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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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17 mininerers stuck neay a thousand feet underground in upstate new york overnight. >> the cage is stuck 850 feet down with people on it. >> this massive crane brought in to help save them. the rescue under way right now. power failure. no winners overnight. the powerball jackpot set to become the biggest lottery prize in history, a whopping $675 million. the next drawing saturday and the new scramble to buy tickets. will it become the first billion dollar prize? >> thousands of homes threatened by landslides in the west this morning. those powerful storms cating dangerous conditions. extreme flooding stranding drivers. this tractor trail pushing a car through the water. emergency workers saving this woman and the worst may not be ovover yet. and fro dirty jobs to bank job, police hunting for thisan right now, surveillance photos of this bank robber sparking rumors h may be a famous tv host.
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that mystery celeb joins us live this morning only on "gma." and good morning, america. boy, a lot of breakin news overnight including that shutout. we're all here. no w winner for the powerball. >> you would know. >> altered my plans. >> big story breaking out of paris. an attempted terrorist attack on a police station. it appears that has been thwarted. a lot more details coming up. >> we'll begin withh that other breaking news, those 17 miners trapped overnight in an elevator underground. emergency crews are desperately trying to rescue them right now and abc's ryan smith is here with the latest. good morning, ryryan. robin. last night 17 miners went down a salt mine as part o their shift and didn't come back. now a major rescu operation is under way. emergency rescuers are on the scene trying to do all they can to get those miners out safe. this morning, emergency cre
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in an elevator nearly 900 feet below ground in upstate new york. >> cage is stuck 850 feet down with people on it. >> r reporter: ashackenzie a local reporters live on the scene. the 17 miners havavbeen trappedd for more tn five hours at this point and it all happened after a technal error with an elevator that sent the miners 900 feet underground apping them. >> reporter: local fire and police departments scrambling to help. >> manpower needed to backfill ou in lancing on a rope rescue. >> reporter: a crane is on site to help extract the miners. it will lower a basket to carry out four to sixiners at a time. >> their spirits are remararkly goodod again, we have very outstanding employees. they are understandinggf the situation. understanding at the time it takes to approach this in a very safe manner to ensure that no one else is put at risk and they've been, again, they're fine, no one was injured. we've been in constant
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the elevator became stuck in the shaft. >> reporter: rescuers have been able to send down blankets and food to the miners who were just starting their shift. mark k klein is the director of corporat communications for the company which runs the mine. >> we practice mine evaations regularly every year and so that practice is c cing into play today. >> reporter: this is the deepest salt mine in the united states. it's in the finger l lakes region of new york state s0read out over 18,000 acres. the rock salt from the mine is sold t to ice companies, ice cream makers and chemical companies. now, the company's mine manager has been saying they're in constant radio communication with the miners they're trying to take the rescue operation slow so that they do it correctl and safely. their focus that it's n a question of if they will be rescued but when and unconfirmed reports some of the miners are being taken out. >> good news. we move on to the breaking news out of paris.s.
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"charlie hebdo" attacks. the scene right there. terry moran in london has t latest. >> reporter: good morning, gege. here's what we're hearing, t late from the french government, a spokesman confirming the following that at around noon paris time, about an hour or so ago a man did try to enter a police station up in the 18 arrondissement not far from sacre coeueur. he was brandishing a knife and shouted allahu akbar and police took action and fired shots then took him down. he was at the very least very seveverely inred. we do not h have confirmation of reports he has been killed but they certainly took him down. and right now, as you can see in those pictures they have cleared out that area. there is a bomom disisposal unit on that location right now because there is some sense that he was wearing a device, perhaps a suicide vest. this is an attack that comes as
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year after the attack on "charlie hebdo." french president h hollande told the people of france that the terror threat level is still at its highest level and that the parisians and french should brace for more of this. >> the french president repeated thatarning this morning. >> tensions are high there. another big story but this on a much lighter note, the story many are talking abo this morning, powerball. no matches for the grand prize so the jackpotow jumping from 500 to almt $700 million. it could go even higher. t.j. holmes our man is here with all the latest and his losing ticket. >> ten losing tickets actually, robin. but still three words for you, keep hope alive. at least for a few more days because, yes, we all went to bed owing we had not won the jackpot but joy come pth in the
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>> 47, 63, 62, 11. your powerball numb, 17. >> reporter: those are the winnining numbs, turns out thehey weren't so winning. this morning t powerball jackpot is u to a whopping $675 million making it t most massive prize in american history. with $675 million, you can afford to buy 32 ultimate luxury penthoususes in new york city like mr. trump's that recently sold r 21 million bucks or with your winnings you could finance your own "star wars" like "the force awakens" that had a budget of $200 milln. and that would still leave you $475 million, so you could buy 950 round trip tickets to mars d back courtesy of tastex at $500,000 a pop. before youou go you need a realality check. >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth. >> reporter: truth is, you have
7:07 am
1 in 29 million. >> oy one number isoing to win. it's right here. >> repeporter: there have been no winners for 18 drawings since november 4th s how should you pick your winning numbers? >> 77% of the winners come from the computer so don't argueith success. >> reporter: some perspective. 70% to 80% winne but that's how 70% to 80% choose tir numbers any way so directly proportional so the $675 million soundsig,, if you take the cash option that will get down maybe 150 to $200 million. i mean, what's the point o even playing but comes down so take the 30ear option and get more. you could leave 00 million on the table if y don't take the 30-year option. >> no, take the money. >> and run. i like how you're optimistic instead of being dispointed this morning we should be -- >> i'm still looki for that dime he threw yesterday on the football field. >> we are all losers, i kid you not. i had ten of these last night. i matched one powerball.
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>> you mated the powerball. that's's pretty good. >> gee, thanks, george. enough to buy half of that ticket right there. >> alws looking at the bright side. >> t.j., thank you, as always. we are going to turn to that series of storms battering the west. thousands of homes in jeopardy from mudslides after days of rain. the downpours causing major flooding. abc's matt gutman is i i pasadena, california, for us with the latest. good morning, ma. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the three separate el nino-related storms here over the past few days have felt like one continuous rain ent and the earth here is so saturated with water that in this particular house the hill just stripped away from the house which has bn declared unlivable. extreme flooding across california. this highway swamped, a truck pushing a car through the coffee-color water. the third straight day of blinding el nino rain slamming the state. the soil and drain systems simply unabl to absorb all of it. mud melting off the hills ontoto
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the flooding so dangerous in petaluma, california, this truck flipped over, trapping a woman inside her car. rescuers diving into the merck to free her. and in ka staycastaic, water r rhes over these women. carried to safety, this dog by firefighters. thousands of california homes threatened. for decades mud like this wasn't a problem here. then a fire tore through these mountains, now when it rains it's like water coming off of concrete. threatening homes like this with deluge of thousands of tons of this thick mud. this r resent h fortified his house t fears the worst. >ou've been watching it. how fast does it go? >> they've clocked it at 60 miles an hour according to fire, l.a. county fire. >> reporter: i w want toive you
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it's not your thin soupy type of d. this is more like the consistency of cement and the only way tolean this stuff up is with heavy machinery. robin. >> and moving 60 miles an hour. >> still sinking in. >> thank you. get out of that. misery is not over yet. more rain in the forecast, as well as dangerous surf. isn't that right, rob? >> the mainront that came through last night, it's through but we still have showers rotating i some of wpich are heavy. a bit of break later on friday then saturday morning another front comes in with some strong wins and rain with it, as well, up to 2 inches plus. not as much as we d ts week. the other threat is this huge wave inventura, california. 25 to 30-foot breakers. they'l revolver in 25ets at times. dangerers rip. surfers out there but dangerous situation peaking today. >> another breaking story. stock markets around the world tumbling after a sell-off in
7:11 am
investors all over the wo. abc's linsey davivis wit what it all means for your moy. good morning, linsey. >> good morning, george. tring on the chinese market halted after just 14 minutes when losses hit 5% triggering a so-called circucuit breaker. it briefly re-opened but the marketetept on falling and tradingas suspended for the rest of the day. the chinese market down a total of more than 7%. all this making investors even more jittery about the chinese economy, the world's secon largest after the u.s. >> that includes investors here, linsey. >> that's exactly right, certainly a ripple effect from china. wall street is already off to its worst start since the 2008 financial crisis down nearly 3% in the first three days of trading year perhaps iicative of the old saying when china sneezes the world catches a cold. >> we'll move on to the race for the white house. and withh ted cruznow the front-runner in iowawa donald ump pulling aage froro his obama playbook questioning whether cruz is even eligible to be president because he was born in canada. trump's wife melania i also
7:12 am
and tom llamas is on the trail in storm lake, iowa, with all the latest. good morning,tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. this is n not a fight senator ted cruz wants, he tells m me this issue is settled. but this morning others are weighi in, sator john mccain who is no cruz all but wasas the gop n ninee in 08 saying there are questions surround cruz's eligibility. this morning, the bromance between donald trump and senator ted cruz is on the rocks. >> do you believe senator ted cruz is a natural born citizen? >> i don'tnow to be honest. >> reporter: trump neck and neck with cruz in the battle for iowa. >> you have a beautiful family. >> reporter: raising questions about his birthplace, canada. suggesting cruruzoo to court to prove he can run for president. >> ted, he should ask for a claratory judgment because that will clear it all up and ted. >> reporter: inowa cruz whose mother is an amerirican citizen fightingng back. >> as a legal matter the question is quite
7:13 am
that the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. >> reporter: we were with north cruz in the hawkeye state and on his campaign bus as the trump dustup was growing. >> now he's talking about, you know, that you were born in canada. not criticizing it but saying you couldave problems with that. why do you think he's doin that. >'m not going to try to psychoanalyze donana trump. view, if others -- >> do you think he sees you as a threat? >> you'd have to ask him that. >> reporter: cruz says the toughest part of the campaign is being away from his wife and two young daughters. this as trump's wife melania tetells "harper's bazazaar" t decision for him to run was also not easy but now she's offering her advice. shs quoted as saying, i give him my opinions and sometimes he takes them in and sometim he does not. time? no. now, donald trump is not letting this fight with ted cruz go away any time soon. just this mornin he tweeted it
7:14 am
cruz renounced his canadian citizenship 18 months ago. >> thank you. chipotle. the fast food chain now facing a criminal investigation over the norovirus outbreak at a california outlet that lt hundreds si. abc's clayton sandell has the latetest. >> reporter: this morning fast food chain chipotle i involved in a criminal inveigation. the company revealingn a regulatory s.e.c. filin that it waserved with a federal grand jury subpoen last month asked to produce a broadange of documents in connection to a norovirus outbreak at this franchise in california's simi valley last august that sickene 234 people. the burrito giant says it does not know whether it will bring fines or penalties. working with criminal investigators from the fda, both offices declining to comment. chipotle telling abc news,, it
7:15 am
investigation. >> the department of justicece is tang this so seriously and it is definitely on their radar. >> reporteter: afterhe summer outbreak, the restaurt was closed to are a deep clean but the company that prides itself on serving food with integrity is struggling to regain consumer trust taking out full page ad as poll justing to consumers and announcing coming changes to the way it prepares and tests its food. after making headlines for two e. coli outbreaks sickening people in 12 states and a norovirus outbreak in boston which sickened 140 college students who ate at this store. and now it seems as though wall street isetting a bit queasy. chipotle's stock price is down 40% since their troubles began. robin. >> not surprising, clayton, thank you very much. okay, michael, you have it. first day of schoolol i don't think it got quite the attention that prince george's first day of school received. >> absolutely not.
7:16 am
we to preschool wednesday. it was like he was born. momm ke snapped these pictures, look how adorable little man is heading to school to marark the milestone we all have those pictures of our fir day of school and abc's lama hasan has more. >> reporter: this morning, a royal milestone for prince george. his prproud mother, the duchess of cambridge marking theheoment by taking thehe adorable pictutures hersf. looking dapper in his buttoned up coat and backpack brimming with confidence, ready for his firs day at nursery scho. >> george's first dayf nursery apparently went very well. he enjoyed playing with the other children, apparently. >> bearing a striking resemblance to his father on his first day but there was no fanfare on george's first day. >> when prince william went to nursery there were huge crowds of media outside. his parents choosing a small local montessori school on a private road only ten miles from
7:17 am
queen's stallg sandringham este. the protective and private prince wanti his kids to have as private a life as possible carrying on the tradition from his mom, diana. >> y just want to pinch the cheeks. >> he gothe wave downearly. >>earned that in school, preschool. butut there's --- pnceeorge is not the oy prince making headlines. look at this video trending. apparently hesn't worried about followi tradition. he won't let anybody kiss his hand. he whips it bk if they try it. a lot of --eople don't know what is going on but they said that he is a very smart kid and might do that fling weird having generals kissing h hand out of respect for them. >> maybe he just doesn't -- maybe he's a germophobe.
7:18 am
through with the crew here. we'll practice that. >> oh, really. >> fonzie, you're up first. >> nice >> we already kissed the super bowl ring. thank you, michael. over to rob right now. look a these storms. yeah, this is snow justast of l.a.a. of the mountains up here gettg skunked the past couple ofyears. this is a two-hour drive from l.a. bi b bear getting two feet of snow. winter storm warnings posted for
7:19 am
saturday.this afternoon with an o opportunity at a rainin and sno mixture. this will transition completely over to snow tonight as colder air moves in. we can expxpect a brutally cold weekend with high temperatures barely making it into the double digits. snow totals around the ea cumulative from tonigig and tomorrow should be brief arctic blast is over for the northeast looking at temperatures well above the freezing mark for the next couple of days. >> all right. >> you did say briefment you did say brief. >> it's still winter. >>ing o. thank you, rob. coming upn "gma," a disgruntled groom behind a series of fires set at his friends' homes. the clue police found at the scene that made them think he was behin it. and from dirty jobs to b bk job, a lot of peoplehought this guy wanted for robbery was tv host mike we.
7:20 am
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vermillion, south dakota, has kicked off the new year showcasing hundreds of exhibitors representing thousands of agricultural products. one of the latest products being shown on the floor is the pivot guard. the device helps keep farmers' pivots from tipping over during a storm in which high winds occur. designer james frager says the feedback he's hearing is great. "the feedback we got here at the show today has been fantastic. people say i want that, you know i've lost three pivots last year, the year before that and we need to get this. it messes up their whole operation and they have loss that they can't recover." says digner james frager. jessica rae: the device costs around 20- thousand to 25- thousand dollars for installation and is only being made at big john manufacturing in osmond, nebraska. jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt: this morning we have cloud cover, fog, and drizzle. a system
7:26 am
this afternoon with an opportunity at a rain and snow mixture. this will transition completely over to snow tonight as colder air moves in. we can expect a brutally cold weekend with high temperatures barely making it into the double digits. snow totals around the area cumulative dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: hey. dad: the culligan man.
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culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: aulligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. jump aroundnd jump around >> per pecect song r this the most famous puddle in the world making a splash around the
7:28 am
tens of thousands of people tuning in to watch how people jumped aroundthis. >> i would have jumped around. >> what made it such a phenomenon? we've got the story behind it coming up. we got a lot else coming up. all eyes on the powerball. no jackpot winners overnight. jackpot now almost $700 miion. could go even higher. next big drawing is saturday. a lot of eyes on wall street, as well after stocks tanked in china overnightnd we'll be tracng it all day long. alsls this morning we'veve been -- "dirty jobs" sr mike rowe caught up in a bank job. people actually thought this robberas mike rowewe. well, he is here live. hehe's going to sethe record straight. he's dressed like throbberer again. wee going to talk to mike. >> he got a good sense of humor about it. we begin with a calornia man behind bars this morning for setting a string of fires targeting the groomsmen from his wedding and happened after his marriage fell apart and abc's gio benitez has the sty. >> reporter: goooomorning.
7:29 am
from jailenying the charges and suggesting he could have been set up. but police say the evidence shows he's the arsonist who nearly hurt all of hisormer friends. a groom who says he was scorned leading to a accusations after a bizarre ofroperty scorched. this morning 33-year-old joshua van buskirk is in a martinez, california, jail, after police say he confessed to an arson spre allegedly fueled by anger after his divorce,mong his targets, three of his own grgroomsmen. he's accused of throwing molotov cocktailsst their homes and cars, leaving behind a twied clue, joker cards just like in the batman movie. >> leas a calling card. >> reporteter: suspected arson one in october, a groomsmen's truck, gasoline poured on the hood and set fire, suspected arson two, december 23rd, another groomsmen's truck lit on fire.
7:30 am
fence catchin on fire, extinguished before reaching thehe house and that same night his friend's garage door set on fire, thankfly not rching the resest of the house with the wife a kids inside. > what really broke the case were the rds. >> reporter: van buskirk arrested christmas eve. police telling abc news he confessed to all of the arsons, in a jailhouse interview with fox station ktvu van buskirk ys he's innocent though he does say he was upset with his friends after his divorce. >> bececse within the lastt three to four months of going through all this turmoil in my life they haven't been there for me. >> reporter: police say they found plenty of evidence at his house and have the right joker in jail. >> i honestly believe if we didn't get him in custody that the other people on that list would have been victims of ararson, as well. >> reporter: and his ex-wife could not be rched for comment. but he faces four arson-related
7:31 am
police say he did admit to setttting the fires when he was arrested he'sow pleadinin not guilty held on a $2.1 million bail. meanwhile, those groomsmen all say we have no idea why we were targed. >> this is a strange on >> it really is. >> thanks gio. now to that north carina woman and her former fbi agent father charged with murdering her husband. she's now facing trial butot giving up the fight for her stepchildren. abc's linzie janis is here in the studio with that. >> good morning. lawyers for molly martens corbett say she and her father are not guilty of murder and deserves to be reunited with the children she has raised for the last eight years. this morning, even as molly martens corbett is out on bail charged with murdering her irish husband, she says she will keep fighting for custody of his two children from a previous marriage. 31-year-old martens corbett hasn't seen the kid whose biological mothedied nine
7:32 am
killed iide their north carolina home last august. within weeks of his death molly gave this emotional intererew after a a judge han them over to relatives in ireland. >> i justeed them to knoww that although we haven't gotten to see each other that i will never stop thinking about the and loving them. >> reporter: last summer martens corbett's father, a fmer fbi agent called 911 inn the middle of the night saying there was ang argument and he hit his son-in-law with a baseball bat. she and her father both charged this week with second dege murder and voluntary manslaughter are claiming self-defense. >> we're going to figt and i am confident we will show that any actions on her part and on her father's part were reasonable and were justified and were necessary. >> reporter: meanwhile, molly is desperate t see the kids. poing her heart outn facebook writing to the children now ages 9 and 11 almost daily, in the last week writing there are not words for how muc i
7:33 am
posting this happy new year card with a photo signed love, mom. and at the bottom of so many posts, leang her phone numr in hopes that they will be allowed to contact her. >> molly is the quintesseseial mother. every shape or form, she was and is their mother and deserves to be their mother again. >> reporter: at her house wednesday, jason corbett's relatives arriving with a court order to collect items belonging to the children. molly martens corbett and her father plan t plead not guilty due ba in court in february. she is appealing that decision to award custody to those relatives in ireland. >> very sad. all right, linzie, thank you. the man known for "d"dty jobs" confused for a bank robber. now mike rowe is joinings live with his take on that casee o mistaken identity. and tom brady is making headlines for what he's doing off the field. we're going to talk to the chef
7:34 am
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we're back now with a man whade "dirty jobs" famous linkeded to much different kind of job. host mike rowe is a dead ringer for a man who robbed an oregon bank. >> boy, you know what, fortunately he has a alibi and a great sense of humor about it. we'll talk to h live in a minute but first abc's kayna whitworth has the story. >> reporter: on cnn's "somebody's gotta do it," mike rowe has tackled every profession from bullfighter to blacksmith. even posing as a man on the run in an episode of "dirty jobs" but these surveillance photos are sparking rumors he may have pued his dirtiest job yet, bank robber after this man sporting shaggy brown hair and light-colored ball cap walked into a medford,oregon, chase bank armed with a gun and demanding cash. police released the imagesn
7:38 am
anyone could i.d. the crook and immediately got flooded with one possible suspect. mike rowe. >> we continue to get these tips about mike rowe, so we said, we e now looooking foror mike rowe thankso your tips. >> repter: cops even joking on fafacebook sayinin we issued an arrest warrant for mike rowe, just kidding. until the cnn host posted this photo withh an alibi, i was in kansas city and i can prove it. >> we're going to scratch him from our suspect list and move on to other individuals. >> bng on the run is exhausting. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitwoh, abc news, new york. >> we, joining us live here is the host of cnn's "somebody's gotta do it," mike rowe. mike, you have been suchh a greatat sport a a about this. you have -- you've done it all. you've had ever job imaginable. how did you find out people thought your next gig was a bank robber. >> prett much the same way i find out about erything these day, robin. walking through an airport looking aty mobile device and checking in on my facebooook page
7:39 am
people were saying hey, you should check out the medford police site because it sure looks like there's an all-points bulletin out f you. i looked at it and l laughed and said, the guys have a great sense of humor but i can't deny there is an uncannyy resemblance so i just fired off a quick little missive saying, hey, for what it's worth i'm in kansas, so be on the lookout for somemebody who shorter and less attractive. >> oh, less attractive. >> when you first saw that fake police warrant issued for you on facebo, for a second there did you wonder where you were at that time? >> no, honestly my first thought was i know what the next call is going to be and it was. it was my mother, just, ease, sayou didn't do it, michael. say y you didn't do it. you could have called us. there' so many things you could have done instead of this. >>id you reach out? >> that was my first thought. actually you know what is funny, i've been to medford andnd shot a couple off tam up there years ago at a junk yard i i think back in 2006 and i'm thinking, this
7:40 am
thers so many weird connections between me and law enforcement and "dirty jobs" and this is just -- this is just one more. >> wasn't there an inmate too who has your name or something >> so, i was sued by an inmate noror dota whose name is mike rowe and he was upset onn some sort of trumped up copyright chargecause he was getting hard time in jail beuse of "dirty jobs." and then there's a cop also in oregon in a little town called averton who is the pio up ther the publi information officer. his name is mike rowe so whenever he reports on a local crime it popsp in google alerts and everybody thinks i'm somehow involved i in crime in beaverton and now there's a guy in medford who looks like mike rowe but isn't mike rowe. it's veryy nfusing. >> i mean, speaking of "dirty jobs," on one episode of "dirty jobs" you did run from the cops. you were on the lam, that was part of the show but how was that?
7:41 am
>> well, yeah, you know, i mean you're an athlete. i'm not. i was 45. we put a couple of gopros on some bloodhounds in the course of talking about what feels like to be chased through the woods. it was kind of a goofy thing but i'm dressed up in siped pajamas running. >> but as you said you are not the b bank robber and we should look for somebody who looks like you but less attractive than you. >> clearly they got the wrong guy,robin. >> they do. as always -- >> i don't see the resemblance. >> a great sport as always. good to check in with you. >> thank you, mi. coming up, it's the puddle making a huge splash around the worl and sara haines is outside with that. >> all about this magical puddle in northern england and get in on the action with my own puddle. look how captivated theseeople are with m m puddle. me on, guys. it's awesome, isn't it?
7:42 am
we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on theindow? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see.
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7:44 am
announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation ofp to thr feet. roads will be shut down i indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red.
7:45 am
jump around >> we aree back now with that puddle seen aroround the world. half million tuning to watch a live stream of people across the pond trying to cross what seemed like a pond, a giant puddle. abc's sara haines is here with more on this phenomenon.
7:46 am
>> exacy, lara. anyone that kws me knows i love periscoping and o the best day ever i mightht have peeked out at 4,000 and rounding but little did i know the magic might have just been in a puddle. it's the periscope puddle making a social media splash. the internet cze on this viral sensation trending number two worldwide. over 500,000 viewers captivated by a live stream of people attempting to cross a puddle in northern england. from leapers and jumpers to climrs and swimmers. puddle watchers everywhere were tread to six hours of man versus nate. 2 2 2016 olympic event,t, wrote one viewer. i love this said other. there was a ton of pondering, climbing, cycling, using the lamppost as leverage, forging
7:47 am
is a surfboard and for the win, this man putting up a caution, wet floor sign for his flow puddle pedestrians. >> now, if you're wondering how this started, it started with a bunch oco-workers at a marketing company sitting there and watching and thought it was azing, so they decided to roll on it and, bam, it was a riscopop heard around the world and we c cated our own puddle and people are captivated by it. amazing. >> like a yule log. >> want to p/jnt out t that we are
7:48 am
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7:51 am
for the lower valley of memphis you'll crest friday and saturday with more rain coming your way.
7:52 am
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station orconvenience store yesterday... turned out... all in the hos of hitting it big. nats "whhh hoo you're a winner" continued d vo... that's because of the powerball jackpot... sales made last night's jackpot tterery prize lottery officials will be about 300 after taxes. the largrgest all- time jackpot is a 656 million dollar mega millions, won in march of 20-12. elizabeth smith -- sioux city resident "i don't think i would, ball is high right now i think that's the reas i bought it tickets." winnerer... could be broken when the next set drawn. jessica for the weather. this morning we have and drizzle. a system approaches later this afternoononith rain and snow transition completely over to snow tonight as
7:54 am
brutally cold weekend with high temperatures barely making it into the double digits. s snow totals around the tomorrow should be reported between 1 and 3 inches. jessica e: good morning we'vgot a quick
7:55 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. tom brady making news for what he's doing off the field. the chef behind the superstar's hihily restrictive diet reveals bry's real ks to winnnning. is it healthy and could you do it? dr. jen ashton is here live. only on "gma," the cnn news anchor and her husband caughtn a deadly shoot-out inheir hotel room speaking out for the first time on live tv about the details of their harrowing night when an armed robber burst into their room. go b big or go home ellen steals the showw at the people's choice awards with a hilarious and heart felt ment on stage. >> i cl myself the mother teresa of talk shows, the dalai lamamaf daytime. no, but i'm sure someone out there has. >> wait till you see her little gift for the audience. ang bang wwe slamming into times
7:56 am
the bella twins and champ roman reins and in fighting shape as we say -- >> gd morning, ameri. mwahah good morning, everyone. we're calling an auaudible. miael, what do you got for us. >> don look at me like. >> i'm not. this is called the texas southern chili, everybody. >> you went to tsu. >> i went to texas southern and so good that robin was eating during a c commercia break because she can't hold back on it. cubed chuck beefsteak, bacon, beer, doss equis that gets cooked off, cocoa powdwder, coffee and cinnamon. those are the secrets -- >> you can taste the cinnamon, it's good. >> lookk who's here.
7:57 am
>> this looks deliciou >> chili but no beans, real texas chili doesn't have beans. >> it's a different consistency than regular chili with big chunks. >> it's built like me and then i have cornbread too. added a side dish.. has jalapeno and cheddar cheese. >> i see you cook it in a cast iron pan. >> i've been up morning. you don't know -- >> honey, i i know. >> yesterday when you did your nachos, you said, strahan, bring it. i brought it. >> you did bring it. >> when you bring it, you bring it. later we'll put you up on the scoreboard there because you see, you know, you're in great company here. >> i am in first p place at the moment. >> side dish. appetize sfler nachohos are n a a side dish.
7:58 am
>> throw it down right there. let's get the morning rundown from ryan smith. >> good morning, guys. we beginin with breaking news from ris, police have shot a man armed with a knife outside of a police station. there were concerns he may he been waring an explosives vest and abc's alex marquardrdts on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, ryan. this area has now been cordoned off. there is heavy pice presence. you can see officers back there, guns drawn, at the ready. at police station thatt the man tried to attack is just a short distance that way. we understand that he had a knife and shout eded god is great explosives vest. french media reporting tt that vest was fake. today is the fst anniversary of the massacre of "charlie hebdo." this is a city that has relatively gotte back to normal afterho attacks in d-november that left 130 people dead but it is still very. a city on edge. ryan. >> alex, thank you. also breaking overnight an attack on isis on this oil facility in libya.
7:59 am
storage tanks, at least ten people have beenkilled. update on the emergency rescue operation under way at a salt mine in upstate new york. the deepest salt mine in the country. 17 employees of the mine outside of ithaca got stuck in an elevator nearly 80 stories underground of a crane was brought in and rescuers have been i in radio contact with the ners. most have been rescued and thankfully everyone is said to be se. new worries on wall street after more troubling news about stocks overnight. for the second time this week, china had to suspend straighting on its main stock exchange as the shanghai index dropped more than 7% and investors at home and around the world a are worried about their economy slowing down and falling oil prices. california is bracing for yet another day of drenching rain. more than 6 inches have fallen in some parts of california this week triggering floods and mudslides. hundreds of homes are in danger and, frankly, another storm is comi its wayay saturday. and you've likely heard by now nobody won last night's powerball jackpot.
8:00 am
all that prize money, now rolls into saturday'sackpot which is already y eimated $67575 millio the largest jackpot ever. that sounds good but if ticket sales continue to soar, could it be $750 million. that sounds better. scare ostage at the people's choice awards. the host of "the talk" were in the middle of their acceptancee speech. this guy walks up, random guy, rushes, grabs the mike, look at sheryl, huh-uh. boom. sharon osborne not messing around kicking this guy off the stage literall look at thee way they're looking at him, guys. you betteret off that stage. more of the big show coming up in "pop news" but, guys, i have to think the last thing you wan to do is come up and try to talk over people who have a show caed "the talk." >> yeah. >> that's a good point, ryan. that movey sharon. okay, we'll talk about diet. we have the nerve to talk about diets with the way we've been
8:01 am
it's a diet everyone is talking ababout. tom brady and giselel bundchen's plan. their personal chef revealing hisenu for the pair. we'll take a look. from the gridiron. >> g. tom. >> to the red carpet. quarterback tom brady and hisis surmodel wife giselle b bundchen are one of hollywood's most glamorous couples. now their private chef allan campbell revealing to their powerhouse diet. >> they're anyone for having some of the hottest bodies on the planet but it sounds like their diet isn't that exciting. >> campbell tellingng 80% of their diet vegetables and whole grains like brown rice, quinoa and bean, the other 20% is lean meat, grass fed organic steak, chicken, wild d salmon a occasionally duck. giselle posting pictures of her healthy diet on instagram seen here eating a vegetable soup. her daughter vivian digging i into
8:02 am
and tom making breakfast with the kids with the #healthypancakes so what foods are totally off-limits? campbell says no white sugar, no white flour, nomsms i'll use raw olive oil but i never cook with olive oil. i only cook with coconut oil. fats like canola oil turn into trans fats. i use himalayan pink salt as the sodium. never use iodized salt. >> they also d don't consume very commonly eaten things like caffeine, dairy, white flour, they avoid a of those.e. this diet, of course, sounds very strict but that's what keeps tom at the top of his game the nfl and gisele e e of the most sought after models s the world. > obviously it is working for both of them. breaking it down for us, the power couple's diet, dr. jen ashton backy popular demand? thank you. >> 80% plant babased. >> yes. >> pros and cons with that.
8:03 am
healthy way to eat a and getet a lot of vitamins and minerals. hardly any processed or pkaged food. a great way to eat. >> also talked about the chef avoiding foods that cause acac. >> the alkaline diet. acidity is so controversial. all the celebrities are talking abou it. ph bance. there is not a lot of great data that supports that while we eat changes the ph of our blood because our lungs and kidney does that. it does change the ph of our urine and there is some date that that if you eat alkaline foods or foods also high in potassium it canan improve muscle mass and growth hormone production and decrease back pain, all things that they might want. >>exacacy. okay, now you made me feel bet he better. he avoids night shade foods >> that's wha great about our jobs. we're learning all the time.
8:04 am
2,000 plants, some have been attributed to actually cause inflamtion, some thought to decrease inflammation. it's a double-edged 1w0rd because these are apparently what they avoid because there have beenn some da that show that they can add to inflammation but, again, we know tomatoes, high in lycopene so it's a catch-22 but obviously it's working for them. >> eggplant. peppers. mushrooms. >> okay. >> to each his owown. this is a very, very individual thing d, look, in general they're eatg great and it shows. >> it is and jenill take your questions throughou the morning. tweet her @drjashton or post them togma's" facebook page. michael, what else is coming up? >> we have a lot coming up re on the "gma morning menu" our exclusive with the former cnn news anchor and her husband whwh survived a deadly motel shooting. this ale joioin us live. the strangers who met through a liver donation then fell for each other and now
8:05 am
plus, wwe world heavyweight champ roman r reins isere and he brought his belt and challenged me to wrestle for it but i told him he could keep it. the wwe divas, nikki and brie bella. l of that is live on "gma." "gma's morning menu" monopoly brought tooou by new multivitamin you enjoy like a a mint. why settle on taste? jane thought. that's why jane loves light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. bursting with rich creamy awesomeness and 12 grams of protein. all for 80 calories. no settling here. what else does jane love? that you could win a fitbit flex from light & fit. learn more on specially marked packs. light & fit.
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meet marvin. marvin thinks you have to be a brainiac to do your own taxes. so we brought in world-renowned brainiac, doctor s. james gates junior, to help him get started. marvin. you got a w-2. uh, yeah. i do. you got a finger. yes. ke the finger and press it rht here. [camera shutter] yay, you got it. yeah. intuit turbo taxax taxes donenemarter. welcome back, everybody too "good morning america." now, an exclusive with former cnn headline news anchor lynne russell and her husband chuck de caro speaking out for the first
8:10 am
deadly shoot-out in their motel room. here is a look back at that terrifying incident. june 30th, 2015, the day former n headline newew ancho lne russell -- evening. >> and former cnn investigative reporter chuck de caro -- >> splies had toeach northernmost positions. >> reporter: went from reporting the news to becoming it. >> breaking news. >> former cnn anchor. >> deay shoot-out. >> caught in a real-life shoot-out with a armed robber wh forced himself into their room at this motel. surveillance video capturing the horrifyiying ordealal on camera. >> he gave me a good shove and i was airborn and into the room. about thaha timey husband came out o o the shower and found his wife being held at gunpoint. >> reporter: both russell and de caro hold a concealeded carry license and russell handed her personal handgun to her husband
8:11 am
caro fired back staving his wife's fe. the alleged robber, 27-year-old tomorio walton was killed in the gunfight. the alleged accomplice skyy barrrs pleaded guilty to kidnappi, aggravateaggravatedburg lalary and thanked the first responders who helped save his life. >> the response from this city that helped me in every way was just seamless and perfect. >>nd right now we want to weome lynne russell and chuck de caro to "good morningng america." thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> i know you had a real reacacon when you saw that picture. >> yes, i did. course, of course. this has been a very emotional thing.
8:12 am
have to defend yourself and you do, you don't just walk away from it. the whole rest of your life is changed. it just always . >> you were saying chuck is your hero. >> he is my hero. he absolutely is. couldn't have been in better hands. >> didn't have anything to do with being a hero.. it had to do with a promi i made when i marriri her after chasing her for 30 years, i take that partt about have inging better or worse very seriously. i dongt think itt could get any worse than it did that evening. >> you said you believed wholeheartedly that lynne was about to be raped. >> i came out of the shower naked soaking wet shaking from the air-conditioning looking for a towel and here's my wife flying backwards through the air lands facep on the bedith this desperado pointnting a gun at her and i came out and said, what the hl is going on here?
8:13 am
it went from there. unfortunatelyur weapons that were legally entitled to carry were on a bed table so i got between his line of sight and that, lynne was smart enough and brave enough to understand what i was doing and slid those weapons into her purse and said, maybe there's somhing in here he would like. >> and you b bh are very tough, lynne, you're a black belt twice. two time black bell and i kno you also i believe trained special forces. no, i was just a simple soldier in a special forces group. nothing magic. >> i see, lynne, that you a getting very emotional here. >> you know, i've neveverried on the air before but it's -- it doesn't go away and when we talk about that night i think about watching him and he was just out ofhe shower, you know.
8:14 am
watching him be shot, your husband, shot, he turns to you and he says he hitit me, i'm shot. >> shot three time. >> three types and this is after th of themmptied their guns and, you know, sometimes the muzzles were only this far apart. i could see -- i could s the fire coming out of them a when he said that to me, i thought, it's impossible because to me nothing like that could ever happen to him. you know. and i just -- i think about it and it doesn't go away and i thinko myself, i don't want another woman to have to go through watching her husband be shot, i don't want another woman to have to, you know, lie on a cot in a really cold -- sorry. this is what happens -- room in an icu. >> while he is -- tomorrow another operation for you, chuck. >> operation number four. >> don't want that again. you know, ion't wantt -- to
8:15 am
be stuck in an icu room and listen to the sound of ten people workiking onn a loved one. >> it's important for us -- of course, you don't and i know that you guys are suing motel 6. we did reach out to them about this. we did not hear back from them. what can you tell us about this lawsuit and what do you hope to get out of it? >> first thing is why were we ther that's why we were there. >> that's our family. >> it was o mily. >> you, t t dog -- >> dog friend. . >> very dog friendnd >> traveling cross country. >> oliliver was very war. >> on our way to a war game in california i ended up leading from my hospital bed. it was t dog. that was the only reason we were there in needed a couple of hours' sleep. the dog needed some care. >>ere's the point. i don't think -- for whatever reason the people there, people go tootel 6s and other hotels and motels. their choice for all kinds of reasons. i just don't think and this is
8:16 am
sitting in his room watching all of this and began to do my own research i discovered that this s not an isolated kind of incident and i don't think that a person, a family should have to substitute, should haveo sacrifice security for a room that is safe, a place to stay, place to spend the night in a name brand hotel anywhere for any reason. >> and we have to wrap. i know you want people to know a couple of things that they can learn. >> very quickly. ask three questiti, if we e d asked these questions we wouldn't have beenenthere. what is therime rate at this hotel. how many types have the cops been calalled in the past year. five year, you pick it, right. a thousand times for us, it was over a thousand times, that was the answer. are there security cameras at thislace and are they monitored in realtime right here because if somebody had monitored those cameras, all the video that you guys see of us being assaulted thatould have stopped it right away. the third question is are there guards and are the guards actual -- how many of themm do
8:17 am
hours on a saturday morning doesn't help you if you're there for a witness night. so the traveling public, don't be afraid to askhese questions and if enough of us do and we don't top then somebody's going to have to address it. >> thank you. thank you, i think those are important questions to ask. i appreciate that. and, chuck, we're thinking about you and good luck in your operationtomorrow. thank y you bh for being with us. thankyou. >> we do have to get outside to rob. >> all ght, lara, let's do it. time for wwe weather. round one. yes. i've got a doublee dose of divas here, nikik and briee bella.a. special themed forecast. brie, get us started. >> let's start withwin falalls, idaho, today it is supposed to be 37 degrees with some snow and speaking of snow, it looks like in sister, oregon, there will be a lot of snow. >> good rodeo there, nikki, what do you got. >> looks like another rainy day for bella, california. >> beautiful.
8:18 am
have sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-60s, rob. >> perfect. beauty, brains and this afternoon with an o opportunity at a rainin and sno completely over to colder air moves in. we can expxpect a brutally cold weekend with high temperatures barely making it into the double digits. snow totals around the area cumulative om tonight and tomorrow should be robin, i'm happy it's cold out here. back inside to you. >> i'm sure your wifis too. come inside, won't you. because it's "pop news" time. we begin with ellen degeneres and her hilarious and heartfelt
8:19 am
acceptinger award from fellow winner and dear friend melissa mccarthy. >> and, melissa, thanknk you. yeah, i love you andnd what wonderful things you saidid. you forgot gorgeous but that's okay. >> ellen went on to say it is really simple. be nice. that was the goal for her talk show. mostly >> i just set out really just to make people happy and make peopleaugh and t get very, very rich, and, um -- >> it was an amazing speech. she did a great, great job. ngratulations to her. >> you cannot wch her show and not feel good. >> absolutely. >> you a a happy when you watch her show. >> from start to finish and she's been doing it a long time now. she has set the bar. we deserved. up next in "pop news," proof that nothing can come between a football fanatic and her favorite team. a dad in australia has it bad
8:20 am
he suggested the name la necessarstraw nestra. the mom wrote to a magazine saying why it was so ique. it wasn't until she was two years old thth dad admitted to mom his idea for the name lanesra is actuay arsenal spelled backyards. his favorite socr team. got away with it for two years. thankfully lanesra is a beautiful name. >> i think that's funny. working on espn the were some children named espn. >> not quite lanesra. finally in science ne, george, the unusually mild winteras caused flowers to bloom early, trees to blossom d squirrels to put on a few w pounds. pictur of rotund rhodens have been sweeping social media with captions like, guys, i found the fattest squirrel, #fatsquirrel and this one, ds this gray
8:21 am
and there's this guy. who decided to supersize it. if you could take down that thing, you can see he took a whole avocado, forget the acorns, people, i'm going with an avocado. scientists say itt makes sense the warm weather is giving the guys moreime toollect their nuts and apparently they're not very good ataiting for the cold weather. >> that's why you were asking about the song. >> which, by the way, jimmy kimmel we believe is your favorite song. rain >> squirrel trying to get a nut. >> telling us winter is coming. >> we'll be back.
8:22 am
david hoffman has been found... and is in critical condition at a nebraska hospital. according to the a-b-c station in omaha... federal and tribal authoritieies weretrying to take david hoffman to custody on the santee reservation when hehehot himself. the 25-year-old was wanted for disarming a police officer... pointing the gun at the officicer andndthen fleng. hoffman was previously facing charges for rglary and theft. no law enforcement ofcers were injured in theincident. jessica let's check in with f the weather. matt:this morning wehave cloud cover, fog, and drizzle. a system approaches later this afternoon with an opportunity at a raiain and snow mixtur this will transitionon completely over to snow tonight as colder air moves in. we can expect a
8:23 am
weekend with high temperatures barely making it into the double digits. snow totals around the areaea cumulative from tonight and tomorrow s should be
8:24 am
rock with you all night
8:25 am
now. michael jackson's "rk with you." >> i love this song. >> incredible 1979 album "off the wall." we have some young college students that are going, what, what. it was big back in the day, people. >> it was. >> there's an annououncementbout this. >> yeah, there is. >> in fact, i have it, robin. on february 26th. michael jackson's estate will releasasa special cd and dvd package of ff the wall" tha will include a new documentaryry by none other than spike lee called "micichael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall." i know a lot of fans will be excited about that. >> i know. we can ride the boogie >> there you go. >> they nevever join when you want. >> i'm sorry, rob. >> still have that album. >> you do? >> still have the -- >> vinyl is cing back. vinyl is coming back. >> that's worth it. >> priceless to me. >> that'right.
8:26 am
priceless. >> it is. wwe superstars here. theltimate diva, the bella twins, there they are and wwe world heavyweight champ roman reigns ramping up r audience. teaches them tricks. sharing theirecrets to staying fit coming up but to michael for "deals & steals."" i want to see you smile thanks, guys. the new year's rolutions are on everyone's mind. stil on myy mind and tory johnson is here with great "deals & steals" to help us keep them. i need all the help i can get. >> i think you're doing all right. >> what do we have. >> help for the rest of us. first up from this great company, fit and fresh what i love about these, lunch boxes that come with all kinds of little containers inside so there's portion control. you savave money by bringing your own lunch to work. there's oling packs inside, sort of just everything in one easy kit for you. an amazing deal and big assortmeme to choose fromom. normally $ $ to $50 everything
8:27 am
today slashed in half to 15 to 25 plus free shipping from fit & fresh. >> i like thatortion control. >> good too. absolutely. th is the app sync smart bathroom scale. what'sreat is you can choose to use it by yoursel and sync with the app to tck your progress. all kinds of things beyond weight it will measure depending on how interested you are in all of the kind of specificsith fitness. three colors to choose from, a really good deal. 17.50. >> wow. 17.50 that does all that, wow. >> this is a great one. you and i were talking about this. this is the basis peak fitness tracker. a watch and fitness tracker all in one. you can text, e-mail, take your call, do all of that on there or you can also use it for all of fitness. it can detect whether you are walking, running, biking,
8:28 am
sleep benefit, as well. it's goteally -- it's so row but. "consumer records" said it got the highest rating for ease of use. for someone that doesn't want all the difficulties, that's a good one. formally $199. slashed by 52%, $95 a free shipping. >> great deals. so keeping with the movevement, these are the freshie buds. bluetooth buds. that he are great because they're waterproof s if y are sweating, when you're working out, if you're movg around, the cords aren't g going toet tangled up. three different colors to choose from. also, normally $100 these are expensive. but today onlyly, slashed by72%, $28 and free shipping and free shipping. >> wow. >> good night sleep is important. so these are f from cool gyms. super soft.
8:29 am
types faster than cotttt. big assortment for pen and women, separates, all kinds of pieces to choose from depending on sort of your sleep style, big discount on these. normally starting at $36, erything today from the big assortment is slashed inalf so starting at $18. good deal, right? >> you kidding me. i'm already on top of my new ar's steps. thanks to these companies for these great deals. thank you. >> thank you. >> lara, over to you. >> thanks, michael. so, of course amy's adventure in iceland tookur breath away. got such a great response from so manyf you but a lot of questions did happen so joining us to help ansr some of them climate expert bern net woods placky, the chief meteorologist at climate central and a fellow penn state graduate so we know she knows her stuff. >> we are. i was asking before, i was joking in "pop news" about the fat cares and said does that worry you, you said honestly yes becacause the ecosystem is out of balance. >> it is.
8:30 am
climatatchange and we'rere going to get into a lot of that right now. >> we have a lot off questions, i know my kids had questioned and we've got questions from some of our viewers. and i want to start with this one. sheryl on twitttter say with allll e ice water going into t ocean how is it that ocean temperatures are rising? >> well, that's an interesting questition. but take a glass of water, for example, when you first put the ice in,, it does get colder but over time that ice melts and the water warms, that's the same thinghat's happening. our whole earth system i connected and the more greenhouse g ges like carbon dioxide from bring of oil, gas and coalal we're warming our system more and more so eventually over time the ice will melt because temperatures are going up and then the whole earth all of the water continues to warm. >> really scary. rodney on twitter says are gliers growing in other parts melting. >> they're melting and retreating but i want to get into the difference between land ic and sea ice here because i thk maybe wre this is coming
8:31 am
growing sea ice in the antarctic. now, in the arctic it's melting like crazy. but lan ice is different than sea ice, glaciers are land ice. so wre putting more ice and more water into the ocean whehen they melt. again, that glass of water, when you put more in -- >> people live on the coastline should be panicking and moving inland. >> they should be staying it seriously. we never want panic but we need to take it seriously. there are ways we can solve itit. >> can you give us a couple of quick tips we can takeway and startoing today? >> we neeee small things but we need big things. so the big transition away f fromm carbon d dxide and fossil fuel is impornt because it has big impacts but also on a local scale learn how the little ings play a part. how we can recycle more, what else we can do. stop using as much plastic boles and our bags and one thing that always gets me too i'm the fir one for a good cup
8:32 am
>> i want to get a couple of video questions. here's little leila. take a look. >> really want the polar bears to have food to eat so that they won't be hurting. i don't know how to fix it and i really want to. >> leila -- >> cry. >> leila, you're not the only one. a lot of people are wororking on this issue. it is a serious one, serious impacts but there are ways we can fixix it if we all work together for this. >> okay. and then one more q queion from a concerned kid about conserving energy. take a look. >> hi, i'm charles fromtexas. if i always turn out the light what other way can i conserve energy? >> that's great. that's a great thing. the more youan conserve energy and reduce your impact on the planet, the more you're goingo help everything and that's all resources, energy,ou know, turn down the temperature a little bit from your heat and
8:33 am
when it's your air-conditioning, turn down or excuse me, turn up the temperature from your air-conditioning. also get on your feet.. walk somewhere. take a bike somewhere. you don't always have to get in a car. home gardening is a great solution to a lot of issues and it's healthier and you save money. >> soittle things really do matter. thank you to all of our kids and everybody asking questions and thank you, my fellow penn ater. . >> we are. >> appreciate it. amy is on her way back now. can't wait to have her back tomorrow. right now let's go upstairs to rob. >> all right, lara, everybody do their part. tu off the lights, a little recycling and time for wwe weather round two. [ [ bell dings [. >> the forecast, wwe heavyweight roman raines an the bella twins have been laying down smackdown on the weather. help me out. >> let's start with ring hill, washington, where it wi be cloudy in the washington. over in champ, missououri. >> you are the champ.
8:34 am
it's a rainy day but the weather looks perfect in roman, >> roman, virginia. >> we're doing good in roman. point. approaches later this afternoon with opportunity at a rain and snow >> this weather report brought to you by ashle furniture. roroman raines, no r relation to guy. >> no, no. >> much bigger. what d you got there? >> rob -- >> all: man, roman. >> t these people going crazy. i want to sw you a magic trick. you look great today but you're missing one thing. poof. >> come on. >> look at that. would you look at that? >> i love it. >> guys. >> i canan't fight butara this
8:35 am
>> the way he' standing. i was just noting with robin the way rob was standing with that belt. more coming up wit the wwe superstars, the bellawiwins and man reigns with us live and we are going to reveal their
8:36 am
smackdowown.tt2wat^(@%4 bt@q9ott2wat^(@%4 "a)c4 tt2wat^(@%4 bm@q"h8 tt4wat^(@%4 " dztq l
8:37 am
the wwe on "gma." first up, wwe world heavyweight champ roman reigns. and please welcome wwe diva, the bella twins. [ cheers and applause ] >> big day here at "gma"." roman, nikki and brie saying hello to their fan ss. oh, my gosh. the fans love you guys. i have to say congraratulation how does it feel to have that belt? >> it feels really good. that's an understatement. i've chased it for so long. it feeeels lik a a full year and to finally have itn my possession in my hands, it's the greatest feeling ever and i hatate to sound cheesy but dreams do come te. >> oh.
8:38 am
[ applause ] year. it happens. 's a twin thing. >> diva, you brought your longme john cena a -- >> longtime love. >> yeah. >> i didn't know that. >> oh, yeah, 3 1/2 years almost. >> oh, my gosh. that i a great-looking couple. >> oh, thank you. i did not know that. so lovely. >> he is amazing. >> the couple that wrestles together stays together. >> that's rit. >> i l like that. that could save a lot of marriages right there. >> yeah. >> you're on to something. >> aside from that you've hadn injury. >> yeah. >> so when are you getting back in the ring. >> i'm hopin sooner than laterer working with azing doctors so first my health is the most important and then second most important is gettiti back in that ring and hopefully g g gting the diva's championship.
8:39 am
>> brie, ultimate team of what's it like without your sister? >> it's been hard because team bella. i know, right. it is weird. i will admit whe i'm walking out of that curtain not to he her next to me it's sad but at the same time -- >> it's business. >> and it is my time to she. >> hey, now, don't get -- >> now. [ cheers and applause ] >> screaming diva but you also are in fantastic shape but i know you broughtithh you some great tips for fit it is for our viewers and us. would you mind shareing. >> should i go first? >> diva of the year. >> diva of the year, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] so what i like to stick to is six days of the week i do no starch, no sugar, no dai and on that seventh day i go insane. i start with doughnuts end the night with burgers and fries. it's like a full d of fun but it's kept me in amazing shape.
8:40 am
also love -- i'm a sweet tooth person. i love sugar so during those six days if i absolutely need sugar i like to get super dark chocolate bar, anything that's 98% cacao and take a little bite of it because it's kind of bitter. cures that sweet tooth. >> teeny indulgence like a little chip off. >> a tip from each of you. mine is i'm always on the road so i nee healthy snacks constantly so my whole foods coolero i goo there when i get into town, i get, you know, the veggie trays, i'll get my snack peas and conbucha. fermented cheese. >> obsessed. >> natural caffeine. >> what's your go too food. >> it's not cobucha. i'veeen training through football, baseball, basketball, that type of thing but for me it's to switch it up. kekeep it new. you know, trick your body is the key. you know, if you're not getting
8:41 am
switch it up and a also for me i have a huge goal to live as long as i can, to, you know -- >> live healthy. >> i want to live as long as i can. >> i love it. you have great energy and look fantastic. congratulation, congratulations and would y you g get bk in the ring soon? >> yes. >> guy, wwe smackdown moves to its new home thursda nights on usa network, the big premiere is tonight. coming up our ultimate tailgate challenge. george is up. we're eating again. guys, don't watch because we're not listening to anything you just taught us. where did michael go?
8:42 am
yeah. you see whereichael is on the boar he is tied with lara from yesterday, nachos. i cannot believe -- my waistline can believe it's day four.
8:43 am
>> it's my turn. i'm reready. let's do it. there it is, barbecued blitz brisket. now, here's what's going on here. >> are you going t to show usus. >> i'll show you in a second. here is what it is. this is it and this is in hor of all the underdogs this weekend. >> i lo of ha. >> houston, cincinnati, minnesota, washington, all at home, all underdogs, this is for them. because i'm clearly the underdog in this room. look a at this. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> this is really great. this is great. this is what it's going to look like when it's done, bubbly and hot. take a a brisket. put in the hot 500 degree, brown it on both sides, take it out and take anything you want really for the sauce, ketchup, vinegar, molasses, worcestershire,ot sauce, all kind of spices. >> do you measure? ? no, i just throw all stuff in with onions and garlic and put it away in the oven long and slow, 350, four, five hour, let it go and this is what happens? >> when does the slaw come in.
8:44 am
pot. exactly right. these pieces are too big. >> the competition. if i could only get it up there. >> right on there. meat. >> that's for me, robin. top. >> slaw on top is good. >> so just put it on top there. >> are you guysoing to try it. >> i'm in. >> thank you very much. >> i'm going too it. >> whoa. >> whoa. >> my goodness. >> you're going to break all your diets. you. >> we'll make it our cheat day. >> all right. >> sould we grab our plate. >> come on, grab and join. say. coetition. >> yes. >> we're competitive over here. i've got to rate them. i don't know. i don't kn, george. i don know -- >> did y take -- >> it's hard to take a bite when you're -
8:45 am
>> it's pretty amazing. >> i would -- and it trulyly is tailgating food. >> make it the day before. >> this is really good. >> you got a 7 or 8 down here. >> all right. >> this is really good, george. >> this is really good. >> what do you think? >> well, i love barbecue. he's a vegetarian. >> haven't said a word. >>ome on. come on. >> i'llust have hers, as well. >> i actually think, i'm not kidding, i think we have a three-way tie. i think right now we've got a home. who's the real winner? we want to u vote at goodmorningagamerica.c on yahoo! little game, game on monday. alababama and clemson face off, the college football playoff national championship game. on espn.
8:46 am
[ cheers and applause ] "good morning america" is brought to you by intuit turbotax. taxes done smart sfler thankso the wwe on "gma." we'll have a vegan option. >> yes. >> who is going to bring ts home? up to you. >> that was a tight race right there. >> looks like a "t." >> rob, yours was really great too.
8:47 am
>> have a great day.strongest bans in the nation and now they're taking things a step further. state of south dakokota banned the sioux city police department from electronically accessing their driver registration data for the use of speed camera citations. the city was once able to electronicly access that information... to locate the addresses of south dakota drivers who are caught on speed cameras. "so today's move is to close a loop ho sohat they don't
8:48 am
information in a way that the legislation has ohibited the state from sharing it for," said matt konenkamp, policy advisor to governor daugaard. "basically we've lost one tooln our tool bag," said vondrak. sioux city police can still obtain south dakota driver information... but t now ththeyl have to call a dispatch office instead. jessica let's check in with for the weher. matt: this morning we have cloud cover, fog, and izzle. a system approaches later this afternoon with an opportunity at a rain and snow mixture. this will transition completely over to snow tonht as colder air moves in.
8:49 am
weekend with high temperatures barely
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