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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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april 30th it's one you don't want to miss. adrienne alpert, downtown los angeles >> that's what's making news in america this morning. making news in america this morning, primary day. the first vovos in new hampshire already y . who has the early lead? plus, donald trump like you have never heard him before echoing a supporter's vulgar insult hurled at ted cruz. we're live in new hampshire. breaking overnight, two trains on a collision course smashing into each other. video of the dramatic scene just in. rescuers going from car to car among the twisted metal. growing concerns over the zika virus. the cdc now at its highest alert level. plus, the white house requesting billions to help fight the virus. and buzz beater. the intentional miss at the
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a wild win. well, good tuesday morning. we begin with the nation's second presidential contest already under way. >> the new hampshire primary kicked off with early voting at midnight in three tiny communities including dixville notch. out of 65 votes cast so far, trump, kasich, cruz are in a three-way tie, and sanders is outpacing clinton by nearly 2-1. >> statewide polls show trump and sanders enjoying wide leads. it's "your voice, your vote," and we begin our coverage with abc's kenneth moton live in manchester, new hampshire. good morning to you, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. yes, all eyes are on new hampshire today. overnight, some candidatesere in reflection mode while others were on the attack. it's finally here, new hampshire primary day. >> i want this job because i love this country. >> i need your vote. >> at this point it's all about turnout.
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presidential candidate ll-court press in the granite stste, one campaign evenenafter another even d ding a snowstorm. bernie sanders' supporters feeling the bern in a late night concert. >> create what i call a political revolution. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] i want to thank you. >> reporter: overnight gop front-runner donald trump eager for a win. >> i don't care what happens, no matter what, this has been the most amazing experience of my life, and you people have made it that way. >> reporter: trump calling his final rally before the primary a love fest, but there was no love between the candidates on the campaign trail. the attacks kept coming. >> donald trump organizes his campaign around disparaging people. >> i think being a progressive means you want to make real progress. the last thing we need is promises that can't be met. >> reporter: this morning, three small precincts in new hampshire cast their ballots.
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the firsrsto open the polls to its nine voters. with all three p pcincts reporting and sanders beating clinton and a three-way gop tie between trump, ted cruz and john kasich, who called every dixvle notch voter. >> i think people want to know authenticity today more than they ever have. >> reporter: the latest polls have been up and down, but trump and sanders have kept consistent leads here in the state of new hampshire. the candidates have already started to turn their attention to next weekend's south carolina primary. kendis and reena. >> and, kenneth, despite all those polls that we're seeing, what sort of role do we expect the undecideds will play today? >> reporter: oh, kendis, the undecideds will play a major role today. more than 20% of democratic voters have not made up their minds. it's even higher on the republican side. more than 40%. the weather will also play a major role, it's about 19 degrees now. we had that snowstorm move through yesterday.
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right now to clear the road ss for that more than half a million voters. >> it makes it all the more exciting. our kenneth moton live in manchester, new hampshire. kenneth, thank you so much. get in and get warm. >> it does look colder than 19 degrees there in manchester. well, donald trump is under fire, though, thisisorning for a vuvuarity that he repeated on the stump in m mchester last night. >> it happened as was speaking about his chief rival, texas senator ted cruz. it was then that a woman in the crowd called cruz an obscene name. trump apparently couldn't resist repeating the woman's remarks to the crowd. >> she said he's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible. terrible. [ cheers and applause ] terrible. that's terrible. >> trump gently reprimanded the woman for using the term telling her never to repeat it. cruz's campaign has responded reminding trump who won the iowa caucuses. and there could be soon a major shake-up in the
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former new york city mayor michael bloomberg has confirmed to "the financial times" that he's considering a run for president himself as an independent. the eighth richest man in america says he's distressed at the rise of trump, cruz and sanders and that the current campaign is an insult to voters. he believes he'd have to getetis name on ballots by early next month. >> and stay wi abc news for primary results both on air and online. "good morning america" and "world news tonight," our political team, will be live in new hampshire. but first we want to get to some breaking news that is coming in from overseas right now. the collision of two passenger trains, all this in southern germany. police say the two regional trains crashed head-on just before 7:00 a.m. local time. this is in the bavaria section of germany. new video shows the mangled metal and debris thrown from the trains. there are reports of several fatalities and a aut 100 injuries. the cause the crash not known at this point. and more breaking news,
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overnight in hong kong. officers using pepper spray and batons, even firing several warning shots over the protesters who hurled bricks and bottles at police. the violence erupting as the government tried to crack down on illegal food vendors during the lunar new year holiday. well, the widow of an isis leader has been charged in connection with the death of american aid worker kayla mueller. mueller was capturededn syria three years ago. fbi documents say ththwoman admitted last year that she and her husband kept her captive in a home where she was sexually assaulted by the head of the islamic state. she's now in iraqi custody, but it's not clear when or if she'll stand trial here in thu.s. back here at home, kids in boston are heading back to school today after a four-day weekend. snow canceled classes on friday and also on monday from two separate storms. well, yesterday high winds caused the biggest problems at the airport, but buses and o oer
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city moving.g. well, the radar shows that storm moving off new england today, but another one heading toward it from the midwest, clouds scattered across the northeast and ohio valley at this hour. that said, it should be mild today in denver for the broncos' victory parade. the team arrived back home with the vince lombardi trophy yesterday. >> fans were there at the airport to greet them and today thousands will line a parade route to salute the team who will also be honored at an event in denver's civic center park. >> and who doesn't like a parade, especially on a ecial tuesday? it is mardi gras or fat tuesday, the last day to party in new orleans before the start of lent. the last few parades will roll through the streets. as usual there will be plenty of mardi gras beads being tossed around, not to mention lots and lots of celebrations in the streets of the french quarter. it all ends precisely at midnight when lent begins with ash wednesday. >> it always looks like so much fun, doesn't it?
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raising the alert level because of the zika vivis. and battered in rough seas. the royal caribbean cruise liner and its passengers riding out the storm. this morning we're hearing from the people on board. plus, the return of that white bronco, the suv in o.j.
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found? the canopy of this gas station near los angeles collapsed yesterday trapping those two cars that were there filling up at the me. two maintenance workers were on top of the canopy when it began to give way. one of the workers was slightly injured in the collapse. the driver of both cars are said to be fine. president obama is hoping to step up the battle against the
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$1$1 billion to use on a vaccine and other measures aimed at protectiti pregnant women fromom the mosquito-borne virus. the state of emergency has expanded to seven florida counties, and the cdc has moved its emergency operations center to the highest alert level. well, this morning a new watching about a popular make of car. honda is recalling about 45,000 of its redesigned civics. the recall affects 2016 civics equipped with two-liter, four-cylinder engines. the engines can fail and stall while being driven. a missing or improperly installed piston clip could cause an engine failure or even a fire. there are no reportstsf any fires, crashes or juries. and the faa says there are now more registered drone operators in the u.s. than there are registered planes. there are now about 325,000 drone owne. that's about 5,000 more than the number of registered aircraft. the drone registration program was launched just before christmas to track operators who break rules. it seems like americans are ready to spend when it comes to
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on average we're going to spend nearly $147 for the upcoming holiday, and according to one study, a record d tal of $19.7 billion collectively will be spent on t t occasion. valentine's day, a reminder to you fellas, is on sunday. just in case. >> a good reminder. when we come back, the investigation under way. did a speeding meteorite hit someone? plus, caught on power lines. a parachutist going off course.
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well, this is a live look in times square. light snow falling down. the worst of the winter storm is over on the east coast. it should not keep people from voting in the primary in most spots though may have to start their day with a little shoveling. in southern california, they're suffering from record heat. oh, send help. temperatures could reach into the 90s today. yesterday l.a. hit a record of 89 degrees. even san francisco t td for the record at 74 but the high heat and highinds are making the fire danger worse. extra fire crews are standing by. well, after a look at morning road conditions trouble-free across most of the country but could be slippery across the ohio valley and new england. if you're taking to the air, delays possible across the
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philly, d.c., plus chicago in the midwest and those delays could trigger others, as well, across the country. this morning the father of f 13-year-old girl who was murdered in cold blood allegedly at the hands of two virginia tech students was speaking publicly for the first time. >> david lovell, the father of nicole lovell told dr. phil he tried to intervene after finding out his daughter was talking to older men online. at one point even taking her phone away from her. screen shots of her phone reveal she was talking to a man named david. >> she fought like a wildcat, i bet. i mean she's my kid. i know she fought like a wildcat. i'd like to be locked up in the same cell with him. i'm pretty sure i could get answers out of m. and, you know, took my little girl. >> 18-year-old david eisenhauer,
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behind bars. lovell's body was found 80 miles from her own home and only two miles from the home of her grandparents. the grandparents of david eisenhauer. you can see more of the interview on his show tomorrow. the cruise ship damaged by hurricane-force winds in the atlantic heading back to its home port in new jersey but royal caribbean is under fire for allowing the ship to sail despite warnings about a storm. 40-foot waves and 76-mile-an-hour winds slammed the ship sunday sendidi furniture flflng and forcing 4500 passengers to retreat to their cabibi. >> the amount that things were shifting around our room was a little frightening. >> royal caribbean decided not to continue to the bahamas citing concern for the comfort of their guests and more bad weather in the forecast. the ship is expected to arrive in new jersey tomorrow. well, scientists in india are investigating whether a man was killed by a meteorite in the area where it struck. fragments are being analyzed to
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actual meteorite. such tragedies are rare because space rocks usually burn up in the earth's atmosphere or fall into an ocean. the last death believed to be caused by a meteorite happened 1825. a skydiver had an unfortunate end to his jump. he wound up getting tangled in power lines near a small airport. this is near daytona, that. firefighters using a ladder truck to untangle him and get him to the ground. he was not injured. well, expect a sea of orange in downtown denver for the victory parade. >> and now that football is over let's get hoops action right now from espn. > he's stan. i'm neil. ladies first. >> oh, yeahah they get the spotlight. >> unone versus two, connecticut taking on south carolina. both undefeated in columbia. so out crowd there to check it out, breanna stewart put on a show. not the one they wanted to see in columbia, though. stewart gets to the hole. she was on target from three.
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13 points in the first half. came back with 12 more in the second half. ten rebounds, five blocks. you know how many games they won in a row. >> 59. >> 60 now. 60. they snapped south carolina's home win street, -54. >> the coach calls her stew which. you know what the coach calls lebron james? >> what? >> mr. james. cavs/kings, james to kyrie irving, now to j.r. smith, james, i'll just take this on my own. lebron james, ten points, seven rebound, eight assists in the first half. didn't have a triple-double this season. you know what, and he said, basically he was like, yeah, i know and i needed one. afterwards he said i finally got over the hump. he did it in three quarters, rested in the fourth. cavaliers won b 20. >> wednesday night on espn,
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when it's your time to shineyou want beautiful nails. introducing the amop\ electronic nail care system. file, buff, and shine for effortless, shiny, wow nails. amop\. find it in the footcare aisle. time to check "the pulse" and we'll start with a big reveal about a very famous suv. here it is, of course, the white ford bronco in which o.j. simpson led police on a low-speed chase watched by millions on live tv in 1994 and soon after it was sold. well, tonight, 22 years later the bronco's owner is ready to come forward. >> who knew this? i had no idea but tv's "inside edition" found him in central california
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he's even preserved the gas that was in its tank. "inside edition" takes it for a ride on tonight's show. interesting. >> interesting piece of trivia. >> i can't believe he kept the gas. >> i know. who knew it was possible? next up this young gymnast from ucla. we think she deserves all 10s.s. >> talking about sophina dejesus who is doing a floor routine. she had teammates and fans dancing right along and you blame them, her final tumbling pass was simply incredible. we're not even going -- wow. look at that. we're not even going to try to describe it. >> the crowd was calling for a perfect score but sophina >> oh. >> not a 10. >> robbed. >> 9.925 from the judges and no matter it was great going but look at this form as she goes right down. i'i' not going to g ge you the play-by-play.
4:53 am
no, that's figure skating. what is that considered. >> i don't know. pretty impress ink. adorable moment for a social media superstar. >> bei bei was feeling adventurous when he climbed up the tree. mom to the rescue after he bit off a little more than he could chew. confusing him with queen bey. the 6-month-old got stuck on the way back down as you can see mom was there to bail him out lending a helping hand every step of the way. >> see, mommas always know just before something happens. >> cute. next a play at a college basketball game now going viral. >> it happened at the end of the game at the university of rochester. take a look at this. the scoreboard here, look carefully, rochester down two points with two seconds left in overtime. their player is at the free-throw line with only one
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being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. checking our top stories, early primary returns are in after three tiny new hampshire towns voted at midnight as the rest of the state votestoday. donald trump and bernie sanders are enjoying a wide lead in the polls. the president of a fraternity at cornell university will be in court this morning to face attempted rape and two other charges. a fellow student has accused him of abusing her in his room at psy upsilon. the snowstorm that caused dangerous road conditions in the northeast has moved out. several people injured this tour bus overturned. more snow will fall but accumulations minor. snow is really concentrated in the northeast. midwest it'll be clear and cold but there will be record heat from phoenix to los angeles. well, finally this morning
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way t t next big made tv event is the oscars and they gathered yesterday for their annual luncheon. >> it was announced on the oscars broadcast a scroll of key names involved in the winning films will roll on the screen during acceptance speeches. in the meantime, fans now have their chance to see the outfits worn in the movies as kabc's adrienne alfred at thes us. >> reporter: if cinderella's gown took your breath away, you can see for yourself. here at the museum of the fashion institute of design and merchandising. 's the 24th annnnl art of motion picture costume design just inime for the oscars' countdown when we wonder what the star also wear on the red carpet, this free exhibit shows you what they actually wore in the movies. there are 100 costumes from 23 films on display. >> a lot of types they say the best costume designer does the best work when you as the viewer don't even notice it.
4:58 am
west is nominated for "the revenant who was given aair of waders a a boots from alejandro inarritu. >> i wanted you to stand in this river and feel how the actors are going to feel. >> reporter: paco delgado nominated for "the danish girl." >> i like to think about myself as a person helping to tell a story. >> reporter: he created the cost opportunities that helped tell a complicated and emotional story. >> i call myself a costume designer but i think costumes have to be helping the story to be unravel. >> reporter: also nominated for the costume design oscar "mad max: furyyroad"nd "carol." it's hard to guess how the five nominees were chosen. there are so many incredible costumes. including a large display for "star wars: the force awakens."
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