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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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new warnings right now. fight night in ne hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sander come out swingnging in their first one-on-one showdown. >> if you've got something to say,y,ay it. >> sanders digs in. >> she hashe entire establishment or almost t entire establishment behind he >> while all kinds of battles break out on the gop side. donald trump and ben carson take on ted cruz calling him out for dirty tricks. >> to dr. carson, i guess probably i w the one that was hurt most by it. . the republicans prepare for the abc news debate in new hampshire. and megyn kelly fresh from her own debate firestorm here live with her take on the race for the white house. uber art. criminals may be using the popular service to kidnap your kids. a famous hollywood director's daughter says she was nearly taken by someone pretending he was her driver. >> it was very, very scary. >> she speaks out only on "gma." an abc news exclusive.
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of the ar, the nfl his league about safety. >> they are risks in anything in life. >> if you had a son would you want him to play football? >> with super bowl sunday almos here the panthers and broncos ready to go big. >> and a big surprise onn the way. who will join coldplay and beyonce on stage? good morning, america. happy snowy friday in times square. of course, we can't wait for the biguper bowl rprise, the gaga too. >> yeah, there's that. >> robin is out in san francisco ing to bring us that exclusive interview with nfl commissioioner roger goodell. how is it going out there, robin? >> the game too. i got that, george. we're having a good time. #goodtimes. here at the nfl experience and have a lot coming up.
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about safety in the league and the commissioner is answering our questio this morning. and there's a question about the weather as you know, amy, of ople trying to get here from the northet. going to bee tough for them today. >> that'sright, robin. right to that monster storm hitting e northeast. a treacherous comommute f f so many. rob marciano is here startgs off with the ver latest in a snowy times square. >> hi, amy, yeah, it's coming down pretty good. wet snow in new york city but outside in the bourbon areas it is piling up and it is a slick, slick commute. visibilities around long island where some of the schoo are closed. schools closed in boston. further east you go, the heavier it will be and that's where we'll get most of the know today and ends fairly quickly. the timing as we look at the winter advisoriessnd also the winter storm warnings. it'll end from west to east, maybe about noontime from philly to new york and then 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in boston where you could see 4 to 8, maybe 10 inches of snow there. low visibles too and delays at
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more about this storm later in the program. amy, george, back to you in come onin. to the race to the white house, "yoyour voice, yo vote." hillary cltonn and bernie sandersace offend one-on-one for the first time last night, lots of tense moments in their final debate before the new hampshire primary. with the latest poll showing a big -point lead for sanders. abs cecilia vega up in durham, new hampshire, with all the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you. we have not seen a debate like this before. some of the most heated exchanges in this racace so far, one jab after the next last hillary clinton, as you said, down in those polls and she came out swinging. they came to fight. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. >> reporter: the final debate before they go headad-to-headn the nation's first primary and overnight hillary clinton and bernie sanders went pound for pound. >> she has the entire
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>> i've got to just jump in here because honestly senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, a exemplifying the establishmen >> reporter: clinton aacking sanders for suggesting that she is too close to wall street. >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote becse of any donation that i ever received. i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. let's talk about the issues that divide us. >> rorter: in this fightor the future, they went at it over their past votes on the iraq wa >> we differedn the war in iriraq, w wch created barbaric organizations like isis, not only did i vote against that war
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>> look, we did differ. a vote in 2002 is not a plan to defeat isis. >> reporter: just about the only thing they didn't aue about, those e-mails. >> there's a process under way, i will not politicize it. >> before those e-m-mails it was benghazi, i have absolutely no concerns about it whatsoever. >> reporter: so many audible gasps in that hall last night. now each side was also asked about ty would choose one another as a vice presidential pick if they were elected. shockingly probably not shockingly they would not bite on that one. hillary clinton did say, though, that if she does win her very first call to bernie sanders and she said she would reach out on advice on how to move forward. > interesting, indeed. cecilia, thanks so much. the countdown is on to the republican debate just one day away right here on abc and the candidates a teaming u u to take on each other. the latestle pos showing trump in the lead in new hampshire, but marco rubio gaining
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abc's jon karl is in manchester with the latest on all of that. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, amy. after hisecond p place finish in iowa, dontrump is taking nothing for granted here in new hampshire where he h has a commanding lead and is fighting hard to keep it. >> this is really crunch time. >> reporter: with five event as crososs new hampshire it was trump's busiest day yetn the granite ate. my colleague tom llamas caut up with him in portsmouth. >>'m o only worried about one thing, new hampshire. >> reporteter: it h turned into a game of survivor forming alliances as they fight to the finish. trump is teaming up with ben carson to slam ted cruz over his campaign's misleading claim that carson was, quote, likely to drop out after iowa. abcews has obtained voi mays left by the cruz campaign on the night of theheowa caucus. >> please inform any carson caucusgoers to this news and ge them to caucus for ted instead. >> reporter: apologized to
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>> when you win in the state of iowa your opponents want to tear you down. >> reporter: the latest polls in w hampshire showubio rising. abc news got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look with rubio on the campaign trail where his crowds are growing by the day. >> we wish you the best. >> thank you. i'll be back. >> that's just t the overflow. >> just the overflow. >> they couldn't fit them all in. >> they couldn't g gethem all in, no. >> reporter: on his campaign busus rubio defended his record. what about all these governors we haverunning, far more executive experience and look at you and say you're a freshman north. >> they don't have more foreign policy experience. that's the most important job of the president. >> do you think donald trump i is ready to be president. >> on national security he hasn'thown to date a deep level of depth upon those issues. >> reporter: today for the most part the candidates are prepping for tomorrow night's debate which will happepen right here, amy. d for realistically the
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right before the new hampshire primary. wait. someone else counting the days, martha raddatz, co-anchoring the debabate with dad muir. the excitement is building wh just hours to go. >> the excitement is building. it's great to be back at st. st. anselm college, where we were with the democrats in december and all those republicans on stste, everybody looking for momentum and there is one thing that i can absolutely guarantee, amy, there will be heated exchanges, everody, everybody wants to survive this debate and move foard, but it may be the last chan for some. amy. >> all right, martha, and that republican debate, again, is tomorrow, moderated by martha raddat andworld news tonight" anchor david muir that starts at 8 p.m., 7 central right here on abc. george. >> thanks, amy. here now with a wan who knows something about debate, megyn kelly, anchor of "the
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you saw martha there. any advice for her. >> stand tall. stay tough and have your facts at the ready. >>f course, you famously tangled with donald trump back in august and he had some tough things to say about you after some tough questions, called you a lightweight, unprofessional. tried to get you taken off the secondebate and i was just wondering what that was likeor you. reporters aren't use to being th story. >> that was highly pleasant. i enjoyed th. no, it was bizarre because i became the story. he was so very focused on me that i becam the story and, you know, you never want to be the story when you're a news person. you want to be covering the story so it was like an alice through the looking glass experience. >> any regrets at all? >> no. i still think i it was a great question. itand by everyuestion i asked him and he was not the only one who had tough questions. he was the only one,e,however, who complained. >> itomesith the territory but i was surprised to see hillary clinton speaking out talking about you yesterdrd in
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internet has become a refuge for vial vilele commentary, some reserved just for women. do you think that's right. >> yes, i do. that's the problem with, you know, language like bimbo and so on because it gins up other comments along those lines wch is diminishing to not jus the woman being attacked but women in general so hopefully we can elevate the level of deba. >> well, we'll have that moow night o abc right here. i'm wondering w wt you make of thee race. of course, you've tked to just about all the candidates on "the kelly file." what we seeoming out of iowa marco rubio moving up. >> and now he's got a big target on his back and all these other sort of establishment leaning candidates deny they're coordinating but clearly they are after him because somehow he emerged from iowa as the guy at the top of it. this is it. new hampshire isheir last-ditch effort realistically. they're under pressure from their donor, jeb bush and others -- >> jeb bush made a call to chris christie.
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coordinating but the facts seem pretty obous. >> only one of those four is likely to make it out of new hampshire. >> right now it's obviously trump, cruz and somebody else who is going to be gunning for those two and the question out of iowa was who would it be? you know, jeb's poll numbers weren't ver good. wasn't expected to doell in iowa but neither was rio and suddenly he comes with this third place finish that's almost a second place finish and he's got the momentum and these other guys perceive accurately that he's a threat. he's the boy in the bubble. whatever christiee saidbout him he's the one. >> they are going to be gunning for him. you have another debate on march 3rd coming out of tuesday. homany candidates do you think are left by then. >> that's a good question. the bigger question in my mind whether donald trump will be at that one. i think he will be. he hasn't committtted b he will show up at that one which is great because brett, chris and i will be moderating it and we will move our questions from the last debate over to this debate.
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>> oh, god, no. you have to tune in march 3rd. >> meanwhilele we did see last nightretty feisty debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. looks like he's going to take new hampshire. still has a pretty big lead right there. that could be a long slog. >> that's right. what do you think? new hampshire, how important is new hampshire do you think on the democratic and republican side because, you know, the people whonow what they're talking about say it's less important on the dem side. >> because bernie sanders is from vermont. >> he'll get . >> a lot are expecti him to win. if he were upset there i think that would bee gam over. >> it seems to me like some sort of mirage. if you look at clinton's long haul she's the favorititen every state after new hampshirere and so it almost feels like a bit of media magic people are building this up into something. with all due respect to bernie sanders heas little chance in ththe remaining states so it's fun to watch and specute about. now on the gop side, it's a real race. and d i think there's genuine mystery about who is going to get that nominatn right now in no one knows right no
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>> thanks foraving me. >> o or to amy. a big headline on zika. concernsbout that virus growing right here in the u.s. the governor of florida now expanding that state of emergency to five counties and there are now more than 50 cases of the virus across 13 states and washington, d.c. abc's linzie janis has the latest. >> reporter: this morning florida preparing for the worst, declaring a public health emergency in fivecounties, there areow 12 travel-related cases o zikaa reported throughout thestate. governor rick scott calling on the cdc to provide a at least 1,0 zika antibody test kits for pregnant women to see if they contracted the virus in the past and thousands more kits to test for active cases. >> the mosquito that causes zika virus is common in florida. >> reporter: the spread of the virus a a growing concern for the estimated 20 million tourists expectcted to visit florida in the spring break months and at miami international airport, hundreds
7:14 am
the 3 3 high-risk countries flagged by the cdcd over 100 of tm just from brazil. this morning, 2 million people aree flockin to the streets of rio for the start of carnival where now mosquitoes aren'the only concern for spreading zika. health authorities there saying a man was infected with the virus after receceiving multiplee blood transfusions but some doctors here in the u.s. say they're more worried about sexual transmission of the virus. >> we have definitive proof from the cdc that tre was a intercourse. >> reporter: and that is why health officials say both men and women returning from zika affected countries should monitor for symptom, meanwhile, in hospitals like thihis one here in miami, they are gearing upp for a fight. george. much. breaking new details about that plane nearly blown outf the sky in africa. investigators believe they have found explosive residue on the plane andfficials tell abc
7:15 am
the afran terror group al shabaab. david kerley has the latest. >> reporter:ov night more suggestions that that gaping hole in this jet leading to depressurizatitn and oxygen masks dangling with the wind was likely caused by a bomb and u.s. sources are tryg to determine if isis or the terrorist group in somalia is sponsible. the detonation was just after takeoff at 11,000 feet. two passengers hurt and it'ss believed one person may have been sucked out of the a-321 jetliner. the head of the airline says investigators found residue which thehebelieve are traces of exexplosiveses it's also beeeeealed 70 o of the 74 psengers on board were orinally booked on a turkish air fligh which was canceled. turkey is involved in the fight against isis. it's stillll unclear how the device got on board according to our sources, but somalia is a dangerous place. in probably just get on the airplane so in a place like somalia wherehere's no real government, it's awfully easy to get a bomb on board. >> reporter: the airline
7:16 am
vestigation into the explosion continues. one other unusual note on this case, there h has been no claim of responsibility and terrorist groups like those possibly involved do like to take credit for incidents like this, george. >> that is strange. thanks very much. we want to get back out to robin inan francisco with that big adline about the big game. robin. >> lara, there is so much excitement as you know here for the super bowl and, of course, the halftime show, coldplay, thth told u they'y' already teaming up with beyonce. we knew that but ty're promising big surprises. abc's ryan smith h that. >> reporter: coldplay and queen bey, the hymn for the weekend collaborators taking center the year but this morning, a super mystery from the super bowl.
7:17 am
superstars joining the gents on stage. >> we wanted to me it about togetherness and acceptance and caught the rightuests. >> some of their biggest hits feature collaborators so, for example, he's done songs with rihanna, with jay z, with kan west. >> reporter: chris martin keeping m only revealing they will honor halftime sws of years past. >> we watched all the other halftime shows and i think we'll celebrate those and hopefully ke a show as memorable as some of our favorites. you're going to ar me roar >> reporter: memorable as in last year's ky perry roaring alongside left and right shark and surprisguest missy elliott. >> reporter: now cocoldplay hoping their 12 minutes on stage will be paradise. fo "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, san francisco.
7:18 am
>> noelling what's going to happen halftime or in the game but i got to tell you, after that press conference, ldplay, they're nervous. they're actually really nervous about performing. that's how excited they are to be performing here any super bowl, guys. >> you can't blame them for that, what, 120 some million people. a little bit of prsure. back to rob. the midwest. >> snow outside is pretty wet because it's warm out. cold polar air mass driving downn the great lakes and tuesday,y, windchills well below zero and potentially another storm on tuesday.
7:19 am
way.beautiful and muchwarmer. sunday, we can expect another little wave of snow right as many of us are sitting down to watch the big game. an area of low pressure will park itself over the great lakes for a couple of consecutive days sparking off strong northwest winds. today's high is 33 with light snow. tonight't's low is 17. tomorrow's high is 37 with sunshine. here's the 7 day forecast. coming up on "gma," chihilling new details in that murder of a virginia teen. investigators now saying one of the college sdents linked to it told tm she did it for the thrill. and only on "gma," roger goodell one-on-one with robin. we'll have what he's saying about safety in the league.d keeps you up at night...
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here is a quick you lukas: a sioux city reprsentative has
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iowa house that would make a big difference for parents of children who have autism. iowans insurance capital including a siouxland. blue t-shirts and were set up in the to catch the eye a bill introduced jorgensen of sioux city would require insurance companies to cover autism treatment. as it stands now, often that treatment isn't covered - even for doctor recommended care. kas let's check in with for the weather. matt we have some freezing fog and temperatures in the single digits and teens as we start things off on our friday. we can expect a little bit of light snow today with a weak clipper system. saturday will be beautiful and much warmer. sunday, we can expect another little wave of snow right as many of us are sitting down to watch the big game. an area of low pressure will park itself over the great lakes for a couple of consececive days sparking off strong northwest winds. today's high is 33 with light snow. tonight's low is 17. tomorrow's high is
7:27 am
matt we have some freezing fog and temperatures in the single digits and teens as we start things off on our friday. we can expect a little bit of light snow today with a weak clipper r system. saturday will be beautiful and much warmer. sunday, we can expect another little wave of snow right as many of us are sitting down to watch the big game. an area of low pressure will park itself over the great lakes for a couple of consecutive days sparking off strong northwest winds.
7:28 am
that i levi's stadium, super bowl sunday coming up, everybody getting ready to 235is off and robin is in san francisco right now. she spoke exclusively to nfl commissioner roger goodell.
7:29 am
>> a lot to talk about from safety to the nfl's first women's summit. we'll discuss what that is all about and also, well, that little game, the super bowl. we'll maybe get his thoughts on the matchup and can i get him to dab? will i get the comomomssione to dab? >> there's a tease. we'll find out in just a few minutes. >> my bet is on robin. also right now just one day the republican debate right here on abc. the stage i set as the candidates get ready to face off one last time before the fst primary and then a big headline about martin shkreli, the so-called bad boy of big drug companies, congress grilled him in a tense hring thursday where he refusedo answer their questions. >> jus smirked. >> yep. just smirked. lso coming up this morning as we count down to the big gam a sneak peek at one offhe most anticipated ads, who are the big stars joining budweiser this ye? we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look coming up just for you guys. >> that is all coming up.
7:30 am
new developments in the murder of nicole lovell. prosecutors say one of the students facing charges has confessed saying she did it for the thrill and one of the victim's friends claimed she tried to warn the police something was wrong. abc's eva pilgrim is in blacksburg, virginia, with the latest. good morning,eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. we are learning this morning exactly h prosecutors say these two virginia tech students allegedly plotted to murder 13-year-old nicole lovell. chilling details about the muer of 13-year-old nicole lovell. her family fing into the courtroom thursday wearing blue clothes and bbons. prosecutors allege virginia tech students natalie keepers and david eisenhauer planned the murder of the middle school student for weeks, scouting out locations, even buying tls when police showed up to talk to keepers she tried to warn eisenhauer texting him police, it was then she told fbi investigators that eisenhauer
7:31 am
in his lexus reportedly saying the two drove with the body in the car to walmart where they bought supplies to clean up the crime tellinguthorities where toocate the murdeeapon and nicole's body. keepers allegedly saying she was, quote, excited to be a part of something secretive and special. nico's childhood f friend says she noticed nicole was posting pictures claiming to be dating an older guy. >> i went to the officer att my school and wrote dowown his name on a pce of paper and handed it to him. >> reporter: the blacksburg police department said they would have a acted on it through the appropriate channels. >> did you make this . >> no. i think if he would have done something he would have seen all e guys on her facebook and he could have stopped all this. >> reporter: i it's been nearly two weeks since she went missing. investigators tracked the last messages from her phone to eisenhauer, the former track star admitting to police he communicated with t the
7:32 am
the night she disappeared but saying he left and went to a closos friend's dorm. that close friend,, natalie keepers, seen here in video posted on youtube in 2014. >> one in five people don't have jobs. >> repter: keepers' father an aerospace engineerroke down in tears at the hearing.g. her family stunned. keepers was denied bail. her mentallth history already being called into question. her father saying in court something's wrong, not my daughter. amy. >> thank you for the latest update. to a frightening moment for a young actress. harlequin smith, the daughter of director kevin smith says she was nearly abducted by two men posing as uber drives now speaking out exclusively to abc's matt tman. >> reporter: when harlequin smith, daughter of director and actor kevin smith, ordered an uber earlier this weweek,he says she was expecting a riride, not a
7:33 am
as drivers. >> it was very, very scary. >> reporter: the 16-year-old speaking exclusively to "gma" overnight about her expernce right outside an l.a. starbucks. >> the sond i started talking to them, i realized they were definitelyly not uber drivers, they had just printed out the uber symbol and put it at the >> reporter: smith first sred her story in this viral instagram post saying protect yourself and never ever get in a car without checking first her father more rattled than his daughter tweeting, be alert, two white men in a beige jeep posed as uber driver and just tried to talk my kid into getting in their r. the lapd xhipdzing smith's actions saying she did the right thing by trusting her instincts and not getting into the vehicle. the teen says she didn't let the experience shake her.
7:34 am
because you can't let things likehat stop you from living your life. >> reporter: for "go morningng america," matt gutman,bc news, los anangeles. >> thank for that. coming up next, robin's exclive one-on-one with nfl commissioner roger goodell, what he's saying about safety and
7:35 am
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food as it should be. > back live here from san francisco and roger goodell has been the commissioner of the nfl for the last ten years a under his watch, the league has experienced unpcedented success and also facing major criticism, as youou know. now goodell is speaking out and i had a chance to sit down with him during the sport's biggest week. when you see the number of concussions that are rising, you had morehis year than last year, is there anything more that the league can do? >> the number of concussions went up this year and they're going to go up and they're going to go down in any given season
7:37 am
and also we saw more self-reporting from the players and teammates. that's what i call the culture change. it used to be aou know there was, well, it's just a ding. those days are long gone and that's a positive thing for our gagame. >> i don't know if you had a chance yet to see the movovie "concussion." the betrayal of the nfl and of you in particula doesn't shed a good light on the league. how do you get past that perception that people he that the league hasn't been at the forefronon that you have not addressed thisrue issue that people are talking about with cte and concussions? >> well, robin, with facts. ithink when you look at what we've done over the last ten years we've had 40 difrent rule changes that are all designed on makinghe game safer. that didn'ttart the last 12 month, that started ten years ago and we've invested in equipment changes. we're seeing safety changes to
7:38 am
on impacts including hd impacts on the turf so all of these things are going to take hold and they take time. >> kenny stabler, we l learned of his death this week a it was detetermined that he had a severe case of e. is there anything in hindsight that you look back and wishhe league had known more. >> if i had known that we could have made more changes but the ague has a history of evolvlvg the game and we're leading the way. pioneering research and over $100 million in research that is going not just to make football safer, this is going to make all sports safer, the military safer and quite frankly will probably have an impact on brain disease in general? if you had a son, would you want him to play football? >> i would not only want him to play football, i will certainly encourage him t to do it and i would let him do it. ithink there are tremendous values in playing the game of football. there's rk involved with anything in life but what we
7:39 am
people how to get the most out safely. >> any disciplinary decisions that you have made to this point th you wish you could do or again? >> oh, sure, when our policies han't met the types of standards that we think should be upheld, we acknowledge that and in the domestic violence and assault area, we changed our policy a year ago dember a a had in this past 12-month cycle we had the lowest amount of arrests in the history of the nfl. how do you respond to those players w feel you have t much power? do you have too much power. >> i don't know what they mean bypower. if they'realking about discipline, we collectively bargained on it. that's been in place for decades, the commissioner has d authority to protect the shield, to protect the integrity of the game and do what's in the best interest of the game overall. >> i welcome all of. >> you quite an eerience today with the women's summitit. that was something new. >> what we've seen is that there
7:40 am
and particularly young girls. and so we wantedo be able to focus on that in the women'ss summit today to figure out how we can build more programs to allow more girls to participate and get those skills so that they can become l leaders in society. whatever careers they may choose. >> this as khryn smith was named the first full tim female coach for the buffalo bills just last month. also making headlines, the rooney rule in effect for women. with that? >> well,heoone rule was established probably 15 years ago to help us with diversity in all of r hireings particularly in the coaching area but wouldn't too me sure when we have an opening not only have a diverse slate of candidates but women that wbelieve c c do the job and give then the opportunity. >> with the rooney rule we've seen there are now five african-american coaches, one latino, coach rivera. >> in theuper bowl.
7:41 am
and some wondeder while it is absolutely progress, is there more to make sure that what you'u're hopg that there could be more impact? that the results could be even better? >> i always think there's -- diversity is still an issue that we're not finished. we're notone and so o ch of what w w do is incomplete so we'll continue to make progress here. > wh super bowl 50 just days away, i spoke with the commissioner about the big game. this year battle of the quarterbacks. you have peyton manning, the old veteran and then i won't make you dab or anything. i won't make you do that. >> you're better than i am. >> when i see a world that we live in right now where there's so much division, there's so much discourse and concern, the whole world is going to gather around the television set this weekend around nfl football and the super bowl. they're going to celebrate the game and they're going to celebrate everyoneoming together. when you can be involved with
7:42 am
>> yeah, celebte the game. >> teammate. >> drew brees here, j.j. watt, jesse palmer just talking a little super bowl here and the commissioner was telling me about his f favorite memories, my super bowl memory, what's mine? the st. s winning the super bowl, yeah. i got to say i'm calling an audible here back in new york. i'm not feeling well and have todo something with the women's summit so i'll hand off the ball to you, drew and j.j. and jesse, do well and bring usn home and can i go long now? >> absolutely. >> i'll see you back in new york soon. >> feel better. >> oh. what a move. >> still got the moves. >> yeah. >> wow! >> i believe that's called juking. nice move, rob. >> guess who is back in budweiser's new super bowl commercial? you're going to like it. he think it smells fine, but his guests smell this...
7:43 am
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all right, guy, back with more news on the super bowl. this is about not the game, not the halftime show. this is about the commercials. we are number one, amy, i fully agree. so commmmercial, commercials.. budweiser always does great commercials and always look forward to them. big news this year they're
7:46 am
puppies out. sorry. cue the clydesdales, they are back. you guys are looking. this is really amazing behind-the-scenes footage. we're going to show you an exclusive lookaterer and we're going to show youou another commercial also elusion lively, all of that coming up on "gma." >> coming up, "gma's" road to theig game brought to you by avavados have mexico, fresh all yeararong. and you've got the taste you got the good life, fresh every season you're always ready to go when the flavor is fresh so fresh
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7:50 am
"good morning america" i is brought to you by kay jeweler's. every kiss begins with kay. lukas: this past rosebowl is e many hawkeye fans would like to forget, but one iowa lawmaker has proposed a bill that is putting the sour memory into the mis of those at the capitol senator mark chelgren of ottumwa says he's angry with stanford because of the halftime show. the cardinal marching band took the field maki fun of iowa... he wants a formel apology what isays - future collarboaratio between stanford
7:51 am
universities whould be put on hold until that apology's made publicly." chgren says while he is a hawkeye fan... he's not a sore loser. he says the bill is about the halftime performance e beg poor taste. lawmakers don't antipate the bill gettinvery far at all. lukas let's check in with for the weather. matt: we have some freezing fog and temperatures in the single digits and teens as we start things off on our friday. we can expect a little bit of light snow today with a weak clipper system. saturday will be beautiful and ch warmer. sunday, we can expect another little wave of snow right as many y of us are sittindown to watch the big game.
7:52 am
pressure will park itself over the grt lakes for a couple of consecutive days sparking off strong northwest winds. today's high is 33 with light snow. tonight's low is 17.
7:53 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 0 a.m. and there's a major setback for madonna. the superstatar's s refuses to come home even after her secret trip trying to bng him back. now reports her ex is deterned to keep him overseas. do it like dad. >> my dad's ging me a dad 'do. >> a challenge that might be tougher than the super bowl.
7:54 am
globe encouraging fathers to spend time with tir daughters. >> it's about connecting and showing them that there my time. inspiring dads everywhere to get in the game. never been in love before >> we're swiping right going one-on-one with t ceo of tinder, new secrets behind the app millions use to find a match. plus, what really worksest when looking for love. can't stop me no and shrouded in seccy until now. th brand-new budweiser ad and there's no horsing around here. the famous clydesdales are stomping back into the super bowl. we're behind-the-scenes at the ables. your first look at the ad right here and j.j. watt, drew brees, kid correspondent marlo live
7:55 am
>> all: good morning, america. >> a lot of fans here at our "gma" stadium right now. joined by leslie mann. wee on the road to the big game gearing up on both coasts here and in san francisco. let's take a look. the denver broncos have some fan, as well. >> what's , guys? we've got some major superstar power here still. cheerleaders, a horse. house, texas, j.j. watt and new orleans saints drew brees and marlo mosley will join us. you'll break down super bowl 50 and tell you everything you guys need to know. >> so we are excited for that. we have the gorgeous leslie mann with us telling us about her new movie, very funny, george and i are both complimenting you. it's naugy, funny, heart felt. it's "how to bsingle." so we'll get to that. >> and live tv. >> we can't hear each other. a lot coming up.
7:56 am
the big storyhis morning, hillary clinton and bernie sanders fiercely arguing in their first one-on-one debate just as new polls show clinton's national lead has evaporated. clinton urged sanders last night to end his, quote, artful smear campaign against her. sanders fighting back saying clinton is being held captive by the polical establishment and is just too closeo wall street. the two also clashed over the war in iraq. polls showing sanders leading by as many as 30 points in new hampshire and a new nional po showing clinton's lead over sanders has narrowedo just two points. on the republican side, former first lady barbara bush attended a rally for her son jeb rallying the crowd in new hampshire and this all comes as polls show marco rubio gaining momentum in second place behind donald trump. well, a violent end to the manhunt for the bonnie and clyde couple accusedd in that violent crime spree from missouri to florida. blake fitzgerald was killed near pensacola overnight and brittany
7:57 am
of gunfire after a polic chase. the couple on the run since sunday was accused in a string of robberies and kidnappings. well, there are new questions abt the government's's responsese to the washington crisis in flint, michigan. according to e-mails obtainedy the groupp progress michigan, state officials knew ten months ago about a spike in lion nar legionnaires' disease but the governor didn't speak about it till l last month. new details in madonna's battle to keep her son. guy ritchie speaking out saying he is as determined as ever to keep custody. here's a abc's ree ninan. i am a material girl >> reporter: for the material girl it's been a trying winter, as the battle over her 15-year-old s rocco continues. accordin to "people" magazine rocccco's dad andmadonna's ex g ritchie wants their son to remain with him in london. the teenager has been living there since beforere th holilidays.
7:58 am
new york to live with madonna in december. but rocco refused defying even a jujudge's order to come back to the u.s. madonna reportedly took matters into her own hands this past weekend flying to london to apal to her son. >> these conversions were short and intense according to a source but i in the end rocco did decide he's going to continue to live with his father for thehe time being. >> reporter: "people" magazine reports rocco prefe his father's parenting style to his moer's. >> he is much more relaxed and she's a a little bit morore strict. >> reporter: the next hearing pertaining to rocco's custody is scheduled for early march. attorneys say just as important as madonna and guy ritchie's opinion is, the judge also believes so is rocccco's opinion. >> a judge is going to want to hear what he wants to do and why he wants to do it >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new rk. >> our thanks to reena for that. finally some good news just in time for your super bowl party, a new study finds the
7:59 am
that people at ththe science chapel havee confirmed dropping food and then picking it up with fiv sonds is perfectly safe as long as the food you drop is dry. so, lara, to make this reay clear, don't have to worry about the five-secondule. what you have to worry abouts the 0-second moisture and surface rule. >> you said the wd moisture. it's disturbing. i believed in it for my entire life. thank u. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu" as we gear up for the big game. the nfl dads inspiring fathers everywhere tackling the tangles and spending great quality time with their kids and then we're going behind the scenes of one of the most highly anticipated ads of the super bowl. we'll show you that and then jesse is with dw brees, j.j. watt they're joining us in san francisco with everything you need to know about the big game and leslimann is here. a little girl power. her new movieie is hilaous.
8:00 am
to be single," how to be married to judd apatow and more coming up on "gma." great crow stay with us. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil.
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don't ta chantix if you've had a serious alrgic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call youdoctor right away as some can be life-threaeatening. tell your doctor if you haveheart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stro. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or opererating mainery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. you're soeautiful welcome back to "gma" and the campaig that millions are watching online. check out these nfl dads spending quality time with their daughters by trying to tackle their tangles. >> like that. >> sending a powerful message about raising strong girls. liey davis here to tell us all about it. >> good morning. this is all part of pantene's strong is beautiful campaign
8:05 am
one-on-one time together and hairdos may be something they don't do, they're not half bad at it but more imptantly they're having fun with their daughters doing it. >> i'm excite i'm a little nervous. >> pantene's blow-out new ad campaign. pinnnning some the nfl's biest dads -- >> the only style that i'm able to do is a ponytail. >> up against their toughest matchup yet. >> catching tchdown passes is braid. >> reporter: inspiring fathers everywhere to get in the game. >> my dad is givininge a dad dad 'do. >> a dad 'do comes from the heart. >> reporter: showing that girls who spend time with their dads grow into stronger women. >> just beuse you're a guy and she's a growing young lady doesn't mean you dot haveing to to do with her. >> reporter: featured in the new strong abeautiful ad new orleans saints tight end benjamin watson and his two little girls. >> i'm naomi. >> i'm grace. >> and i'm daddy -- i mean benjamin.
8:06 am
she's going to really judge all men by how i treat her so it's important for me to connect with them and do things they want to do whether doing their hair or riding bikes it's about kepgg and showing them they're important and they're worth my time. >> look in the mirror. who do you see? rong is beautiful. >> dads can teach their daughters a lot and it does help young girls grow to be strong women. >> reporter: the campaign also sort of a ponytail playbook for dads w may know football but can't tackle a tangle trying for pig p pig pigtails, gather the team into hules. >> feels like mommy but heas bigger hands. >> reporter: just like the nfl you can spike the ball or your hair. >> you guys want your hair iked. >> i don't even know what that means. >> exactly. >> pantene points to research that shows quality time spent with dads is key in raising daughters who are me self-confident, self-reliant and
8:07 am
their careers so, dads go out and get bob pins, barrettes. >> i'm obsessed with combing my daughter's hair. i don't know about y you but i love it. >> i can't d itit. my kids are actually -- >> are you serious? >> i'm serious. my wife teases me like i could be a hairstylist. i love that. my girls are in the power position in our house, sit down, put on an apron and make me up. >> put your hair in new 's. >> yeah, you'lll never see them, though. >> ali, ali, please, pictures. >> we have that to look forward to. >> jesse in san francisco, thank you, linsey. >> thanks, geororge. i'm standing here right now with three people infinitely more talented than i many a, j.j. watt from the houston texans, drew brees from the new orleans saints and marlo mosley, our kid don't doing an unbelievable job allweek. we'll break down the super bowl and get into it. carolina, denver, one of the big story lines we keep talking
8:08 am
cam newton from carolina, talented, a little flamboyant and, of course, peyton mannnning, of the denver broncos, kind of the vet playing in his fourth super bowl. ask you first, j.j., as a defensive player, no one has been able to do it. how do you spam wton. >> that's the million dollar question. i think wade phillips and his guys have a tough task on their hand. having played for wade and the guys he has on his defense, akei talib, they'll put together a great plan. you're not going to stop him but find a way to minimize his impact. >> you played against peyton manning in a super bowl a cple years ago and everyone is talking about how he doesn't have the same arm strength, kind of falling off but what have you seen from him in the playoffs. >> the last three weeks have impressed me. denver had a gat team throughout the sean and felt like their defense played phenomenal but seemed to have a little more juice once he came back into t lineup midway through the last game and the run they've made through the
8:09 am
well, the run game looks grereat and then oiously their defense is stout. >> j.j., one of the cool things you got the number one offense, lina, against the number one defense from denver. the queson, in games like the super bowl what wins championships, offense or defense? >> well, i happen to defer to drew because he has won a super bowl so drew brees havingeing won one he would say offense. denver has the number one defense but carolina's defense is no slouch ear with luke kuechly and josh norman. for me as a defensive player it will fun twatch. >> you won s super b xliv. take us inside the locker room. how do you handle the hype talking about it nonstop. >> that's the biggest challenge because it's not -- as much as you tell yourself is just another game it's not. everything from the pregame festivities to 45-minute halftime you have to find a way
8:10 am
emotions in and around all of that stuff. eliminate distractions and just get down to the game when it's time but i think denver's experience from two years ago is really going to servehem well and think the team that's able to ce out the most calm at the beginning gets t jump and comfort lev sets in. i think carolinas the most complete team in football right now, offense and defense so i think you match those two things up and it's going to be -- >> we have to ask the real insisider. she's been at it all week long interviewing cam newton and peyton m manning a everybody all week so you've been the superstar. is there a question, becau you ask the tough ones. a question you got. >> what's your prediction for the super bowl? >> ooh. >> put you on the spot right away. >> you do ask the tough questions. you know, i honestly don't know how the game issing goo go but having played for gary kubiak and wade, i do hope they get a championship under their belts. they deserve it. i pull for them.
8:11 am
>> i have friends on both sides. i think once you -- you know, as you're sitting back, man i'd love to see that guy get a ring, i'd love to see that guy get a ring, i feel like -- i feel like cana would win eight out of ten. but this could be one of -- >> is this t one denver is able to pull out because the last three weeks have been different. you can feel it. >> i'll decide with you. you've dissected this game top to bottom. who are you picking and why? >> panthers because like j.j. said, they're both dynamic and the offense is good as well as the defense. they both click together and i think the defense can sp the broncos' offense with peyton manning and they can do the same on offense. >> hear at? i'going to vegas. she said patches. nice job, eveverybody. we'ree having a blast in san francisco. let's send it back to you. >> we're just going to hire marlo. >> she's great. >> i love how she doesn't give a direct answer but exactly what she thinks.
8:12 am
>> they're dynamic. i have no idea what you're talking about but you sound very smart. >> xs and os soon. >> time now for our "10 dates in 10 states" daily update. abc producer erica stt went one-on-one with the ceo of tinder, the wildly successful dating app matching 26 million people every day and she also went on date number three. this time it waserally a roller-coaster ride. take a look. baby >> this date was a little different. instead of having an activity planned we met at the pier and w where things went from there. we ended up getting coffee,
8:13 am
and going on the roller coaster. since i'm in l.a. i decided to pay a visit to the tinder headquarrs and had quest tore sean rad who treated the swipe right if you like swipe left if you don't. are you dr. love or are you dr. sex? >> neither. >> i downloaded tder plus which is about $10 a mth and lets you have the passport feature usel on traveling because you can set locates for all over the countntry. what sort of setup would you use the passport setup for if it weren't a casual hookup. >> sometimes that special person is not in your backyard. >> you're n not a dating app. you're anntroduction app. >> it's completely up to you where you want to take it. >> what is the dos and don'ts? >> you want to be yourself a and shcase your interests. the mostuccessful photos on tinder are the ones that tell a story. a good takeaway was that honesty really does go a long way when you're creating your profile.
8:14 am
and i thought we had a great time. >> had a great time with you, erica. >> all right. and joining us live fm los angeles is l.a.x. airport producer onhe move erica scott. thanks for being with us. >> good morning, amy. how is itt going. >> it's going great but i want to know how it is going wh you. you've arranged all of your dates online. your next three dates you'r going old school. you're being set up by friends and colleagues so tell me about your debate -- your debate? yourdate, hopefully it' not a debate coming up in nevada today. >> yes, so we're getting the best of both worlds and have doneinge, tininder and okcupid. a brother's friend is in vegas so i wouldn't have met him otheise and we'll dune buggy riding which i'm excited about. hopefully i won't miss the flig because i'm already at the airport. >> lara wants to know asking during the piece have you had any chemistry with anyone yet? >>o they're all really great
8:15 am
quick dates and there's a cameraa in your face, chemistry is kind of hard to measure, i suppose, but actuall does say that a l of people expect chemistry to not happen until the second or third date so benefit of the doubt to these guys. >> all right, tbd, erica. good luck. thank you. don't miss your plane. follow her journey and go behindhe-scenes on our website, on yahoo! you can weigh in using the #tenintengma. outside to rob. >> it's kind o a wet snow, so, you know, umbrella not a bad thing. we oy have one to share. you're from detroit. you had a super bowl in detroit. how was the weather there. >> coal and snowy. >> as you would expect. let's take a look at what the weather will be like in charlotte, north carolina, if you're having an outdooruper bowl party, weang your jersey 55,, not too shabby. in denver, mile up, 41 degrees, also not too bad if you can't make it to the big game splendid as well. rain staying mosostly north of san
8:16 am
parts of the south today.beautiful and much warmer. sunday, we can expect another little wave of snow right as many of us are sitting down to watch the big game. an area of low pressure will park itself over the great lakes for a couple of consecutive days sparking off strong northwest winds. today's high is 33 with light snow. tonight't's low is 17. tomorrow's high is 37 with sunshine. here's the 7 day forecast. >> it's national weather person's day. nationalear red day also. heart association for women -- go red for women. wear red today. >> get inside. it's chilly out there and hot in here. we begin with a remembrance. liststen t this song. do you remember?
8:17 am
mauricewhite's whose vce made them one of the greatest bands of all time. they sold more than 90 million albums. had us all singing along to hits like this "september," oing by wonderland." white suffered from parkinson's disease and died wednesday at his home in los angeles. he was 74 years old. his songs were thoughtful, they were intelligent, most of all they were full of soul, "shining star for you to see what your life can truly be" as pierre thomas wrote me this morning about white, a true shining star, maurice white, payee rest in peace and m your music pla on forever. >> hear, hear. >> also in "pop news" this momorning, super bowl tickets really hard to get,rit? intercepted as soons they go on se but if you didn't catch yours in time, we have another fun way to spend the weekend. how's this for a second string plan. why not watch the game at one of the players' own homes. carolina panthers player roman
8:18 am
aptment on airbnb while he's off in california staying at another airbnb with his family while he takes on t the broncos. it wl be like you're on t feel as you sit back, relax in front o harper's 70-inch tv screen. >> nice. nice apartment. >> amazing views of charlotte and an outdoor pool and hot tub. harper is donating the entire $5,000 fee to charity and airbnb will match it. >> wow. >> you have to root for the panthers. is that required >> it's not required. >> as long as the money goes to charity. strongly suggest it. >> i would suggest it, yeyes. then finall an inspirational video for all the players heading t the super bowl this sunday 0 for for you as youetet ready for your weekend workout. watch this guy. wait for it. that's right, baby. >> where has he seen that
8:19 am
>> that's phenomenal. >> one more time. >> that's not a drop the mike -- >> t champ right there. >> drop the barbell moment. >> there you go. th's "pop news" on this wonderful wet friday here in new york c city, george. >> looks lik the strongest man competition, wide world of sports old school. >> love seeing that. thank you, lara. coming up the super bowl ad we've been talking about all morning, behind the sceneses of the famous budweiser clydesdales. >> leslie mann is here live.
8:20 am
go big or go home news update for you lukas: a siouxland police department is latching on to a growing trend among police forces nationwide. by outfitting its officers wit body cameras. the orm lake police department is utilizing body camerafor all of its uniformed officers. they say the foage from the cameras can be used for a range ofhings, from evidence in the court room to useful training video for newer police officers... and will help them maintain a high level of transparency, however, in order
8:21 am
public safety will not ma the footage available to the general public without a court order. lus let's check in with for the weather. matt: we have some freezing fog and temperatures in the single digits and teens as we stt things off on our friday. we can expect a little bit of lit snow today with a weak clipper system. saturd will be beautiful and mu warmer. sunday, we c can expect another little wavave of sno right as many of us are sitting down to watch the big game. an area of low pressure will park itself over the great lakes for a couple of consecutive days sparking off strong nohwest winds. today's high is 33 with light snow. tonight's low is 17.tomorrow's high is 37 with sunshine kas: matt: we have some freezing fog and temperatures in the single digits and teens as we start things off on our friday. we can
8:22 am
light snow todaywith a weak clipper syststem. saturday will be beautiful and much warmer. sunday, we can expect another little wave of snow right as many of us are sitting down to watch the big game. an area of low presre will park itself over the great lakes for a couple of consecutive days toy's high is 33 with light snow. tonight's low is 17. tomorrow's high is
8:23 am
welcome back t "gma." a lot of fans here at "gma" excited for the big game. >> yes. chef alex guarnaschelli and george duran are here with us. ice cream cookie sandwiches are looking so good. theneorge has virgin watermelon margaritas. cannot wait for the showdown coming up. but amy first to you. >> yes, a lot to lookorward to.
8:24 am
of the most anticipated parts of the super bowl, of course the ads. especially the one you're about to see with the famous budweiser clydesles. abc'sayna whitworth got a behind-the-scenes look at what is in store for us all on sunday. >> perhaps one othe most anticipated commercials of the super bo. this yr "gma" going behind-the-scenes to see firsthand the making of the newew ad. >> this year's commercial iss very bold, very confident. >> reporter: illustrated by the world famous clydesdales. >> t this is huge a heavy. hold on. >> that colr there is 50 pounds. >> high enough on him? >> yeah, that will work. just ate. >> people will want to talk about this one. >> reporter: what they're trying to do is get the fog exaly right before they send the horses through. titled not backing down since 1876, the clydesdales thunder into view. the ad shrouded in srecy until
8:25 am
for"good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. d it's time for the big real. heret is, the new budweiser commercial. commercial. >> wow. right? [ cheers and applause ] >> definitely not puppies this time around. l right. lara. >> hi, guys. here now with the hilarious leslie mann. okay, let's just get i out there. i sat down, there was a cushion on the seat.
8:26 am
wasn't very graceful. welcome to live tv, leslie. leslie is starring in a really great movie teaming up with dakota johnson and rebel wilson. she gets a littl confused when aa younger guy is checking her out. >> who iss that anyway. >> like27. >> no young guy would ever talk to me except to get a prescription more medical marijuana. >> he mht be going to the food. nope, he's coming. he's here. >> he isdorable. >> isn't he cute? >> your character, i was like mad at you -- your character because you're so cute and you don't think that y're worthy of a younger cute guy talking to you. >> well, i think -- well, it makes sense because young guys sometimes don't know exactly what t they want, but he was super, you know, handsome and hairless which is -- >> always a plus
8:27 am
husband and he goes to the gym a lot. >> yeah. >> which is the opposite of my husband and when he picked me up his back didn't go out all the time. >> that was nice. >> so it was fun working with him. his name is jake. he is so -- he was so great in this mie and you guys had really adorable chemistry. >> thank you. >> so he was on "girls" i think. >> he was on "girls." uh-huh. >> yes. >> rebel wilson. jake an many others, what was it like working with this team? people. i got especially close with dakota because we did most of our stuff together and then rebel is like one of the funniest people i've ever been around just, you know, no filter, says whatever is on her nd and sometimes it's painful to hear, you know, like the truth about meme. >> she just -- >> ion't know if shehe did that to yo did you interviewew her.
8:28 am
that perfect way that embarrasses george because we love whe he gets embarrassed. >> great, super fun. >> you and dakota, you c tell you're very close. you feel i itn t film and behind the scenes were you guys kidding when you were flirting with an interviewer recently? we saw this video. it's gone massively viral. even your husband -- there's the interviewer and then you guys are -- what's happining? why don't you deribe. >> what happened is that was like at the very end of a -- >> jong junket. >> where you do four-minute interviews back to bac for three or four hours and got a little crazy and we hit on this guy and it's like we forgot we were being interviewed and -- it was -- heas like suc a breath of fresh air and, you know, it was fun to see him take off his shirand --
8:29 am
>> he tookff his shirt. he unbuttoned it. >> there you go. >> the creepy girls but, yeah, you got to do what you got to do. >> your husband judd apatow, world famous writer, director, even got in on the ago. saw that andweeted out at you. does he totally get it. >> what did he tweet back. >> he says -- why don't you read it. foursome. >> yeah. >> so you read that. >> okay. >> he's so funny. you guys don't need any lessons honor how to be single because you're in a terrific marriage with a great guy tt we love visiting with >> ah. >> what do you want to tell people about this movie? why is it a must see. >> you know, it's just a great movie to go see on valentine's day weekend and if you want to laugh and have fun and then go
8:30 am
>> there you go. a plea from your star, leslie mann who we love having here, "how to be single" hits theaters on friday, february 12th. i'm going to go outside to rob. will you throw it to him. >> what d i do? >> just go, rob. >> rob. >> i got it, leslie. cam dab style. omaha. aha. cotdown to the super bowl forecast out in santa clara looking good. good for throwing and good for fense as well. out to j.j.j. watt and drew brees. jesse has them, all-stars. >> you know we're excited as a former player and players, we actually have great weather coming up here for super bowl 50. obviously we're all here in san francisco for the big game but you guys are also here supporting some pretty cool causes. >> one thing we've been working on at gatorade to try to figure ou how to make the athlete better. i'm always trying to figure out how i can be better. gatorade is working on
8:31 am
understand how much intake you're having, how manany fluids and carbohydrates you need so every athlete willnd up having a spefic pod t put in theheir own gatorade bottle to know exactly how much to drink. >> chasing quarterbacks all day. what about you. >> i'm here o on behalf of micrcrosoft and had the opportunity to be on a microsoft technology panel talking about advance manies in our games. one of those has been the surface tablet we have on the sidelines. >> fun stuff out here in san francisco all week. let's go back to rob in new yo. >> let's check out what's haening acrcross the country, rain across the northwest, quiet across the central part of the warmer. suay, we can expect anonother right as many of us are sitting down to
8:32 am
>> this weather report brought to you by campbell's. back over to you. >> the newest project from nicholas sparks, he, of course, is the author behind some of grtest mod day love stories to "the notebook." "message in a bottle." the new movie is called "the choice" and sara haines sat down with him and the cast. >> pay attention because i about to tell you the secret to life. ready? the whole damn thing is about choices. >> reporter: in "the choice" nicholas sparks' 11th film adaptation benjamin and tera play travis and gabby. two north carolina neighbors put to the ultate test. >> travis, this is my boyfriend. >> reporter: to see how far they ar willing to goo keep the hope of love alive. >> come back to me, baby. >> we sat down with benjamin, teresa and nicholas sparks himself at new york city's tavern on thegreen.
8:33 am
how did this change your role. collaborative process. we weree able t sit down and brnstorm. i fee that the setting is almost a character in and of itself. teteresa, youour character gabby comes out kind of figh. >> she has an idea how her life should be and all of a sudden this guy comes into her life and tus everythingupside down and i think e's angry about it. and the same with him. right? >> you think i don't need anyone and you very quickly realize that heoes need someone and he does need someone very ecific. >> one thing i was surprised at i laughed a ton throughout the movie. why was that important in this story. >> we wanted a sense of hor ich we thought would really bring the film to l life in a more authentic way. >> teresa, you like myself are a huge nicholas sparks fan. >> yes.s. >> how amazing was it when you got that call you're going to be in the film. >> if i could go bacack to my 18-yeaold self so obsessed
8:34 am
one day i would in my own nicholas sparks movie i probably would just drop dead on the spot. >> for "goodorning america," ra haines, abc news, new york. >> one, two, three. >> ah. there's some laughter but we know the are going to b tears too. "the choe" opens in theaters today. coming up, the ultimate office makeover. this was his dressing room before.
8:35 am
it's2wlr=[hk po j# /ml tt2wlr=[hk p!!*n _m$ tt2wlr=[hk p4!j# )[p tt2wlr=[hk p px#*&`:.u$ goododtt2wlr=[hk pt#j'`::u@ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j)`:15$ tt2wlr=[hk pp#j*`:&.8 tt2wlr=[hk pp#j,`:gtx tt2wlr=[hk pl#*.`:n]t tt2wlr=[hk pl#*0`:uk< we're going to get this right today. thiss my office with lara and the tape in front of it right now. here's why. i'm nown my seventhear here and my office had never actually been done in it was actually the opposite. >> very much the opposite but unlike lara i dent have the diy gene so we called michael smith and "architecral digest" and they teamed up to redo it. all i had to do was writehe check but as you can see this place really needed an upgrade. >> oh, yeah. >> this place is a dump. come on. and, you know, i started to feel i have to say a little bit embarrassed, you know, robin and lara and amy ha all fixed up their offices, personalized them. >> love this and i love this woman. >> , my gosh. >> that's so great. >> itoes look great together. >> made them a little bit of home and, you know, i started to feel like i'm bringing d down the value of the neighborhood.
8:36 am
it would be great if it was a little more comfortable, a little more personal and a littttle bit more like home. >> gege's office with all due respect was shocking. >> george's office looked like a demented dorm room gone bad. >> i think the biggest transformation actually was the windowecause the window was just frightening and made no o nse and i think the solution of using a blackout shade and then putting thehe wooden blinds in front of it is just really beautiful. very masculine. very sophisticated. >> the walls were really transformative. it's a little bit of trick, i think people are often hesitant about the idea of wallpaper. it sounds like your grandpe's attic or something and i tnk in a sways like that with not a lot of architecture it can transform it. >> i think michael had s some
8:37 am
you know, i'm a big believer thingshouldn't go in drawers but if they're in a cinet you still know where things are and they're accessssible. >> really believed that the pattern carpets are an interesting way to ground a room and if you put things on and they kind of hold in place so that's's something that aot of peoplean take away. >> i think he's going to love it. it's been a big secret. are you ready? >> let's do it. >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. this is unbeliable. so this is all t furnire that i bought. >> yeah. >> but then you figur it all out. >> these are some old beautiful photos. >> those are good, right? you have your own photos here which are great. >> w gave you this incredible - you got it but this great cupboard. look. so it has all this great stuff. it has your water, it has a little baby refrigerator. it's completely great. >> this is crazy. >> you're never going to have to go home. it's going to be amazing.
8:38 am
happened it's like would be nice since i spend the first part of every day here to f feel a little more like home and it doesn't feel like an office. >> no. >> it's good. >> it's great. >> we gave you plants you can't kill. they're unbelievable. >> ah >> it's good, right. >> this is great. >> take a nap in there. >> i didn't even notice that. >> good light fixture so it's not -- >> a dimmer. >> a dimmer. >> i can't believe this is my office. this is the ultimate before and after. >> it's good. it's really good. look how nice it is seriously. >> great. >> wow, big thanks to michael and margaret. >> yeah and "architectural dist" and this is the first time george is letting any of us into his office hence theolice ta. are we ready? >> let's go. >> america, let's se george stephanopoulos' lair. come on in, everybody. wow. thank you for letting me in for the first time ever. this is so nice. do you ever really sit in this chair? >> i nap sometimesf we have to stay late after the show. >> what's yourravorite part
8:39 am
>> it doesn't f feel like i'm coming to work that's the best part about it. >> it's really, really nice. this is where you store your water. this is gorgeoeous. i mean -- >> isn't that pretty? >> see, america, i had a feeling. and ali comes here sometimes does she approve. >> ali has not been here but she approved and wrote theiece in "architectural digest." >> she diddy. >> yes. >> alism, it's beautiful and george has been much nicer since it got done so thank you. thank you, "archectural digest." thanks for letting us come in, george. >> absolutely.
8:40 am
comi up the chefs creating the g go big or go home we are gearing up for the big game with theltimate spread. former taste of the nfl chefs george duran and alex guarnaschelli whoho hoststs "bust my
8:41 am
sous chef and game day grub judge landon collins is here, of course, also known as safety with the new yk giants. welcome, everybody. alex and george, first i want you to tell me about the taste ofhenfl. you're both chefs. >> t the taste of the nfl is for raising money for food banks. it's raising over $24 million miion meals. >> got to make you feel good in what's interesting for every dollar they gethey serve eight mealals and you mention that people in t this country are still hungry so it's a fantaic cause and well worth it. >> landon, i know you're getting ready to eat but the game is two days away. who are you rooting for? all in timing, landon. >> yes, definitely but definitely the broncos. >> the broncoss. [ cheers and applause ] >> allight. that was popular with this side so, we've got some hecklers over there.
8:42 am
yo judge and say which one yoyou pick so show me what you got. >> i have pork ribs which i just love. i mixed together a lot --pices and if you want to make a spiced rub spicier double the cayenne pepper so that's -- sprinkle it riright on top. >> brown sugar. >> cayenne pepper. >> wrap these up and let them rest overnight. they're all ready and then w we make a little reduction with some was worcestershire sauce and reduce it and, oh, my god, stop it. >> what doou think? >> awesome. >> awesome. i can already tell you these -- i'm sorry. the football ice creamam cakes, mwah, amazing. >> decorating football shaped cookies to look like footballs and then a little vanilla or whatever ice cream and make these the day before and then pretend you're going to serve them and eat them all in the kitchen. >> exactly, exactly. george, you're up.
8:43 am
that's right. simple barbecue rub with grilled steak and the best part you make this green herb sauce to go along with it. let's dump everything in there. once it's all done that green as a football field. make yourself a nice football. >> that's right. that's how you do it. life, you said. >> it's going to change your life the wayou know it. >> yeah, that's right. >> are you a panthers fan now? is that whatt means? >> got to go with denver. >> who wins the challenge? land, you get to decide. >> i have t say --- i have to go with my man george for this one. [ cheers and applause ] >> you win a trophy. >> big thanks to nfl apparel for providing us with all the fun sports wear and gear and we'll be right back. t the trophy?
8:44 am
brought to you by avocados have befor we go we want to ask are you getting married and woontsz to do it in a big way? tell us on our website
8:45 am update for you ... lukas sioux city police are investigatin a possible home invasion that happened in the middle of the blizzard this week. according to police a 21- year old victim stated that four men entered his ununlocked home near morningside avenue tuesday night. he says they threatened him and several other people in the home, before taking several items and leaving. at the time of the incident sioux city was in alizzard warning and over a foot of snow had already fallen. authorities are ill investigating the incident. lukas let's check in with for the weather. matt: we have some freezing fog and temperatures in the single digits and teens as we start things off on ou friday. we can expect a little bit of light snow today wi a weak clipper system. saturday will be beautiful and much warmer. sunday, we can
8:46 am
little wave of snow right as many of us are sitting down to watch the big game. an area of low pressure will park itself over the great lakes for a couple of consecutive days sparking off strong northwest winds. today's high is 33 with light snow. tonight's low is 17. tomorrow's high is
8:47 am
matt: we have some freezizing fog and
8:48 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "how to be single," leslie mann.
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