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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 26, 2016 1:00am-4:30am CST

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>> deborah: and that is "inside editio for today. i'i' this morning on "world news now," blizzard blockage. days after the big storm, plenty of residents and travelers still stuck. streets unplowed, flights canceled and schools and offices shut down. we'll have an update with the latest into back to back, hillary clinton and bernie sanders making their case for the white house overnight. the iowa town hall as the primary race narrows. >> new this half hour, brink of disaster. >> the california town in crisis, cliff erosion threatening to send buildings into the ocean. residents literally on edge. and fresh drama for week 4 of the bachelor". which takes a detour through
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an altar in a tux. what will really wentd newsn and who's the new front runner? we'll have a full report in "the skinny." it is tuesday, january 26. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i'll tell you, i needed a shower after watching the bachelor." >> was it that. >> don't you think, jack. >> you weren't the only one. >> exactly. it was pretty saucy episode. and they say ben is boring? well, ben. he was hardly that. he knew how to party. >> when in vegas, you know. >> how can you be boring in vegas? >> exactly. >> even i would put my books down. >> and that anchorwoman, whoo. >> we're going to hear more about the anchorwoman. you take and chore woman to vegas, and you never know if she'll come back. >> they get anchored there and just turn loopy. >> did they get to see j.lo. >> i don't think she was there
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i'm sure they saw other shows. >> vegas doesn't have to deal with the blizzard clean-up. another day off for washington students, baltimore, philly and their suburbs. >> so many streets are still not plowed and travel is limited. new york city schools will be open again. outside manhattan driving can also be a problem. mass transit is resuming but still fairly limited. >> federal government offices are closed again in washington. more than 40 deaths have been blamed on the storm from accidents, snowshoveling, even carbon monoxide and hundreds of flights have been canceled today. >> the problem for the airlines is that planes and crews that are needed in unaffected parts of the country play be stranded here. the hardest hit airline is united which has two hubs in the region, newark and washington dulles airport. washington is having trouble de-icing.
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more from abc's david kerley. >> reporter: after blizzard even a railroad plow are still working to open the capital. >> we are still in a snow emergency. >> reporter: washington looking like a ghost town. some highways, single-lane trenches. in the suburbs, officials say it could be wednesday before residents see a plow on their street. >> it's a mess. total mess. >> reporter: it has been a mess in the skies, too. more than 1,600 flight cancellations as planes started flying, and passengers returned to airports. in chicago, juan reyes' first flight was scheduled for saturday. >> it was cancelled, they re-booked me on sunday, then it was cancelled. >> reporter: some of the snow from the historic storm now being melted at reagan national. this is what that deserted airport looked like in the middle of the blizzard saturday. a day later, sunshine and heavy machinery. these crews are working to clear a foot and a half of snow from the equivalent of 200 miles of roadway to get aircraft like this back in the air. runways clear, but service will
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so this city will come back to some life on tuesday was commuters coming back in to the district of columbia, but don't expect it to be a smooth commute. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> thank you so much. all that snow is making it difficult for firefighters in baltimore last night. they had to slog through snow covereded streets to battle a raging row house fire. up to five feet deep. close. the house appeared to be destroyed and other homes nearby suffered smoke damage. >> next monday, the first voters will finally have their say at the iowa caucuses. last night, the three democratic candidates took part in a town hall in iowa. bernie sanders was asked a big question people have when they hear he is a socialist. >> but just to be clear, are you going to raise taxes to do this.
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will raise taxes, yes, we will. but also let us be cleerks chris. we may raise tax buzz we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for businesses. >> hillary clinton, this was kind of awkward, was asked about sanders inspiring new tv ads including the one that uses simon and garfunkel's new song "america." here is her answer. >> you campaign in poetry, you govern in propose. we need a lot more poetry in this campaign and in our country so i applaud that. i love the feeling. i love the energy. i obviously respect senator sanders greatly and appreciate what he has done in this campaign. but i believe that i'm the better person to be the democratic nominee and to be the president and commander in chief of the country. >> that's what you called a pivot. martin o'malley is pitching
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party's future, but if he doesn't get enough votes at next week's caucuses, his supporters will have to switch to one of the others. >> decision day coming around. meanwhile, republican donald trump is threatening to boycott thursday's debate on the fox network he is demanding anchor megyn kelly be removed as a moderator. he tangled with her during the last fox debate and says she isn't fair to him. so far fox is holding firm reminding trump even if he's he's president, he won't get to pick the journalists. that is true. >> true. so a key law enforcement official in europe is warning isis is planning other large scale attacks on european cities similar to the one in paris. the official said this was part of the terror group's new combat tile capability to carry out large attacks. those attacks will focus primarily on soft targets because of the impact that can it generates. and a top french official
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industry out of the production of fake pass ports. the french interior minister claims they got blank passports from its operations in libya, syria and iraq. last month, abc news reported that u.s. intelligence suspected isis had acquired thousands of blank syrian passports and at least one passport printing machine after taking over government offices in syria. now to the hunt for those dangerous escapees in southern california. sheriff's officials in orange county believe the three men are still in the area because of their close ties to local gangs. and they're pleading for anyone with information to come forward. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: it the manhunt intensecifying for those three escaped inmates. now on the run for a fourth day. police say the three men cut through metal grates in their cell, making their way through plumbing pipes to the roof. there, they rappelled down the side of the jail using that rope made from bed sheets. >> we think that it would be highly unlikely for someone else in there not to know what was going on.
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surveillance video a shadowy figure and a flicker. they believe that's one of the men on the roof. the fugitives, accused of violent crimes from murder to attempted murder, kidnapping and torture. they were last seen at the maximum security jail near dawn on friday, but weren't discovered missing until late that evening. once they escaped, they found themselves here. a densely populated area full of governmentables and neighborhoods. >> authorities saying they think the men are still somewhere in southern california. >> we feel that they may be embedded somewhere in the community. >> reporter: but authorities are worried people may be too fearful to come forward. kayna whitworth, santa ana, california. >> turning to sports, serena williams is heading to the semifinals of the australian open defeating maria sharapova 6-4-6-1. the first set was neck and net. williams breezed through the second.
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18 matches. also note, in the last six times that williams qualified as one of quarterfinal at the open, she's gone on to win the tournament. we pish her good luck. >> she just needs they and three more. >> there you go. do the math for us. >> all right. so speaking of sports, the seventh place finisher at a half marathon in alabama never bothered to register before the race. lud vine somehow escaped her backyard and made her way to the starting line and ran the entire 13-.1 mile course. look at the dog. >> there's good reason. the 2 1/2-year-old hound dog had no trouble keeping up with the pack. isn't that clever writing? her time was a little over an hour and a half and marathon officials awarded her a medal on a ribbon just like the other finishers. >> ah. how do you only come in seventh? >> i find seventh impressive. i would be grateful if i
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>> well, that's true. but i would think that a dog would be faster than us. all right. coming up, a california city on edge. take a look at this building right here. hanging off the side of the cliff. as the earth gives out to erosion. what's being done to be try and prevent a disaster. >> in "the skinny," sophia suing a beauty company. what she's saying they did without her consent. but first, kendis, why don't you do the honors. >> there's no love for great falls today. >> there's rain in some parts. >> why did max take it off. >> we should go to orlando. 74. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex dm.janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too. cough! guess what? it works on his cough too. what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert!
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a physician's assistant from atlanta has been killed while on vacation in the caribbean. investigators on the island of grenada say jessica cole ker was stabbed to death as she walked a beach and her husband was able to escape the attack. a recently released ex-con is being questioned by police. >> back here at home, a crisis is playing out on west coast as dozens of cliffside homes literally teeter on the brink of disaster. >> crashing waves and powerful rain from el nino are accelerating the erosion of a coastal wall in the neighborhood outside of san francisco. abc's neal karlinksky has the latest. >> reporter: el nino's furrey putting lives at risk. a drone capturing that dramatic moment as part of this hillside outside of san francisco shears off, putting apartment buildings and homes in dangering. > people's houses are now on the edge of the cliff. >> reporter: weeks of heavy
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coastline here. the nut worry as officials ask roughly 100 homeowners to move out, fearing their apartment building could now be at risk, too. >> losing four or five feet a week in the past couple of weeks here. >> reporter: one of the things they're trying to do to help these people is put boulders in place to block waves and erosion. it's not enough. many people who live in the apartments teetering on the edge are not at all happy about being asked to leave. neal karlinksky, abc news. >> near san francisco. when we come back, the bachelor takes a detour inside a las vegas wedding chapel. our senior bachelor analyst will have a full rundown. >> "the skinny" up next.
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abc stations. skinny, so skinny topping our headlines this morning, we can four of the bachelor" takes a detour to las vegas. >> joining us with the details is "world news now" senior bachelor analyst, jack sheehan. >> hello. >> you out of breath? >> sing rose this week. it's raining here. let's get right to it. 14 women started this week. vegas, baby, vegas. one-on-one date. jojo and our man ben, it didn't start off too well.
1:17 am
their table. but once they got going, they really got going. you know, a little helicopter ride around kind of thing. folks, jojooo in it for the long run. jojo gets the rose. moving on. the group date. this was a talent show. maybe we should say lack thereof. there was dancing. there was cello playing. > nice. >> there was all sorts of other stuff going on. but olivia was the star, the unwilling star i would say. >> is that a talent? >> it was allegedly a talent. this was no doubt the most cringe worthy moment of the season so far. probably in like a decade or so of bachelor, bachelorette and helor in paradise" material. this was absolutely horrible. there's no other way to say it.
1:18 am
overcame a panic attack. olivia actually got the rose. becca one-on-one date with ben. they started out there in the little white ch ben got down on one knee. >> no. >> just kidding. >> they -- he got down on one knee? >> he was in a tux. ben has been ordained so he can carry out these wedding things. that's what they did. it was really ni becca we should say gets the rose. then the two-on-one date. you know that there are these twins. >> who doesn't like tyrone willingham ins. >> emily and hailey. 're actually from vegas. they took a limo out to see their mom. they had time. they're talking to ben. you get the idea. the thing is, it was both of them in the limo on the way to mom's house. >> uh-huh and? >> only one of them went back. >> that's cruel. >> haley thanks but no thanks. you get the idea.
1:19 am
nitty gritty. in the rose ceremony, excuse me, 11 women got roses. there was also obviously hailey's gone, amber didn't get paradise." rachel, she didn't get a rose. the kiss count, the kiss count stops at eight. >> wow. >> yeah. he was kissing women with the same regulary as carolina was scoring touchdowns. >> nice. >> tell you what. next up, vam mos mex i co. >> they go to mexico. >> analyst out. >> all right. got to get to mexico he's got a week to figure it out. >> his lips were busy. even little ben got a kiss. >> thank you so much. our senior bachelor analyst. >> next up, after all that, sophia vergara is suing a beauty company for $15 million. >> the "modern family" filed a lawsuit against venus concept
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tightening massages combination creates classic timeless piece but at the same time something that is so different than what we see out there in the stores. it had this boutique look and it is a pew teak type of jewelry. because of the amount of gold here, it's just a great every day ring. >> one of the magazines i love to read is architectural digest and belief it or not there's always a lot of jewelry at. i've got to tell you, danny, this is a wring i would see on that magazine page that would cost tens of thousands of dollars. when i looked at it close up originally i thought is there this diamond cutting on that lathe because there's this little glis ling going on. again, the quality that you get here the way that this is
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it's -- it's -- you don't see it replicated in mass produced jewelry and i have 200 now gone so this is going quickly, but this is something special. this is not, you know, the ring that you're going to see on the -- on the girl's hands at the office or at church. this is uniquely yours. taste. this is the one that your granddaughters or your daughters will want for you to will to them because it's just that beautiful. i would almost want it as a wedding band. >> hopefully you caught some of the reviews that we had at the bottom of your screen. but five easy payments, $23. it's item j 324111. and because i mentioned that spinner ring, we just reduced the price on this, so less than $45.
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on this one because it's been popular and we've gotten limited. but you get the savings and you have that rose boutique. >> it's our signature mo tiff with the or paz collection. love this one. and here's another ring that i want to show you because i won't have time for a full presentation. it's on ez pay, less than $10. i mean, really? that goes away at the end of the day. it's this color, we have amethyst and blue topaz. that's three carat stone right there. >> i really don't know how to do it. i love this ring. >> pretty on clearance. and i know you mentioned how you were here for new year's eve and you're now coming back for a little bit of a minivisit. correct? >> yep. >> 3:00 p.m. later on today and 5:00 p.m.
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>> i bet you'll have some new items in those shows. here's something that i look beautiful paired with the 14 carat gold ring that i just showed you and if you weren't into the bolder cuff that we had, ladies, if you'd like something slimmer this is what you want to go for. the lace designed bang bangle. we love that because it's at a feature price of less than 70. since there's no easy pay, if you own the queue card, small, average and large are the sizes that are available but i am limited in that larger size to hit. it goes to the early ring which is one of their hottest trends that we see in
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last year and we kept developing and i think it's so feminine. it's not something that is fashionable for this year. it's something that's never going to go out of it. it just -- it's just something that, you know, you become like a part of you and you know, it's easy to where -- and i love that this one, you know, sometimes sleeping bag is very tricky. either they become very, you know, narrow and limb but you need four or five of them or they come too wide. i think you can waive by itself, you can stuck it and i love the fact that again, it's all sterling silver, about 14.5 grams for the smaller side so you're getting a substantial silver here, but at
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feels air, it's not too good. it's something that you can wear with everything that you loor own in your worker's collection is. >> normally i wear a nice boyfriend style watch. i think it would look beautiful together. it's not going to compete with any -- you know, you like simplistic, contemporary, that's the look everybody's going, whether it's the clothes that they will and not necessarily the jewelry. let's face it, we're the hardest on bangles as a piece of jewelry and because this is solid, we don't have to worry about it tending. i wouldn't run over it with the car but i wouldn't -- if your heads, so much of what's out there is kind of not sturdy
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have those solid silver edges to give it that beefiness. >> it started from three different bangles. first we designed the center one, which is butte willful laced. and then we soughtered two silver signs on each side and it's not like the perfect -- if you have one of those organic types, they decided it -- the details of the less, more in the center. love the fact that you can see some skin, but don't too much. it's ineffective assistance of counsel si, it's flattering and at the same time it's comfortable, wearable for everyone. >> looks great with the double ring that we have going on in the show? now, in the large, we started off with his less than two dozen
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and then we also have the small and average, a little bit more availability, but again, not many to go around, so use this as a laboring piece up against a watch. or just parent with your favorite or poz ring or if you're still shopping this show check out that double ring to give you a nice liend f on trend look. it will not last forever. your item number j 328039.39. >> we just reduced the price on these hoop earrings. look at the texture. i mean, that leaf really comes to life. >> this is real sterling silver, ladies.
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been this side of -- it's for an inch of a quarter. that's crazy for again, the artistry that they're getting there. j 52408. >> all right. so this is coming up in the show. this is our gem stone a roman glass laced ring and cuffed dur row. you will choose either or, but right now we have our es play plan that will take advantage of that. i okay. so here we go. i'm not going to make you wait for a bunch longer. you want to talk
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piece. we've done double rings. we do double rings here at qvc and they're all really pretty but i have to tell you, danny, this is my fay rit because when i slipped it on it had a beautiful presence without being over the top and i think again this is just a natural beauty coming from within. clearance price on this. $39.98 wow. >> yeah, i mean, we spoke earlier about the rings which is or paz classy? this is more or paz classy. this is one of the double ring, which is you know, ladies, you should go with your ring finger size. you know, we adjusted it and figured it out so that -- that the
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to go a little -- on top of your -- i love it. it's like plus and minus here. you have this beautiful main bend which has this hammered edges. look organic look and then the chain that's connected and another lace band. you know, just think about the labor that is involved. so it's about $20 a ring. i look at the amoizing -- amazing. all those details are dean and finish by hand. i love the fact that we can do some trendier looks in or pass, but still keep the organic look of the glaze. just a great ring for the year and it's not -- you know, maybe something that you know, you can wear it for years if
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>> absolutely. and i love it because at this price point and it's really -- it's $12 is what you're saving. but here you can go for a trnd. it may not be the ring that you wear every day. you might end up falling in love and you do so. but you're going into the city to see a show and you know you're going to be orlando a lot of fashionable wimt. it's perfect for that. you don't have to spend a lot of money and this is for the fashion northeast that who really wants that look. so this is a new low price. no reorder, so once it's gone, that is it. sizes 5 through 10 available and if you have that q card you'll get three easy payments. if you're new to qvc, you're going what's a q card? really easy for you
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just sign up for. >> you do not have to worry about it catching on anything and the other double rings that i've had presented here at qvc, i can't say that about them. it's always been like oh, you might be careful when you wear it. i have it on my phone. >> it's ageless. right? i can see where at ever age you can give it to your granddaughter, by itself, it just gives you younger, cooler look. when you watch out, she's going to try to keep it and take it for herself. but i've been watching -- and it gives it the little edge. it's just something different. i love the way it came out. >> first time on my ring fingers. it was true to size 6. i went up two sizes, got a size eight. you can put it on the
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that's what's great about this style too. when you work this trend you can wear it all different ways. shellily is calling in and i'm sure he's dying to talk to you. >> caller: i have a ring on every finger almost. i bought one tonight and i already had almost every finger but the pinky. >> good morning, thank you so much. >> i wasn't going to buy anymore rings but i couldn't help it. the silver, i love the israeli jewelry anyway. i even goat a book that was from israel that says everything jewish. i like the way that it's made. i like the silver. i like the way it looks, and if i'm up late at night when i can't sleep, i'm busy ordering. my husband doesn't know. i don't tell him. i can tell him
1:34 am
>> no, you can't. >> i give my granddaughter already a bracelet that i'd bought from you once. she's 17. so i gave her something every once in a while. >> there's no age attached to this. woman. what ring did you pick up, shellily? >> i got the swining ring tonight because i have -- i have another kind of ring i got from you that has a spinner on it a long time ago. >> and -- and how do you feel when you wear danny's pieces, pirelli? >> the girl that does my kneels wanted two of my rings. >> well, this is one of his signature looks. >> you think -- i said no, i like them too. >> well, shelly, we're so happy that you're such a fan and i think it's just wonderful the things that you say because
1:35 am
quality, the unique look, the beautiful stories behind these pieces and danny's passion, because he -- i've had people bring me back something when they went to israel, so i just like the way things are made. i love the silver. >> it's gorgeous. >> i have a charm bracelet i bought a while ak. i know which one. >> and they're all silver and all made in israel and it's just so different and so pretty. and -- and they ought to show more jewelry from -- made in israel because it is really not like the usuals that you see all the time. >> obviously. well, you'll have to tune back in at 3:00 today because danny will be back and then at 5:00. so he'll have plenty for you, shelly. you'll have more rings than you know what to do with it. >> thank you for coming, sweet heart.
1:36 am
old and i can't -- i i i have 75. >> oh, shelly. thank you. >> i'm wearing too much jewelry. oh, well, that's how excited you are and then it makes you feel beautiful. i'm really from atlanta but i live in north carolina. >> well, hopefully you don't have too much snow on the ground there. >> well, enough. we had a hard time getting the car out, my daughter, the tires kept spinning. yeah, it was not like a -- in the north where they really had, but they don't clear the side roads very fast. >> i know, well, you just better stay indoors. >> you stay indoors, keep wearing your beautiful jewelry, that will keep you warm and cozy and thanks so much for calling, shelly. >> thank you. i have it when you're
1:37 am
okay? >> all right. boou bye. >> there you have it, 200 now spoken for. and remember, if you're trying this it's something differently now. you have 30 days to love it or return it but i think you're really going to adore this piece. it's just -- it's different, it's fun, and it feels good on the fingers. the double lace ring. all right. let's talk about our hot pick today. this is our item that we'll feature throughout the day because we think it's just that fantastic. this is your choice, of a gem stone oroman glass laced rink or the poor guy in drubl or -- >> reporter: yeah, $49 for the ring. $109 for the cuff and you're going to have
1:38 am
different gem stones here for you. gorgeous look. this is bold and we have our best easy pay to offer too. so $8 a month or 18. the ring comes in 5 through 10. you're looking at that amber there. and you say that's amber? >> why is that important that we talk about that? >> a lot of the amber is like restriction reinstructions this is an authentic body. we work with the factory and we get amber to, but i think -- i love this. it's one of my favorite sets in the or pass collection. we launched it next year and the it's one of the -- we have the spinner look which again, this is something that we recommend with the
1:39 am
because i think it makes your finger look longer. i think it looks so great on every singer that you put it on. and there's some power about this look. some of these bigger bolder rings are not as comfortable. the paradox here is because it looks big, it looks bold, but it's so comfortable. >> i think it makes my finger look better. i think my fingers are chubby and short. >> they're not. >> it's okay. i slipped this on and all of a sudden i feel like i have nancy thorn pack hammers. you're right. it is so comfortable. >> yeah, it's because the weight was conducted. the ragts tapered in the bottom so you're getting a cool solid look lace at the top. that again, i want to talk about the list for a second. we created this lease.
1:40 am
pattern. from every angle that you look at the lace it appears slightly different. this is a solid lace -- design which the lace goes over the metal. i love the way it looks. in this case, this is the rom a large presence with the turquoise or the amethyst or the amber and then you have the wire that goes around the bezel. it fills with it's -- you're talking about ten grahams of sterling silver, so for me it's the perfect balance. if you've been looking for a solid the price here is amazing. i cannot even tell you the value that you're getting here at the clearance price. i'm not going to be able to repeat it in the future. it's one of the hottest trendiest looks that we've done. it's either the cuff to get a big bold
1:41 am
it's a tremendous value. they beat us the same. it's not a repeated pattern of the lace. you'll see the details and you'll see the way the desin signer was carved it into the ser. and then the -- it's about -- i don't want to talk about the value here, but i want to talk about the design that -- and then it's tapered through the bottom. the lice design goes all the way around. i've worked with one of the most amazing -- here she is. her name is dana. she was one of the most talented jewelry designers i've ever worked in. we worked it into the med tall and the proal process of creating the set was a miracle. we brought it in the middle of the year
1:42 am
room for new items and that's why we have to get it here today and the crazy. >> it's ready now. it's not easy to come by. okay. 200 sworders have been placed. we're getting bid si on the phones. look at the turquoise. if you are a turquoise fan, and i am, gorgeous. >> turquoise, as we all know cur koiz got so expensive in the past couple of years. we worked since january until -- almost until june to just get the turquoise. it's a chinese store because it's not a reinstructed one. we have sleeping beauty which is closed already and you cannot find the turquoise turquoise. just tiny smaller
1:43 am
to get this quality, look how clean, how beautiful the blue is. it's something have that is very expensive these days and to get it for the -- it's beautifully made. it's beautiful. the roman glass is coming x rated from ork archaeological archaeological -- a beautiful bold cuff with a history and the arts and crafted and the details and the hand artwork of the cuff or the ring, just a beautiful, gorgeous set. >> look at that. again, i love how bright. it comes through in these pieces and your voice and then through the beauty of
1:44 am
cuff and the ring and the ring is so popular right now. but this cuff, i'd hate for you -- here's the situation where we're down to such a limited quality, you know, if you can, especially with our ez pay, get both poem because truly two is better than -- if the pup isn't your thing, send it back, but once you see that ring on, then you're going to want to come back for the tough but they may not be here. >> it looks big bold presence on the top. it's going to elongate your finger but it's so comfortable. it's going to be one of your most comfortable rings that you're going to wear and when you look at the -- at every day the details of the lace is going to look different.
1:45 am
you have these organic ages that goes around it. solid wide that goes around. the bezel just gives it the great character. the hammered finish many the center just gives it the more artisan crafteelook. to have a sterling silver cuff for $109, it's amazing. i've seen nonprecious cuffs and bracelet where -- for this price -- for a lot more. >> we need to remember that this is precious metal. this is a solid sterling silver. this is the set that you're g gng to wear and eejoy for years. it's not something that it's trendier like the ring that we saw earlier. this is not going that's going to go after fashion. if you love it that just looks different. >> it's a show stopper. again, it's for the woman who demands something, special and unique as you are. here are your choices
1:46 am
turquoise, the roman glass, the amethyst and that baltic amber. in the cup sizes small, average and large. i can kell you we took $65 off the qvc price with the cup. so you're saving almost 30 days. in the cuff we lost the large and the amber. and i'm -- at least call in the average size of that amber cuff, so please again do not wait because it's not coming back. ouounew low price along with our best easy pay. special time to own tho. >> maybe that's something you've been denying for a while. here's a tried and try u. we've brought it become several time to qvc and now it's back at a
1:47 am
i have 18, 34, 46 vinch of daily for you so that comes together. we have pink and then we have what we call silver peacock. these are on clearance. we're going to go 50 to $79 depending on the size that you get. or you can apply f f a q card and you'll get easy pay every day. three monthly payments of 19 to $29. i can toll you we're limited and we only have it in the white or the pink pearls ttere and why has this been -- it's easy to say it's beautiful. but what do you think is so special that has made it that popular? >> i lovee the overnight shows because that's where you get the best deals on us. >> sometimes there are people like you who tried to traral all through israel to
1:48 am
when you see these crazy reduced prices do you thinknk how does he do that? >> you need to make new eyes for his collection. i think it's going to be almost three years. we did white in one leg. then we added two more lensese and the we added the peacock and it's been keeping selling out and the fact of today, we can have it, you know, for a great clearance price, it's really great because i'm working on the new version, but let's talk about this necklace. you know, the look of the multistation necklace, it's been one of our signature looks. i think that one of the reasons why it's been so popular because it gives you this classic look of the prime with the element and i love nora and a great friend of mine and i
1:49 am
classic cold stranted summer. i think when you give it that touch, when you mix it with our sterllg element it takes them to a different recollection. on the 24 hs you're getting five sessions. the station is not rebinding her. you know it's going to sit straight from neck to neck. it starts from a larger -- from the beautiful elements in silver in the center. beautifully crafted. great day mentioned. then you have another two silver beads and then you have two silver stopperss that you know, that holds against lace so it's not in movies. >> it really giviv you this every day long to work when you go with the kids. it just goes with everything. and you foe, that's what i loveebility this necklace.
1:50 am
in five years from now, it's always going to look ferfect. it's always going to look great with everything. love the different colors that we did. either it's the classic write or the more peachy pink color or more dramatic and the 36 inches you can double it twice and on the 36 inches, by the way you have seven stations. >> neck bone to neck bone. >> let me just mention if y y want the 36 inch in the white i have one dozen left so please, do not wait on that. and i love committee. a know a lot of people like to wear a lot of these for lot of years, it is so refreshing to see something that's delicate and femme anymore like this and when you look closely and you see those
1:51 am
to me that's the statement. this is the wow. and with our clothing being very clean these days, the whole big look is these contemporary streamlined pieces, each by hall ston. very popular so well with your look. look at how you could fill out a v neckline. >> get an 18-inch or a 24-inch. it really is a timeless beauty. and it just glows. those pearls are lit from withinnd the snake e ange. i mean, we didn't even get to talk about that. >> and lady, when you could feel the weight of the silver, we didn't talk about the labor. you know how long it takes to put each and every necklace? it takes hours. >> yeah, it is. so your item number j
1:52 am
they're going quickly so grab that now. okay. coming up in 7 minutes it will be a great start to our daily work you. do you like your smile? do you wish it was whiter? all you have to do to white your teeth is get that beautifulul smile is brush your teeth. it is from super smile. it is our number one teeth whitening here at qvc. now for you, our dooet whitening system, today's special value for the year and it's just january. 101 worth of products lessss than 40. not only whitens, but relieves. we'll talk about that coming up in just a bit. but finally, a signature e ece in the whole or poz
1:53 am
you have so many different versions, i see why she has so many rings because each one is special and beautiful and you bim kind of a collector of the swiner rings is what i'm talking about and this is the rose design. rose a major mo tooef, a new low price of 84 and move in with them again. but look at the road you know, this is -- it takes a lot of time, a lot of work, heart and sale to make this ring. >> yeah, you know, the concept of the spinner rings, you know, we call it the carma ring, the zen ring, the meditation ring. >> really? >> there's so many
1:54 am
so popular. the spinning ring, you have the beautiful bend in the bottom and you have this organic finish that goes all the way around. then we cast it separately the rose band ring which has this beautiful red finish and then you have to put it together. now, the center ring is not removable. you cannot take it off and you know, i think that, you know, you're going to find yourself wear this ring, swin it, enjoy it, you know, all the ladies in my office wear different spinner rings and different styles and every once in a while i see them talk on the phone, tapping their computer and they just play with the ring. they're spinning with it and i think you know, it's a cool concept. it's fun, it's a presh shook and at the same time it's fine jewelry. at the same time you have to think that how the designer was beautifully carved into the center and
1:55 am
and it looks so great it's one of the most affordable spinner rings in the entire collection and it's two different rings that were put together and i love the way it came out. it's super comfortable. size. just great looking. >> so we've lost somizes because the women have sperked up. so the size 9 is now gone. so what's left is sizes 5 through 8. we also were sold out on the 10, but this is your everyday ring. and what's interesting is the first time i slipped on one of yours. i was getting ready
1:56 am
you were on with alberto and i saw it and i ran out to the set and i had one of our assistants pull one for me because is the center section going to bother you? that was floored. you never feel it spinning unless you're purposefully touching it and it welcomes almost a meditation. it can be your calming center and it's just gorgeous. look at how it gleams. that's a quality of your silver that's used and it's just different and you're right. women become collectors of the spinner ring and i love the rose. what a sweet valentine's day gift to give the rose motif one. >> j 1321993, your rose design spinner ring and we also have
1:57 am
you about. easy pay on this. easy payments of $49.67 but that will go away by the end of the day. small, average and large in that size. so you're back with my next show? or is it too early? >> okay, it's too early. we'll be watching. all right. you have a wonderful evening. or morning i should stay. stick around with me because of best find of the today, the "today's special value" is keeping us smiling brightly.
1:58 am
next and appear cut off was so beautiful i love that haven't signed it so well rounded is so beautiful nice nice little drop of rhodonite there from zaire hyderabad minute left on the clock and of course as we talk to the show everything that we have to be under thirty is longing to be to pay that's guaranteed of course you always have a low
1:59 am
things that you're going to be able to search on the internet to look for different prices comparable prices and node feel confident when you're shopping that you are getting the lowest price guarantee all right but it pays a great way to take advantage of or remember islam budget fe has no credit check all you have to have is a debit card or credit card and you can actually participate with eye to pay without having to talk with anyone is using automated system which even married on eight seven seven eight nine nine zero zero nine eye number goethite motion to choosing your size and quantity than doing your personal identification number and when asked what your method of payment as cut that budget pie auction that's the way to do it all right eight seconds left on the clock reintroduce a final call this ring because of either on the line congratulations from selected as a shuttle at this happy tuesday to you fe tanya from two five six lookin' great everybody llc crew hoping everyone's having a great morning. do you have any watches guess what two five
2:00 am
beloved actor producer one of her favorite thing to show molokai by the hour about twenty five minutes away. all right we've got some coordinating earrings beautiful trilliant cut in this rhodonite was there as you know again that's a beautiful area the country if you've ever traveled to the area the country these stones really give you that what that beautiful organic work look at this now in these trilliant cut stones to turn my hand just a little bit there she could see their ego lever back sterling silver lever back he got eleven point eight cat's on the stout so taking a look at that that's over five and have karat her piece of rhodonite again that perfect
2:01 am
filigree work of this that eye and look at that price even though it was double the charoite there we just wood in nineteen ninety nine as i write that word as nineteen ninety nine to look at the budget fe he could split up into three interest free payments of six dollars and sixty seven cents on the ground my ruler will measure these rope quickly the government lightyear take a look at that from bottom to top just the trilliant itself that is a twelve man omega trilliant that can be almost half an antonin with the lever back in just over cat's so as i sat up waiting to see how great they work again with a rope myself with so much fun about aside from just looking so natural and organic massai to jasper to me get that into your ear you can wear this with anything at cut black on so quartz this black and the road that looks great design with blue jeans and t shirt i could put out a little black dress a lot of different things you can do with rhodonite so so biwa kicked off fissure with byzantine great price points to resume budget eye tonight
2:02 am
sante spend x amount of dollars tonight and just just got back to get quite so sensible so emil remember if you guys are in the mood to do this to be fake. i think today's europe you'll see the entire day is everything under thirty everything budget a about ten things today on budget fe or say or more will hopefully allow more rightly said customer service they got that money would pay the value shipping that's ten shipping prices of twenty nine ninety nine that flat rate shipping and handling that you reach that ten eye them all the other items after the free shipping at twenty nine eye pay for all the items you can buy one twenty four hour period and literally they will get box together gets it to you and supposedly actually come and write your novel a bit sooner than some of the individual items to think about it forty eight hour turnaround on getting their box of items to
2:03 am
again twenty nine nineteen and i would eye last fifteen seconds to get better as the night goes on explaining all that omg i'm shocked and excited that everything's under thirty dollars all graces april two permits in terms of management you're awesome de france sa again april's the deer that sixty six as happy tuesday to include you think you have any thirty minutes chain trespass. um well we do have chain coming up next that it's not thirty inches but we'll see we can put on moore's less maliki's command about twenty one minutes or excited about our maliki's straight from africa so excited about the big big stones that she was taking a look here at these chain that i glass auction in baghdad but it's not thirty engines but it is gorgeous it's cut that two tone the sterling silver fourteen karat yellow gold overlay and is a curb chain eighteen inches we got a nice half to about two point three grams niassa round spring class you can see that beautiful to tom it
2:04 am
especially in the fashion blogging the runways and all that editing not as easy to find this in a retail setting i will warn you that those doing some comparison shopping with my co hosts the other day we were looking around for just tribe color cue into color at precious metal pieces and they're just not easy to find although you will see them everywhere in the store in the at fashion blogs and magazines now we just went down to seven dollars and ninety nine cents this is an eighteen inch chain eighteen inch curb chain sterling silver fourteen karat yellow gold overlay with that round spring glass you talk update your wardrobe immediately not just mean your clothing lore jab i mean your jewelry watch out if he put a new chain on with a pen that it literally changes the entire look at that especially with this title town here with the cold and this over lapis at nearby malik eye necklace a two quarterback inevitably hours twenty minutes away at eighteen inches for me it's it's just right there at the base of myy neckline so
2:05 am
that solid silver solid nine two five sterling silver and of course she got the fourteen karat yellow gold overlay on the outcome of that supplement black plate and up and down you can see there on the screen but tryon superficiality a little bit more closely or with caro as fantastic photography skills aren't so as we see a hawk's eye every inches with goal and an inch of s sver mansion golden anschutz over dc that eternal obit more there is a sante gone there's heat of summer and it comes back to goal practice over that's the pattern on this chain is a curb chain in its two point three grams at seven dollars and ninety nine does not think about that if you're looking for chain in the retail industry or retail jewelry industry and us for solid sterling sililr nine two five sterling which means they burmese indicolite all the good thing all those good things yet two point three
2:06 am
the thicker chain at the curb chain after that and see if hunan the fifty dollar range bass will usually be officially eighteen inches ruby between forty to sixty dollars cut flowers average about fifty dollars when agate met for about teal see of course that of course putting that two year budget taking hangings for seven dollars and ninety nine cents instead of fifty dollars to saving a bundle serialized on the phone gayle patricia all of you on the phone lines this morning again this is that type of necklace that you can wear with gold pendant with silver pendant these chain were still peanut can work well with this chain because the current chain is a very sick and that is your very tightly so it really is a great strike chain those of you know what i'm talking about is nothing worse than getting a solid silver chain having a break on you becausee a ain it's not easy defenses that at the curb chain really is a great style for hefty pieies of jewelry fluorite to sixty seven by the way today
2:07 am
pay for two dollars and sixty seven that caught opal he was on the clock so this is a delicate delicate pendants perfect for valentine's day especiallyyhat somebody's life who loves that jade pink of course a symbol of acetate jade of course moonstone has prosperity and good luck and all those things very popular in the eastern world wood added twenty seven ninety nine and that's about right i've told you before my karat areraveling right now and in asia they been in the philippines and thailand at this weekend they've been to tyo so that is traveling around but my mom is talking about jade had extremely expensive it is around those areas so again take a look at this the twenty seven nineteen agate that's a great deal because really you cut sterling silver and solid through and through the pink jade there are now under ten under ten dollars for this beautiful oval of peak jade is not border's i laugh at color play the get with the pink jade and that's over
2:08 am
oxidation memory of tony yesterday when kagem experts here talking about how beautiful the oxidation as mohs over fishing of the artisan crafted pieces i saul together just under an answer that big belo of course a beautiful rope in me get there this jade is basil as you can see there's a high polish silver there around that jade stone we talk about the value of a piece of jade this is sixty points. th's how h hvy it is a karat way sixty points. i think i just had that necklace earlier that beautiful silver chain power to put this pj on sony color not ratnapura that come after them on the hour about the pink jade pendant right about that kind of see what i'm talking about about that beautiful pink color opaque stone and setting an n ninety five sava look at the size of the bail that's a very nice sized elvis and be a beautiful charm to add to any of your jewelry but also be a beautiful standalone piececeo add to just put on chain dunno whether quarter so quartz and again you talk about valentine's day around
2:09 am
about that the water today was today ties with the day today between twenty cents twenty cents ruby got about five to seven shipping days to your item some soap during valentines guess right now think about especially about three teenage daughters are still it's a valentine's gift from anna why ever started cut the beginning the but i'll actually get like this is nine dollars nine and that we can see the estimated retail value we were sixty nine dollars and ninety nine cents for an estimated retail value on this pendant and you think about this two day catalog for valentines we just came to my house this last week from the initials j a jamese as store said that through and these are the types of anahi selling for seventy five dollars a hundred fifty dollars to get a time of the genuine gemstone inside the precious metal as a standalone piece they don't include the chain and oftentimes that the fetus artisan crafted prehnite we will either but that's the beauty of it because you
2:10 am
doesn't have to be a chain can be a leather coror can be a saul quartz whatever you cut the mind that two at three dollars and thirty three cents after gibson's home. congratulations diana ladd on the phone with as fluorite from peabody final call triple zero sky mass welo sierra madre purple opal this is me alot if agate morning. anyhoo earrings astana from eight five seven you know what i don't know that we have them in this hour donna between tomorrow's lesson we can find them we will put them in the show never fissure this all day long. everything's under thirty dollars and a lesson sleeping pull something out of all eye serum igi purple here is the opal is gorgeous it's a solitaire. it's a big ten by eight millimeter camera shyness who cannot die charoite of two point two fivee that said there's only jess's gorgeous purple opal remember when your tires your serum iga purple it's always
2:11 am
grape reminds me of that he swirls the beautiful inclusion opal which really kind of given that opalescence in person are kind of like a cross between a pearls and opal was actually this cat's of form three dollars and thirty three cents to pay nine think about this this is two point two five carats to record a karat of gorgeous gorgeous opal and it's all set in sterling silver with of course when we add their platinum over like that course a a think about that too that platinum opal and a sterling silver helps protect from that observation has not been oxidized as quickly because you do have that platinum overlay on top of the sterling knight center gallery well finish that big tall prongs o o top of that rain again that's the way you want your cmi jasper opal opal to lucky cut has beautiful swirls and really it's almost like a decadent essert we had a really cool that dessert bar that just
2:12 am
the desserts i sava this weekend so that definitely makes it look usc's thirty resumes g gstones that look like candy nine dollars and ninety nine cents that is your price three dollars and thirty three faces japan remember to pay works budget fe works by going into the automated system clicking that your doctor payment option as a as againsttbout atnapura so anyway the way to pay works is that we're talking about eye going in there for sledding but to pay interest freee payment so basically you pay three dollars and thirty three cents today but reaching ninety nine shipping and handling and then next month in february the next month in march each month you or your credit card will be charged at three dollars and thirty three sets but the entire time you're making those three payments you'll have this ring in hand simply looking for something fun together especially got somebody with a february birthday mss of course that beautiful purple gemstone is the birthstone forfebruary so much fun as that to give somebody something that's purple a purple gemstone of
2:13 am
that replaces the first time for them offender a b side to give that as a birthday guest nine dollars and ninety nine cents or so it is a retail value of almost fifty dollars price was about our producer is inviting us out is that we do have a wheel span coming at the very next item this morning that's right i can not stand for saving show if you will notice cut enticing as it is as saving show throughout the day everything under thirty with budget fe what's an hour and a happy spin on our famous li'l so that's a bekily at the very next auction item and i'm even know what the spin as it'll be a surprise for both of us thorite wood and eye last thirty seconds on there's already the size nine of john said this ring that i'm holding belongs to one of you still have half the size seven and the size a merry glad you're on the phone jean sylvia antoinette from ruff and reddy where that is part glass together on the phone lines this morning happy tueueay to unconditional thirty day money back
2:14 am
buy at the lc shop with confidence. all right final call. now who was the earlier the if we're going to have any watches and sante fe for the two five cents a fe de five sixty two watches region by sixty guess what we're goingngo spend her savings on the gorgeous watches they are really beautiful i love the rose tone on that why i love this over town on the blue and the red this is redhite blue. althohoh the colors that orders can be blue light in red high strap but that's okay pear. these are fantastic word out of fifty nine eye down to twenty four ninety nine and we're not even our final price schaeffer spencer get ready this is going to be five thorite fifty nine ammonite estimated retail price are bottom prices supposed to be twelve dollars and ninety nine cents that were supposed
2:15 am
color director they got to choose to spend on soe to spend two to say something off of nineteen eye this morning suggests she actually does it iolite said. our navigated a holiday here teal feet under thihiy and budget a chosen geragos coming up want dot baghdad with about forty percent hop and twelve ninety nine for a watch andnd book offlassic be the great and filled but they are you kidding me poli where we're going to get a forty percent off of ninety nine quartz seven dollars and ninety ninee cents thirty two watches units a forty percent this morning on his watches and look at that se so here's what's that number one was said that if the strada watches and again you gotta strada watches it blue with a white face got the white with
2:16 am
the grad with his people i say that's over just like the other right by the blue inhe rata samam faces and in that white has the eye rose told us to the zoo three watches here you've g g the beautiful patent leather leather at patton wristbands and courses are beautifully dyed andnd cut across the bow tie pattern all of these but look at the size of these at dials with the size of the faces these watches from issue off the red sevens that these two down amber show you all the measurements of things on this red so from top to bottom bed i love this look at that beautiful crystal him as well from top to bottom with about an inch and a quarter inch mass media and across ruby wright intense attention half an inch in and it's across red crystals come up the side of the lights all the way to just about right there got these nice big roman numerals at the twelve of the six of the slashes their three at the three ammonite and of course you get those perfect hour minute second hand as well thatcher strada insignia
2:17 am
love that glitter i love that again look at that beautiful bandar to set this channel show off the band with t tt eye white on his well with the blue mistrust the south and of course i'm sante been this practice but the back of stainless steel back with the strada the best wrap their fluorite set from top to bottom we are talking about from danger to that first hole is in the right sixty a half inches egos bali up over eight inches so that's how long these watches are some guys would certainly get away with wearing the blues their two beautiful color just a little blog lis if you don't mind the bling but you're good to go back there live without my rest on sale it's like wood on our last fifteen seconds so this is at your last chance to save forty percent this morning getting to pay is two dollars and sixty seven cents that is definitely a fantastic deal
2:18 am
as it was that beautiful pad been really close ally d dsn't that is gorgeous to the dot file connie's watches congratatations. i didn't start for the tree fabulite tree hearing she penned that these are all done in sterling silver i love these i love the size and shape of course he got those beautiful for chuck's com shepherd center conference france whatever they want to call them they are great especially when sterling silver or nickel free sky project anybody who wears them. this is a wonderful wonderful gift this i always think of for mother's day to edifying get together mom o eight five seven keshi mall three watches can amazolite eye seven that great itinerary our budget a five dollarsrse
2:19 am
ninety nine cents you get the set you don't have to choose right here you get the earrings amber pendant all three pieces for the forty nine on price and let me just a really great cost comparison on a competitor's website. our director coral i went shopping this morning and i competitor's website and we found these silver sterling silver dangle earrings in the tree only the earrings mind you and this sixty two dollars and ninety nine cents right now this morning on another home shopping network isn't crazy sixty tonight not know the budget the area that the payment option the senate which is still spinning over six dollars just for the earrings were giving you the earrings amber pendant for fourteen eye and that's the buying power of the lc we talk about that all the time we go to market we go to vendors we go to the manufacturers were able to buy not only for lc family of our families all over the world are peanut companies based in india it's one of the largest chile companies in the world that channel san as the uk
2:20 am
the world and that's how we're able to do this these trees measure an inch tall what's a grandma isabel over five grams a sterling silver and it's almost an inch wide and the traders and style and half of that for chuck klein you can see how great they look scale from two amazolite a shopper with us this morning. this is biwa the best deals of the morning just in that simplicity and that designer look at again because of this over the graham wafers and of course the easy comparison even do my shopping around if you had a choice right to sin sixty dollars a one pair of earrings or fourteen ninety nine on the earrings amber pendant. this is that figaro why you would want this tree symbol think about your family tree thing about the tree of life of course giving hope to somebody new growth of course prosperity i love thinking about his thinking about my big thing with eighteen year old is the money doesn't grow on
2:21 am
my job that she's been in the stop for a year and a half ago i got to have fun my senior year might you do understand your money drives that money does not grow on trees like vocabulary think about it so i would love to buy her these dozen members of that pain of that indices in jihadist and whether she not fourteen dollars and minus eight shipping and handling the five dollar budget fe is very very attractive. they also talk about the designers when they talk about the vibrancy in the cut connectivity of all living things that com another thing ecw see the tree of life symbol is a very design or symbol if you go to high end designer these are the types of things you'll see me talk about the tree of knowledge even in connecting it to heaven it is all those types of that symbol as symbolism that you might find with this tree symbol but for me at. you know again i always think organic i think of this you want to show that year. lover of nature that's another
2:22 am
tree some bling enjoy eye lot of egypt on the line sante last second congratulations confirmed as . it's triple zeroes the final costs are set wood is a peanut two watches away from our molokai sweet which is coming up to the bottom the hour the first one of my favorite stones here teal siya skips town a levity is so beautiful my mom's an artist an hour think about all her drawings and it remains if mother nature's way of doing an antiques cat's eye do we have any austrian crystal malt eye color x rays i will put that on the list for the day and we don't the show as seventy four but we definitely see link above but i so scripts down the brazilian citrine accents on the shoulders and all that said sterling silver platinum opal a look at that price you've got an eight point three five carat range of gorgeous scripts toad and you're only paying nineteen dollars that's six dollars and sixty seven cents to pay nineteen dollars and ninety
2:23 am
of the scripts down all you account that they're you know the value of the stone especially getting at over eight carat because again the brazilian citrine beautiful or six round three on the shoulder. altogether it's about thirty five points right karat zero karat weight is going to be there in that scripts down over eight karat on that nice big sixteen by twelve o one measure that mentions the idea of what that looks like from bottom to top your little over half an inch and then again he goes brazilian to chain cousin actually a type shape of the shoulder a little bit of filigree work there at the base of the stove a look at the nice big ponzi like the way they finished as prongs off nice and i cat's lights pear on a strip center does add a little bit of dimension of design at that ring i said there's a profile beautifully done and i know that other galleries there well finished beautiful sterling silver piece and let me tell you if you love this re do the budget pay option than six dollars and sixty
2:24 am
matching pen and chain coming up next to be able to get the entire suite oregon about ninety seconds left on the clock all day today our sale will last and everything under thirty so those of you dislike seven three forms and that requests for next red cross rings wheel i call a taxi to and we put that on the west will see with the plot involved throughout the day if i get worried about what you know the deftly stay tuned and remember personal shoppers a great way to find out not nly what we've done already for the day was coming at eight seven seven eight nine nine zero four nine zero eight seven seven eight nine nine zero four nine zero personal shopper liquidationchannel dot com zoisite email them as well apatite you so much fun to talk with personal shopper i think apatite cut two days before when i first started out working here i thought this personal concierge service hunan industry has as its free agate economists say even feel like looking at
2:25 am
you haven't even blogged about her turquoise that day i set about searching for just about obsidian cystic everybody that call but they smile the whole way through and they're there twenty four seven even help peoplpl design jewelry is my great saul you account dot there he got an idea for ringerrdea for a piece of jewelry given mccall bell not only give us back on how much of a cost to make it alexite be on a payment plan to put back the cast down then after that ring is actually made teal pay the other half so it's a really great service take dvantage of it concierge service personal shoppers still see outstanding value right there and demand their right to call that will go to the pin out the chain i can see this is a stainless steel chain already a love that's that's worth its weight right there he got the scripts tony dot black diamond all the way around this beautiful gorgeous pendant what a cool way to accent s dresses black
2:26 am
cutting on a sterling silver with a platinum overlay to take that from ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents to nineteen ninety nine again matching the price of that gorgeous raise six dollars and sixty seven cents to pay mookite that this is not only called scripts ten b bause yououan see all these beautiful inclusion is what this is actually thousands of yearsrsgo what used to bsc bad then fossilized as it dries out and these are actually up a tree creatures that really drive at the bottom of the cia pusher seeing all of these inclusion river looks like but you know again mother nature took an ink pen and sketched this design aniston does that through and through us have seen a sliced piece of javed a sad beautiful scripts and it is from the jasper familyy going tooet that fossilized you add organic material that's what chatoyancy always has beautiful color that beautiful mocha chocolate with that beautiful kind of orange tiger tiger color as the base that radiant script
2:27 am
course that's what it's also in the jul's industry sometimes known as cobra jasper is with the car scripts down so just a little background there's well on this cabin shine it is eighteen by thirteen millimeters that's a nice size measuring up lips my neck line from bottom to top you're looking about an inch and a quarter to get the testing was still chain with them psychologists home and looking at myself very own image in a corner with the belo just underern inch down just the pendant itself again about nine point five seven karat saul together what you've got their hearts you eye can see diamond accents do we have dc miami diamond accent so we have to sunnynyde on both the left or the right side of the pennant and the rest of the black larimar talk malik i c c see that cemented their next option. let me put a eye jasper on top of that you can seet's a nice big stone aged see the sparkle those diamonds of course you can
2:28 am
silver platinum overlay and then you got that stainless steel chain that is a tough chain do not have any kind of tarnish arises not return anything as color color i've had the same thing crystal chain from his ten years it's never broken is never at any kind of problem so i think it's a really great messages for the chain alone and of course that prehnite is gorgeous as well about thirty seconds l lt maliki's straight from africa is coming out next week and a pen and a beautiful ring. i'm wondering if what the absence dundas on this african mount i'll be excited to see a lot boulder cut lettuce over so i'm sure the prices of the phenomenal spotlight oxen but of the hour fluorite gal from canada still on the phone. let's see here nine one zero sante and i don't see a message for me nine at one zero no taxes coming through so re send your message john tyree that
2:29 am
the x ring sets from at seven three four thorite again but nephrite austrian all day to day bududt fe and under thirty cut year ago african maliki's gorgeous green lore and i were looking this before the show and iove it because it's so large a twenty by fifty millimeter you can't really see the swirls of this malachi mookite that the dark greens iolite greens that beautiful white house eye coming through this cozy cave it's amazing it comes instill agate isis to let my eyes and just looking at how gorgeous is said that amazing bean see this in jewelry. nothing can replicate best you got bekily to korea green ovals on the side to have a look of russian diopside but the good news they're not going to pay the price of russian outside this morning we get this price laid out for you under thirty no question lapis with half of thirty to fourteen
2:30 am
forty nine that means five dollars for budget pay to get twenty carats of mount eye glass that's incredible six seven eight nine interior size as a measuring and then of course we'll talk about that have a shot as well parts of her bottom to top you looking at just there under a bench over three quarters attention of course look at the profile that chain with all that beautiful oranges gorgeous filigree work you can see the fourteen karat yellow gold taken off and say that i love that verdite heart and it leaves architecture eye into the beautiful cuba to cut and of c crse with all that diamond coming around that mount eye is well taken off he can really see that but nice big pockets to hold that malachi really say look how creamy and how beautiful that malachi tanzanite cortez to get all that diamond cutting edge a halo effect in the sterling silver with the platinum overlay got plenty of sizes to choose from a love that lacey metal work in the shoulder that
2:31 am
qb cody and i let this keep it a cut agate again you wouldn't get this russian diopside for fifteen dollars but to get that same love for fourteen ninety nine all in your precious metals boy jump on this teal had no question ruby to find a gallery can see that they're looking cat's down and it is so key as it works it's really to get that kind of dessert was just yummy. fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents i say the rest of the malachi just to give you an idea cut grows again this has been growing in africa for thousands and thousands of years and its constant constant growth in the kazan things there the decision idea of this swirls that they get a lot that we see rafters really think what the world it's so dull at such a map and ash but this is the swirls the grounds that water drops comelec of the rings on a tree that uganda malachi grows just like this nice big pieces too and of course as they slice it open up with me inside and yet i would think it was next to that star would you view this walking
2:32 am
once i polish it and cash on it that's really all these beautiful veins of that of the eye of the rock county authentic furniture they make all kinds of beings that ancient egypt of course cleopatra left maliki's biwa grinded into powder form and she use it from a cat's malachi and glass both and octagon ern of this ground at molokai to the great weather to take peanut to the afterlife so beautiful stover this price fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents five dollars on the three interest repayments on budget pay everything to pay today take advantage of that last call triple zeroes on the clock to do that ended fluorite five five nine says blessings time yet happy terrific tuesday when a great sale this morning loving it what is our shopping pearls this morning is to ninety nine for shipping and handling and so hopefully can
2:33 am
you nine eight five give me the supplements i love it but does not know anchor and i don't think i'll think of lhasa found eye one nineteen star price on this beautiful pendant you've got to stay lis all chain eve got a giant oval over fifteen ask carat about sky and the also have again those beautiful simulated green diamond which is zircon and this is what the panel looks like you know how much i love green one of my favorite colors in the world some on sable colored my daughter's favorite color and i don't know something about problems in five days of each other so they that's what we have in common but green is such a calming feeling to see this in the pentagon a pentagon to return it is a little bit here cut out because he did see i love that type of pendant with the bail included a golf course at diamond cutting which is about halo effect not take this awful thing around for that but it's gorgeous. he also dismissed a muscle change remember the stainless steel chain is great on the up and it actually i just
2:34 am
actually platinum over the last last certified was bonded to the brass on the pendant to wear this ring with sterling silver this is going to be the platinum onto the brass but look at that price again matching the price bekily with up to karat weight at fourteen ninety nine so sixty karat says the official caraway radiant and we headed to siloso chain which by the way i did prices de lis still chain the other i can say that it's worth it's weight stigma still chain in a retail setting is thirty dollars that's crazy to me when so many times over the state was still chain to their pen that you can put mystic missile chain of any of your jewelry goes great with sober it never changes it doesn't tarnish and i mean biwa the taxes you guys it's hot it's humid sweaty and my same whistle chain always looks great eye wear everyday every hour that sleeping the shower and i only take seraphinite work at the pit of my kids gave me for mother's day about almost ten years ago this may and was my first day was still pisa dorian i've just never went back eye of stainless steel
2:35 am
beautiful qp to cut anahi cdos there is a mount eye hebei measure the chicago carat and remember boulder from top to bottom yet mention a quarter cle to do that opal mehta work here to match that ring has the fourteen karat yellow gold filigree there at the top eon see that and everything else is cut that platinum on to the brass is a beautiful pen and an amazing price their life that you can see in the back opal that rush out again that's what's at lore brought me from our these beautiful rough stones back in the backyard and both cases and this is how malachi grows together goes in k's yet still apatite smithsonite might sante get back telecoms and a big giant boulders at times of the boulders like this on the outside. this is kind of spec leominster glittery kind of grain and they slice it through and look at those swirls the sea and amazing swirls are beautiful cat's that each and every stone that when you
2:36 am
a great deal you talk about exceptional quality we talk about are in except exquisite designs if the outstanding value of forty ninety nine or the five dollar budget fe we are getting each and every piece of maliki's cabinet shined and polished like this you know it's goi to look at his not actually thrilled with it when you get com you can return it no questions asked money back unconditional so take advantage that spinel got triple zeroes congratulations on that marquise hse alright here we go with that beautiful solitaire artisan crafted silver you can see all those beautiful lore exists over there on the eye beginning of the halo effee so this is of course was the artisan crafted this comes from the island of bali star balinese artisans take this ring that a cut stone and they build the reading around this town but is this tiny clothes that are sherlock and silver moonstone
2:37 am
the time we have rainbow mooootone but t ts is our silver moonstone this is so blustery and beautiful there's almost a schiller two et al labradorite semitic eye and i can astounds it is right he said it is schiller and so it's com this light that glows from within and it's so interesting because again those are the imperfections in this town to catch howlite and become the wife now to get this in under thirty price which is nineteen ninety two dystopia twenty nine ninety nine on the studs about two to nineteen eighty nine for you six dollars and sixty seven cents this is eleven by nine millimeter. that's a nice pink stow the carat weight three point nine nine eight to be specific we are very limited in t t size nine look how perfect this as i love the shake of this it's just that perfect silver strap he got a nice basil around that's over moonstone and look at that again. i love labradorite i love this over mooootone is gorgeous
2:38 am
but the opal zircon have that same kind of glow that schiller but you're saying everytime i move at that look like unplug it and it lights up there the center that's how beautiful that is alright to leslie and walk around the ring he got those beautiful souls orbs of course forgot the basil apatite sits high bead alves over the bay and of course soldered to the peace there erm that's a lot of some rather take silver's that's about all austrian half grams of silver that alone for that price is incredible that silvery and this is such a classic design with a classic styles that just as it never goes out of style you'll see it always featured infamous over snake catalogs in fact i told you already know that agate je kat catalog just came out last week for valentine's day and they had a lot of the style ring and endant in their catalogs just a classic work and mookite actually get in natural law can silver
2:39 am
its image even in sunlight t ts town has this lexi received a studio lightss catching howlite but it is all the shops in the inclusion that you get inside the moonstoneo give it that chiller network that is gorgeous i left thinking about the studs coming from sherlock exciting shock as one of those beautiful areas in the world it's so lush and of course that kind of junune kinddf feel and those blue blue ocean waters to think that they're mining these kinds astounded that kind of demographic or geographic area and it's beautiful eye seven eight nine nine still very limited yet nineteen d dlars and ninety ninin cents everything's on the thirty days that's good news was a shock to your budget tight bass which one to take advantage of today if you've never used to play before this can be listed here de you can pay sixixollars and sixty seven cents to get the saul and the omega three payments ruby interest rates at cut takes the sting out of shopping and really what we do at my daughter ordered one of those venti sized coffee is the other day it was eight
2:40 am
couldn't believe it i think if this quaf the dififrent kinds of things that they add to it right but it was something anything extra yeah they add those dollars and cents to it no question with fifteen minutes away from a necklace eye now that's eye fi to set others that's why we say give up a coffee a week right you can avoid a lot i'm doing this to last alot longer than a kasi i said there's nothing physical happened about fourteen minutes excited about those absolutely so this is going to be our next rope at auction. now this is our blazing red course this is our producer favorites about love the stone so much pearr obsidian opening on what i i necessary mount
2:41 am
second com. i am so bad about getting jewelry to mike so that's agate we didn't do that this time with a beautiful little sign to see than just a moment nineteen dollars and eighty nine cents for blazing right red quartz this isn't the most de f fe engine red lever out that channel set stones there are both shoulders and then of course you got that beautiful gorgeous step cut the meadow now that's a cushion cat's had stepped up its a cushion cut a little more fastening to this town which cat's is a little more of the ready see the light reds in the dark reds upcoming karat mma event that sent in by eight millimeter cushion it's all set in sterling silver with a platinum overlay that nice big proms not filigree work saturday to look at that. i think this is what it has beautiful features of this tree right there that channel sunstone again those are sixty two and a half milleter squares and they're actually lab created rubies uh that's interesting to put elaborated ruby with t t quartz that's beautiful scene a little bit more depth
2:42 am
little lighter red there in that lab created ruby amber this is so interesting to me but more and more jewelry stores will be selling lab created rubies when they sell rubies because rubies are getting more and more difficult to find right especially in the sand against all you's natural resources that's right and againnubies one o o those precious gemstones of that the top four but they do grow the rubies in a controlled environmental assets cut the same chemical compounds and they are true ruby said retailers are able to sell niassa ruby read that you have to ask now if to say is this a natural ruby or this lab created to die otherwise there de silva the st enterprise and here you're gonna get his beautiful gorgeous chaplain corps members are quartrt it's crystal clear there are no exclusions and i quartz it comes from brazil and we add our colors but think about valentine's everybody for yourself or for friends all of the sterling silver so that alone is worth that nineteen eye and tries to get
2:43 am
austrian half carat seniorr quartz anahi got six at ninety points of karat in that lab created ruby mookite all that valentine's red look how beautiful that is in the sterling silver for nineteen ninety nine and again what we talking earlier about budget pay bean most attractive way did you shut your shopping today six dollars and sixty seven cents alright wood our last five seconds on this rainbow brite red gorgeous colol gail you have to send me an email let me know what you're doing your shopping so i'm lepidolite you had such fun this lights out glider sava with that here's a pendant to match that beautiful ring it's a gororous blazing red quartz pendant all the bags come in the next hour. it's a beautiful clutch wow that's fantastic about becoming the next hour. do we have any maliki's at ya bet that reading with sterling silver with m miki's if you wanna
2:44 am
about that mount cut ring that was in sterling silver platinum overlay was also the forty curia local ties are here we are the blazing red quartz penned a beautiful pendant looks attractive for anything you wanna do it that it's a great mint because again you've got a little bit about diamond shimmer to it with the white topaz lazulite diamond cutting there that bright white ninety five silver nus of us as just to match the price and the rain grey one forty nine eye an idea chain with this as well and you still able to cut trystine a nineteen ninety nine six dollars and sixty seven cents so there you have all of that beautiful red and interesting that de lis which is a card yet his biggest hits with five karat ten by ten and i guarantee at least four point four carat of every penny by yes icc all that beautiful sparkling the measure this right now
2:45 am
under intense with the bail under half an inch withthe as setting itself again that's tonight and all of our crystal quartz is however quartz is crystal clear and courses eye hole that may just give that a little bit of a polish there because you will not see any inclusion in the piece that you get that's what we promise you with our beautiful color quartz of course are blazing red signature here to the lc was probably with my deadline right now hebei can show off my pendant necklace that we got cut at the top the hour that i have to talk to my blouse eyeebei disco that to my ad black keys i think that that red chord still shows up so gray and again you're talking about um just that beautiful color that bright light of the sterling silver with that diamond cutting again all the cushion cutting right thaha all the facets that you get with that beautification red beautiful beautiful gorgeous and that they'll pass play the most unique part of this piece that beautiful balance
2:46 am
shots and again just amazing just amazing value their nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents fluorite about a minute left on the clock we talked about my jenipapo hate to use a guitar to be talking about it but i think that's important thing to talk about today that watches still coming up in this next hour he sat beautiful clutch at the top of the hour to show the deficit that we factcheck coral was about eight minutes away from these fantastic necklace as beloved as the crow mine austrian crystal and all these fun spring colorssill see those coming up with about one that's gorges that purple a green mp alright so the estimate about eight minutes was brought over the class so that you can kind of see this on the desk and of course will be showing this off in the next hour it's beautifully done a beautiful brocade this eye bracelet blazing red quartz peanut wood china right now for nineteen dollars and cents but look at the geometric design and have on this class is so great i love this look at
2:47 am
the brocade and gorgeous it looks tribe old resident said after becoming the next hour we'll go great with this before making red chord so grab it to pay six dollars and sixty seven cents. we are down to eye last five seconds to go and confirm your bed too get readydy for next autumn alright so here we go into some really unique watches or timepiece is if you will for my strada collection he's actually cobble clasp bracelets with the timepiece we've got blue gray and cold and the blues beautiful cat's cut about robin's egg blue and of course she got that beautiful dc star gray and then of course the cold and i think eschew that the great baroque is reminiscent of a peacock pearlsshese are lass pearls remind you they are going to be all done in
2:48 am
strada watches is the perfect time fe style of the dial of this the shape of getting a multi strand bracelet you've got basically looks like as three or fouou four strands of chains. oh my gosh he's been under ten dollars we are att a tiny nine eight dollars in eye and has to pay three dollars he got three dollars a twenty five pieces of what cut beautiful that weighty see them are going to get on the fe fe talk about schiller you talk about lester that she really got this by my fe was going to be this beautiful blue it's that beautiful kind of robin's a tiffany blue put on my wrist to show you what it does but my favorite part of this radiant site so here is my rest you can see that like i said that marveling that lester the john f acc that pilots could return it this way that he dot dots and to know that twelvlv the three the six of the nine course of our the second hand i love
2:49 am
dollars of questionable lis there glass pearls in the chain sanity and then this is actually a toggle clasp i don't know how exp or i'm going to be able to do it by myself but let's see here yes yes i am not gonna waste your time again about myself but yet is one of those honey i watch agate were coming to topple class i love that because it is a piece o jewelry with that eye peas included and are getting it right now for eight dollars and ninety nine cents and done this is one of those pieces that you'd see in a department store eon mabe one o o those eye care of souls around years where again fifty nine ninety nine would be a great price having them be a good sale price on these watches the strada watches kaur says that japanese quartz movement they hear it as he put the toggle on a watch to see how the beads dangle is a nice articulation with the bead spirit is of course this is what i'm talking about a toggle clasp gives you various options you
2:50 am
here that place its seven to eight inches i could talk what did this piece i did it we toggle to the middle agate toggle that the very end but that's the top of its holding in place and it's a really great at topple those pieces that is not going to come mohs was wearing a andalusite always pearls oconee dangle down natural timepiece immigrara anywhere eitheray at the turn us to get eye wear dated spices or maybe i can turn it with a pearls or onnhe top and the watches of the bottomood everyone to do for your outfit they are wary but you know at the time piece of jewelry that it's a lovely eye sleeping all these other chapel my hand as he can see the differences and i'll turn my lively watches back as well so river blues option when the great option to that golden dots and present them backwards yeah my my hands t tt you can see here again that beautiful toggle dollars strands all those bead the beautiful esther the golden is a very yellow azurite canary kind of yellow on those ad bead but the last on the top of the face that watches beautiful than the last ten
2:51 am
e eht ninety nine s final price and your budget fe is three dollars fine connie's watches congratulations to look into a cut a five sentence that says those watches look antique eye group you iolite so just a few options away from our top pr specialists fantastic at necklaces you fleur de name for that necklace the other day i can remember what it soc remember the name that that that that necklace yet style life you know if you remember that email me and i remind me what we were the other night when lss hosting a show lights your ego mojave green turquoise straight from making mine in arizona this is set in sterling silver mind you this is probably the most overly fat in any ring opal eleven grams of sterlinggilver b bswana estimated retetl prices hundred and nine i
2:52 am
this re take and are thirty two twenty nine at ninety nine twenty nine nineteen ninety over eleven grams of sterling silver andndn the mojave turquoise at eight twelve millimeter rounds to look at the size of that that beautiful copper bronze it's thihi world right through there and interesting of all we simply talked about how they impact the turquoise into a mold in the mabe hydraulic press inquiry comes out a bracket jewelers go to david belo it seriously said tanya deol complicated that the system as to make that mojave turquoisis any slated allin with jewelers add a gemstone expert state expertise i guess yesterday and i i was amamad i had no idea he's visited the king in mind several times and i've never been but is the turquoise of choice to be good any of the boutique stores in arizona and new mexico told you before my parents i retire to mexico so i go to sante fe lot of mint alice indicolite so this is the type of turquoise you'll
2:53 am
set in sterli silver like that. eleven grams of stirrings of work on any measure the ring in the keshi around the ring from top to bottom it looks like with just under natural three quarters of an edge probably than from top to bottom but it really is the basil hummus over around that ring all of that beautiful groping and this is artisan crafted art class ring kind of concepts it's a very beautiful ring i think guys or girls can wear a cut six seven eight nine guys can certainly get away with wearing that nine beautifully done and the hundred hour finishes it off since i love about irene's all of our brains reallyy do have that beautiful fissure with other gallery foremost i should say not every single one but the observation that you see in between each one of those fears of silver that some agate that antique look charoite like this yesterday remember this much of artisan crafts over each one of these pieces is h hded down there's no machine that lays these little balls of soren as an
2:54 am
over into those rose city think about that they've they've they've uh there's a process that actually puts those in place and then that oxidation forms in the twenty dislike it cloth and polish the surface tarnish off the bright lights over the top and then of course observational stay in the crevices and that's what you want that's the color play and that's that beautiful look of antiqueue silver that you get with an artisan crafted ring like this triple zeroes on
2:55 am
price congratulations. he and all they advance in order turquoise i cannot wait estimate the saturday here on the lcs say what we cut southwest iowa tribal textiles this handbag summit coming up in this our fantastic lights look at the detail that you get on that gorgeous black and white and you k kw what that is beadwork bead were gorgeous cbn again this is a designer style bag and no matter what you know what it's going to do everything today is under thirty and it's to pay good money red tongue of fire hose this morning we got lore on the floor dot parlance about in the booth. we're so excited about this next hour of under thirty. i'm looking at these bead necklaces that fluorite in our tiny eye we've been saying here is the name it's purple it's green it's gorgeous you've got the spring colors in both
2:56 am
is that type of fe if you wear your maxi dress as a new address about to go around the evening to still be comfortable ratnapura side this will completety change the look of your outfit and it's easy to sew easy to wear any kind of earrings although at that figure brilliant statement pieces or necklace now thirty three nine and that's where we could stop on that's just because of all the detail of the austrian crystal chrome and the purple to pink in the green and then of course and the other youou cut thehelue in the pink in the green now thirty green eye and not we're going to stop because everything today as to be under thirty dollars so here we go far top of the our special look at that price nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents look at this rubies necklace as a measure avoids giving idea yes made to look like the colors of opal audience a jade today t t truth is what it looks like to me take a look here o and a quartrt
2:57 am
comes in tapers back to about half an inch here at the tops into a corner near the bottom in it a present it into the half ensureehe top. now this is that fantastic chain river were talking earlier about having extended chain also having the rest of the league's to be able use that last class you could literally wear as a choke or if he wanted to ortho go out to eighteen inches it is still much emphasized to me thaha to other people with a smaller frame you could certainly this could trade out under a cowl neck orchid go on top and that's probably one of the most important to point out as i pulled it to my neckline would have utterly octagon agreed and blue amethyst purple internet line this time agate be careful micah now i can put this inside the v of my color as i was doing earlier for the outside where outside agatt cut that bib look the most famous way to wear that says with a count that because again i will sit on your couch and it'll lookk
2:58 am
clothing and naturally the beautiful part about this gorgeous de deficit cut the sparkle and the color of all of this beautiful beautiful agate necklace see that statement of course is the color that gorgeous purple jade that pink jade t tt beautiful green jade again this assimilated jade this is the chrome app that has thaha look and that's what you got this necklace and we're talking as though some of this necklace in the blue in the green cut has that look of opal so i got the beautiful kind of opalescence color there in the blue in the green and that beautiful really pastell a opal light pink hair and they skidmore the jellybean pink in the purple o ol white peak year in the green andalusite as your options wanted to add the distinction is going to be not green but it's going to be either purple or blue peeking green are both fluorite ceo you're down there last thirty four seconds as ruby the non aligned congratulations this is a great price for taking advantage of budget fe everything today is under
2:59 am
available on those interest free budget a payment six dollars and sixty seven cents if you've been looking for a bed necklace and even looking for something that can really take in the spring these two necklaces are at genoa found at clare more rock or a new buyer with the sherry from port huron glided on the alliance seven three one two now that amber alert network has pearl earrings i did not sin i never did theatre's seven those earrings write our final constables you the name after colin sees one of our most expert hosts here at the lc and even she couldn't take it out that fluorite twenty five minutes away from guess what alexite chain blue topaz sweets he got very easy but the rain we got that beautiful necklace eleven to get ready to take advantage of by to pay nicely shocking right alexite blue topaz and shocking prices they get hard to remember exceptional
3:00 am
outstanding value siia alright here are simulated opal now a simulated opal is beautiful because again it looks like opal the shoulders omega look like bamboo coral if you welo either one and then of course you've got the ion plated yellow gold on the stainless steel so i think i think of under the sea said to me this looks like coral that is literally caressing and holding up his beautiful treasure of a opal here right on your finger it's a beautiful mosaic of that australian mosaic opal write twenty carat seven take a look at it almost looks to me like that italian glass we have sometimes because the top almost looks clear and you look deep into those beautiful colors the blues and greens in almost the colors of activity abalone shell but you get a mosaic of that and it's really so beautiful and again with that statement still in the ion plating that yellow gold has that look of
3:01 am
the kind of a hue the color of ion plated go and remember when it's on sale until it is durable. it's never going to tarnish pear ras chain shaped anything like that so it is true to size this is what the shank looks like that here's nineteen ninety eight available in seven and think about it stainless steel with ion plating is one of the best technologies injury that's out there because it's a vapor technologists not plated it's not painted on it is literally vaporized into the stainless steel so it's never going to flake off it's never going to tarnish a turn leading into this ring is losing that the only de india let thing about this on opal jean jacket hasn't answered as in cowboy boots are so happy to be good to go ard twenty carat of this beautiful simulated opal all the of course that mosaic color with all the blues in the green diamond teal but if he can agate you be looking closely at that as a cat's beautiful alright so but i found this three dollars and thirty three cents that's not
3:02 am
you have seen some of the same names popping up over what some of the auctions remember to take advantage of our value pay pal euclase a great way to ship them cipher but one thing about you shipping is another thing that you should bekily twenty nine ninety nine that's basically the price of ten items to buy ten items or more he would take twenty nine after a flat shipping rate for these twenty four hours you like throughout the day ten plus eye and endure one shipping price will be twenty nine ninety nine all into one big box and then they ship it eon it supposedly rise pretty quickly and five to seven days a regular shipping is two day shipping with your value at shipping price we paid got to talk to customer service let them know the plan to do that good at first so right when you make that first purchase com customer service say hey i want to view these items on withthe by shipping a planned order several things throughout the day because the entire day today here dlc
3:03 am
really fantastic they had eye last five seconds on the simulated opal ring congratulations. it is beautiful and what a great price. now don't forget my favorite thing of the show is this gorgeous clutches handbags is coming out and so we've got that . now i can't wait to see the surprises coming up in my handbag during the ca eleven. alright so first let's do this beautiful elongated oval marquee in your mojave green turquoise now here's an idea right. you've picked up that ring earlier we skipped a couple options now are back to the mahdi green this would match perfectly with that ring bali legacy service over artisan crafted twenty five by tens actually been a little bit longer that is half why this swirls in this overall handcrafted orbs around that beautiful basil all handcrafted mojave
3:04 am
made at the kingman mine in arizona we take the price under thirty dollars today guess what it's gonna be twenty nine ninety nine after mojave turquoise and look at the karat way of using threats or history ten point nine carats of mojave turquoise see that the court is turquoise but all that beautiful copley bridesmaid and never on mojave turquoise but the glimmer and shimmer of that bronze matrix is the incredible sound like politicians talking ruby heard them making fun this weekend that that one politician that's bead all the rhymes and she did earn or spend kind of funny now my kids are walking around the house and writing everything eye big bail their past wood is a call it's hard to rhyme of the time creature has two edges that the bail is monte turquoise is a beautiful pen an attachment at twenty two it looks like you could easily wear this is
3:05 am
low as a swing pena whatever piece of black chain but honestly great it's a big bale so it certainly could go through to ung naka necklaces can even call this talent that some big bats and how wide the bay last push to put on a leather cord octagon assoc ordered many things we can do it says twenty nine ninety nine your budget pay is ten dollars imagine that i get excited when i see to pay for turquoise because for me for many years before i knew the lc existant go shopping with my mother to these boutique stores and eye least one piece of turquoise joey always bead several hundred dollars a labradorite sometimes teal happen i promise to share with her and we would bite mojave turquoise i had no idea i could get it at this price at the lc so this is really one of my favorite values here tlc because mojave turquoise comes from one place to come from a kingman arizona it's because of the buying power of the lc what those arizona and new mexico boutique shops
3:06 am
power by the quantity to get the price down this low forties so that's why they have to suffer but we got estimated retail value of this piece alone at one hundred and thirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents in fact i think i have a comparison on that so check that request friday night or how well the ring to it opal that elderly to show you a mojave green turquoise pendant on a competitor's website they're not even a retail boutique that they are selling at right now on the internet for hundred and twenty four dollars and forty nine cents is not crazy and a smaller and i don't think it is pretty i like the elongated sow so much better that round again doesn't even matter about the shape one hundred and twenty four forty nine on sale right beryl original sava site so prices for an eighty dollars to see the boutiques cable the clot
3:07 am
to that so as state and that was that on. ok these are pretty i love that purple cut almost like an eggplant kind of color and he got his beautiful swirls all of this beautiful beautiful stitch tight now. i saw shannon county this week with an entire show of this town they were literally sailing out of everything fe of the best time our viewers around the family was having the best i mount is seeking community more sustainable in the ball carried in a show twenty nine eye now be a great price and as about cat's up there no problem at all that five point three six carat to these beautiful stitch tight stuns look at that price you are kidding me nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents that's six dollars and sixty seven cents on budget fe and look how beautiful this is you got the purple you get the grain and i'm trying to think that being said tony and that john explaining the tories actually bend to the tasmanian minds with this stone is found bean she's involved in some of the buying of it as well. we
3:08 am
the show's really take to heart what they're saying because they're the ones in the trenches they're the ones that are doing is byes in the minddnother putting all the stitched eye down the tables sometimes in the raf sometimes already cut and just trying to get the best of theheest and hat's what we dooor you here at the lc we get the best of the bass again a parent companies of the gl nd that's how we do are buying throughout the world are going to tasmania with gabi a fine exhibition ago on a buying expedition a few others that happens there in the states tied at eleven by nineavite time it's an answer if you include those posts are nothing if the lacy post this elegant lace of them at all thateally gives you that work in sterling silver even have of course the diamond accents and that diamond cutting glass at sparkle they are getting levity that may or not say how beautiful they let these will go with anything you put the song with a little black dress he can wear these in to work faster beauty of the stitched eye very very cute beautiful alright
3:09 am
have this in the show today cause today and that was having was thursday afternoon and they had from twelve to an entire shows cat's eye and literally every other item was selling out was incredible. alright that is pretty isn't it. that's a beautiful color combination is going to mardi gras this year for just a week or two away right for mardi gras cut so these are my feet are thinking by those grave of the mardi gras is a legal way isn't thorite fat tuesday with a feather that next tuesday i believe one of my friends actually eye is lacking in the previous year sowed river excited his family's leery of well known in orlando he so excited to be the king of the flag can remember which that which crude as anyway i think it's the second week of february princess tuesday for the big
3:10 am
this point de lis is b butiful from the grave dug into the mood to of course that do anything fantastic stone to last you any season throughout the year sometimes i digress what i tell my stories most of the time i digress thohote cable deals on the clock spinel call fifteen minutes away from the electric blue topaz and one option away from my handbag so excited about that quite biwa so that just a moment but first let's go ahead take a look at this headband to match her earrings now. again look at the way this stone is formed and i wish i knew more about it to tell you i will try and learn about it it's a elatively new stone at the lc but the stitched eye is just gorgeous look at that time our bowling you get onn with a mosaic two and again this comes from tasmania it is really vibrant vibrant colors one sixty nine ninety
3:11 am
three seven the carrots which is where the seventeen dollars and igi that any details chain sterling silver it is twenty inches it's got a platinum overlay to israel of owning it it'll go with anything but look at the design of this pen that this is what's so beautiful about this prehnite to get matching the way those earrings have that lacy look bead epidermis infinity bail was swirlrl up and around eye love cd about this because when my kids were ad growing at one of their favorite things to learn to draw what a ribbon that would go up and around because they were learning how to do the shading how to do with perspective and all that that's what this reminds me that because again in jewelry art any chain you have this fantastic swirl and again it's kind of almost a fluidity to it with that beautiful belt that have these nice that proms got a little bit of filigree work but this is a beautiful sterling silver platinum overlay chain beauty for seventy dollars ninety nine cents and mystic style i'm telling you you're gonna see this gained popularity over
3:12 am
go on here tlc that show the eon stateside just on thursday afternoon items are some thrilled that we're getting in the shower had my neck line we deserve this kind of shopping though we hessonite our early birds early on that east coast happy tuesday to those of the west coast good or bad no doubt about seven shop with us three p pments of six dollars extra budget pay it saul interest free six dollars times three and the thumb part of the japan's i said befefe everything's under thirty and everythings to pay but it's also that chain to get this other value alright so we're genoa last twenty five seconds anahi and bad coming out to beautiful the bottom the hour ten minutes away we got that electric fluid topaz i mean we've got the necklace he got the earrings we got the rain
3:13 am
is going to knock your socks offpinel final call o o that beautiful to say congratulations on this town it's gorgeous just gorgeous our eye here's my favorite item of the hour had beautiful clutch now we have to choosos we got to choose what we wanted to put the show and this is one that we cannot wait to say and there's going to treat a very special tree they are going enjoy with a shopping excursion a a eleven inches by eight inches now one hundred and forty nine dollars and ninety ninee cents now for taking priced and you know we have to go under thirty even though you got the seed beads are hand crafted honor this is no machine they can do this all of the sesame and on the beautiful brocade here on this beautiful class again with the detail the chevron de telling all of the geometric shapes almost a southwestern type pattern and
3:14 am
nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents six dollars of these evans and who knows what that sound has expenditures theyye clear this panel will produce kagem upset is that eye hebei that will spin the welo see what we cannot sixty nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents ones in our day all day today on the lc three that spin the wheel when the item that we chose to stand harwell on to were taken around and we're going to save you twenty percent off and nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents that take that back down to well just not down five four dollars off rite will take it down to six to fifteen dollars and ninety nine cents that's right it sixty dollars which budget pay of five dolllls and thirty three cents to get this clutch com this would be so much fun eye that god had santo who is going on vacation as in i think she won in april to be a lot of fun to g ge her as a class because how welo this attack write even just to put in your suitcase or carry onag
3:15 am
and boy look like a million bucks is a really simple class i love it it's got that um zipper pocket because that supported any back to have that one zipper pocket to hold if you got your passport your driver's license or something important there you got that nice black material there on the inside but here's a flat. this is a flat fare and then of course she folded over and you've got your cb t t continue here on the back edge senator holding it really feels nice to go all that lore is a black this is actually gold cut a bronze eagle that and i think the color scheme is beautiful with black and white so it a shot to dorothy from carmen for shopping with us this morning the embellishments are beautifully done again they havee to be hand stitched onto these aperture there's no machine can do this and then of course you go all the beautiful brocade working again ruby and material that this is made out but it's at the polyester type cotton tiger's love the detail on as i seek me amber colors are
3:16 am
because again this tangerine orange is what this says it's kind of a mass tangerine orange almost the salmon but too too ostentatious again without black that there's nothing hallowe'en about this at all. this is just a beautiful warm rich color of that kind of salmon tarar tangerine color and then of course that beautiful bride to look at the light is the catch is that not beautiful or just our right to sport a big pot of coffee loving the show says three three one odontolite to watch and love that the clutch is so beautiful sixty fiviv say that's a big complex two five six watches quite often many thorite shows so we get a complimentary five sixty appreciate i'm ririt with the lubbock lights one thing i want to point out eye last thirty seconds of this auction is the detailing on thehedges look at the double stitching that you're going to get here on the edges is almost like kind of funny to say this that it was like a hot pad eon talking about a kind of double over the material into extra protection for that pieceend
3:17 am
like me that rounded edges reminiscent of that but that is let you know that that is going to states not afraid and he's taken that next opportunity to give you that the tell all right final color last five seconds. all right we're close to the buttery hour but first before we get relatively topaz lis to these beautiful earrings artisan crafted french of course in sterling silver and of course this town mexican pink opal has actually got a beautiful floral tie designer dresses beautiful silver orbs around the rope being around the basil. now we talk about these camera shots each one of them is eight by six millimeter that's larger than solitaire size no question
3:18 am
scheme they are getting that beautiful cool cool pic of the mexican pink opal over five and a half grams this over mind you and make your way at six point four nine with fifteen dollars fourteen ninety nine this morning that five dollars on the debate for artisan crafted a genuine opal earrings he got precious metal artisan crafted of the artwork and of course that one of a kind detail and then you get the genuine gemstone that pink opal from mexico that perfectly matched and they are gorgeous there's a profile you consider knife as oaks at very very strong way to do a stone earring and a lot of the cut that nice long french wire there on the back just for just w wches till it's over he always said that ninety five stamp on the back twitchy know that it's ninety five silver and then of course you teal see we remove the nickel southern nickels are mabe to the post of nickels are made
3:19 am
kind of . yep nope no sanitation off a five seven says i love that peak of the pink opal eye t t something so cool and calming when you look at this beautiful pink and the opal and we have the oxidation again that beautiful antique work in the crevices of the artisan craft it's over that's when you know it's a high quality items for fifteen dollars unsupported again the benefits of course shopping early all you night owls all you early birds glass because rap on this tuesday morning with us beautiful beautiful mexican pink opal i love the colors of this with a beautiful silver and we talkeke about caring for these types of hearings in these types of pieces of tory very easy just to polish with just a little cloth and just the surface turn chops over and joking yesterday with that david belo because anahi site is needing o'clock i like this polish or jewelry red don't get opal not different opal and cleaning solution in
3:20 am
stew that you know two important to add dferent c caning solutionseologists chrysocolla classes cut like the one i'm holding here is lepidolite that surface off the tarnish off the top of your have your earrings again this is the type of cloth the wine it's very soft c cth it's easy you can even set a paper towel adieu to do the trick is white tissue paper kleenex even teal wanna leave any fibers on his left imptance of getting a sack of cloth de final con is opal earrings congratulations. we are agate an auction or two away from our elected blue topaz so that's exciting personalities beautiful bead pink or lavender earl grey three different choices and
3:21 am
earls tolerance over town and you get the matching bracelet with the necklace they got the glass fascinating bead said mabe at the glass pearls all these comeith lobster claw clasp and these are just fans are very vibrant beautiful tea set for nine dollars and ninety nine cents though due to the well surprise surprise seven nineteen i've sort of upsets of all houses assuming of course you know that's about bead in the msn history eye celeste yes let's talk about the seven nineteen i'm still to pay two dollars and sixty seven cents and you can get the necklace and bracelet that matched coma for two dollars and sixty seven c cts up take a look at best that the biggest bead the biggest glass pearl in the grey bits of medium in the lavender almost the same verity and of course the pics a little bit smaller more delicate but bright bright magenta pink cotton candy pink isn't it
3:22 am
option one so one major pink to asia lavender and three is your gray the gray is reminiscent of your peacock pearls again all this is glass all of its fantastic costume jewelry for seven dollars and ninety nine cents you talk about a piece of jewelry that will take you to spring and summer. this is and don't worry about it read seven dollars and cents you could of course peridot with other jewelry can be a stand on not assassins get the diamond that is all twenty six inches so for me that's a nice long nap last mcgehee got a beautiful peak which really the standout color electrically topaz coming up with a bite of the hour but the pink lollipops to getethe little glass faceted beads inbetween pattern before last season ago and then t t fsa glass and then stick the thing with me as the bracelets. it's a pattern as well to glass beads in the faceted glass and come see this as closely on my rest got the faceted glass b bds in between and it's cut rose passing seat at
3:23 am
with this bracelet fluluite celebration zircon to be seven a half inches and then of course the necklaces are going to be twenty six inches look at that camcorder jess as the title of that type of bronze glass bead married with this beautiful gray emigrated as a beautiful luster to it i can really go just about anything it's beautiful i don't know which one youike the bass that get about thirty seconds to decide pink lavender gray the files notot bad idea twenty three and ninety seven is your option a it's alright so remember coming out next to the electric blue topaz and snake valley fe topaz them from tech says reitman if you're in the jury in the city fe topaz topaz is coming up next. alright so w down to last the second final call on the last pearls congratulations. i think a
3:24 am
little pick sante say that's too funny fluorite wannabe pretentious raman has our electric blue topaz and he got a beautifif chevron shoulder look at that with tanzanite accenen are you kidding me look how beautiful that as the topaz is seven by five millimeter that's larger than solitaire size of quarters are topaz is here and especially that alexite play one of our most popular colors in topaz here at the lc alexite live in the industry is known as swiss blue topaz we just caught electrically because in our eyes. this is electrifying color alright sn't a ton of thosesearness council is a fantastic everyday ring it looks like ice doesn't that beautiful ocean water maybe the caribbean very cool calming effect mookite sava twenty nine eye nine in the retail industry this ring agoor over ninety d dlars but we're not going to stop there we're going to take
3:25 am
everything's under thirty one under twenty eighteen dollars and ninety nine cents for topaz and tanzanite rang spotlight auction beautiful gorges alexite blue topaz mookite that i love this style of the radiant so unique i love the chevron that beautiful tanzanite vacancy just right there inside the first part of the shoulder and is in brai which is really what it l lks like it was like a fish braid it opens up intnt a fluorite shake sapphire and look how gorgeous that topaz as eighteen dollars and nine and on budget fe everybody sixty dollars and thirty three said to get there so topaz accorded the stopper november this blue topaz can be used for any of the blue monte giza for december you get that tanzanite into a tree used for march it could be used for all the different months of course have the blue stones ashat your irst down artfully taken off fancy around seven eight nine this is a limited quantity
3:26 am
sizes available but we do have matching river that can happen of course my pendant where that is this ring perfectly so utilize that t t pay diaspore to pay six dollars and thirty three cents to get well again over a karat of gorgeous gemstone the tanzanite of course a thousand times more rare than diamond in you got two of them and aboutne point five millimeter faceted and then a staff meeting on this opal seven by five millimeter look at the profile he got under galleria mall pink eighteen dollars and ninety nine cents for over a karat of topaz all over topaz comes from brazil but we put the coloringgo topaz whether it's lis blue electric blue london blue that takes time that ration it literally is something that sets an de had come nineteen seventy the name of it but it takes a year to two years to get this color saturation and to topaz eye for the b bes are so incredibly popular and the most expensive in
3:27 am
there is a lot of design woror to getethat perfect colors if you are going to a jeweler and asked him to replicate this. well guess what he could get for twenty dollars and that's a low price guarantee if you can find a karat of topaz a ain this is a solid carat of gorgeous elected blue topaz you will be able to get that price master the lc and will give you twenty percent in additional monies back but i do find it less expensive the prettier you can do it eye lopez katie stands the test of time that's the price eighteen dollars and ninety nine cents six dollars and thirty three cents on budget pay remember we got the lever back earrings coming octagon also the beautiful pen on the chain so if you want an entire suite in this town are ready we're going to show teal last ten seconds beautiful work on the shank pie my favorite design i've seen a longtime monterey mexico utah cut the b bid
3:28 am
is just gorgeous eye final call on the clock. a twenty seven from the dfw area says i love the lc in many products to recommend to friends and family thank you so much for your wonderful deals. absolutely that on the clutch. there was no strap with it was just a clutch bag but you can call personal shopper a twenty seven mount of eye oh guess what everybody is very limited. this is our electric blue topaz and neon apatite pendant and we're talking about a very limited quantities cia variously one sixty nine ninety nine to restart the price we're not going a step stop there. we are going to go under thirty dollars for that i promised you today everything's under thirty everythings to pay
3:29 am
imagine getting a hundred and sixty nine estimated retail value twenty nine ninety nine that the budget pay of ten dollars to get a sterling silver twenty and chain together sava finally on the chain as well sterling silver pendant with a platinum overlay and the beast opal cut carat weight two point four three karat which tripled the charoite lease on a double and a half right the karat of that beautiful rain in this nine by seven millimeter opal in your lecture blue topaz to get two point two five cat's or double the carat way pear of this town and had eon apatite round three of them climb up that beautiful bell so the measure this directorate recorders the bench and you're taking a look pear that the opal round spring classes and all that gorgeous sterling silver and just look at that look all that beautiful silver and all that gorgeous blue and credible or add additional thirty day money back guarantee is that
3:30 am
this on the absolutely thrilled with that sante back no questions asked will give your money back that i have the confidence to shop with us today brock i'd like to shop with us happy tuesday everybody were down last minute on the senate it is a very limited quantities see it there on your screen but that's okay as long as getting quickly will be able to get this under thirty price of this amazing amount of electric blue topaz and eon apatite a lot of people been on the phone lines this morning for having any problems on the phone again when the lines get long sometimes if the wait be patient or customer service don't wait sky website liquidationchannel dot com with the top right hand corner wood says go over to the left side right rose of live tv howlite tv the red button click that you see this on your screen but you also see a list of all the items we've done throughout the morning you'll be able to hit that buy button what you have hebei but he just ahead of everybody that are on the phone mindsets great way to have no lights on line
3:31 am
seconds on this auction missal and the snow was still the theories right siberian zoisite blue topaz we had the ring with this beautiful pin and chain and they were nice and gorgeous sterling silver lever back collection clearing so say two natural zeroes on the clock spinel com alright so the earrings are even more limited. and catalina iolite as an accent how beautiful those two boys are together at school delivery looks like cascading water doesn't yet have right let two hundred and sixty nine nineteen ninety that two point five carat that catalina iolite really sets these into that high a kind of value really the lecture eat eye hearing catalina iolite itself or four millimeter rounds and ovals on the alexite blue topaz back to that seven by five millimeters they are karat each twenty seven nineteen anahi budget paid
3:32 am
cents liquid measure these boys to give you an idea of what they look like but from bottom to top the right there half an inch and then of course with that beautiful lever back ufo france a nice dangle there but that kailyn iolite or something is really inky beautiful mystic about that's down and it brings out the deep blues and that beautiful electrically topaz remember alexite blue topaz and irregular as jewelry store dawson caught swiss blue topaz either one of the same assisted label that we give ours is electrically because well it's electric paid gorgeous artistic mookite that carat is on my ear you can see the dangle about lever back to sterling silver of course and it really is the philippi cut somebody with blue line to meet you i give a gift to a blue eyed boy thought about bringing out the blue agate teenage daughters and one of them her eyes stayed blue cut her lifetime so far she's thirteen but eye the other teams have turned kind of he's also be fun to get one
3:33 am
up the blue knight hazel heart beautifully done gorges of course they said hi with the astros over again the lever backs think about the lever back if you look at the akc alabama talking about it in others last week the initials j a p justify the sterling silver lever back fe come as a replacement pack for nineteen ninety nine it some jewelry stores will see them for thirty dollars just for the lever backs that does not include the beautiful sound to really take advantage of this price becauauau you are at twenty seven ninety nine for that yet amazing electric blue topaz catalina highlight lever back earrings two point five carats and again to pay them we talked the entire day to day on the lc is dedicated to under thirty and it's gonna be everything every the price on budget eye we have something earlier for lily two dollars at fe mount budget thorite tiger's is about throughout the day nine
3:34 am
cents on these pieces and thusly the final call teal bean how excited we met some great stats canada that will happen in about forty five minutes of yesterday's liquidation value how exciting fluorite but first let's do some australian opal and i made the perfect white creamy opal with all that beautiful lester to acting see the peanut coming out and see the blues messenger to see with your australian light opal this is a beautiful ring that lore at mookite afloat me this morning here in the studio she picked this ring up first thing this morning said wow look at is opal rain five sounds sapphire stones are off eye by three cache eye in just under solitaire size lauren loves her opal the night for us when you can color matching natural opal i cat's remember these come straight from the ground but with less to look at me casey that really coming out in that talks down to chelsea in all this town that you get
3:35 am
o o course an opaque color there and of course this magnificent five stones all symbolizing of course how interesting that designer of this race said she set design is to represent the healing powers of the universe that's very interesting i like the bypass like this cliche i love the shoulder that open air kind of swirls brothers lot of fluidity to this and also a lot of white topaz or twenty three stones altogether sunfire opal and the rest to other twenty three twenty circle yet another eighteen stone tooe or why topaz and nine topaz on each bypass of the sterling silver setting platinum overlay as well again he's got a beautiful eye opal remember about ninety five percent of the world's opal come from australia and think about austrian it's a giant cart nephrhre wonder gallery in any way think about going up into the mountains there australian looking in the boulders in the different glass yet desert the sandy conditions and you're trying to find that little crevice
3:36 am
the waters see again over the thousands off years to solidify to create mess opal is such a cumbersome process to mine for opal zach kelsey onenef my co host wasasust there in australia just a few months ago at about four five months ago and she talked about it she loves in the kangaroo that you are going to the outback loved all the things that ye drusy but seeing them mine opal was incredible. . ey're literally seen these giant big boulder green and out of the mind and a cutting opal just trying to find that little sliverrf silicon that'll make it opal like this so they have size seven eight nine eye of like getting some kind of ametrine as a posits that would ever last forty two seconds on the stock to a beautiful opal or matching earrings are becoming a mint of course you can have a panda as well as lore still have a pretty purple hair esty five sixty dah try to talk about her
3:37 am
to go darker or lighter weight even if the camera ok on sunday due t t paraiba more proportionate to physic so yes miller and her purple hair is fine as you mte over my area yet she fancy teal of the fantastic chaminade ten seconds left looking right at the beautiful five stone ring australian opal and get downtown glass final call on the ring and we get mixed into the beautiful pendant alright triple zeroes on the clock cingular has a beautiful ring teal become nineteen forty five minutes forty five matat and i coral tell me all that we're looking at soon beautiful stuffs are eye. i australian light opal a big piece of
3:38 am
millimeter one point one five carats of opal and let me tell you in opal it's not about charoite it's about size and that is a beautiful opal guess what surrounding a show we had yesterday ty black smell that's what they pearls around this beautiful opal so right there you can see the peaks of the blues coming out of the opal that iridescent lot but the wife in the black contrast is gorgeous and nice big sterling silver bail all of this together has a weight of two karat keshi of nineteen time lights now and that one beautiful summer opall twenty seven a nine right now for a ten minute chain should be about one hundred and fifty dollars espirito said another estimated retail value so we go from bottom to top right there the battle over national attention a quarter to prehnite self is going to be over half an sky right that three quarters of an ant i'd say from bottom to top and look at the way they've done that they paylolos opal
3:39 am
also added that little vetoes three extra black sphene other at the top to lead you into that nice big bale that a gorgeous classic design very tough work very time consuming because every one of those topaz to be set individually but if opal that is the centerpiece of this gorgeous necklace that matches the ring perfectly because i get is that why opal from australia and look at the contra alumnus you can see from a distance can hear that beautiful white with black mookite that that's a fantastic and there are white and black love that color combination lovett with the sterling silver that chain is twenty inches and that's ruby sterling silver platinum overlays welo is a limited quantityy heot the unconditional thirty day of course you know eye low price guarantee that easy on this one nine dollars and thirty three cents pear
3:40 am
you get a nine b b seven opal nine by seven millimeter opal from mohs jaya jusco on the internet and search that the search australian why opal is interesting b bause why opal or are the australian jewelry store seed cake there right now australian but is it a few hundred miles to the mine probably and bear opal star and times nephrite sometimes opal that we have in the lc its debt agaga goes back about vertical integration are buying power our parent company to biggio has stations all over the e rld we sell to wholesalers we sell even to the big department stores as well our jewelry we go straight to the mind sleeping is opal is backed by cohoes kelsey was actually in australia during the fall with ourur buyers when they are buying these amazing opal so really enjoy this opal pendant with that advice not square just
3:41 am
seven are eye i love hearing anecdotes and stories of opal we surely are some we don't yeah that's that's a cute story hyung last couple seconds triple zeroes on the clock final call. oh yeah i understand yet teal beef in a beautiful set of five said via pearls freshwater pearls and simulated diamond stud so excited about that entire second at four thirty hour now niassa is an biwa seven i have it she doesn't use an itchy nose means companies on its way a dash of salt over the total keep the company away how it does get variscite to body parts are hearing other opal earrings up five stones at each hearing it matches perfectly with that gorgeous rainbow remember now we've doubled the amount of gemstone we go from one sixty nine ninety nine. now we should not go near the price the rings we got five more opal stay there all the sasa size as well
3:42 am
of the five but he went left in the pen that had the ring with a little bit less they have five so sunstone can opal burmese border zarif and they're perfect you talk about a pear big it's going to go with everything this is that these are genuine australian white opal there's really not a lot of enhancement to white opal because it really comes out of the minds of the boulders this beautiful this flight and again why opal is probably the mosos prevalent opal you'll find in australia that the australian boulder opal was about three percent a opal and come out of us fe that are the bouldererp watches that blue but these white are gorgeous you get the pinks and blues that come out the different some lights especially in the semi teal really see the color play aventurine set that creamy silky white of the opal is just gorgeous one point two karat to go ahead and add measure this for you you talk about this from top t t bottom gutsy out about half of his little bit more than half an inch less than three quarters of an edge on each earring
3:43 am
are nickel free sterlrlg of course that's good to know if you're giving these is aghast i remember what the burst on at opal month as i can remember is that i always do that my daughter dot or what will turquoise also watever but opal is also at oversea october babies will add the opal because it is never sentnthony had done at least three times this week are twenty three dollars and ninety nine cents and just get a mental block right so you're at eight dollars m budget that you can get opal earrings ten opal in these beautiful sterling silver settings for eight dollars that's crazy eye works that way. remember there's no credit check with the japan the price should be able to use nothing to be over thirty& dollars today. remember your most expensive budget that'll be a guaranteed maximum of low as some of them a little the over under two dollars so amazing to get that but your budget pear three equal
3:44 am
pay eight dollars to get the bombay your credit card be charged eight dollars next month an eight dollars in march the main point is you just need a debit card or credit card no credit check just be able to have that on a credit card or debit card congratulations on these are gorgeous triple zeroes on the clock final costs are eye somebody asked earlier for river have allhe green mojave turquoise let's see some blue so guess what. oh well here's what looks like turquoise right hits howlite he got his meal howlite they have the turquoise color so uess what radiant amazing crisis is set in sterling silver. if you're looking for that turquoise luck whehe you color howlite with his beautiful blue. this is the way to get at a price you can afford. alright so under thirty dollars twenty nine am we could stay there and that if we are in a turquoise de dos tone that's where we would stay but guess what howlite genoa gemstone has as
3:45 am
there's a lot of sober niassa bouncer minus overweight for a half grams has sterlili it's over the howlite itself is ten carats and you got that a sixteen by twelve cut look at that beautiful artisan crafted silver now think about it. this is from our policies our defense they live on the eye when the bali which is in indonesia just off the coast of thailand they take the stone that beautiful turquoise color howlite fe wrap in this hot sterling silver ammonite and all of this design work amazing beautiful de chao goethite basin the leaves pear al that beautiful zigzag of course that beautiful swirl there underneath that basil that's just a beautiful ring and then you take it from the profile of the highest sense that easily at least according ammonite if not half an inch off your finger to set high a a really let that people turquoise color of the howlite shine through today agate a fourteen dollar ninety nine citrine genuine gemstone remember howlite is very porous so it takes the color
3:46 am
nicely it's very it's long lasting little eye for the show and then of course she got that sterling silveve with t ts ring like with anything else you got that beautiful basil a hole that i not going anywhere and get home for five dollars over three grams of sterling silver and that take your piece of howlite that sixty might well know millimeter on the stone that beautiful filigree of course all over color trillium out the flower the chilean of c crse as the three leaves and it's something that fe prevalent there on the eye with a bali so the bodies of course love to show off the organic look and organic pieces that doesn't make you feel like you should be on that island your aunt your dough shoul be in the sand that's come about that beautiful as i'd love to visit the islsld of bali sometimes i think it's beautiful kitty roca neck half an hour just talking recently about possibly playing each apatite island by that be fun to me all this balinese artisans and again
3:47 am
like this idea from bottom to top its not an assembly line each artisan take that pride makes this ring said no to resolve exactly the same getting a one of a kind piece with each and every one of thehe ranged by the incredible canadian artists and silver ring for five dollars if you take advantage of the defeated a howlite of course as all that beautiful beautiful banding that you get a natural occccrence in howlite and they j jt added that turquoise color thorite would enter a last minute and ten seconds on the clock remember coming up about thirty five minutes river two days liquidation v v visitors beautiful sights cut cubic scalia cut freshwater pearls and guess what it is a set of fiber for today's liquidation i can't wait for bryce and remember even the teal bead today will be on the details that can be a lot of fun awesome apatite showed us a beautiful matching thorite earrings and bracelets the season dragonflies in
3:48 am
twenty minutes yesterday and the dragonfly the tassel those beautiful charms and matching earrings that's beautiful. alright that's about twenty minutes late spinel color not final call whether he's agate than either although her beers on his ring tsavorite invited several of the skillet niassa to shut you this is about the time we start and really asking us the email and text and be loved if nea as seven seven eight nine ideas and eye from a number peanut excess now five one two nine four four four three zero for the doll that number recent attacks of course we can see it live on air out the nine just disappear and of course we still have the sixty seven a triple zeroes on the clock final con history who's been looking for some beautiful warm com for a color rose gold well this marriott with
3:49 am
today everything just a blazing red quartz in sterling silver with fourteen karat rose gold look at the design on this because nice big chronic eye come up and even reached over the quartz fe has amazing balance has to swirled his presence at the top and in that beautiful mohs across their azurite they'll going into the chain of the chain is twenty inches it's also sterling silver fourteen karat rose gold overlays the chain itself and forty nine eye nine to be a great price that we've gotta go under thirty today even for blazing red quartz and guess what twenty five ninety nine incredible alexite that are getting this prize taking a look here there's that lazy red quartz crystal clear all the way through and through the material we've even got some cute amethyst in this beautiful round right there in the balco cut pink amethyst the top in that blazing red corsets fourteen
3:50 am
that six point four three carat so that's a lot of gorgeous red quartz all about metal element that may turn into the side that's a beautiful quartz is prong setting isn't it nice and big and fe and also over with a fourteen karat rose gold overlay on both the chain and threw it through on that cat's and aquinas it looks like your budget pays eight dollars and sixty seven cents eon at twenty five dollar price range so a sixty seven is the budget pay to get this psalm and the courts by itself just opal is six point four karat so that's a lot of quartz and again eye center now ashley at the moment really is the skin town. add the flattering effect of that forty k rose gold on any skin tone bass which are really really been enjoying all of the regal what doesn't this look like it should be on an ad with a call that that the queen staff that she uses watches to westminster abbey
3:51 am
something that she would half yes after that sante big and doesn't like the top of the scepter something like that since beautifully beautifully done fluorite yet walking stichtite khan said yeah right i'm sure the queen does not use that vocabulary and are eye together to make lots of love to you what this ruby the end of this hour we're going to switch teams by the same but powershot is and a guy rope nikah before we leave because remember when prehnite turn round sometimes i can't help but that you got this look on the other side so really this is one of those tenants that you just can't be the price eye their ego a sixty seven to pay everything today is under thirty. everything today is on budget fe got an entire day of things to get you excited about what holidays coming up next valentine some are really excited about valentine's day i hope to get pieces like this again this blazing red quartz has this amazing saturation of red it's deeper than the fire engine red almost like a really de
3:52 am
predator blazing red quartz its incredible very difficult to find my joy apatow do this before but my ag grandmother on my dance i'd love to read jade red shag carpet in the seventies and red jewelry anytime she confided to take a nap as i love this record reminds me that i've got about a minute left on the cloth. alright so we are going to leave this auction opal awareness which chain behind the scenes we come
3:53 am
say with us. i eye. i eye joining healthy families lis all about good morning everybody and turn your car your house this morning everything under thirty everything to play all day today on the lc that now the fluorite may leave us about michelle and marketed to our glbt de am so excited about it. five gorgeous pairs of stud simulated diamond and freshwater pearls look at the color look at the sparkle on those i'm telling you
3:54 am
we will be fighting over de then i will be shopping with eon today teal be ready for that just about less than thirty minutes. also for fifteen right corner after the hour that gorgeous charm bracelets beautiful matching earrings and let me tell you i discovered something really fun about those bracelets have gottete on out say what it is when we see those in power about fifteen minutes right. but first let's get back to our opal we had that beautiful opal sante we had just a few minutes ago. this is a beautiful simulated opal thorite if the australian mosaic opal high with tanzanite accents are you sure this could be an under thirty shall look at this rainbow six seven eight nine ten so again remember we talked about earlier with the australian mosaic look at the colors that you get the mosaic of this town that's a really incredible it's the natural opal the mabe quest to the mosaic of the stone and set into this piece sterling silver he got that nineteen dot
3:55 am
body rose twenty nine eye nine of a kick off this hour right nineteen eye negeigible to pay of six dollars and sixty seven cents and take a look at this ring look how gorgeous that is look at the tanzanite we get there and again there's a profile there's that beautiful and a gallery all that sterling silver vessel firing sequence eon i think i should say she can see how beautiful it as i love the setting dot you got the three stones on the shoulder and look at that mosaic look at the colors that pop eye see the red comomng up at one corner i turn one way and she seemed warm the red ndc that pink in the blue light ratnapura to the evening i went out mookite that it literally looks like that the eyes of the stoner looking at yesterday green popping out to beautiful play on colors that mosaic austrian opal is incredible to see itt set with tanzanite accents remember let's talk about the size of these we talk about the size of the opal being some partner leah eight by six millimeter that's larger than solitaire size and that's a
3:56 am
reached two and a half millimeter tanzanite five thousand times more rare than a diamond comes from tanzania genoa course without one sunstone comes that one area that's about two half kilometers an square miles whenever i get kilometers or miles except for the whole idea is that it's a very small space there tanzania and of course to get tanzanite as jackson stones that this is incredible valueue the invnvtment value in this ring by itself incredible at nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents and that's how we tick off rubies hours right wood get excited but so many amazing things but looking over the sides of the items coming your way to be amazed at princess bali coming out in under thirty show because a beautiful sterling silver with teal a cia mossad as we color wizard de lacy kind of metal work out i said just went blank and yet slightly mash calling the sec will uncover the fact in those earrings come in absence of beautiful things down
3:57 am
mosaic australian opal and again it's just an incredible tanzanite accents over karat in weight but that's not the important thing the carat weight opal cliff because opal is at yellow bus lights solar car water can be very lights and nine by seven or eight by six town in any other kind astounded bead have several karat usually but with the opal it's the size that matters it really is that eight by six beautiful opal kappa shine and there mookite that with hessonite that's crazy size ten is in jeopardy of selling out feeling that size can get in there quickly the sterling silver course great stuff at platinum overlay so to protect even oxidation and got nice big promises precious metal in its genuine gemstone you cannot be that type of price for that kind of rain coming up today about ten minutes to get the bracelet i'm wearing again we got beautiful colors about blue it cut green cut the red dragonflies in coins
3:58 am
beautiful pieces come at four thirty at today's liquidation value that's coming up just twenty five minutes away as certified style due to be amazed by the prize so excited about that alright but first let's get to these earrings i love these because you know much i love hoops to the hoop on a french wire going to get that look of the hoop all the way through into facing the person looking at you you got this beautiful ad calling their eye of the medal at the base of that hoop and the inside that's diamond cutting to give me the illusion of a stone but it's not a style all sterling silver bright white very unique very kind of arab strap that can give me description sometimes they call the collector's piece says because they are artists and crafts they're one of those pieces that you invest and they grow in value hrithik the sterling silver of course at that precious metals traded on the market but look at the design work
3:59 am
weighed in as another delicate and light but there's still three grams of sterling silver these gorgeous earrings with a reliable measure this from top to bottom square take a look here glass from the bottom to top the right there almost an inch in diameter when you say this right at attention and around the circle and then with that french that hit the go all the way up to almost two inches in length. i can't wait to put these years i love these earrings love love love these they're very unique nice big french wire and again what do you get when you get the circle you get a really flattering look got a nice big de go and all of that is precious metal its artisan craft it's imagine artists and sitting there squealing all that's over it's live a full red hots over and they are literally pulling it through and through no two hearings are now exactly the same cut
4:00 am
sometimes we show that video mark of the balinese artisans and we get tired of seeing but i know you guys love it because it really shows the artisans doing all that work with the fire anahi we think about the melting point of silver they get right to that not what we really should just melt in their hands and of course doing these pieces piece by piece by piece like that and sapphire can imagine working with that but those artisans are so thrilled to be able to have that knowledge has been handed down for generation a different several thousand years back mabe an island of bali ways to use gold and of course a silver became more prevalent more available as he opened up the world markets the rebel youth us over to be able to do something that their great great great great grandfather use to do and be able to hand it down now two women and men in the family it's a source of pride at the artisan crafted piece that you're going to have pride in owning or wearing your forgiving as a guest to love these earrings thirty six seconds left on the clock. have you been emailing and texting thank you so much we love it
4:01 am
just said that tax to five wood two nine four four four three zero four or you could email a slight liquidationchannel dot com we love hearing from you lepidolite and that we're having some fun talking about who got the most snow and keep them pointed out to as someplace in virginia i think got thirty two or thirty eight inches which is incredible i just can't even imagine eye five seconds on the clock final call on these gorgeous silver earrings congratulations to catherine from dayton are teal bean just add twenty minutes away because gorgeous sets coming out very excited about those spinel color these beautiful earrings register anytime afi dark to find that support for the new lc family member's life do is register online at liquidationchannel dot com and click the top right hand corner where it says register now i france has bali here we go i cannot believe i'm
4:02 am
the ring and earrings and attend all coming up and you know where we're going wood going under thirty on everything today at the lc and everything is on budget pei ru sirius six five four millimeter russian diopside stone right there in her headpiece beautiful hand carved oxbow you can see all the de tell their face and look at the metal work out this is probably my favorite rings i love that russian outside h hdpiece eye so there we are twenty nine eye heidi we're going to do is get in by uppity twenty nine i have a pacacge of budget fe of ten dollars if you've never owned a bali princess be your opportunity that the green is gorgeous on headpiece limited show it to you like best because again if the measure with my hat ruler as well but that stone that russian diopside sound that is six by four millimeters about the solitaire russian diopside for march and bali
4:03 am
there in about an inch that cut the face with a twenty millimeter kappa shine its hand carved wooden chain a profile there you can see eon see her lips she could hear no zircon theorized that evenn on the shoulder look at that opal mehta work there and of course all that bead work he saw earlier in that video how they were doing bead by bead baby remember the way they build these range from italy at either a sheet of metal or a string of metal saul sterling silver she turns over strada so it's really color graraic cut each one of those beads and make a bead out of that string anahi and apply it before they're able to actually he did and of course pond at our ads we don't talk about fusing it to the rest of the sterling silver mookite that they basil at stone a battle that beautiful locks down and look t that wood at the open shoulders that you're getting all that beautiful metal work and incredible carat as ninety five stamped right there's you know it's really so with and through us and i
4:04 am
these out of ivory and of course is our sixty chain became about and we said no more ivory base are doing out of oxbow and austin is this very beautiful milky white substance that it's very hard very durable. it's a great everyday ring if you want this to be a statement piece but again so many people where these princess bali by princess piece as for the mean time let the meaning in a serenity that it brings of course the blessings that wearing it at the bali princess eye design spring they're beautiful they're just gorgeous six seven eight nine and ten dozier size as i would love this is an index fingering would not be fined have a sign of course i wish it wood s sd thihi will not fail and that figure i would do that but uh i guess i just got those big and nice to play volleyball and soccer and of course i would jam i igi my fingers my kids don't even know what that is about three teenage daughters they're all sports related b ty never geolithic is a
4:05 am
and of course that's line of arthritis and eye gold i'm sure our fifteen seconds left on the clock digressing a lot this morning with my stories that keep me teal i miss l r eye six seconds left on the clock final final chance to get this gorgeous ring for this price ten dollars debate twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents congratulations that's beautiful. coming up after his bali princess collection e g that for fif tho bea cha bracelet and matching earrings you talk about some pieces that'll take you right in the spring when is a vibrant colours at that beautiful and becoming a first let's get to our bali princess earrings are so beautiful because of the sponge coral behind try cut those beautiful silver fleur was like little sprays of sunshine around the beautiful earring again
4:06 am
just cannot get over it again you've got these beautiful beautiful earrings ametrine a hole in them eye on my anahi hands he can r rlly seehem but you got those beautiful french hooks sterling silver all around the oxbow felt like you have the appointed channel piece in the rain these are going to be the moon face tightened the rounded face at the bali princess all of them carve just as beautifully. you can see the detail again mookite that look as you can see the eyes the nose in the mouth and all that beauty and jess quartz is gorgeous yes o is okay i'm sorry as i see that now so we also have a pendant sets which are seeing on your screen. so let me add pull that out there they go and we've got this going down from one forty nine and for either the earrings or the pendant all artisan crafted remember handcrafted what he gets near the result was the most about
4:07 am
all bali princess would get this incredible image up on the phone lights act now for this fe style gadgets i that hearing yes ashley shepherd suck at friendship yes absolutely teary when it's funny i was just asking eye toni that one of our agate jim rex were actually within the pillows we both experts eye initiative by show time how interchangeable those two words are so fren chuck rench wire shepherds shepherds are that's what they call this type of earring kind so all in sterling silver. that's the important part is over bottom sava on earrings are looking at about an inch in diameter on a sponge coral and of course on the abbi princess at fe to look at just under three quarters minute that is actually a twenty millimeter cannon shot suggests lightss it w w on that erring earlier that's the same size different shape not to make octagon out from the bottom the dot to write about an inch and half on the distance punch coral on the face and softly under three quarters of an edge that is thirty millimeter
4:08 am
millimeter on this base twenty milam eon that he had a profound mark before apathy that time i am to the profiles really what i w wna show off because again this is where you can see the detail this is we can see the face you can see the profile the nose alexite chan and even the de televise the court is even the four had that beautiful piece debts which are getting word that sleepy beautiful work nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents if you never are bali princess camofine beauty watching live tv you get these prices that you just poetics that our irish himalayan beautiful me put beautiful articulation with that separates anchor french wires we say we get a lot of sterling silver remember they've taken that octagon they built the hearing behind it with the sterling silver and then of course put it to infused into the sides coral all of the sterling silver is ninety five a nickel free on
4:09 am
chop the basil around the spence coral cheated how diamond earrings and you get all of those silver wear those kind of thatther pieces i guess you can color maybe little and my keys this over in the points and eleven got everything just a little or no mohs at his beautiful because again no two pieces are going to look exactly the same agate that rich rich color of the red sponge coral with that bright light of the ox out a lookout the earrings are in danger of selling out so we don't have a lot of the heings last so make sure when those hearings to get in very very quickly bridget from vicksburg ride on the line by some full some guys at work lights away from madman to cut dorothy from stone mountain eye does all the found mozambique lazulite people so ammolite ammonitit to get on a couple more seconds. yes emma shows as yesterday because about ninety more seconds on this
4:10 am
i hope you guys are doing both decided to stop by allah that thirty nine am looking to buy all six sixty seven one six sixty seven on the other for under fifteen dollars you get this entire sapphire earrings amber pendant together for under fifty dollars home today you'll pay fifty dollars in february fifty dollars in march interest free and you'll be wearing this the entire time you talk about a great deal this is incredible and we talk about six sixty seven bead price in the fancy cup of coffee to give up a cut copy what de antonio story forever wonderful wonderful teal hearing reports of major selling our donegal last forty five seconds i d d't know what he fe to show him or them for only one pair of earrings last mohs even get a little more pendants and danburite grabbed those while you can absolutely take advantage of that price nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents so eon that are
4:11 am
first time many times haven't you looked at it butut i can afford that fifty dollars is a little hard for me an idea for nineteen ninety nine under thirty felt that so do all day today on the lcd some fun surprises. if you're watching live tv no question about it all right we are moving on five seconds left on the clock sign off on your bali princess gets enjoy what you are that tells me is that our show baguette bead there in our show for the end of the hour right now he's on the desk pear by me i love a fantastic by the hour ten minutes away from those beautiful said five stats to keep the county of three pear freshwater pearl earrings happen to be at today's liquidation i cannot wait to remember everything to pay this morning. alright so here we go with a time radiant
4:12 am
michelle says so watch out something great about t tt's the price exceptional quality or the oc exquisite design you can see there are beautiful castles and charms and hanging out and let me just tell you the price is gonna be uh maze ing a few happy de but if they were shutting down we knew about it but you have to modify that's the rule that is everything bandeddirty every being is on budget data de media and the mattel yet we have something for a dollar sixty seven borobudur beryl years of it all belo no matter where you are now fifty nine ninety nine we could stay there eye we started yesterday i nazareth estimated retail stata cut price as amazed as this chrome a exhaustion crystal it and stretch opal bracelet for mint which i love that was the surprise earlier and wait to see the beautiful back to becoming a leather with a velvet pouch to say
4:13 am
charms you see the three metal charms that you get mint of course those people beautiful apricots arms of the austrian crystal and of course the austrian crystal dis in between each and every bead on bass and what ninetetn ninety nine. guess where we're going for this at seven nineteen nine by the dropped out com okay so one second prehnite got this lis go out we started at seven nineteen eye price tag but you get abilities which color us right with god theologies red green or blue and you're gonna get a choice you're eleven. thth're gorgeous this coins the dragonflies and castles those earrings by themselves when you just love those earrings to go with anything beautifully dad say most teal shepherd zircon french wires as we com and let me go ahead and market my
4:14 am
like cut my rest either stretch opal see pictures on it and stretches off the leash on how it goes on alright so busy stretch of oc get the strada bullets and again all i'm going to do is put this on my rest and then those beautiful charms look at that you've got these beautiful beautiful desolate closely that just a moment he got the beautiful dragonfly with the austrian crystals and matt cassel and of course the coma bead which of course with that beautiful match the bead to come back here dot orange and red on your option one this is the way that breaks alexite and easy fun sx seventy nine but you're also getting the beautiful earrings with them as well to get the two hearings in the red to go with this chrysoprase be that my ashley overtime amethyst mama but the earrings and bracelet together option one for seven eye and look at that budget pay two dollars and sixty seven says that's crazy just crazy iolite but the irony green earrings that
4:15 am
actually for sprprg at twenty sixty. ok river yet so here's the earriri you can see that beautiful dang i love the sparkle of the austrian crystal there the top that comes with the bracelet for seven dollars and ninety ninee cents that's incredible mabe never been to pay never has been on the japan before what polis michelle has it that said i'd aventurine see how far we take massai oda was okay today. one fun thing we do when stan kirsch as we are getting suspended the use watches for ninety nine did you mean to do that i think we've got some that are on computers today this bride michelle wie byzantine for
4:16 am
pay a dollar sixty seven you get the carries the opal bracelet that has courageously but the hearings appeared light dinner courted my seeking a member green earrings with these mookite that you're getting a bracelet and earrings together as a set for f fr dollars and ninety nine said that eight dollars sixty seven if you want to get yet i would multiples moldavite habits of a lot of people eye by patricia from irving congratulation that sphene does amazolite gotta quickly now be the last of this writing never added to pay before that's for sure let me show you what else are going to get with each one of these you get the fantastst v vvet backed remember we're talking about the holidays about getting your bags that you could do other things with mookite the back said these come with mookite they come right in front of me mark all of these are these beautiful velvet bag to get the beautiful crystals right here on top and open eon days are just like this i confess they have the memory ad
4:17 am
that opens like that and you have your pc can set and a basket but hearings and the bracelet com and so a great gift to give but then if you don't want to keep these bats are saul these are travel bag limit eon nothing's coming out of this bag as a club that plants close together that memory add plastic in there that has the ability to add another slap bracelets are people out sometimes it's with that plastic as them look at this t t red thread degree does the green the blue because of the blue these are just incredible what a value the bad the earrings and bracelet you didn't use that one by three different ways radiant is about herself de beers to frank a bracelet or relative you said four dollars and ninety nine cents for each set up a dollar sixty seven on budget fe in red double yeah this is carb free teal the party rights treaty of the party is what this says dot sixty seven to pay to get beautiful spring
4:18 am
and red combination the dark green in the mint green combination and then of course that cobalt blue with a baby blue combination there on that but this is what you're getting ninety seconds on the clock will see how i howlite sanity here i promise you this upright be the only time to get this defense he was gonna wanna sing like publicists fun. remember we promise everybody but debated a four dollars and ninety nine cents that surprised. i love that you can add more charms to these bracelets as well that we hold these at mark cut a show that off bead got the charm on each piece avoid dc that so here it is thatt beautiful desk and what ajc can tell what the com looks like an image of a coin chain but there's not sky buffet in detail of the head dc that are maybe a tree like a canadian dime doesn't end there just isn't fe in detail so there's nothing that
4:19 am
to it that the dragonfly is a lot of the tiger's see of course the ribbing on the tail of course the austrian crystals and a tassel really gives about modern look is tacit a week or so on trend right n n but think about that you can add other charms to this piece on those leaks that's a really fun thing to do maybe got somebody who's a soccer player may be that somebody who's at the thorite of the photographer gets lis charms at the at cost or for about four dollars five dollars for this overturn charms andnds add them to these braces and personalize some people afford to do that we're getting this in tiger's that for four dollars and ninety nine centsts. yeah for fundraisers what a great idea boyaca live silent auctions to write maybe dot cause maybe as some of our um i think some of the things that are still cominin out this this year here in our town but he adds whatever your seamed as get some charms that match that theme of your vet add them to this place openness of adoption registry hive people want to bet on
4:20 am
seats not to break the de lis are getting the beautiful bag becomes an ash what a great idea as a good idea of a shawl that makes me think i need to do that for one dollars green proroct graduation here for our high school and so it's a really fun being that mom spent all year raising tens and tens of thoususds of dollars so that the kids on graduation night will come to this one facility may have a live band they have prizes and scholarships all the things that we hand apatite entice the kids to com and stay att this big party privatization of these are the types of things that they that they give as well some of the trinket something so this is a great idea i do this after the show he does leave me any fluorite forty five seconds left on the clock four dollars ninety nine cents is a dollar sixty seven on budget fe were just about a minute and a half away from our teal v but you know what else we ammonite show that can be so much value jewelry connoisseurs and all youhat cououe at rock ounceag of
4:21 am
beads but there's a bag of beads we've got this summer at the end of the hour. look at those lapis sizes no big show at rose course of course cc that was almost like a aventurine of some sort and really some gorgeous pieces lot howlite now we find thaha eye at the twelve eon the hour will say all right so again eye last few seconds on the sets were nice amish are the same final call our way to keep his options open take a quick break and we come back we're going to have
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