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east. the planner chance of a light temperature will be and 34 at 10 am with i'll be back in a few nutes with a look at what to expect for tonight, and when we could see the 50s return. it's time for local news that matters! "he found stage 3 cancer through the lining or attached to something," " why a colonoscopy could have changed that, and how you can avoid the same fate. "the question was how do you resolve that, how do you address the traffic calming features " the city's ready to redo theain
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northside neighborhood... but people who live there say there's a better way. "if you get a callr an email out of the blue, it's probably not the irs." it's a peak time for scammers. how to ptect yourself this tax season. tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom jenna-tim on cam march is colorectal cancer awareness month. and since the dise preventable, we're getting in the fight. tim by getting a colonoscopy bebenning at the age of 50, mosos men and women can all but gaurantee they'll never have to fight the disease. tim with monitor so why do so many people... including me.... put off the life saving procedure ? for one ... the prep. most people have heard horror stories. but as i recently discovered, the times are changing and there's never been a better time
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" tim seaman: i'd recieved the reminder letters and answered the followup c cls before. drdrbryce robison: "t"ts is a really eat time for you to do it. just get a screen to make sure you're allright," said dr. bryce robison. "hey good morning tim" tim seaman: like alot of men, trips to see my family doc, bryce robison are only when required. so getting a colonoscopy, wasn't something i put in my planner. dr. bryce robison: "guys just dont like not having control," said dr. robison. " it's a good idea to just check it out becasue 8 out of 10 people dont ever know they have colon cancer they just dont get symptoms so thats why its pretty important to screen," added robison. tim seaman: in fact in the united states about 1 of every 22 people will experience colon cancer. 95,000 new cases are expect just this eyar. colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the united ates, with more than 49,000 deaths this year alone. but by having a colonoscopy and being screened we can avoid being a statistic. "if we can catch you in the early phases, we can take out a polyp before it ever turns into a cancer and then weve really helped you," said dr. robison. tim seaman: and it turns out,
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thths why, at times our doctors can bepretty persistant. "t"ts is something we do on a daily basis," added dr. robison. in the end, dr robison says most patients have the same conclussion.. "they say i don't know why i waited so long, it was such an easy procedure it was really no big deal," said robison. tim seaman: morningside barber ron harris has been more than 50 years. "i was fine, you're wasn't gaining weight anything like that so no everything was just fine," said ron harris. tim seaman: just like me, ron waited until well past his 50th birthday to schedule his first colonoscopy. mondayay mean tuesday and he found stage 3 cancer through the lining or attached to something," said
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tim seaman: that was in 2003. "they took out 18 inches. if i had gone when i was 55 stead of 57 probably would have been nothing more than a polyp they would have burned it off and that would have been the end of the story right there," said harris. tim seaman: instead, like too many others ron traded off the anxiety of a colonoscopy for 6 months of chemo- theropy and 28 radiation treatments. luckily, he's cancer free since 2008. his message for me andperhaps you? get it done ! "i dont know why you wouldn't. it's just not that big of a deal. the prep thing is the worst, they make grape and cherry and none if it is very good," laughed harris. tim seaman: but times are changing. from that colon cleansing prep to the anesthesia, a more user friendly colonoscopy is being done. and tomorrow night you can see for yourself when i get my first colonoscopy, and discover it really wasn't worthwaiting and riskinina trip to the e ncer center. tim -jenna on cam (chat)
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tomorrow night you will meet gastroenterologi st jeff michalak, and his staff... jenna: some sioux cityians who live on country club boulavard say they're worried about speeding in their neighborhood. so, while city leaders are working on a plan to widen that street... neighbors say that's not what they need. abc 9's bria bell has more from tonight's city council meeting. bria: was set to vote on a project to widen country from 38th street to kings highway. but residents say they'd prefer if worked on down in that area. after
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that went back and forth between residents and council members about the future of the country club boulavard road project, the board looked to the city's engineer's regarding tools to prevent drivers from speeding in the area. "that's where we got into the discussion of islands and the discussion of circles. turnabouts if you will. we took the public's input because we do listen to the citizens that live on country club blvd.and in the area and they were concerned about traffic calming," says moore. bria: city council decided to remove the item from today's agenda and directed engineers to design a product the slow traffic down. after engineers complete that task, the country club blvd project will go back to council in 30 days. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: an increase in fake money circulating in the metro has the sioux city police warning residents. tim: and although it's not a new issue, it's one authorities are saying is on the rise. police say counterfeitting is a hard crime to tackle because many consumers and businesses
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tender. and circulation of the bills makes it hard to track where exactly the fake money comes from. it's something detective bill nice says is coming up more often "it has progressively gotten worse. i've been in the property detective unit for almost 2 years now and it has literally i get at least one fake bill every day" says detective bill nice, sioux city police department. sioux city police warn customers and businesses to check the feel of their currency. and to use a counterfeit deteting pen to check large bills. jenna: of tax season... work to get all your financial documents in are working to cash in your information. tells us why experts say there's been an increase in scams this year. "(jacob) " we have seen an increase in the past years." jacob petersen has been in the tax business for about ten years - and when he first started out
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different story. (jacob) "i had a client where somebody filed on got a letter from the irs and said they got their tax return but needed more information." (karsen) isn't the first time he's heard of this kind of scam - he says recent data breaches could be to blame. (sherwin) "last year we had several hundred residents who were (karsen) of the rochester says he's seen similar reports. he says some have gone to file their taxes and the irs has their claim. (john) "it is a trend that we've seen increasing in the last couple years where people are filing taxes assuming identities of individuals." (nat) ? (karsen) just this morning - the austin police chief says they're department has had a number of reports of people getting calls from supposedly the irs - and the person claiming to be the irs - threatens to sue the victim unless they pay up. (jacob) "if you get a call or email out of the blue, it's generally not the irs." (karsen) peterson says if you are victimized to be proactive right away
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if the irs is trying to contact you - it will be by mail. (jacob) "this ar i have not seen any new cases in rochester, karsen a body was found madison county madison county nebraska just west of tilden. according to hunter discovered the body in a shelter belt on the rural land. " we honestly don't have anything to indicate foul play, but at this point there isn't anything to rule it out either. so we're just looking at this as a comptely blank slate and we'll just rely our findings on what the forensic examinations come up with." the body will be transported to lincoln to be examined and identified tomorrow. tim on cam bishop heelan high
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received it's gift in school history the $1.4 million dollar gift comes of donald l. gill, a graduate. used in part to fund the construction of an academic wing and gymnasium at the new high school with left over funds going towards college scholarships. the school's library and media center will be named after donald gill's mother, mary. jenna: it seems the iowa caucus was responsible for an uptick in voter registration over weeks. according to the secretary of state's office, an increase of registered voters was noted. 12 thousand new registrations between the caucuses and today. pushing new totals to over 2 million 1 hundred iowans registered to vote. over 46 thousand people without a party so alligned with either the mocratic or republican party in that same time. tim: a final date for the iowa utilities board to make a decision on the dakota access pipeline is set. state regulators say they'll meet on either rch 9th or 10th, to decide whether or not to give the texas based
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permit to start building a pipeline that would cut diagnally through iowa, connecting illinois refineries to the bakken oil fields in north dakota. tim: the mayor youth commission has scored a hole-in- one. students in the program have been able to raise 45-hundred dollars for a new disk golf course that's set to open at a grandview park. the 9-hole course is expected to be open just intime for this summer and will be open to all plars. "i think this is a good opportunity because it is a beginner disk golf course and not many high school students know about disk golf and they don't know there's a nice disk golf course at sertoma park. well with this one, we're going to try and get out there and push out. it's a beginner, anyone can do it. tim: nine localbusinesses donated 500 dollars each to make the@project possible. tim: don't go anywhere. when we return a touching story of a basketball team coming together to accept a classmate as one of their own after the break.
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and snow will be seen by some toght, and patchy fog may also be experienced. temperatures will remain nicicfor february. see you ter the break for the complete story. " " tim:
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ever hoped for. a high schoooo basketball team accepting her daughter as one of their own. jenna: the teenage girl has down syndrome, and the other girls went out of their way to make sure she was a part of their team. reporter gina-lisa tamayo has their story "( heidi hite / ashlie's mom ) "the girls will actually get really aggressive, when shs in the game, because they want her to have the ball." number 53 on the court, ashlie hite, is ready for the ball at her teammates see her open, pass her the ball, defend her, a clear shot, so she cheers ringing throughout the gym. you're watching ashlie's last game as an abraham lincoln high school lynx. ( ashlie hite / high school basketball player ) "go lynx." ( heidi hite / ashlie's mom ) "go lynx." as a mother of a teen with down syndromeheidi hite was surprised ashlie asked to play
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happy, but -- as any mom would -- had herer reservations. ( heidi te / ashlie's mom ) "we live in a society where not everyone is accepted at all times, and so your biggest fear is... i was going to havav problems with r at school." ashlie mom called the coach anyway. ( heidi hite / ashlie's mom ) " see if she could just be part of the team -- not really expecting her to ever play." ...and, to her surprise, she did. ( chad schaa / head coach, abraham lincoln high school ) "when she first started the program, our plan was to get her in one game. i think the last two seasons, she got in over 20 games." ( chad schaa / head coach, abraham lincoln high school ) "our girls -- obviously, you know -- get ashlie the ball, but it's so neat to see these other communities step up." the girls setting an example of what ortsmanship truly is. ( heidi hite / ashlie's mom ) "she does all their chants for them. she breaks a a the huddles." " the team, from seniors all the way down to freshman, accepting ashlie as a teammate, cheerleader, and friend. in council bluffs, ginalisa tamayo , " (jenna) fred, are we expecting a large amount of rain or snow tonight? (fred) no, amounts will be quite light, but
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patchy fog too. 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows a light mix of rain and snow scattered around eastern siouxland. the port neal welelng company skycam h h shows the scene in sioux city from the ho chunk centre. 41 was the high today and 34 the low. here's the storm lake skycam hd, showing cloudy skies. 37 is the sioux city temperature. the relative humidity is a healthy 82 percent, which sets the stage for patchy fog tonight. winds are calm. we started off the morning with fog and somewhat mild february temperatures, but it was a slow go warm much today with all of the clouds. local temperatures are in the 30s. visibility is fine for most at the moment, but we are seeing some patchy fog around storm lake, and there could be some more patchy fog late tonight. looking at the satellite and radar over the upper midwest, we can see some rain and snow in the dakotas. this is associated with the
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and snow siouxland will see tonight. the stormcast hd shows that we have a chance of a mix of light rain and snow tonight. little to no accumulation is expected. we'll see a partly cloudy daz tomorrow, then another chance for a light rain/snow mix will come on wednesday afternoon and evening. your temperature forecast is for us to be in the lower 30s by morning commute time tomorrow. we will warm the middle 30s and and lower 40s by tomorrrr afternoon. youou forecast for tonight isisor a low of 29 and a slight chance of light rain and snow, along withatchy fog. tomorrow, look for partly cloudy skies and a high of 42. the 7-day forecast shows that slight chance of light rain or snow in the afternoon and evening wednesday. breezyinds will accompany cooler
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late-week warmup, all the way to 52 saturday. then, we'll cool again quite a bit sunday and monday--back t tthe 30s. (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet.
10:20 pm siouxland teams were 32 minutes to state tonight. we'll have highlights and scores from all when we come
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week, 40 girls basketballteams from across iowa will be in des moines in search of a state title. so far, eight are decided--including two from right here in siouxland--and tonight, 16 more clinched their spots at the well. let's kick things off in a class 2a regional final, a rematch of the 2013 state championship me between
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and western christian. coach bill harmsen, in search of his fifth trip to des moines in five years on the bench. in the first...anna dreessen...dials it up from distance, three of her game-high 26...the eagles jump out to a 10-5 lead. but back come the pack...janae wynja off the nice feed, the basket and the bonus...wc goes up a pair. l-b, f fhting tough all night long...lexexbinder on the inbounds to andee martin...the eagles retake the lead. then brooke of the key seniors, gives it a little kiss off the glass...eagles would lead it after three. but western chrstian flexed their muscle late...ashtyn veerbeek...the old fashioned three point play. then karsyn winterfeld...scoo ps up the loose ball and lays it in...western comes ck to win it 76- 64...they open up with central decatur monday the defendin champs from uny ristian, looking for a third straight trip to des moines, taking on treynor. under seven to
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down 13....madelyn deitchler with the steal and the finish...treynor down 41-30.. and they keep chipping away....randi robinson off the inbounds go on an 8-0 run to t the knight lele to five... but anna kiel is a n- stopper.....pretty move on the low block and unity christian goes back up seven... under two to play now...alyssa fedders slips past her defender for the deuce...knights on top 45-39.... and they were able to hold on.....unity christian wins it 51-44 to advance to state for the sixth time in school history. "every game is a battle and you need to fight for every game, every point and every possession and those popoession are going to show up at the end of the game and they did. " "hey this time of the year, it's win and move on you dont get points for how pretty it was...and hopefully we learn from this and those will be good lesssons for us at state." unity plays west branch monday night down in des moines. and in clarion tonight, one more class 2a regional
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history. the pioneers beat grundy center 40-34 to clinch their first ever trip to state. they'll take on pekin on monday afternoon. chris: in class 1a, kingsley-pierson and mmc are a combined 39-6 this season, but are battling some history. the eagles haven't been to state since 1986 as just marcus, for kp, it's been even longer. 1967, in the days of 6 on 6 was the last time they made it to the state urney. we pick it up in the fourth quarter...alli bailey finds rachel on the baseline jumper...panthers go up 42-32. but the eagles, not giving in...brooklyn treinen comes up with the steal and sarah dreckman lays it in to get within single digits. kingsley-pierson, not phased...bailey misses, but marina keck is there on the back door for the lay in and one to stretch the lead. then this all but sealed it...bailey...from downtown...a.a one...she completes s e four point play to make it a fifteen point lead. thenor good measur..mercer puts the cherry on top with the
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to back regional final losses, kp is heading to state, 55-38. rachel mercer--"it feels amazing. i mean, we've worked so hard. these past two years we've been so close and it's just that much betterthat we made it this year. we wanted it thth much more." alli bailele-"oh it feels amazing. honestly, i mean, that's what we worked for. my freshman year and my sophomore year, we worked for it every day in practice. it's a team effort out there and i love it." kp takes on springville next monday afternoon. newell-fonda, looking for yet another trip to state tonight as well taking on audubon. mid-second quarter....dana burban attacksthe rack for thewheelers and gets it to fall...audubon down 25-19. then its maddi morenz for the 'stangs....newell- fonda up 34-23...... the defending champs well on their way to a return trip....kate christiansen with the offensive board and putback....they win it 64-57. newell-fonda
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afternoon. chris: over on the boys side, class 3a and 4a teams opened up their journey to the tourney tonight, that slate includeded rematch here in sioux city. west took down lewis central 65- 46 back in december...and what an impressive showing here...big time hat tip. to the action...a loose ball, i about get taken out, but eventually cliff mccray ends up with it and puts it up and in...west down 3 after one. but in the second...marquise bolden with the cross court pass to mccray...that ties it up...west would lead it late, but lewis central ending the season, 75-71. elsewhere e 4a...north cruises past thomas jefferson 76- 41...they'll take on east in a substate semifinal friday night. in class 3a....moc- floyd valley got double digit scoring from four players as they took down le mars 72-48. they'll play heelan on thursday night. the crusaders got a 76-70 overtime win over sergeant bluff luton. also in 3a...spirit ke led elc 49-7 at the half, they cruise 78-29. they'll take on storm lake thursday night...the
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spencer tonight, 72-67 finally tonight,
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - aaron paul. from "crazy ex-girlfriend" rachel bloom. and it's mash-up monday with music from kceelo & the sunshine band. with cleto and the cletones. and now, nice and easy, here's


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