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tv   CBS This Morning  Me-TV  January 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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>> the capture of el guzman led to his capture and he could soon face justice in the united states. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. using rock 'n' roll to the media. i wanted to be the instigator >> pioneer artist david bowie dead at 69. the multitalented english singer, songwriter, producer. over the course of nearly 50 . >> i'm certainly a fulfilled man. mexico has begun the process to extradite drug kingpin el chapo guzman to the united states. >> authorities want to have a word with sean penn for a secret meeting with guzman. she is married to an abuser. a woman claimed rape and also i mean, horrible things! >> secretary clinton, what do you say, though, to those who say about that portion of your
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>> it's i think a dead-end and blind alley for them, but let them go "the revenant" took home top honors. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> what an incredible honor. >> you don't need to leave your drink here. i'll put you to sleep another way. >> 1.3 billion and counting the biggest powerball jackpot ever is up for grabs. >> in california, professional surfer wiped out on a 50-foot wave. >> he survived. >> all that. >> the kick is up and walsh's kick is no good. he missed it! the season can't end like that! the seahawks are off to charlotte. >> got it away. adams, wide open for the touchdown. >> this green bay offense is rolling right now. >> packers moving on. >> and all that matters. >> vladimir putin is at it
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throwing members of russia's we bounced out!
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cardinal. mark phillips looks back at david bowie's career. >> reporter: david bowie became famous for the changes in his own character over his four plus decade career. he leaves a world changed by what he did in ways few pop stars managed. for a man known for so many images, this will be the last and enduring one of david bowie. the one from his latest album released last friday on his 69th birthday. look at me i'm in heaven i've got >> reporter: the deathbed lyrics seem he knew not only what was coming but he turned his death into his last artistic event. >> look at man. i'm in danger >> reporter: this may be the
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bowie's was a career that people first began to notice back in 1969, when people were being landed on the moon, that stopped, but bowie continued. >> reporter: he didn't just believe songs, he became the persona that performed them ziggy starbust in the '70s and not just the songs, of course, but the ever-changing looks, as he told charlie rose back in 1998. bowie was always about more than just the music. >> do you think of yourself, first, as a musician? >> no. no. actually, i find the idea of having to say that i'm a musician in any way is an embarrassment to me, because i
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i've always felt that what i do is i use music for my way of expression. i don't believe i'm very accomplished artist. >> reporter: others disagree. bowie reinvented himself as he went along with "fame" he co-wrote with john lennon he brought classic soul as a white british artist to "soul train." you can pick which david bowie you want to remember or, better still, gayle, you can remember them all. >> so well said, mark, you can remember them all. so nice to see the interview with him, charlie. you rarely get to hear his voice. nice to hear him. >> he was so aweuthentic and true. . it was beyond the music for him and a sense of understanding image. >> and it's interesting to hear the words of his latest music that was just released, the lyrics. >> many people stopped smoking
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>> we will have more on david bowie later on in this newscast. mexico off >> reporter: just a day after his arrest a rolling stone article was posted detailing a secret meeting with actor sean penn.
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chapo" review the article before it was published. this picture was taken as proof of the secret meeting between shawn sean penn and the drug lord. he describes "el chapo" as entirely unapologetic and that he has indisputable charisma. he said i supply more heroin, cocaine and marijuana than anyone in the world. >> how much heroin he sends around the world is maddening.maddening. >> reporter: penn says they met for seven hours and ate tacos at a picnic table and agreed to reconvene eight days later for a formal interview, but mexican authorities raided that hideout shorlted after shortly after that meeting and the meeting was cancelled. instead of meeting penn sent him questions with the help of an
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it's the reality that drugs destroy el chapo says in spanish during one part of the video. where i grew up there is no other way and there isn't a way to survive. the seven minutes of footage was given to the actress kate del castillo who arranged the sit-down between penn and the drug lord and the actress gained el chapo's interest and perhaps trust when she to him in 2012 writing the following. penn's travel with del castillo to reach guzman was ardarduous. they flew on two different planes to avoid detection. penn wrote just bumpy enough they took a few swigs of tequila and he noticed he wasn't blindfolded during the trip. mexican authorities arrested el chapo on friday. they say he initially fled through the sewer system after a
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he was apprehended in theentative said the actor is not commenting at this time. charlie? >> thanks. manuel manuel, in mexican. rikki klieman is with us. did sean penn do anything to make him or the actress with him vulnerable to any kind of legal action? >> sean penn certainly do not do anything that will make him vul vulnerable to legal actions. we may not like the ethics of it but the trunel is any reporter or any journalist would want this interview. as long as you don't aid a fugitive, you don't give him
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continue his lack of apprehension you can talk to anybody anyone you want. it's you say something, you do something, he has no duty to report. >> do you happen to know anything about the timing? it sounds like a hollywood movie. he is arrested and find out the interview that sean penn had done. do you happen to know, did they time it so that it was released right now? >> i don't know what the timing was but certainly it is a coincidence but a coincidence on the part of "rolling stone" magazine. >> would it have been different if guzman had not been caught? >> yes. if guzman had not been caught, certainly if not mexico, the united states jurisdictions interested in guzman would have thrown sean penn into a grand jury and asked him questions how it was arranged and where he traveled and how they met. if he refused to answer questions in a grand jury, then he could be held in contempt, then you have a court order and then he goes to jail unless he perjuries to contempt. >> if sean penn is not in legal
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the manhattan u.s. attorney is looking into the ties between penn and the mexican drug lord? >> because the u.s. attorney and the southern district of new york is very smart and what he wants to do is what any good u.s. attorney would want to do. he is not targeting sean penn. what he is doing is looking at him as a witness. if i were a prosecutor, i'd want sean penn questioned. i want to know everything about that cartel. that cartel is the most poisonous cartel in the united states of america as to drugs. that why seven jurisdictions in the u.s. want this man. >> and, in fact, he took credit for being the largest distributor of heroin. >> cocaine. >> cocaine, meth amphetamines. >> and marijuana. >> this is a good person to get off the street. >> rikki klieman, thank you so much. we will have more on this. we will take a closer look at the actress who helped sean penn get the interview.
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chap o's attention. more on that ahead on "cbs this morning." british comedian ricky gervais returned his post with insults at the golden globes. some thought the show felt bogged down but the night came with surprises including big wins for leonardo dicaprio, yea, and kevin frazier from "entertainment tonight" is with us from the studios in los angeles. >> it was a busy night for the censors but the members of the hollywood foreign press association who hand out the golden globes also made room for some surprises during the three-hour telecast as well. >> and the golden globe goes to leonardo dicaprio. >> leonardo dahicaprio picked up his third golden globe for "the revenant." and is also for the best director. >> we emerge in the elements of this and that type of cinema is what i want to see more of in this industry.
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share a moment with his "titanic" co-star kate winslet who won best supporting actress for the film "steve jobs." "e.t." spoke with her back stage. >> i'm happy and very shocked and completely overwhelmed. >> right. let's do the math. >> reporter: "the martian" raised eye borrows when it was put in a musical or comedy category where it won best motion picture and actor for a star, matt damon. first golden globe for him since winning 18 years for "goodwill hunting." >> do you think "the martian" is a comedy? >> no, it's a musical and i think the 18-year gap with me was me working on my singing. >> i'm jay law. >> and a shoe. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence and amy schumer were rivals in the best actress in a comedy category with j-law coming out on top.
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>> shut up! you justing pill popping sexual deviance gun. >> reporter: ricky gervais was back bringing his brand of bleep humor and putting the networks on its toes. >> i've changed tonight. not as much as bruce jenner, obviously. >> reporter: she handed out cookies for playing cookie lion on "empire." these trophies and things represent to me the people i'm affecting. i've affected people enough to say, hey, you want to give you a trophy. i want to recognize you. >> reporter: sylvester stallone had to be told by a reporter back stage he got a standing ovation after winning best supporting actor for "creed." >> i don't expect it at all. i was standing up in shock. really? >> reporter: that was a great moment.
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golden globe. and mr. robra was a big prize winner and christian slater for best supporting actor. mowsart in the jungle and crazy ex-girlfriend were also winners. more on that in the next hour. >> that standing ovation was a nice moment for sylvester stallone. >> and well deserved. thu thank you, kevin frazier. the democratic presidential race is tightening this morning in the first two voting states. a new poll shows hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by just three points among likely voters in iowa. the caucus is three weeks from tonight in iowa. in new hampshire, sanders leads clinton and voters go there eight days after iowa.
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ted cruz leading donald trump by four points but trump has a 16-point lead in new hampshire. marco rubio and chris christie in a close race for second place. major garrett is in washington with how the candidates are sharpening their attacks again. >> reporter: the republican race for the white house, two distinct plot lines are emerging. trump and cruz are battling for supremacy in iowa. john kasich may enter that ring but for now he's on the outside, looking in. >> what is going to happen is the other side will bring a suit. >> reporter: in reno, nevada, donald trump warned that ted cruz's birth in canada to an american mother makes him a bad election gamble. >> now he is a natural born citizen? some people say, i don't know. honestly? with we don't know. who the hell knows? >> reporter: trump has been birther badgering cruz for nearly a week.
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release his mother's u.s. birth certificate and the candidate to deliver this passionate response. >> by virtue of being born, was never naturalized. it was the process of being born that made me a citizen. those are the facts. the law is quite clear. >> reporter: cruz said some candidates, meaning trump, can't handle the more substantive debate. >> they want to, instead, encourage the good people of the media to go down rabbit trails and enengage in circus side shows. >> reporter: trump opened up a new line of attack. >> by the way, ted cruz has a lot of money from the oil interests. >> reporter: cruz, who seeks to abolish all tax subsidies for energy denied trump's charge. >> our campaign has, to date, raised over $47 million. and that has come from over 690,000 contributions. those are the people to who i'm accountable. >> reporter: the feud between chris christie and marco rubio would this fighting for second
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>> chris's reportcord for republican is not what we need. he has personally given a donation for planned parenthood and a supporter of gun rights. >> reporter: on "face the nation" christie confronted two of those charges. >> i never contributed to planned parenthood. i will not i stand with any personal interest group and give them a blank chest. >> rep four years. the dow plunged more than a thousand points. > first on "cbs ththis morning," a pla life saving new technology for cars.
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auto show. cold wind chills below zero across the area. highs will be slightly warmer than yesterday near 24. a light dusting of snow moves through overnight followed by more arctic temps tomorrow. temps quickly rebound for a couple of days and there will be some melting before some rain or snow moves back in for the end of the week. have a
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a mexican actress is commanding the world's attention this morning after she may have unwittingly helped take down el chapo. >> ahead what we are learning about kate del castillo. the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by walgreens.ner of happy and healthy.ou're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. we stop arthritis pain,
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italian police search for clues in a mysterious death of an american woman. ahead, the message she may have left behind. tomorrow, we now 7:26... kcci 8 traffic! any accident locations are plotted on the map. your mobile speed unit locations are listed on the map.
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minnesota vikings fans are probably still mourning today. it was a stunning loss to the seahawks yesterday. kicker blair walsh missed a 27-yard field goal that could have won the game in the final seconds. people couldn't believe it. seattle escaped with a 10-9 victory to advance in the playoffs. devastated viking fans posted
7:25 am
over social media. >> i'm not watching. >> no way! no way! [ screaming ] >> oh, my god. >> he missed it! >> are you kidding me? >> there was a lot of that. >> people were upset. the game was the third coldest in nfl history. >> that is what happens in playoff time. >> i feel for blair walsh today. people got to remember, i guess now is not the time to say, "it's just a game." >> not when you lived for it all year to watch your team win the super bowl. >> people in seattle were looking up and saying, thank you, god! >> i feel for you, blair walsh. but congrats to russell wilson and the seattle seahawks. coming up in this half hour, the spotlight on a mexican actress but not for her latest
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kate del castillo played a role in the interview with guzman and sean penn. >> plus an american woman apparently strangled in her italian apartment. the clues left behind have police puzzled. we will show you how this draws comparison to another profile murder in italy. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports on the political jockeying over efforts to deliver supplies to starving syrians. today eight convoys expected to depart for syrian towns. this morning humanitarian group loaded food on to trucks. the syrian towns are caught in fighting between government troops and rebel fighters. tens of thousands of residents have no access to food and medicine. "the washington post" reports on the pope's call for a bold and creative response to the global migrant crisis. pope francis acknowledges a massive influx is a difficult burden for europe but he says
7:27 am
francis says that europe should be able to balance protecting the rights of its citizens and helping migrants in need. >> the new york "daily news" reports on four teens in custody for allegedly raping an 18-year-old woman in a brooklyn park. the suspects were scene on a store surveillance video before the attack. police say the victim was with her father when the suspects approached them. one pulled a gun and ordered the father to leave. when he returned the suspects had already fled and one of the suspects remains at large. police in philadelphia received a warning that a threat to them is not over. last week, a cop was shot in his patrol car. police say the alleged gunman edward archer confessed to the attack in the name of islam. a female tipster told police that archer is associated with three men with radical beliefs. officers are tag the warning seriously.
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by uber and varies by location. they say they lowered the prices in more than 100 cities and to boost the rides taken in the winter slump when the business slows. the capture of el chapo is putting the spotlight on a mexican actress kate del castillo helped broker sean penn's secret interview with the fugitive drug lord. mexican officials say that helped track guzman down. don dahler looks at this more. >> reporter: kate del castillo is one of latin america's once well-known leading ladies and known as one of its 50 most beautiful people and has a natural for portraying mexican underground leaders and el chapo, she is a big fan of his. many americans know that kate del castillo. >> don't interrupt me. it's impolite and that mikes me
7:29 am
>> reporter: as a mexican bombshell in a hit tv shows. >> next time, you might want to hire someone who do work for me and mad at you for rating them out. >> reporter: two years later, she starred as a drug lord in a blockbuster, "the queen of the south." this is the managing editor for variety latino. >> i would say she is kind of like the jennifer lawrence of mexico. she is known for being a strong, powerful latino woman. >> reporter: against human trafficking in r she posted an open letter on twitter urging el chapo to borne all of those whore houses where women are worth less than a pack of cigarettes and she added you would be the hero of heroes. that caught el chapo attention and the two reportedly began communicating after that post. del castillo apparently wants to make a movie about el chapo's life and arranging the interview with sean penn. and even serving as the
7:30 am
translator. del castillo has also intermediate videos for the humane society. >> i love animals. i have a pet myself. >> reporter: last year, she launched her own tequila line called honor which she and penn drank on the plane on the way to the interview. del castillo's association with el chapo they say will hurt her popularity. >> this is a great, great opportunity for her and for her career. not only in the u.s., but also worldwide. >> reporter: del castillo was cast to play the first lady of mexico in an upcoming series for netflix. she has not been arrested nor charged with any crimes because of her dealings with el chapo. a spokesman for the actress told "cbs this morning" she had no comment at this time. >> now we know the jennifer lawrence of mexico. she is big. now we know who she is. thank you, done. police in italy are trying
7:31 am
the mysterious death of an american woman. florida native ashley olsen was found dead over the weekend and police say she had bruises around her murder. the italian police vowed to give it what they called maximum attention. able ashley olsen's body was found on monday because the he had not heard from the florida native for three days. according to local reports she was found naked with scratch and bruise marks on her neck but no initial evidence of a sexual assault. this is her last social media post. but if it holds a message, it is unclear to say the least. what is known makes this a mystery worthy of a novel. the case so far by italian
7:32 am
with a female friend and someone on her computer until friday and believed to be killed that day. no sign of forced entry into the apartment. black restraints were found near the body and no suspects, so far. ologies olsen and her artist boyfriend had argued but police say he has an allah buy. she worked as a part-time babysitter and seen in the neighborhood watching her dog and he was in the apartment when the body was found. >> whoever did this to her, i hope they get what is coming to them. >> reporter: this lady has known ashley olsen the last 13 years. >> she loved italy. she was an adventurist. >> reporter: the video ad she helped a friend make for a device to hold on eyeglasses based on a kind of james bond theme, would seem to back up both characteristics. >> anyone who met her loved her. >> reporter: the case is already being compared to another murder
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. first on "cbs this morning," we are breaking the news of a
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that could dramatically reduce crashes on our roads. transportation secretary anthony fox talks with our kris van cleave with about the technology he wants in every car sold in the united states. kris is in new york with the auto show where this is expected to be a hot topic. >> reporter: v 2 v is designed so this car can talk to every car on the road multiple times a second. alerting a driver to a potential draining he or she might not be able to see yet. the department of transportation is taking a key step to making it a requirement for all new cars. equipping the country's cars and trucks with so-called v 2 v communication will essentially allow vehicles to see each other and warn of a potential danger well before a driver sees it. transportation secretary anthony fox. >> our goal is to see this
7:39 am
we know that it has the capability to help us avoid accidents that currently happen today. we can expect potential impact of up to 80% of crashes today avoided because of this technology. >> reporter: in 2014, more than 32,000 people died in traffic accidents on u.s. roads. the newly proposed rule will call for standard v2v technology phased in over period of years and when do you see enough vehicles on the road that v2v is a reality? >> i think you'll see immediate impacts in the sense that -- that cars with this capability will be able to -- to have some of the safety enhancing features right away. >> reporter: v2v uses technology
7:40 am
in cloxse proximity to allow a driver to change a lanes or about a hazard ahead. already some cars come with blind spot detection and automatic braking to avoid some collisions. it may be able to communicate with stop signs letting drivers know allowing until an upcoming light changes. jamie kitman is a new york bureau chief for "automobile" magazine and agrees the life saving technology but believes a number of years before issues like security against privatery are fully addressed. >> you will be able to track like never before with specifity like you've never been tracked and is a good use of charting traffic flows and most of the data being collected by private corporations and they will seek to use that to their benefit. >> reporter: the auto industry is expected to support this legislation. early cost estimates have it at
7:41 am
expected to drop over time. gayle? >> thank you, kris. 164 million are expected to struggle with sleep. ahead why some solutions may make you even more tired. plus vladimir putin goes to the mat. what happened when he sparred with the national judo cold wind chills below zero across the area. highs will be slightly warmer than yesterday near 24. a light dusting of snow moves through overnight followed by more arctic temps tomorrow. temps quickly rebound for a couple of days and there will be some melting before some rain or snow moves back in for the end of the week. have a great day. announcer: this portion of "cbs
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posing his bare chest.
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hard feelings after he gets up and fixes his outfit but nobody can find her now. >> no, that's not true! >> no, that is a joke. shea is she's fine. i don't think a guy would do >> i agree. intention flight? lady gaga's eye raising moment when with she walks past lee march dough dicaprio. made quite the face. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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your weather after the break! you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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good morning. it is monday, january 11th, 2016 good morning. it's monday, january 11th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, including the messages in david bowie's final album. joe levy helps us reflect on the rocker's impact on music and culture. first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> david bowie became famous for the changes in his own character.
7:53 am
>> according to a u.s. law enforcement source, mexican authorities worry ep chapo could bribe his way to another escape. >> any reporter, any journalist would have wanted this interview. >> it was a big night for "the martian" and jennifer lawrence. >> thank you. david, i love you. >> donald trump and ted cruz are battling for supremacy in iowa and chris christie and jeb bush are fighting to be the alternative. >> this time they have already seized her cell phone and computer and are going through surveillance video in the area around the crime scene. >> it is designed so this car can talk to this car and every other car on the road. now, the department of transportation is taking a key step to making v2v a requirement for all new cars. >> hi, i'm eva longoria, not ava mendez. >> and i'm america fresh aira,
7:54 am
>> and neither, neither one of us are rosario dawson. >> well said, selma. >> thank you, charro. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. david bowie is being honored this morning as a true original and the best there is. >> his spokesman said he died sunday surrounded by family. he had quietly battled cancer the last 18 months. >> his latest album was released friday on his 69th birthday. in a 1998 interview, bowie told charlie his relationship to music was complicated. >> i can't really say that i enjoy music like painting. it's not like sex or something which you can kind of really enjoy. it's important. there's something -- there's
7:55 am
that makes me really quite angry about going through the process of both making music and doing visual arts. but, you know, i guess that's my problem. >> no, but let's deal with your problem. >> but if you deal with my problem, i might not be able to do these things again. i'm wary of analysis. >> yes, sir, but let me point out to you, knowing your history and knowing your family and knowing your background, you have always, always resisted any suggestion, i want you to look over this way when i'm talking to you. >> i'm staring deeply into those eyes. >> i know you are. >> what's this about? >> you have always, always resisted any notion that this creativity that you have comes from any sort of dysfunctional or madness -- >> i think i've often wondered
7:56 am
any way, any nature, is kind of a sign of a certain kind of dysfunction, of social dysfunction anyway. it's an extraordinary thing to want to do. >> joe levy, a contributing editor of "rolling stone" is with us. welcome. >> good to be here. >> so talk about david bowie. >> such an incredible artist. despite what he might say about not thinking of himself as a great musician, we all did. but he was a curator. >> we did because? >> we did because he set the bar. he showed the way. so often he blazed a trail. he was a curator. he looked around, he saw what was most interesting, most avant-garde, most edgy in music, in fashion, in poetry, in stage performance, and he brought it into music, changing time and time again, setting a way for so many different artists. >> joe, his last album that he just released on his birthday,
7:57 am
>> this is an amazing thing to think about. he had battled cancer for 18 months. he knew, north polene of us did, this was private. it allowed him to craft a final statement, a statement about mortality, and to let it be received without knowledge of that, to be evaluated as independently art on its own. and now just a few days later, it rises up and serves the purpose of lazarus. it rises up and takes the place of the man and we all acknowledge it is a remarkable thing, a fearless thing, an unusual thing to make art that faces down your own mortality in this way. >> why was this so much interest in his sexuality? >> well, you just saw a clip of him flirting with charlie, so perhaps charlie can best answer that. because he was fearless there as well. he was a trail blazer in the early '70s, saying i am bisexual at a time when many people did
7:58 am
let alone what it meant to be, to feel that way, to act that way. he set his own convulseimpulses free and blazed a way for many other people to do the same. >> it's interesting the people that are responding. madonna said the great artist changed my life. kanye west, david bowie was one of the most important inspirations, so creative, he gave us magic of a lifetime. how would you say he changed the music industry? >> there would be no madonna or lady gaga without david bowie. how great was his range? kurt cobain was a fan, kanye west was a fan. we're talking about a wide variety of music across generations, that is amazing. >> i think the cure 8ing thing is an important point. somebody who defines who we are. >> we look at curation as so important around us.
7:59 am
all these things that weren't rock 'n' roll and saying all of life, everything is all part of my art. i'm going to give it to you. i'm going to arrange it in a way you've never seen before and it was jaw dropping. >> joe, nice to have you here. a lawyer for the drug lord el chapo says he will fight extradition to the u.s. this morning mexico has started the legal process to send him here for trial. joaquin guzman was first arrested in 1993. that was followed by a series of escapes and recaptures. the world's most wanted drug dealer escaped from mexico's top security prison in july, 2015, but he was arrested on friday. >> american officials confirm a meeting between guzman and actor sean penn helped lead to this arrest. penn interviewed el chapo back in october. the actor wrote about their seven-hour encounter for "rolling stone" magazine. he described the notorious drug lord as entirely unapologetic. el chapo is being held in
8:00 am
in july. an american law enforcement source says mexican authorities are concerned he could escape again by bribing people. el chapo escaped last year through a mile-long tunnel that began in a shower stall. on "60 minutes" last year bill whitaker got an inside look at el chapo's tunnel system. >> reporter: the thing he worked hardest on was making sure that he could always get away. chapo was the first mexican drug terrific trafficker to hire architects and engineers to build elaborate tunnels, complete with railways to ferry drugs under the u.s./mexico border and he spent millions adapting them to use as escape routes from his many hideouts. >> this is very tight, very hot, very close. >> reporter: we went down into a labyrinth of interlocking tunnels with the mexican marines who chased him. this was one of the ways chapo was able to elude capture time and time again.
8:01 am
chapo will be extradited to the u.s. in the next four to six weeks. hollywood's golden night highlighted some of the best television and film. leonardo dicaprio took home a golden globe for his role in "the revenant." others included some newcomers. kevin frazier from our partners at "entertainment tonight" was there last night and he's got reaction from the winners. >> reporter: the survival saga upset the early favorite spotlight and made months of punishing location shooting all worthwhile for its director and star. >> i was excited about going on this journey with this man right here. and this is a type of film that you won't see coming out of the hollywood studio system very often. it's a major -- it's an epic art film. >> you need a great partner to do a journey like this. you know, it's almost -- you know, to climb a mountain this high, if you don't have the right partner, you will die. >> matt damon, "the martian."
8:02 am
"the martian" and matt damon. when he arrived, he had to tell security that he lost his original ticket. >> i love that you're carrying your ticket. >> they printed this out. they said where's your ticket? i said i must have left it in the bar. we'll have to print you another one. so i'm holding on to it for dear life so that i can get in. >> lady gaga. >> reporter: lady gaga proved herself as a social media superstar. of the estimated 4.4 tweets about the globes the most went to gaga and her breakthrough as an actress. >> i want to show you something. >> what does this moment feel like? >> it's moments like these that i'm catapulted back to my apartment in new york when i had just a keyboard and a mattress on the floor. and i remember working three jobs to pay for demos and go to auditions. this is just a total dream. >> reporter: lots of eyes on jennifer lawrence and amy schumer.
8:03 am
wreck" star whispered in her ear. she said shut up, just go. jennifer would be wise to take a cue from kate winslet who won for "steve jobs." >> i've been acting in films for 23 years. i'm an old lady. i need glasses to drive my car. and these moments mean a great deal. >> everything i got has moved on. >> reporter: got to tell you the biggest cheer of the night erupted when sylvester stallone won for "creed" once again bringing back rocky balboa. sly told us when he's writing, he actually talks to his most famous character. >> adrian! >> to tell you the truth i would approach the world this way and before you know it, even though the majority of it is silly, just that much comes out of it and you go thank you. thank you so very much. >> hey, kevin. people were really happy for sylvester stallone, jennifer
8:04 am
but let's talk about there's always so many surprises. there were a lot of new shows and new people most of us hadn't heard of, like that show "the robot." i'm now very curious about that. >> reporter: you're right. there were lots of shows. let's start with the crazy ex-girlfriend. it is the lowest ratest series but rachel bloom's winning could help that show's numbers just like gina rodriguez's win last year. for "mr. robot," the show is slick, cinematic and smart. it is a show that you will want to sit down and binge watch. some homework for you, gayle. will paul was on public television last year. and then there's mozart and the jungle from amazon. a lot of people haven't seen it because everybody thought jeffrey tambor was a natural winner so there's so much great content out there. remember, thursday the oscar nominations come out, so i mean it's not going to end, gayle. there's a lot of things
8:05 am
entertainment world. >> if they could just figure out a way to make that show a tight two hours. it's too long! >> you have your homework now. you have your homework now, gayle. >> i will do that too. thank you, kevin. you can see full coverage this evening on "entertainment tonight." please check your local listings. a real check on the products designed to help us sleep. good morning. bundle up for cold wind chills below zero across the area. highs will be slightly warmer than yesterday near 24. a light dusting of snow moves through overnight followed by more arctic temps tomorrow. temps quickly rebound for a couple of days and there will be some melting before some rain or snow moves back in for
8:06 am
the largest lottery in u.s. history is now valued at $1.3 billion with a b. we'll look at how buying more powerball tickets could affect your odds of striking it rich. it mize surprise you. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." plan how aben i had three events in one night? well, i've been working on my new superhero move all day! we're non stop, we've gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat.
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8:08 am
if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting.
8:09 am
the world's largest lottery jackpot is up for grabs. wednesday's powerball is valid at $1.3 billion. that is a lot of cash. jericka duncan reports, lottery officials expect that number to grow. >> reporter: at 1.3 billion is currently the largest in the world. too big for some billboards and too hard to resist for those who rarely play. >> i normally don't buy lotto
8:10 am
o defied its own odds on saturday night after it failed to produce a winner. >> it is lucky 13 tonight. >> reporter: even though 75% of the nearly 300 million possible number combinations were sold. you got 20 tickets. were those all for you? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: doug evans decided to try his luck more than once this time. the odds 292 million to 1, the chances of winning don't necessarily increase the more you play. >> you may see yourself as getting closer to the pot but you actually are not. the more frenzy that there is, the more tickets that are sold, the longer the odds become, which works against the hard working americans who are buying those tickets. >> reporter: in 2014 alone, americans spent more than $70
8:11 am
critics claim those who play the often are the once who can least afford it. >> reporter: when you see numbers like a billion dollars or a billion three can you understand people's enthusiasm and desire hope they could be the one? absolutely. but at the end of the day, it is real money and it adds up. >> reporter: if you actually win and you decide to take that onetime payout, you're looking at about $806 million. but, norah, that is before taxes. >> yes, yes. before taxes. an important point. >> you can afford the taxes! >> that's true. >> kind of discouraging. high. i'm still buying a ticket. >> you haven't bought one yet? >> you have to buy each time. >> each time, yeah. on a morning we remember david bowie, another music icon comes right here to studio 57. we will talk to russell simmons and ask him how his own musical new stage. you're watching "cbs this
8:12 am
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8:15 am
the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. a suspect in the string of high profile jewelry store robberies caught on camera is expected today in federal court. the fbi says she was arrested near atlanta and they say she jewels. south.
8:16 am
they say she once might have been an aspiring model. >> they caught her. she is behind bars. we are in the toyota green room with russell simmons and "consumer reports" lisa gayle. did you have trouble sleeping? >> not at all. >> a vegan and he medicine tats. >> they don't now 8:25! we are an hour and a half away from the gavel signaling the start of the 2016 iowa legislative session! lawmakers spent the weekend bringing belongings into the statehouse. several told us education funding will be another big topic - and the session will likely go long again this year. three weeks from today are the iowa caucuses - new polls show
8:17 am
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i looked up and he was gone. >> george! >> george! >> oh, my gosh. george? >> he's not dead, mom. >> you gave him sleeping pills? >> good-bye, george. see you next thursday. >> george? >> martin short. just like steve martin's george
8:19 am
many say they have trouble falling or staying asleep. why common indication maymedications may not help as much as you think. russell simmons is in our toyota's green room. plus how going vegan he says changed his life. that is ahead. . time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports on a show of force by the united states military following north korea's claim it tested a hydrogen bomb. on sunday the pentagon sent a b-52 bomber on a low level flight over south korea. "the washington post" reports on wringringling brothers and barnum bailey retiring their elephant act. the animals will be permanently
8:20 am
many cities and counties have passed anti-circus and anti-elephant ordinances. michigan state police expected to begin delivery of water to residents in flint starting tomorrow. the city's drinking water was contaminated with lead when it switched the source to the flint river in 2014. last week, the governor declared a state of emergency there. state troops will now hand out water bottle and water filters. a legal fight on an ad campaign that compares yogurt to danon and yoplait. the woman is seen tossing out the danon and yoplait in disgust. yoplait called it a disgrace. i actually noticed those ads. >> see why people would be upset too. "variety" reports on the
8:21 am
going on the market but it has an unusual condition. the asking price is more than $200 million but it comes with a resident! 85-year-old hugh hefner wants to continue living there until his death. the 29-room home sits on five acres and features that famous swim pool with a gratto where "playboy" bunnies party with celebrities. >> ever been there? >> never. but i've always been curious. have you? >> no. >> norah? >> no, i haven't. >> how do we feel about it going on the market but hugh gets to stay? >> i'm sure there is -- maybe the "playboy" bunnies come with the $200 million. los angeles times reports on "the force awakens" breaking another record. in china it grossed $53 million and the biggest opening in china's history.
8:22 am
producing movie ever. sales 1.7 billion. about half of all americans have problems getting enough sleep. consumers spent an estimated 41 billion dollars this past year on sleep aids and remedies and that number is expected to hit $52 billion by 2020. lisa gil is the deputy manage content editor. good morning. >> hi. >> this is a great idea. so many people struggle to sleep. why is the problem growing? >> more americans work more hours than ever. we can see that about 20% of americans work 60 hours or more a week and can see they are spending more time on their gadgets and homes trying to help their kids do homework. we are giving ourselves less time to sleep and turning to expensive products that may not be helpful. >> working as long as we do and
8:23 am
people are turning to medication. good or bad idea? >> we surveyed americans and it turns out a majority of people take -- have taken the last year some kind of sleeping aid, whether it's a prescription or over-the-counter. the thing is we have done several analyses that show on average, about drugs like ambien are only effective maybe -- you get about eight to 20 extra minutes of sleep. >> really? >> for some people, if you've had insomnia a long time that eight minutes might mean a lot to you. we don't discount that, but it's just not as much as possess people think. the flip is they can cause next day dousiness and our study showed a lot of people take these without the right amount of time to sleep.
8:24 am
companies and they did not get back to us before this. >> on one of the labels, for ambien controlled release and others, 20 milligrams and suggest you don't drive within 24 hours of taking the medication and most people don't realize that and how serious it is. most people who take a drug like this you're twice as likely to get in a car accident. >> let's talk about the gadgets. do they work? >> some of them -- >> what are they? >> a whole bunch. we looked at what is out there. the glasses that you're looking at right now, the theory behind these they block blue light that is emitted from your phone or your tablet or your computers that people use. if you didn't use one of these glasses -- >> charlie has more color. that seems like more effective than what norah and i have. >> the theory by blocking this blue light, it will help with the melatonin hormone that helps regulate your sleep by blocking the blue light.
8:25 am
correctly. >> i would start with the fact you ought to sleep in a perfectly dark room. >> right. >> you know? and there is no noise. >> right. >> right. >> you said you sleep well so that must be what -- >> i do, indeed. and it's cold as well. >> those are called sleep hygiene and everything from the temperature of the room to how dark it is. >> is colder better? >> i don't like cold. >> it depends on you. >> i don't like, cold, charlie. i'm not spending the night at your house. what about white noise? >> the white noise appears you can get for free work quite well. some of those we tested were 50 or 60 dollars. white noise app sounds like a machine and they could be very good too. if you like white noise, they can be a very good option. >> what lifestyle changes can you make that will improve your sleep? >> you're not going to believe this. >> same thing. >> they do. they do. >> the glasses look good on you. >> think about this. you spent all of that money.
8:26 am
get my eyes fixed! >> those are 8 dollar ones that work. >> very luring. very luring. >> i like the ones charlie is wearing. >> you two realize you're not alone? >> we are are tv! sorry. >> one tip that no one wants to hear and on the weekends, get up at the same time that you do during the week. >> i do that. >> so you guys are responsible. i'm not. i sleep in way too late. >> boo, hiss on that one but i do it too. >> guess who sleeps the least among the three of us? >> it is me. i need help, lisa. thank you. go to "cbs this morning".com to mattresses. seems like a good idea to have a good mattress. one of the music dynamics is here in studio 57.
8:27 am
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back seat lover
8:31 am
ain't seen nothing in way >> i remember that. run dmc 1986 collaboration "walk this ll cool j and the beatstie boys and the pioneer philanthropist is a "the new york times" best selling authorer with his book "happy vegan." russell simmons, good morning. big smile on your face when you saw "walk this way." i know that brings back memories to you. >> it certainly dates me. i signed j.p. i always say that. that is so long ago.
8:32 am
signed jay-z? >> that record was on a sound track. >> we will talk about "the happy vegan" in a second and let's talk about david bowie for a second. >> he was a very sweet guy. very sweet. i liked him a lot and very sad about his passing. >> we were talking earlier about what he contributed to the music industry. >> so much. so much. he was such a great artist in so many respects. visual, all kinds of artistry. just a wonderful human being. record. i know that. >> has hamilton done anything for hip-hop or is hip-hop already there and whatever happens? >> an interesting question. i have a broadway play that everybody is fighting to -- partners of "rock of ages" and everybody is fighting. my life story has been -- they bought the book five times.
8:33 am
with my life story and been purchased five tims andes and licensed and going to make that and i have a opera being made. i have a lot of products are based on hip-hop culture have caught fire and "hamilton" has the fuel of that energy. >> exactly. >> we talked in the past, you talked about meditation and yoga and you're doing meditation and yoga, your instructor said when you leave here, don't put a bunch of junk in your body. >> it was the son of robert thurmond. >> the buddhist. >> yeah. he said, i never forget. he said put something in your body that will fuel your practice. it was like a leaf and green juice. after that hard class, what can make me do that better? so i thought about that. in general, you know, the reason transition should happen is because we are poisoning the planet.
8:34 am
if we continue. if the abuse of a hundred billion animals burst into suffering that is not over the animals if you're religious. >> you call it the happy vegan because you said you're a happy person. >> but, also, the amount of carcinogens. if you would have barbecue beef if that was part of your meal, like, 20 cigarettes a day, you don't want to give that to your child. >> nope. >> and it's horrible the amount of -- >> barbecued beef? >> the 20. not the processed meat. barbecue beef is even worse. because of corporations funding our governments and what they are allowing them to do to the manufacturing of life, the growth hormones, prozac and antibiotics and other stuff they put in the animals is so horrible. the american factory farming
8:35 am
or $30 billion in funding from our government and vegan get nothing, $17 million, they are paying for the destruction of the planet, the worst comic disaster in the history of the worg world and the poisoning of the people on the planet. "the happy vegan." i hope to change it. >> i went to a place in l.a. called crossroads. have you been there? >> no. i just read about it in your book. i'd like to try it. >> what did you eat for dinner? >> i had chicken parmesan with cheese. kale caesar salad. >> chicken parmesan is not vegan. >> loyal of soy and with diet and almond cheese. >> not real chicken? >> no. >> as i sat and read your book.
8:36 am
but i love a good cheeseburger and filet mignot. disease. >> i'm sure. >> okay, good. three times more likely to have diabetes in america. >> i don't have that. point. are you trying to make us feel guilty? are you an angry vegan? >> no. i use that expression. i'm not that at all. i'm a yogi. i want people to live longer and i want to save the planet and i want to stop this comic disaster that is beyond anything that we have ever committed. the birth through rape and other factory practices, life into the most horrific lifestyle for short lives while we poison them and poison the planet is comically horrible, but it's also killing us. you know?
8:37 am
>> you make a lot of interesting points in the book. >> the diabetes, the heart disease. >> absolutely. >> bill clinton, they told him that it was his genetics. we know now it's not. >> are you ready for president trump. >> trump? >> yes. >> no. i think i'm ready for the winner of the republican primary. >> you wrote a letter to him, russell, you general. he said things that have fueled fires of hate and that has hurt me because i've known him for so long and you've known him and not this kind of person. i think a piece of america that is still fighting the shift toward tolerance and love for each other. and those people are supporting him, a great number of them and for other reasons, it's anger. >> yeah. >> he is saying everything that
8:38 am
communities and really getting a lot of -- >> thanks focoming, russell. "the happy vegan." >> you're watching "cbs this morning." the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. how much internet speed does one family actually need? ballpark. to answer your question, i assembled a similar family unit.
8:39 am
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8:40 am
for news any time, watch our everyone, it's now 8:55... trial resuming shortly at the polk county courthouse! the first witnesses will be called to the stand in the joe lopez murder trial. he is accused of killing his girlfriend's young daughter in 2014. opening statements were held on friday. the west des moines firefighter injured while fighting this blaze early sunday is out of the hospital this morning. he was
8:41 am
investigators say it could take weeks to find the cause. and investigators in madison county are looking into a fiery crash that killed two people late saturday night. it happened in the 19-hundred block of summit avenue in madison county just before midnight. when deputies arrived they say they found a jeep fully engulfed in flames. authorities say the driver of the jeep, 48- year-old john eller of winterset, was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the other vehicle - a semi-tractor trailer was not injured. officials say eller's vehicle rear-ended the semi... then struck an in ground electric box... causing it to catch fire. and a former des moines movie theater now has new owners. nova cinemas on merle hay road is now a salvation army family store. just opened - there was a line out the door last week! kcci 8 traffic! any accident locations are plotted on the map. your mobile speed unit
8:42 am
marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time.
8:43 am
washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "13 hours: the secret soldiers of benghazi," john krasinski. and one of the stars of the animated movie, norm karkos, heather graham. plus, details on how you can win a fantastic spa vacation as we continue our "new year, new you"
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