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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CST

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>> will be rolling into work instead, but dreams die hard. >> i've got the winning ticket right here. >> and i think i'm that one. i'm the lucky guy. >> how long will the lines get this time around? also breaking overnight, the drug lord and the actor. crazier than any movie plot. the shocking meeting between el chapo, the world's most wanted drug kingpin, and sean penn, the oscar-winning movie star, their dinner deep in the mexican jungle. what the drug lord told penn and the question this morning, could penn get in trouble, this as we learn more about el chapo's frantic efforts to escape capture. that trip through the sewer and now his fight against being brought to face justice here in america. hey, good morning. we are a nation of broken hearts and ripped up worthless powerball tickets. >> dan, i got to tell you, we
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>> we weren't close? >> like we got one number maybe on one ticket. across america the tickets were selling like hotcakes, so much so that in many states all-time sales records were just obliterated. >> and now with no winner in the saturday night drawing and the next drawing coming up on wednesday, it looks like we might be headed toward a new world record. the jackpot now expected to grow to $1.3 billion. that's a global first. >> all right. who wants to be a billionaire, right? and check this out. most powerball signs don't even have the adequate amount of numbers to display the potential size of this new jackpot. abc's t.j. holmes kicking off our coverage this morning. hey, t.j. >> reporter: it's sunday so let's kick this thing off and sum it off with a lilttle scripture. weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. everybody sad they didn't win but you woke up to realize no one else won either. you lost your chance last night but you have a chance at 1.3 billion on wednesday
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the question had been, could we actually get to a billion? the question now, just how can it go? >> your winning powerball -- >> reporter: that powerball number 13 proving itself quite unlucky. despite all the odds, nobody won the record $949 million jackpot and people went through everything to get a chance. some stood in the rain for hours at this california store which has crowned at least four millionaires in the past. >> i'm just going to take a trip around the world. >> reporter: some headed to this wisconsin gas station where last year just two weeks apart, two different million dollar winners bought their tickets. >> people who don't usually play are picking up tickets. >> reporter: and the staff of cover my meds in ohio even poed together $1500 worth of tickets. >> we have the luckiest man in the u.s. on our side. >> reporter: trying to tap into an extremely lucky colleague. nick potts has hit it big in horse racing, vegas, and, yep, even on "the price is right." why not powerball?
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even though the probability of there being no winner last night was just 22%. >> it would be really, really unlikely if we didn't have a winner on wednesday. so 94% of the time somebody is going to win. >> reporter: that's right. we have crossed out of the millions territory. >> a million dollars isn't cool. you know what's cool. >> a billion dollars. >> reporter: the jackpot is increases to at least $1.3 billion for wednesday's drawing. all right. so wednesday each time this thing rolls over what happens is that the chance of there being a winner goes up. but your chances still stay the same, 1 in 292 million. so just with more people playing, there are more chances that number combination is going to be out there, so your chances are not increasing. everybody, calm down. remember, folks, this was perfectly orchestrated by lottery officials, what we're seeing right now, the reason they changed the odds, took some of the powerballs out make it harder to win the jackpot, and that is what's happened. this is what they wanted to get everybody into it. the media is talking about it. and you get -- it's all about money.
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>> will they put the balls back in if it keeps flipping over? >> i don't know. if it gets ridiculous and out of control. >> it's ridiculous. >> now, at one point i know it's fun, at what point do we go, this isn't healthy. this isn't a good thing. imagine the person who wins $2 billion, what kind of target they'll be. >> our p.a. gave up her sushi lunch to play the powerball. she's still hungry. >> i'll tell you my chances by the way. >> a lot of those questions you guys are talking about the change in the game. i spoke with the lottery chief, gary grief, just a couple of moments ago and he addressed a couple of those. gary, first and foremost, how surprised are you we don't have a winner? >> good morning, paula. i was very surprised last night to see the results. but i've got a question for you and your viewers first. who wants to be a billionaire? who wants to be a billionaire? >> and how about that? we're talking about a mind-boggling amount of money.
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jackpot, the powerball to be on wednesday for the next drawing? you're talking in the billions. 1.3 billion? >> that's correct. 1.3 billion. last night as everyone knows we had an advertised annuitized jackpot of $900 million. we had 25 players across the country who won a $1 million second prize. we had three other players who won a $2 million second prize and now we've got powerball fever going again. this time for a $1.3 billion jackpot. never seen before. >> the powerball rules changed a couple of months ago. is that why it's been so hard to declare a winner? >> one of the changes that took place was making the odds of winning the top prize a little bit longer. they went from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million. just a couple of weeks after that change, we had a $144 million powerball winner come forward.
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winnable. that's the beauty of the powerball game. it just takes one ticket to win, and you never know when you're going to have a winner or when that jackpot might roll again. >> all right, you're saying it's very winnable, and, of course, wednesday's the next drawing. i'm sure you want people to buy a plethora of tickets in advance of the next drawing. can you give us any strategy, any advice and how we should pick out those numbers? >> well, most people obviously play quick pick. we have less than 10% of our players who choose their own numbers. and from statistics, it doesn't matter. your chances of winning are just the same wherever u live and i do have one bit of advice for everyone. >> okay. >> if you don't play, if you don't play, you will not win. so, let's have some fun with this $1.3 billion powerball jackpot for next wednesday. >> all right. gary, we're so excited.
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preparing for uncharted territory right now. so, good luck to you guys and keep pumping some caffeine into your veins right now. >> thank you. good luck to everyone. >> thanks, gary. >> all right, we're going to be covering this powerball story drawing. turn to the other big breaking story this morning. the sensational new twist in the saga of el chapo, the infamous mexican drug lord who escaped from a high security prison and was caught just days ago but look at this. we've learned that before the mexican authorities tracked el chapo down, the actor sean penn found him first. abc's matt gutman has the story from los mochis, mexico, this morning. that's where el chapo was rearrested. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. apparently el chapo guzman so badly wanted a biopic of his life he invited sean penn to and kate del castillo to his hideout. the result was hollywood but no biopic
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the mexican attorney general's office into those actors. this morning that stunning new video, that stunning interview with el chapo guzman surfaced a day after his capture in his home state of sinaloa. he conducted it with four actors sean penn and kate del castillo who he hoped would make a biopic about his life. filmed on a remote ranch with squawking chickens, the man credited with thousands of guests and shipping a quarter of the narcotics into the u.s. saying all i do is defend myself. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: in an accompanying "rolling stone" article with that proof of interview picture, penn describes the harrowing trip to the jungle to meet el chapo. his charm, his son's glittery watches and battalion of polished bodyguards around him.
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said el chapo's communications with purchaseroducers and actors helped lead them to the drug lord. mexican authorities ranking guzman in front of the cameras now saying they may send him off again extraditing him to the u.s. to face drug and murder charges. he's broken out of two maximum security prisons in his career most recently last year. escaping through this tunnel built right into his prison cell. this morning we learned how close he got to escaping again. squirting out of a gun battle at this house where five of his men were killed into the sewers. police told us he surfaced at this intersection and pulling up this manhole, we knew we found where he had been. the two allegedly came out of this manhole. you can peel it back and if you look inside you can see that m-4 with the rocket launcher. now, they left that inside, scampered out here, carjacked a vehicle and drove towards the highway. the mexican authorities timely catching el chapo and his lieutenant on this gravel road. they came here because it was the closest protected area to where el chapo was arrested
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this suite is one of the furthest in the back and they brought him inside. this is where they got his identity. they sat him down on this bed and that's where they took that famous picture. hours after that picture was taken, he was whisked back to that mexico super max prison. now, el chapo could spend months in that prison as his extra extradition process ays out but you could say that the mexican authorities should be grateful to sean penn, after all all those clandestine messages and seven-hour tequila-fueled interview did lead them to the shoot-out at this house and eventually el chapo's capture. dan. >> stranger than fiction. matt, thank you. for more to washington and pierre thomas. pierre, i got to ask you, given the vast resources of the u.s. government how did an actor find el chapo before the dea and the mexican army? >> reporter: well, dan, i got one for you, egoment apparently el cho waed to be interviewed. he wanted his life story told and that played a key role in
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interview, so the primary pers responsible here for this interview is el chapo. you can't make this stuff up. >> exactly right. so, let me ask you about sean penn. could he be in any legal trouble for not alerting authorities to the whereabouts of el chapo? >> dan, so far the doj is not commenting but doj might consider, the justice department might consider sean penn more of a working journalist in this case and, therefore, would not see him as the major issue. i think the key question here is el chapo's actions may have led to his own capture in the sense that he gives an interview in which he acknowledges being a violent drug offender, a violent drug cartel leader, pretty stunning, and i can tell you the department of justice will seek to get that in. >> his interview could become useful evidence in the legal case against el chapo and speaking of that, the americans have long wanted to extradite him to face justice in our court
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the mexicans are finally going to agree. is that, in essence, a way of admitting they can't keep him behind bars? >> reporter: it's unclear but they may have decided keeping him in jail is difficult. he's been a source of embarrassment. they got him back, and it might be a little ibt easier to put him in the u.s. government's hands and let them deal with him. >> all right. pierre thomas from washington this morning, and speaking of washington, do not forget to watch "this week with george stephanopoulos." george is going to be one-on-one with presidential candidates marco rubio and bernie sanders. that's later this morning right here on abc. >> well, on this sunday morning we're tracking many other stores and are that we turn it over to ron beginning with politics this morning. >> that's right. donald trump, he hasn't been into the news much. stepping up the birther attacks against his rival ted cruz although he stopped short of saying that cruz who was born in canada is ineligible to be president. >> you can't have a person running for office even though ted is very glib but goes out
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natural born citizen. the point is, you're not. >> trump was stumping in iowa just three weeks with the caucus coming up there, three weeks from now, ted cruz maintaining there's no problem with his canadian birth because his mother was a u.s. citizen. and overseas now and a show of force by the u.s. aimed at north korea's leader kim jong-un. an american b-52 swooping over an air base close to the border between north and south korea. the powerful bomber was flanked by u.s. and south korean fighter jets. enraged pyongyang. they said they tested a hydrogen bomb by visiting the country's military headquarters. kim called the widely disputed test an act of self-defense. and new video out this morning of the persian gulf in the persian gulf showing iranian ships firing missiles as the "uss harry truman" and other u.s. navy ships entered the gulf by the strait of hormuz.
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iran denied it launches those missiles. and back here at home, the armed standoff in oregon got heated saturday when a new heavily armed group came to try to support the militia men who took over. a national wildlife refuge. they got into a scuffle and they did eventually depart when told by the occupying team by needed. holed up there for a week and replaced a sign removing the word "national." and police in miami have released surveillance pictures of two women they say may be drugging men at local bars and restaurants before robbing them. two men reported meeting a woman at different restaurants on each occasion and reported feeling dizzy, and when they woke up, imagine this, the woman was gone and their rolex watches were gone. it happens. and finally, what's been called one of the biggest or at least ugliest
7:15 am
history and some huge plays in that game, watch this. and amazing touchdown grab by the pittsburgh steelers martavis bryant. a total somersault holding on to the ball, it landed behind his knees. the big story, paula and i talking about this -- >> i can't even watch. it's so painful. >> the bengals, first they rallied to take the lead and steelers denied the bengals the victory with 15 seconds left. the bengals having two big personal foul penalties in the end there. >> that's what killed them. >> they're out. steelers move ahead to denver. >> they had the ball with like less than 1:30 left in pittsburgh territory. they fumbled and then they have two horrible, horrible calls against them. >> they've had a lot of bad luck for a long time. >> they shot themselves in the foot. they were in total control at the end. >> there are a lot of unhappy people in cincinnati. speaking of football, the countdown is on to the clash of two titans. the national football
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>> we are anticipating an epic battle, number one clemson taking on number two 'bama. rob is on the scene in glendale, arizona. for us this morning. good morning, rob, if you can hear us. hello. >> good morning, paula. good morning, dan. they have come from clemson, south carolina, from tuscaloosa, alabama. to this south side of phoenix, arizona, there's the field behind me, it's a natural grass field. they actually roll it in and out of the stadium, but the paint is still dry and played the super bowl here last year and this year they are vying for this. the national championship trophy. yes. presented by dr. pepper. i don't know, guys. who do you think is going to win? [ cheers and applause ] the center of the college football universe is right here in glendale, arizona, with the number one undefeated clemson tigers heading into the second ever college football national championship game against the storied alabama crimson tide. the celebration kicking off with
7:17 am
their alabama roots. >> when you grow up in alabama you choose either become or auburn and -- >> we chose right >> we chose the crimson tide. >> reporter: while the fun was going on out there, the players and coaches were getting the work. >> are you able to have fun? >> we're -- we don't use that word here. >> reporter: nick saban no stranger to the big stage all business looking for redemption after falling just short of making it to the national title game last year. >> ohio state is going to win it. >> as we tried to do in the past is quality control on what we did and how we did it and how could we do it better? >> reporter: now he comes in his heisman trophy winning running back derrick henry ready to turn the tide. the tigers and head coach dabo sweeney preparing to rely on their moves on the field as national champions for the first time in over 35 years. >> and clemson wins the national championship. >> it's not about the other team. it's not about who you play.
7:18 am
>> i cannot wait for this game tomorrow night. if it's anything like last year, it will be phenomenal. the playoffs working perfectly. i'll be on that field tomorrow night. one of the lucky ones but really the winners will be the folks at home and espn last year, a record 33.2 million people watched. the most ever for a cable broadcast, guys, so it's going to be a great game. good luck to you big el. good luck to you, cub. fighting tigers against the crimson tide. [ cheers and applause ] >> he has a future in sports, that dr. marciano. >> do you remember who you guys took? remember a couple of weeks daeg -- thank you, rob, by the way, have fun, but you guys took -- do you remember and ron and -- >> we took clemson. >> no. >> it was a 50/50 chance. we took the other one. alabama. >> we took the one with the cat. >> we took the elegant. >> we should say abc news is going to be live from the site of the big
7:19 am
jesse palmer reporting for "gma" and david muir is going to be right in the middle of it on "world news tonight." >> don't miss college football's national championship game at 8:30 eastern only on espn. we are so excited about that big game. >> we are. >> so is rob marciano. let's get it over to indra petersons though for a look at the weather this morning. it's going to be cold at the vikings game today. >> it's going to be incredibly coal. we're going to be talking about windchills 20 below. remember yesterday we talked about that huge hail outside of houston. that same system last night spawned a tornado, in fact, you saw cars flipped over, 10,000 people without power right around cape coral, florida, last night and even some injuries reported. same system still out there this morning. take a look at the pap and still showers and makes its way up to the eastern seaboard but it will react with colder air, with that it's not that severe weather
7:20 am
widespread rain. morning hours all across the northeast. heavy rain out there but on the back side of it, there comes the cold air, unbelievable, look at the chill. talking about temperatures 20, 30 degrees below for that big game. that means 30 minutes outside. that's all it's going to take to get frostbite in that region. very dangerous actually as you go outside. take a look across the country. of course, we're looking at milder conditions finally on the west coast.
7:21 am
if you're going outside, as she said, please be safe today, especially in minnesota. coming up on "gma," that one woman who went on a crime spree is behind bars. we'll tell you what led to her arrest. plus travel tips to stretch your dollars for that winter getaway in our "download." ron claiborne has all the info this morning. award season begins. a preview of tonight's golden globes and what it could mean for the oscars which is another one. >> what could it mean, sara?
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don't cheat. it is hometown trivia time, and today we are recognizing our midland, odessa, affiliate, kmid, kmid, channel 2. okay, are you ready. >> sara, i expect you to get it. >> only if i cheat. >> midland native ss woody harrelson and tommy lee jones star together in this -- >> "true detective." >> -- for best picture. >> oh, sorry. >> woody harrelson and who -- >> tommy lee jones. >> "natural born killers." >> good guess. it was "no country for old men." >> oh. >> great movie. >> great movie. >> coen brothers. >> at least you didn't cheat. odessa, texas, is believed to have taken its name from the city of odessa located in what country? >> i know. ukraine. >> yes! >> are you getting me? >> boom. >> dan harris. >> dan harris. >> dan, that was very impressive. >> educated man of the world. >> i was bowing. i wasn't high-fiving you, but i will now. >> any other questions? >> we do not have a runoff
7:27 am
i and we want to welcome you back to a big day of news that we're tracking here on "gma" and happening right now, the billion dollar jackpot, yes, we said billion with a "b." there were no winners in last night's powerball drawing, so wednesday night's jackpot, which is the next jackpot, is expected to sky rocket to $1.3 billion. i believe the cash payout is a little over 800 mill.
7:28 am
also happening right now, hollywood meets the drug underworld. actor sean penn getting a lot of heat for his explosive and top secret interview with the now captured drug lord el chapo. penn met with el chapo in october while the kingpin was still on the run. he conducted an interview now running into "rolling stone" magazine. pope francis gearing up for the release of his much anticipated new book entighted "the name of god is mercy." he takes on several topics including gays saying they should be treated with dignity and respect and not be marginalized. the pontiff's first book since being elevated to the papacy will be released on tuesday. also coming up on the show, a huge night in hollywood. a major landmark on the road to the oscars, the award season kicking off with the golden globes and our chris connelly picks the favorites coming up. do you have favors you want to share with us? >> no, i was going to say we want to share those later. we are passionate about one in particular.
7:29 am
morning the woman the fbi says went on a crime spree across the south robbing a half a dozen jewelry stores in five states. >> authorities received a multitude of good tips which led to her arrest and abc's marci gonzalez has that story. >> reporter: this is a woman investigators say stole millions of dollars worth of jewels and now more than eight months after the first heist, the fbi says they have finally tracked her down. this morning abigail kemp is in an atlanta jail accused of committing a string of armed jewelry store robberies across five states. kemp was arrested yesterday after the fbi investigation into at least six violent heists led them to this cobb county home and a suspect just 24 years old. >> i think if you were seduced by the rush, it doesn't matter what your age is. it becomes intoxicating. and the idea that you can maybe do a fourth. maybe do a fifth. in her case we think she's done maybe at least six. >> reporter: the arrest affidavit
7:30 am
crime explaining they were carried out much like the one caught on camera at this reed jeweler's in panama city beach, florida. there they allege kemp at gunpoint ordered two store employees to the store's restroom. made them lay face down on the floor and zip-tied their hands noting that this man then closed the front door and stood as a lookout while kemp took about $400,000 worth of jewelry from the display cases getting away in this honda civic just minutes before police say a u.p.s. delivery man walked in and found the employees still tied up. the fbi revealing kemp's cell phone pinged towers near three of the six robbery locations during the time those robberies were committed. investigators saying that information along with tips from people who recognized kemp from these surveillance images helped lead to her arrest. >> each crime scene gives you a different set of photos, additional information about the person, then they drew a bead down on her and eventually
7:31 am
>> reporter: and the fbi also arrested one other person, they haven't released that suspect's name or said if it's that accomplice who was shown in the surveillance images. also, still no word on whether any of that stolen jewelry was recovered. >> that's a big looming question. no question -- >> oh, yeah. >> the question for me like why don't you wear a disguise and somehow do something to cover up what you actually look like? confidence. just like dan. >> yes. face uncovered. >> no, i was trying to say that you have a lot of confidence. >> trying to dig your way out of this, faris. let me save you. let me save you with indra petersons. she's got the forecast this morning and has not committed any felonies of which we are aware. good morning. >> maybe misdemeanors. >> key, i was going to say not that you're aware of. take you outside. hello, it is raining out towards new york city. that is a plus, we are talking about mid-january. it is not snowing but, wow, the winds blowing talking about gusts up to 42 miles per hour so
7:32 am
are in effect. what's going along the coastline, winds gusting 30, 40 miles an hour even monday going to talk about these strong winds as the system strengthens and makes its way up the eastern seaboard. we know it's raining. not snow. chicago got an inch or two yesterday still talking about a few of those but the bulk making its way into the northeast. that bull's-eye out towards maine, 2 to 4 inches possible but behind the system again we know this is the cold air >> that was brought to you by theraflu. so not bad. it's like raining today. it's not snowing. huge plus in my book. >> no huge yowzer weather.
7:33 am
it acts like a thermal blanket and an insulator and keeps us warmer. >> meteorologist paula faris, ladies and gentlemen. >> i feel warmer when there's snow. it is an insulator. isn't it? >> i do find if i'm inside in my blanket and all wrapped up in front of the fireplace -- >> nice way of saying no. >> nice way of saying stay in your lane, paula, right? >> coming up here on "gma," the hollywood awards season kicking off with the golden globes. will it bring important clues with how things will go down at the oscars. keep it here. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax.
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award season kicks off tonight in hollywood with the golden globes. >> there are a lot of great movies in the run ago long with some amazing performances. i know, dan, you and i love "spotlight" and the globes could provide a hint on who wins the oscar this year. chris connelly joining us from l.a. with who may be making acceptance speeches tonight. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. yeah, this year the golden globes are short on sure things and long on suspense. wide-open categories without clear favorites mean that none of the nominees will be feeling all that comfortable and that's before host ricky gervais opens his mouth. with fewer than 100 voters
7:37 am
strewn cinematic landscape with undecided races, expect the golden globes to produce more than its usual share of head-smacking surprises this season. since christmastime in an inevitability cloak "the revenant's" leonardo dicaprio is the front-runner in best actor drama, he's also the nominee most likely to be on the business end of a zinger from host ricky gervais who back in 2012 poured plenty of comedic cyanide into champagne glasses. >> the golden globes are to the oscars what kim kardashian is to kate middleton, a bit trashier, a bit drunker and more easily bought. >> reporter: america may get its first look at rising star brie larson with the 26-year-old talent b known for "room" while "spotlight" may be
7:38 am
best movie drama. then you think this is funny, the best movie comedy or musical "the martian" might be bested by "the big short" with christian bale and matt damon likely vying on this side. while 2015's favorite bffs jennifer lawrence in "joy" and amy schumer in "trainwreck" lead a tough to call best actress comedy coterie. >> it should be me. >> reporter: mystery sies abound in the supporting categories, though sylvester stone is a sentimental favorite for reprising rocky balboa in "creed" and among a host of newcomers, kate winslet from "steve jobs" may be the apple of voters' eyes. as for television, with bleeding edge nominees from all manner of viewing platforms, the relentlessly fashion forward globes might be drawn to last summer's critical fave rave "mr. robot" while best actress drama nominee taraji p. henson may lead the way for "empire.." >> i'm here to get what's mine. >> reporter: making it a night to remember for boo boo kitties everywhere.
7:39 am
awards, we talk of the globes telecast as the beginning of something but it's also the end of something. it's the last set of awards by critics. now it will be the guilds weighing in, producers, directors, people who make movies and many of them are oscar voters, guys. >> all right. chris, we can't wait for tonight's big show. thank you. coming up on "good morning america," whether you're hitting the slopes or soaking up the sun, the best ways to save money on your next vacation. it's all coming up in our "weekend download." and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for 10 yes.
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the holidays are over, and winter unfortunately is here. that means many of us trying to figure out our next vacation whether it's a long weekend over the presidents' day holiday or the whole week off for spring
7:43 am
ideally our expert genevieve brown has some tips on how to save money. genevieve, you've broken it down into three categories, snow, sun and sail. let's start with sail. >> this is wave season which means every cruise line is putting out itineraries. look for free upgrades, free short excursions. on board credit. save money by driving to the port instead of flying. >> what about snow, for me that means skiing. >> skiing, you make sure not to plan too far in advance and go to a place that has snow. but if you're flying there, you have to book right now. lots of areas do great. rent a condo instead of staying in a hotel. >> sun. where do you go? >> everybody wants to go to the sun and unless you live down south you have to hop on a plane. do it now. best rates will be found in cancun and ft. lauderdale. >> you can get them now. >> do it right now. >> heard that. you heard that from genevieve brown. coming up, harrison ford makes hollywood history. why he's tops this morning ahead in "pop news" with the
7:44 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by disney parks. unforgettable happens here. all right, let's do "pop news" with sara haines. what you got, hainesy? >> can't you add irrepressible or something amazing? >> i think he said inexplicable. >> you're handling it next time. thank you. harrison ford has never won an oscar but he's still hollywood's leading man. "the force awakens" star now grossing more money at the box office in the u.s. than any other actor, of course, reprising his role as han solo. there's only one han, paula, han solo in the "star wars" -- >> it's "star wars" after "the sound of music." >> it's estimated his 41 film roles have generated over $4.7 billion. ford took the top spot from another familiar "star wars" face,
7:48 am
all three prequels. including "revenge of the sithth. he's at 4.6 billion. >> what is it, sith? >> sith. >> i like to make sure you hear all the letters. >> i thought you pronounced it perfectly. dan, you're just piling it on. >> you're inexplicable to me. >> it's a good day for us right now. and love is in the air, clearly not between dan and and i 0n "dancing with the stars." mark ballas ready to tie the knot. knot with longtime girlbend. balls achlta popped the question just before thanksgiving but the two have managed to keep it under wraps. however, jean was spotted wearing an engagement when the two performed in hollywood friday. ballas won the mirror ball two times on "dancing with the stars." >> lovely. >> how do you keep that secret? >> well, don't wear the ring would be number one. >> when you get that ring you
7:49 am
right there. >> she's gone rogue, folks. >> yep. >> she's gone rogue. >> well, if you need some advice, here's one jagged little pill you'll definitely be able to swallow. alanis morissette can help you out. on january 16th the "ironic" singer is taking over as "the guardian" newspaper's weekend advice columnist. >> oh, my word. >> a post previously held by my '80s favorite molly ringwald. alanis saying she's ready for the job being that she often acted as her family therapist growing up, oh, girl, i understand that, and finally, we might be able to get an answer for what to do when you got 10,000 spoons, but all you need is a knife. >> is that one of her songs? >> it's one of the lines. you got 10,000 spoons and all you need is a knife >> i didn't know either. i'm with you, dan. >> what a want is a breakdown of the song, though, because it's not all ironic. >> don't you think? >> she's gone rogue again,
7:50 am
>> two of them have gone rogue. >> and if you -- >> hard to contain. if you never got an invite to the playboy mansion which i can assure you no one at this table has you can do one better. you can own it. abc news confirmed that hugh hefner is putting it on the market. the six-acre estate was built in 1927 and sits on six acres and, of course, was home to some of the wildest parties in l.a. the asking price is $200 million. and for that you get an instant houseguest. there's word hefner, who is 89, must be allowed to live on the property for the rest of his life. >> oh, great. >> i feel like that should give you a little discount. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> take over the parties. >> a living breathing human being comes with the house. >> a lot of people want to line up. >> so, if you win the powerball how many hugh hefner mansions >> in my follow-up "pop news" -- >> 7. >> 6 1/2. >> 7. >> we round up. >> that's right, taxes. >> is it a lump sum -- >> about three. >> i like dan, he's got his mind on his money and his money on
7:51 am
>> always. >> there it goes. >> sipping onin and juice, as well. >> rob, at the site of the big national championship game between clemson and alabama. tomorrow make sure you tune in to rob and "gma" and that game, of course, is on espn tomorrow 8:30 eastern. >> huge game. huge ratings. no question about it and also a lot of big football games today and as we discussed before, the vikings playing in the cold. >> brrr. >> so, a lot of good things to watch today. we see you next weekend right here on "gma."
7:52 am
i am max bretos. the cincinnati bengals certainly know about playoff disappointment. but nothing could have prepared them for against their bitter rivals pittsburgh steelers. steelers led 15-0, the bengals creeping towards field goal range and ben roethlisberger and von tez burfict, a 15-yard penalty on the blow to the head. as they were tending to antonio brown on the field, several coaches, players came around midfield including joey porter who is an assistant coach for the pittsburgh steelers. 15-yard penalty to burfict. adam "pacman" jones comes in, another 15-yard penalty so the steelers get 30 yards. without taking that snap and
7:53 am
the 35-yard field goal, and that will do it. eighth straight playoff loss for the bengals. they haven't won a playoff game in 25 years. steelers move on and take on the broncos, the kansas city chiefs, they will move on and take on the patriots. for all the latest on the end of of had
7:54 am
espn after the games. starting right now on abc's "this week," just three weeks till the first votes. donald trump still on top for the gop. iowa? >> i think my record is stronger than his. >> and is this man the republican establishment's last best hope? we're one-on-one with marco rubio in an abc news exclusive. plus, hillary's surprise
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