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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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i'm cecilia, good night. >> when he got to washington, he madehe decision to lead the
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>> reporter: rubio telling voters cruz may lose in iowa and is now in paninic mode. >> he had decided un a very deitful campaign on the end on some things. people see through that. >> reporter: in a rare move, the rubio campaign is launching a 30inute tv special profililing rubio in iowa largest tv market is. this is a similar move to what president babarack oba did in his first run for the presidency during the general election. tonight, donald trump rallies here in davenport with jerry falwell jr. he hes will help him with evangelical voters. cecilia? >>nd you'll be covering it all, tom llamas, thank you. r democrats in this final sprint the tworont-runners today seeming to table the gloves off. hillary clinton's campaign turning into a family affair with husband bill and today,y, daughter chelsea right there. bernie sanders speaking to packed halls. tonight, the big question, what is clinton saying about those e-mails on her private server, now deemed top secret? abc's jonathan karl has this
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>> repter: hillary clinton campaigned today in ames, iowa, with some of her most high-profile supporters. daughter chelsea and gabby gifford. >> speaking is hard for me. but january -- come january i want to say these two words. madam president. >> mrs. clinton needs all the help she can get as she faces a tougher than expected race in iowa. as she rallied the crowd no mention of the story hanging over her campaign. the state department now says there was top-secret information in 22 of the e-mails sent from her private account as secretary of state. >> madam secretary, why was there top-secret information on your e-mail? madam secretary? >> reporter: earlier, mrs. clinton told cnn nothing had changed.d. >> i didn't send or receive any e-mails marked classified. >> reporter: bernie sanders s had nothing to say about the e-mai issuas he made his final push.
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they did eight years ago when barack obama scored an upset win over hillary clinton here in iowa. >> thank you, iowa, for leading the country in that directn. >> reporter: when n we caughup with sanders, he echoed obama's 2008 slogan "yes, we can." >> i think one of the problems we've had, jonathan, the people said, i like bernie andnd iike his ideas but he can't win. >> so can you? >> yeah, we can. many of the polls out there suggest we can beat people like donald trump and beat them pretty badly. >> reporter: we're at the p point basicallvery campaign event is packed. here in ames for hillary clinton, they're down on the floor, they're up here in i ess the upper deck cheap seats. basicallanywhere they can goo and still get a glimpse of the candidates. the final weekend ans crunch time for the volunteers. you' running out of stickers. >> we'll never run out of stickers, we'll have stickers till the cows come home. and we have a lot of cows in iowa. >> and jon joins us now here in iowa, jon, polls show one of clinton's biggest challenges is trust.
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telling you about this latest e-mail controversy, will it hurt her? >> i'm not hearing dememocrats concerned about this, not clinton suorters, not sanders supporters. they're aware of it, they know republicans are attacking hillary clinton for . it may marginally cut into her central argument here, and that is she is the candidate most likely to win in november. >> not what she wants to be talking about two days out. jon, thank you. the racee is tight on both sides and turnou at the caucuses will make all the difference. sure what the candidates say at every rally counts the most, bunt so does their operation to get out the sote. abc's david wright with the last-minute ground game. >> reporter: crunch time here in iowa, so the volunteers are pounding the pavement. knocking on doors. leaving calling cardrds and sometitimes string out. >> are you guys going to caucus on monday? >> no, we won't be here. >> reporter: thihis husband and wife came here from dallas to
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what is it that would make you come all this way for that? >> it's time that we kind of fit our time and our bodies where our mouth is. >> reporter: people e coming from far and wide. that's how strongly they feel. have you ever done ts before? >> no. >> reporter: where did you come from? >> phoenix >> reporter: y drove from phoenix? >> starting yesterday morning. >> reporter: they said the democrats they're meeting seem pretty happy with their choices. >> kind of voting for bernie, but if it comes down the other way,'ll vote f for the oer one.e. >> reporter: republicans are passionate too. some o of them nervous. today at trump's rally in dubuc -- >> do you see him as serious candidate? >> i'm afraid he might be. >> reporter: there were a lot of trump voters, also a few trump tourists. >> to be honest i'm here to be entertained. i don't take it seriously. >> i interesting, you wanted to be here for the show? >>es are. >>eporter: the crowd in cedar rapids getting ready for
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state officials tell us they're preparing for an absolute avalanche of caucusgoers, but incredibly there are some out there who haven't made up their minds. the great undecided. this week a show including donald trump, bernie sanders, and hillary clinton. also david muir joins us in iowa tomorrow f another special edition of "world news tonight." n to our other top story, breaking news from california. two more escap prisoners caught. all three back behind bars thanks to a lucky tip in san francisco that led to this stolen van. one inmate caut after a chase, the other caught hidg inside. also in that va ammunition. abc's matt gutman with how this capture went down. >> reporter: tonight, that chaotic che in downtown san francisco. a bystander spting that white gmc van. >> officers approached the van, as hossein nayeri fled the arerea
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>> reporter: police inursuit. it's hussein nyyeri, wanted for torture and kidnapping. >> he's nning eastbound up towardstanyan now. >> reporter: then -- > code4, we've got him down.. >> reporter:ut murder suspect jonathan tieu is still in the van. >> that van right to the your 5:00, can you stand by? there mimight be another person in there. stand by, te a look in that van. >> reporter: he's arrested without incident. found in the van, at least a dozen rounds of ammunitio but no gun. the three escapees busted out of the orange county jail last saturday, hacking through bars and pipes and rappelling down the jail facade. nayeri had apparently enlisted the help of a jail english teacher with whom he'd exchanged loving letters. >> we do know it w wasas much closer, much more personal than it should have been. >> reporter: shortly after the jail break saturday, bac duong steals that van spotted today. on friday he surrendered, casually allowing cops to cuff
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esrt him right back to the jail he fled. investigators are searching for a possible gun to go along with the ammition they found a and for possible come missions. get this, celia, after all of this those two felons caught today face only an additional three years in prison for that jail break. >> matt, thank you. another breaking story tonight, gun fire at a confence center in denver. at least one persoson de, several others injured. the violence breaking out at a motorcycle expo. abc's ron claiborne on what we know at this hour. >> reporr: it happened just before 1:00 thisfternoon. at a gathering of motorcyclists. >> shots fired at the coliseum at the motorcycle rally. >> reporter: early details were sketchy but it appeared someone fid shots and stabbed a number of people in what police are calling a disturbance at the colorado motorcye expo. the show attracts a large number of bikers. >> we have one deceased party and multiple victims that were taken to the hospital. >> reporter: officials said at least seven people were being
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center, which at one point was placed on lockdown. and anan extremely heavy police presence outside. >> this is an active, ongoing investigation -- >> reporter: police say they were questioning one person, but at this hour no one has been ararrested. and whatat trigger this outbreak of violence still under investigation tonight. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. next, inside the desperate battle against the zika virus. here at home reports of 36 people contracting the disease in a dozen states, four of them egnant women. but tonight the urgent fight to stop the epidemic at its source and that is where we find abc's chief leltsd and medical editor dr. richard besser. >> reporter: door to door, here in brazil they're desperate to block the explosive growth of zika. there's no vaccine, no treatment. all we know is mosquitos carrying it. soldiers arecouring neighborhoods. there's a government requirement that every house in this area is visited least once a month by the soldiers to look for any
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they'rmeticulous. he's even looking to see where the water drains out of the refrigerator, the condensation. that's all it would take f for mosquis to breed. in these sprawling shanty towns, residents store fresh wat in larg tanks, oft with mosquito larvae like this. soldiers sanitizeach tank to kill the egg in this clinic we see firsthand why e stakes are so high. >> this is scary. we're dealing with aisease that we have no information about. >> reporter: these babies have microcephaly, abnormally small heads and brns. there are hundreds of cases here. more than 4,000 in brazil. scientists suspect they're directly connected to a zika virus infection during pregnancy. but we don't know how. health officials are bracing for more. while moirds here struggle to plan an uncertn futurure for theirbabies. until zika v is under control in brazil and the other countries the cdc says it's far too dangerous for pregnant women to travel to those areas.
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cecilia? >> a goodwarning, dr. besser, thank yoyou. to another health emergency now. major developments from flint, michigan, families there being told even fililtering their water will not make it safe to drink. the lead levels way too high. tonight, a bombshell e-mail after the water troubles there began, city officials were given bottlewater, but what about all those families? here's abc's alex perez. >> repeporter: eattled michigan governor rick snyder is facing harsh criticism tonight for the latest revelation in flint's ongoing water crcrisis. e-mails exbody posed by progress michigan reveal the state shipped bottled water to its workers in flint over eight months before the residents were officially told the drinking water was unsafe. governor snyder's reply. >> i had no knowledge of that taking place. >> reporter: the e-mails included a departmenmemo, which said coolers will be ovided as an option. quote, "as long as the public water does not meet treatment
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the city had warned sick and elderly ridents o of potentially harmful chemics in the water. but reassured them it was otherwise safe to drink. the state defes their decision, sasaying they only provided bottled water to employees mporarily until that particular chemical threat was over. dangerous levels of lead were later found in flint water, anand about 200 kids so far ha tested positive. >> knowing that somebody did this to my kid? it's hard. i can't say sleep at night. >> reporter: and tonight, officials are now warning that the filters they handed out to residents may not be e effective enough to keep theheir waterafe. alex perez, abc news, flint, michigan. there's still much more ahead on this special edition of "world ns tonight". the dream homsuddenly a nightmare. the dangerous discovery that broughdown this house. and facebooks s steppingng into a hot debate, a new ban
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this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. next tonight, the dream home next tonight, , the dream home sold a few months ago, torn down. the house sliding down the hill threatening the neighborhood. here's abc's aditi roy on the mystery in san francisco. >> reporter: tonight, a dream destroyed. >> it's s one of those devtating kind of pieces of news. >> reporter: ronald martell hadn't even moved into his san francisco home, when he discovered it sliding downhill, threatening the neighborhood below. his onlyly choice,ear it down. it's not just this home that was in danger. five otherwere also on this slippery slope. and now those homeowners are worried they could be next. >> you wake up one morning and the comment is, you u may have to lose your home.
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could be feeling the bern litterally... after a new hampshire tattoo artist started offering free donald trump tats... now -a winooski tattoo studio is now showing it's permenant support for presidential hopeful bernie sanders, by offering a free likeness of sanders. local 44's christine souders reports ...the ink wars are on. " people get tattoos for various reasons usually it's something personal... but how about political? a new hampshire tattoo shop owner declared his allegience to donald trump-- offering free tattoos of the gop frontrunner. tyre duvernay/aartistic inc. "we personally insulted by the whole free donald trump tattoo and i don't want people to get the wrong idea only donald trump has followers that are that passionate." i wanted to see if people would do the same for vermont native.. bernie sanders. none that we could
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inc. told us they will now and for free too. tyre duvernay/aartistic inc. "anything to get people's attention and look into his views, because if they do their due diligence and proper research, i'm sure they'll feel the same way i do." christine souders: "the artist tyre chose this design. he chose it because he says it simply screams bernie sanders." "it's a little character of bernie!" raychel severance was the first to say yes, to bernie. ychel severance "i love it. i'm on his team even if he doesn't win." a sanders supporter says she wouldn't go that far. "my votes with bernie, but i prefer to keep bernie in my heart not on my skin." tyre duvernay/aartistic inc.: "it'll take us 15 minutes tops to knock this out for you." just a block from sanders headquarters in burlingtgt... we the people tattoo parlor owner... rick meyer says he is dying to do a bernie sanders portrait. rick meyer/we the people owner: "i would like to do one, nice bernie sanders portrait. it will probably take around 5 to 6 hours to do. the longer
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