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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 19, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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llin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes, my feet and legs feel less tired. i'm a believer. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. i'm a believer! >> thanks for watching, see you back here tomorrow. "studio b" with trace gallagher in for shepard starts right now. >> trace: we begin with a fox urgent, secretary of state john kerry is set to make a statement on syria as damascus approaches a deadline on declaring its chemical weapons program. the deadline is tomorrow, september 20th. now, the state department said kerry would make the statement at 3:00 p.m. east coast time. that's right now. we're festival waiting for secretary of state to take the podium, and when he does, we'll bring you that live. we do not know exactly what the statement will be. it's a prepared statement, and then go on with the daily state department briefing. the big question on syria, will
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the deal destroy that country's chemical weapons work? today the russian president vladimir putin says he cannot be 100% sure, but putin, the syrian regime's biggest backer, says he is hopeful it would. he also had some rare praise for president obama for not carrying out threatened strikes. putin claimed it was the rebels that ft. the regime that gassed to death hundreds of people. the white house says that's flat out wrong. meantime the senator john mccain turn the tables on putin who wrote an op-ed in "new york times" critical of the u.s. senator mccain rote in a russian web site that putin rules with violence and repreparation and putin is not enhancing russia's global reputation, he is destroying it. he has made her a friend to tyrants and enemy to the oprocessed and untrusted by
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nations hoping to build a more peaceful and prosperous world. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is live in new york. jonathan, syria's president has also been talking directly to fox news. what did he have to say about the chemical weapons? >> he kind of prevaricated on whether or not syria has indeed got chemical weapons. now, the world has said many, many times, and u.s. officials said repeatedly he does, and has used them, but would not personally answer a direct question from our correspondent about that, do you have chemical weapons? he danced around the issue, although he then kind of did admit they have them by saying it will cost a billion dollars for the international community to remove the chemical weapons and talked about the accusation it was the syrian security forces that used the chemical weapons in that terrible attack
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in a damascus suburb. he once again pointed the finger at the rebels by saying, they could easily do it. listen to this. >> first of all, any rebel can make sarin, second, we know all those rebels are supported by governments. so any government that would have such chemicals material can be -- can hand it over to those. >> the important point there was he said, any rebel can make sarin. almost in the next sentence, he decided it was really difficult to make a new sarin, and that's why his troops probably weren't the ones in his view, who used it, listen to this now. >> when they talk about any troop or any unit in the syrian army that's used these kind of weapons, this is false for one reason because chemical weapons can only use by specialized units. it cannot be used by any
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other -- traditional units. >> so on the one hand if you're accusing his army of using it, it can only be used by very specialized unit. on the other hand if he is accusing he rebel office using chemical weapons, apparently anybody can do it. that was the tenor of the interview throughout, trace. president assad sort of trying to have it both ways. we still await secretary kerry's appearance at the state department. we expect him to address this deadline. the russians and the u.s. officials reached this agreement last saturday, which laid out a timetable for the destruction of syria's chemical weapons. the first deadline was seven days for the syrian government to declare their complete stockpile of chemical weapons. we're approaching that tedline. therefore, one assumes that's why we're about to hear from the secretary of state,. >> trace: as we await secretary of state john kerry, there's no
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sign that president assad is going to back down at all in the civil war going on in his country for the better part of two and a half years. >> no sign at all if you go by the interview with fox news. in that he was asked an interesting question. remember, president assad went to medical school. he is qualified as a doctor and also then he later qualified as an on tommologyist -- ophthalmologist, he wad ask the become the hippocratic homecoming that doctors take to do no harm to patients, to do no harm to any human. this is his interesting response to that question. >> doctors take the right decision to protect the life of the patient, so you cannot say they don't do harm physically because sometime they have to extract the member that could kill the patient. you can extract eyes or legs led so on, but you don't say, doctors, it's still a
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humanitarian job, whatever they do. the same for politician but larger scale. >> so what president assad appeared to be saying is that doctors sometimes have to cut out a cancer, and as he has said many times before, trace, he believes that this civil war is driven purely by terrorist, most of them from foreign countries, and clearly believes the rebels are a cancer among syrian society. he believes, and he said repeatedly in that interview, he is doing what is best for what he sees is the majority of the syrian people, the more than 100,000 syrians who have been killed in the civil war would probably beg to differ, trace. >> trace: and that the syrian rebels are the ones that set off the chemical weapons, and it's important to know, as we wait for secretary of state john kerry to take the podium, important to note this is step one of this diplomatic deadline, this diploma dance going on for three weeks.
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but if they bust this deadline, jonathan, we look at the scenarios and you covered the un for a long time. if for some reason syria does not make the deadline, it doesn't mean -- and our warships are still in the place, off the coast of syria. it doesn't mean we're going to go back to congress and seek some kind of declaration to go in there for a limited strike, because now we're getting the sense that they would go a different route, maybe sanctions versus military power. is that your sense of how this thing would go forward if for some reason they miss this deadline? >> to the problem is it will go back to the united nations security council canner but you have the permanent five of which russia is one, the russians have said, quite clearly, that even if the syrians do not meet this first deadline, they do not believe an initial resolution should threaten any sort of military action against the
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syrian regime. they only believe it should condemn the use by anybody of chemical weapons, and here's the secretary of state john kerry right now. >> lunch was good. thank you, matt. as you all know, before i became secretary, i spent 28 years in the united states senate and witnessed some great debates, and some of the best senators there, produced some of the best debates i have seen sometimes. and some of the senators i learned like to debate just about anything, as my pal john mccain was fond of saying, a fight not joined is a fight not enjoyed. but it was also in the senate
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where i personally heard former ambassador of the unitees nations, turned senator from new york, daniel patrick moynihan, in more than a few debate with his own bottom line reminder. you're entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. and those words are worth using and focusing on as we head into next week's general assembly meeting in new york of the unites nations. we really don't have time today to pretend that anyone can have their own set of facts, approaching the issue of chemical weapons in syria. this fight about syria's chemical weapons is not a game. it's real. it's important. it's important to the lives of people in syria, it's important to the region, important to the world, that this be enforced, this agreement we came out of
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geneva with. for many weeks we heard from russia and from others, wait for the u.n. report. those are the outside experts. that's a quote. that is the independent gold standard. that's a quote. well, despite the efforts of some to suggest otherwise, thanks to this week's long-awaited u.n. report, the facts in syria only grew clearer and the case only grew more compelling. the finings in the report was as categorical as they were convincing. every single data point, the types of munitions and launchers used, their origins, trajectories, markings, and the confirmation of sarin, every single bit of it confirms what we already knew and what we told america and the world.
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it confirms what we have brought to the attention of our congress, the american people, and the rest of the world. the u.n. report confirms unequivocally that chemical weapons, including the nerve agent sarin, were used in syria. and despite the regime's best efforts to shell the area and destroy the evidence, the u.n. interviewed more than 50 survivors, patients, victims, health workers, first responders, they documented munitions, and subcomponents. they assessed symptoms of survivors. analyzed hair, urine, blood samples, and they analyzed 30 soil and environmental samples. and what did they learn? they returned with several crucial details that confirm that the assad regime is guilty
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of carrying out that attack. even though that was not the mandate of the u.n. report. but anybody who reads the facts and puts the dots together, which is easy to do, and were made easy to do, understands what those facts mean. we, the united states, have associated one of the munitions identified in the u.n. report, the 122-millimeter improvised rocket, with previous assad regime attacks. there's no indication, none, that the opposition is in possession or has launched a cw variant of these rockets, such as the kind used in the 21st 21st of august attack. equally significant, the environmental, chemical, and medical samples that the u.n. investigators collected, provide
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clear and compelling evidence that the surface-to-surface rockets used in this attack contain the nerve agent sarin. we know the assad regime possesses sarin, and there's no a shred of evidence, however, that the opposition does. and rocket components identified in the ground photos, taken at the alleged chemical weapons impact location areas, are associated with the unique type of rocket launcher that we know the assad regime has. we have observed these exact type of rocket launchers at the assad regime facilities in damascus, and in the area around the 21st of august. so there you have it. sarin was used. sarin killed. the world can decide whether it was used by the regime, which
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has used chemical weapons before, the regime which had the rockets, and the weapons, or whether the opposition secretly went unnoticed into territory they don't control, to fire rockets they don't have, containing sarin, they don't possess, to kill their own people, and that without even being noticed they just disassembled it all and got out of the center of damascus controlled by assad. please, this isn't complicated. when we said we know it is true berk it, and now before i had to new york for the u.n. general assembly, we have a definitive u.n. report strengthening the case and solidifying our resolve. now the test comes. the security council must be prepared to act next week. it is vital for the international community to stand
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up and speak out in the strongest possible terms about the importance of enforceable action to rid the world of syria's chemical weapons. so i would say to the community of nations, time is short. let's not spend time debating what we already know. instead, we have to recognize that the world is watching to see whether we can avert military action, and achieve through peaceful means even more than what those military strikes promised. the complete removal of syria's chemical weapons is possible here. through peaceful means. and that will be determined by the resolve of the unites nations to follow through on the agreement that russia and the united states reached in geneva, an agreement that clear live said, this must be enforceable, it must be done as soon as possible, it must be real.
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we need everyone's help in order to see that the security council lives up to its founding values, and passes a binding resolution that codifies the strongest possible mechanism to achieve the gold -- goal and achieve it rapidly. we need to make the initiative meaningful, and in order to eliminate syria's cw program and to do it with transparency and the full accountability, it's important we accomplish the goal in new york and accomplish it as rapidly as possible. thank you all. >> mr. secretary, could you -- >> on a re -- >> there you have it. >> do you think the president might meet with -- >> there you have it, secretary -- >> what iran said? >> the white house needs to speak -- >> is it a positive sign?
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this interview? >> comments have been very positive. everything needs to be put to the test and see where we go, and at the right moment the white house will make clear where we are. >> trace: you saw there, secretary of state john kerry said he was not going to take questions help did take a final question about the new iranian leader about his statement say they may talk about nuclear weapons and john kerry didn't talk about that. the major push of the news conference was a statement on syria because the first deadline for syria to at least list all of its chemical weapons comes tomorrow. john kerry laying it out saying what they're going to do is go to the united nations security council and look for the security down put some teeth in this diplomatic deal they struck in geneva with russia to make sure it's backed up.
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he didn't mention anything about using force. the direction now seems to be more aimed at sanctions. i want to bring in michael sang, a former director of middle east affairs at the national security council is the manager director over the washington institute. michael, kind of a change of tone. it seemed just last week as secretary kerry seemed to have a lot more patience with syria. they were going down this diplomatic road, and here during the statement he restated his case. right? saying that they did use chemical weapons. there is absolute proof they used it. and seeming to be running out of patience as we near this first deadline. what did you take away from that news conference? >> well, trace, this is a case that secretary kerry and the president have made, only the regime in damascus could use the weapons, and the tone was impatient because the administration has hailed this agreement with russia as a way to really diplomatically deal with the problem of chemical weapons and wmd and serve as a
3:19 pm
model for other situations, but it has run into obstacles and they were predictable. we talked about those on this show and other shows on fox news, and i think now that they're hitting this, the question, i think, that i would pose to the administration, you don't hear much about, what this or-else. >> trace: have the big question. he knows he is going to the u.n. security council and knows russia is not going to back any type of use of force. so this seems to be a news conference warming people up like, okay, we need your help, we need get behind this agreement we struck in geneva last week, and the theme of this seems to be we're not going to get the help, so maybe we go a different direction, michael? >> well, it's unclear. it does sort of sound like that and you certainly don't hear any threat of the use of force, either from the united nations security council or from the
3:20 pm
united states, from the administration, and i think that's a real problem here. when it comes down to it, the message assad and others will get out of this, despite the very sort of tough words from secretary kerry, is, look, it's been weeks since assad used chemical weapons, weeks since president obama threatened the use of force, and yet there had been no consequences for assad. in fact the war continues today in syria and he hasn't been touched. so going into talks with iran, which was the last question that secretary kerry got there what lesson will they draw from this? >> trace: yeah. what lesson? are they just buying their own time to continue make their own nuclear weapons? and it's interested because a lot of people have been saying, it seems to us that the man who is running the middle east policy is vladimir putin and you come out and have john mccain writing an op-ed in a russian web site saying that putin is respeakssive. -- repressive?
3:21 pm
is the feeling they're trying to get back some control. >> the russians were able to seize an opportunity mainly because our own policy process here in the united states had been undies minimummed -- undies minimummed -- undies minimummedd our allies are less corned about russian and more with is the united states prepared to act to enforce the red line, to back up our commitments in the middle east and elsewhere around the world. >> does putin and assad look like a hero in the region for standing up to the united states and does the united states state appear like they're lagging behind? >> certainly i think that russian influence increases as a result of this. i think that syria and iran have
3:22 pm
escaped consequences but what matters is the outcome. that's white the 0-else is important. without that, this isn't going to work. >> good of you to join us, sir. thank you. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: up next, more breaking news on the hearings in benghazi.
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>> security at the u.s. consulate at benghazi was grossly inadequate but blame rests on the terrorist. that from the ambassador who helped lead the independent review board on the attack, answering more questions from skeptical republicans. the sometimes tense hearings continued in the house with g.o.p. lawmakers demanding answers about the lack of security at the consulate. the sometimes and exactly who was making the critical
3:26 pm
decisions when terrorist launched their assault. the independent review board included officials who served in both republican and democrat administrations, but republican lawmakers have questioned the board's independence. they have slammed its decision, not to interview then-secretary of state hillary clinton. the board members say, that wasn't necessary. that secretary clinton did not make security decisions for benghazi, but some republicans say they still don't know why she and the administration seemed to blame the attack on an antiislam video and not the terrorists. >> the structure along with the state department culture raises questions about the extent to which it can be independent. although it is a meaningful document, this committee has not been able to receive the background information or were their roared notes sufficient to allow for a true review of the
3:27 pm
review. >> trace: democrats dismissed the whole thing as a phoney scandal and say it's all about politics, and hillary clinton could be a presidential contender in 2016. today, house democrats released their own report on the attack, and they also criticized the lack of security at the consulate but said that contrary to a claim that republicans made, there was no order for rescue teams to stand down during that attack. they also say the review board's findings were independent and complete. >> i see no evidence, none whatsoever to support these reckless ac queue -- accusations to the contrary, witness after witness said the report was, quote, penetrating, specific, critical, very tough, and, quote, the opposite of a whitewash. >> trace: last year's attack
3:28 pm
chilled ambassador chris stevens. catherine herridge is live in washington. we heard from victims. 'families. >> referenced a photo from the attack. that datlight shot, bloody handprint on the wall and the mother of sean smith so the service officer who was killed and the two former navy seals says she still wonders and she describes it, she is handed by the photo. >> one question i have is, everytime i see this on tv, i see these bloody fingerprints crawling down the wall of that benghazi place and i keep asking everybody, are their -- do those
3:29 pm
belong to my son? >> also, the father of former navy seal ty woods testified and ask the if mr. obama's children had been in benghazi would the response have been the same or more aggressive. >> trace: what is happening beyond the hearing? >> one of the major headlines is that the republican chairman of the committee is now taking legal action to get access to state department employees who are on the ground in benghazi. >> issuing subpoenas because the said department has not made those people available, had flied hide and go seek and is now behinding behind a thinly veiled statement there's a criminal investigation. >> one of the persistent themes today was why mrs. chron ton was not entered view by the panel and the co-chairs of the state department investigation explained they bin with lower level employees and they work their way up in their investigation, deciding before they reached the senior levels 0 the state department, who was to
3:30 pm
blame. >> we talked to both mr. burns and mr. knight, both deputy secretaries of state. at the time we got to them, as with secretary clinton, we had very clear evidence, full and complete to our information, that the authority and responsibility and accountable arrested with the people we identified. >> and there is still focus that is share penning on the undersecretary of management, patrick kennedy, who testified on the hill yesterday. at times it seemed like members of the accountability review board were splitting hairs to let kennedy off the hook. they said when he signed the agreement or the memo nine months before the attack that allowed the benghazi operation to go forward, that kennedy was simply responsible for the real estate, the buildings, and not the security at that post, trace. >> trace: catherine, thank you very much. and, also makes a very good
3:31 pm
point, why wasn't ven-sect of state hillary clinton called to testify and why were other witnesses, one in specific, told they would be called to testify? john bussey from "the wall street journal" next to answer those questions and more about the ongoing hearings concerning benghazi. on "studio b." ♪ [ male announcer ] some things arsigned to draw crowds. others are designed to leave them behind. ♪ the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move.
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>> trace: back now to more on the heated hearings on capitol hill concerning the benghazi terror attacks. you have the republicans saying this review board was saying it was well put together but was biased and democrats saying it wasn't. let's bring in the assistant managing editor of "the wall street journal" newspaper. what they're saying is why, if this one as unbiased world, why would you give a witness a heads up and why win -- when the report was done, then allow the secretary of state, then-hillary clinton to take a look at it. >> the argument by the people who actually ran the investigation was they went up the chain of command to the point they decided these are the folks making the decision. we're going to report on what happened weapon don't need to go to the secretary of state. you can argue whether or not they should have gone to the secretary of state. just so there would be a sense
3:36 pm
of completeness. but the report and the hearings are tending to go over some of the controversial issues that we have been hearing about to date, things like, was there an order for a rapid response to stand down in tripoli, and mike mullins, said, no, we needed them in tripoli. there was no point in trying to get them to benghazi. could we have sent fighter jets? this is again part of the hearing. and his saying, they would have had to have been refueled twice in the air and wouldn't have got then, the law of is inics prevents that. so we're -- the law of physics presents that. we're seeing this political event getting more intensely so and won't be resolved until the 2016 election. >> trace: that's the next question you. have -- does former secretary of state hillary clinton have to go before this house oversight committee and answer more questions. >> well, issa, who heads the
3:37 pm
committee, has said he is going to subpoena everybody. so we're about to see that. and what happens then? is it a more provocatively revealing event or is it a more provocative liparite cal -- provocatively political event. what the administration is arguing there ircriminal trials underway that are going to seek red retribution, so youing are argue whether that makes sense or the run republicans are trying to drag this out by calling additional witnesses so it continues until the general election in 2016 where hillary clinton is expected to run. >> trace: a lot of people thinking they want to keep this going. john good, to see you. thank you. >> a pleasure. >> trace: there was a strange
3:38 pm
twist in the case of the kidnapped 14-year-old girl in georgia. police records show authorities arrested the girl's mother and one of the two men now under arrest in the kidnapping during a drug best last year. both arrested the same day. cops yesterday announce it they found the teenager alive and safe after two armed robbers took her from her home outside atlanta tuesday morning. investigators say the robbers pried up a back door and then demand jewelry and money and when he money said she didn't have jewelry and money, the dog was barking, and the two men killed the dog and drove if if a the daughter. authorities say these are not the two suspects under arrest. the feds say they're now investigating several other suspects in the kidnapping case, and they're still looking for tips about those two men you saw in the sketches. we're live in georgia. jonathan, appears the mom may have known at least one of the
3:39 pm
suspects now in custody. >> yes. certainly appears that way, trace. the mother marks rhea corall was apparently arrested in a marijuana ring last year, according to police sources. one of the other suspects arrested in that 2012 sting was 40-year-old juan rodriguez. charges against both were eventually dropped in connection with that investigation, but yesterday police took rodriguez back into custody, this time on immigration charges, along with a second suspect, 29-year-old jackson of 'atlanta being held on a charge of conspiracy to commit kidnapping of these two suspects in custody are separate from the two men in the police sketch the mother describe as carrying out the actual home invasion and kidnapping. the police are still looking for this two suspects. >> what about the 14-year-old
3:40 pm
girl how she is doing? >> she is doing remarkably well given all that she has been through. yesterday evening, she returned to her neighborhood here in the ellenwood community south of atlanta, and greeted neighbors as they stopped by to wish her well. listen. >> she looked relaxed. to me she was not shaken up. she looked tired but not shaken up. and she looked pretty nice. >> after the young girl was found yesterday, police brought thor a nearby hospital just to get checked out as a precaution. they say she was physically unharmed. trace? >> trace: yeah. that's a good sign. jonathan, live for news el ellenwood, mayor. >> a former nfl football player now waging an online battle against hundreds of teenagers he claims destroyed his vacation home during a party. tens of thousands of dollars in damage that the teens documented
3:41 pm
with pictures that they posted on twitter. he wants them to pay up, but some of their parents are reportedly now pushing back. that's next. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you.
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♪ osteo bi-flex... the best stuff in the joint.™ osteo bi-flex is also available in joint & muscle and joint & bone formulas for extra support. a former football star is going on offense after watching helplessly as hundreds of teenagers apparentsly trashed his vacation home live on twitter. brian holloway says is happened labor day weekend at his upstate new york home. he was at his home in florida. the former pro bowler says his son told him about the party after noticing a bunch of tweets and pictures online. that is how he found out about it. holloway claims the teens broke into this place. he said at first he thought it was a hoax and then saw he pictures of kids standing 0 a table, table he says he bought with his super bowl bonus. so when he got back to new york he says he found some $20,000 in damage.
3:45 pm
now, holloway is posting pictures like this one online to try and help identify the vandals. we have blurred their faces but he did not. david lee miller is live for news new york, and david lee, did the teens seem to know it was holloway's house? >> trace, holloway says that this was not a random incident. he says that everyone in the community knew this was his place. in fact, for years he said he even hosted alcohol-free and drug-free parties. he believes some of the kids who attended those parties were among those who broke into his home. he says the damage is extensive. >> kicked in windows and grabbing doors. i had probably 40 different holes punched and kicked in the wall. all the carpets were destroyed with beer, alcohol, vomit, and urine. >> many in the community are now helping holloway get his home read governor party he is hosting this weekend honor local
3:46 pm
veterans. he says only one of the admitted partyers is helping with the cleanup. trace? >> trace: i heard during the party someone called the cops, but any arrests? >> incredibly so far no one has been charged, but holloway says he expected that is soon going to change help is reposting the incriminating tweets and photos identifying the approximately 300 partiers on a web site he set up called, help me save he says so far 50 kids have come forward asking for leniency, but some parents are now threatening him for seeking justice. the parents were -- say that they're angry that he called the police. >> your child was at my house stealing stuff, and they broke in and destroyed my property and you're going to try to sue me? i don't know how that works.
3:47 pm
>> holloway says the retaliation doesn't stop there he also says there have been threats to firebomb his home. trace? >> trace: yeah. thank you. a lot of legal questions. let's bring in a lawyer. he is -- who is -- don conaway, dan you heard david lee talking about this. he called this help 300 because he is trying to help these kids, trying to get them on the right path. these kid indicted themselves on twitter. put the pictures of the damage of them drinking everywhere so legally he can put these up there and do what he wants, right? >> yes. they made themselves public figures when they chose to be photographed and they put themselves out there, and also, he is allowed as a private citizen, because he is a victim of a crime to conduct an investigation and then hand that information over to the police. he can't make abusive threats
3:48 pm
and those kinds of things but from all i've heard about this, up sos like he is trying to help them, and -- but ultimately he has every right to hand this information over to the police, and there's several new york statutes that could apply here. criminal trespass statutes, criminal mischief, burglary, a wide variety of types of crimes that could be charged under new york state law against the perpetrators of this damage to mr. holloway's property. >> here's my favorite part of this, dan. now some of the parents are saying they are very angry with holloway for putting these pictures online. their kids' pictures online of the party destroying his house. come on. here's what one of the kids -- put up this twitter post. so glad my parents don't give a blank what i do and now these parents are saying, my kid. i can't believe you put their pictures online. did the parents have in the
3:49 pm
recourse against holloway for doing this? >> not that i'm aware of, no. the whole idea of liable or slander is it's not true you. can't make up something about someone and drove it out in the media, but in this situation, one, he is the victim of a crime, two, these are potential suspects. and, three, the has a factual basis for making his assertions. ultimately the police do need to get involved, and some of the offenses here are low-grade felonies, high-grade misdemeanor, including everything from probation to jail. even potentially prison. there's one program in new york that would be great for some children they'll show no remorse and that's a thing called shock. a boot camp they have to go through. maybe that would be a good thing for some of these perpetrators of this terrible offense. >> how about a program were, where were your parents the night you were destroying his guy's house? >> that's a good one, too.
3:50 pm
>> thank you. >> trace: crews in colorado have enough on their hands cleaning up after the historic floods. town after town. now thousands of gallons of oil have spilled. we'll tell you where and what the officials are saying now about the progress in colorado. ♪ ♪ (announcer) answer the call of the grill with n friskies grillers, full of meaty tenders and crunchy bites.
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and now to the historic flooding in colorado where crews are dealing with a brand new problem. oil. thousands of gallons of oil. the feds say the floods triggered at least two spills, one dumping more than 13,000-gallons of oil into a river in the northern part of the state, some 40 miles north of the border. the company says flood waters also damaged a second tank,
3:54 pm
releasing another 5,000 gallons. they're not sure exactly how it happened or when it happened. the company reports it's placed absorbent booms in the water to keep it from threading but there are reports the flood waters swept the oil past the booms. keep in mine, the flooding forced officials to shut down hundreds of natural gas and oil wells through the state, all this is a crews try to focus on cleaning up and rebuilding thousands of destroyed homes. we're live in longmont, cost. the damage estimate keeps climbing. >> it really does, trace. $2 billion. at this time yesterday it was at half a billion dollars but as the waters recede, the number continues to jump. i want to give you a look at the home of travis penn's mother. he dream hold built three years
3:55 pm
ago by her kid after he husband died. the flood waters came through and just took all of her family memories with it. >> there's no way to save these. this is me at two months. obviously this picture is destroyed. and these are pictures of my grandmother growing up. three generations. >> now, folks here in longmont are the lucky ones. people who live in jamestown and lyons lest of here are told they won't have anything to return to because all the infrastructure was wiped away. trace? >> trace: just weeks of devastation. thank you. a man has claimed he was spontaneously getting drunk without drinking any alcohol. and now doctors claim they have solved the mystery. we'll complain the medical case that takes the term microbrewery
3:56 pm
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and then there's this before we call it a day on "studio b." nobody leaks to get single right? you got to deal with the doctors even worse. just no fun. this guy in texas had a rare condition in which his body was making beer in his gut. he walked into a hospital feeling dizzy and stumbling and claims he didn't drink but his wife said he asked drunk then the test showed he had five times the legal limit of alcohol in his system. further tennessee uncovered he had an abundance, even over abundance of brewer's yeast in his stomach which turned starchy food and soda into alcohol. they call it auto-brewery syndrome. gives


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