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tv   This Week in Siouxland  ABC  February 14, 2016 9:00am-9:30am CST

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and i sit down with newly named woodbury county supervisor jeremy taylor to hear aut his goal for the coming year. joins as we discuss the hot topics happening in siouxland. 's "this week in siouxland" with abc 9 news anchor tim seaman. >> oh, wow. are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. >> together, we e ve sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington. >> and now it's on to south carolina as the battle for the white house continues. goodorning, and we're glad you'reith us this week. add bernie sanders and donald trump to the list of winners. both blew by the competition in new hampshire, just like the polls prorojected.
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100,000 votes, landing him 35% of the vote in new hampshire. ohio governor john kasich banked on a strong new hampshire finish and ended second. crews, bush and rubio were not far behind. sanders tallilied more than 150,000 votes, good for 60% support in the state. hillary clinton ended tuesday with 38%, but will likely still end with more delegates from the state after landing six of eight super delegates from new hampshire. up next, democrac caucuses in nevada and in south carolina, and abbreviated list of gop presidential candidates on the ballot when voters hold a primimary on the same day. on wednesday, both carly fioiorina and chris christie announced they were ending their run for the white house. fiorinainisd sevth in new hampshire and said i leave the race without an ounce of regret. at one point, two time new jersey governor chris christie looked to be in the running for a second place finish in new hampshihi.
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as the national process continues, political leaders from both parties in iowa are already working to mak sure the ate's first in the nation status isn't in jeopardy. after complains of erroneous reported results in the democratic party officials spent the week reevaluating the numbers. the chairperson said, i amm extremely proud of the relationship we have with all parties involved, and together we have made updates at five ecincts affecting fe delegates out of more than 11,000 elected caucus night. ining me this morning is kay henderson. she joins me via skype. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> let's talk new hampshire. i guess the story isn't so much as who won because those were the projected winners but maybe who didn't or who absolutely had to, and that would be john
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>> exactly. kasich is hoping this is an infrom ducks to the restf the country. he spent almost all of his time campaigning in new hampshire. he was here a handful o times, and many times he came to western iowa, but he dedicated a lot of his campaign time to new hampshire. he's not well-known in south carolina. his first event in south carolina they had 70 rsvps and they had 500 people show up. so that is the kind of bump you get out of winng a contest. >> and the story in south carolina will l be a different one, a much different make up than either iowa or new hampshire. >> exactly. and that is what the clinton campaign is counting on. the margin of victory for both sanders and trump was significant in new hampshire, and it certainly is giving the sanders s people he that he can build on the momentum that his campaign is feeling. in one day theyaised
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the clinton campaign has never raised $6 million in a single day. so people who are e-mail corrpondents with the clinton campaign are, you know, being barraged by e-mail asking for donations. the clinton campaign isoping that minorityoters, which make up the majority of the electorate in south carolina carry the day for thehemhere. >> let's turn to iowa. i want to play a game of winners and losers as we just briefly look back on the iowa caucuses. the fallout from the democratic side, the democratic party viewed winner or loser with the snafus they had? >> they're trying desperately to spin ts as a win, but definitely people are talking about the end of the iowa caucuses, because of the way in which this was managed >> what about andy mcguire, the chair, her name is mentioned in some circles as a posble
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is this a loss for her, as well? >> it depends on what she does in the coming weeks. there are democrats who are privately telling me that she needs to be more forceful. she needs to be out there exaining this, answering every question. remember that chris christie news conference that went onn for 90 minutes where he answeredd every question about the bridge scandal? they say that't's the ki of thing she needs to do if shehopes to be politicallyiable as a candidate in the future. >> marco rubio had a bump in the road with his debate performance. he finished eighghtoints highers than the bloomberg poll ever projected him. >> and just think, wt if he actually had run more robust campaign in iowa and had finished second. there was only 1 percentage point difference between his finish in iowa and that of donald trump.
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been the idea that he had three, two, one strategy where they would come in third in iowa, second in new hampshire, and first i south carolina. obviviously that did not come to ss. and his campaign is rlly scrambling at this point to try to retool and bounce back from that debate performance that was not in his own words stellar. he actually told his supporters in an e-mail that he literally dropped the ball. >> ted cruz was the winner in iowa. within his campaign he wrapped up both steve king and terry branstad, the governor. winners and losers? >> i think that the juries out on that one, because weave a lot of time between now and the election but there are certainly republicans who are more willing to disgust their d disgust wh steve king. you had people like doug, the
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governor branstad expreressing displeasure with king. you have more peoplepset with his support of ted cruz. and you have people wondering whether what terry branstad did regards to st of an uneven doorsment of ted cruz, what impact tt may have on kim reynolds. he has always made clear kim rereynolds is his success or. what impact th may have in the primary that she will face should s seek to be governor of the state next. >> before i let you go this morning i want to touch base on the legislature as the session for this week is obviously- folks are back home. but before they left on thursday, there was a good debate in the senate regarding the medicaid situation. and, in fact, passing a piece of legiation inside the senate that would basicly p put an end to the governor's plan. wh did you see there? >> well, what was most fascinating abt that debate was david johnson, the
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said we need to put a dagger in this. he cited letters that he received from wa who cannot figure out whether their doctor will be involved in one of these managed care plans. if the care for an ill c child will be continued under this new managed care plan. so it was significant that you had three republicans joining with all the democrats in the senate in passing that legislation. the otherignificant moment was about 15 minutes after the senate took that vote, the house speaker, linda ummeieraid she had no intention of bringing that bill up. >> as always appreciate your perspective on what's happening nationally a and in th state. enjoy the rest of your weekend and we'll get together again not too far down the road. >> rig back at you. >> what do you folks thihink? let us know your folks.
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fabook, twitter or e-mail.look forward to hearing from you. coming up after the break south dakota senator mike rounds makes s his appearance on "this week in siouxnd." i'll ask woodbury county supervisor jeremy taylor what
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stay with us. >>e're back with more ofthis week in siouxland" with tim seaman. > and welme back. as the days count down on presidident oba's last years commander in chief, plenty of questions circle the nation's capitol. joining us to offer a few answers is senator mike rounds. he started in south dakota government in the early 1990s, bake the 31st governor in 2002 and re-elected governor ofsouth dakota i 2006. most recently elected to the u.s.enate in 2014 with committee assignments including armed services, banking,er house, urban affairs as well as environment, and publicc works.again, i want to take time to welcome u.s. senor mike rounds to the program. thanks for being with us. >> thank you very much. appreciate the opportunity to visit with you. >> you bet. anti-establishment candidates won lopded primary racaces in
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i'm curious, are youou hearing similalar sentiments in south dakota and is there a sense in washingto that the status quo is no longer going to serve the purpose? >> we haveve to remember a lot of this, most of us got elect in 2014 ran on exactly the same stand. we said washington, d.c. was dysfunctional. we said itit was broken. and i can tell you that it is. and that i it needs a lot of wk up here. there is a groroup of us tt t have already run on that and done it successfully. i i think th's exactly what the candidates have tapped into here. they're tired of what's going on in washington, d.c. you got an administration which has literally gone overbrd on the regulatory environment here. they created waters of the united states. they did a clean power plan, dodds frank, none of which had congressional approval and the rules keep coming out. so there is a whole lot of people up here that understand that people back in theome states, folks that have to live with this environment, are not happy about it.
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is not growing. in fact, there is a whole lot of americans outhere that have a lower stan dowed of living than they had at the turn of the ceury. the candidates are reading it exactly on, and a lot of people up here in washington, d.c. that feel exactly the same way. > your colleague from nebraska gave her support to marco rubio this week. will you be aligning with any candidate in the weeks to come? >> well, i was supporting mike huckabee. we go back to 2003. he's a good friend. i trusted him. i thought he would have made a very good president. and so when he decided to get out anand he shared with me he said you know, it was due to illness and i asked what he meant and he said voters were sick of me. and he had a sense of humor, but i -- like i told him i said i thought he was the right guy. and that was after a lot of soul-searching. i had a chance to talk to marco. we traded e-mails and voice mails back a forth.
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i'm not going to jump righght in and do somebody else yet.i want to first of all take my time, work my way through it. i'm not going to be in a hurry to do it. and it's not because i think that having a senator endorse someone is going to make a big difference, but i think if i do say that i'm supporting somebody i want t to do it for the right reasons. >> this week president obama offered a record $4.1 trillion budget that would ask for double the amount of taxes. your thought on that. >> it's dead on arrival. we're not even giving it a hearing. one of the chair men said it will embarrass the president.. he is not living in the same land that are, basically. he's in an entirely different world. look, hisoal here is to fight climate change. we got terrorists out there. we got an economy which is not growing.
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we got defse which needs more as tension to it. and he proposes a $4.1 trillion build jet which includes among other things a $10 tax on oil, which amounts to 24 cen tax increase. why? well because he seems to want to punish this particular energy source. at the same time he wants to pick and choose the winners and losers in energy. we need all the energy we can get, asost-effective as we can get it but we got to open up the economy and the president clearly does not gethat. he doesn't see that. he really is focused on climate change. d that drives everything thatt he does. >> let's talk about a couple issues quickly that are more local in siouxland. one of those is the avian flu. there are concerns it could surface the midwest. are you satisfied if it does the usda is ready to act quickly and will have better luck against
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>> cow good q question. time will tell. we lost aboutut 1.7 milon birds in south daka last year on this. it's a big impact on us. the university research lab went through it this last year. they got a lot of reports out quickly. every single year that we have one of these occur there seems to be some more opportunities to learn and to do a better job. whether or not we got a handle on this is yet to be determined. >> you recently introduced abill i saw that would help speed up defense department hirinof cyber security professionals. what are you hoping to accomplish? tell us about that. >> what we found out was there was s no training with regard to the individuals who actually hire people that are eerts in cyber security. so we have included a proposal that will train them so they can do a better job of not only hiring them, but underanding that thesese are pretty valuable individuals. we don't have enough of them. we got places like dakota state and south dakota that specialize in it, but if you donon't kw
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don't know what to ask, you have a pretty difficult time of determining who the right fits are for the right jobs. cyber security is one of the major threats our country faces and will face in the fute. 's like you can takake a short cut if you're one of the other bad companies, one of the rogue countrieout there. you talk about a north korea or ir, they're bringing in cyber security experts. they're training them. they're e hiring third parties to do the work for them in many cases. and they're just testing our different systems all the time.federal systems, utility systems, financial services systems. so one of the things that we tried to do is bring the individuals together to help form partnerships with the federal governrnment and state and low cam units of government to nd off cyber attacks. the industries know more about it than the folks in congress do, me included. we want their advice. that's one of the reasonse created the caucus, is because so many of our payments are electronic in nature, we felt if we could bring them together we
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making payments, that source in the financial services iustry. but the idea behind our legislation last year was to get the defense department the best peopleleossible in terms of hiring them for cyber security efforts. and wewe don'think it's going to be a small field, we think it's going to be a growing field it one we have to experts pickg the right people to get them into the right spots. >> we really appreciate u takingime to join n us this mornin and we look forward to having you join us again. >> very good. appreciate the opportunity. >> you bet. ve a good rest of the weekend. comiming up after the break, the new chairman of the board of supervisors joins m me to talk
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stay with us forhat. >> we're back with more of "this week in siouxland." >> wcome back. a year ago republican jeremy taylor was a new member on the woodbury county boa of supervisors. one year later he is the bore chair and he joins us this morning.g. ings.when you were elected when the board changed over, there was a fairly obvious -- it was evident that there was a rift between someme of the long-term members that had been in power thehere and
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give us an update. are things bettethan they were? >> i think they are. i think there is always the settling in period. there is going to be that after every election, e eeciallwhen it's a change election. and i point out that there was that impetus on behalf of one of the previs supervisors, as well, and i think that that has had a settlining in perd, things are as g good as they have been. we did some spreading out of committees to be a little more equitable after tt first year, and i think that we are working well oftentimes it doesn't necessarily grab the headlines when we have 5-0 votes and we agree on things. but i think that we are doing well and i think tt we have a mutualevel of respect for one anotr, which is really key. >> it's probably important to mention that there is so much work the majority goes on other than those board meetings where the public sees s you folks. >> a lot of meetings, absolutely. >> let's talabout property
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throughs that their taxess are going to go down and that is the case for woodbury county voters. >> that will -- i am absolutelyconfident that will be the case for the second straight year in a row. the levy rate will decrease. we set a one time reset last year of lowering the overall tax asking, which was the first time we had done so in 15 years, as a county. and so i'm confident we've already cut $1.38 million through shifting to some different various revenue sources, combining and looking at epush incies. and every single meeting, we've been looking at what is the updated score,o to speak? and have shown property taxpayer this is where we started with our starting position, based on what the budget was that was proposed by a various department heads and elelected officials, and every single time that we've had a budget hearing we've come out the next -- in the next 48 hours
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combining efficiencies and looking at some ways that we can do things better. and approach it about creativity. >> another item that is part of that p projectct ithe lec, the jail improvemements that have bn much discussed and debated. ju this week you had three architectsome in and make proposals for the work. give folks an update how soon we can see changes and how that will impact the services. >> you will see wead a great discussion and vetting on three different firms. yo will see the selection in the next week or two. that will come out publicly. and then the architectural firm selected will be tasked with coming up with a rough order of magnitude. we want to spend as little money as possible to find out whether this is a go or no go. i mean, can we do this project for under $1.2 million, which is the threshold and expand the law enforcement nter the.
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that the expansion of that wiwill be essentially new construction, albeit a remodel, but it will help to alleviate basically a jail population that is near capacity, and at the same time take a very aging infrastructure, which is going to cost nearly $1.2 million the nextxt ten years, and utilities that are being wasted out there, and deterioiorating infrastructure that is something that is a safety concern, as well. >> so are e you convinced at this point, give me your opinion then, do you think that we will see it done or would you expect architects to say it probably doesn't work? >> i'm hopeful. and i wouldn't have gone forward with a asking for an architect to give us that rough order of magnitude, but what will happen is that will be schematic design to say here is what we estimate and putting togetether a budget with our c constructn mamanager that we've hired. this will cost us.
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we're no going to spend more money to get any more of a finalized design. we're going to see if we have essentially the threshold to ke this work. i'm hopeful. i'm confident. but we'll ultimately have to see where those numbers rest.t. >> i think it's important to point out this is part of a planning process and long-term planning is something that i think the supervisors are taking a serious look at. we have done storieses about t lightulb, the led change on the building. thats something folks can expect to see long-term? >> absolutely. and in fact, we budgeted about $70,000 less i electricity this year. that projectill pay for itself in under five years, ande'll pay for itself in the -- for taxpayers. that sort of thing to me is very important that we're investing in the infrastructure, that we're looking g at preventive maintenance, and that w we're making sound investments. a lot of thoseollars aren't seen because they're sort of behind the scenes, building
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your structures, just as you would on your own home but we know that it saves dollars in the long run. and so we want to make smart and wise investmenents, that we ultimately can lower our budget in futur years from not having to expand unnecessarily when we could have taken care problems earlier on. >> you sure there is nobody complaining about a lower tax number in woodbury county? absolutely. >> we appreciate you taking time to be with us. thanks a lot. and we'll have you back again as the year -- the budget year continues. >> absolutely. thank you very mucuch. >> let stick around, because there is more to come here. in fact, we'll switch gear and go to des moines fo this week in iowa. >> hi, good morning. coming up on this week in iowa we're talking about the democratic debat we're talking about some of the republicans dropping out of the race, plus everything you need to know after new hampshire. that's coming up on "this week inthis week iniowa. >> nine things to know, it comes
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