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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  January 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm CST

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a heartbreaker for the hawkeyes. steve: it came down to one play. they were manhandled by a superior but faulty -- superior football team. andy: it started with one play. the very first play. the heisman runner-up made a statement early on in this game. the hawkeyes were playing catch-up nearly from the start. the opening pass, 75 yards or a touchdown. all in all, the all-time rose bowl record hundred over 380 yards on the game. the became the first player in rose bowl history to have more than 100 receiving yards.
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the hawkeyes could not measure up. stanford wins the rose bowl, and the hawkeyes when the season at 12 and two. >> they have for well, they have competed hard. it did not work out for us. very proud of the way the guys have done things. it goes back 12 months. this game hurts, we will learn from it, we will move on, we will improve. it certainly hurts, and it is something we will deal with. andy: talking about how this goes back 12 months, he is referring to the end of last season, where the hawkeyes also suffered a defeat in the bowl game. a year ago, this team committed to doing things differently. they paid huge dividends this year. they will learn from this, and
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we will have much more, complete highlights a little bit later in the show. steve: they will have big shoes to fill. it was my job to try and grab some hawkeye fans who were filing out of this even -- stadium. we cannot believe how much black and gold we saw, but deliver not interested in talking with us. we did get a few people to stop and give us their thoughts. >> it is disappointing to come all the way out here. we wanted to see a great game. they have had an awesome season. >> said, but a cool experience. we made that. not a lot of other teams got to
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>> taking a huge fan base already california, thousands of miles away, that is awesome. >> maybe we should have played alabama. [laughter] that wasn't what i expected. steve: it is not what any of us expected. people just and as they walked on the stadium. we will have much more from the rose bowl. this is an hour-long newscast, we will have much more. stacey: thank you. sad fans back here in iowa but as we found out, a surprising number of iowans weren't watching the big game too closely. brenton skating plaza in des kickoff. by the time the time the hawkeyes were trailing 21 to nothing the rink was full of iowans >> dvr, it's a wonderful thing, . stacey: one striking peculiarity
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iowa and no hawkeye gear to be found. >> i am a cyclone fan. >> i am a michigan state fan, i am from detroit. >> i am not into college football, i'm more of a nfl kind of kid. stacey: of course, plenty of iowans were surrounding tvs. the owner of speck decorative concrete in des moines opened up his showroom for a watch party that quickly became more of a stunned party. >> i think people were shocked right from the get-go. >> eventually most people will appreciate the season for what it was great >>. >> whatever happens, the fact we went to the rose bowl is exciting. stacey: of course, not every iowan is dealing with a painful end to a great season plenty didn't give the rose bowl a second of their attention. >> don't know, just wanted to go ice skating.
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credit where it is due. that watch party we visited tonight, was also a fundraiser. organizers kevin moreland and jason waite raised more than $4,000 for the leukemia and lymphoma society. plenty of more hawkeye rose bowl stories coming up in this newscast here from players and tournament of roses parade. walking the route with iowans this morning. catch his take coming up in a few minutes. checking in with kurtis tonight. cold temperatures, what can we expect the next few hours? kurtis: temperatures below freezing. wind blowing across the roadways with the snow. this is what it looked like at highway for near jefferson. there will be icy patches tonight, keep that in mind. especially early tomorrow morning. a bit of a cold start. the windchill saturday morning, around five degrees above zero. the sunshine warms us up quickly. at noon, we are 28 degrees. not a lot of wins tomorrow -- ei wind tomorrow.
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28 degrees with some high clouds late. stacey: new at 10, a police chase ends in a crash in north east des moines. it all started near east 42nd and hubbell after police attempted to pull over a vehicle. after a brief chase, it all ended at wayne and east washington. the driver was taken into custody. no word on any charges they may be facing tonight. a 15-year-old is facing charges in a des moines shooting. it happened yesterday afternoon in the 1300 block of east 14th street. that's where authorities say another 15-year-old was shot in the chest. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. witnesses first told investigators the victim was shot by the suspect outside the home. but investigators now believe he was shot inside. new tonight, polk county authorities say a teenager found in a pond last month near granger died from an accidental drowning. 17-year-old sam kemp had been missing for days after leaving a house party in the area.
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also found alcohol and cannabinoid intoxication in kemp's system. down to the wire. we are a month away from the iowa caucuses. kcci's vanessa peng shows us how campaigns are preparing and what you can expect. >> for a lot of us new year's day is a time to reflect and think about our resolutions but for the presidential campaigns it is the last sprint. they are going nonstop. we are 30 days away from the iowa caucuses. >> this will be quite a month i think for people who care about politics and for people who care about iowa. >> ben carson's people didn't let the first day of the year go by without telling people about the republican presidential candidate. >> we're hopping from hawkeye party to hawkeye party. >> carson's campaign manager and two other top aides resigned thursday as the retired neurosurgeon struggles in the polls. >> the shakeup doesn't shake us up, we're rock solid on the
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we've got a lot coming in the last 30 days got people from all over to tell people about dr carson and what we're going to do. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders was at the renaissance des moines savery hotel for a new year's eve party. over at democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton's campaign they tell us they're bringing in president bill clinton and other supporters to iowa. >> the important groundwork we laid over the summer, even the spring, summer, and fall, has all really lead up to this. in the last 30 days the intensity does ratchet up so she'll be here frequently in the month of january, as will other supporters. >> republican candidate jeb bush's chief strategist, david kochel, says iowans can expect more phone calls and people at their door. and of course tv ads. >> over half of voters will make up their mind this month. most voters who are talking to pollsters are telling people that you know they can change their minds. i think it gets a lot more serious here as we get closer to the caucuses.
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kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: hillary clinton's campaign is bringing in a lot of cash. $37 million raised in just the last 3 months. that brings the total for 2015 to $112 million. clinton officials said more than 60% of the donors were women. still ahead, some good news from pasadena. eric hanson takes us to the tournament of roses parade. what you didn't see during the broadcast. new year, new baby.
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2016 and hear whge, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin and sports director andy garman. stacey: despite the disappointment in pasadena, a lot of hawkeye fans got to see some pretty amazing sights leading up to the game. steve karlin is back with more. steve: there are a lot of things to do here. the festivites here in pasadena started long before the sun rose today in pasadena. eric hanson got a front row seat . he shows us the incredible sights and sounds of the beautiful tournament of roses parade. >> you want to talk dedication,
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pasadena, california. long before the sun rose, the streets were lined with diehards , still of them still in their sleeping bags. others have set up camp fires. they have been here yesterday. why? >> otherwise you will not get a spot. very dedicated. reporter: by the hundreds, and thousands, the black and gold came to pasadena for the phone to this morning's event was just a few miles away. >> i was here the last time iowa was here. the same thing, the parade and then the game. it is awesome. reporter: it started like clockwork, at 8:00 a.m., precisely.
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another sign this is no ordinary parade. they all walk up long before any roosters. >> a quarter to 4:00 p.m. to get up and out as a group. it is amazing. reporter: set up in front of every church and office building, they were quickly decked out in black from head to toe. [cheers] screaming their lungs out. contrast that with the one morning. even better, the floral monsters we saw lining the streets. i've no idea what was going to nothing like you see on tv. all of the details, all of the
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reporter: watching the crowds of soap in these rolling the humans, and you'll see how much watching this on tv, and waking up on new year's morning to grab a couple feet of curb. flowers on tv, video no idea how those. is a year-long process. reporter: every equestrian event is perfect, and the bands, one featured 75 fly girls. throw in dozens of troubles, close to 100 brass and women, and you will realize they could not have fit in one plane if they tried. offering a joy to a morning beltran the fresh start of a new year. >> everybody is happy. happy. happy new year, you know. it is fun. i didn't see anybody have any
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reporter: we're used to candy throwing practice, fire trucks, and maybe a few shriners the precision along with five-mile route, featuring thousands of hours of work all year long, is overwhelming. it was something tears. >> really awesome, it really is. the splendor and the wonder of all the flowers. the smells. it is amazing. reporter: one entry got every iowan on their feet. the spirit squad, and the marching band. if there was any question they made it big time this season, it was clear the first day of the new year. they would have hosted a party, whether we showed up or not. but being here, overwhelming the celebration with crowds from iowa, made it real.
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it is only just beginning. as a presence -- as impressive as it is to see it on television, it is so much better in person. this is the opening act to a great day in pasadena. steve: here is a little history for you. the game started in 19 oh two, but the parade itself started in 1890. -- 1902, but the parade started in 1890. the game is a sidelight to the parade. and we found a group of west central iowans, a lutheran church group that has traveled to pasadena every year for the last 13 years to help in the painstaking process of decorating the parade floats.
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endeavor that the 18 iowans take great pride participating in. we will go back to you, but you can expect a whole lot more from pasadena coming up. stacey: thank you. those parade floats or something, aren't they? kurtis: they are beautiful. week, and timed it just right. we got our airport sky camera, and it is crystal clear out there. temperatures down 25 degrees. northwest wind at nine degrees. they were gusting and pushing snow over the rural roadways. keep that in mind overnight. a pretty shot coming into our
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a little band of clouds moving through. 6:00 a.m., a temperature of five degrees. afternoon, 28 degrees with a west wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. the average high, 31 degrees. we will see 36 for a high, and his 6:00 p.m. to temperature is 31 degrees. we have some clouds in wisconsin, but look what happens when we expand the view. nothing but clear skies from montana to colorado and back east, missouri, and illinois. northeast. if you are traveling tomorrow, 40's for south dakota, down through oklahoma. 41 in st. louis. detroit will see some clouds. weak systems to the northeast, but high-pressure in control of
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pleasant weekend. here is futurecast. lenders the clouds to the northeast -- notice the clouds to the northeast. sunday we will see a a few clouds moved in. high cloudiness, and will stick around and increase as we head through the evening hours the snowpack across the midwest, from illinois and michigan, wisconsin, minnesota, the patch in western kansas and then through the higher terrain. down to 15 degrees, mostly clear, watch out for icy spots. sunshine from west when it five to 15 miles per hour. the 8 day forecast, a couple of clouds late in the day. cooler on monday, 25 degrees.
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low to mid 30's. it looks like a system could arrive on friday with a wintry mix. stacey: we are now here with a heartbreaker for the iowa hawkeyes. >> we go live from pasadena,
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>> from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. stacey:andy: welcome back. there are good college football players, there are great football players, and then there are is christian mccaffery. a beautiful day in pasadena for the rulesose bowl. sanford got off in a hurry -- stanford got off to a hurry. they throw a punch, and in not slow down. the offense all-knowing in the first half. he gets the pick, and takes it back for six. that makes it 21 to nothing.
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christian mccaffery. stanford was rolling early and often in this one. good for another touchdown. iowa would score couple of the second half, but it is too little, too late. iowa falls 45 to 60. sports director andy garman is live in california and joins us with more. andy: the day began with some of promise, so much excitement. the black and gold faithful filling the area, but we found out this was not going to be there day. christian mccaffery throwing those opening punches, and stanford just dominated iowa. they really ticket to the hawkeyes through the first half.
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really no chance for iowa to come back any race that deficit. they fall here at this rose bowl. the coaches stepped up to the microphone, we want to to be a chance to hear his comments after the game. >> first of all, i want to congratulate stanford. they are a tremendous football team, very well coached, and they played a tremendous game today. we are all disappointed of the outcome of the game today, and the way we played. with that being said, i want to say how proud i am of our football team. they have been a tremendous group all season long. they prepared well, competed hard, and today just did not work out for us. obviously, very proud of the way they have done things, it goes back 12 months. this game hertz, we will learn from us, we will move on, we will improve. but right now it certainly
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will deal with. i want to thank the people involved with the rose bowl. our expense has been first class. every part about it has been fantastic. we are appreciative of that. a tremendous experience to play in this game and competes in this game. our fan turnout was phenomenal. they have been great historically, and to have them out here supporting the team all week as of the we appreciate as well. great to see so many former players. we are appreciative of fast. to our senior class, i cannot tell you or described in terms what a great job they have done. they have walked the walk on a daily basis. they have done a tremendous job of providing leadership for our football team. there is the reason reason we made history this year. we are appreciative of all their
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i know they will do well and we will move forward as well. >> the first pass of 75 yards. future team on its heels? we had a similar situation in 2000 and. and one football game then. one play does not define the game, and we had plenty of opportunity after that to come back. but they played a tremendous game at all phases. they outplayed us at every turn. they are a veteran football team. in his team and is hard to find a more than a handful that
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we have an excellent football team. andy: he was talking about christian mccaffery. they really important", one play does not define this game, and what game does not define the season. if you are a hawkeye fan, you will get over the burn here tonight, and look forward and look back to 12 and zero, the best regular season in school history. that is easier for the fans to do rather than the guys who suited up and played. >> this is the worst loss of the season. they played flatbread this is an absolute whitewashing early on. it was baffling, considering this is the biggest game that have -- they have had all season long. and they did not have a lot to say in the locker room. >> it is disappointing.
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it is not the result you want. but it happened, and now have two learn from it. >> we had a lot of mistakes. that is something you cannot have against a great team like stanford. we did not play at all the way we are capable of. it is harder to beat a team like that. i cannot put a finger on how we just did not play to our full capacity. we have to take the consequences, because they are a great team and we cannot line bad football against a great team and expect them to produce the way they did. >> they can offering and ready to go, we came out flat. it is a combination of both. sanford came to play today.
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a big stage like this, you are excited for what you can accomplish. when it does not come to fruition, it is tough to swallow. andy: a lot of high character in this iowa team. often it's got nothing done in the first half. on defense, they were out to a 35 and nothing lead. the game was over by halftime. all three phases of the game could not have done worse. >> the headline is 342 total yards for christian mccaffery. he is an all-time record for rose bowl history. the defense stole the show because the offense never got going.
10:29 pm
hesitation on the pass, 65 yards on a pick six. it is hard to save the game is over midway through the second quarter, but it was too big a mountain to climb. >> just was not going their way at all. >> we will talk more about the game a little bit later on in the show, including stanford going for it at the end of the game with a 22 point lead. bad blood? reaction to that last touch on coming of a little bit later on. stacey: next, meet the first baby of the new year. and why the family was hoping
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arrival. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it.
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and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. stacey: a little baby girl claims the title of new year's baby in des moines kcci's rose heaphy checked in to see all 10 fingers and all 10 toes. >> everly jo butler is settling down for a much deserved nap. it's been a big day for the new year's baby. >> i think it is really crazy.
10:32 pm
gave birth to everly at unity point in des moines. pounds 8 ounces and measures 20 and 3/4 inches long. >> we were actually thinking that she was going to be born on the 31st for our tax deduction, she stayed in a little bit longer. >> long enough to claim the title with her full head of hair and dainty fingers the youngest hearts. >> she came out with this perfectly round head and these big chubby chipmunk cheeks but fat cheeks. >> as for any more babies the butler family? >> nope i think this is it. this is definitely the last one. this is it. >> in des moines rose heaphy
10:33 pm
stacey: everly barely won the title. she beat out the second baby born in the new year by 7 minutes. the mayor of johnston is running 200 miles this month as part of a community challenge. paula dierenfeld promised to run 1 mile for every bag of groceries, personal care items or $10 the community donated to the food pantry. she's already run 26 miles in 2 days. >> i kinda prepared for myself for it. we got a good response last year and i expected just from what i was hearing throughout the community that we were gonna have an incredible response this year and it has been just absolutely amazing. stacey: dierenfeld hopes to do this again next year, depending on how many donations she receives. special coverage continues at 10 from pasadena. coming up, the not-so-nice
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>> you're watching kcci 8 news. stacey: welcome back to a special extended edition of kcci 8 news at 10. it was a tough loss for the hawkeyes this afternoon. our coverage continues tonight with steve karlin and sports director andy garman live in pasadena. steve: thank you. welcome back to the rose bowl. i am in iowa city boy. i am a big hawkeye fan. i have a feeling at it end of the game stanford was running our news in it. andy: it was one of the talking points. they will be chirping about this over the next couple of days.
10:37 pm
cause some interest was how the game ended. they had a 20 point lead after the late touchdown. the cardinals did not take any with two minutes ago. they went forth, 3-d ball, a 40 yard touchdown. it may have felt a little uncomfortable for hawkeye defiance. -- for hawkeye fans. >> did you take any umbrage at the final pass of the game when they were up by 22 and went for a 40 yard pass? >> regarding the last play, our job on defense is to defend whatever they choose to run. it does not matter. that is what you do when you're on defense, and we do not
10:38 pm
steve: i'm reading expressions a little bit, but i think he is a little miffed. i think that is something that wrote him the wrong way. but he is a professional, he is little cool, he is art of to say we should have stopped it read it does not matter what they run, we should have stopped it. it will certainly bother some hawkeye fans, going forward. andy: something else that will bother them, the stanford band got in on it. steve: the stanford band has a reputation for some pretty wacky today performances. today was no exception. the performance featured a cow, and made a reference to, an online dating site. iowa fans didn't think it was too funny. they were already feeling the sting of 35-0 deficit.
10:39 pm
them off the field. espn went away from it, and the stanford band then responded from their twitter account saying glad you liked our corn show, iowa. couldn't tell, was that booing or mooing? the stanford band is known for stirring the pot. doing things like that. some controversial behavior before off the field got them banned from delivering their signature skits during road games this season. that was really a big deal to iowa fans. they did not like it at all. presidential candidate carly fiorina also trending tonight. the stanford grad tweeted earlier today, love my alma mater, but rooting for a hawkeyes win today. stacey, she's getting a whole lot of heat tonight for that one as you can image.
10:40 pm
those are a pleasant stories. stacey: thanks, steve. we will check back in and a couple of minutes. next at 10:00, connection to the past. the hawkeye fans who were there back in 1991.
10:41 pm
kevin: andy: welcome back, live outside the rose bowl in pasadena. we saw tens and thousands of -- tens of thousands of hawkeye fans coming here, hoping for a great performance. that came from the stanford players.
10:42 pm
so many great stories this week. we get back to where it all began. >> they marched this game back in 1991. >> marched, practice, parade. >> little did they know, they would be marching to the beat of the same drum. >> it is amazing. >> now they are back where it all began. >> we got tickets to the university, and here we are, all of us together. >> like many fans, the result was not there were hoping for, but just seen here was the experience of a lifetime for the hawkeye faithful. >> it was a great time for us enjoying the sights and the sounds. we will talk about the rose bowl game coming up later on.
10:43 pm
stacey: thank you. let's check back in with kurtis. a chilly start to the new year. kurtis: a little cool overnight. but once the sun comes up tomorrow we will warm up nicely. made 30's with a few clouds along the mississippi river from dubuque up towards gothenburg. sunshine in mason city and fort dodge. minneapolis, sunny skies, and not much going on across the midwest thanks to a ridge of high pressure. warmer down south, kansas city near 40. expect 40's in st. louis with sunshine. memphis near 50 degrees. a few clouds near chicago. most of the cloud cover that moved through really quickly
10:44 pm
kicked through most of the midwest is stays in sunshine. temperature of 15 degrees, sunny skies at 9:00 a.m.. 28 at noon. five degrees above are normal this type of year. occasionally bringing cloud cover, but high-pressure in control across most of the midwest. it warm up on the way for tomorrow. there is futurecast. sunshine across the state for our saturday. clear skies saturday night. we will see a slow increase, clouds moving in thicker and
10:45 pm
the clouds will hang around on monday. they will break up as we head into tuesday. clear skies out there with just a few icy spots. that snow blew across the roadway today especially on role roadways. a couple of slick spots. west wind, a good way to start out our first weekend of the new year. 30's on the way next week. it is a long way off, and a lot can change. we will keep you updated. stacey: we continue to hear from
10:46 pm
>> from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. >> welcome back. the dust has settled in pasadena. iowa fell and fell hard to stanford. sports director andy garman is in california and joins us live with more. andy: welcome back live one last time outside the rose all here in pasadena. scott will join me in a minute. the headline of the rose bowl for 2016 is a of course christian mccaffery, the pasadena -- the stanford sophomore.
10:47 pm
over 100 receiving yards on the trainday. the first player to ever do that in the rose bowl. he was absolutely unstoppable. we really had no answer when it came to trying to corral a heisman runner-up. >> he is by far the best player i've ever played against. you did a really good job of seeing the holes, and they refuse open all game long. >> a very talented football player. he finds a way to stay on his feet. he is as advertised. >> it is impossible to duplicate that on the practice field. we do not have anybody like that. he it is a tremendous football player, great balance, great
10:48 pm
a real credit to him. >> stanford coach said earlier this week that his success as a tired his third that has inspired his teammates. the guys want to block harder for him. the was the case for him, terrific locking on special teams, offense, and iowa had no answer. it is a down note for iowa. it does not ruin what happened. the winningest season in iowa history. they have a lot coming back. 15 starters return. they do lose some core guys. for the seniors it is a better way to go out on a stellar season. >> not that it'll think we didn't get our program back on track in the but you really want to put an exclamation point on
10:49 pm
>> our younger guys take the ideals and the thing that we left and the standards that we left, and they surpass that working harder. they become an even better team so they don't have an end like this >>. really just baffling the way they came out flat in this one. the offense was not there at all. nothing happened. a really rough go. the defense deserves a ton of credit for that. but they cannot win if they cannot score. and it looked like they were not even going to get into the end zone for a long time. >> a good rush there, especially on certain plays. putting some pressure on. we saw a lot of what they did on film.
10:50 pm
>> trying to stop the bleeding. it just was not our night. >> a school record 12 wins in the regular season. they lose the final two. for everyone involved out here, thank you for joining us. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the rose bowl not the only bowl going on today. two powerhouses in the world of college football went head to head today. notre dame taking on ohio state . . ezekeel elliott finds a hole, he gone. ohio state goes on to win 44-28
10:51 pm
kurtis: temperatures in the teens, early tomorrow. a nice sunshine.
10:52 pm
high clouds, maybe a system late in the week. stacey: thank you for joining us
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a big thank >> welcome stephen colbert! >> stephen: hey! ( band playing intro music )
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