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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  January 12, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm CST

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woman: made in georgia below zero across most of the map. the wind is weakeneng between 5 and 15 miles per hour now. wind chills are below zero across the region, so bundle up! the dayplanner reveals a high of 15. your full forecast is coming up - your news starts w. "announcer: "now live from kcau-tv in sioux city, iowa... this is abc9 news this midday.... " " jessica rae: good morning and
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us this midday. i'm jessica rae. sioux city school district staff acted quickly yeyeerday, after a student brought a gun to north middle school. jessica rae: it all happened before school even started. the school received a tip, one of their student's could potentially bring a weapon to school. according to the district director of communications alison benson... the weapon wasnot loaded... benson says when the student arrived on campus... school staff members immediately detained the student and confiscated the weapon. benson added, quote "we are very thankful that in this case someone who saw something or heard something, id something, allowing us to quickly take action. the safety of students and staff members is the highest priority of our district." jessica rae: the 6th grade student is now being charged with carrying a concealed weapon. we will have more on this story coming up tonight at 5 and 6 jessica rae: an accident on i-29 backed up traffic for quite sometime early this morning...
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authorities around 6-50 a car travelling southbound near mile marker 147, ran out of gas, due to construction in the area, the car couldn't pull over onto the shoulder, authorities say, an on coming vehicle then hit the parked car, in turn, blocking both lanes of traffic. two people were taken to mercy hosptal with minor injuries, no charges have been immediately filed, and an investigation is still underway. jessica rae: a fire forced a popular sioux city restaurant to close it's doors yesterday... owner of sneaky's chicken, dave ferris says he was in his office when he started to smell something strange. just a few minutes later his daughter called to tell him the back of the building was on fire. the restraunt wasn't open yet but three employees were able to get out of the building safely. despite freezing temps... fire officials say they were not hampered by the cold. " " "typically this time of year we have a lot of concerns with freezing conditions. this was one of the fires that went really well though, especially considering the frigid temperatures. we got water quickly on the fire, we were not
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investigators say the fire started in a storge area at the back of the building, and it never spread to the actual ding area, but the entire structure did suffer heavy smoke damage. there's no word yet on what caused the fire. jessica rae:: sneaky's chicken is a well-known, family owned restaurant that has been a part of sioux city for 37 years. owner dave ferris says the outpring of support has been incredible. abc9 news reporter elisa raffa has more. "sioux city fire marshal mark aesoph says every fire comes as a shock, but this one hits a little bit closer to home here at sneaky's chicken in sioux city. fire crews responded to reports of fire and heavy smoke here at 9 o'clock on monday morning" elisa raffa dave ferris, owner of sneaky's restaurant and catering says after 37 years in the business, he never thought this would happen to him. "it's pretty overwhelming. you kind of joke through the years, but all of a sudden when a fire hits and you see your own place on fire... i have a new appreciation for people who go
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restaurant and catering. ferris says it's difficult and he's grateful for the outpour from family, busniess partners in the community. "it has been the facebook to the the phone calls...i would say literally we've had over 300 phone calls and text messages from friends and businesses" says dave ferris, owner, sneaky's restaurant and catering. sneaky's will be closed for the time being, but ferris says not to worry. in the works to serve his catering customers through rebuild the "we're already working with a cocole of our partners that we do a lot of business with for maybe off site facilities to take care of custers. we have all of our mobile units which are quite capable of cooking in, as much as our restaurant, so we'll be up and strong and i don't want anybody to panic and think we're not going to take care of them" says dave ferris, owner, sneaky's restaurant and catering. jessica rae: and another fire, this one, down in omaha,
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in shambles... m's pub in the old market went up in flames saturday afternoon, and crews didn't stop pumping water onto the property until yesterday morning. owners say they hope to re-open at the same location in the old mket, but officials said it's too early to termine the fufure of the building. jessica rae:today governor terry branstaddelivered the 2016 condition of the state address. according to branstad, he feels iowa as a state has made some signaficant progress since 20-10. he highlighted over 2 hundred and 14 thousand jobs have been added to the state, and the unemployment rate has been cut nearly in half. currently stands at 3 point 4 percent, back in 20-10 it was over 6 percent. he also highlighted iowa's education funding is up 35 percent. but one ththg gogornor branstad did say helped make this
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willingness to work together. "how did we do it? we did it by restoring fiscal dicipline, we did it by focusing on economic growth, we did it by investing in our children. but the key to ignighting this engine of success has been truely a willingness to work together. " the governor also added more iowans are employed now then ever before in state history. jessica rae: president obama will give his final state of the union tonight... and is expected to far we've come in the last 7 years since he's been in office. this comes just a week after he executive actions on gun control. ramos brings us a preview. "obama sot: i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- i know, because i won both of them. (applause) that was president state of the union address...... in office he'll speak for ththlast time .... but instead of trying joint session n work with him 2016 do's?. expected to deliver a speech...with a slightly different
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in a video released by the white obama previews what he'll say tonight? from video "what i want to focus on in this state of the union is not just the remarkable progress we've made, not just what i want to get done in the year ahead, but what we all need to do together in the years to com. " the president's speech will try to frame a choice facing americans as they select the next president of the united states... expect to also hear.....about the economy's recovery nat sot: seven years o, auto sales hit a 27-year low. last year, they hit an all-time high. the affordable care act... nat sot: we've brought more than 17 million americans into our heaeah care system and foreign policy... he's also expected to touch on the gun violence epidemic, and the legalization of same sex marriage.... nats: same sex marriage cheers matthew dallek, george washington university: "it does become a little more of a legacy speech in terms of defining what has been achieved." there will also be plenty of pomp and pageantry and a long list of guests sitting with first lady michelle obama to includ....a refugee from war torn syria... to army reserve major lisa of just three women to complete the vigorous army ranger course. a chair in mrs. obama's box will be left empty to honor victims gun violence. jessica rae: if you miss the
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not to worry, amazon has you covered! . the whitithouse and amazon have struck a deal to put the speech on amazon's online video site. it'll be available to all customers starting on wednesday through the end of the week. the state of the union will not be connected to amazon prime. instead, the speech will be
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free. and speaking of the presidnet... tomorrow ( he will be in omaha making a speech on gun control. but if you were thinking about attending ....unfortunately it's too late all 8,000 tickets to the eventat the university of neb-omaha are sold out. jessica rae: 12 new jobs have been added to the norfolk public school dtrict here's paul huges with more. " the norfolk public schools board of education has voted unanimously to add 12 new full-time positions for the 2016-17 school year at a cost of approximately $550,000. the new positions include a technology specialist, assistant activiti director and math interventionists for the junior high school. the board also unanimously but relucttly accepted the resignation of lincoln montessori and grant elementary schools principal jo roberts. roberts has served as a principal in the norfolk public schools system for 26 years. last february, she was honored as a national diststguished principal of the year for the sta of nebraska. the norfolk airport authority board has begun discussions of replacing the only accountant in the authority's history. jerome bahm died december 26th after a brief illness. he had been the accountant for the airport authority
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monday night's meeting, the consensus of the board was that they would like to continue to use the services of the firm jerome bahm cpa if the current staff is agreeable. those and more stories can be heard on news talk w wg, lite rock 97.5 and 106 kix. " jessicicrae: still to come. the rocket, space x has made some major progress, lite rock 97.5 and 106 kix. " jessica rae: still to come... the rocket, space x has made some major progress, well have details coming up scott: " "
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scott: good morning siouxland. we had a cold front pass through last night following a brief period of warming. this resulted in som widely scattered light snow showers. we currently still have mostly cloudy this resulted in some widelycattered light snow showers. we currently still have mostly cloudy skies. we'll have periods of sun and clouds today. temperatures are currently in the single digits. we
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breezy wind between 10 and 20 mimis per hour. here's the stormcast hd where we had a faiy strong cold front move through late last night. this has worked quickly on our temperatures sinking temperatures from the 30s to the single digits. today will be cold with highs only in the teens. temperatures will be steady overnight and warm up significantly for tomorrow a thursday as we see highs jump above freezing. another system will approach on friday. today's high is 15 with periods of sun and clouds. the overnight low is 12 and we may have a few flurries. tomorrowow high is 33 andndt'll be mostly sunny and more seasonal. herere the 7 day forecast. jessica rae scott:
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after the break...
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launches in their future, we'll have more coming up next jessica rae: space-x has
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rocket landing. now the company is hoping for a repeat perfwrmance on the open ocean. c-e-o elon musk tweeted they're planning to launch this weekend and land on a droneship. space-x pulled off its first successful vertical landing of the falcon 9 rocket in december... the private space flight company made its first attempt at a "droneship" landing in january 2015, but the rocket crashed into the ocean platform. landing rockets upririt is crucial to cutting the cost of space travel, since the rockets can be re-used. jessica rae: the skies over florida will be very active this year. tuesday, the air
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expects to be a busy 2016 for rocket launches on florida's space coast. space-x has planned about 20- unmanned rocket launches for missions that include making deliveries to the international space station. and united launch alliance has 12 launches including several military and government satellites. jessica rae: do you have a sweet tooth? if so, howard has a recipe to spice up your sweet life... take a look "after all the running around we did during the holidays, many of us like to coming home and hibernating after a long day. now i'm not talking about hibernating like a bear and sleeping for months without eating. i'm talking about laying low for a bit. so for those of you who like this idea, we came up with a recipe for a dessert called bear claws that you can easily make at home while hibernating. we begin by cutting a sheet of frozen puff pastry (that we've thawed) into squares. now we top half of each square with some canned almond filling. once they're all topped, we fold the dough over the filling and seal the edges. now we cut 4 slits along the edge
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curve each one back a bit so they resemble the claw of aear. then we brush each one with an egg wash, sprinkle them with some sliced almonds before popping them in the oven. when they come out, we let them cool fofoa t before drizzling them with a two-ingredient homemade glaze. as for the taste, between the rich almond filling, the flakey cst, and the sweetness of the glaze you might want to grab a plate of these and go in hibernation. i do hope you'll go online and get the recipe for our, "almond bear claws," so you can make an un-bear-ably good dessert without leaving your "den." i'm howard, with kelly in the mr. food test kitchen, where today we found a "grizzly good way" for you to say . "ooh it's so good!!" " rae if you would like a copy of that recipe you can send us a self addressed stamped envelope here to a-b-c 9 news.
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the zip...51101. be sure to write "almond bear claws" on your request. or you can visit our website...siouxlan d matters dot com. and click on the mr. food logo.... jessica rae: coming up after the break... a woman is using her passion for training dogs, to help out veterans suffering from ptsd. we'll have me after the break
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woman is using her hobby of training dogs... to help those struggling with p-t-s-d. here's how she's doing it. " jody piner breeds golden retrievers, but a couple of years ago she discovered how to combine what she loves with with helping soldiers transition into civilian life. one look at the faces of her puppies, and it's easy to see why she loves what she does.
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delight to live with, to work with, to train," piner said. she been showing dogs for 15 years and began breeding them about a year ago. but back in 2013, piner lost her dog summit to cancer. around the same time her nephew ben, a sergeant in the army who served in afghanistan, took his own life after struggling with ptsd. it was then that a friend recommended she read "until tuesday" by luis montalvan about a soldier's struggle with ptsd and the dog that helped him through it. "i saw through that book an opportunity if ever i bred a golden that i would donate from that first litter someone a puppy," piner said.she contacted dale and lu picard of educated canines assisting with disabilities, or ecad. the couple traraed the dog from the book and are also training the dog piner donated, named patriot, in new york. altogether the dogs learn about 80 different commands. "we'll teach the dog to do laundry, to go get a phone, to grocery shop, to tug the door open and hold it, to tug the sock off your foot, cross and uncross your foot," lu picard said. but not all dogs learn all the commands. lu picard said patriot is very smart and will go through advanced training. piner's only hope is that her gift will help save the life of someone like her nephew who is
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"no soldier shou have to face ptsd alone," piner saidid patriot still has about a year to complete his training. if you know someone who you'd like to nominate for our human kindness series, visit click here. jessica rae: scott's up next with a final check of our forecast. stay with us. dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: hey. dad: the culligan man.
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