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tv   CBS Overnight News  Me-TV  February 2, 2016 3:37am-4:00am CST

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it's not true. look what happened just now. things got intense, he panicked and he left you here. you don't do that to the people you care about. your families would never do that to you. it's time to go home. okay? split up. (elevator bell dings) get back in the elevator! i'm a federal agent! go down to the first floor now!
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(car alarm wailing) callen: i got gaffney! (gasping) zahra? come on, zahra. it's gonna be okay, come on. come on. it's over. who are you? callen: we're federal agents. you're safe. what's gonna happen? we're gonna get you home.
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(indistinct radio transmission) (indistinct conversations) zahra! (speaks indistinctly) we did a good thing today. yeah, and, you, kensi, you were amazing with those girls. thank you. crazy. we would've never found out about this case if it wasn't for that note. kensi: and zahra only wrote badr al din's name because she forgot how to pronounce it. that's a lucky break. yeah, but he's still out there. glorifying isis. building its army one by one by one. not today. you bet your bottom dollar. what, and tomorrow there'll be sun? are you quoting musicals to me now? well, yeah, i just love that you know that. oh, we were having a moment.
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all i'm saying is we're in sync, and you cannot deny that. oh, i can and i will. i just think you have a thing for redheads with daddy issues. (laughs) deeks? martin deeks? yeah, what's up? put your hands behind your head. what? you're being arrested for the murder of francis boyle. you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. deeks, what is he talking about? i love you. detective: you have the right to talk to a lawyer. if you can't afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you. do you understand these rights as i have explained them to you? whoa... deeks? (car engine starts) (siren wailing) deeks! captioning sponsored by cbs
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here. how can we make sure that he is being able to buy property here? and to live a nice life but his name being out? >> right. any guesses as to how much money we are talking about, for the brownstone and other items? >> for the brownstone, $10 million. for second hand gulf stream, $10 million, $20 million. a yacht would be at least $2 million, $3 million. >> reporter: the fictitious story of the minister was cooked up in global witness's london office based on a money laundering case. the investigator phoned 50 law firms with experience in private asset protection and got face to face meetings with 16 lawyers in 13 firms. >> i would say, gray money. i think somebody, blank money. >> reporter: global witness says the pitch was designed to to
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lawyers good reason to suspect that the minister's millions came from official corruption. and they all did. >> i told you the money is a bit tainted. >> tainted. >> pretty much. >> okay. >> you gave another expression. so i have to be frank. how would you name it? >> some people call it bribes. >> no, not bribes. business deals. okay, bribe. bribe. >> the story, the african minister would have raised eyebrows for the average person on the street. >> co-founder of global witness, public advocacy group that exposes. corruption in the developing world. previous underconinvestigations, exposed the african blood diamond. this investigation, she says, exposes flaws in the u.s. legal system that made it a hub for
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>> what the lawyers laid out for us in some detal was all the different possibilities and ways in which it could be done. >> reporter: if you want to get dirty money into the united states it is not that hard to do. >> i am saying there is an open door. and pretty shocking and pretty concerning. because, that money could be coming from anywhere. >> reporter: of the 16 lawyers that global witness recorded in the preliminary meetings, only attorney, jeffrey herman fltly declined to participate and showed ralph kaiser the door. >> i have some real question as but that. under the foreign corrupt practices. >> right. >> under the foreign corrupt practices act, bribing foreign officials is illegal. >> buy americans. >> by americans. >> but americans are not
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so it is money from others, not american entities. >> it's not -- >> aside from one exception. 12 of 13 law firms, including 15 of 16 lawyers, not only heard kaiser out, they suggested ways that the suspicious fund could be moved into the u.s. without compromising the minister's identity. attorney james silkenaught was select by global witness. at the time heap was president was president of american bar association. he and his colleague, provided what prosecutors said was a road map using layers of interconnected shell companies in multiple jurisdictions. >> presumably, set up a little bit of series of owners to tripe to have protect, privacy as much as anything else. >> yeah.
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and your party owns -- all of the majority of the shares of cc and d. >> create several companies all in new york? >> at some point. probably pretty quickly you go offshore. >> reporter: attorney john jankoff and partner, recommended variations of the same strategy. >> lot of people in africa use the isle of mann, some use liechtenstein, and just take his millions of dollars put it into a swiss bank account. swiss will have it. and then -- he comes to us. then he comes to us,. >> the attorney also suggested the minister could move his money out of west africa to europe where it could be scrubbed in anonymous corporate entity that his firm would be happy to set up. >> the money as it sits now, in his name? >> it is different names.
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so it will come asas -- different names. >> including his name. >> we have to scrub it at the beginning or intermediary location. >> how you do this? that means the bank in liechtenstein, luxembourg? >> we'll set up an appropriate entity. called it whatever. that will send money into the united states. >> reporter: if that was a banker talking instead of a lawyer. he could be in serious trouble. that's because under u.s. law, bankers are required to report suspicious financial activity to the authorities. lawyers are under no such legal obligation. banks in america are required to be cognizant of risk and report on it if there is an issue, or money laundering. yet, absolutely bizarrely american lawyers aren't.
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i think our investigation has shown the potential for what could happen. because of that lack of regulation. >> reporter: global witness says that anomaly is one of the flaws in the u.s. legal system that helps facilitate money laundering. >> another is the ease with which anonymous shell companies can be set up here to conceal ownership of money and assets. last year, 2 million new corporations were set up in the united states, many with no offices, products, or employees. just an address, and perhaps a bank account. >> the in many states across america you need less identification to open an anonymous company than a library guard. >> anonymous shell come pans are get away carsor crooks. designed to put them as far away as possible from the scene of their crime. according to a world bank study, the u.s. was the favorite place
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>> there was a good academic study and the u.s. was easiest place to set up after kenya. >> did the study have anything to do with your decision to do these undercover investigations? >> it inspired us. we thought it can't beep this bad, can it. what we found was it is. >> we'll have part two of steve croft's story, living well your immune system works hard to keep you on top of your game. you can support it by eating healthy, drinking fluids, and getting some rest. and you can combine these simple remedies with airborne. no other leading immunity brand gives you more vitamin c. plus it has a specially crafted blend of 13 vitamins, minerals and herbs. so when you want to support your immune system, take airborne, and enjoy living well. >> important message
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the world health organization declared international emergency over the zika virus. the virus carried by mosquitoes and running rampant through latin america and the caribbean. most people may not notice they have zika. for pregnant women it can cause miscarriage or birth defects. >> coordinated response is needed to minimize the threat in affected countries and reduce the risk of further international spread. >> dr. jon lapook has more from ground zero in the zika fight. >> brazil hardest hit by the zika arice. may have arrived in 2014 in the u.s. soccer tournament since then exploded infecting 1.5 million people here in brazil alone. the fear is it could spread to another 4 million people across
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months. it's become an all too common scene. health officials spraying insecticide in the hopes of killing this. the mosquito responsible for the zika virus sweeping through latin america and the caribbean. the virus suspected of causing increase in microcephaly. children born with unusually small heads often with brain damage. more than 4,100 suspected cases of microcephaly report sewed far in brazil. pregnant women fear other side effects from the virus. >> the public doesn't know everything. we don't know, exactly the consequence of it only microcephaly. >> reporter: tourism will likely suffer despite officials downplaying risks to visitors. rio's carnival begins, february 5th. health workers here took to the streets armed with instruments and information. and brazil set to host the
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if you are planning taking a trip to niagara falls. go soon. new york state is making plans to dewater the falls on the u.s. side. two historic bridges are in desperate need of repair the to get that done they have to reroute the river at least for a time. vinita nair has more from the falls. >> reporter: you see and hear the roaring falls, hard to imagine engineers could divert this much water. 15% of the water. the canadian side has 85% of it. the plan could affect that side as well. it is a view that will take your breath away. more than 750,000 gallons of water gush over the edge every
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but t r the millions of tourist whose come to see niagara falls each year they could soon be in for a big surprise. >> what makes us nervous when the featured attraction american falls has to be turned off. even for a short period of time. >> reporter: yes, turned off. the new york state park's department wants to divert the river to the canadian side to replace two bridges closed to the public since 2004. rotted and rusted from century next to the falls. >> either we replace them or they crumble into the river. if they crumble we will have an environmental mess to clean up. >> reporter: daming the river would make american side nonexistent while the horse shoes falls in canada would become more intense. dewatering could lead to more visitors seeking once in a lifetime opportunity. >> potential is huge for us to build a successful strategic, directed marketing campaign
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>> reporter: this isn't the first time the iconic falls have stopped flowing. in 1969, u.s. army corps of engineers diverted water, to study effects of erosion. ultimately the temporary dam was removed with millions of coins people tossed in. and being in upstate new york they can freeze during the winter or aper to. in 2014 and 2015 during the polar vortex, ice formations grew out of the falls. underneath the water kept rushing. for locals seeing the icon waterless is a step in the right direction. >> this is such a beautiful area, one of the wonders of the world. finally they're putting money become into this place. >> reporter: if the project is a prove it will still take several years for the work to begin. talking 2019. officials would still have to secure about $37 million worth of funding.
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