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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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a massive srm heading to the east coast. the n nion's capital paralyzed by snow and ice right now causing wreck after wreck on the road. drivers stuck for hours. even the esident's motorcade trapped by gridlock. schools closed with more than two fee of snow expected in some areas. breaking right now, pointing the fingerr at putin. the russian president aused of using a radiotive poison to kill one of his most famous critics. will he be charged with murder? take a look at this. a pickup truck out of control on the highway rolling over and nding a passenger flying into the air. how he walked away from is frightening wreck. and an abc news exclusive. will smith speaking out for the first timime this morng about the backlash over the oscar nominations. >> that's not the industry. that's not the america i want to leave behind. >> what the two-time oscar nominee is sayiying about the
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biggest night? only on "gma." and good morning, america. let's say hi to robin in l.a. you sat down with will smith, robin. he's right in the middle of that big debate over diveity in the oscars. >> one o the reasons for the ouage over the oscar nomination, many thought he should have been among the nominees for his role in t t movie "concussion." we'll hear what he h h to say about the lack of diversity in hollywood and did he even know his wife jada was going to post that video seen by millions? we'll discuss that too. >> i think you're leading us to a possible ansnswer right there. okay, thanks, robin. we'll start though with that monster winter storm. blizzardrd watch for new york and washington and america's capital has already been hit hard by a different storm. >> a live loo at a highway in
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less t than 2 ihes of snono but it's causing chaos and get r rdy because two f ft is on the way. >> they are getting ready right now and rob is in alexandria, virginia. you are right in the middle of all the preparations. that's a lot of salt behind you. >> can you believe it, george? it's incrediblele. this is three times the norl size of a salt pile you'd see on a typical highway. 22,000 tons of this will be spread across northern virginia using 4,000 trucks in anticipation of this storm. this is going to be the bull's-eye, we think, for t most snowfall as we go through time and with the snow beginning here in earnest on frida but they certainly could have used this last night. it was less than two inches of snow that broht d.c., baltimore and virginia to a crawl. david kerley has that part of the stor david. >> reporter: rob, it was a mess last night. believe me, i was in it and, yes yes, they could have used assault and pretreatment of the state of maryland didn't treat
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eir statete roads and didn't think it would be a big deal. this intnterstateehind me was gridlock. ev the presisident got stuckn trafafc. a hal hour trip took an hour and 15 minutes. it w was a mess. this morning the east coa waking up to the surprising and crippling winter storm. whiteout conditions, icy roads causing wreck after wreck. >> i almost wrecked twice and i almost seen another wreck. it's been crazy. >> reporter: virginia troopers responding to more than 200 ashes. thnatition's's catal's paralyzyzed overnight. d.c. caught off guard by the snow. untreated roads and highways slicke with ice causing many motorists s slip and slide. >> i thought as soon as i got on the road that this was going to be a bad idea. >> reporter: all this from less than 2 inches of snowfall. still, it was enough to delay even the leader of the free world. th president's motorcade trtrapped by the grid. lock ping-ponging from curbo curb on a frozen street.
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thousands more going nowhere fast stuck for hours on icy roads. >> it was pretty rou driving home and it took an hour to get four miles so we decided toto walk and it's pretty icy on thehe roads too when you're walking. >> reporter: this d.c. area highway becoming a parking lot. >> they can't move. >> reporter: forcing this family to walk home. >> we don't know how long it will take. one hour, two hour, five hour, six hours, no one knows. >> reporter: this morning, many fearing what is still to come with parts of the mid-atlantic expecting up to two feet of snow. and it is still a mess this morning. traffic is moving, b but there's a big problem going into the district just down the road here and sad news, just a couple of hours ago a couple of miles from here a pedestrian hit b a snowplow andkilled. so dangerous conditions here in d.c., lara. >> dangerous, indeed. david,d, thank y very much. as we just saw it's causing chaos in t south before it makes its way to the northeast. at this hour the gulf coast bracing for severe weather
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we want to get back to rob with that. >> hey, lara, multifaceted storm as you mentioned will tap moisture from the gulf of mexico das a decent amount of energy. it packed a punch when it hit the west coast and has a lot of jet s stream juice with it. enhanced rk of thunderstorms that could produce severe weather including tornadoes across louisiana, mississippi and alabama and now we have a newly issued blizzard watch for new york city, northeast new jersey and long island for blowing and drifting snow as this thing makes its w -- widespspread winter storm watches. what we expect to see, the worst day saturday and saturdaynight, we're thinking potentially up to two feet or more especially west of d.c. but there's a sharp cutoff as you go up to philadelia. probably see about a foot and new york city getting a little dicey bethe wind is going to be blowing and coastal floodin big waves and it doesn't have t benowing a lot, george and lara, to get blizzard conditions, that winds a pretty good b bit so it will be a nasty, nasty weekend.
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up to you. >> understatement, perhaps. >> kids are bracing for a snow day but it happens on a saturday. >> sorry, guys. to that breaking news, a report just releaseded saying russiapresident vladimir putiti quote, probably approved the poisoning of a former kgb officer and critic. abc's lama hasan is in london with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. this morning a bombshell conclusion pointing the finger at vladimir putin. the 300-page report saying puti quote, probably approved the assassination of former kgb agent alexander litvinenko. litvinenko a fierce critic of putin was reportedly poisoned by two former russian security agents aer drinking tea laced with polm 210 ten years ago at a londonhotel. his wife welcoming the report saying the words her husband said on h deathbed accusing the russian president of his death have been proved in court today. moscow is callinghe report politically motivated. george.
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>> i'll bet they are. okay, la, thanks very mu. to the race for president we turn. sarah palin hitting the campaign trail with donald trump. as the billionaire opens up his biggest lead yet in new hampshire. and more high-profile republicans have come forward to endorse the front-runner abc's tom llamas is in des moines, wa. good morning to you, tom. >> reporr: lara, good morning to you.u. with support growing for donald trump, he's still chipping away at senator ted cruz but with t ten days to go before the caucuss senator ted cruz is saying donald trump will not stop the gravy train for d. insiders. this morning, m me and m more ominent repeplicans t tning theirr backs on senator ted cruz. first iowa's governor. now forme republican presidential nominee bob dole telling "the new york times" cruz is a, quote, extremist and nobody likes him saying tmp would do aetter job because he's kind of a dealmaker. >> the washington establishment is rushing over to support donald trump.
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>> reporter: in the lead-up to iowa trump is winning t headline war. >> like i said yesterday in iowa, no more pussyfootg around. it is time. you deserve the best. >> reporter: t sarah palin endorsement tour firing up the trump base. >> our vets deserve a commander in chief who will let them do their job and go kick isis' [ bleep ]. >> all: usa, usa. >> reporter: palin making her speech in tulsa personal talking about her 26-year-old son track. >> this is kind of the elephant in the room. >> reporter: police arrested track for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and also threatened to shoot himself with an ar assault weapon telling the crowd he's coping with ptsd tying his troubles to a president she says neglects
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where they have to look at him and wonder, do you know what we go through? >> reporter: but when trump took the mike he said his target on the democrats who w wt to be bernrnie sanders. >> can you imagine this gu a we. no, no? he's beating hillary clinton. can you believe this? this guy, he's a whack job. i really want to run against her but i reay would like to run against bernie sanders too. >> reporter: and the trump campaign says theare working hard to win the hawkeye state. they say for them second place is not a victory. they want first place here in iowa. george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. let's talk to jon karl about all this. closing in on those first votes in iowa, jon, everyingle day counts and trump did win the news cycle wh that sarah palin endorsement but what abo the argument that president obama is to blame for track palin assaulting his girlfriend. >> reporter: in politics that's
7:10 am
what we call a stretch. i've see barack obama blamed for a lot of things. i never imagined when the story brokthat sarah palin's son was chged with domestic violence thatat somehowhis would be obama's fault. but, look, you know, palin brings a lot of baggage but there is no question this endorsement is still a very big deal for trump and you can see that in the reactions from the other candidates. they have all came out in response and praised sarah palin, even jeb bush yesterday sarah palin because sheas conservatives in iowa. >> talk about things you never imagined. the former senate majority leader robert dole saying that donald trump would be a better president than aepublican senator, ted cruz. you've got the establishment seemg to choose trump over cruz right now. is that a problem for cruz or an opportunity? >> reporter: well, look, the establishment attacks have not hurt at all throughout this campaign. t i think this may be different because it helpsps trump ma an argument that he is more electable. th's been the bgest
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or not he can win in november. so if you have establishment figures like the governor of iowa, le bob dole saying that he is more electable than ted cruz i think that actually helps trump and hurts cruz. >> one of the other dynamicics you're seeing with all this focus on trump and cruz all the other candidates getting drowned out. >> reporter: ablutely. marco rubio, should be a great opportunity for him, the two front-runners are beating i out but he can't get a word in edgewise. >> thanks very much. i'll have an exclusive interview with ted cruz in new hampshire tomorrow. we'l'll turno wall street and that roller coaster, stocks falling in asia this morning after another wild day here. the dow tumbling 250 points. this as oil prices are also plunging to the lowest level in more than a dede. abc's rebecca jarvis is here to explain it all to us and good mornin to you, rebecca. >> reporter: gd morning, lara. stocks are now dowown this year almost 10%. we know that when stocks fall in china, they fall here and this
7:12 am
morning u.s. stotocks are already pointing to a lower open. this morning, wall street preparing for another day of wi swings after plunging wednesday. the dow dpping 566 points before clawing its way back to close down 249 points. theulprit behind the coapse, tanking oil pres. now $28 a barrel the lowest level in 12 years. welcome news for consumers. the national average for a gallon of gas this morning, $1.87. the majority of americans now pang less than $2 a gallon at the pump. but that good news for consumers is also a significant blow to the energy industry which lost 100,000 jobs last year and now risks losing even more if oil prices stay this low. >> the market can handle bad news but it can't handle uncertainty so not knowing where the bottom is in oil causes a lot of angst even a among the rea
7:13 am
>> reporter: investors also concerned that a slowdown i in china, t world's second largest economy could hit industries here like construction, technology and manufacturing. the turbulence sending u.s. stocks down almost 10% for thehe year. wiping out more than $2 trillion in value. for the typical retirement savings account, that's a loss of nearly $8,300. and as hard as that is toee what we know from previous sell-offs is that t hardest thingo do is the very bt thing you can do for your money, those who stay the course are the ones who come out on top. e people who sell in the worst of it are the ones who end up losing the most. >> always the hardest lesson to remember. you're right. >> patience is a virtue. >> thanks very much. we move on t t a new warning about hoverboards. top government watchdog i is calling for a suspepension of all online sales of all hoverboards. there are concerns not just about the fires but also thehe falls and abc's g gio benitez has the story.
7:14 am
people falling and boards exploding, a damaging neweport from the government says until further review, sales of these hoverboard should stop especicially onlili whether it's a $500 or a $5,000 podle, the safety of all hoverboards called into question >> we've seen enough fall and fire hazards to believe that there could be poor safety issues that need to be addressed. >> reporter: just a day before the safety announcement a northern califnia family says their hoverboard caught fire while being charged. the 40th such fire under investigation. the family's two dogs killed. >> it could happen in the middle of the night. i cou have lost my daughter. reporter: the one in a mall happ captured the headlines but the chairman of the consumer product safety commission is also worried about this, injuries from falling off asking whether these hoverboards have the right technology and software to adjus for the difference between a 50-pound child or 150-pound adult.
7:15 am
>> they are designed in a manner that makes them take off when people are not ready for it. that is a hidden hazard and can create dangerous falls. >> reporter: this morning 13 models of hoverboards are tually under investigation for all those batteryfires. the models account for mor an half of the hoverboards that have come into the country. amazon said this week it would fully respond consumers who bought one ofhose boards and the government is calling on other retailers to do the same. and one of the hoverboard manufacturers, swagway, lara, i know you have one telling us overnight they're testi a new version but as you can imagine all of these companies must be scrambling especially with amazon allowing returns and if you bought yours on amon. >> i did. i'm trying to figure out how to hide it. >> we've retired ours. it's away. >> i n never bought those. >> you held strong. >> i boughtt before i knew they were going to implode. >> now amazon is allowing all those returns. it's setting a prececedent.
7:16 am
>> now we gorom hoverboards to a hisric hire in the nfl. a woman breaking through the grass ceiling, see what we did right there, becomin the league's first full time coach and ryan smith has that story. >> reporter: this morning, the nfl making history, the buffalo bills tweeting the revolutionary news, breaking, kathryn smith is the bills new special teams qualit control coach, the first full-time female nfl coach! the new coach started as an intern for the new york js i 2003 spending 12 seasons with the team working her wayp to be an interto head coach rex ryan. ryan sending smithth his well wish wishes saying "kathryn smith i i going to do an outstanding job based on her k knowledge and i'm fxcited and proud for her with this new opportunity." smith is just the latest woman to make strides in the world of sports. last year the nfl breaking down
7:17 am
ever female ref sara thomas to theootball field and the n making huge strides in 2014 when they hired becky hammond, the first female assistant coach in the league's history. >> i'm just incredibly grateful obviously to the spurs organization. >> reporter: as f kathryn smith, football and female fans alike all seem on board with tweets overnight reading, love this and about time. indeed, this isn't the first time the bills have broken the nder barrier hiring the first female scout in 1986. as for sth she's replacing a former p and rex ryan saying she' proven she's ready. >> what that position is called what, special -- > speci teams -- >> quality corol. >> the plays, they're looking over everything, make sure everything is on schedule. >> is top notch. >> i mean it's a gd job to have. it's a big job. great to see as a forr plar it's great to see a female
7:18 am
coach, female referees and in there, as well. >> about time. let's go back to rob. the midwest is getting h by that big storm before it moves east. hey, rob. >> hey, george, yeah, wid swath of the u.s. affected by this. they'll be u using a lot of this salt. this is the biggest salt pe i've ever seen. salina, kansas, several inchehes of snow. saw a bit of a headache with this first pulse of snow coming through. we are going to look for snow not just across the nororth but south, as well. icing across the carolinas and the back side of this we'll see snow from kentucky, tennessee
7:19 am
arkansnsas.through from the south and southeast. we have some fog and cloud cover out there. later this evening, pass tough. cold under a mix of high preressure budsds weekend will be windy and warmer as high temperatures finally make it back into the 30s. the snow forecast model l shows a dusting to 1/2 inch of snow - this will be a minor event. today's forecast calls for ouds and a high of 27. the low is 10. tomorrow's high is 20. >> and coming up on "gma," robin in l.a. with will smith. hey, robin. >> hey, george, going one-on-one with will smith. so manyhought he would get a nomination for his role in "concussion" this . what he is saying about the oscars conoversy and what he really thinks needs to change in
7:20 am
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47 employees were informed they'd no longer be working at a call center in sioux city.
7:26 am
a spokesperson for the century link call center confirmed it shut down on friday. saying the closure is part of "century link's ongoing effort to remain competitive " the work from sioux city's center will be transferred to a site in utah. the 47 employees were given the option relocate for those jobs and other jobs in the company or accept severance packages. lukas: there will be a handful of republican candidates in sioux city this week... ben carson will host an event saturday at the orpheum theater.... plus...the former arkansns governor, mike huckabee will be in sioux city today at the siouxland center for active generations at 8 in the morning. and donald trump will also be in the area on saturday. he's speaking at dordt college starting at 11 in the morning. jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt:currently, we have temperatures in the teens and 20s and a light wind coming through from the south and southeast. we have some fog and cloud cover out therer
7:27 am
later this evening, some light snow will pass through. tomorrow will be cold under a mix of sun and clouds as high pressure builds in for a day. the weekend will be windy and warmer as high temperatures finally make it back into the 30s. the snow forecast model shows a dusting to 1/2 inch of snow - this will be a minor event. today's forecast calls for clouds and a high of 27. the low is 10. tomorrow's high is 20. matt:currently, we have temperatures in the teens and 20s and a light wind coming through from the south and southeast. we have some fog and cloud cover out there. later this evening, some light snow will pass through. tomorrow will
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welcome back to "good morning america." you are looking live at washington, d.c. where the roaoads
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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that one is closed,, carss stuck in gridlock aftft the area saw just an inch of snow last night. untreated roads causing major traffic delays and some accidents making a mess for morning commuters as the northeast faces a blizzard watch right now. it's going to get messy. >> this is all before the big storm. >> right. >> cdc issuing a new warning saying 86 million americans could be affted by something called prediabetes. most decent even know it so dr. besser will joioi us liviviv in ourur next hour with simple test showinin how to detect i and researchers now say that our solar system may really have a nintplanet after all. remember, they got rid of pluto a couple years back and says this may b 5,000 types bigger than pluto and haven't seen it yet but say it could be spotteded with a telescope within five years. also this morning, michael, as you can see right here, you have some news about amy schumer. >> yeah, you know, we love her jokes. we all love amy schumer's jokes but now some are saying they're
7:30 am
not actually her jokes and -- >> one of them or many of them? >> well, i think -- >> we'll get into it but a lot say she may have stolen jokes. she's going to rct to that. >> that is coming up. right out to robin. she has that exclusive interview with will smith in l.a. hey, robin. >> all right, george, will smith, one of the actors who many feel should have be nominated for his performance in "concussion." yeah, he hoped to receive a nomination. many actors hope to hear their name called nominatioionororngng butt will smith says he's even more concerned about what he sees as a serious issue that goes far beyond the film industry. is hollywood like you expected it to be and you dreamed of it as a id? >> the beauty of hollywood and combined with american ials is the ultimate dreams for
7:31 am
american concept o of anything is possible with hard work and dedication a and no matter your race or your religion, creed, none of that matters in america. >> the way you describe it and for everyone, their american dream i different. it's not all the same and they want to see that reflected in film. >> absolutely. >> and i think that is part of the conversation that's going on right now. >> absolute. >> and people raising their hand and saying, hey, i'm not seeing myself being recognized by the academy. can y/u understand their feelings? >> yeah. i think that diversity is the american supeower. that's why we are great. so many different people from s many different places adding
7:32 am
thr ideas, their inspiration and their influences to this beautiful american gumbo, you know, and for me,, at its best, hollywood represents and then creates the imagery r that beauty. bubut for my part, i think that i have to protect and fight f f the idealshat make our country andake our hollywood community great. and so wn i look at theeries of nominations of the ademy it's not reflecting that beauty. >> yeah, you said hollywood at its best and many feel we're not seeing hlywood a its best right now. even george clooney mentioned that ten years ago, he thought the acemy was doing better what is your opinion?n? well, it's really
7:33 am
i've been nominated twice for academy awards. d i've never lost to a white person. the first time i lost to denze and the second time i lost to forest whitaker so for me that was huge. so whehen i see this list and series of nominations that come out and everybobo is fantastic and that't's the complexitit of this issue, everyone is beautiful and deserving and is fantastic but it feels like it's gog the wrong direction, you kn. when i look at it, the nominations reflect the academy. the academy reflects the industry, reflects hollywood and then the industry reflects america. it reflects a series of
7:34 am
our country at the moment. there's a regressive slide towards separatism, towards racial and religious disharmony and that's not the hollywood that i want to leave behind. that's not the industry, that's not the america i want to leave behind. >> the academy is under pressure as more stars speak out about the lack of diversi in this ar's oscar nominations including will's wife jada pinketsmitith. >> with all grace and love and let's do us differently. >> your beautiful wife, jada. >> yeah, uh-huh. >> so passiote. >> yeah. >> and so powerful. >> absolutely. >> and letting the world know her thouts. >> absolutely. >> about the lack of diversity in hollywood wh her posting. >> ablutely. >> and has been seen by millns.
7:35 am
were you aware that she was going to do that? >>no, i was out of the country at the time and i came home and what happened? >> what was your first reaction? was it a fist pump or was it like, ooh? >> she's deeply passionate and when she is moved, s h has to go. and i heard her words and i was knocked over, you know, i was happy to be married to that womanut i appreciated the pu, thehere's a position thate hold in this community and if we're not a part of the solution we're part of the problem. and it was her call to actction for herself and for me and for our family to be a part of the solution. >> and how do yououespond to people who feel thatt only reason she made those remarks is
7:36 am
didn't receive a nomination this year? >> there's probably a par of that in there, but for jada, had i been nominated and no other people of color were, she would have made the video anyway. we'd still be here havg this conversation. this is so deeply not about me. this is about children that are going to sit down and they're going to watch this show and they're not going to see themselves reprented. >> we heard that jada said that she is not going to be attending nor will she be watching. will you be attending the oscars. >> no, my wife is not going. it would be awk ward for me to show up w with charlize, you know, so so, no, you knowow, we've
7:37 am
this community, but at this current time, we're uncomfortable to stand there and say that this is okay. >> george, lara, michael, the way he sadie versety is america's superpower. really resonated with a lot of people in the room when said that yesterday. and this is something i think that you could relate to especially, george, being married to the great ali wentworth. he said he would have just jada's posting. had no objection to it but would have appreciated a ltle -- >> i was sming his sle as i sa it. >> i actually looked over at george and said, y c rela. >> and he was very honest about it right there. >> he was extremely honest but he said it really it's a call to action for the family now that was jada but he is really understanding that this could be a new role for him in hollywood
7:38 am
talk a little more about that in e 8:00 hour. he's going to talk about people that helped him along the way and where he sees where hollywood and this country could direction. >> robin, tell him ift's okay we'll adopt diversity is america's superpower. >> that's comingp in our next hour. thank you, robin. coming up here a snowboarder surviving an avalane. lolo at it right tre but now he's under ination. we'll tell you about it. the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fefever, there's no such thing a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antival. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu. prescription tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its srce and helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu inin people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms stted within the last two days. before taking tamiflu,
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back now with aave of dangerous avalanches. two people killed just this week and this morning one snowboarder so lucky to be alive. abc's clayton sandell has th story. >> reporter: he survived this avalanche but this morning snowboarder christian michael mares is being investigated for criminal espassing. >> christian! >> reporter: a calalornia ski resort near lake tahoe says he triggered the avalanche in a ski
7:43 am
tumbling, he narrowly dodges trs coming out of last week's avalanche alive. the ski resort says mares put himself, his friend, ski patrol and the skiing public at risk. the local sheriff now has the case and says mares could face charges. mares tells "gma" he did not know the area was closed. >> my ankle hurts. >> reporter: with so much recent snow right now conditions across the west are perfect for avalanches. two people died just this week in montana and wyoming. in an average season 27 people are killed bavalanches. this season that number is already at 7. this latest california avalanche is in the same area where 23-year-old ski instructor carson may vanished a week ago. teams have now called off the search amid an already deadly season that still has months more to go. for "goododorning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> a close call. all right, coming up, amy
7:44 am
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welcome back to "good morning america," evererybody.
7:48 am
laughing this morning over those accusations she stole jokes, now, the "trainwreck" star is strongly denying t the charges and abc's david wright has the story. >> it's probably a mistake. >> reporter: this morning the world's hottest female comedian is defending herself from a potential trainwreck accused of stealing jokes from other funny women.n. >>'m confused. >> reporter: take this bit from her special. >> i'm old school. i think the gs should always pay on the first date for sex. >>ot unlike this gag from wendy lieberman's stand uproutine 20 years ago. >> maybe i'm old-fashioned but i like it when the guy pays for sex, i mean that. >> reporter: or there's this skit from her comedy central show abobout new diet and exercise plan. >> then before you can say slapshaft they knock it out of your stupid mouth. >> reporter: compare that to kathleen madigan's routine. >> you have enough money to pay a man to tan there and literally
7:49 am
hand before you put it in your mouth. >> reporte schumer is defending herself on line and on thairwaves on the jim norton podcast. >> i'm being accused of stealing jokes and i wanted to come and talk to you about it and clear my name because i would never ever do that and i never have. >> reporter: for "good m mning america," davidid wright abcbc news, new york. >hen reaching out to wendy lieberman she sai i believe it was an honest miake and remains a huge fan and asked but got no comment from kathleen madigan'scamp. unfortunate you have to go through this. we all here -- >> it's really serious. in the world of comedians. >> yeah, absolutely. >> strongly denies it. >> we'll be right back.vor. so my doctor told me about botox an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine. 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days.
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welcome back to "gma." in front of this huge salt pile awaiting the next storm. another storm coming into the west coast. look at these waves out of ventura, cacalifornia. more wind and wes coming in with huge snow amounts and maybe another three feet across the sierras. this weathercast is brought to you by ashley homethrough from the soututand southeast. we have some fog and cloud cover out there. later this evening, some lig snow will pass through. tomorrow will be
7:54 am
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:55 am
sun and clou lukas: if you aren't exactly familiar with ccusising, no worries a traveling display ouining the history of the iowa caucuses is touring around the state. yesterday at saint amambrose university in davenport iowa organizers engaged thstudents and the community, informing them of the rich history of the i iowa caucuses. "(mary heinzman/executiveve directororf information resourceat st. ambrose university) we have lot of students who come from other state who don't even know what a caucus is. so, to have this here during an election year is a great opportunity for them to learn about the proces what happens during the caucus and how it influences thepresidential race." lukakas: at very exhibit will be in sioux city at rningside college starting january 30 running until mid february. it's free and open to the public. there's also a permanent display in des moines as well. jessica let's check in with fororhe weathe matt: currenently, we have temperatures in the teenand 20s and a light wind coming through from the south and
7:56 am
cover out there. later this evening, some light snow will pass through. tomorrow will be cold under a mix of sun and clouds as high pressure builds in for a day. the weekend will be windndand warmer as hi temperares s filly maket back into the 30s. the snow forecast model shows a dusting to 1/2 inch of snow - this will be a minor event. today's forecast calls for clouds and a high of 27. the low is 10. tomomorrow's high is 20. matt: currently, we have temperatures in the teens and 20s and a light wind coming through from t south and southeast. we have some fog and cloud cover out there. later is evening, some light snow will passss through tomorrow will bebe cold under a mixixf sun anand clouds as high pressure builds in for a day. the
7:57 am
windy and warmer as good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and robin goes one-on-one with will smith. >> what do you wan to see changed? >> speing out about hollywood, race and the oscars backlash. >> we're a in this together and have to figure it out and we got to make it right. and a mical alert this morning. the cdc saying one in three americans has prediabetes and most people have no idea. dr. besser is here with the simple test you can do at home right now. >> for some reason i can't explplain. >>coldplay's chris martin revealing his secrets to staying healthy as h gets ready for thehe super bowl hatime show, the restrictive diet he says is his key to being creative and happy. we are family >> a big announcement from the "duck dynasty" family overnight. they are growing with a brand-new baby just adopted. jep and jesess robertson and all their kids here live.
7:58 am
>> and get ready to rock into thursday. the kids from "school of rock" are with us amping up your morning as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. >> good morning, happy thursday. the "school of rock" are so excited and s talented. the shshow is evything it. cannot wait for them. we'll go to robin out in l.a. with will smith. >> robin is out there. go ahead, robin. so sorry. >> no, no, no, i'm just -- i just love -- you're in gre company there, lara. >> i'm not complaining. just had to put a picture on social dia. it's ridiculous. >> i know. t you heard from will smith. beg very honest, open, looking for change i hollywood. hoping for that. talking with the academy president and really encouraging an open dialogue about what he
7:59 am
is hoping to see happen and i'll share more of that coming up, guys. >> we can't wait to see that from you and also coming up tory johnson is here with "deals & steals" and she'll help us out in this harsh winter weather. make our skin nicend supple. all of those bargains are at least going to be 50% off today so you don't want to ms that in supple is not a word that i uld have thought from you. >>apparently i am full of surprises. >> it's expensive also.. >> let's get the morning rundown from rebecca jarvis. >> good momorning. theeig story this morning is at nightmare commute for people in the washington, d.c. area, just as ty brace for one of the biggest snowstorms in years, an inch of snow on the untreated roads brought traffic to standstill overnight with hundreds of crashshes leaving thousands of drivers stranded for hours, many are now stuck agagain this morning and schools from maryland to virginia are delayed or closed and this is just the beginning. the monster storm is movoving in
8:00 am
as much as two feet of snow by saturday and rob, of course, will have more on that forecast cong up shortly. mean type new details about th crisis inflint, michigan, where the tap water is contaminated with lead because the city switcd water supplies to save money. newly y released e-mails show that top state o oicials dismissed early concerns about lead levels in children and tried to pass on the blame. an aide to the governor said it was the responsibility of local officials age claimed critics were jusust playing politics. city leaders in detroit are asking a judge for an injunction to stop teachers from staging mass sick-outs like the one wednesday. more tha 40,000 students have missed classes and teachers are protesting the conditions in the classroom and pay cuts. a judge in londo has determrmined that russian president vladimir putin likely approved the kililling of a forr spy. the ex-russian agent died after drinking tea laced with
8:01 am
radioactive polonium at a london hotel in 2006. moscow denies involvement. new poll numbers show donald ump expanding his lead over thee rest of the republican pack. he is now 20 points ahead of ted cruz in new hampshire and is getting a boost from sarah palin's endorsement. meanwhile, former senator bob dole is the latest memb of thehe republican establishmentnt taking trump's side in his battle with ted cruz. le told "the new york times" that cruz is a, quote, extremist and nobody les him. this nex video is going to remind to you buckle up. a man went flying out the window after his truck,k, you s that, rolled over in brazil. the whole crash was caught on the dash cam video. now, here's the good news, he broke some bones, but he is otherwise okay.. and finally an update on the twins who captured thehe hearts of millions online. this video of little christian andhristina holding hanands while being cradled by tir dad. it has now gone viral. such a sweet video. it's on facebook.
8:02 am
they weighed in at just two pounds butoctors say they are improving. they're doing just fine and mom says the twins can't stop hoholding hands. they even do it while they are pping and she said she wanted to share the video to give hope to all pararts of premature babies. she's doing just that. such a touching video, orge. >> that is so sweet. thank you, rebecca. that is great. right now we'll dig into a public healt crisis that affects 86 million americans called pre-diabetes. more than onen three americans have it but don't know . dr. besser on a new campaign to raise awareness. i was surprised at the numbers here. >> yeah, i mean they're very high. pre-diabetes means that your blood sugar is higher than normal but not to the level yet that you'r called trurue diabetes. but30% of people who have that are going to go on within five years to develop type 2 diabetes and don't even know it. >> meanwhile they've come up with the test that will give you an idea whether or not you're susceptible. >> so let's go through it, the cdc is releasing simple tests,
8:03 am
so if you are a man hold up one finger, zero if you are a woman. if you're over 60 hold up three finger, over 50, hold up two finger, over 40 hold up one finger. if you're inactiveve, just sitting on the couou all day hole up one finger, if type 2 diabetes runs in your family hold up a finger, if you have high blood pressure, hold up one finger, ay, now look at this chart and hold up the number of fingers that is under the picture that looks most like you. >> oh, no. >> be honest on this one. >> okay. >> so if you're holding up five or more fingers you'r at increased risk for pre-diabes. >> i'm closer than i thought. >> one in three people are going to h h five or more fingers. >> but explain what that means. >> so if you've got five or me fingers see your doctor and they'll check you to see if your blood sugar is high. the key thing is it's reverseable. with exercise and some weight loss, you're going to reverse this and all you have to do is lose 5% of your body weight. it's not a lot and you can
8:04 am
prevent or delay any development of diabetes. that's why it's so important. >> that is importt. you'll be taking questions all morning long on had. >> i will and post thewebsite. you can take t theest again at home. >> all on "gma's" facebook pa. to michael. here's a look atat what's head on the "gma momornrng menu." more o robin's exclusive one-on-o w withill smith who is speaking out about hollywo and race. and the coldplay diet. how chris martin is getting in shape for the big super bowl halftime show. plus, wolfgang puck is here with a new online cooking school and we'll try it on the show. got rebecca andesesse ready to go. you can try it at home. all that coming up live on "gma" in times square. get to work, i i hungry. >> we're cooking. " "a's morning menu" brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. yeah, help me find some mugs. sure.
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8:09 am
welcome back. more n from robin and will smith out in l.a. big deba on diversity in hollywood. hey, robin. >> hey there again, george. make no mistake, will smith is grateful for the opportunities he has received in hollywood and he's ready to see more people from all backgrounds get those same portunities. this morning he's looking for a way to make that happen, ntinuing a very important conversation. we've heardrom the academy from the president saying there are going to be in her words drastic changes, astic. what do you want to see changed? >> you know, athis point,he academy is 94% caucasian and 77%
8:10 am
it's just difficult to get a diverse cultural sampling from that group. it's a systemic bias that needs to be addressed across t industry. i talked to cheryl boone isaacs yesterday and that's what makes this -- that's what makes it so complex, you know, you've got cheryl boone isaacs, an african-american female who is the head of the academ chris is hosting, reggie hudland is producing, it's just -- it's an extremely complex issue and more than anythg we got to keep the nversation going. >> all these movies that you have done, how have you been able to do i it and how can others of color be able to have a simimilar successful career here in hollywood? >> there's always a huge part of
8:11 am
it that is going to be providence and luck and a blessing, for me it waseing grabbed by quincy jones. that's why i say for me i have to be a bigger part of the solution, quincy jones grabbed me really early and showed me the ropes. you know, he taught me the game. we make movies. it's not that serious. it's not that serious. except that it plants seeds for dreams and histocally hollywood has led. we have to get out front. there isis a disharmony that is brewing in our country and in our industry that, you know, i want no parts of thth. this iss a marriage, youou know, and i look at it as this sort of big, giant,
8:12 am
>> sometimesdysfunctional. >> but the marriage is in a space where divorce is not an option, we're all in this together and we have to figure it out and we got to make it right. >> and it has to be more than just when the academy nominations are out. right,t, solutely. >> this is when the conversation and then it kind of goes away. >> right, absolutely. >> what do you want to say to people who are, you know, on twitter and thehey're voicing their concerns. what does will smith want to say to them? >> i wantto say that, part of the beauty of ts country is the ability to disagree, part of what makes us great is historically the best answer tends to win. i say let's keep debating. let's do our best to keep it in love and keep it in light. i want to leave an industryry in
8:13 am
better shape thann i f found it. >> and will weat there for quite someime talking about a myriad of issues and he made it abundantly clear, guys, he gets it. you know, he hearar from people on social memea, yes, they're actoto and there are far mor serious iues in t t world. he understands that. but there is a role that movies have played and that as he put it, they can plant the seeds for dreams and he was telling me about with his granother, his grandmother always liked h to do the funky chicicken. he knew he wanted to be an entertainer with his grandmother and r really planted the seed for him and that is his hope that it just broadens and we'e're going -- i really feele'llear from the academy soon that they're very serious about making some changes, some tangible changes and i would be surprised if we didn't get se kind of other reaction from them relatively soon. >> eveven before the oscars and what he's really talking about a
8:14 am
now and that can help everyone. >> absolutely. >>yeah, it's about dialogue but also some action taking place and you spokeith spike. that was a lively conversation you had with spike yesterday. love what he said about chris rock. that was great but what -- there's both saying, both he a and will, it's, you know, the nominations are one thing,g, there are people upset that ridley scott didn't get a nomination that "carol" wasn't nominated for movie. i mean, there's plenty of complaints going around. but they're saying that you've got to be in the room. you' got to be at the table when these projects are being -- are getting the green light from hollywood producers and that's what the important thing is. >> surure is. thanks for bringing that, robin. >> oh, yeah, b b the way, please tell wolfgang hello for me. we ate atis restaurant last nighght. have a little bit of a food coma. >> wolfgang,ou're getting a shoutout from robin. she said she loved your restaurant last night in l.a. >> thank you, robin.
8:15 am
to, spago or -- >> cut. we were at cut. it was so great. >> it's a beautiful restaurant. beautiful artwork too. >> sell it, wolfie. >> thanks for everything wolfie. >> a great steak. >> robin, great, great job. that was a fascinating and jt an important conversation. >> really necessary. > we want to turn now from robin to another star in the headlines for a very different reason. u remember tom brady getting a lot of attention for his diet. this guy, another star is headed to the super bowl also making headlines for how he eats. chris martin, coldplay on a very restrictive diet as he gets ready for the big game. he won't actuall be on the fifid, however, need to remind you of that and deborah roberts is here withh that. >> hi, lara. it seems everybody is trying to figure out new ways to get and ay healthy. could skipping food once a week be the answer. chris martin say it's working
8:16 am
you make me feel like i'm alive again >> reporter: coldplay front man chris martin may have channeled his inner primate in "adventure of a lifeme". i feel my heart beating >> reporter: b but offststage he's also taking on a very primal dieting regime which he says improves his voice and makes h him more creative. >> i fast oe a week, one day a week, yeah. >> reporter: the 38-year-old grammy winner scheduled to appear on the super bowl halftime show next month says he's on the 6:1 diet evening only six days a week and on the seventh day fasting only drinking water and goes back to the day of cavemen who experienced feast or faminin rarely eating multiple meals a day, instead they uld kill, gorge and go long periods wit nothing to eat.
8:17 am
>> i was told just try not eating for one day when i was sick an i did it and found i could sing a bit better and also i felt so grateful for food. >> reporter: but some nutritionists say not so fast. >> a of the benenefits that this type of program offers relate to psycyclogical benefit, not necessarily physical nefits. >> reporter: martin's ex-wife gwyneth paltrow is also famously known for her strict unusual diets revealing in 2013 she hasn't eaten meat in two decades. martin a admits t 6:1 plan can be tough. >> if you fast for awhile, 15 hours in you get a little antsy so you havave to be careful who you're talking to. >> fasting can lead to headaches, irritability, low blood sugar and difficulty concentrating and this can all negative impact performance. >> negative that's right. chris says he's clearly not doing this for weight loss but if you're hoping to drop a few pounds with t 6:1 plan you
8:18 am
might want to hit the pause button. we checked with experts inuding our medical team at abc and caution that fasting once a week just dririnking water can be risky especially if you have health problems like liver or kidney issues or if you're pregnant woman, for instance, calorie reduction is one thing but skipping food altogether one day y >> gets out of balance. >> everything gets a little wacky. >> i'm no doctor but i would agine your metabolism would shut right down. >> for him he says it's working but you don't want to rung out and do it right away. check with your doctor first. >> hope he's ready for the field, the gridiron. down to virginia where rob rob. >> hey, ra, you know when it comes to diet you want to take it easy on the sodium unless you're fighting the storm, 22,000 tons of salt for northern virginia. v-dot to tacklkl this puppy w with 4,000 trucks on the roadway as is comes onshore. let's talk about it. advisories that stretch frorom the northeast all the way down to the midsouth. winter storm warning as far south as arkansas.
8:19 am
blizzard watches now for d.c., baltimore and new yorork citynd long island, the w winds areoi to be kravrnging with this. severe weather already this morning acrososs louisiana, but this thing strengthens as it heads off the coast and could see two feet especially west of d.c.c. and north towards philadelphia. likely or a foot there and it's going to be blowing a drifting and flooding along the coast will be intense. another storm comes into san francisco tonight, nice in denver and wming up finally in florida.through from the south and southeast. we have some fog and cloud cover out there. later this evening, some light snow will pass tough. tomorrow will be cold under a mix of sun and clouds as high preressure buds in for a day. the weekend will be windy and warmer as high temperatures finally make it back into the 30s. the snow forecast model l shows a dusting to 1/2 inch of snow - this will be a minor event. today's forecast calls for ouds and a high of 27. the low is 10. tomorrow's high is 20.
8:20 am
jesse, if you need a little salt have it here. >> youre ready. >> we got wolfgang puckere so i'mm sure y could find a way to usthat salt and incorporate it into a great dish. headlines. lena dunham is making headlines saying she's saying no to saying yes. dunham writing for linkedin for years she was a clonic people pleaser convinced that saying yes was the key to being liked but when she startedayaying things like she was too busy, she was too tired and that she hates laser tag she was surprised by how well people responded to her honesty. i think she's actually lying because no one dislikes laser tag. it is impoant, you've got to be able to say no sometimes. >> it's very freeing. >> people pleasers, they think people won't like them. >> rin taught me a funny saying, no is a complete sentence. >> with or without a period. that's right. absolutely true.
8:21 am
big news coming out of arizona. john legend joining forcing with juanes. the stars performed outside the detention center in arizona singing bob marl's "redemption" song. take a listen. these songs of freedom is all i ever had >> the duo taking part in the free america campaign to draw attention to immigration and mass incarceration. legend took time to meet former detainees organirs saying that their visit has given affected families new hope. >> good for them. beautiful song too. >> no doubt about it. beautiful setting, as well. here in times square we know so many great broadway performances but a big one that's about to be revived. and to reveal the exclusive announment we'll plalay a game called show tune shshdown so i'll play a songnd you guys have to tell me which musical it's from and, hint guys, th're all connected somehow
8:22 am
plus you get bonus points if you -- >> i i love bonus points. >> all about bonus points on "gma so starting out we'll go easy. how about this one that y may need kleenex for. take listen. i never expected it too >> not a clue. >> "evita." >>ooh. george stephanopoulos, "evita." "don'try for me argentina." next song. what about this haunting duet. >> ooh. "phantom of the opera". >> what' i called. >> how about waiting to hear the song? i heard haunting. >> well, you got it right. lara just -- >> the control room says i need to knowhe name of it. "it's all i ask -- >> finally i want you to paws, paws, geororge stepnopoulos, paws for thihis beautiful ballad. >> i know it's -- it's from
8:23 am
it's so easy to -- >> what is it called? >> i love this song. >> oh, "memories." >> "memories." >> it's fro "cats." >> someone told me. >> i have a feline friend delivering the perfectct move, i believe. very nice. that was just purr-fect. andrei lloyd webber's "cats" is coming back to broadway and celebrate next summer tennille simon theater. performances begin july 4th.
8:24 am
you lukas: after finding a crucial piece of evidence, investigators in ames have made an arrest in a hit an run case involving a bus . police are charging 23- year-old benjamin clague of gilbert with leavi the scene of an accident and failure to obey a traffic control device. he allegedly struck and killed 18-year-old emmalee jacobs while driving a cy-ride bus.a recording taken from the bus lead to his aresst. you don't see e e impact on video... you do hear the impact from the bus what weelieve is striking emmalee turning the corner... ames police are still looking for anne who may have witnessed the accident and officials from the cy-b program are hoping to do everything in their power from prpreventingn incident like this from happening again. jessica let's check k in with for the weather. matt:currently, we have temperatures in the tns and 20s and a light wind coming tough from the south and southeast. we have some fog and cloud cover out ththere. later thisisvening, some light snow will pass through.
8:25 am
tomorrow will be cold under a mix of suand clouds as high pressure builds in for a day. the weekend will be windy and warmer as high tempetures finally make it back into the 30s. the snow forecast model ows a dusting to 1/2 inch of snow - this will be a minor event. today's forecast calls for clouds and a high of 27. the low is 10. tomorrow's high is 20. in the teens and 20s coming through from the south andsoutheast. we have some fog a cloud cover out there. later this e evening, me light snow will tomorrow will be cold under a mix of sun and clouds as high pressure builds in for a day. the weekend will be high tempetures finally make it back in the 30s. the
8:26 am
8:27 am
i want to see you smile welcome back to "gma" on this thursday morning. here with lara and wolfgang puck is here, as well today. just started a new onne cooking school and there he is with jesse and rebecca following two of the repes. >> starting the roux. >> according to wolfgang you can make gourmet meals learning online. i love that. jesse is trying out quesadillas. rebecca is making gourmet mac and cheese following th on their tablets. first over to michael. >> spice. >> uh-huh. onions. >> all right, thanks, guys. if you have n noticed it is winter outside and we've got some winter beauty solutions inside. tory johnson "deals & steals" are all about fixing your cold weather problems and sing you, of course, saving you big bundles. >> we like that right? good combination. so first up from bosha, a great brand. there are e six difrent products here and this is all part of their clear complexion
8:28 am
collection. try saying that fast three time, not easy as it seems. >> clear complexion collection. >> collectition. >> i won even do it twice. >> all great things for blemish prevention and treatments. you got to love that and an amazing deal on this. normally starting from $15 to $36 everything slash in half so 7.50 to $18. >> wow. that's what i'm talking about. >> super cool. press that button. it's all new on the go >> lights up. >> whitening toothbrush so it's perfect for trave and comes with a charger for it as well as the gel. super simple. >> has different speeds. >> different speeds. >> put this gel on, whitening, two days as much as two shades lighter. lighter. a really great deal if you like that w whiteningn the go. this is an expxpensive one. normally $89 but this one
8:29 am
>> you cannot put a price o beautiful smile, people. >>ou got that and white teeth, okay. >> actly. >> so one of the biggest brands in korean beauty is tonimoli. really great, sheet masques so it's full of amazing serum too great things to your face, brighten, tighten, hydrate. all things wee love. big assortment to choose from, already really good price, $4 to $12, today only slashed in half, $2 to $6. moving to your hair, the macadamia collection sold in all the big beauty retailers. eight different products to choose from. this is great because it's a combination of macadamia and or ben oils for really amazing conditioning, moisturizing, all that stuff that our hair needs in this weather starting at $2
8:30 am
>> you never cease to amaze. >> i love these. these are all body oils so come in the big jar like this or the little roll-ons rlly beauautiful. super light natural scent, all really great for just keeping ur hands moisturized anywhere on yourkin moisturized. great deal, normally $ to $32 slashed by 56%. $5 to 14 bucks. >> $5 to 14 bucks. whoo. you never cease to amaze. thank you, tory. we want to say thanks to all these companies for providing these great deals. head to on yahoo! to get the codes andnd links for these bargains. now over to you,, mr.jesse palmer. >> thanks so much. you know it's a big morning here on "gma." we're joined now by "duck dynasty" srs jep and jessica robertson and their five children including their newest addition, baby son gus. we got to meet last night on their new show "jep and jessica growing the dynasty" here for
8:31 am
big news but let's look at the moment when baby gus is welcomed into the family. >> he's here. oh, baby gus. >> here's your son. >> oh. hi, little mister. oh. >> can i hold him, momma. >> we're all going to hold him. he's so big. what a big boy you are. >> and i want to thank you all so much for -- you guys brought an army. >> we did. we did. >> you got a lot of people, got a lot of kids, congratulations on all the great news that's going on in your lives right now. want to start with baby gus, thehe newest addition, of course, you just adopted him and wanted to as you, jessica. i know that of your fourth kid you had some health issues that prevented you from getting pregnant again. what made you decide to adopt seven years later this beautiful little boy? >> well, we -- it's really was on my heart for many, many years and probably, youknow, when river was about 3 or 4 i was like, oh, i just feel like this
8:32 am
is something we need to dond the more opportunities that represented us as far as helping the less fortunate or, you know, around in our nghborhoods or, you know, g going overseas to mission trips, t urge got heavier and heavier and really jep came in and said, you know what, this was about a year and a half ago. he said i feel like god p this on your h heart for a reason. he didn't plant the seeds for nothing and this is definitely a god thing and really after that we said, okay, we waited a little bit longer then we went and talked to the adoption agency so we started the whole process and, you know, it was a long journey that he finally came into our lives. >> i wanted a full basketball player. >> five is a nice round number. >> how is baby gus integrating into the family. . >>awesome. >> he is the best baby. really seriously. >> if you can spoil a child we are definitely doing that. >> he's spoiled with love. i'm telling you there is not an hour that goes by that he's not
8:33 am
kissed that he's loved. >> four beautiful brothers and sisters. i have to ask you guys, what is the best part about having a brand-nenew babyy brother? >> what's so fun about it, guys? >> anybody?>> learned how to make bottles. which is important. >> yes. >> she's an excellent changer of the diapers. >> really? >> comes in very handy. >> a skill we have to learn. obviously helps you g guys o as well if you have your own basketball team. your father got in some hot water in 2013. made some inflammatory racial remarks. what's his reaction been and is he welcoming of the brand-new addition. >> he is and he's always said i guess this never got quoted. he says we're all part of one race, the human race. says that quite often so he loves him and he's loved him. >> i got to congratulate you guys on not just the adoption but the brand-new show that aired last night "jep and jessica: growing the dynasty". tell us about it.
8:34 am
two, itets kind of tough. the, you're kind of like eh and the fourth one whatever and the fifth, okay, we have a lot of kids. awesome. >> it's a great show and it's t a bit of a different kind of style.e. >> it does. >> than "duck dynasty." >> it's a good make you feel good, you know, you always are going to have good laughs but our show will be -- it's a little more real and like light. maybe nonoevery episode. there will be some tears. i'm a crier and i know you saw that so i think that you're going to delve into our lives and everyday struggles as a mom and dad and now that we'v expanded our family so largely and it's going to be good. >> congratulations to all the wonderful things tt are happeng in your lives with, o course, the nest addition and baby gus and this brand-new show
8:35 am
"jep and jessica: growing the dynastst on wednesdays on a&e. >> down south and waiting for the snow and rough weather in dynasty land, as well. including louisiana, mississippi today, already some warnings and we'll see heavy rain out of this. all facets, not only rain, water coming out of the cuds but water from the oceans, big-time 0 tides. delaware, maryland and jersey and that's going to cause coastal flooding there. another storm coming into the pacific and some snow across the midsection as this storm develops.through from the south and southeast. we have some fog and cloud cover out there. later this evening, some lig snow will pass through. tomorrow will be cold underer a mix o sun and clou >>his weathercast is brought to you by folger's. lara, a nice hot cup would go right fine right now with
8:36 am
temperatures in the mid-20s in northern virginia. >> i w wl get you one, rob. great job out there. and coming up, the great cook-off is on. jesse, rebecca, head-to-head with wolfgang puck at the he.
8:37 am
some great back now with dear friend renowned chef wolfgang puck who
8:38 am
make his delicious recipes. so, an ingenious thing,aunched his very own online cooking school where you can learn how to whisk, chop, puree like a pro. >> so easy, go to >> why do you like this versus a book? >> because this one you learn from "a" to "z," get the cooking lesson how to mak thing, one, two, three, we are making a quesadilla, you will see me for ten minutes and c watchit, use it,okay, i get it how to do it. it's really easy and simple. >> nothi better than having the real guy here in person. step one of this, what do we got to do. >> step one, add barbecue sauce and a little roasted jalapeno. >> a lot of roasted hall pain know. >> you put it or the fire on a grill or can buy them too and mix it altogether. >> that's step one.
8:39 am
the cheese in between two -- >> tortillas. >> that's it. >> spread it out. >> step three, put it on the griddle. cook it nice and brown on both sides. just be sure that it's cooked on th sides. >> do you like butter, oil or pam. >> i put a little bit of olive oil on it. you can put butter,, pam but or noththing -- >> ti it gets nice and brown. >> i wanted to show everybody one of these is wolfgang's is one is jesse. y thoughts? >> one of these things does not belong . chef, they're all going to the same place anyway. it's all going to my stomach. >> i like how yours is golden brown so i think your presentation mighteed a little bit -- >> you know what, i like you cooked it the right way, you see it's n white, it's not blackened. it's just cooked just as well -- >> so easy to follow. he's a great instructor. mom, are you listening to this?
8:40 am
i'm learning to cook in rebecca jarvis took another one of the recipes from y your onlike cooking school making your four day homemademac and cheese. a recipe lots of moms would love rather than the ole box of mac and cheese. this is easy. step one is -- >> making a roux. >> is it roux or roux. >> r-o-u-x, a mixture of butter, oil and flour and step two, you add the boiling milk to it. >> that becomes the bechamel.. this is very tasty. will kids eat this. >> they'll love it. never want another one. i know everybody loves it. i do that for the oscars and we make a little container -- >> yes. >> ramekin of it and people love it. eat two or three of them. >> step three -- >> step three, you put it in here, mix the macaroni with the
8:41 am
sauce, the sauce here. >> i'm doing my best. >> while w we do that i'm going to show everydy two of these. one of these is wolfgang's and one of thehese is rebecca's again. we werell doing the show while we were cooking soo -- >> rebecca didn't have an oven so she couldt bake it. >> an oven is a very important part, i learned. >> it turns out you need a oven to finish it. you can see ow golden delicious it comes out and it was ea? >> hostly, so easy, if i had an oven i'm fairly cerin it might have looked like yours. >> all you have to do is cover it with parmesan, mozzarella, bread d crumbs a get the beautiful top. >> we likeompetition here. >> like to lose. >> i wouould like to think both of these g guys -- >>old it. >> follow the online instructions better, who is your winner >> i think i have to gogo she does it better. >> oh. >> yes.
8:42 am
amazing job because i thinko follow a r recipe perfectly, i think it is amazing f f the first time, all right. you got theheolden spatula. you got the golden whisk. >> great job. >> that's amazing. >> you guy can see it, as well. all of wolfie's recipes and information at our website, coming up, "school of rock." we got the cast performing live.
8:43 am
>> are you reaea to rock. the studentsf broadway's "school of rock" sure arere their sh is on now at the winter garden theater and right here in times square, here they are with "stick it to the man." [ cheers and applause ] >> now, the man, he'sthe one that makes all t rules.
8:44 am
now, he's the one that keeps you down. now, how does that make you feel? >> angry. >> oh. that's right. when the world has screwed you and crusheheyou in its fist when the way you're treated has t you in a twist there's been one solution since the world began don't just sit and take it stick to the man rant and rave and scream and shout get a of your aggression out if they try to stop you let 'em know exactly where they all can go and do it just as loudly as you can stick it to the man > if you want to rock you got to get angry at the man. parents overwork ya stick it to the man hate the way they jerk ya stick it to the man
8:45 am
stick it to the man rise up every syste stick it to the man break the rules ignore the signs and color way outside the line go off the script do what you like they hate it they can take a hike and do it just as loudly as you can s sck it to the man if you're feelelg angry hen put that into som of ur music stick stick stick [ cheers and applause ] >> yea >>y man, yes. that's it. >> yes, okay. now. stick it to the man yes parents in your face stick it tohe man
8:46 am
bullied for eating good snack foods stick it to the man gloria riviera enough with all the kardashians stick it to the man rock the house and make a scene and cranks the amps to 17 and scream m until thr ears are shot they all can kiss youou you know what t do everything they ever tried to ban stick it to the man >> good morning, arica. [ cheers and applause ] when the world has screwed you and crushehed you in its fist when the way you're treated has got you in a twist there's been one solution since the world begagan don't just sit and take it stick it to the man >> l let's go. rant and rave and scream and shout stick your little finger out j just be rude and rip your jeans and show 'em at rebellion means let's barge in someone else's camera van especially those we're so much cooler than yeah h it's time to throw it a
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:47 am
against the fan there's noo way you can stop the school of rock yeah
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] what happens when this dad refusess to buy ice cream for his own son. >> ice cream is for winners and you're a loser. >> will blow you away. >> please, buy him cream. i'll evenay for it. >> "what would you do?." >> tuesday 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. >> "good morning america" is brought to you by bare nerals. >> woo. who here is shy? who's shy? exactly. "school of rock" on broadway. thanks to thehe cast. "cats" is baback on brdway. [ cheers and applause ]
8:49 am
have a good ... lukas: if you aren't actly familiar with caucusing, no worries a traveling display outlining the history of the iowa caucuses is touring aroundthe state. yesterday at saint ambrose university in davenport iowa organizers engaged both students and thecommunity, informing them of the rich history of the iowa caucuses. that very exhibit will be in sioux city at morningside college stting january 30 runng until mid february. it's free and open to the public. there's also a permanent display in des moines as well. lukas:
8:50 am
along with ben carson's event saturday in sioux city....a couple of republican candates will be making some siouxland pearances. starting with mike huckabee, the former arkansas governor will be in sioux city today at the siouxland center for active nerations at 8 in the morning. donald trump will also be in the area on saturday. he's speaking at dordt college starting at 11 in the morning.g. jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt: currently, we have temperatures in the teens and 20s and a lighwind comin through fromhe south and southeast. we have some fog and cloud cover out there. later this evening, some light snow will pass through. tomorrow will be cold under a mix of sun and clouds as high pressure builds in for a day. the weekend will be windy and warmer as high temperatures finally make it back into the 30s. the snow forecast model shows a dusting to 1/2 inch of snow - this wi be a minor event. today's forecast calls for
8:51 am
clouds and a hh of 27. the low is 10. tomorrow's high is 20 matt: rrently, we have temperatures in the teens and 20s and a a light wind coming thugh from the south and southeast. we have someme fog and cloud cover out there. later this dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: hey. dad: the culligan man.
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culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities.
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