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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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sacrament and st. michael's, the cathedral, which will include st. joseph, which will combine conception andnd no sioux city close - all will mass. however, 40 rural churches will be moved to oratory status, meaning they will not host mass, but will still be used for things like weddings and funerals. tim: father brent lingle (ling-gull) this afternoon at the diocese office. theyeye calling it the proposed changes are in response to declining catholic churches in the sioux city diocese and also fewer priest being ordained. by 2025, the diocese expects available full-time from 58 this year. can't perform all the masses currently held as a r rult, 40 siouxland churches in small no longer off sunday mass. father brent lingle, director of says, "we know that's
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that, but from the same perspective, we have to make decisions based on the health of our priests and our future ministries, so we can actually reacout to those individuals in a more effective way thanan maybe wewere now." jenna:a: father lingle says for people whose church is closing, they will be able to have access to a mass 20 minutes away or less. changes could take affect as early as next summer. jenna: coming up at 10, hear more from father lingle about his parishioners' concerns... and also why he feels these changes could revitalize his congregations.s. tim: the sioux city police department says they've reverd a "skimmer" device from a local gas pump. the cubby's gas station on york street is where the "skimmer" was located by a technision. it has been removed but police are warning anyone who's used the "pay at the pump" feature recently at any gas station recently to be vigilantly in montioring credit card or bank statements for fraudulent activity. folks are reminined to report any suspicious activity involving card readers whether at the pump or an atm.
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sioux city is revisting an economic project that already has 8 million dollars in state support. the iowa economic development authority is looking to re distribute funds awarded to a davenport project after the development was shut down. now the i-e-d-a is giving other participants including sioux city a second chance to gain additional funding. sioux city's economic director marty dougherty says the 14 million dollar project will improve the downtown scene "they kind of work nicely in a district, i wish the district was bigger, we're trying to fit everything in there, it's kinda tight, um it's really an opportunity for the community to tap into state resources as we have in the past, with projects like the tyson event center or the orpheum, that have been of lasting value." a new application for the city's development will be presented to the state board for approval at the end of this month. tim:
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against the decision to priativize iowa's medicaid program, hosting several town halls and rallies but there's been a large speculation about his intentions, some suggesting he's eyeballing another run at office, using the issue to get back in the spotlight. today, culver cleared up that notion. chet culver, former iowa goverr, " i am doing this becaususi care passionanaly about the state of iowa. i'm not running for office and i'm looking forward to continuing to advocate on behalf of these people that desperately need good healthcare" tim: you'll be able to see the rest of culver's interview this sunday edition of this week in iowa. airing at 9:30 that morning right after this week in siouxland jenna: depression is the most common type of mental illness in the u- s...affecting 26- peent of the adult population. tim: new research shows that people who suffer from heart attacks or strokes-- are at risk of depression. abc 9's christina gri-hall-va has more on what
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sioux city-- is doing to help get treaeaent for people with behavioral health sues. christina: tim and jenna-- the state of iowa has a shortage of mental health professionals. is working on provide treatment for those with mental health needs-- here in sioux city. latest research shows people who get treatment for life-changing conditions-- are at risk of suffering from depression. "there's a lot of evidence that suggests, you know, that there's opportunities for dealing with things like depression when you have a major medical condition like a stroke or a heart attack." statewide, iowa is experiencing a shortage of mental health professionals. unitypoint health has been working on initiatives to get better treatment for patients with behavioral needs. "we continueuto look at opportunities to reach patients oul in the community outside of the hospital setting in order to help deal with those conditions, besides the cu care setting." c.e.o. lynn wolde at unity point st.lukes in sioux city says they hope get councilorsn house in order to help
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mental illness, like depression. "this may make it feel more comfortable, you're going to your normal clinic, it's a private visit and uh, nobody knows if you're there for a behavioral health session of if you're there to get your blood pressure checked." st. lukes has what's called a 'papaial hohoitalization prprram' currently place. patien can come in and get the treatment they need without being admitted. "i think it's just really kinda making a better awareness and getting people comfortable with just talking about it. it's a natural disease, state, illness like anything else that we deal with." christina: wodle says their first goal with the initiative-- is to have a councilor at every primary care location. reporting live in studio-- christina grijalva-- abc 9 news. tim: after the latest quinnipiac was released today, it seems rubio is
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in his own state. trump netting from likely republican florida primary goers than and ted cruz john kaisich and ben carson round out the bottom of the candidates, fielding less than ten percent each. speaking of g-o-p candidates, they'll be hitting the debate stage tonight in houston texas. looking to garner pport ahead of per tuesday the republican hopefuls took time to survey the debate stage next tuesday voters in eleven states cast their ballot of support for candidates. jenna: the 88th annual oscars is just days away and to celebrate, we have e special guest t studio with us today bruce miller from the sioux city journal is with us, to get a preview of the academy awards. hello bruce. bruce: hey jenna! jenna: bruce we've seen a lot of solid
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year. who do you think has the st shot of taking home movie of the year? jenna: fan favorite leonardo dicaprio is up for another oscar, and surprisingly jenna: fan favorite leonardo dicaprio is up for another oscar, and surprisingly he hasn't won best actor in his prestigious career, any chance he'll
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bruce? bruce: jenna: and be sure to tune in to all of our oscar coverage right here on abc9 this sunday starting at 5:30. network coverage starts at six. coming up a long time land mark in des moines is under some pressure. why donut king may be dethroned. details after the break... (fred) a warmup is coming, and it will be sunny, too. but do we have any snow chances? the forecast is next.
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there for the past 50 years. but they've got a problem at donut king these days. reason being is that the building that's housed the bakery has been bought, and developers are looking to change the store into a different business. it's a dillema that's got the long time owner of donut king scrambling to find a new place of operation. "i thought maybe we had until ththend of the year minimum, you know, maybe the first of next spring. but obviously he decided to jump and do things quicker." thousands of people across iowa have gobbled down treats at donut king. and word has spread among lou's loyal customers, and now they're helping ououwith a go fund me page to help lou find a new venue to make donuts. tim/jenna/fred (tim)
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(fred) a nice warmup. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) a time lapse of the port neal welding company skycam hd shows lots of clouds today, but the sunshine broke through late in the day. 35 was the high toy and 32 the low. here's the storm lake skycam hd. highs over western iowa were in the low to mid 30s. highs were in the middle to upper 30s in eastern neaska and southeastern sth dakota. 34 is our sioux city temperature. local temperatures are in the 30s mainly but upper 20s northeast toward spencer and estherville. winds are northwest at 5 to 20 miles per hour. note the lighter winds to the west--evidence of high pressure moving in. the satellite and radar shows clear skies to our west where the high pressure
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east. this system continues to produce impressive storm reports for the third day in a row. in the past 24 hours, there have been over 120 storm reports along the east coast, mainly wind damage but 1 tornado. the stormcast hd shows high pressure tonight. that will calm our winds down and promote clear skies. tomorrow, expect sunshine and lovely weather. a big warmup comes saturday, but a cold front will stir up wiwis and some showers sunday. the forecast for
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and a low of 18. tomorrow, look for mostly sunny skies and 48 for the high. 63 will the saturday high before a cold front takes us back to 49 sunday. that front will bring strong winds and a chance of light rain in the morning. we'll be back in the 60s monday. another strong front will bring a chance o snow tuesday and veve strong winds. that looks to be light snow--not a major system. jenna/tim/fred (jenna) thanks, fred.
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still to come... the iowa air national guard is restoring history. by preserving one special jet. details after the break.
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debuting as a static display in washington d.c. tim: the iowa air national guard paint facility in sioux city completed the job.
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refueling wing with more on this story. jess: this vintage aircraft first flew in sioux city during the 1960's and 70's ..until it was sent to myrtle beach south carolina to be used as a training plane for pilots headed to vietnam. this plane is an f- 100 super saber jet refurbished to look like one of the f-100's that flew misty missions in the vietnam war. while this plane never saw the battle fields of vietnam,... it was used as a training vessel for pilots at the u-s myrtle beach militata base. the numbers on the plane are the originals given to the plane designating it as a sioux city aircraft...but the numbers aren't the only extraordinary feature of this plane... "it was designed as a slick-wing fighter liek this to go supersonic and it was just the new technology at the time that allowed it," says scott plambeck, ce wing commander at the 185 air refueling wing. jess: the f-100 jets were the first planes with the ability to go supersonic..meani ng, faster than the speed of sound. while theinside of the plane
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on the outside is painted to be historically accurate of the jets flown in vietnam. the next steps for this plane is to be disassembled and sent to andrews air force base to be reassembled before it's final journey to washington d-c. reporting live in studio, jesssslue abc9 news tim: the second night of the siouxland film festival will go underway shortly at around 7pm folks from siouxland and around the world will gather downtown at the sioux city art center to watch several finalist of this year's festival. tonight's event features international and art house films. coming up in sports...the south sioux city girls are just one win away from yeye another trip to state tonight.t. we'll take a look at their matchup tonight up ahead. plus...the hawkeyes lost for the third time in four games last night. we'll hear from the squad on their troubles
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this season might
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little bit of two years ago. the hawkeyes were 19-6 in 2013-14, but ended the season losing five of their last 6 regular season games. this year, iowa's lost three of their last four and is in search of some answers. hawkeye headquarter porter alex gigimo has more. alex giaimi--"a packed black and gold arena could not lift iowa to a win and for the 6th straight time.the hawkeyes fell to the wisconsin badgers." adam woodbury--"ah basketball is very mental. tonight we made to many mistakes and that's what cost us." alex giaimo--"iowa had 14 turnovers on the night many of which were unforced." fran mccaffery--"we were a little casual with the ball. 6 turnovers is too many 8 is way too many. you know against a team that's playing half court man you know we got to do better than that." mike gesell--"you know just uncharacteristic turnovers things that don't usually happen." alex giaimo--"multiple times iowa had a 6 point lead in the second half but just couldn't put the game away. the badgers also made an alarming 10 3 pointers." mike gesell--"we are just not getting the stops and not aying defense like we were that's i think that's it." alex giaimo--"the
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the fewest points in a game against wisconsin then they have all season. now iowa has last 3 of and is entering the final week of the regular season in a fran mccaffery--"they've got to understand we are not asking them to do haven't already already proven that they can play that way they just got to that way." ow that we are country and we've and it's not like that playing that way." alex giaimo--"in iowa city with your hawkeye headquarters report, alex giaimo, abc9 sports." chris: the hawkeyes rerern to action sunday at ohio state. that game's at 3 and can be seen on cbs. chris: here locally, it's a busy night of postseason basketball in iowa and south dakota, but the biggest game of the night comes just across the river in the mini dome. the top-ranked south sioux city girls are just one win away from yet another trip to state. coach molly hornbeck's squad
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fourth straight tripipo lincoln, and 21st overall, on the line.the lady cards bring in a rord of 21-1 this year with the lone loss coming to norwin pennsylvania at a holiday tournament at disney. tip off between the cardinals and lincoln northeast is set for 7. we'll have highlights and reaction from this game tonight at ten. it's time now to take a look at this week's abc9 rising star. our winner today is eight year old layla schoening from sloan, iowa--looks like maybe some soccer practice there? layla will receive a t-shirt, a framed photo and two passes to king's pointe courtesy of sign pro. chris: for the third straight season, the sioux city bandits will have a new quarterback under center when the team begins the season this saturday, but coach erv strohbeen's squad is pretty confident in their new signal caller, aj graham m it won't jusbe graham's bandits debut on saturday; it will also be his first ever indoor game. while that would be enough to make most quarterbacks feel some pressure, graham is also replacing a league mvp and stepping into the defending champs locker room. but the bandits say the pressure isn't on graham, it's on the whole team. marlon lban--"if
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years, we've had scotty, we've had lorenzo help us out here and there too, we had chuck, and they always held the defense. they've always been number one and we've always been kind of like three and four. but ultimately, at the end of the day, the pressure b be is there for all of us, just not the quarrback, the defense too." a.j. graham--"as long as i go out each game, level-headed, humble, and just distribute the ball to my playmakers and make plays as well as myself, i think we should have a pretty good chance of repeating next year." kickoff between the bandits and omaha is at 7 onon
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today's picture comes from...judy nixon in emmetsburg. she says if you're happy and you know it..then your teeth will surely show it.... her dalmation is all smiles... if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our
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jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) the forecast for tonight is for decreasing clouds and a low 18. tomorrowowlook for mostlylyunny skies and 48 for the high. 63 will the saturday high before a cold front takes us back to 49 sunday. that front will bring strong winds and a chance of light rain in the morning. we'll be back in the 60s monday. another strong front will bring a chance of
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the donald trump ce. >> could he his racy interview from years ago come back to haunt him? >> every time i do your show i get in trouble. >> then savage attack. >> i'm sorry. i'm pregnant. >> a woman so desperate for baby she did the unthinkable. >> complete shock that someone could do that. >> and erin andrews flees the couroom. >> she walks out as the secretly recorded videotape of her naked in her hotel room is played for the jury. >> then bizarre noises from nowhere. where the heck a a they coming from? >> plus charge! he's chasising the u u.s. senar. >> and welcome to the game of fame. >> the latest conttant who thinks h hs on the real game show. he's in for a big surprise. from game of fame to game of shame. >> i think you're a sleaze


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