is the national poverty rate which appears to be stuck at 6%. 46.5 million americans living in poverty. mary is a member of the wall street editorial board. how can we cut food stamps when we are not producing more jobs?
2:35 pm
>> it is part and parcel to the larger program. the rate you talked about 15%. he have the great society in 1964 and 1965. we passed all of the things before, we are at the same rate that we were then. tr tr trillions of dollars later we are at the same rate. the way we are using this money has been poorly used. one of the big problemses is that they haven't had to be accountable for the money. >> why remove the work requirement? >> isn't that an important peiee of assistance? >> i think people on temporary assistance.
2:36 pm
>> for some it can be a life time. >> there are people that are looking for jobs. the assumption that people aren't or don't want -- >> there is a disin tentaticent >> you can make it a requirement. >> bill clinton did it. >> you talk about the 1960s even if the poverty rate is the same, the rate of equality is staggering. that is the problem. this administration is for focused on reducing inequality. these rates are what you get. it reminds me of margaret thatcher. she was talking to the equivalent of a democrat you would rather the poor were poorer so long as the rich were less rich. you have to grow the economy. >> i would argue that one of the
2:37 pm
biggest problems is that there is nothing in place to move people from the lowest rungs of the income ladder into the middle class and high income rackets. >> you can't overlook the disparity. more people are on food stamps. so there is a disparity. >> thanksgiving this thanksgiving when you get a chance after you eat your turkey, go to the mall. poor people are going to eat a bunch of turkey and run to the mall. if you have a gap like this and you want to fix it in america we should do this. the president keeps talking about an expanded middle class and then we go after the job cite creators and then we beat them up.
2:38 pm
>> who is going to create jobs when you don't know what your health costs are going to look like. american companies want to create jobs and they can't do it in this kind of environment. so long as capitol is on strike the poor are going to remain poor. >> the poor are remaining poor because there is no way to get to the middle class. taxing the rich is not the an ter. things like making it easier for people to go to college. the manufacturing jobs are not coming back the way we think they would. we need to give people more skills and give them an opportunity. >> the way that the obama administration has done this has said we are going to forgive your debt and colleges have said
2:39 pm
we are going to hike up our tuition rates and you are not going to give people those opportunities. you have to return to personal entrepreneurship. >> and i will say that the transition that you are talking about, that is where we made it problem attic. >> from very poor to middle class. you will lose money. there was a report that shows how much people can make when you add them all up. hefty amounts. let's see you start to go to work and you lose the earned income tax credit. i know a lot of kids that tell me they won't work at mcdonald's it doesn't pay enough. i don't think that national policy should be set around such a small group of people. >> you give me a cell phone and when you pay everything for me
2:40 pm
and i don't have to get up and do it. >> isn't there a disincentive that it is easier to remain unemployed than to work at mcdonald's? >> i think people want to work. the natural assumption that i go off of is that people want to work. if you make this a temporary fix they will find a way to go and work. the problem is if the jobs are not there. if the businesses don't hire and train people there is no work to be found. >> then you need a change in the white house. that is the only way you will have the reforms that you need. >> the notion of what i should earn for my skill set. people saying i want to work but i want $15 an hour for flipping a burger. get your job and work your way up. i don't think they understand
2:41 pm
working your way up the ladder. they have been told that whole american experience of working your way up is unfair to them. >> has our culture changed? >> yes, i think it has. college grads say where is the best job? >> government. 20 or 30 years ago they say i want to go to wall street and make a lot of money. >> i'm not sure we've solved anything. thank you so much. >> great to talk to you guys. we would love to hear from you too. if you find me on twitter i would love to read your suggestions. coming up a look at the efforts to clean up and rebuild there. readers are more than just a convenient way to get through your favorite book.
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following the devastating flooding in colorado, crews are repairing and rebuilding homes damaged and dose troyestroyed b historic flooding. what are you seeing there? >> well, we are seeing what $2 billion worth of damage to the state looks like up close. a lot of it were things that are inside the home. this is a neighborhood in colorado that backs up against a nice golf course. this is what the entire street looks like. all we can see is folks clearing it out.
2:46 pm
people from the city coming into get into these homes cleaning them out and getting them disinfected. their memories here all wet. however, part of the problem with the wet memories, they were wet filled with sewage they are asking people to get the free tetanus shots. there is a danger coming into contact with the water and the mud. you have restoration companies pumping out six to seven feet of water out of the basements and they are finding these crawfish and finding fish this big inside of homes when they are cleaning them out. it is a true dig once they get into get everything out of
2:47 pm
there. the job is to get in there and make it livable again so that it is not a complete loss. >> i can only imagine. thank you for explaining it. >> meanwhile, there is a new study. id finds that e readers, ipads and kindles were easier for dyslexia patients to read than books. statistics show that 10 to 15% sufferer from it. 5 in 100 such individuals have the disorder diagnosed and treated. it goes unrecognized until adulthood. what does all of this mean? dr. malilo is the executive director of brain balance achievement centers great to
2:48 pm
have you here. ? >> why is it easier to read on your ipad or iphone than in a regular book? >> we are not 100% sure. when you are reading something you think that you are seeing every single word. but you are skipping over words. you are reading 7 or 9 words at a time. 30% of words you noeever see yo fill that in. the issue is if the lines are smaller you won't have to fill in as much. when you are jumping from line to line there is the eye move 7 mentes. people with reading issues have problems with eye movements. >> they describe dyslexia as a visual add. if you boil it down to three words they are not as distracted
2:49 pm
by the other print on the page. it is a left right brain thing? >> adhd and dyslexia are clearly two different things from a neurological perspective. what we are looking at true dyslexia is a left hemisphere deficit. but in both we can't get both the hemispheres to work together. the lead scientist of this research out of harvard himself was is dyslexic and says that he struggled to read in fact he stopped reading for pleasure for 20 years and then he just stumbled upon this. and then said why is this easier for me than reading a book. >> i think it is great. again, it is not just children but it is adults. we are talking about 20% of the
2:50 pm
populati population. this is a big deal. anything that helps them read is great. this is just a crutch. what we are using we can correct dyslexia on a because it's a neurological problem and it's left hemisphere, and it's called multimodal so auditory stimulation, visual stimulation, music, exercise, balance, even in diet and nutrition is important. just doing reading exercises alone doesn't work, and that's why we typically think it's a life long problem but doesn't have to be. >> so fascinating. all this therapy but you can just read on your ipad and it would be easier bus not fix the problem. thank you for explaining it to us. >> keeping an eye on the state department. this is a live look for you there as we get breaking word that sac of state john kerry will make a statement on syria at 3:00 p.m. eastern time.
2:51 pm
so we're monitoring this, and we'll bring you all the latest. stick around.
2:52 pm
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2:54 pm
>> one rowdy small-town party is grabbing national attention. hundreds of teenagers broke into the home of a former pro football player and trashed the place, causing thousands of dollars in damage. david lee miller is here to explain. >> one thing for sure, that labor day party at the vacation home of brian hole oway will be remembered because he was not there and an estimated mob of 300 kids broke into his property in new york and trashed the place, doing tens of thousands
2:55 pm
of dollars in damage. holloway was more than a thousand miles away in florida and learned of the so-called party as it was going on because many of the kids who were there sent out tweets holloway says he thought it was a joke but saw pictures of the damage online and says the kids were boasting. i. >> started reading tweet0s -- tweeting, we're trashing the joint, i can't believe we can't wake theirs -- this girl up. i can't believe there's this many cool drugs. >> by the type the sheriff arrived, windows and glass door's were kicked in, holes punch etch in the wall, carpets destroyed with beer, vomit, and urine. so far there's no arrests but holloway says it's going to change and 50 intruders have come forward asking for
2:56 pm
leniency, and he had this message for those refusing to take responsibility. >> i promise you there's going to be experience called shock and awe coming down, and it will be a real live message sent to every student. it's not going to be tolerated. >> he set up a web site called help me save 300, posting photos of the intruders and some of the parents of the kids who broke into his home are now threatening him with legal action for putting their kid's pictures on the internet. this weekend he will host a party, honoring local veterans. he says of the roughly 300 kids who caused all the damage, so far, allison, only one has come forward to help. >> incredible. sounds like they picked the wrong home, though, to damage. so we'll see what happens.
2:57 pm
>> taking a live look at the state department for you, as we get word that secretary of state john kerry will make a statement on syria in a few minutes. right now the u.n. negotiating on a plan to disarm the assad regulartime. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber!
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