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tv   This Week in Siouxland  ABC  February 21, 2016 9:00am-9:30am CST

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the governor joins me in studio this morning. inashington, women are playing an important part in politics. i'll ask that question when she jos me in studio, as well plus, this week's nine things to know and we get started right now. >> from the abc nine news studios in sioux city, iowa. good morning. we're glad that you're with us once again this sunday. women are certainly having a goodear in politics. hillary clininn is the democratic frontrunner for presesent, even if it iss only by a fefe percentagag points and carlyy fiorinasedd eye on the gop side before ending her run for the white house just last week. both iowa a nebraska are represented byby women in the u.u. senate and in fact, coming up later this morning, i'll be joined by nebraska republican
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to give as an upde from washington lit and in the iowa state house, both chambers guided by women while the lieutenant goverernor has held the posititi sin 2011. we're fortunate enough thi morning to have lieutenant governoror kim reynolds to join us this morning. >> good morning. it'sood to be here. >> exciting time for politics in iowa. >> i refuse to look back. i love the momtum. we're moving forward. it's great to see women in leadership and you just mentioned, not only united states senator, but president yoakum as well as speaker up miles an hour. i think it was the first time i in history the governor said he had two women beehind him when he gave the condition of e state. so positive things are happening and they're great role models to young women and we want to encourage them to think about leadership. and i i that a lot throughy
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i think that build confidence in mow young girls take a look at the tremendous opportunities in some fields where they can make a difference. >> you used the words standing by the governonor. and if the's anyone who beeee at the governor's moesh you have, i don't know who it would be. you're side by side with a guy that's in the history books as far as his leadership. tell us about that. >> you know, from the first time he asked if i would consider running as his running meat, he's wre going a r and serve asas team. and i'veeen blessed to really have him flow throughgh with that.. so i've bn n volved inn eve aspect of the e brch, from putting the budget together to judicialal interviews, to leading trade witnesses. so while we do a lot together, and we do, and he's been a phenomenal meant or, i do a lot on my own and so does the governor. i'm six months into serving as the lieunant governor.
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mission in south korea and china. we were still in session that year, if you can remember that. and wewe had the horrirific flooding on the missourur he turned to me and said i can't go. i'd like you to lead the businesses that were participating in t t trip and i certainly had never done anything like thatt bt appreciated the confidence that he had in me to give me the opportunity to lead. and it was successful. so i got to call on cj in sth korea and the governor was there about six months later and sealed the deal and made a $2million investment. >> important deal. >> tremendous opportunity. >> you're here for a women's leadership conference rlier this week. also, the stem initiative, visiting a couple of our elementary schools here. i looked at some of the most recent numbers, and the data shows the initiative is working iowa. >> well, we've t ten a
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when we came into office was to restore iowa's leadership and education and we've really fallen into the mdle of the pack. two decades ago, we used to lead. and so we want to restorore our leadership position and most importantly, make sur that our young people have the skills they needed to be successful. so with the stem initiative, our number one goal really was increasing student interest in achievement in math and making sure no matter where they lived in the state, they had accesso the high quality, scaled up educational program that we have different programs applied through rsv pcess. considered as one of the scale up programs. but all the while tyinghat to economic development.. we want to make sure that our % kids are competitive, stem definitely there, jobs of the future. they pay more. and we know that for iowa and really this country to remain
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need the backed of the stem disciplines to bring to our young. because it's competitive thinking, problem solng, invasion, that entrepreneurialal spiritit that really iowa is knono for.r. >> when you get toet out and visit schools, it lets you see the eye balls on education and successfulul edition and that leads right into the discussn under way in des moines, when it comes to education inur state, oking for every dollar that's possible, 4, 5 % increases. roughly $150 million, i think. that the where we're going to end up or is s there still a good chce that that n number could be elevate der. >> right. it's a very tough budget here. we had a lot of difficulty puttinghisroorth because revenue wawadown. ststl, with somee newevue, it wasn't as robust, with the bird flu and commodity fries and the
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impact its had on the renewable film standards, we had a very tight budget. but we wanted to get to the level that we were at last year when we presented 2 -yearudget which was 125 and 245 supplemental state aid for the seco year. ando that was a prort when we sat down and put the budget tother. but just knowing the difficulty that it took for u us to get there, i can't imagine that we won't end up someplace close to that. but in addddion to t tt, i mean, so that's about 145 million, a little over. it full fills our commitment to the teher leadership and compensations program. there's a commitment to stem and that by.2 million to fill up the education programs coasts acros the state and then the literacyy people. so overa, with prek through 12, it's about $3.2 billion so it is a significant investment in education and really based on results so t tt we caca sttart to get the outcomes that, you know,
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achieve so that they can be competitive and successful. >> another one of those programs that's getting a lot of attentn, especially here in issue. the governor listed as one of hiss most- robust is e word i'm going to throw out there. but extending that sales tax to help provide money to our future, educational infrastructure growth and also to play some of it off with water quality and obviously with the four counties in northwest iowa that are being sued. that's especially important. you see the lukewarm welcome across the party lines, t tnk. you gotot a sense that that t uld happen? >> i think we'rere building a coalition. can it a bold, invasive idea we like to refer to it as. really thinkin outside of th box, looking at ways that we can address tw really important issues for the state of iowa and that's school infrastructure but water quality.
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three years a ago with the reduction strategy, program we put in place and we believe that's the right strategy. but we don't have a designated forcet that can get the amount of revenue we need for that to really be successful that we can get the outcomes we need. so v vy supportive, gauzeman was with us at the tech confefence en we rolled out the save our future initiative. and we continually talk about it as a framework. this is an opportunity, as i said, to not only give school districts a certain thing they need for facility planning and moving forward because it's set to expire in 2029. >> and the bonding usual. >> and the bonding becse they're running it against the wall right now. and so really fall was one of the first supintendents and asked us, could you please consider extending that. and that's when the governor came up with the e ea of
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millions to growth and the over flow would go to the watater fund. and projected to go to0 years, 2049would raise about $20.7 billn for school infrastructure. but only that addresses both point and nonpoint. soso not onlying atural issues but also some ofof our communities and this could be an opportunity to provide them resources to do the engineering design and get the treatment facilities in place to protect water quality from that perspective. so we're building the coalition. it's something. >> and that's what it takes. >> that's wha it takes. there's other issues that we possibly need to draft some of the rules for the transportation, a tremendous cost for them, that's money jt slipping away from students and educating tir students. so there may be areas that we can take the framework and continue to address a couple other issue husba. so it came out of subcommittee this wk. hopefully we can get it out of
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this is the 9th week. and it's the ways and needs of the senate so that does make the funnel proof. but i remain optptistic and we're hopeful that we can get that.. >> one other quick thing. you d a front row seat obviously in the presidential process. iowa caucuses. just briefly, you thoughts is the world really had their eyes on iowa. >> i thought we show cased phenomenal. i was proud of iowand iowans and when they show cased our state and our beautiful capital city and they were all over the state because they would follow the candidates to the other counties. we wouldld tell every one of them to go to all 99 counties and mamake their case, use it as an opportunity y to tellbout their vision and strengthen. and tell ibiz what you think is the besterson to serve as a president in t t united stateses and d e turn out, a record, it was in i think 2008, the democrats had a little higher. it was the secondighest for them and our highest. that shows how engaged iowans
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riously they take it. it brought a lot of new people to the process, which i think that's always good. so we went over the sales a little bit that'somewhat our role i i iowa. new hampshire did a little more and we'll see what happens saturday in sououth cararolina. >> talk about elections or a lot of speculation. the gobnatorial race is still down the road so i havehe ask, is this too early to starto look at that downhe ro, in the future? >> serveling iowa every single day. hopefully, i'm making my case by traveling and being accessible and working with tem. really, we're focused on this legislative session. we want to get the funding, supplemental stateid so school districts have what they need together. we want to do everything we can to save our future. this is the presidential election year and i think it's really important.
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the right individuals electedo getthis countntry back on track. and i believe we can. it's not too late. but people are concerned about $18 trillion of debt and just the uncertainty with foreign policy and the lack of leadership and it's going to take somody that can bring pele together and really make the tough decisions that need to be made. so we're focused on that and i'll keep doing. >> yeah, it't's an moner to serve as lieutenant governor. i love this state and love working with the governor and the initiatives we've had the oppounity to work on. this is a great state filled with great people, and i'm very, very p pud to have the opportunity to serve. >> thanks so much for sharing time with us this mning it's great to have you here with usus and we hope to have the chance to chat again dow the road. >> stay with us. after the breaknebraska senator deb fisher joins me to
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. we're pack with more this week in siouxland. and welelcome pack. we continue this week's focus on women and politics. spending time with nebraska's senior u.s. senator, republican
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a university of nebraska gruate beginni in 2005 and served as a 2 -term state member and then in 2012, defeated former u.s. senator bob kerry in a race forne of the states two senate seats. her current term expires in 2018. among the c cttttees she serves on is the armed services committee and ares a subcommittee on emerging threats and capabilities. good morning. we're glad to have you with us this morning. >> good morning. it's good to be here. >> we're having a busy day. >> you've been out touching base with folksks across the land. how is the discussion the i would agine it's important for you to be able to get back schemes people eye to eye, hand to hand. >> e, 'sital that i'm out traveling e state and listens to the concerns of nebraskans. plus, ii enjoy it. i love being out and traveling r beautiful state a crossing the bororder int iowa every now
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itit is just wonderful to be out and as i said, it's importavt to me. it's how i do my job, is to listen to what's on people's mind. questions they ask me. >> we'll make sure we let senator earns know she stopped by and shared sometime, as well. >> she's a wonderful addition to the senate. >> let's talk about the changes that are coming for the united stes supreme court. your thoughts today on the discussion that president obama should or should not make that appointmtmt or at least recommend somebody for the appointment. >> the presidedt nominee, that's his job under the constitutn, then it is the job then of the senate to confirm orot to confirm. i take that responsibility very, very seriously. it will be one of theiggest things that i will ever do in the united states senate. it is the generational decision
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>> so you're telling me that you're willing to make that decision on the appointment, not on a political stance that right w, from the political standpoint on the presidential racece, at least, it seems to be very politicical, not based on the rsonality and the standpoint of that appointment or that nominee. >> you know, it is very political, but cravings we've been put in that situation because of past actionsy our frie on the other side of the aisle. the senate has not confirmed a nonominee in over 80 years in the last year of a president's term. in fact, chuck schumer, back in george w.. bush's presidency in the last 18 months of president bushsh's predency, chuck schumer said that he would notookk at anymore cfirmation of appointees.
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down the rul, the precede that's out there and we'll see what happens. >> are you concerned that this could be a backash on the republican senate, it could be taken that way and come back to haunt the party? >> oh, i doubt it. if anything, it's a back lash on the democrats. i hate to be partisan about this issue, but wt i hear fm nebraska, and i've heaeard a lot of it, was about the nuclear option under harry rebd a couple years ago, the rules were broken tohange the rules. it is political. this is a major decision. this is a decision that i believe the american people must weigh in on and we're going to bebe listening to the american people on this one. >> anti-establishment candidates certainly are making a lot of noise on the campaign trail in both parties.. is that reverberating through washington these dayays or is washington as we know it have ear mufflers on?
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we're trying to do our js. and i would say to you that a lot of times, some of the noise out there doesn't really reflect what's taking place. you know, yes, this country is polarized and the senate is polarid. but i continue to look for ways to work with my colleagues on issues and we can work together. i've been successful in that. that's been one of the things that made ariority when i was elected, th i was going too develogood relationships with republblicans and demoats alike. that's the only way we can get things done. you know, i aays use cory booker as an example. here's a democrat from new jersey who's a vegan and i work with him on a number of issues and i'm a conservative republican from nebraraska and i'm a cattle ranancher. so we work on a number of things. we were just able to get a safe
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committee that i chair, subcommittee on a commerce committee dealing withurface transportation and cory is my ranking member. we worked on that issue together. hopefully, we can get that don and for the citizs in nebraska and iowa and south dakota, there's things we can work on totogether and there's going to be just areas whehere we will disagree. but we shouldn't deeminize each other, we ouldldn't make this about emotion and foehn kind of rude things out there. let's just be honest about what the issue is and where wee stand on it. >> so doeoes the campaign that donald t trump i running right now bother you at all? >> i think the republicans have some great candidates out there, and it shows the big hand of our party. this is going to be an electction that we're going to be talking about for a long time. we watch the republican debates
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>> right, right. >> but you watch the democrat debates, and the same can be said there. this is a change. this is frustration of our citizenshat is showing on bh sides. who would have guessed that hillary clinton would not be % going through a coronation? that's what t we all heard. it was goioing to be a coronation for hillary clininn. my gosh, look at bernie sanders and the following and thehe excitent with his campaign. we've seen them both, guys. >> you've come out and said you're supportg marco rubio, a follow senator frorom florida. just quickly, what is s it about him? >> i have endorsed marco rubio. i do serve on the armed services cocoittee. >hich he'also a member, right?t? >> he is not. he's on n e foreign rations mmittee and intelelligence. >> but one of the reasons i am so supportive of him is i understand what the threats are
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as you mentioned, i chair the emergiging subcommittee of the ararmed services committee. we deal with cyber security, special forces and counter terrorm. senator rubio has a deep knowledge and understanding of these threats. he understands and he can analyze information that h h receives aut the dangers in this world. he understands the globa tuation that we are facing and really the challenges that are out there and i believe that americans are looking to elect soone who will be a strong commander in chief and thas marco rubio. >> talk about campaigning, you still have a couple years until you have to make a decision, but where ar you in that process? as i mentioned, your term will expire in 2018. >> i love the job in representing nebraskans and the
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it is such an honor, such an honor for me to be there and to be able to express their concerns and their v views on the ises. i love traveling my state. we'll see what happens in the future. >> oy. >> sounds good. we really appreciate yo taking time to be with us in the studio with us this morning. safe travels and we would love to havave you ba again. >> we'll take a break and come
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. welcome back. and welcome back. enjoy the rest ofhis day. let'ss take look at this week's nine things, things you mht take note of in the coming days. innormal heart of the presentation tonight at 8:00. high school hososng a bloodod drive if you'd like a participate. 11:00 in the morning coming up on thursday.
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college in shellden hosts the iowa pork regioion. meanwhile, had football season kicks off this coming saturday. the band hosting omaha. also, sunday the 28th, a week from today, cd board sled box races. those will go on snow or no snow. if you're building aeast, make sure it has wheels. heart center has this heart e eo today from 11:00 unt 1:00. an event being held on the 4th floor ofheeart center, 801 5th stre. and free tours are all part of that this day. the 59th annual siouxlxland home show begins third at the sioux city convention center. the greater siouxland home builders association is an event running through trsday. the 12th annual siouxland film festival begins this wednesday. the siouxlandilm
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information. and topping our nine thingss to know this week, swimminin with the shshks coming up thursday night. that's the 25th. the big eventnt h local entrepreneurs makeing their pitch business ideas to a panel of local experts with a shot att $4,000nn grant money to help launch their new business. sounds like some fun. that's it for this week. thanks for being with usnd next sunday on your calendar, til then, have a great day. captioning provided caption solutions, llc www.capt (music) >>amanda: coming up, there are some proposed state laws that just won't make the cut. we're e lking funnel week. >>sabrina: and m micaid as iowans' health care becomes a divisive issue. plus court crisis. how long will scalia's seat sit empty? and why chuck grassley is now one of the most scrutinized people in politics. thanks for joining for this week in iowa. i'm sabrina ahmed. >>amanda: and i'm amanda krenz. it was an important week in the iowa statehouse. funnel
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depending on how far along that they make it in the process. >>sabrina: that's right. so here are some of the issues still alive that lawmakers tell us are still a priority this session. things like expanding medical cannabis, banning minors from tanning beded expanding secoco amendment rights, and adopting the federal tax code at a state level, regarding deductions, that is. now that's called coupling. still in play and not subject to funnel week, figuring out the state budget, and how much money to fund iowa schools. and here's something that's really dominated@the conversation: what to do about changes coming to iowa's medicaid coverage. one in five iowans is on medicaid and governor branstad has been spearheading a plan to change how it's managed. right now it's a 4.2 billion dollar statatrun program. >>amanda: the new plan is to have it ruruby private out-of-state companies and this is all on track to change over by march 1st. amerigroup, amerihealth, united health care. iowa is only days away from


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