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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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not one, but three. here are the lucky numbers. >> first number is 8 -- >> nose winning tickets sold in california, tennesseend florida share a $1.5 billion prize. celebrations break out overnight. so who are the country's newest multi multimillionaires? the search is on to find them this morning. and we're live where the winning tickets were sold. a deadly terror attack overnight. a series of explosions outside a starbucks in a busy downtown shopping area in jakarta. a firefight on the stres. americans warned to shelter in place. we'll have the very latest this morning. olympian arrested. picabo street chargeged wit assault accused of pushing her father down the stairs. what set off this family feud. i wanna see you smile and the envelope, please. who's waking up smiling in hollywywood? >> this will be a first for the both of us. >> it's the morning that kicks
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>> surprise. >> who's in the spotlight for oscar gold from "carol" to "creed" to "straight outta compton." "sr wars"? you'll find out live, the oscar nominations right here on "gma." >> godspeed, good luckck. here we go. smile we do say good morning, america. a lot of spipies inalifornia this morning. not just for the oscar nominations. one of the three powerball jackpot winners from the gden state,oh, they were celebrating last nighght. >> they sure were. if you haven't cheed youour ticket yet, 4, 8, , 27, 34 and the powerball is 10. >> did you say 10? the powerball is 10 i got it. >> congratulations. >> what does that mean? >> 4 bucks.
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>> came for the ticket. it's not that massive $1.5 billion whi was split amo winners in chino hills, california, munford, tennessee and melbourne beach, orida. you're looking live at the 7-eleven in chino hills. >> oh, good. >> they left some time ago. >> t they were goinguts last night. >> why did they empty out the store? >> this poor guy. >> no linine. >> t.j. holmes has been all over powerball. he starts us off with a look at what $1.5 billion looks like. >> you like that, guys okay, not long after the drawing last night, one guy out in california realized he had won all of this, $1.6 billion. that's what it looks like. wewell, a couple of hours later he this. he only won about this much because now he last to split
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before you start crying for him they were all still doing all right, 1.6 billion among three people is still over $500 million apiece w which still puts them ahead of beyoncnce in terms of net worth. guy, we got a fun mning ahead. a lot of numbers, a lot of questions and, robin, i can write you that check for 4 bucks. >> you can cover that for me. you're a good man, t.j. th visual seeing it like that. one of those winning ticket, chino hill, califofornia,hat huge celebration last night at the 7-eleven where it was sold. it was a wild scene. bigulps and slur pis slurpees foror my friends. kayna whitworth is there. >> reporter: first of all, you won more than i did in the powerball. i just want you to know that. it was a huge party here last night, a lot of city pride. it was very cool now, keep in mind california was the top-selling state in the nation in this latest powerball run selling more than 85 million
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when i spoke to the regional manager he told me they knew they were going to sell the winning ticket because they were printing off faster from that maine than ever before. jubilation breakin out a this 7-eleven in chino hill, california. after the news that this store in a los angeles suburb sold the first winning powerball ticket in the $1.5 billion jackpot. as an impromptu dance party grew louder >> all: chino hills. >> reporter: the owners of the stores celebrated as heroes. >> i'm very happy. i'm very excited. i'm very proud. >> repororter: n now we're learning that at leastwo other winning tickets were sold, one in florida and one in munford, tennessee. munford only has 6,000 residen and is 30 minutes northth of memphis. >> hopefully they're out there getting g the best legal and financial advice they can find. before they come in and claim that wononderfulprize. >> anybody in here? >> reporter: across the country,
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to be happy for those winners today. >> i tried. i tried. >> reporter: i know how that feels. we're trying to be happy but reallye are in the big picture and you also have to keep in mind the lottery winnings in california are not subject to state tax, so this is one hefty payday for winners here in california. george. >> thanks, kayna. we are joined by the owner of the 7-eleven where the winning ticket was sold,r. balbir atwal along with jeff strader and the clerk who sold the winning ticket mr. atwal, how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling very good, thank you. >> tell us what you're going to do with that million dollar prize? >> we, there will be -- i will be sharing with my employee and the needy people but i'm not going to get a million. it's very less than that. >> so, it looks like you were one of the two clerks that sold
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any idea who the lucky winner is? >> right now, i cannot say anything bececause i he noidea. >> no idea and, jeff, tell us what this means for 7-eleven. >> this is huge for-eleven and for the store here in chino hills. you know, i wasn't surprised that 7-eleven sold the ticket. but i was so happy toear it washis store in chino hills and just excellent. >> balbir, you're going to get a flood and everybody wil think you have the lucky store. are you ready? >> i'm ready to sell to people soike i'm in the right place. i love chino hills, my customers, they are e so nice and they support us even after they learn that they've been lottery tickets here so everybody come here to celebrate with us. >> well, congratulations. we love the celebration. we love the spies. enjoy this day. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i love how balbir is keeping his head on straight.
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he knows there's taxes coming but still a nice prize. >> goes a lot longer there in california than o other places. >> than, yes. >> inow. do i pay taxes on that? yeah, okay, one of the other winner is in that small town of munford, tennessee, population 000 and reporter jamie mcgriff from memis is there. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. i'm standing in front of one of the three listed retailers that sold lotry tickets. we don't know exactly which one sold that winning ticket, folks around here are waiting to see. in the small town of munford a small town where roughly 6,000 people live and folks know each other an a lot of fks will be talking about this as far as who wo the ticket and what are you going to do with the mey and we've alreadyad people come by to say, hey,at's going on and we're letting them know that
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the ticket beating the odds, you know, the world is watching to see if this person will step forward and so we're just waiting to see if this person will come forward and say, hey, i won the ticket and also get plansn what he or she plans to do with the money but when you have a town that's this small, usually folks are going to come together and celebrate and no doubt we're going to see a hear more people drive by and talk about, hey, do you know who won that ticket? so, of course, when we get word everybody else will. robin, back to you. you. it i great that it's from a smaller area. >> to see what will happen. i know sam would be out of town. >> small town, you know it's the person who didn't show up today. now everybody knows because, boom, boom, boom. >> if sam won, one word, miami. >> yeah. >> okay, we'll move on now to the race for president and tonight's big republican debate in south carolina. stakes are high with the first votes less than three weeks away
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facing newew questions about his finances. abc's tom llamas i is in pensacola, florida, where donald trump held another hugeally last night. >> reporter: george, g good morning t to you. tonight a very important debate and you're right, last night trump spoke to a filled rally, many of the supporters i talked trump. this as senator ted cruz is dealing with a new problem. >> wow! >> repter: this morning, senator ted cruz's campaign in damamage control after a new report shows h he took up to a million dollars in loans from big wall strereet banks to finance his run for senate. >> we borrowed against the stocks and assets that we had under ordinary terms so those loans had been disclosed ovever and over and over again on multiple filings. >> reporter: but "the new york mes" reporting they were not filed with the fec. the story breaking while cruz was at a south carina camampaign event. his aides huddling around him afterwards informing him of the news. >> if it washe case they were
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requires then we'll amend t filings. > reporte but it may hurt his credit blthd since he's railed against big banks and wall street bailouts. >> a lot of lawyers say you can't run if you do that. you can't be born in canada. >>eporter: also dealing with donald trump who is showing no signs of letting up on his birther attack of cruz. >> supposing he runs and everybody is banki on him and then the courts rule that he can't run. that's not so good. what do you do? concede the election to hillary clinton or to crazy bern? right? president donald trump knows how to make america great reporter: trump speaking to a massive crowd of more than 10,000 in pensacola, florida. >> trump is kicking [ bleep ] in florida. can you believe that? [ cheers and a applalause >> reporter: but trump's biggest fight last night. >> this stupid mike. >> reporter: wasn't even with another candidate. it was with his microphone. >> i don't like ts mike. whoever the hell brought this
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i guarantee you i'm not paying for this mike. >> reporter: we hope there are no mike problems tonight for donald trump. backo senator ted cruz. campaign sources tell me he's been in vigorous debate and prepping for the attacks and birther attacks and any attacks on these new loan, new issue. they tell me those loans were all cpletely done appropriately. george. >> he could be on the hot seat tonight. meanwhile, on the democratic side, a brand-new poll out of iowa showing a dead heat with hillary clinton slipping. >> reporter: that's right. a really interesting poll, a bloomberg/"des moines register" poll and within a month hillary clinton is down six points. right now s's at 42, senator bern sanders 40 but within the mamargin of error they are in a dead heat. >> we've seen the two of them go at it. democratic debate onunday night. that breaking news overseas. a deadly terror attack on the reets of jakarta happening outside a starbucks in the heart of the city in the wntown
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authorities are calling it a paris-style attack. and abc's chieflobal affairs corresndent martha raddatz joins usow with the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. americans in jakartaere told to shelter in place as thehe attackers hit multiple locations battling police with grenades and guns in what indonesia's presidenent is calling an act of terr. at least six explosions heard around the ss main s shopping district. as groups of attackers targeted this commercial hub. where people were eating, shshopping, going to the movies. >> we heard a third explosion, we heard a fourth, a fifth and a sixth and there's gunfire. >> reporter: they used gunsnd bombs. exanging gunfire with police. bombs exploding in front of this starbucks. as terrified workers throughout
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in their oices leaving at least seven dead and scores injured. although the identities of the suspects are not known, police believe they could be linked to isis. the authorities in indonesia did recently warn citizens of a credible threat in jakarta and had deployed extra security personnel around the cy or this may have beenen even worse, george. >> all right, we also saw that attack in istanbul in a busy tourist area. thanks very much. to amy with today's other top stories. that water crisis i michigan. >> now there's a major new concern stemming from the water emergency in flint, michigan. the tap water has been contaminated with lead since the city switched water supplies to save money. well, now state officials are legionnaires' diseasase. ten have died and they're investigating whether those are connected to the conontaminated water. the ten american sairs arrested and briefly held by iran are in qatar being debriefed about their ordeal. the pentagon saying the video
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apolizing for entering iranian waters by mistake was actually staged.. military officials say it was an effort to defuse the situation and protect the crew. . on wall stre this morning the dow begins trading at its lowest l lev sin september, overnight most asian markets were also down. investors worried about slumping oil prices and china's slowing economy. and a dramatic scenene at this apartment building in maryland. firetraping people on the upper floooors. firefighters forced to rcue them from balconies. two injured. an unusual drug smuggling operation. agents in texas found 2500 pounds of marijuana, where you ask, stuffed inside these fake carrots. >> wow? >> thehe street value halalf a million dollars. it a creature rightht out of your worst nightmares. scientists cononfirm they found fossils from a 32-foot crocodile that weigh 6,000 pounds. that's twice the size of your
7:15 am
water 130 millionon years ago. thankfully that big guy has not been seen lately. >> why are you chucing, sam? >> that's the size of a fishing boat. that thing is the size -- you know the boats wheyou walk by the harbor. oh, he has a nice boat. that'shat size thecocodile is. >> as opposed to an everyday crocodile. >> thanks for that, amy. we'll move on to oar excitement. a huguge morning in hollywood as the nominations set to be announced, oh, just about an ho away and bring them to you live in america. first chris connelly is here with a look at some of the leading - i could have been a contender -- good morning, chris. >> good morning, today academy award nominations figure to cover ground from the boston globe newsroom to a galley fa far away, maybe the streets of compton and surely the anything but paved wderness of the 1820s. >> i ain't afraid of dyin >> reporter: look for "the e
7:16 am
be out of the woods and into his fifth academy award nomination as an actor. the bear sadly will be smugged. michael fassbender -- >>hat do you do? >> i play the orchestra. >> reporter: matt damon for "the martian" and f "the danish girl" last year's winner eddie redmayne figured to be in best actor contention to from cate blanchett incarol." >> i put nothing past women like you, carol. >> reporter: to brie larson in "room." best actress has so many jennifer lawrence. >> i pick up the gun. >> reporter: may be vying with charlotte rampling in "45 years" for a nomination. and did somebody s "starar wars"? yes, "e force awakens" should wake up to a multinomination morning. including an outside chance at a nod for best picture where favorites like "the revenant" and "splight." >> if there were 90 of these, they would know. >> maybe they do. >> reporter: may find themselves
7:17 am
>> you can't come dn here and arre people because of what they look like. >> reporter: for oscar's top prize. and we'll be talking with some of today's happy nominees coming up on "gma." robin. >> all right, chris, we're looking forward to that. > to a powerful storm threatening the east coast from maine to florida. isn't that right, sam? >> big player. we've got to watch it. i wantnt t start a little with whatappened yesterday. you know we had flakes in t the air. i don'tean the normal folks around times square that you want to takeictures with. no, i say that lovingly. but what i mean is we had some snowflakes, just a measurable trace in the area but this is what happened as you work upstate near syracuse. 1 1/2, almost 14 inches of snow. now let's talk about tt storm. robin. two o playersn the board, one moisture bringer deepens quick and throws an enormous amount of ra and arctic front off to the west. when they combine it does mean snow but who getsit? along the coastline, d.c., philly, new york, boston, you
7:18 am
2 inches and gusty winds. shades in pink and look at the cold air behind it. these are real temperatures, not windchills, real temperatures, 23 below in fargo, real temperature in chicago, 6 below.looks to quicklyly snap back in some arctic air for the weekend with highs in the sindigits and teens. today your high is 39 in sioux city under mostly sunny skies. the overnight low is 17 with flurries and breezy conditions. tomorrow we'll reach a high of 19 with cloud cover early followeded by
7:19 am
: looks to quickly snapack in some arctic air for the ekend with highs in the single digits and teens. today your high is 39 in sioux city under mostly sunny skies. the overnight low is 17 with flurriesndndndnd want to tell u who your local weather is brought to you. >> i think it's weather tech. it's weatherer tech. >> i want to say for giving us real temperatures. >> you're welcome. coming u up he on "gma," the olympic champion arreed. gold medal skier picabo street facing assault charges for allegedl pushing her father down the stairs. >> my father just staed attacking me in my own house in front of my children. >> what really happened?? the new 911 calls this morning. an arres inhe murder mystery. the american woman killed in italy. what authorities discovered in her apartment that led them to the suspect. we finally got powerball winner the search for the luckiest
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you are looking at the california. at was last night as one of those winning powerball tickets were sold there. the wholele town going crazy and now waiting to find out who the winner of tt $1.5 billion jackt is. three winners. a lot of excitement. >> it's wonderful to see everybody was enjoying the success and riches. >> sure. >> whole town celebration. >> got to lovethat. also right now the republican presidential hopefuls facing off in tonight's big debate.
7:26 am
to sway voters in iowa less than three weeks away and this morning, kate del castillo, sean penn who arranged that interview with el chapo o is speaking out saying, i look forward to sharing m my sto with you. a big day in hollywood. oscar nomination day. look who's ready. sam and michael. >> okay, so it is the biggest day in hollywood so michael calls and says, sam, get up early and grab us some chairs so we have a place of our own.n. >> tried to get the good seats. i brought the popcorn. you got the seats. i'm very weak but trying to save enough for you over there but we're weak. i have no self-control. >> i'mot sure being in your lap. >> going pretty steadily at it. >> they have any footstools. >> i need a barcalounger. >> thank you, ys. also right now, we are waiting, of course, to learn the winners of that massive powerball jackpo
7:27 am
among the three winners in chino hill, california, munford, tennessee, and melbourne beach, florida, and t.j. is outside with the latest. >> hey there, robin. this could have all been your, yes, 1.6 billion is what it looks ke. don't fee anybody for having to split this. check ts ou this goes in line with previous lottery jackpots. six out of the seven largest jackpots i u.s. history were actually ared so this was to be expected. also, robin, if they weren't lucky enough already winning these three people live in three ates that do not tax the -- the states don't tax lottery winnings. they'll get the federal tax but they won't have to pay state taxe congratulations on saving all that money, as well. we know a little about california and tennessee. looking forward to learning about what's going on in sunny florida. > we'll tn to the arrest of olympic gold medallist picabo street.
7:28 am
with domestic violence accused of pushing her father down the stairs and eva pilgrim is here with more. >> reporter: winter olympic fan favorite arrested as you said for pushing her dadadown the stairs. this morning we're hearing the 911 call she made. >> this morning the queen of the downwnhill former olympic skier picabo street is facing charges accused of pushing her own father down the stairs. >> my father just started attacking me in my own house in front of my children. >> reporter: according to police documents 44-year-old street, a darling of the winter olympic games turned spokesperson and role model. look me up. >> reporter: after getting into a fight w with 76-year-old roland street near her house in park city, utah. >> look what he did t my hair. oh, my god, he pulled so much hair out of my head. >> reporter: she said heulled her hair and during the fight she pushed him down the stairs
7:29 am
before making this out of breath 911 call. >> he got his hands on me and i put him down the stair. >>o did hehe fallown the stairs? >> street's mother defending her husband. >> he attacked. oh, my god. are you kidding? >> reporter: street's father said she got t when he bumped his car into the house as he was leaving and the world champion downhill skier started to get angry and started yelling physical. police noting he had several cuts on his elbow and neck. street's attorney says peek aboo nies any wrongdoing hopin for an applilicable resolution. she is prepared to discuss a possible plea deal f this case. the next scheduled hearing i february 166th in a park city court. >> kind of a rough story. your first story here with us in
7:30 am
welcome to "gma." [ applause ] >> you come to us from philadelphia. >> wpvi, yes, ma'am. >> we love it. now to a major break in the murder of that american woman living in italy. a spect is in custody. ex marquardt is there. >> reporte good morning, robin. that's right. overnight italian authorities made an arrest in the murder case of ashley olsen. the suspect is a 27-year-old man from senegal who olsen brought home from a nearby bar and they're ying there is very serious evidence of his guilt. florence's prosecutor this morning telling reporters that 35-year-old american ashley olsen's death was a sexual encounter that went horribly wrong. early friday morning olsen was in this florence club, these photos from close to her apartment and walked home
7:31 am
drug-related activities. prosecutor said. the suspect's dna was found on a condomom and c cigette in the toilet. then things went bad. media. he pushed olsen and she hit her places. both were intoxicated according to the prosecutor at least o well. on saturday, her body was found naked on the floor. bruises and scratches on her neck. the official cause of death, straulation by a cord or chain. on his way out of the apartment, he also took sen's cell phone which helped the police to track him down. he is now reportedly claiming he did nototintend to kill olsen but he is being held for aggravated homicide. robin, alex, we appreciate it. the lip balm of the srs but it's facing a big lawsuit. the new phone feaeature tha
7:32 am
will it work?
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back now at 7:40 with the maker of a lip balm popular among celebs potentially facing a class action lawsuit. linzie janis h has all o the details. good morning. >> this woman says she was looking for smoother l l lips but ended up with the opposite. she and her lawyers say others have hadroblems too and they're threatening to sue. >> reporter: it's the egg shaped lip balm touted by celebrities from miley cyrus -- and we can't stop >> reporter: to kim kardashian and britney spears proclaiming their love for the product eos, evolution of smooth but is morning a propod class action lawsuit by a woman alleging the product has caused consumers' lips to crack, bleed, itch, burn, flake and generate severe
7:37 am
the lawsuit brought bring rachel cronin who claims after using the product for the first tim she had a native reaction. >> within 48 hours my lips became extremely dry and irritated. ey were flaking all around the outside. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit she contacted eos who she says told her to seek medical attention. >> i couldn't ful open my mouth to eat because it would crack. i couldn't smile fully because it would crack and bleed. >> reporter: in the suit she claims after posting pictures of her lips on facebook, there was a frenzy of responses from individuals with similar experiences. >> the next step will be to collate all the people who have the similar complaints silarly swalted. reporter: overnight eos telling abc news we firmly believe this lawsuit is without merit. our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and meet or exceed all safety and quality standards. validated by rigorous testing.
7:38 am
customers is our top priority. adding that they sold several million lip balms last month in the u.s. and received 40 consumer complaints, a complaint rate of 0.001%. the suit also alleges there are no warnings about the ingredients in the lip balm. ingredients the suit claims may cause potential side effects. but a dermatologist and medical expert we spoke with say the ingredients in this lip b balm are not unusual. >> you can't be certain the reactions are coming from the lip balm without further investigation. >> well, eos tells us the ingredients used in that their products are safe and approved for use by the fda and without warning labels. >> all right, thank you. >> absolutely. >> you see it all the time. >> celeb, kids. thank you. coming up on "good morning america," say it ain't so. there are fears this morning that one direction could be eaking up permanently. >> oh.. >> yes. >> no.
7:39 am
>> there are fears, i said, and we have some fan reaction and we should get a close-up on sam right now. >> oh, sam. >> also, t road to the oscars begins now. rachel smith backstage, beverly
7:40 am
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one direction performing for our big 40 for 40 live stream and things are not so p perfect for the boy band. there are reports that they could be breaking up for good. >> ooh. >> it's going to be okay. >> sam, do not cry, man. > this is not -- >> do not take me there. abc's nick watt, he has the story. nobody can drag me down >> repororter: a boy band bombshell. the source close to the fab four tell "us weekly" saying the 1d thing just ran its course." on twitter, i i seeo more reason to live. no, no, no. the boys have told us they're just, quote, taking a break, wrapping up their last tour telling lara it will not be
7:43 am
>> it's not fininal, final, final. >> not for real but we do get a lot of emotioional. the last time we'll sing them for awhile. >> reporter: do we believe them? not good at making promises." >> zayn quit last year. recently telling "billboard" i had every intention of remaining friend with everybody but i guess certain phone numbers have changed. the boys this morning telling us thissplitsville rumor is pure speculation sticking with what they told me at the ama sosa. >> can we just not do the hiatus? will you definitely come back. to my fellow 1ders, there is still hope save those tears for now. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc newslos angeles. >> i don't know about you at home. we're buzzing about this. >> how did this become so -- >>zayn sai about the phone numbers -- oh.
7:44 am
a terrificc article. he is moving on and has his own style of music. and i guess, you know, sort of the genie is now out of the bottle, so to speak. >> put the toothpaste back in the tube. >>hey gave us all great music -- >> what a run they d. >> that's what we have to be happy about. >> later sam will perform a medley in honor of -- >> i'm singing it right now to myself. >> you do havehat look. when we come back at the top of the hour,, not just that fro sam but counting down to oscar sunday, of course, will "star wars" winver the galaxy? the oscar nominations live from hollywood. when we come back. here's another great irove this tip from lowe's. organize your tools. put tt old rake head to good use by turning it into a tool hanger. now you'll never have to ask where is my monkey wrench.
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pluggable febreze and fabric refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ... , two more ways to breathe happy fuzzy slippers keeping your feet warm this morning. let's find the hot spots on the board. here, it doesn't all come in clean but it's warm air. new orleans, a couple of afternoonhunderstorms, litning in the air. dallas, oklahoma city, beautiful. memphis, you're gorgeous. atlanta, full-on sunshine. 60 degrees. all that weather brought to youapproaches. this looks to quickly snap back in some arctic air for the weekend with highs in the single digits and teens. today your high is 39 in sioux city under mostly sunny skies. the overnighght low is 17 with flurries and breezy cditions. tomorrow we'll reach a high of 1919 early followed by
7:49 am
:tnews update for you now... deborah: a billion dollar merger could
7:50 am
in december, dow and dupont announced they would be merging. finalize the this year. to separate into three companies specific agricultural needs. however, they haven't decided where those companies will be. the ty of johnston is hoping dupont pioneer's headquarters will be considered. the city is working with state officials in hopes be a top choice. "we hope their decison is this is where they want their headquarters to be. we're rdy to showhem why that should be their decision." deborah dow-dupont said ey are not releasing which cities are in mind for the company headquarters. those decisions will come within the next 18-24 months. jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt: we're headed for some decently warm teeratures today and tomorrow. a warm front moved through overnight
7:51 am
southwest wind. with that,t, we'll see temperatures rise into the middle 30s today and upper 30s tomorrow under mostly sunny skies. a cold front approaches on friday a and this y generate some flurries. it'lfully sink through by saturday and temperatures will diminish further. today your high is 36. it'll be mostly sunny anand spectacular. the overnight low is 19 with a few clouds. tomorrow's high is 39 with mostly sunny skies. we're headed for some decently warm and tomorrow. a warm front moved through overnight and this is going to reel in a south and with that, we'll see temperatures rise into the middle 30s today and upper 30s tomorrow under mostly sunny skies. a
7:52 am
ood morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and we finally have winners of that billion dollar jackpot. crowds go crazy in california. and who are the winners from tennessee and florida? the search rightht now f for america's new multimillionaires. the spotlight on hollywood this morning. oscar nominations live from l.a. will "star wars" win over the galaxy? >> chewie, we're home. >> will "the big short" go big or go home? and is "creed" headed for a knockout punch. >> how do you know a all this? >> it's a morning dreams come true. the envelope, please. the road to oscar starts right w. and robin's re-boot deals. great steals for your mind, body
7:53 am
>> all: good morning, america. i want to see you smile >> how much do we lov our audience. always here every m morni to greet us. it is a big day. they're here to celebrate also the winners -- celebrate the lucky people splitting that $1.5 billio jackpot. >> all saran wrapped inimes square. you getting into the oscar spirit. >> well, because, everybody, if you look around upstairs and he, our crew is all set for those oscar nomination. >> look at them. >> wow. >> hubba-hubba. >> not to be outdone, the control room. >> glamorous. >> beautiful in red. >> dashing. > did you see -- >> look at that ball gown. oh, wow. >> she is the dancing director.
7:54 am
all leading up to that. that's right. you know, we got popcorn too for everybody in the studio to get into the spirit. you saw the control room. theyey have popcorn. our crew, they don't have poorn because they want to fit in the tuxes. outside of that we're sharing the wealth of popcorn with our awarard-winninfans outside. enjoy, as well. eat up is right. >> nominations moment as way and rachel smith has exclusive access to the stage wherere it's all going to go down. what is it like there? >> that's right. it is such a special morning here. first i got t take a moment to thank the academy for allowing me to hang on to this oscar statue statue. we're on our way to the countdownor the 88th awards. it's taking place at the academy of motion picture, ors and sciences in beverly hills. the room is bustling with energy
7:55 am
in with their la-minute predictions. who will be dreaming of taking home this golden statue? you got to stay with us to find out. >> we've been told to dream i gold. that's ahead. but now the morning rundown over there with amy. amy. >> good morning, everyone. the big story is the big $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. it will be split three ways and take a look where thehe three winning tickets were sold, chino hills, california, munford, tennessee and melbourne beach, florida. overnight there was a party atmosphere where the winning ticket was sold in california and kayna whitworth is there. >> reporter: it was absole chaos in this chino hills 7-eleven last night. standing room only in here when ththey found outhey had sold o of the winning powerball tickets. now, of course, another was sold in florida and in teessee. but the store owner and his family rushed to the store to a a hero's welcome and when i spo wi the regional marketing manager, he said to me he had a feeling they would sell the
7:56 am
>> we were ready for a lot of customers and we sold a ton of tickets so i'm really not surprised. >> reporter: calornia was the top selling ste inn the nation during this most recent jackpot drawing. people here buying more than 85 million tickets onednesday alone. now, the winner here has one year to claim their prize a keep in mind that lottery winnings in california are not subject to state tax, so, amy, that is one hefty payday >> yeah, that's a win/win, kayna. thank you very much. and many around the cntry will cash in their tickets. seven tickets sold are worth $2 million each and there are 23 tickets that are worth 1 million. well, we turn to other news now and new details about a series of attacks in jakarta, indonesia today. heavy armed men set off bombs and grenades near a shoppin mall andnd tggered ray gun battle with police. at least two killed along with five attackers. a group witith links to isis has claimed responsibility and the death toll could have been much higher bututolice had extra forces in place after getting a
7:57 am
an attack. we are just getting word that actor alan richtman has died.. richtman best known for his roles in "harry potter" and "diehard" widely viewed as one of the most beloved actors. this is j just comingg in.. from what we understand he had been suffering from cancer. alan rickman was just 69 years old. in the race for present, the republican candidates take the stage again tonight for another debate. this time in south carolina. this debate will feature the top seven candidates inhe polls. carly fiorina and rand paul have been bumped from the main ent. meanwhile, ted cruz is dismissing reports he failed to disclose a loan fro citibank. he is calling it a filing error. finally one guy who needs to be cheered up this morning is getting som encouragement from an unlikelyy source. you may recall this embarssing
7:58 am
blair walsh missing that short 27-yard field goal losing sub's playoff game and some fans got nasty about that loss but not these fan, first gders at northpoint wrote letters to blair and read them out loud in class. ke a listen. >> you are the best. >> i know you can do it. everyone loves you so much and you are very good. >> and maybe you need to practice. love cody. >> i mean, you know, some constructive criticism there a and he is actually going to be joining the kids this morning to sign autograph, take pictures. one girl said, one time i messed up on my cartwheel. >> so sweet. >> that's how it suld be. >> i love the sentiment and it wasn't't a mn maybe you need to practice, you know, come on. not a big deal. yeah. >> thanks for sharing that. we apprecicie that. let's get -- what else is coming up here, michael? >> you know what's coming up
7:59 am
the new feature on your phone dr. richard besser is here to explain that. and who's waking up a lotty winner? jackpot success stories this morning. we'l'll talk live to one big winner who made it last. plus, toryyjohnson, tory i here with a special robin's re-boot camp edition of "deals & steals." all of that coming up live o "gma" in times square.e. ma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamins. you enjoy it like a mint. your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis.ts. you enjoy itit like a mint. move to a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as ttle as twtwo weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections,s,
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8:04 am
a recent survey, i was surprised by this, said only19% oadults don't get enough sleep. i thought it would be more than 19%. >> me o. >> right here. >> a and technogy may be part of the reason so let's go over to george who has more on this. >> yeah, robin,he problem may behe blue light. i'm here with ric besser because apple is testing a new feature called light shift tha changes it from blue to yell it can affect eep. >> in primive days we were governed by the sun. when the sunent down a hormone in our brain called melatonin went up and that made us sleepy. now we're vouped by artificial light and plea vents that from rising and in particular, one component of light, b blue light is really good at suppressing that melatonin r rise and our electronic devices put out a ton of blue light. >> apple has this idea to move from blue to yellow. >> will it make a big difference.
8:05 am
the time and that makes up a big component of blue light, maybe it could make a difference but we get it from all the lights around our home, compact, fluorescent bulbs, l.e.d. bulbs put out a ton of light. there are these orange glasses that will filter out all the blue light. >> it's the bono look. i don't think i'd like to watch my shows this way but they do on that. >> what other kinds of things. >> in addition to orange glass, different appsan you get f your phone whether it's android or apple that will slowly decrease the amount of light that comes out of there. in terms of sleep it's not just about that. you need to look at trying to get a routine in before bed so you're easing into your sleep. you want to look at avoidining stimulant, no caffeine after the middle of the day. make youour bedroom dark. if your clock puts out anything other than a red l light put a filter on it or get a different color o the clock and separate
8:06 am
least two hours before going to bed. >> good luck with that but it's the right idea. >> it's hard to do. much. over to amy. i wonder what seeing a lot of green will do for you becse a lot of people are waking up millionaires this morning including those three lucky winners who struck the jackpot in last night's powerball. their lives are about to change. we heard some horror stories about winners ending up broke but there are incredible successss stories and t.j. holmes is here with that. hey, t.j. >> yeah, this is the cash we've been showing this morning. what $1.5 billion generally would look like in cash. hard to think somebody could burn through all this money but there are some statistics out there that would tell you that 7 7070% of jackpot winners lose it all within five years but success story, people fd a way to hold on to their cash by finding a way to gi it away. sure, we all dream about holding that billion dollar winning ticket. me of us might do things like th.
8:07 am
hoteteluite in north america. the time fourer penthouse with your own butler and rolls-royce but that couldake your money disappear fast. the secrets of succesess, sav andnd enrich the lives of others. like the locici family from des moinines, iowa. >> this couple used a portion of their $202 million jackpot to build a new athletic field at theirocal high school? we wanted to benefit our community a our church. >> reporter: and knoxville's 59-year-old roy cocram who donated it to theater and charity organizations. sandra hayes was living on less than $26,000 a year as a st. louis social worker when she hit it big winning a $224 million powerball jackpot along with her co-workers in 2006. >> when i really realized that i won the lottery, i became a little nervous.
8:08 am
of three decided to retire, pay off her debt and put the rest into savings. >> i live on a budget and i'm disciplined. >> reporter: hayes says she treats her families to nice vavations but hasn't forgogotten to pay it forward.d. >> there have been times in my life i did not have enough money to buy grocery, food pantry, i didn'torget about them. >> reporter: and still splurges on the occasional powerball ticket. >> do i stitill play it? yes, i'm going to take my chance and see will lightning strike twice? >> it's hard to imagine someone going through this much money. we havenen't given this number. let me give you a little math. these three winners will end up splittinin about 990 million in cash. the lump sum. after taxes for each of them, they'r going to take home about $200 million. hopelly they don't burn through this any time soon. >> someone who didn't do it.
8:09 am
jackpot and you were watching this remembering. reliving what that was like for you seven years ago. >> yes, it was a a wonderful experience. it was like a dream come true in a way. a dream. it's -- how do i say this? they're in for the ride of their life. >> it's a ride all right. how isouour life right now? >> it's good. i think we're down to earth. i haven't changed anything that i can think of or know of. >> has money changed you in any way. >> i don't think so. u can ask people and friends anand stf. they'll say no. >> how did you spe the money. >> spend the money? really only thing i've ever bought really that was something -- i neveverwned a brannew vehicle so i bought a cadillac escalade. >> what did you do with t rest of the money. >> basically invested it. went to, you know, seen a couple of different financial advisers and fnd one we like and invest the money and you can live off the interest. >> you live o the interest. >> you went back to work initially. >> i worked for six years afterwards. >> why did you do that?
8:10 am
>> you can say what you want. bubu you won't know until you win . >> all ri and you had a situauaon where some coco-workers claimed that they shoul have also been a part of that pool. that had to be an incredidibly difficult situation right when you're celebrating now you're dealing with a lawsuit. >> yes, it was kind of odd. it's like, i mean, hey, you know, the thing is there the envelope is there. everybody kno you put your name on it and putut your dollar. getting the names is important. quick tip for t t winners today? >> make sure you put your name on t t envope and put your dollar in. >nd l live off the interest. i like that. >> live off thehe interest. >> loyal, thank you very much. so happy to see you doing so well. >> thank you very much. >> all right, robin. >> good to see,amy. good to see tory johnson here with "des & steals." going to be a part of our re-boot camp with big bargains on items you will sooth y your mind, bodydy and soul. we've been doing it all week long. . >> i'm so excited. >> very excited about this fst one. >> so cool.
8:11 am
this is not your typical tracker. though it trackss calori steps, activities. it's this little stone here. you hold on to that. you clip that to your pants or to bra strap and it monitors your breathing t be able to determine after it gets you baseline breathing to determine when you are stressed, when you are tense, when you are in need of a lite reminder to yourr device that says, take a breath. they send you littl guided messages on controlling your breathing. which was one of the w ws to cocorol stress. toe calm. to be focused and that's what this device is designed to do. >> i'lll ge it a shot. what is it. >> normally $150 slashed in half, $75 and free shipping from spire. >> ah, okay. >> coloring books for adults. lara and everydy were lauing about thishen we shared it before christmastime and had will ferrell was here. over the holiday break, it is so relaxing. >> so raxing and at these prices you can't afford to not
8:12 am
you love. six different options to choose fr starting at $10. today slashed all in half, really starting at 5 bucks. >> for thes >> for these. >> they're beautiful patterns, unbelievable from blue star. gorgeous selection. >> trust me, you will -- you will be so. >> soothed. all right. so anoth thing you and i are both all about, inspiring messages. why i love you on twitter always sharinghis stuff. really beautiful sayings on all of this jewelry all designed to -- sometimeses you look downn and it's joy onour bracelet. life is tough but so are you, darling. lots of great messages. huge assortment in a variety of styles you'll find online all made in america and hand much staed which i love. normally on what you choose starting at $62, everything is slashed by at least 76% so making it 15 to 19. rely big savings for beautiful jewelry. >> true savings there. oh, m my gosh.
8:13 am
this one we were talking about. the acts of good journal. get the urnal, do a good deed and pass it on, 12 different people and at the end there is a prepaid envelope and it's going to come back to you so you get to see the 12 different act you inspired and become inspired by it. i love this idea. normally $35 slashed in half, $17.50 and then last but not least aoston mom started this because she wanted to inspire better behavior. higher behavior and what better message than choose toe nice so big assortment for kids and adults. ng sleeve, short sleeve. you name it. i love her message starting at $22 slashed in half so everything today, $11 to $24. >> this is so fitting with mind, body and soul, thank youou very much. thank you. ant to thank all the companies for these great dealal iining reay great deals. go to on yahoo! to get the c codes and links. have you seen sam yet? >> i did see sam. >> let's check outside. >> i may have snatched a sweatshirt.
8:14 am
we're live in times square and say hi, sami. >> where areou from? >> chicago. >> sam. i and i have been talking on twitter for how long? >> about eight years. >> so sami came down to say hi. come down to times square and say hi, right? let's get to the boards a a show u whas going on. so the northeastern resorts are so happy about this last round of snow and guess what, you're getting more. let me show you how this works. gulf low, the kind of cruises through. pretty stormy in the southeast. this moves along the coastline and becomes snow once you get into colder air particularly for inland areas.looks to quicklyly snap back in some arctic air for the weekend with highs in the single digits and teens. today your high is 39 in sisix city under mostly sunny skies. the overnight low is 17 with flurries and breezy conditions. tomorrow we'll reach a high of 19 with cloud cover early followeded by afternoon sunshine. : looks to quickly snapack in some arctic air for the
8:15 am
your high is 39 in sioux city under mostly sunny skies. the overnight low is 17 with flurries >> sami has a job interview. everybody let's say -- >> all: good luck, sa. get in here. i have a question. sort of a discsion. we the "gm team are mostly sort of hovering around the age of what where people think mid-life crises happen. it's fair to say, right? i use the stormhovering. does anybody feel like they've done anything -- >> yeah. >> ds anybody feel like they've done anything mid-life crisis worry? >> crazy purchase? >> the person i wanted to ask is coming in right now. sam, have you done anything that would indicate a mid-life crisis. >> at 32 i'm not having it. that'shat i thought. >> next. >> so as it turns out a new
8:16 am
the mid-l-life crisis is a myth. i'm happy to report this morning that hold on you gs, i have some stats there. thank you. how about we stick together. okay, so this science group studied two groups, one from 18 to 43. one from ages 23 to 37. they studied them for a very long time and asked them both a very simple queson. how happy are you with your life right now? both groups reported that happiness levels rose io their 30s and continued to go up into their 40s. >> i believe that. >> and that, they say, is proof positive that these sort of like rash acts really have nothing to do with a mid-life crisis. of course, life satisfaction is associed with good physical health, so, as george knows an apple a day keeps the surprise lamborghini away. >> surprise lborghini. >> okay. >>ou didn't have -- >> yeah, i think you can use it as a blanket term. oh, mid-life crisis.
8:17 am
>> yes, yehank you for sharing that. and when you get to the age where you're ready -- >> maybe at 33 i'll notice it. >> you'l tl us about it. also in "pop news" this morning. at one point or another everyone is justified. an investment piece but turns out there to be some truth to that. a study found that celebrity favorite hermesirkin increases in value more than 14%. >> no way. >> every yeaea if k kt in good condition. >> if you don't useit. > and unlike goldd and stocks, the famous bag has never lost money in the 35 years it's been in production i say better investmen than stocks. i'must saying. then -- our final story is something to cluck about. shake shack, everybody, has a very special announcement. the delicious burger chain founded by danny mire hatched a
8:18 am
morning america" the very f first tatae, none other than the ceoeo of shake shack, guy, right behind you, meat randy -- >> oh. > you all look a little hungry this morning. so wewe thought we'd bring a couple. >> amy, that's yours and these are mine. so fun? randy, antibiotic chicken on a pillowy potato roll, pure slice of heaven. >> 12 years ago we changed what america thought the hamburger should be and we did it again. >> you have three seconds left. >> thank you, randy.
8:19 am
deborah family and friends of a siouxland vanished for days...are relieved to have founund her alive. after nearly a day and a half in the freezing cold. sheniqwa hayes was found tuesday in rural moville. she was discovered on a private propertyabout 50 yards from her car. it appears she left her car running and walked east ... until her walking became eradic...and she turned around where she evetually collapsed...thatat according to footprints found at thehecene. "when i saw the footprints blowing in likike theywere, i knew she was walking for a while. we didn't have a stitch of wind yesterday. a to see those footprints covered up in snow. i knew it was ry windy so i could tell she was out overnight." deborah we still don't know whahat caused hayes to l leave her vehicle... she is currently in intensive care recovering from the incident. jessica let's check in with
8:20 am
matt: we're headed for some decently warm temperatureses today and tomorrow. a warm front moved through overnight and this igoing to reel in a south and southwest wind. with that, we'll see temperatures rise into the middle 30s today and upper 30s tomorrow under mostly sunny skies. a cold front approaches on friday and this may generate some flurries. it'll fully sink through by sasarday and tempererures will dimimimish further. today your high is 36. it'll be mostly sunny and spectacular. the overnight low is 19 with a few clouds. morrow's high is 39 with mostly sunny skies. matt: we're headed for some decently warm temperatures today and tomorrow. a warm front moved through overnight t and thiss going to reel in a south and
8:21 am
with that, wll
8:22 am
we undeniable. >> chris rock, the oscar, a slam dunk, live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc. >> it isis a heavy-duty promo for oscar sunday. counting down. chris rock, o of course, is the host and, boy, you know he's going to bring it. >> uh-huh. keeptalking. >> robin i i going to eat because we're just centrtrals away from the announcement of thisyear's nominees. chris connelly and jescagle here with us and have our popcorn. let's go live to the samuel goldwyn theater in los angeles. ang lee and guillermo del toro. >> directors guillermo del toro and ang lee. [ applause ] good morning. we have a lot to get to this morning so i and ang will announce the nominees of the first 11 of the 24 categories. let's get started. r best original song, the
8:23 am
"fifty shadeof grey," "manta ray," "simple song #3" from "youth." "til it happens to you" from "the hunting ground" and "writings on the wall" from "spectre >> for achievement in cinemagraphy gras cinematography, nominees are "carol," "the hateful eight," "mad max: fury road," "the revenant" and "sicario." >> for best documentary short subject, the nomins are "body team 12," "chau beyond the
8:24 am
"claud lanzmann," a girl in the river" and "last day of freedom." >> foror best documentary feature e nominees are "amy," "cartel land," "the loo of silence," "what happened, miss simone" and "winter on fire: ukraine's fight for freedom." >> f achievement in costume design, nominees are "carol"," "cinderella," "the danish rl," "mad max: fury road" and "the revenant."
8:25 am
editing, the nominees are "mad max: fury road," "the martian, "the revenant," "sicari and "star wars: the force awakens." >> for achievement in sound mixing, the nominees are "bridge of spies," "mad max: fury road," "the martian," "the revenant" and "star wars: the force awakens." >> for achievement in makeup and hairstyling, the nominees are "mad max: fury r road," "the 1 100-year-old man who limed out a
8:26 am
revenant." >> for bt live action shohort film, the nominees are "avevee maria," "day one," "everythingg will be okay," "shok" and "stuer." >> for best animated short film, the nominees are, "bear story," "prologue," "sanjay's super team," "we can't live without cosmos" and "world of tomorrow." >> for best animated feature
8:27 am
"anomalisa," "boy and the world," "inside out",," "shaun the sheep" and "when marnie was there." >> a lot of headlines but we got right back with more nominations.approaches. this looks to quickly snap back in some arctic air for the weekend with highs in the single digits and teens. today your high is 39 in sioux city under mostly sunny skies. the overnighght low is 17 with flurries and breezy cditions. tomorrow we'll reach a high of 1919 early followed by
8:28 am
o fare've heard "the revenant" and "mad max." >> "mad max" just won powerball. >> chris, good to have you too, jess. back to hollywood again. we have the academy president cheryl boone isaacs and actor john krasinski, and they are going to have more. we'll hear best picture, the big awards about to come up. >> ooh. >> academy president cheryl boone aacs and john krasinski. [ applause ] >> welcome. what an exciting morning. thank you, guillermo and ang for kickining itoff, john, let's continue. >>et's do it.
8:29 am
in a supporting role, the nominees are, christian bale in "the big short." tom hardy in "the revenant." mark rfalo in "spotlight." mark rylance in "bridge of spies" and sylvester stallone in "creed." >> for performance by an actress in a supporting role, the nominees are jennifer jason leigh, "the e teful eight." rooney mara in "carol." rachel mcadams in "spotlight." aliciaikander in "the danish girl." and kate winst in "steve jobs." >> for achievement in visual effects, the nominees are "ex machina" machina". "mad max: fury road."
8:30 am
"the revenant.t. and "star wars: the force awakens." >> for achievement in film editing the nominees arethe big ort", "mad max: fury road," "the revenant "spotlight" and "star wars: the force awakens." >> for achievement i production design, the nominees are "bridge of spies", "the danish girl," "mad max: fury road," "the martian" and "the revenant." >> for adapted screenplay t the minees are "charlotte randolph and adam mckay for "the big
8:31 am
"boklyn," phyllis nagy for "carol" and emma donahue for "room" "room." and drew god guard for "the martian." for original screenplay, nominees are matt charmin, ethan cohen for "bridge of spies," alec garland for "ex machina," pete docter, josh cooley and ronnie del carmen for "inside out," josh singer and tom mccarthy for "spotlight" and jonathan herman, s. leeavidge and alan wenkus for "raight outta compton." >> very good. >> for original score, the nonees are thomas newman for "bridgdge of spies," carter
8:32 am
hateful eight," ennio morricone, johan johannsson for "sicario" and joh williams for "star wars: the force awakens." >> in the best foreign language film category, the nominees are from colombia, "embrace of the rpent." from france, "mustang."." from hungary, "son of saul," from jordan, "the" and from denmark, "a war. >> for achievement in directinin the nominees are adam mckay for "the big short." gege miller for "mad max: fury road" matthew dowd, alejandro gonzalez inarriutu for "the revenant," lenny abrahamson for "room" and tom mccarthy for "spotlight." >> for performance by an actress
8:33 am
are cate blanchett in "carol. brie larson in "room." jejeifer lawrence in "joy." charlotte rampling in "45 years." and saoirse ronan in "brooklyn." >> f for performance by an actor in a leadingrole, the nominees are bryan cranston in "trumbo," matt damon in "the martian," leonardo dicaprio in "the revenant," michael fassbender in "steve jobs." and eddie redmayne in "the danish girl." >> and finally we are pleased to announce the films selecd as the best picturenominees, they are "the big short," brad pitt, de gardner and jeremy kleiner,
8:34 am
steven spielberg, mark plat and kristie macosko krieger, producers, "brooklyn," finola dwyer and amanda posey, producers, "mad max: fury road," dove mitchell and george miller, producers. "the martian," simon kinberg, ridley scott, michael schaefer and mark huffam, producer "the revenant," or nandz mill shonn, steve golin, alejandro inarritu, mary parent a keith redmon, producers. "room," ed giney, producer and "spotlight," michael sugar, steve golin, nicole rocklin and blye pagon faust, producers. >> for the complete list of all the nomination, please visit >> and join us sunday night, february 28th to celebrate these
8:35 am
the oscars wit our host chris rock. see you then. [ applause ] >> "star wars" and "straight outta compton." >> we are back now with jess and chris, what jumps out to you right away, chris? >> no "star wars" or " "raight tta compton." particularly "straight outta compton," i was surprised. "star wars" weirdly because success is sometimes a liability with the oscars, it's become the oscars underdog but lot of people were hoping, obviously, nobody at abc and disney, "star wars" is nominated but i would like it to be nominated. >> five nominations for "star wars" all around, 12 for "the revenant," that leads the way. tom hardy getting a supporting actor nomination is a bit of a surprise in the place of someone like michael compete on, jacob tremblay for "room," nothing for "carol" or "straight outta compton" or "star wars." >> cate blanchett, best actrtress. >> cate and rooney mara -- >> it's loaded.
8:36 am
good show to watch. >> a lot for "mad max." >> -year-old director in george miller. he gets a best director nomination too. the surprise there is ridley y scott not getting nominated. >> exactly. >> for "the martian." >> he got a lot of love. >> did well. >> anythingump out. brie larson is a lock. i think leonardo dicaprio is a lock. ihink they can prepare to dance at the governors ba right now. >> do y think this is the y year for leo. >> this is absolutely his year. the funny think i thihink ridley scott was the otherer one basically getting a lifetime achievement award like leo is this year. >> what about sylvester stallone? >> oh. >> love that. >> you know, just for a moment there you wonder if harrison ford was going to get nominated too. same sort of role but, yeah, big night for stallone >> that'sshe toughest category to predict, best supporting actor because stallone has not gotten the previous indicators like azags.a.g. nomination.
8:37 am
>>ou always look at s.a.a.g. andnd stuff. >> mark ruffalo is a real his year. >> can i ask about -- nominations. >> and michael keaton so wonderful in that film. are you surprised he didn't get recognized. >> i am a little surprised. i think it was tough. so many were going up in the supporting categories. i think maybe he could have gone for best arc and h a shot b but decidede to go suppororng. >> they all split the vote. >> and jennifer lawrence. >> yeah, sheid it again. >> j. law. >> c cannot be stopped. >> coming up, more about the nominations. >> brie larson,he's going to be on the phone and be right back. dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: hey. dad: the culligan man.
8:38 am
culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. it's interesting. >> easing us back in with the music music the morni of the oscar nominations.
8:39 am
to a bunch of different movies this year. you see any possibility that one movie runs the table? >> i think "the revenant" would be your bet. the cinematographer is likely to be a three-time consecutive winner and coulde a big night for "the revenant." >> what about director? >> i think -- i think inarritu your best choice right now but could go in a number of different directions. should b b pointed out it's a whewash in the a aing category, 20 nominations. >> that is interesting and one of the nomineeees on the phone right now, be larson for "room." congratulation, how are you feeling this morning? >> thank you. i'm shaking ght now. i'mm really confused. >> ah, what a week you're having, you won the golden globebe on sunday and what a performanc i have to say, such a powerful performance. great to have you here lt week. so did you wait up all night for the call or get woken up by that phone? >> oh, i stayed up.
8:40 am
just got off work i time to basically come home and have a bit of dinner and then watch the nominations come out. >> such an incredible performance you gave and because so much of it happened in that confined space, every gesture you made mattered. >> ye, exactly. it was a film that took a lot of resech and a l of time. i snt eight months prepari for it so that the movovieou lookokikee it was effortless. >> your work goes back to "13 going on 30" i think, brie from way back when. what is this moment like. something you dreamed of your entire life i'm sure being an oscar nominee. >> i mean,t's the highest form of flattery in my field. it's unbelievable and the nominations mean so much because it comes from your peers. comes from fellow actors. i wasas homomeschoole and i never really felt like i was part of any group. to be included with people that
8:41 am
a kid is just absolutely incredible. >> lennyy abrahamson, getting nominated. the director o "room." tell us what he was like to work with. >> he's just an inspiration. i could not have done this without him. he is the most compassionate and care of any director i've worked with. i'm so incredibly happy for him. i think he deserves it so much. the film is what it is because of him, because of his skill, beuse of his humanity, his understanding, his pth, his love and i think this is such a well-deserved nomination. >> hey, brie, who is the first person you call when you hang up with us? >> yeah, exactly. >> probably myy mom. >> yay! >> good answer. >> well, congratulations and enjoy the day, enjoy everything. you deserve everything you're going to get comg up. brie larsoson, thankvery much. >> thanks so much. i look forward to hugging you all soon. >> oh.
8:42 am
>> that's nice. >> we'll see y on the red carpet. >> that's where she'll be. >> youan see the full list of nominees on our website at
8:43 am
we'll be right back. "good morning amemerica" i brought to you by jimmy dean. shine e on.
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it'll be mostly sunny and spectacular. the overnight low 19 with a few clouds. tomorrow's high is 39 with mostly sunny skies. matt: we're headed for some decently warm temperatures today and tomorrow. a warm front moved through night and this is going to reel in a south and southwest wind. with that, we'll see temperatures rise into the middle 30s today and upper 30s tomorrow under mostly sunny skies. a cold front approaches on friday and this may generate some flurries. it'll fully sink through by saturday and temperatures will diminishsh further
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