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secretary of state hihiary clinton. the former president spoke to voters at morningside college and stated that when america has people who are struggling, striving or succesful and work together good things happen. clinton also spoke on the injustices of african americans, hispans, muslims, and the push for equal opportunities for women. "i believe that we need to vote for someone who can keep the country safe with sacrificing our values and our character. i belive we need to vote for someone who can create more opportunity and higher income that we all particiate in," said clinton. hillary's husband expressed that he believs she will carry on with the same success that president barack obama has had while in office. " deal with problems that keeps america up at night, to preserve the ins that the president has made in those areas in gun safety, gay rights, all the things trying to create a country that can grow together," said clinton. hillary clinton supporters say that her track record proves she is the one that should take office come november. "she did do a lot of things and i think that most of americans are looking for the person that can make the change," said souissi. "regardless of who else is running, i think that her plans really do speak to iowans," said dubbs. "...bring iowa home
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you and gogobless," said clinton. bria: there's 17 days until iowa caucuses and the clinton campaigns have been going strong. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: the results of the online iowa straw poll have been released and they may suprise you. there's a new runner-up to donald trump in the race for iowa.... and it's rand paul who didn't make the main stage at last nights gop debate. marco rubio, ted cruz, and ben carson round out the top five. and over on the
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hillary clinton over bernie sanders, but only by one percent. martin o'malley remains in a distant third with 4 percent of the poll. jenna: on the republican side of the race, ted cruz may be facing a lawsuit which aims to derail his campaign. a texas attorney has formally filed a lawsuit against cruz, saying he should be disqualified from the presidential race because he isn't a natural born citizen. cruz was born in canada to an american-born mother. the issue was brought up by front-runner donald trump in last night's g-o-p debate. tim: a plymouth county man will stand trial for the murder of his mother in 20-14. titi 45-year-old jonathan neunaber of akron was ruled competent after a plymouth county judge ordered a mental evaluation. according to court documents released today, neunaber was evaluated by two medical experts prior to the judge's ruling. the defense's expert finding neunaber sufers from asperger's disorder and dependent personality disorder.
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neunaber is facing up to 25 years in prison. his 80-year-old mother, esther was found in her rural akron home of blunt force trauma. neunaber was arrested in la crosse, wisconsin the day after. a trial date has not been set yet. tim: authorities are looking into the death of an inmate in the emmet county jail yesterday according to emmet county sheriff mike martens, 51 year old lee roy hum was found unresponsive at 8 o'clock thursday morning. hum was transported to the hospital in estherville, where he was pronounced dead. the state medical examiner is conducting an autopsy in a aeny today iowa d-c-i is ntinuing to ininstigate the case. tim: a 16 year old girl has died after a rollover accident in rural monona county this morning according to authorties, 15 year old sidney solberg lost control of her vehicle when she hit a patch of black ice and went into the ditch. the vehicle rolled at least once, solberg's passenger 16 year old shelby montage of
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year old braiden solberg, were both ejected from the vehicle. montange was pronounced dead at the scene. the other 2 teens were taken to the hospital for treatment. they were headed to school when the accident happen. jenna: a school bus accident near sac city sent a handful of people to the hospital yesterday. the bus hit a truck at the intersection of rolf avenue and highway 20. the driver of the truck and both his passengers, taken to a nearby hospital. two of the four children on the bus were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the school bus driver was cited for failing to yield at a stop sign. jennnn the university of soututdakota has bannnn the possession of self-balancing scooters, or hoverboards, from their residence halls. u-s-d had previously banned hoverboards from its buildings and dorms, but now the college has completely banned the possession of them all together. more than 30 universities across the country have banned hoverboards on campus citing federal concerns
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tim: sioux gateway airport wi soon have a direct flight to dallas. mayor bob scott announced this morning that, starting i imay, american airlines will add service to it's hub at dallas-ft worth international. the airline announced in novermber it no longer needed federal financial assistance to operate at sioux gateway, adding that it would consider adding more flights. you can start buying tickets to dallas-ft worth as early as tomorrow. tim: since the 70's monster trucks have been crushing cars under thier oversized tires..... and some of th biggest and greatest monster trucks will be in sioux city this weekend. monster truck nationals are being held at the tyson events center tonight and totorrow. and will featureseveral 10 thousand pound machines including the ram- inator and the ram-u-nition tickets are 20 dollars at the door. jenna: today marks famous civil rights activist, doctor martin luther king junior's birthday. he would've en
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doctor king was an american baptist minister who famously lead the civil rights movement, remembered most for his iconic "i have a dream speech". that was in 19-63 at the national mall. he was assasinated in memphis tennessee on april 4th 19-68 jenna: sioux city is honoring dr. martin luther king junior day monday with a day's worth of events. the local chapter of the n-double- a-c-p and sioux city community district will be celebrating the life and accomplishments of dr. king. a finale of the day's events will be hosted by mount zion baptist church at 7 o'clock that night. the theme of the evening will be "what are you doing for others?" tim: students at a des moines elementary school took to the halls today to celebrate the civil rights leader's legacy. they walked in silence one at a time and then stopped to join hands while listening to doctor king's "i have a dream speech." "i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. we hold these truths to be self evident that all
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tim: coming up some iowans are making the most of the cold weather. carving ice sculptures, details after the break... temps are tumbling starting tonight, dangerous cold and light snow for the weekend, details next.
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chills expected to plummet to 20 below there. stay indoors, bundle up, and don't
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blast, only 2 in fargo... that cold air pushes south tonight and tomorrow. temps already in teens in nw iowa. winds are breezy out of the north west up to 20 mph, so wind chills aren't too nice. already below 0 in nw ia, single digits around sioux city. our temperatures tonight are expected to get close to 0, below that nw.increasing clouds and tumbling temps tonight, down to single digits by morning. frozen snow on the sky cam, we're about to add afresh layer to thaha too! temps havavbeen tumbli, our high occung early. imagine a day in the 60s? our record from 2006. clouds filling in on satellite and some light flurries west. we'll
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tomorrow night. strong nw flow doesn't go anywhere. arctic tonight. tomorrow, clouds and cold temperatures in the teens. we'll be dry in the afternoon,n,ut then a clipper swoops down bringing some light snow late in the evening and overnight. it has a southeasterly track so i'm expecting lighter accumulations north and west, and higher accumualtions south and east. it's gone by the morning and another arctic high comes through, clearing our skies and further pushing arctic air. sat night, dangerously cold and sunday below 0. nday above 0, but better r rief comes by tuesday. snow forecast: 2-3" southeast, below 1" northwest. tonight, cloudy and frigid 2 with wind chills below 0. tomorrow, clouds and bitter cold. snow coming in
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plummet sat night, dangerous cold, wind chills near 40 below. below 0 sunday. tuesday has temps warmer w/ a chance of light snow. jenna/tim/fred stay warm this weekend!
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folks in the quad cities are preparing for their annual ice-stravaganza kicking off
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dawson list, an award winning ice sculptor is in davenport, carving masterpieces out of 12 thousand pounds of ice. he's modeling this year's sculptures after eagles, which he says are iconic symbols of winter in the area. but the winter wonderland is complete with all sorts of activities for the family, including live music, give aways and crafts for the kids. jenna: and speaking of eagles... when we come back, did you know this weather is good for spotting bald eagles?
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freezign cold temperatures tim: but it's perfect weather... if you like spotting bald eagles... the rock island arsenal in the quad cities has opened up tours to the public to
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look at the magnificent animals, jenna: reporter gretta patrick shows us a unique way to get a bird's eye view of our national bird... " mike mckean/park ranger, u.s. army corps of engineers: and you get to see the clock, in the actual clock tower, so that's kind of, almost the highlight sometimes besides the birds of course. the u-s army corps of engineers park rangers are giving people a chance to climb inside the historic clock tower on the rock island arsenal. it's all part of their eagle watching tours.allowing people to see eagles from five floors up. [nats: walking up stairs...] park ranger mike mc-kean, says you'll see more eagles as the weather gets colder... mike mckean/park ranger, u.s. army corps of engineers: as long as there's a decent amount of ice on the river, usually viewing is pretty good. the ice just limits where the eagles can feed from, and down below the dams, that water's always churning." 10 saturday, january 16-th is the first day those eagle watching tours begin. they'll be at 9:30 in the morning and at noon... and before you head out to the island with your camera and binoculars,
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things to remember... reservations are recommended, because sometimes the tours fill up really fast.. and you should show up well before the tour starts. mike mckean: most public will want to enter in through the moline gate, that's where the arsenal security visitor control center is, so they'll just want to go through that protocol there, background check will be done, they'll be issued a pass, if all is well, then you're welcome to visit us." the last clock tower tour is on january 6-th at noon. but bald eagles can still be spotted from anywhere along the river." jenna: coming up in sports...iowa state finds its self toward the bottom of the big twelve. but find out why the cyclones haven't hit the panic button just yet. tim: plus...iowa got a win in east lansing for the first time since 1993. hear from the hawkeyes on their season sweep of
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of conference play, you could make an argument that nobody in the country has been as impressive as iowa. the hawkeyes are 4-0 in the big ten and after last night's road win over michigan state, three of those wins have come against top- 14 opponents. peter jok scored 19 of his 23 points in the first half last night, as the hawkeyes quickly built a 47-25 advantage at the half. while the spartans would make a run in the second half, they couldn't get any closer than 13 in the final minutes. for iowa fans, it was big to win in east lansing for the first time since 1993, but for the players, it was just a big win, period. jarrod uthoff--"those other years are different teams. we've got a new team this year and i think that's how you've got to approach every year. each year, it doesn't matter what happened the last 20 years, what matters is what happens this year and we came out with a win." peter jok--"after the
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why we beat them and all that so we was ready to play this game. i heard them call it a fluke game so we was ready to go right away and it just felt great." the hawkeyes host michigan on sunday afternoon at 3:30. iowa state on the other hand hasn't opened conference play the way many expected. the cyclones, a popular pick to dethrone kansas in the big xii, has stumbled to a 1-3 league mark. but those losses are by a combined 12 points and isu isn't losing coidence just yet. steve prohm--"we've got a good group and obviously everybody's down right now. i'm not that's not my job to get down it's not these kids job to get down. it's our job is to go and play this game the best we possibly can. believe me it's hurts me more than anybody. i understand the expecations i understand who i'm replacing i understand what everybody wants here and believe me it bothers me more than anybody." georges niang--"guys are all positive i mean this isn't the first thing of adversity thing of adversity that we've faced so you know we're we're ready to fight back and keep climbing. there's no quitters in this
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thinks that we can't do this and we all believe in each other." tomorrow the clones have a chance to get on track...they head to manhattan to take on k-state. that game tips off at 3 pm and can be seen on espnu. chris: last night the musketeers got a much needed, 3-1 win over conference leading lincoln. tonight, they stayed in the cornhusker state to renew their i-29 rivalry with omaha. the lancers are currently third in the west just a point ahead of sioux city, meaning with a win, the musketeers are back in playoff position. this will be the fourth meeting of the season between the two teams with the muskies holding a 2-1 edge and they expect a battle at the ralston arena. jay varady--"that's another tough building to play in. for us we have to be prepared. it's our ability to play on the road. i think we have to manage road games, we have to learn how to play in tough environments and we have to make sure we're managing the puck against the omaha team."
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for 7 pm tonight. chris: in just about 6 weeks, the sioux city bandits will kick off the 2016 season and begin their cif title defense. today, the team announced the signing of three players. the biggest signing comes in the secondary...rahn franklin junior will be back for his fifth season with the team. franklin was a first team all cif performer last year after leading the league with 11 interceptions and 19 pass break ups. in addition to franklin, the bandits also added trent hicks and ben pister to hicks will be in his first year with the team...he played six games with the texas revolution in the cif last year. and on the defensive line, ben pister is back with the bandits after his first year in sioux city was cut short with injury. he had 13 tackles and 3 sacks in 3
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outside the space had to be cut short today after moisture formed inside the helmet of u-s astronaut tim kopra. the walk was aborted abt two-thirds the way through but kopra and a european astronaut did complete their main task of unboltting the station's failed regulator and installing a replacement. the scare brought back memories of a near-drowning in 2013 when an italian spacewalker's helmet developed an internal leak. todays incident took place about 200 feet from the astronauts' exit, which is about as far as spacewalkers safely can go. jenna/tim/chris/fred:
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chills below 0. tomorrow, clouds and tter cold. snow coming in late. 7-day has temps plmet sat night, dangerous cold, wind chills near 40 below. below 0 sunday. tuesday has temps warmer w/ a chance of light snow.
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here they are, the luckiest family in america. >> i won't be in today.
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then, actor sean penn,
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