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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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abused" sioux city tries to tackle vagrancy issues in the downtown. are religion and politics too close in this election? a local expert addressed the fued between donald trump... and the pope. "it's a mistake to see it simply as a political statement" "it's everyone helping everyone." and, a social media network is helping siouxlanders stay connected when weather is what we're all talking about. tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom. sioux city is facing an issue with vagrancy in the downtown. city council and members of the community try to address the problem. tim: usually it stems from colder temperatures, but some businesses say that now it doesn't matter what the weather looks like... people are loitering and bothering
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abc 9's bria bell brings us more. bria: tim and jenna, the sioux city public library and the convention center are two prominent places are feeling the effects of vagrancy issues downtown and now both places are looking to stop people from entering if they do not intend to utilize the facilities properly. " it's not a good look when you have somebody sleeping at a table," the sioux city library, typically a nice place to enjoy a good book, is unintentionally housing the homeless. the library will allocate nearly $46,000 for additional security options due to the frequent vagrancy issues, but will it be enough? "i'm not sure that with the money that we'll be having, that it's really going to cover what we really need," says capron. also facing similar issues, the sioux city convention center. "so they've got some problems with people coming in that aren't a part of events, but they're coming in and they're using some of the restroom facilities there. we've had some issues where they come in and have eaten some food of off clients' buffets," says newton. erica newton director of events says the convention center has more staff members paying attention to who enters and posted signs to help combat the issue. siouxland human investment partnerhsip's executive director matt ohman has partnered up with the police department other advocay groups to help fight homelessne and
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"there's not going to be any silver bullet that's gonna completely defeat homelessness or even vagrancy, but i think that we can start to provide services to some of those people that are in need rather than just continuing to arrest them and i think the police department is completly on board," says ohman. bria: matt says he'll also be meeting with some with some homeless community to help better assist them. those meetings will be open to the public as well. reporting live in studio bria bell abc 9 news jenna: counterfeitting
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the siouxland area. jenna: today 38 eyar old fernando morales was arrested on charges of forgery and running a counterfeitting operation inside a sioux city motel room. police say morales used the fake money to make several purchases in sioux city between august and september of last year. he's currently being held on 25 thousand dlars bond. tim: and in norfolk nebraska, the police division there is seeing an increase of reports of fake 50's and 100's being spent in local stores. authorities are warning consumers and businesses alike to be sure to check your bills before transactions using a counterfeit detecting pen. tim on cam iowa's democratic party is moving ahead with an official review of this year's caucus. iowa democartic chair dr. andy mcguire today announced former congressman dave nagle will chari the review committee. tim: nagel says the committee will be guided by the proposals and ideas from iowans in all corners of our state. in the days following the 2016 caucuses, the i-d-p came under
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reports of incorrect results and a lack of qualified caucus workers. mcguire says she wants the committee to conduct a full evaluation of the caucus. specific information about the committee is expected in a few weeks. jenna on cam religion and politics are often intertwined... but maybe especiallly so this election cycle. now, with a recent 'back and forth' between one top candidate and the pope... is it too much? local experts say this is really nothing new. bishop of the sioux city diocese, r. walker nickless says pope francis isn't afraid to speak his mind... alluding to comments the pope made about donald trump's border wall idea. morningse college religious studies professor doctor bruce forbes says the trends we're seeing in reguards to religion are being mirrored in politics. more people wanting new ideas. "virtually no group is growing except for the unaffiliated and the reason i think that's interesting is there is something in common between in politics people wanting something out of the ordinary, they're going against the
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a similar way religiously in this nation people are moving against the establishment" says bruce forbes, professor religious studies, morningside college. political analysts aren't sure exactly how the p`ntiff's message will affect the presidential race. donald trump has said he respects the pope... and thinks he was misinterpreted. tim: a yankton man says he'll oppose s.d. u-s senator john thune in november. democrat jay williams announced his candidacy today at a vfw event in sioux falls. williams, who is a native south dakotan living in yankton since 1987 says his entrepreneurial experience and military background will play an important part of his campaign. thune, a republican was first elected in 2004. jenna - tim on cam we're closing in on the end of february and with that, severe weather threats will soon be changing from heavy snow and bitter cold... to large hail and tornadoes. tim: keeping you informed is abc9's top priority. as
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explains..... social media is playing a bigger role, now more than ever. scott larson, abc9 news when it comes to getting weather information in siouxland, your sources are as varied as the seasons. from television broadcasts... weather radio nat scott larson, abc9 news to weather radios and smartphone apps.. to popular social media sites facebook and twitter. a-b-c 9 uses social media to keep our on-the-go viewers up to speed. nat of typing on a keyboard scott larson, abc9 news and we aren't the only ones. siouxland severe weather network, a popular facebook group, was founded by jeff robinson. a siouxland native and graduate of wayne state college, jeff was hit especially hard after seeing the impact of the ef-4 tornado which struck wayne, nebraska back in october of 2013. jeff robinson, siouxland severe weather network founder "i saw the devastation and i just felt like there needs to be more warning. there needs to be more time for people to know what's coming. and that developed the idea that there needs to be a social hub for people to come and gain information, be able to post their (correct form) own information, and kind of create a network." scott larson, abc9 news the group has now pushed past 25,000 members in less than 3 years. jeff robinson, siouxland severe weather network founder "it's everyone helping everyone. it's not just a few people. it works because lots of people are helping each other." scott larson, abc9 news and while having that information
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always accurate? scott larson, abc9 news weather wall shot with graphic one concern meteorologists are concerned about is the sharing of inaccurate information. behind me is a post from before the recent groundhog day blizzard that was shared thousands of times showing over 40 inches of accumulation. while we did see some large totals between 12 and 18 inches in parts of siouxland, it's just one example of sensationalist information that occasionally gets shared on social media forecast pages to gain followers." scott larson, abc9 news jeff credits his group of administrators with keeping a close eye on the page...maintaining a high standard of quality on the posted information. jeff robinson, siouxland severe weather network founder "all of our admins are either working for the fire department, they're e- m- t- 's, they have a background in storm chasing. i myself gave an interview to each one saying, 'hey, you're presentable to the group and you know what you're talking about.'" scott larson, abc9 news with their dedication to accurate information, siouxland severe weather network has earned credentials as a member of the national weather service's weather- ready nation... however, veteran forecaster todd heitkamp with the national weather service in sioux falls has seen both positive and negative feedbacks of shared weather information online...and isn't
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any social media group. todd heitkamp, national weather service sioux falls office "we obviously can't take something like that on. we can only speak on our own behalf - on the behalf of our own forecasts. and hopefully the public can decide who they'd rather trust. hopefully it is the national weather service or the media." scott larson abc9 news tim: the weather team also is constantly updating the abc9 weather app. visit this story on our website - siouxland to download the ap. jenna-tim-fred (chat)
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still to come... the question siouxland is asking. what's a flick board? jenna will show us after the break. (fred) expect a warm saturday, then a gradual cooldown. we'll stay dry, too! your forecast
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reneurism is alive and well in siouxland. in fact, there's a whole week of events held in its honor here in siouxland. tim: a local man is finding success with his new start-up... and it's definitely a family afair. in a world where
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games are many kids' prized posessions, jim braunschweig wanted something simplier for his family, and especially 5-year- old, brady, who loves soccer. jim says, "i google- searched soccer- type board games and there really wasn't anything out there. but i did come across a video somewhere of kids playing with nail and a quarter - some similar stuff - and, i thought, 'i could make that better' and i want to make it for my son." it was a hit with brady, and then family and friends started to get interested, too. jim says, "the idea for the business started when we found out the adults liked it just as much as the kiddid." so was born the flickboard. the name, pretty much explains it all. jim says, "you alternate turns and try to get it across - oooh, i thought you were going to score! - across their goal." sound of saw buzzing before he knew it, jim, along with his dad, jerry, were making flickboards to sell. morningside college, jim's alma mater, gave the okay to use their mustang mascot, and with the help of the university of iowa's venture school
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entrepreneurs, jim was able to get the license to use the hawkeye logo. as sports fans and local game day hot spots start to pick- up on the idea, jim hopes the uniqueness of the flickboards will make them a favorite tailgating game and a lasting piece of sports memorablillia. jim says, "they're not just games, but they're actually also wall art, so when you're not playing the game, we hope that these things will find a lasting place in your home or business, hanging on the wall." not to mention the hours of family fun... no video games needed. with chief photographer johnathan mack, jenna rehnstrom, abc9 news. jenna: jim is working to license more college logos - and has high school boards, as well. jim will be selling them tomorrow at
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we have a link to their website at siouxland matters dot com. tim: (tim) fred, what was the high in sioux city today? (fred) downtown, we had 63, and the airport reached 60! 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) peak winds gusts were 76 mph in mitchell, 71 mph in chamberlain, 61 mph in norfolk, 60 in estherville, 56 mph in storm lake, and 51 mph in sioux city. the strongest gusts locally were at
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welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre in sioux city. 60 was the high today and 38 the low. it's been a long time since we've seen 60 in sioux city--november 15 to be exact, when we saw 63. the storm lake skycam hd shows the scene in eastern siouxland. 44 is our current temperature in sioux warmed steadily we had 60. temperatures are in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. temperatures are still warm south and west of us, so you can expect another mild day tomorrow.
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pressure that rolled from sd to mn. it was a rapid pressure change behind this low that allowed the winds to stir up so much this morning. the stormcast hd shows very quiet weather over the next couple days. there may be a snow flurry sunday morning in the north or east, but there won't be anything measurable. the temperature forecast shows we'll be in the lower 30s tomorrow morning and then up into the 40s and 50s by mid afternoon. tonight, the low will be 31 with clear
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expect a high of 56 and mostly sunny skies. the 7-day forecast shows 40s sunday, monday, and tuesday. 30s will be seen wednesday, thursday, and friday. no measurable rain or snow is expected. a new three month temperature outlook was released today, and likely see above temperatures in siouxland, as well as or so of the us plus the west the influence of el nino. as it has been all winter, precipitation is locally. we have equal chances of above and below great lakes will be below normal, while the southwest will (fred)
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coming up in sports...trips to the finals were on the line today at state wrestling in both iowa and nebraska. we'll head to des
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wrestlers were in des moines for the opener of the iowa state wrestling meet. now, only 84 are left standing in the winners bracket before tomorrow night's finals. we had one remaining
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tonight...north's deion clayborne, ranked second at 170 pounds. he gets the takedown and is looking for some back points...he can't finish off the fall but he does eno win it 12-8. he advances to it will be number number two. deion clayborne--"oh it's great! i never--i mean i've always dreamed about, you finalist but it doesn't really hit actually in one." he'll battle top- ranked marcus coleman of ames tomorrow night. down to class bluff luton's brayden curry...wrestled for the 120 title a year ago as as as a junior, he'll go for the 126 championship... two of his 14 points right here as he cruises with a 14-3 major decision, setting up a championship rematch with top-ranked brock rathburn of center point urbana. brayden curry--"a lot of nights i'd go asleep dreaming about it and wake up and do something about it. this is definitely a dream come true and i'm just very blessed to be in the finals again and i know it's going to be a great match." eight other siouxland wrestlers lost in semifinal matches today between class 1a and 2a, including sioux center's elijah
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congratulations to all of them on fantastic seasons. abc9 sports reporter alex walker has been in des moines this week...he has more from those 1a semis from earlier today. alex walker--"hi guys...siouxland has talented wrestlers across all three classes...but 1a takes the cake. 15 local grapplers punched their tickets to the quarterfinals on thursday and after a drama-filled round this morning, eight kept their dream alive of an iowa state title." and we start with those 1a semis..:fifth-ranked kody berg of westwood up against the number one kid in the state at 120 and he loses by tech fall 19-3. at 145...sibley- ocheeyedan'a dylan shuck falls short of a title bid as well. the general gets pinned late in the third round. but it would get better for ranked daniel bishop keeps rolling along...the near fall here. he wins a 15-4 decision to advance to the finals. daniel bishop--"it feels great. thing i haven't done yet. and it's part of my goal, but it's not the end goal. final goal is winning that state championship. i only have one more step." alex walker--"an all-siouxland
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central calhoun number one for a reason...he gets the best of sibley o's matt naig and he is on to the finals." rylan richardson--"it means everything in the world to me. i watched my brother wrestle here 7 or 8 years ago. i always wanted to wrestle on friday night or saturday night and it's meant the world to me. i finally got it and it's a dream come true." alex walker--"in des moines, alex walker, abc9 sports. chris: it was also semifinal night in nebraska. siouxland opened the evening with 13 wrestlers across 4 classes in search of a finish atop the podium. we'll kick things off in class c at 106...battle creek's caydon mccraken...just a freshman but he wrestles like a senior...he'll go for a title on the 9-4 decision. up to 113 in class d...plainview's dominique rickard...gets the count here...he wins it 8-4...he'll go for a championship tomorrow. same class but up to 120...zac hazen from creighton, gets a huge two points right here...he needed each of them, he
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finals 7-6. up to 126...his teammate, garret zimmerer looking to join him and how about this, the fall in the semifinals...bulldo gs send two through. at 152...randolph's ew control right here, in control of the match...he takes it 7-0 and will look to improve on last year's runner up finish. same weight in class a...norfolk's caleb licking...the defending state champ comes up with a reversal here...he'll go for back to back after the 4-3 decision. caleb licking--"you know it feels awesome, just all the hard work you put in the practice room and you know all the hard work put in by my teammates just pushing me in the room, it's awesome to come out here and to be able to get my pay day i guess." finals begin tomorrow afternoon at 3 on net. chris: girls basketball teams are closing in on their own trips to state. tonight lawton- bronson hosted west lyon in a 2a regional semifinal, meaning both teams are just two wins from des moines. a great match up on paper as both teams come into the game at 18-4.
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and a half minutes in...tessa van beek...cashes in on the triple from the near corner. and she'd be great at around the world because next time down, she spots up in the opposite corner...wildcats go up 6-2. that wakes up the eagles...anna dreessen, she gets it done from behind the arc as gets within one. then check out this shot from brooke hunwardsen...the bank from the impossible angle somehow falls and they have a little momentum. that's when andee martin pulls up for three, lawton-bronson is heading to the regional final, 61- 54. 2a and 1a regional finals on monday night, lb will meet top ranked western christian who had no trouble with alta aurelia tonight, 73-39. in region 2, okoboji erased a 10 point deficit in the first half to beat nor union 56-50. and in region three, defending state champs unity christian downs ridge view 61-20. they'll play treynor on monday night. down to 1a, kingsley-pierson advances to the regional final with a 63-47 win over remsen- union. they'll take on mmc who beat george little rock 47-44...that game will be in le mars monday.
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newell fonda move on with a dominant 74-38 win over glidden ralston. they'll play audubon who squeaked past westwood 36-35. the musketeers in action tonight and the captain, ryan zuhlsdorf back with the team after missing 10 games with a concussion. we're tied up at 2 in the second and fargo, lking to take the lead...but cam gornet, able to stop the deflection before it happens and cover it up to keep it knotted. then on the other end...matt steeves, wheels around and fires dice on that attempt, but that sparked something in the squad. off the very next faceoff, logangestro rips one and conner valesano, doing the dirty work down low...and he gets rewarded for it! falling down, it doesn't matter, he sneaks it in far post. that would be your game
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight --
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from "the danish girl," oscar nominee alicia vikander. jake byrd at a donald trump rally. and music from nothing but thieves. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i hope you're ready to party. i really do. hey, you know, tonight is mardi gras. it's a big night of celebration. mardi means tuesday in french.


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