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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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east, ininuding a completely frozen city blocwhile firefighters battle a blaze, the record-breaking cold. and snowy conditions this morning. and pucker up. the british awards handing out awards to hollywood and pushing celebrities to smooch on the kiss caption. setting up some surprises. well, good morning on this presidents' day. we begin with the political fallout on the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> with the balance of the supreme court at stake, both sides of the aisles are gearing up for a fight. >> there are new details this morning on the days and hours leading up to scalia's death. he died of natural causes saturday at a texas ranch during a quail hunting trip. senateteepublicans are calling by the next president.
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that he intends to fill the seat when the senate returns from the recess. >> the body of the 79-year-old justice is believed to have arrived at dulles airport near washington overnight on a private plane from austin. a first-time guest at that resort ranch in west texas. his body was discovered in his room after he missed breakfast and lunch. abc's jim avila is there. he spoke with one of the peoplq who saw him last. >> reporter: the high of end hunting lodge and ranch was host this weekend of an exclusive gro of mostly texan couples. justice scalia was the only famous guest. he arrived friday about noon. toured the property. did not join that day's hunt. but he had dinner withthhe group overlookininthe scenic lake. >> at about 9:00 p.m., he said, it's been a longay, had a long week, i'd like to be excused. >> reporter: others told
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illness. the county judge who pronounce him dead over the phone told abc news that she talked to his doctorn washingt told her he'd been ill. and came to his office wednesday anthursday before the ip. the scalia famil his nine children and wife maureen, she says, objected to an autopsy. and after talking with sheriff investigators and u.s. marshals on the scene, she agreed one was not necessary. have easily caused, that i asked for an autopsy. >> reporter: instead, the county judge said the natural causes, due to his heart jim avila, abc ns, in west texas. this morning, justice scalia is being remembered as a conservative icon. of course, he served on the high court for some 30 years. >> and he led the charge to take constitutional law back to what
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scalia developed a reputation of being bold, brash and unafraid to speak his mind. now the battle lines are drawn over who should pick his replacement. latest on the showdown in washington. >> reporter: good morning. justice scalia's vacancy on the court is sure to be a big topic of discussion on the campaign trail today. we've got several candidates campaigning in south carolina while here in washington, we wait. within an hour of the supreme court confirming scalia's death, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell declared that this vacancy should not be filled ununl we have a new president. bubupresident obama move. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to >> reporter: both sides have reason to fight. how it could shift the balance on the supreme court, which without scalia is split 4-4. >> so now, this next appointment will be critical for some
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>> reporter:r:ncluding decisions regarding abortion, immigration. that adds a new dimension to this year's presidential race. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> rorter: republicans backing up mcconnell in saturday night's debate. >> it's called, delay, delay, delay. >> reporter: senator ted cruz on "this s ek" vowing to filibuster if necessaryry >> we should not let a lame-duck to capture the supreme court in the waning months of his presidency. >> who might the president nominate? two names jane kelly and sri srinavasan. >> megan, what is next in the nomination process, what do we expect? >> well, we're waiting for the president to announce whose his nominee is, then the ball goes over to senate republicans and
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whether or not they are indeed going to hold confirmation hearings, that is the big question right now. >> seems like a long fight. thank you so much. presidents, politicians and colleagues are reflecting on scalia's life and legacy. liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg said that they were best buddies. even though disagreed on the bench, the two justices were known to hang out often, even vacation together with their families. >> former president george w. bush called him a towering figure, an important one. he hits the campaign trail today, he'll join his brother jeb at an event in south carolina. this comes after a blistering attack on the bushes from d dald trump. trump accused the former president of ignoring the cia and destabilizing the middle east by invading iraq. now, according to the latest poll, trump has a commanding lead in south carolina, with 42%
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>> on the democratic side, something of a campaign concidence involving "hot topics" and bernie sanders. they attended the same service. there's no video of the meeting. they both addressed the congress geg grags with the race in nevava extremely close, hillary clinton canceled a trip in order to stay in nevada. sanders takes his campaign to michigan today. we switch gears now to the cold. bitterly cold in the northeast today. bostonians woke to the coldest morning in nearly 60 years, 9 degrees below zero. transit and commuter rail service disrupted when rails shatred in the cold. there were also delays at airport because of cold weather problems with equipment. and new york city saw its lowest february temperature since 1963, one degree below zero. and three degrees below the
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century ago. but the bitter cold didn't stop valentine's day tradition in the big apple -- weddings in times square. they'll remember that. and furthehewest, this was the scene, heavy snow in chicago and its surrounding areas. it's continuing into t(is morning's commute. hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed. and traffic was snarled on area highways. in indiana, two multiple vehicle pileups on the roads. well, what's in store for those of us on thet coast today, the only consolation is, it will be get warmer. >>,let's get the complete weather forecast right now from paul williams at accuweather. >> good morning to you as well. we have an ice storm that's on the way. affecting the folks in the deep south, throughout virginia going into norththarolina, covering
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charlottesville, dangerous travel and power outrages connectsed to this. widespread flooding in jackson. a really crummy way to start monday. >> a meteorological term. right there. coming up -- kanye west reaching out to a billionaire for help. but first, pope francis in mexico, why some see h h message as cononoversial. and the so-called diamond
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trained for months to get ready astrazeneca may be able to help. not how you want to spend a day on the slopes.
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hampshire ski resort dangling for hours yesterday. the tram at canyon mountain stopped working. not all were skiers, some wanand to sightsee. after about three hours, everyone was rescued without injuryry overse, police in britain are investigating a laser strike on a virgin atlantic plane that forced alight to return to london. the plane was heading for new york city and virgin said one of the pilots reported a medical issue, apparently linked to the laser strike. passengers were put up for the night and will fly to new york later on today. expect another powerful message from the pope today, his visit to mexico takes him to the state where there are many migrants who travel through that area trying to reach the u.s. border. >> and yesrday in mexico city, onlookers cheered as pope francis passed by his small hard-top fiat.
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and touching the faithful. before thaha there was this emotional moment, the pope v vit a children's hospital where a young cancer patientntang to him. >> it's beautiful. >> very touching moment there. very touching visit. when we come back -- a swarm of sharks, thousands spotted off the florida coast, incred from the air. and last night's nba last dance and the remarkable lack of defense from both both teams. the flu virus hits big. th aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu. prescription tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it from spreading i ithe body.
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an eerily beautiful scene in philadelphia after a six-alarm blaze this weekend destroyed an auto repair shop. ice covered everything nearby, even cars that were parked on the street. fighting the fire in cold was s especially difficult as you can imagine. firefighters called in salt trucks so they could have better footing. roads may be slippery today throughout the northeast and in parts of the northern plains and western mountains. flooding could be a problem for drivers throughout the south. roads will be wet in the pacific northwest. and if you're flying, airport delays are likeliest in new orleans, atlanta, charlotte, washington, new york and boston. under investigation this morning, a ddly crash in philadelphia and its possible link to a feature on the popular app snapchat. >> three young women died in the
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high speed. police are investigating whether miles per hour app on snapchat may have played a roll. ononof the uncles of the victims believed it did. >ne friend told me shshwas snapchatting throughout the night, their speed. how fast they were driving. >> a snapchat spokesperson told abc news it warns users not to snap and drive. a former new york state governor who left office in disgrace is now under investigation by police. sources say a 25-year-old claims that eliot spitzer tried to choke her at the plaza hotel in manhattan. the pair apparently had a romantic relationship for two years. spitzer resigned in 2008 after being involved in a prostitution scandal. new details this morning about the so-called diamond diva
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robbing jewelry stores. they said abgoal kemp trained for months after stealing $4 million worth of jules from six stores. the documents say during that training, she learned how to handle a gun, how to tie people up using zip ties. kemp and three others are under arrest. all are facing up to 20 years in prison. and off the east coast of florida, tens of thousands of sharks, take a look. you can see them on the left side of your screen here. all those dots that you see there, making their migration north. they shot the footage from the air. these are black-tipped sharks which are usually only six feet long. deite the huge numbers, there are very few shark bites from them. all right, let's get to some nba action. the nba doesn't get back to meaningful games until thursday night.
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its annual shooting practice, also known as the all-star game details now from espn. kobe yant's final all-star game was played last night in toronto. >> and they just quit scoring three minutes ago. let's take a look at the nearly 200 points that were scored by one team. >> oh. >> there's kobe, 18th all-star game, loving up another former great laker, magic johnson, he and bill russell talked about going to dinner in l.a. second quarter, lebron was going to lock down on defense and kobe was goingo go at him. that was the only shot that wasn't made. kobe finished with 10 points, 4 of 11 shooting, 26 minutes. you see there -- he got in there. good for kobe. so he had his ten. but that fellow, last year's mvp, russell westbrook dominated. he's superstrong. tomahawk dunk. and as you see, minimal
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he'll be the mvp for the second straight year. there's your scoreboard. 196-173. the west wins. they were scoring regularly. how about chase elliot, just that's not jeff gordon anymore in that 24, he of course is retired. elliott wins the pole for the daytona 500, which takes place on february the 21st. again, the youngest pole winner at the age of 20. >> at 20, i'm not sure i will have my kid have a car yet. >> 196 points, they just stopped scoring in the nba all-stbr game. >> that's all we have for this morning. coming up -- kanye west looking for help, releasing his new album and going on a major twitter rant overnight. and how the brits handled the hollywood diversity
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time now for the pulse. and the latest signs pointing to a big win for "the revenant" at the oscars in two weeks. >> the brutal adventure was named best movie at the british academy film awards. leonardo dicaprio picked up the st actortrophy. the revenant ended up winning s in total. and since it was valentine's day, the brits rolled out the kiss cam for the bafta wards. first up, was stanley tucci and cuba gooding jr. perhaps most interesting pairing was maggie smith and leonardo dicaprio. look at that, he does it. >> she went baba for seconds. >> she's always a lady.
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next up, kanye west going on a rather lengthy twitter rant overnight. plenty to say about a lot of stuff. >> yeah, a headlinemaker quote, i write this to you my brothers while still $53 million in personal debt. please pray we overcome, this is my true heart. kanye west, husband of kim kardashian, says he's in debt to the tune of 53 million. >> okay, folks, if you're skeptical at home, there's a lot of other people skeptical, too. no way to be true. also included in the rant, kanye asked facebook chief mark zuckerberg to give him a call today. maybe he can help. >> he went on and on. >> this is definitely not kim k.'s neiman-marcus bill. >> but, let's help kanye out. he needs a payday loan. >> you start. we're getting a preview o o the highly anticipated reboot of ghostbusters.
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checking our top#stories -- the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is believed to have been flown back to dulles airport outside washington. scalia died in his sleep at a texas ranch during a quail he was 79. scalia's death setting off a political showdown, republicans looking to block president obama from filling his seat. but the president says he plans s to nominate a replacement soon. but don't y to mail a letter to congress today with your thoughts of his replacement, post offices are closed for presidents' day.
4:57 am
rain in washington state, snow in the western mountains and upper plains, severe storms in the south and snow moving into the northeast this morning. and finally, from us, a look back at the life a a legacy justice anannin scalia had. >> scalia is being remembered as a legal giant with an imcomparable sense of humor, larger than life figure on the bench as well as off. more now from abc's terry moran. >> reporter: for decades, justice antonin scalia led the charge to take constitutional law back, he says, to its original meaning. >> the constitution is not meant to facilitate change. it is meant to impede change, to make it difficult to change. >> reporter: on that score, perhaps his greatest triumph, his ruling in 2008 on the right to bear arms, where he brushed aside concerns out gun violence in america. it's not the role of this court to pronounce the second
4:58 am
another victory, bush versus gore. awarded george w. bush the presidency. >> we owe no apology whatever for bush versus gore. we did the right thing. so -- so, there. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in dissent, he was biting, caustic, clear. when the court upheld obamacare for the second time last year, scalia sneered, we should start calling this law scotus care. in other arguments, lawyers feared his pointed questions. and he challenged the idea that the court could create a right to gay marriagag after 200 years of laws banning it.. >> when n d it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples from marriage? when did the law become this? >> reporter: his death leaves the court shorthanded and divided on key issues. the stakes could not be higher.
4:59 am
four conservatives justice anthony kennedy swings to the liberal side unprededtability. terry moran, abc news, mexico city. >> a man passionate about his work and a man beloved by his colleague. >> reporter: we'll hear much about it in the weeks ahead. stay with us for "good morning america."mixed precipitation pass through during the overnight hours. visibility is currently being affected by some light fog which has built up in the region. temperatures are in the 20s an30s. we have a fairly calm wind at around 10 miles per hour or less from the south. the dayplanner
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highghnear 40. your ll forecast is coming up - your news starts now. " " " coming up this morning on abc9 news. siouxland was rockin' out last night for a good cause. we'll head to the hard rock... up ahead. " two survivors beatatemarkble ds to not only live... but be theabsolute best on the wrestling mat. stay tuned for their amazing story. " and... siouxland couples in all three states celebrated valentine's day together... but one couple have had over 50 valentine's days. these stories and more... on abc9 news this morning. "" lukas good morning and thank's for joining us... i'm lukas voss. a man was shot and killed by a


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