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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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meals-on-wheels "there are 17 routes in sioux city, each of which, takes about an hour to deliver on a normal day. there are about 163 people who will get meals today, some of who are vets and i know they'll be excited to see the guard members coming in uniform." the meals were prepared by the volunteers at the connections area agency-- bagged up and then sent out with a team of guardsmen to deliver "it serves as an informal wellness check, but it also gives security for those people to stay in their home, knowing someone is going to stop by, uh a friendly face each day." the residents had no idea that today-- they were going to have members from the naonal guard deliver their meals. just like every day they have their meals brought to them-- they were very grateful. (natsot) " every day is a good day." one resident in sioux city said she could not have been happier when she saw the humvee pull up h drive way. "i am very thrilled to see the national guard deliver my meals today. and i'm really proud of the
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time the sioux city national guard got the chance to help deliver for meals- on-wheels. said they're happy to get out and be in the community-- and help out-- wherever they can."28 days out of the 30 days of the month, we're civilians just like everyone else and it gives us a chance to portray ourselves in a different light, other than being in the military, so it was pretty great." christina meals on wheels were very happy for the national guards help-- and hope that they will inspire others to volunteer during the rough winter season. reporting live in studio-- christina grijalva-- abc 9 news tim: the process of electing a new president may have moved on to new hampshire,but there's still plenty of talk about what happen here in iowa on monday with texas sen. ted cruz winning the state's first in the nation caucus. iowa congressman steve king was front and center monday night when cruz thanked iowans for pushing him to the win. king serves as cruz's national co-chair. today i got the chance to ask king about his
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reaction to his candidates big win. "there was so much on the line. all my political capital was out there. and to see that iowa caucus goers came to the polls and gave ted uz a clear victo in the state not a challenged one like it was 4 years ago so i'm looking forward to a full spectrum constitutional christian conservative achieving the nomination and going on to wint he presidency," said steve king. tim: to hear more about what king has to say about cruz's win and other caucus night concerns make sure to join me sunday morning at 9 for this week in siouxland. jenna: and coming off a historically close caucus in iowa... the two democratic candidates are now just 4 days away from a decision in new hampshire. the granite state's secretary of state says he expects record turnout as well. bill gardner/secretary of state: i expect that the turnout in this presidential primary will break a record of the number of votes cast that there will be more voters casting ballots than in any of other presidential primary before. gardner went on
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primary and thought he would never see anything like that for some time again. but he's confident more voters will show up come tuesday. jenna:the 9 remaining gop candidates will take the stage in new hampshire tomorrow night. you can tune in right here on abc9 news at seven o'clock. the debate will be moderated by abc's david muir and martha raddatz. tim: iowa's democratic party says it's continuing to look at reported irregularities in monday's caucus tallies. the race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton was decided by 2 tenths of a percenge point. the democratic party of iowa lists the results as final with clinton winning. an i-d-p spokesperson says they are addressing concerns. "sam lau sot - as far as aperwork is concerned.... sam - we're working on that on a case by case basis."
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board had some harsh words for the i - d -p and is thorough review of all the results. here's what the leader of that board had to say today "we felt the results were so close... audit the results." jenna: that was just part of the discussion. to hear the whole thing be sure to tune in to this week in iowa, which airs here on abc9 sunday at 9:30 in the morning. jenna: nebraska health officials have released information today confriming two women who've tested positive for the zika virus in the omaha area. both women had recently returned from international
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one case is in douglas county, the other in sarpy county. officials believe the patients contracted the virus through mosquito bites during their travels. . jenna: the people most seriously affected are pregnant women and their babies. the virus has been linked to birth defects. we have the mosquito here that can transmit zika but we live in a different way and public health officials do not think we're going to see an outbreak of zika virus jenna: health experts have outlined the signs and symptom of the zika virus, saying they include high fever, a rash and muscle pain. tim: missouri river historical development is awarding over 200-thousand dollars in grants to several organizations in
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among the recipients, the betty strong center, the city of sioux city, the sioux gateway airport and four woodbury county colleges. they plan to use the grant money to offer additional student scholarships. representatives of mrhd say choosing the recipients of the grant money is always the toughest decision. "it's very tough, it's very difficult. there are alot of deserving organizations. we do of economic development what we did today is very important." says mrhd president mark monson. tim: mrhd's awarded more than 24 million dollars total since 19-94. jenna: physicians and collgues around mercy medical center were wearing red today that's because today was "wear red day" a day designated to raise awareness about cardiac health. heart disease is the leading killer of women in america. tim: city crews were hard at work today, battling
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workers utilized the help of several dump trucks and an oversized snow blower to plow though the windrows downwn. the work is still not done yet, city crews anticipate work to continue on for the next couple of days. coming up tonight at ten, abc9 reporter bria bell takes a look at some of the problems metro drives are facing as clean up continues. tim: coming up one presidential candidate's taking a break from the trail for a funny reason. details after the break. slow clearing tonight, fabuluous saturday... windy sunday and monday. details next.
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bernie sanders will come face to face with his doppleganger this saturday according to his campaign, the
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will make an appearance on s- n-l. the appearance will be just days ahead of the new hampshire primary. if you remember, the sketch comedy show did a spoof where larry david did an impersonation of sanders, perhaps sanders will be returning the favor? we'll have to wait and see. tim/jenna/fred not too bad today... snow moving out? fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om blizzard watch is in effect for sunday for concerns of blowing snow. light accumulations but gusty 45 mph winds. a high wind watch is in effect for south dakota.. out of our area but i'm watching to see if that will be extended. for now.. light passing snow. after this round should be over tonight. the bigger system is pushing east. tonight decreasing clouds. getting down to the
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gone by 7pm tonight. south wind kicks in tomorrow... a great day. temps in upper 30s with sunshine. saturday night we'll lose the south wind and increase clouds as a front passes. dry passage, but we'll get light snow and a gusty nw wind behind it sunday. dry most of the afternoon, i think light snow more of a threat later, but winds stay through monday. so for the big game on sunday,,,, light snow and gusty winds. be careful traveling to parties... blowing snow. a winter wonderland on sky cam. clouds and 30s right now. winds out of the south... shifting to nw tonight. wind chills coldest in northern iowa. tonight, decreasing clouds. a chilly night at 15 degrees. tomorrow... a fabulous february day with sunshine and melting snow. high 38. 7-day... blowing snow concerns on sunday
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with very gusty winds. quiet after monday, jenna/tim/fred
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that beautiful day tomorrow... thanks elisa! jenna: still to come... an iowa youngster will have their drawing displayed on a website some of us use every day. find out why
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school student was honored today after winning a national competition. jenna: a second grader from the quad cities was the state winner for iowa in the doodle 4 google competition. the awd was a complete surprise to the
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her story. " two presenters from google in california came to bettendorf today to surprise 7-year-old, shalini chandupalta, with an award for their national doodling competition. maddy halyard, product marketing managers "california is amazing. it's an awesome place to live. but it is really special to be able to bring a little bit of work to a place we both love and to be able to celebrate an iowan." the doodle 4 google competion is a nationwide challenge to k-12 students in which they draw a picture based on a theme that reflects the word "google" similar to what you see on google's homepage. (on camera) with over 100,000 entries and only 53 winners, one of those winners was right here at hopewell elementary school. shalini's picture depicted her and her family doing things such as gardening, reading books, and yes, even drawing. her father said that drawing is one of her passions so he could not be more proud. vinay chandupatla, father of winner
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would be the winner. so she was telling me 'i didn't think it was me, my doodle that would come up' (laughs) so..." the 53 state winners will now have their doodles in an online vote in which 5 finalists will go to california where the national winner will be announced. the national prize includes money for college and money for their school. ashe simpson," tim: coming up in's been a big year of change for iowa state and athletic director jamie pollard. we'll head to ames for a sit down
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directors have to bring in new football and basketball coaches in the same year.but iowa state a-d jamie pollard did just that in 2015. jon schaeffer from our sister
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with pollard and has more on the state of the cyclones. "the year didn't start the way jamie pollard expected-- he suffered a heart attack which is admittedly something he doesn't think about much these days. after watching isu men's hoops claim back to back big 12 championships it was on to the ncaa tournament where the hope was high-- but reality didn't live up to it. now the ncaa tournament didn't go as iowa state had hoped it would with a first round loss to uab what was your reaction to that? " well it was disappointing r everybody because you were still living on the high of the big 12 championship and then we drew that first game the thursday game and you're early on thursday morning and um it was like it was over before it ever started and like a bad dream. but as you learn in athletics tomorrow comes whether you want it to or not and life had to go on and so we've put that in the memory bank and moved on." pollard then watched on that spring as the mayor-- fred hoiberg moved on to the chicago bulls. that meant replacing one of the most beloved coaches in school history. he chose murray state head coach steve prohm. "he was the perfect person to follow fred. because he is extremely humble. most people would have run from fred's legacy because it would be stifling. and he's been able to embrace it. and work with it." then the attention turned to the football season. paul rhoads was under pressure to
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base. unfortunately-- the program didn't make the turn in the right direction. rhoads went 3-9 before being let go. "coach rhoads is a great football coach but that friendship piece makes it easier and harder. it's easier because we are so close that you were able to just work through it in a way that was good for everybody involved." "in less than two weeks pollard had already gotten the guy he wanted. toledo head coach matt campbell who fit the mentality of what it takes to coach at iowa state. "he wanted to be at a place where if we won a championship he would be the first there were places he could have went where they would say when we win a championship this is what you do. that's not theind of environment he wanted to be at he wanted to be at something where he could build it. that is kind of our mantra in our athletics department so he fit that." so expectations for 2016 couldn't be bigger from fans in both basketball and football. in 2016 is it too much for fans to expect a sweet 16 basketball team and a bowl bound football team? "absolutely not. that's what our coaches and our administration aspires to do i think we'd all be disappointed if we
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level in basketball with the team that we have this year. i do recognize it's hard but we are clearly one of the top 16 teams in the country and so i hope that happens. as far as a bowl game that's our goal every year that'll be no different for next year. chris:
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cyclones are currtly ranked 13th on the hardwood and matt campbell just signed a top- 50 recruiting class on the
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facebook fan photo of the day. today's picture comes from... franny conrad of ponca. you've heard of the dog days of summer... but this shows every dog gets its day in winter, too. this is myla doing a little sledding. if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just
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page. jenna/tim/chris/fred: tonight, decreasing clouds. a chilly night at 15 degrees. tomorrow... a fabulous february day with sunshine and melting snow. high 38. 7-day... blowing snow concerns on sunday and even monday with very gusty winds. quiet after
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(music) >> announcer: the eyes of the football world are focused on the bay area. (music) >> announcer: one game remains. (music) >> announcer: one game to decide a world champion. (music) >> announcer: this is big game
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