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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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have a great thursday. making news in america this morning, candidates clash. presidential hopefuls speak out overnight. new polls jolting the campaigns and donald trump defending his temper. a live report just ahead. destination, cuba. president obama set to become the first president in 80 years to visit the nation. new reaction overnight. a shipwreck caught on camera. a cargo vessel smashes through a harbor walkway. the incredible scene,e,hat caused thihi accidede? and passenger pinch. outrage as your legroom may be shrinking but is this actually a good thing? good thursday morning. we begin with a surprise shift in the latest presidential polls. >> as the republicans scramble to win over undecided voters across south carolina, aa new national poll shows ted cruz
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for the first time making it a statistical dead heat. >> marco rubio is holding on to third place and he's going into saturd's primary with a key endorsement from south carolina's popular governor. >> it's "your voice, your vote." we get the latest right now on the campaign trail from abc's ray raimundi starting with the republicans. >> reporter: the clash of the into overdrive. the battleground, south carolina, where four of the six republican candidates participated in town hall for rums across two cable networks. >> i do attack people when i'm attacked. >> reporter: republican front-runner donald trump all alone on msnbc where he attacked his fellow counterparts and defended his fiery temperament. >> in a year from now, people will respect what i did. you're so worried about being nice and being politically correcec what would you rather have me do, be nice too everybody. >eporter: over on cnn ted cruz and marco rubio along with dr. ben carson got their chance to address questions from south
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cruz whipping out the hammer on trump after receiving a cease and desist letter. >> what did you think when you actually got the letter. >> i'll confess i laughed out loud and i don't think anyone is surprised that donald is threatening to sue anyone. >> reporr: rubio with a more personon message smiling from ear to ear from nikki haley's endorsement. >> tomorrow we'll be campaigning alongside an african-american republican senator. all three are doing that here in south carolina. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling it out in nevada ahead of that state's caucuses this weekend, new polls show the race in n nada at a viviual dead heat. and with the race so tight in nevada the democratic party is providing an unopened deck of cards at all 250 precinct locations. if there is a tie a single card,
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the tie possibly coming down to a high card draw. >> how very vegas. huge voter turnout expected there. ray, thank you. some of the republican hopefuls are siding with the obama administration. they think apple is wrong and refusing to hack an iphone for the fbi. >> the iphone was used by one of the san bernardino terrorists and the fbi feels it may have important data on it. apple says that breaking the encryption would compromise the privacy of every iphone. the white house disagrees. >> they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new back door tone of their oducts. thth're simply askskg for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> apple will appeal a federal judge's ruling in favor of the fbi and it could end up in the supreme court. several of the republican candidates say that apple has a valid concern but should comply. a major announcement from the white house this morning.
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cuba. sources tell abc news the historic trip is plannedor next momoh. about 155onths after the administration began re-opening diplomatic relations with cuba. president obama will be the first president in 80 years to visit the island while in office. overnight republican presidential hopeful marco rubio calling the decision a mistake. and the president will not attend funeral services for the supreme court justice antonin scalia. the white house says the president and first lady will however pay respects tomorrow a a the supreme court where scalia will lie in repose. vice president biden will attend the private funeral mass on saturday. in the meantime, retired supreme court justice sandra day o'connor is siding with president obama saying he should get to nominate scalia's replacement. pope francis will be back at the vatican this morning after delivering a powerful message in mexico just yards from the u.s. border. as he wrapped up his five-day visit the pope appealed to
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to migrants and prayed for the thousands who died trying to reach the united states to persution. the mass was beamed lived across the border to 30,000 in a stadium in el paso. air strikes on isis banks in iraq and syria have destroyed more than $500 million in cash. the loss of all that cash is putting a severe strain on the terror group's finances. in ct, so much sohat some isis fighterer report their salaries have been cut by half. the air strikes have also taken a heavy toll on isis and its oil smuggling which provides major revenue for its operations. breaking overnight the turkish government officials now say that as syrian national was behind a car bomb attack in turkey's capital that killed at least 28 people and injured dozens more. the explosion wenen off at a busy intersection during the height of the evening rush hour where two buses carrying military personnel weretoed at a traffic
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well, it rained in los angeles for the first time this month yesterday and will happen again. storm system moving across the entire west coast. >> impressive system there. except for a little bit of rain in the northwest plains, that's about it for precipitation today. it'll be mild for the rest of the midwest with higher than usuallemperatures but a litite chilly in the east. still no rain or snow here so we'll take it. coming up a pair of health alerts for both men and women. plus, troubling news for gwyneth paltrow. the case of her alleged stalker now over. why the man was acquitted by a jury. but first baby-sitters nationwide experiencing a pay raise. the going rate is going up. i think when people hear about memory care they're scared, they think that it's sad. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout.
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that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care
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that is what i do this for. two other transformers also came down causing a major power outage in the area. also in california, federal investigators now say corrosion along the exterior of a pipeline is the cause of that massive oil spill off the coast of santa barbrba last year. preliminary findings indicate that the oil began gushingrom a two-foot section of pipe. after pumps were shut down and restarted. those findings also note that the spill dumped nearly 143,000 gallons, that's much more than the original estimate of 100,000. hollywood presbyterian medical center in los angeles confirming it has paid about $17,0 in ransom to hackers who disabled its computer network. the ceo says that was the most
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hospital's system running again. the hackers demanded the ransom be paid in bit coin because the online currency is difficult to trace. health alert this morning. another potential risk for women who wait until they're older to have kids. research found women who became pregnant at 40 or older were more likely to have a stroke later in life. for those women there was a 60% increase in theheisk o o a brain bleed. there is also a slight increase in heart disease. but experts say more research is necessary to confirm a direct link. a highly anticipated study finds testosterone gel treatment is no fountainf youth. the study revealed mostly modest improvements in the sex lives, walking strengt and the mood of 800 men who participated. all of them were age 65 and over. researchers say their work isn't extensive enough to determine ether long-term use of testosterone gel raises the risk of heart attacks and prostate cancer as some studies indicate.
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be in for more of a pinch than ever if planemaker airbus moves ahead with the idea. check it out. the company's diagram here for an underseat storage compartment to use it you'd obviously have to stand up, turn around and open it. but it would also severely cut down on legroom for the passenger behind you. e diagram is part of a new airbus patent application. >> okay. well, baby-sitters around the world, rejoice. on average your pay is going up. the national average for baby-sitting one child is $15.71 an hour. up 5% from last year and two children, the average rate is $18 an hour. those costs are considerably higher and expensive cities like new york and san francisco. nenely 20% sitters get ts on top of their regular pay. >> baby-sitters union is powerful. >> they deserve it, i have to say. >> they do. coming up lost and find, a dog finds best friends ready to help.
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nasty weather and strong currents are blamed for this accident. a 500-foot cargo ship crashing through a pedestrian walkway in bangkok. once the ship finally stopped onloloers scrambled to take pictctes. rererkably nn the walkway or ship suffered any injuries. it'll be pretty smooth sailing for drivers in most of
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but you may find the roads a little sliery in the northern plains. you're likely to find heavy snow on roads through the w mountains and wet road surfaces on the west coast. >> i see what you did there. smooth sailing. flying, airport delays likeliest in san francisco and los angeles. speaking of los angeles, a shocking case out of there this morning. twtw v veran police officers are under arrest charged with repeatly raping four women while on duty over a three-year period. >> prosecutors say the two officers who worked as partners threatened the women with arrest if they didn't give in to their demands. the officers are set to appear in court today. the two face more than a dozen felony charges if convicted, they could be sentenced to life in prison. back on the east coast bill cosby is s sng the woman whose complaint led to h h arrest. the lawsuit says she, her attorneys and mother as well as others broke confidentiality agreements signed more than a decade ago. the comedian has also claimed an
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suit against him back then shielded him from criminal prosecution. a judge has denied his request for dismissal. a man accused of stalking gwyneth paltrow has been found not guilty despite tearful by the oscar winning actress a jury acquittete dante soiu. the 66-year-old was committed to a mental institution for sending paltrow letters and lewd messages. they saw no evidence that soiu meant to cause paltrow any harm, they say. a sponsor backlash following comments about home"home" sexuality by manny pacquiao. he said gayay people are worse thanan animals, i'm quoting here. nike called that ab horpts and immediately ended its relationship with pacquiao. others could follow nike's lead. two wisconsin tweens are
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the girls were halfway across a nearly mile-long railroad bridge when a train raced down the tracks. the bridge was not designed for pedederians and they haddnowhwhe to go. they survived by hanning off the trestle as the train passed. well, the family member ss -- family membered rescued was just as grateful as those girls. that's a golden retriever named skye. he fell into the 15-foot deep hole in state college, pennsylvania and was there for two nights. one firefighter climbed into the hole and got a makeshift harness in around skye and his colleagues on the surface pulled skye to safety. tail wagging and happy. >> very happy. >> and one more animal item for you. yeah, a dr caught on surveillance camera. just a typical day browsing the aisles of a virginia liquor store. that's a smart door. pushed the door open, walked in and was quickly shown out the back door.
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no bottles broken. >> what was that campari he was after. >> looking for the henny. the nba gets back to business following its all-snar break. highlights now from espn. i'm steve levy. one of the best rivalries if not the best in sports resumed on wednesday night. 20th ranked blue devils visiting fifth ranked north carolina and the game would not disappoint. a couple of heavyweight head coaches and then north carolina up six just over seven to go.. grayson allen smothered at t e rim by justin jacksoso go the other way, jackson crashing the glass and the put- put-back. eight and coach k wants to talk it over. duke would come back, down two. lukeh kennard corner three. dukies have the lead. ten seconds left. north carolina had three time-outs, didn't use any of them. joel berry is blocked by derek thornton and that's the way this
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dudu wins at north carolina b ba sisile point. meanwhile, buddy heald, number three oklahoma visiting texas tech. just over two minutes to play. texas tech is down four. toddrick gotcher got that three. cuts it to one. here's oklahoma. keenan evans coming up with a texas tech steal, run of the floor and the bucket, red raiders up one. 1414 seconds to go. oklahoma is down two. eisai yeah cousins on the drive trying for the lob to khadeem lattin off the mark. texas tech completes the upset and the fans rush the court. as they often do. that'll do it for us. be sure to tune in 7:00 a.m. eastern time for a fresh look at the night that was in sports on the one and only espn "sportscenter." have a great day. >> well, coming up, the power ball winning couple finallyly stepping forward and what they'll be spending their winnings on first. kanye west's latest outburst
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time now to check "the pulse" starting with kanye west unplugged. >> it's been a busy week for kanye taking credit for taylor swift's claim and claims to be $53 million in debt and now we're hearing his backstage before his appearance on "snl." >> in the recording from "the new york post" we hear him threatening to leave the show and comparing himself to a saint. bro, by 50% stanley kubrick, apostle paul, picasso, [ bleep ] picasso and escobar. by 50% more influential than any other human being. >> sources tell tmz kanye did eventually speak with "snl" executive producer lorne
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set back together. >> whoa. crisis averted. >> yes, just a few humblebrags there. the florida winners of last month's huge powerball jackpot realize that their lives will never be the same. the total jackpot was $1.6 billion. >> their share is more than half a billion dollars. although with a lump sum payment it is a mere 328 million before taxes and before coming forward they sought legal advice and established a trust for the money. >> they're still working on what's next. >> we're not going to go party, no. >> we're still going to live the same lives basically. i mean my truck is about to fall apart so i do need a vehicle. >> he'll retire and that's what he really wanted to do. >> retirement, a new truck. pretty good. >> good ideas. >> the couple told no one they were holding on to the winning ticket. he by the way is 55. she's 70. they've been married since 1980
4:54 am
won with the numbers they've been playing nearly all the time. apparently she's a big lotto fan. >> yeah, she is and a fan of young men, as well, 19 when he got married to her. finally, a real mystery that has the neighbors in the suburb of portland, oregon, completely baffled. their question what exactly is causing this noise. [ screeching noise ] >> well, they've been hearing that loud shriek for the last couple of weeks. >> wow. >> several possible culprits have already been ruled out including ts on the track, water in gas lines, even wildlife. >> one resident says she thinks someone needs to get their car's brakes checked. the mystery does continue. >> see, i just don't know what it could bement how can you not figure outhat that sound is. >> it's annoying. >> all right. more news after this.pain, these feet served my country, carried the weight of a family, and walked a daughter down the aisle.
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if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. our top stories on this thursday morning for the first
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over donald trump in a national poll. marco rubio came in third as he picked up an endorsement from south carolina governor nikki haley ahead of saturday's primary there. and as part of his program to re-establish ties with cuba, president obama will go there next month, only one other president has visited cuba while in office and that was calvin coolidge back in 1928. and by the end of today pitchers and catchers for most major league baseball teams will have officially opened spring training. for those counting there's just over six weeks until opening day. and today's weather, sunny but chilly in the east, very warm and windy in the south. warmer, though, than usual in the midwest. well, it doesn't matter what the weather conditions are, you can always count on your postal carrier to g the job done. >> but it's not always the elements that give him the hardest time. birds can apparently give him a tough time too. wabc's kimberly richardson explains. >> some people hear roosters. we wake up to it.
4:58 am
turkeys rule here in this picturesque cul-de-sac in hillsdale. if you shoo, them leave, right? >> no, they don't run. >> reporter: which is why we were here in the first place. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: helen is talking about what happened after wild turkeys, yes, we found them, surrounded a letter carrier's truck on tuesday. he was so upset, couldn't get out and called his boss for help. the postmaster dialed 911. this is the actual call. >> you're not going to believe this but i got a carrier that's being attacked by wild turkeys, won't let him deliver the mail. >> reporter: here on he practice nad drive, he wasn't attacked rather surrounded. word is that pail carrier was a substitute and while folks got a really good laugh about this, they do admit the birds can be intimidating. >> i don't want to judge anybody. especially if you're not used to it.
4:59 am
we see them every day. >> reporter: helen watches from her window. >> summer we don't see them. they're out there swimming or -- >> reporter: to be clear this isn't a 100% positive i.d. the gang we just spotted may not be the same one that stopped that mail carrier in his tracks. my gut tells me it is. >> my truck is in the driveway, they always peck at it. they don't peck at the metal part, just the tires they don't like. >> reporter: something tells me that mail carrier will proceed with caution next time he's here. in hillsdale. >> we've got loads of deer here also. >> reporter: we'll get to them next week. kimberly richardson channel 7, eyewitness ne. >> we know where to go for thanksgiving dinner. >> there you go. >> that's what's making news in america this monk. >> stay with us for "good morning america," everyone.
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eastern siouxland with some light fog which has spread through the region. temperatures are in the area and most freezing. the highs getting into the lower 50s. your full forecast is coming up - your news starts now. " " " coming up this low in northern and eastern siouxland with some light fog which has spread through the region. temperatures are in the 30s throughout the area and most spots are above freezing. the planner displays highs getting into the lower 50s. your full forecast is coming up - your news starts now. " coming up this morning on abc9 news... one man is dead and another charged with murder after a wednesday morning attack. the latest on the investigation is up ahead. " funnel week at the state capital


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