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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm CST

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sioux city, iowa... this is abc9 news this midday.... " " lukas good morning and thanks for joining us this midday. i'm lukas voss concerns about the zika virus growing right here in the u.s. - the governor of florida now expanding that state of emergency to five counties - and there are now more than 50 cases of the virus across 13 states and washington d.c. - abc's linzie janis is in miami this morning "this morning, florida preparing for the worst...declaring a public health emergency in five
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related cases of zika reported throughout the state. governor rick scott calling on the cdc to provide at least 1,000 zika antibody test kits for pregnant women to see if they contracted the virus in the past.. and thousands more kits to test for active cases. sot gov scott (13:47:51) the mosquito that causes zika virus is common in florida. the spread of the virus... a growing concern for the estimated 20 million tourists expected to visit florida in the spring break months. at miami international airport ... hundreds of flights a day coming in from the (gfx) 30 high risk countries flagged by the cdc. over 100 of them just from brazil... nats this morning, two million people are flocking to the streets of rio for the start of carnival, where now, mosquitoes aren't the only concern for spreading zika. brazilian health authorities confirming thursday a man was infected with the virus after receiving multiple blood transfusions . but some doctors here in the us say they are more worried about sexual transmission of the virus. sot dr bobby kapur, chief of emergency medical jackson memorial 17;31;28;05 we have definitive proof from the cdc that there was a transmission through sexual intercourse" lukas and the nebraska department of
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recieved two cases of the zika virus these are the first cases in the state, one in douglas county and one in sarpy county. both of the cases are women in their 20's who have recently travled to zika - affected countries. at this point neither women have been hospitalized due to the virus. officials from the nebraska department of health and human services have said seeing cases in nebraska are new but not completley unexpected, lukas: a sioux city reprsentative has introduced legistation in the iowa house that would make a big difference for parents of children who have autism. iowans supporting insurance coverage for autism met at the capital yesterday... including a delegation from siouxland. blue t-shirts and puzzle pieces were set up in the capitol rotunda to catch the eye of lawmakers. a bill introduced by republican ron
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sioux city would require insurance companies to cover autism treatment. as it stands now that treatment isn't covered - even for doctor recommended care. "a lot of our families do have to relocate at times or they go without services. so that's a pretty desperate place to be in. as well as all of our surrounding states and 42 other states in the country have passed similar legislation. so really iowa is a little bit behind the curve when it comes to serving this type of population." josh cobbs from sioux city is the father of a 15- year-old with autism. he's been working on this bill for 10 years and hopes this could be the year it actually gets passed. lukas: the candidates may have moved on from iowa, but some questions remain for those citing problems during monday's process. that includes at least two democratic precints in woodbury county. abc9 news anchor tim seaman has more on how some people say their precint delegate wrongly went to the clinton campaign, and they aren't sure why. "this system like i said is outdated we need to change it," said patrick west. on monday, patrick west served as a captain in woodbury
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correctionville. like some others in iowa, he's questioning the way democratic caucus results are posted. "our precinct went for sanders. oto's precinct, the paper work was filled out showing they went for sanders and yet somehow the democratic party is reporting it for clinton," said patrick west. keane schwarz served as captain for that oto precinct, precinct 43. he was the only voter to participate and aligned with bernie sanders, but the state party results show the precinct being won by hillary clinton. "one person, i'm the only one on a sheet of paper very clearly filled out for this candidate with no oppisition and it's you become a hillary delegate," said keane schwartz. precints 40 and 43 were 2 of 6 held at the river valley high school. schwartz, west and fellow precinct co-captain stephen eitzen all say caucus night was night of disorganization. "there wasn't a lot during the process there. in hindsight i would have gone over and said what said eitzen. that "afterwards" eitzen mentioned..... concerning a potential 9-9 tie between clinton and sanders. "we went in there it cafateria. lots of tables no direction just have a seat want," said west. precinct's lone offered to switch forcing a deadlock, but that person left the caucus " you can't have votes that way it's i wanted her to have her to have her votre, but if she's already left the confirm it, it can't be
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announcement that some candidates were unviable and that there was a realignment period that they could realine to other groups," said eitzen. in the end, the captains signed off on a 9-8 win for sanders but the state democratic tally shows woodbury county precinct 40 awarded to clinton by that total. monday marked all three men's first caucus experience. they told us they want to see changes in the iowa system but plan to participate again. "there needs to be more people step forward and question and make those numbers more schwarz. " it fit when it was just a bunch of old men smoking cigars drinking whiskey and arguing all night. it doesn't fit with modern lifesytles at," said west. ts abc 9 news. ts local 5 news we are iowa
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communications director for the iowa democratic party said: "we have been made aware of these concerns, we are working to get to the bottom of these cases, and we are reaching out to all parties involved to clear up any confusion." the party says they will not release any paper work used for internal purposes only. there is a link to the final results that were released by the iowa democratic party in this story on our website. you can find that at siouxland matters dot com. lukas: and the war of words between the two top republicans has led to a new word
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courtesy of ted cruz "sen. ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate "or, if you like, yet another trumpertantrum." and while the internet has blown up online ... mostly making fun of trump ...the billionaire says he actually loves the phrase! "(donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) i haven't. actually i love that phrase. i actually like that phrase. that's good, i better trademark. we need a strong tone these days. i don't have tantrums. you can't build great businesses and have relationships i have if you have tantrums. cruz coined the term after trump lashed out at the cruz campaign after coming in second in the iowa caucuses lukas "punch out cancer." that's the theme for this year's "for the girls" fundraiser. paul huges brings us more "vulcraft has appealed a ruling by the norfolk city zoning board of adjustment concerning property at the intersection of west omaha ave. and south 25th street. the dispute involves the eagle distributing property that our savior lutheran church wants to
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and other industries in the area oppose having anything except industry in that location. norfolk's fire chief is asking area residents to make sure any fire hydrants on their property are visible and accessible. scott cordes asks that residents clear the snow away from within about three feet of fire hydrants so fire personnel could easily locate and use the hydrant if there would be a fire emergency in the neighborhood. "punch out cancer." that's the theme for this year's "for the girls" fundraiser. past events have raised funds to purchase a breast coil for the mri machine, update the surgical facilities for reconstructive surgery and help buy a 3-d mammography machine for faith regional health services. the event is set for wed. feb. 17 from 5:30 to 8:30 at the divots devent center. those and more stories can be heard on news talk wjag, lite rock 97.5 and 106 kix." lukas: mercy medical center was seeing red today as they bring awareness to heart disease affecting women, along with the american heart association, mercy medical center is asking mercy medical center was seeing red today as they bring awareness to heart disease affecting women,
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american heart association, mercy medical center is asking women to wear red in a go red for women event at the hospital. many doctors, nurses and medical personnal were on hand this morning to raise awareness in sioux city. mayor pro tem, dan moore was at the event to declare february fifth a special day in sioux city. (mayor pro tem, dan moore, sioux city) " now therefore i, dan moore, mayor pro tem of the city of sioux city iowa, and on behalf of the mayor and the city council, do hearby proclaim, february 5, 2016 as wear red for women day in sioux city, iowa, in recognition of the importance of the ongoing fight against heart disease and stroke to show their by commemerating this day by wearing the color of red." say that the disease can be prevented by eating healthy, getting regular and regular doctor ... heart disease is one of the deadliest concerns for women around the
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lukas still to come... well take a look at what howard has cooking today scott:
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lake, iowa. temperatures are in the single digits and teens. there's some freezing fog, so be safe! here's the stormcast hd where
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little bit of light snow today with a weak clipper system. saturday will be beautiful and much warmer. sunday, we can expect another little wave of snow right as many of us are sitting down to watch the big game. an area of low pressure will park itself over the great lakes for a couple of consecutive days sparking off strong northwest winds. today's high is 33 with light snow. tonight's low is 17. tomorrow's high is 37 with sunshine. here's the 7 day forecast. jessica rae scott: lukas so howard, can
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sneak peek of what we have coming up after the break? "you'll score big with today's recipe, that's perfect for this weekend's game" lukas: we are now just days away from
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recipe that will make you score big at the game day party! "with the big game this weekend, you can bet there will be lots of eating going on. as a matter of fact, last year more than one and a quarter billion wings and over 4 million pizzas were eaten on super bowl sunday. so this year rather than serving the sameld thing, check this out. we start by cutting a french bread in half lengthwise and brushing the cut side with some olive oil before sprinkling it with some garlic powder. now we layer the bottom half with some thinly sliced deli ham, turkey breast and genoa salami. we found that if you sort of fold or fluff the meats, rather than laying them flat, the sandwich looks and feels heartier. on top of that goes a layer of sliced mozzarella and roasted red peppers. then we sprinkle on some italian seasoning, put the top back on, brush it with a little more olive oil and shake on some grated parmesan before wrapping it in foil and baking it. come sunday when we serve this hot 'n' melty sub brimming with everything we love, along with all of our other game day favorites, don't be surprised if this gets voted mvp of this year's game. yes, it's that good. i do hope you'll go
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recipe for our, "touchdown torpedoes," so you can shake things up with a game day favorite that's as big on taste, as it is in size. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen, where today we found a "fill- you-up way" that'll have everyone saying . "ooh it's so good!! " lukas: if you would like a copy of that recipe you can send us a self addressed a nurse that has a special way of cheering up his patients. stick recipe you can send us a self addressed stamped envelope here to a-b-c 9 news. our address is 625 douglas street. the zip...51101. be sure to write "touchdown torpedoes" on
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or you can visit our website...siouxlan d matters dot com. and click on the mr. food logo.... lukas coming up after the break... we'll introduce you to a nurse that has a special way of cheering up his patients. stick around!
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story that'll machildren's hospital goes above and beyond to help his young patients dealing with very serious diseases. he does it -- through song. reporter kevin quinn has the story. " for brandon waterhouse, pediatric oncology is a second career. a couple years ago he ditched his accounting job and went back to school to become a nurse. brandon waterhouse/tch nurse - this is exactly where i need to be. and this is where he met sophia torres. a four year old with a wide smile, a big heart and a determination to beat leukemia. that's him serenading her last weekend. up late. she couldn't sleep. her father posted this video to a facebook page they set up to keep family friends updated on how she's doing. its been viewed nearly
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these kids go through so much.. it just feels so good to put a smile on their face and make them maybe forget: oh. .im still in the hospital he admits he's a bit embarrassed. yes and im waaay up here!! its crystal clear!! now im in a whole new world with you. but waterhouse says any attention he can bring to the importance of fighting cancer --- the better. the more people know about it.. the more people talk about it, the more people that are donating money to cancer research the research that one day just might save a life just like sophia's. truly that could be a whole new world. lukas scott's up next with a final check
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jessica rae:
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"today's show is all about the stories that are hot in the headlines. we're going to begin with a medical mystery you have to see to believe. a 47 year old woman who gave birth just one hour after first learning she was pregnant. we're going to tell you why this happens alot more often than you'd think. then, it's 'go red month' to help support a cause that's literally close to my heart, heart disease. i've invited wendy williams here to tell us why she's taking jessica rae: coming up today on abc9.
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scott:today's high is 33 with light snow. tonight's low is 17. tomorrow's high is 37 with sunshine. here's the 7 day forecast.
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>> announcer: super bowl sunday is coming at you faster than a hail mary pass, so we're giving you everything you need to make the big day a touchdown.
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