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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 19, 2013 7:00pm-7:27pm EDT

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pleased and looks solid so far. bret sends his thanks to all of you who have sent your good wishes to his family. i'm chris wallace in washington. feel better pauley. this is the fox report. tonight thousands of american tourists stranded inside mexico. and getting the truth about a terrorist attack on our consulate in benghazi, libya. powerful testimony from loved ones of the victims and fiery words from some of our elected leaders. lawmakers demanding answers. it's been more than a year since the killing of four americans. >> the state department has not made those people available, has played hide and go seek. i've seen no evidence to support these reckless accusations. >> tonight, showdown on capitol
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hill. also, the rain has stopped. but the damage is done. >> houses have been lost and we still have people unaccounted for. we literally have not been able to get in to a lot of areas. >> the roads, or the bridge have been totally compromised, big gaps. >> ahead, the massive cleanup in colorado. and a kidnapped girl back home. >> we're very happy to see her mom and dad. >> now there's word her mother has a link to one of the suspects. i'm in for shepard smith. emotional testimony today from parents of two of the americans killed in the attack on the u.s. outpost in benghazi, libya. more than a year later they say the government has not answered some very important questions they have.
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terrorists in libya killed ambassador chris stevens, state department officer shawn smith, and two former navy s.e.a.l.s, tyrone woods and glen doherty. today smith's mother and woods' father testified on capitol hill. >> too many of these witnesses that are testifying behind closed doors, and we don't know what they said, we don't see their faces on tv to tell whether or not they're credible witnesses. >> one silly question that i have, every time i see this on tv, i see these bloody fingerprints crawling down a wall of that benghazi place and i keep asking everybody, do those belong to my son. >> members of both political parties promised to help get the families answers. both democrats and republicans criticized security at the outpost at the time of the attack. katherine harrah is different in our d.c. newsroom. >> thank you, harris. good evening.
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the rank being democrat on the committee elijah cummings released a report on behalf of his staff today. he found the state department investigation was quote one of the most comprehensive reviews ever conducted. >> i've seen no evidence, none whatsoever, to support these reckless accusations. could the contrary, witness after witness told committee, the committee that the report was, quote, penetrating, specific, critical, very tough, and quote, the opposite of a whitewash. >> congresswoman jackie spyier complaining angrily that republicans are ignoring the briefings the full committee is receiving and plainly ignoring the fact of what happened that september 11th. >> as it was with secretary clinton, we had very clear evidence, full and complete to our conversation, that the authority of responsibility, the accountability, rested with the
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people we identified. >> and that was ambassador pickering. also today, republicans really sharpened their focus on the arb, which is the accountability review board and the simple fact that mrs. clinton picked four of the five panel members. also, we heard testimony today over whether the four americans could have been saved on that evening with a quicker military response, and the testimony is that it was not possible here. >> well, yes, catherine, that brings me to what i was going to say. the democrats defending the investigation so far. but republicans have found some places to punch holes in that. >> well, that's right. the key scene or the takeaway from the republicans is that this was, in their opinion, like an inside job. that it was the state department investigating the state department. and what we heard from one lawmaker is that there should have been a greater effort to get to those americans on the day of the attack. here's congressman chavez. >> it was libya after the revolution, on 9/11. we have been bombed twice prior.
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the british ambassador had the assassination attempt and nobody is leaning forward? >> another issue that raised eyebrows was the close contact between admiral mike mullen, one of the co-chairs of the investigation and mrs. clinton's chief of staff you see there, cheryl mills. she exchanged messages, for lack of a better word, with mullen over the. of a senior state department official. this was seen to undercut all of the claims that that investigation was impartial. >> catherine live for us, thank you very much. let's go now to the crisis in syria. secretary of state john kerry today said the facts are even clearer now that the united nations has released its report on last month's deadly chemical weapons attack. >> the world can decide whether it was used by the regime, which has used chemical weapons before, the regime which had the rockets, and the weapons, or whether the opposition secretly
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went unnoticed into territory they don't control to fire rockets they don't have, containing sarin that they don't possess, to kill their own people, and that without even being noticed, thigh just dissembled it all and packed up and got out of the center of damascus controlled by assad. please. >> secretary kerry urged the u.n. security council to take action when it meets next week right here in new york city. now remember, the u.s. and russia have reached that tentative deal that could prevent a u.s. military strike. and under that agreement, sir would have to hand over all of its chemical weapons to international control. u.n. workers and other teams would then ultimately destroy those weapons. russia's president vladimir putin said today he's not 100% sure such a plan would really work. but he's hopeful. chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is live in our new york city newsroom. first, the test of this agreement is coming up pretty quickly. >> yeah. the first test of this agreement, remember, this was
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negotiated by secretary of state john kerry, and the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. the agreement was signed last saturday in geneva, september 14th. and secretary of state kerry said at that point there is a one week deadline for syria to declare its full stockpile of chemical weapons. so that one week is up this weekend. and the world believes that syria has something like 1,000 tons total of sarin gas, mustard gas, and vx. and the international community, through has agreement, has said quite clearly all of those weapons have to be declared if you put a generous spin on the one week, it's the very latest this saturday. so, the clock is very much ticking right now on the first test of syria's seriousness. >> and jonathan, from the very beginning critics have questioned, so what happens if syria does not comply? does this then become a test of
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the united nations? >> it very much becomes a test of the united nations. the problem here is that the russians, who are a member of the security council, and a veto bearing member of that security council, have said quite clearly that even if russia fails to comply with this first deadline, they don't want any sort of resolution that threatens any force. secretary of state john kerry has been very clear, along with other administration officials, they feel the need to apply as much pressure as possible, including potentially the use of force. listen again to secretary of state kerry today. >> we need to make the geneva agreement meaningful. and to make it meaningful, in order to eliminate syria's cw program, and to do it with transparency, and with the accountability, the full accountability that is demanded here, it is important that we accomplish the goal in new york, and accomplish it as rain italy as possible.
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>> that reference to new york, a reference to the united nations general assembly, which begins next week, and will bring world leaders and foreign ministers here. the problem is, as i said, as rapidly as possible, the theory of rapidity along with the practices of the united nations rarely go together, harris. >> good point, jonathan hunt, thank you very much. former house speaker tom delay was sentenced to years in prison after a jury convicted him of money laundering. he's been appealing that verdict. and today, he got some very big news. and cleaning up from epic flooding. fox reports live from colorado. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics...
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. tom delay is off the hook. at least for now. an appeals court just overturned the former house majority
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leader's conviction for money laundering. but the legal battle is not yet over. delay, a texas republican, happened to be back on the hill when he got the news today. he said, quote, thank the lord. nearly three years ago a jury found delay guilty of funneling corporate campaign donations through the republican national committee. texas law bans direct corporate contributions to polite k58 campaigns. but the appeals court ruled the prosecution did not prove the money was tainted. prosecutors say they will appeal the state's highest court. now to the historic flooding in colorado. where rescue crews say the emergency response is just about ending there. but the massive cleanup is just beginning. according to reports, property losses have reached nearly $2 billion. in estimated costs so far. officials say at least seven people were killed, an estimated 200 people still missing. two guys from the denver area got a bird's-eye view of the floodwaters over the weekend. they couldn't get the flood zone by car so they did the next best thing.
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i don't know if this is the next best thing. paragliding? okay. meanwhile, state health officials are now offering free and discounted tetanus shots for rescuers and flood victims. they suggest anybody who's been exposed to the floodwaters needs to get a booster shot. we have the latest now live in longmont, colorado. >> i'm actually in an area that is not an a flood plain so the folks in this neighborhood don't have flood insurance. but take a look at what happened here. there's the front door. the folks who live in this home have been here for 20 years and just below the foundation was washed out underneath last week when the floodwaters came through this entire area. and you see that boat back there? that actually was right over here, in this area, and it was pushed back there along with two vehicles at the same time. when all of this was covered about water and destroyed this entire area. now, take a look over in this area right here where the cleanup is taking place through this entire region. most of the streets that we've
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driven through in longmont look like this. places that have been hit and now you have recovery crews going through the houses, and emptying them out and then what they have to do is get in there and disinfect it. because this mud that you see on everything that's dried, it has sewage in it, it has chemicals in it. it's actually quite dangerous for people to inhale the dust. so it's a health situation like you mentioned earlier. so they have to be really careful to get these homes cleaned out. they can't just empty it out and start over. they have to get in there and really seal it off from all of the contamination. >> you're making some more point for where people are going to need those tetanus shot boosters. >> yes. >> there were other regions actually hit harder than where you are. >> yeah, hard to believe. west of us, in jamestown, colorado, this is one of the mountain communities that was cut off for quite a few days. r rescuers could not get to them at all. the mayor of jamestown had a conversation with the residents there, telling them that actually, they can't go back right now because there's
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nothing to go back to in jamestown. all of the infrastructure has been wiped out. so they're trying to figure out what to do about that community. same goes with lyons. every bridge in lyons, colorado, is gone. this is a town of about 2,000 people that we talked about quite a bit as the floodwaters were heading into that area. those folks also don't have much to return to. so, there are communities dotted all over northern colorado. and these waters are just now starting to arrive, and upset the areas of western nebraska. if you can believe it. >> man, every bridge in the town of lyons is gone. thank you very much. in fact, that flooding has caused a new problem for crews in colorado. at least two major oil spills. what you're looking at now is about 40 miles north of boulder. officials say the floodwaters damaged some tanks dumping more than 18,000 gallons of oil in the rivers. in both cases officials say they placed booms into the water to try to contain it but the floodwaters reportedly interpret the oil past the booms.
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in colorado the flatting forced officials to shut down hundreds of natural gas and oil wells. what a mess. well, tens of thousands of tourists, many of whom are american, remain stranded in acapulco, mexico. it's part of a fallout after two monster storms hit the popular vacation spot over the weekend. here is the proof. this is the airport in acapulco. those storms created major flooding, landslides in the region. and according to mexican officials nearly 100 people are dead. dozens are missing. last night some made it out of the city on flights that were able to get off the ground. look at that. but an estimated 40,000 to 60,000 people who want to go home can't. officials have set up a tourism hotline for vacationers who need assistance with hotel rooms and transfers. and the number now for people to call is at the bottom of the screen 800-00-8700. well police say ronners broke into a home and took more than stuff. they took a 14-year-old girl. tonight, she's home safe.
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there's a new twist in the case of the kidnapped georgia teenager whom police say is now home with her family, safe. this girl, 14-year-old ayvani hope perez, authorities have released very few details on the case. but say they've arrested two suspects, you see them here, and they're still searching for two others, at least. investigators say two armed robbers broke into the teenager's suburban atlanta home early tuesday morning demanding money and jewelry. and that when the child's mom told them she did not have any,
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they shot the family dog and took ayvani. now, that new twist. we're learning of a connection between the girl's mother, and one of the men currently in custody. we are live with the latest from ellenwood, georgia. so jonathan, what is that connection? >> well, harris, the girl's mother was arrested last year, according to law enforcement sources. they say maria corral was rounded up in a marijuana bust in the nearby town of stockbridge along with four other suspects. they say one of the other suspects in that best in 2012 was 40-year-old juan contreras-ramirez who later changed his last name to contreras-rodriguez. charges were ee haven't usually dropped but yesterday contreras rodriguez was arrested along with wildrego jackson of atlanta. jackson made his first appearance in federal court this afternoon. he is being held on conspiracy to commit kidnapping, contreras rodriguez, who was a mexican national, is being held on
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immigration charges, harris. >> so, do they believe that the mom's previous arrest was drug related, and that it somehow is connected to the kidnapping because of that? >> well, police are investigating all angles. the associated press is reporting that it has obtained a criminal complaint from u.s. attorneys officials saying that throughout this ordeal the family received calls from a man with a blocked phone number. that man, according to the report, demanding drugs and money in exchange for the girl's safe return. now that ayvani is back safe with her family, police are looking in to a motive for the kidnapping, whether this was truly just a random break-in or whether this family was targeted because of some treefl relationship with the people behind the kidnapping. they are also looking for the men in two sketches that they released, depictions of how the mother described the two men who reportedly broke into her house and abducted her daughter early tuesday morning. harris? >> jonathan, thank you.
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investigators at the washington navy yard are scratching their heads over a very strange discovery. a message scrawled into the shotgun the killer used in monday's massacre. also, an amazing well rescue. after a woman went down this hole. the efforts to pull her out alive lasted not hours, not days, weeks. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour, and the top of the news. um... where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles. [ all ] whoa. yeah. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles from the capital one venture card. you're the world's best teacher. this is so unexpected.
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