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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  February 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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skul-ee-ah "i've never been to sioux city, i thought it was soo-wee" chris kattan, famous comedian and s-n-l actor visits sioux city for a performance. "nats music playing " the sioux city music conservatory held it's fifth annual "have a heart for music" donation drive for lightly used instruments.s. jess good evening and thanks for joi us... i'm jess plue. we begin this evening with the unfortunate passing of supreme court justice member, antonin sku-lia. jess sku-lia was widely considered the most conservative jurist on the court -- a hero to those who believe the constitution should be enforced as the men who wrote it would have done. abc's lana zak reports from washshgton "associateteustice
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apparent natural causes at a resort in west texas he reportedly died in his sleep on the trip. scalia was the longest-serving justice on the current united states' supreme court. nominated by president ronald reagan in 1986 -- sot antonin scalia 1986 -- he was confirmed unanimously by the senate -- and became the first italian- american member of the court. scalia quickly became an anchor of judicial conserertism -- fiercely at odds with what conservatives call judicial activism. audio sot voice of terry moran abc news scalia -- nicknamed "nino" --was widely known for his high intellect, his elegant writing, and his caustic wit. chief justice john roberts issued a statement calling his late colleague "an extraordinary individual and jurist,
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colleagues." antonin scalia leaves behind a wife and nine children. he was 79." even though some g-o-p leaders, like senator mitch even though some g-o-p leaders, like senator mitch mconnell, say the next president should be the one to name sku-lia's successor...sourc es say president obama will move to nominate his replacement. jess the prpridential candidates are tweeting their reactions to the death of supreme court justice. republican senator ted cruz called scalia an american hero. cruz also suggested the next president should nominate scalia's successor... not president obama. senator marco rubio tweeted that he and his wife are mourning the loss of justice scalia. democratic senator bernie sanders said his thoughts and prayers are with scalia's family and the high court. donald trump tweeted that scalia's death is a massive setback both to the conservatives and e entire nation. jess a man has been shot and kil
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police were called to an urbandale holiday inn around 4 o'clock this morning, because of a drug tip. when they got there, three suspects began fighting with them. during the scuffle, a man shot at the officers, and an officer returned fire, killing that man. the investigation includes multiple agencies, including d-c-i and polk county. authorities say video from officer body cameras and the hotel will be big parts of the case. sgt. gary lang, urbandale police department: "video evidence is a key to any crime and investigatioioand our officece have been wearing body cameras for quite some time." thname of the officer and the suspects are not being released at this time. two female suspects fled from the scene during the fight arrested about half a mile down the road. jess a former saturday night live performer is here in siouxland tonight comedian chris kattan hits the stage this evening for his scheduled stand up act abc 9's bria bell l has more bria hard rock caca is bringing i imore g name comedians for its
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its been well received from the public. "i've never been to sioux city...i couldn't even pronounce it for a while, i thought it was soo-wee, but that's rude," says kattan. hard rock cafe is known to bring in musicians for concerts, but more recently comedy is where it's at. "it's kind of an alternative to the rock shows and country shows that we do on the weekend and it's one of our most succesful shows that we have here at hard rock. b b every once in a while like tonight, we're bringing in chris kattan...we're bringing in a bigger name, comedian on a weekend," says streeter. chris kattan has been noted for his career on saturday night live and several other comedy movies. and now the 45-year-old is changing his comedic style to stand up...something that kattan is relatively new to. "it's always intimidated me because you know, i've seen people like richard pryor, eddie murphy, chris rock, and sam kinison and d these guys and i'm like god those guys are immortal...and now i'm in a really good place where everthing seems to work to awesome," says kattan. kattan says the art of comedy has many different levels and believes that he was born to make people laugh. . "because of the creative process,
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abt. it's about engaging and using your gift. i fyou have a gift, use it. there's a lot of people out there that want to laugh, you know?, says kattan. bria i asked chris what his secret show preparations are and he jokingly told me that he has a unique bathing method and he eats a lot ofofoast. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jess the west high school basketball team hosted a pink out tonight to raise money for the "susan g. coman siouxland" organization. besides the team and supporters wearing pink, the team and other volunteers sold everything pink...bows, cupcakes, tshirts, socks and other accessories! donations were accepted in addition to the items sold. "oh god, it was a lot of work but to see the final result, i am so proud of our council and all the work we put into it." the west high's mission was to raise funds and awareness as well as to help the "west high family". this all
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one teammate's mother to brea ancer just last weekend. jess musicians in need received a welcomed gift at the sioux city music conservatory today...lightly used instruments were donated to those wishing to play, but are unable to afford instrument rental fees. instruments of all kinds were donated including guitars, trumpets and a clarinet. donations can bemade year round... but... every valentinins day, the consnsvatory as the community r more donations with the sentiment-"have a heart for music"... "since people found out about the event, it's not just a one day only event it kind of continuously goes on and people can contact us and drop stuff off any time. um...we probably had a dozen instruments donated this season, yeah. so it's a... some of them have been given away already you know. it's just kind of an onging process here at the conservatory." this is the conservatory's fifth annual "have a heart for music"
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conservatory is a non-profit organization that encourages basic music education throughout the midwest. jess a-l-s, or lou gehrig's disease is a rare disease that doesn't get a lot of recognition. and, each case is as different as each person affected by it. abc9 is raising awareness in our community about the condition... and hoping you'll help support families affected by a-l-s, as well. jenna rehnstrom has more in 2008, the establishment was inducted into the iowa rock and roll hall of fame. years later, the band, with siouxland roots, performed for the last time with its lead singer pete goede. als took his life just last year. dane goede says, "it was a lot of fun for him to be able to do this. he knew at some point he would barely be able to speak and actually shortly after, he voice nearly completely w wt and he could only speak at a whisper, so this was kind of the last opportunity that he
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people and be able to do what he's always done." and just like a love for rock and roll united the group back in 1969, a new mission will bring the band back together sunday. this time, with pete's son, dane, on lead vocals. dane will perform as part of abc9's pete goede memorial als benefit concert. it's an effort started last year, to raise awareness for this disease that doesn't get a lot of attention.....lthough it can be devistating for fafalies. als, also known as lou gehrig's disease, is a progressive coition of the brain and spinal cord. eventually, the brain loses the ability to contrwl muscle movement, so people affected by als see a wide range of symptoms as different areas of the body are affected. dane says, "it quickly progressed through his arms to the point where he lost all ability to move his arms. we had one physican refer to that as 'man in a barrel' type als, but essentially it got to the point where his arms were nearly useless." it was during that time that the goede family got help from the alsa. the money raised during sunday's benefit will support northwest iowa families through the als association of iowa. they connect people with services to maintain the best quality of life possible after an als diagnosis. josh nuss, als associatatn of iowa saysys"from our equipment loan program to our
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quality of life grant that we provide to folks that we serve. it really does that our als folks dane goede says, "this is part of our way of giving back is just to try to raise awareness and raise possible for people to try to improve as they go through this disease just like we had help." jess the pete goede memorial a-l-s nefit takes place tomorrow. it runs from 2-8pm at anthem at the hard rock hotel and casino. itree to get in, but there is a ten dollar suggested donation. there are are some great auction items with all the money going to the a-ls association of iowa. by the way, the establishment, featuring dane goede, takes the stage at 5:30pm. jess: when we come back...the western iowa tech community college held a competition unlike anyother sporting event. it's competitors? robots! so stay tuned.
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tonight... a warmer valentine's and 40s are in sight.. details next. " "
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college hosted the northwest regional championship for first tech challenge in robotics, today. students in the stem, or science, technology, engineering, and mathenatics club came together to compete against one another with their homemade robots. twenty- eight stem clubs competed...with robots having to perform basic kenetic tasks like picking up and placing keys into a bucket, climbing a ramp, and even switching levers...all forpoints that could be tallied up. the team with the most amount of points was declared the winner. but building the ultamate robot wasn't their only task. "it's not just about robots, it's also about team building and community service. the teams go infront of judges and have to present their plan, how they came up with their design, and using their engeneering notebook as evidence. and then they also talk about how they have served their community, it's not just about building the robot although that's the main focus. they still have to make sure they're serving their school andndheir community.y. several schools had multiple
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winner of today's event was declared at the closure of the competition at 5. the winning school was jess/elisa cold!!! isa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m winter weather advisory is in effect for northern iowa tonight and tomorrow as blowing snow could reduce visibility... 3- 6" expected there. snow on the radar east of sioux city.
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along hwy 20 near fort dodge and reports of blowing snow. low visibility in nw iowa where we're seeing moderate snowfall and gusty windnd be careful on roads. there's our warm front and more snow behind it. tonight.. temperatures will rise, snow and gusts to 30 with lingering snow by the morning. there's our warm front a a breezy winds on stormcast hd. our warm front brings more snow through
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visibility with moderate snow and gusty winds so be careful. snow and blustery winds continue early tomorrow morning, before a drier afternoon takes over. front pushes snow out of the way by the afternoon, less wind and clouds left behind. then warmer tomorrow afternoon behind that warm front.. tomorrow night as well. 30s tomorrow afternoon, 20s tomorrow night. monday warmer sunshine again. we increase clouds monday night as we bring in another diststbance that
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snowfall: 1-3" sioux city... 3-6" northern iowa as the system takes a northerly track. snow ends by tomorrow morning.. snowfall 3-6" in northern iowa. gusty winds could reduce visibility and drop wind chills below 0, even with our temperatures rising overnight. temperatures teens and single digits, winds breezy up to 20mph, and chills below 0 for most. low visibility on storm lake sky cams. tonight 16 our low and increasing overnight. snow and gusty winds with chills below 0.tomorrow for
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wind, then mostly cloudy and warmer.. 32. a warm monday for president's day, then an overnight mix.. rest of the week is warmer.. near 50 by the end of the week. jess/elisa looking forward toto warmer weather... thanks elisa! jess: when we come back...iowa state hosted texas in a top 25 showdown
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ovov...without theieistar, iowa
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swing.... tonight, mckay returned to action as the cyclones hosted texas... iowa state in need of a big win to keep pace with the leaders in the conference race.... early first half......deonte burton says....prepare for takeoff! my goodness......that' s a man's jam.....cyclones by two..... mcckay would log some early minutes...and off presence is felt on the the 18182 lead... second half now...its georges niang to mckay on the ooop...he had 8 boards....and four blocks.... then its monte morris....from long range...niang and morris combine for 48 points as isu beats texas 85-75. to the big ten.....nebraska hosting penn state without shavon shields........ and man did andrew white step up.., baseline dunk and the foul, huskers up 16-11 in the first half...... white was hot from outside too, three ball here puts nebraska in front by six, white hit a career high 6 three's on ten attempts... penn state's brandon taylor
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lions with 14, a triple here part of a 12-2 run, they led by four at one point... but white would score a career- high5 the huskers ll....70-54. rushmore state bragging rights up for grabs....sdsu looking for the season sweep of south dakota.. both teams started slow, but some nice ball movement here....erik robertson in the lane for an easy lay in. yotes lead four-nothing. coyotes continue to pull away. trey norris feeling it pulls up from three. splash. a little showboating as the yotes lead by five. but thjacks would hit the ground running. mike daum with a little shimmy to free up the drive and the layup. h had 24.... then its george marshall...a big- time three. yes! he finished with 22.... 27 straight wins for sdsu at frost....85-68 the final. red-hot northern iowa on the road at wichita state.....the panthers have won five straight... but ron baker was on a mission....the board and the putback...shocker s take the one point lead... u-n-i responds....the visitors up four......make it seven...matt
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panthers... last chance now for wichita state.....baker's three rattles out.. uni snaps wichita state's nation leading 43-game home winning streak....53-50 the final. alex to the gpac.....the briar cliff ladies have a brutal trio of games to wrap up the regular season...... second-ranked morningside on wednesday.....numb er fourteen concordia next saturday....but one step at a time... today the chargers visited11th-ranked hastings. this showdown the n-a-i-a gaga of the week! hastings has won five straight in this series.... after half...h-c down double digits... teeka thompson the drive...contested pass ends up with rachel jelden for the bucket === on the other end... mckenzie shipley let's it fly. three of her 14. 2-for-2 from deep. === later briar cliff in transition... morgan hansen decides to shoot and buries it...ends up as one of five chargers in double figures. === broncos trying to keep it close...holly hild strokes it from the corner. but briar cliff holds ononor the resume win... 82-70 the final. same matchup on the mens side.....the
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ranked sixth in the country.... scoreless in the first... matt musiel with a bullet inside to carson blum. broncos on the board first... === couple empty trips...then h-c moving it to the left wing....musiel dialing in. crimson and cream with a two possession lead. === later........ shane graves coast-to-coast for the finish...briar cliff wins it 89-77. a top ten showdown at the heartland hoops classic in grand island...winnebago taking on number nine gothenburg... that's david wingett.t.he steps out ananburies the long three.....this one clcle down the stretch....... and when its tight...feed your star....wingett with the two hand jam...winnebago holding on to a one point lead.... 10 seconds left in the game...dawson graham runs it up the court for the layup and how about this...gothenburg takes the one point lead... 2 seconds left bago needs a prayer...and they make it happen.... d'von lapointe with the buzzer beating three winnebago wins it 80-78 to stay perfect at 25-0. alex the iowa state wrestling tournament kicks off in just four short days.... but first, we have to finalize the today's districtct tournaments...we
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wrestlers per weight class....the top two punch their ticket to des moines. and we start with the class 1a, district six tournament in sibley...... at 106......westwood's brennan brown pins sean greiner of okoboji in 52 seconds....he went on to finish 2nd to advance to state.... up to 120...hinton's skylar richter ....ranked ninth.... records the near fall.......he dominates the match to earn a 10-1 major decision.... he advances to face the winner of this one in the title match....fifth- ranked kody berg of westwood notches the fall in the second round....berg beats richter in the championship, but both are moving on... 132...10th-ranked kory van oort of west sioux poshes off the fall midway through the match...he takes first to punch his ticket.... 138.....cody zellmer of woodbury central in a battle with pedro rodriguez of sibley- ocheyedan....the wildcat comes out on top...and he goes on to win the title to advance.... at 145....sibley-o's dylan schuck...a monster...ring up the pin...he is heading to des moines... seventeen n les
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seven tournament taking place in n sheldon. arting with the 170 semis....sean kellogg out of sb-llll 16-8 major decision....he takes first to punch his ticket to state... up to 195....cherokee's mason mite-zin- heimer dominant throughout.....he wins an 11-2 major decision after this near fall and wins the title to advance..... at 220....heelan's diego sah-mahn- yeygo.....flips his opponent and if he had a few more seconds in the match...he would have gotten the pin.....he takes second to move on.... 285....ninth-ranked elijah vant'hof of sioux ceer.....overpow ering......look at that strereth.....we will see him at wells fargo arena... to the 113 title....bishop heelan's joe vondrak with the only two points of the match on this reversal..methodi cal attack.the 2-0 decision sends him to state..... the 120 title.....belongs to fourth-ranked rhyker sims of sb-l....he advances by way of the 5-2 decision....see ya next week in the state capitol.
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gusty winds with chills below
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morning snow and cloudy and warmer.. for president's day, then an overnight
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oh-a-oh-oh i have to lau at her jokes. she's my boss. do you have to stare at her boobs, too? i wasn't. she had a stain. and you were trying to memorize the shape? what? no. i swear. if i'm lying, my god strike me down-- oh! aah! oh! aah! yeah, i want to. i just--i don't know. yes, i... (sighs) i can't tell him. he'll freak. he will. i gotta go. (cell phone beeps) who'll freak? what? who's gonna freak? oh, um, someone from school. you don't know them. are you sure? mm-hmm. but i thought i knew all your friends. hey, i'm sorry, dad, but i have a ton of schoolwork.


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