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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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>> you are watching kcci 8 news. elizabeth: right now it's snowing. the first flakes falling in the metro around 3:00 a.m. the updated timeline and totals ahead. plus a first look at your morning drive. >> so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa. eric: and hillary clinton thanked her supporters but the vote counting continued into the early morning hours right now she has just barely defeated bernie sanders to win the caucus. welcome back to kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth, shaina and i all here on this very busy morning. elizabeth: the iowa caucuses a big story but so is the snow. shaina: we want to get right to metinka slater with today's outlook. metinka: this morning already it has been a band of snow across northern iowa with accumulation
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we are catching a brief break. most of the moisture streaming in from missouri. this is freezing precip while and lamoni, we have had liquid rain. it is all streaming to the north. it is still about an hour or so south of the metro. this is our creston webcam. be very careful. road conditions will be changing pretty rapidly. snow will be moving in around 7:00 a.m. it will be heavy at time. most of our accumulation will take place before noontime today, followed by drizzle across southeast iowa with snow, and blizzard conditions. elizabeth: across the state, that snow could impact your morning commute. here's the latest look at blue means the roads are partially covered. the pink you see means they are
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there are situated to the west and northwest of des moines. here in the metro, snow already covering parts of the interstates. this is a live look at the east mixmaster. you can see not a lot of issues. switching now to the west mixmaster. you should be in good shape. that will be changing throughout the morning. kcci's alyx sacks is out keeping an eye on things in the metro this morning, so alyx what are you seeing right now? alyx: we just drove through that west mixmaster. the road looks pretty good right now and we did experience some wet roads but nothing -- the second you step onto your car, that is tough, because it is so windy and cold.
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-- things are going to get the worse. good news, the city has applied brian -- v=vbrine. [indiscernible] elizabeth: thanks alexyx. several schools around the state are cancelled this morning. right now there are more than 70 districts reporting. you can see a full list scrolling at the bottom of your screen, online at, or through our kcci weather app, free to download for apple and android. eric: turning to commitment 2016 news now, the iowa democratic caucus turned out to be a nailbiter. very, very close race. a couple dozen precincts still coming in after midnight. still one precinct out hillary
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bernie sanders. just five delegate votes. looking at the fractions here clinton with 49.9%, sanders with 49.6%. on the republican side ted cruz came out on top with 28% of voters. donald trump finished second with 24%, and marco rubio in third with 23%. despite the close numbers hillary clinton declared victory last night in des moines. todd magel reports from drake university. todd: no matter how close the victory, hillary clinton is taking it. >> this has been an incredible honor to campaign across iowa with so many of you to make the case for the kind of future we want for the democratic party and for the united states of america. todd: still, it appeared clinton was not entirely happy with the nearly tied caucus results with bernie sanders. her victory speech was just 7
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mentioned iowa. no matter, her supporters say a win is a win. >> i think she can keep going with this victory. what it really means is we need to keep having this conversation, and we going to keep having this conversation and democrats win when we talk about the issues that matter to americans. >> and join me. god bless you. todd: she says that is the next battleground against bernie sanders. at drake university, todd magel, kcci 8 news. eric: while clinton claimed victory, bernie sanders called it a tie. sanders gave a 17 minute speech, where he was quick to congratulate clinton on making it a vigorous race. sanders supporters were not as gracious. they booed when clinton came on the big screen and yelled liar when she called herself a progressive. overall, sanders says monday night's tie was a victory for
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started in may. >> nine months ago when we came to this beautiful state we had no political organization. we had no money. we had no name recognition and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. eric: the only other democratic candidate, former maryland governor martin o'malley, dropped out of the race as the caucus numbers rolled in. >> so tonight, i have to tell you that i am suspending this presidential bid. but i am not ending this fight. eric: o'malley struggled to clinton and sanders campaigns, despite actively stumping in iowa and new hampshire. shaina: on the republican side, it was a clear win for texas senator ted cruz.
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courageous conservatives across iowa and across the nation. shaina: the texas senator earned the most votes ever cast for a republican primary winner. cruz's state director says the campaign based their ground game off lists of past caucus participants and profiles of potentially pro-cruz voters. >> we knew neighborhood by neighborhood who the people were who we needed to reach out to share our message with to draw out to come on our team. shaina: cruz says he will start campaigning in new hampshire the same way he won iowa face to face with what he calls, courageous conservatives. after keeping a commanding lead during his iowa campaign donald trump suffers a blow right out the gate. kcci's ryan smith has more from his watch party, after he learned he finished in second place. ryan s.: a near capacity crowd welcomed trump with boisterous applause. despite suffering a big campaign blow right out the gate. the candidate keeping his remarks uncharacteristically
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>> we finished second and i want to tell you something, i 'm just honored, i'm really honored and i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all the incredible candidates. ryan s.: in the final weeks of iowa campaigning trump retained a dominant lead. but that record-setting gop caucus turnout did not swing in favor for the billionaire businessman. supporters expressing immediate disappointment following the call for a cruz victory. >> i thought trump would be there 100%. i'm a little down. on to new hampshire, east coast, south, he'll take it. >> i don't think it was a concession speech because i don't think he'll ever give up. ryan s.: now the fight moves east to new hampshire where trump has his eyes set on an already commanding lead in the polls. >> we will go out to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. shaina: it may not have been a
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supporters say third place for him is a win. rubio finished less than two percentage points behind donald trump. he stood before his supporters last night telling the crowd the country needs new leadership, and when he wins the republican nomination for president he can and will beat whoever the nominee is from the democratic party. >> if bernie sanders or hillary clinton get elected if they were , to win we will be a great nation in decline. if they win obamacare becomes permanent. if they win these unconstitutional executive orders from the president become permanent. if they win our military continues to decline. shaina: rubio thanked iowa saying the people here sent a clear message that it is time for a change. elizabeth: a few other republican candidates we're following, mike huckabee
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the race. the former arkansas governor tweeted this last night, announcing the suspension of his campaign and thanking supporters. and rick santorum says he's going to reassess his campaign . he says he will take a couple days to decide whether he'll continue. ben carson's campaign says he may have been unfairly targeted by ted cruz staffers. carson's people are accusing the cruz campaign of telling voters at caucus sites that carson dropped out of the race, even though that isn't true. carson's campaign says they're not sure if it affected the final results or not but they will not be calling for a recount. and rand paul says he's not giving up, despite very low caucus numbers. >> we will continue to fight. tonight is the beginning. liberty will live on. we fight on. elizabeth: paul ended with just 5% of the caucus vote last night, putting him in fifth place overall. eric: 5:10 this morning you'd we are going to keep an i on the
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metinka: we got a report coming in from sewall which is self. -- which is south. road conditions could be rapidly changing. it is lifting north and changing over to snow. a little bit of accumulation already on the sidewalks and grass. the street looks slushy right now. today we are good to pick up most of our snow population in the morning. it will be heavy at times. we might have thunder snow mixing in. there could be a break this afternoon. overnight, will see a light snow work through with an inch or so of snow. we are expecting four to eight inches of snow in central iowa. elizabeth: more caucus coverage morning. eric: we're hearing the des moines airport is a busy place with campaigns and media trying to get to new hampshire our -- new hampshire. our mollie cooney is there live with the 'mass exodus' and we'll
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elizabeth: and in case you're just joining us the big story from the caucuses the near dead heat between clinton and sanders. clinton appears to have a slight edge over sanders, just .3 percentage points. cnn is reporting some democratic precincts were not properly staffed so that delayed the reporting. shaina: take a good look at this map with all of the screen. things might get messy this morning, so prepare to give yourself extra time. not too much snow on the roads in our area. we are keeping a close eye on road travel, air travel. we will you know if anything changes. we'll head outside and take a live look at the road. a few people out there, maybe heading downtown.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning klinge, meteorologist kurtis with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. the radar is all lit up. we've got some hard freezing rain. plain old rain across southern iowa. changing over to a wintry mix near creston. it is all snow across northern
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it is streaming to the north. it is 45 minutes away from the metro area. we are under a winter storm warning in polk county. all of the pink shaded ones there. the northwest is where we are expecting the worst conditions. the blizzard warning continues through tomorrow morning. elizabeth: thanks metinka. checking those road conditions again across the state some pink and blue to the west of des moines that means partially to completely covered. this website is a good one to keep an eye on today, the iowa state patrol will keep it updated. a lot of caucus staffers and reporters hoping the weather won't affect their flights out of town today. kcci's mollie cooney is live at the des moines airport this morning. how is it looking? mollie: we've got a couple of flights here. this is a delta one here at it is going to be going to atlanta.
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-- united canceled three flights. those were canceled early. i counted five total that have everything else seems to be on time. everyone appears to be relieved. they have been prepared for six months to expect all of this. they have had extra tsa staff. they have had extra lines to keep it flowing smoothly. they have had extra people here and extra airplanes are being called in. they have already planned right now here's where are you headed? i don't even want to talk to you. you obviously were here for the caucuses. >> yes. mollie: how did he go? >> good. mollie: where you headed? >> miami, florida.
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mollie: we will let you go. everything seems to be on time and moving swiftly. we will throw it back to you. back to you. elizabeth: thanks mollie cooney live at the airport. i want to get on the cancun flight. eric: the snow held off just long enough and did not deter iowans from caucusing last night. both parties are reporting some record turnouts. at one republican precinct and ankeny, desk precinct and ankeny, -- precinct in ankeny, organizers had to print off an extra 200 ballots. more than 570 republicans packed ankeny baptist church, where marco rubio was declared the winner. ted cruz came in second there and donald trump in third. caucus organizers had to recount the votes after realizing they forgot to count one pile of 25 ballots. and this democratic caucus at merrill middle school was a very busy place last night. it's one of 45 des moines public schools that hosted a caucus. nearly 750 democrats crowded the
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the room divided into separate candidate preference groups. a recount lead to some people being there for more than two hours. voters saying they've never seen a fired up caucus like this one. at another democratic caucus site in des moines, it got so crowded they almost had to tally the votes outside. kcci's rose heaphy has that part of the story. democratic caucus goers had to move to the parking lot to make room at perkins elementary school. precinct coordinators say it was record turnout, with more than 600 people attending. >> i'm pleased that we had such a turnout. this election is more important than i think a lot of the other ones were because it is so close. rose: the crowd stayed outside until about 8:00 p.m. bundled up in coats and hats. >> well we came out for awhile and then we got too cold and i thought i'm going back in. i have to. rose: once everyone was registered, they squeezed back inside, packed in shoulder to shoulder. >> but they're making it work. it's a tough situation but
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get the job done. rose: people said, having the big crowds was a good problem to have. >> it matters. right now i think it matters a lot. rose: in des moines, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. eric: so many places were busy. there were some wrinkles, but we were in the focus of everything. i was alongside reporters from france and africa and throughout europe. it was incredible. elizabeth: people showed up. the weather cooperated too. metinka: it was great for the caucuses. it is a mess to the south of us. from winterset through knoxville, this is a leading-edge. it is been a freezing precip across southern iowa. it is all streaming to the north. a second band of snow there north of highway 20.
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light snow accumulating in the parking lot and on the road. a check of the trees. the wind already picking up. we are expecting five or so inches. heaviest totals to the northwest. barely any snow across the southeastern corner of the state. it will be locally heavy at times. by 8:00 a.m., that band shifts to the north by mid to late morning. rain continues across the ottumwa area. by noon, some dry air will begin to punch into the system. ottumwa, you might catch a break from the precip with light drizzle in the afternoon, followed by another round of snow moving in during the evening. quickly pushing off to the east tomorrow. blizzard conditions likely across ratcheted counties. polk county, some wind and
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the wind is a problem across the western part of the state. the system is just getting started. across the -- across the missouri, they have had showers already. right now, we are waiting for the snow to move in and about a half-hour to 45 minutes away. temperatures are just above freezing. it is going to be a slushy mess out there. headed for 36. a break this afternoon. tomorrow morning, a little bit of snow will be left over. a lot of wind. the weather evens out. eric: look for to that. elizabeth: checking in with shaina. the people in the metro can enjoy the drive for a few more minutes. shaina: if you can be leaving in little bit, you will probably have to plan a little extra time. the roads are clear at this time. traffic is not heavy. we have a number of mobile speed
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elizabeth: and up next we go live to washington, d.c., to
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mcarc: the big story is the underperformance of donald trump. it means it is easier to tell he poster that europe would devote for a donald trump than it is to actually caucus for him. that he could -- that could have implications. the antiestablishment vote. ted cruz -- the establishment in washington does not like. six out of 10 i went told the republican establishment we don't support your candidates. that is significant. shaina: on the democratic side, was it too close for either clinton or sanders to claim victory? marc: it was too close but it did not stop both of them from doing just that. clinton was in the front runner and ditch -- and she did win. only an eye one understands how
5:25 am
insignificant. it always amazes me how -- if you are sick of those political ads, they are gone for a while good suddenly your rotary -- your got to wait until october when iowa resumes its status. shaina: things have changed quite a bit overnight. can donald trump survive a second place finish? marc: he came out for a speech. it was short, humble and there were no insults. it was a very unique donald trump. the big lesson here is whether or not -- he is up by double digits there. if this is a sign that his support was a balloon, he could
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>> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: winter storm moves them. where the snow is now, where it's headed, and what to expect throughout the day. eric: we're also looking at the travel impacts of this storm. we're giving you a live look at road conditions for your morning commute and showing you the impact on people trying to leave town at the des moines airport. that's a busy place this morning. welcome back everyone. elizabeth: shaina and metinka are with you as well this morning on this groundhog day. i think it is safe to say they won't he sing their shadow. -- be seeing in their shadow. metinka: we are already seeing precipitation moving across southwestern and west central iowa. to the south there are freezing concerns toward atoma. temperatures are above freezing and we have thicker cold so that is why it is changing to snow
5:30 am
we had a report coming from atlantic and crawford county of an inch of snow way midnight last hour -- within the last hour. visibility will below at times and road conditions will rapidly change. it will be followed by a break and more light snow overnight. elizabeth: we know you are wondering what it's like outside. so we want to start this half hour with alyx sacks live. alyx, how is it? alyx: it is a little windy to say the least. there is a bite to the wind. maybe my hair can show you. the road is doing ok. traffic seems to be moving pretty smoothly right now. 3:00 a.m. this morning, snow started to fall in downtown des moines. they were fluffy flakes. then it took a break and we have
5:31 am
the low in the metro and in downtown des moines, for now, they expect the snow to start picking up again once the morning commute starts kicking in. the city of des moines sent out information, they said they have applied to want 50 miles worth of roadway to help prepare for this. 225 rather. they also plan on having snowplows out the second the snow starts falling. they will not stop until the snow is done accumulating. they also want to remind drivers to take it slow and give yourself extra time. and extra stopping distance between you and the car in front of you. i have to tell you, the wind right now is the only issue we are seeing. we know the snow is coming. if this is an indication, i
5:32 am
elizabeth: you can see to the west and to the north things are deteriorating. pink means completely covered. blue means partially covered. now you are seeing those school closings on the bottom of your screen. we have more than 100. waukee, des moines christian, all closed just to name a few. we are taking more in the newsroom right now, those go out immediately when we get them. you can also see them online to and on our mobile app. eric: getting to those caucus results. what a close finish between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. still one precinct left to report. but it does appear clinton has the edge, .3% over sanders. for the republicans, ted cruz with a decisive victory over donald trump. marco rubio in third. even with the race so close, hillary clinton declared victory last night at drake university. clinton thanking the crowd of about 450 supporters at the olmsted center, her husband the former president and daughter
5:33 am
even though she tried to celebrate, she didn't appear too enthusiastic. in the end, her speech was only seven minutes long, and she barely mentioned iowa. hillary clinton: what a great campaign. this has been an incredible honor to campaign across iowa with so many of you to make the case for the kind of future we want for the democratic party and for the united states of america. eric: and while clinton claimed victory in iowa, bernie sanders had a different take. kcci's laura terrell reports from the holiday inn by the airport. laura: bernie sanders was a lot more gracious than his supporters, who booed when hillary clinton came up on the big screen. instead, he thanked her for a vigorous race. sen. sander: iowa, thank you. laura: bernie sanders could barely get through his 17 minute speech without constant applause from his supporters, but he was quick to give a shout out to hillary clinton.
5:34 am
this opportunity to congratulate secretary clinton as somebody, yes. laura: instead of claiming victory like clinton did, sanders called the race a "virtual tie." sen. sanders: and while the results are still not complete, it looks like we'll have half the iowa delegates. laura: sanders supporters were loud and energetic all night, and seemed happy with the close result. rick thomas: no matter what the numbers say tonight, i view this as a win for bernie because there is just too much wrong with hillary. she has too many negatives. laura: a year ago the senator from vermont was only polling at 5% in iowa. so monday night's tie, he says, is more like a big win. sen. sanders: nine months ago when we came to this beautiful state, we had no political organization. in we had no money. we had no name recognition and
5:35 am
powerful political origanization in the united states of america. laura: in des moines, laura terrell, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. eric: both the sanders and clinton campaigns left des moines immediately last night for new hampshire. that primary is just one week away. shaina: on the republican side, texas senator ted cruz came out on top. kcci's mark tauscheck reports he earned the most votes ever cast for a republican caucus winner. sen. cruz: tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and across the nation. mark: senator ted cruz basked in his victory, surrounded by his wife, political allies and overjoyed supporters. sen. cruz: we together earned the votes of 48,608 iowans. that is the most votes every cast for a republican primary winner. mark: cruz's state director says the campaign based their ground
5:36 am
in volunteers, off lists of past caucus participants and building profiles on potentially pro-cruz voters. sen. cruz: we knew neighborhood by neighborhood who the people were who we needed to reach out to, to share our message with to draw out to come on our team. mark: iowa congressman steve king says cruz winning after governor branstad called on iowans to not vote for the texas senator, ensures iowa's first in the nation caucus status for at least another cycle. congressman king: if ted had not prevailed tonight, there always would have been that threat of what about the other candidates that don't want to come to iowa, that say i don't want to be subjected to the governor's criticism in 4 years or 8 years or 12 years. mark: cruz said the campaign will continue in new hampshire the same way they succeeded in iowa face to face with conservatives who believe. sen. cruz: 800,000 contributions at with an average contribution of $67. that is the power of the grassroots. mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news,
5:37 am
shaina: cruz says he will start campaigning in new hampshire the same way he won iowa, face to face with what he calls courageous conservatives. and after keeping a commanding lead during his iowa campaign, donald trump suffering a blow right out of the gate. still, a near-capacity crowd welcomed trump with boisterous applause last night. the candidate kept his remarks uncharacteristically short, and cordial. now trump moves on to new hampshire. donald trump: we will go out to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. iowa, we love you, we thank you. you're special. darcie rice: i don't think it was a concession speech because i don't think he'll ever give up. that's just trump. so i don't think of it that way. i think he's going to keep fighting. shaina: trump also left for new hampshire following his speech last night. elizabeth: and it wasn't a caucus victory, but marco rubio
5:38 am
after coming in third place. sen. rubio: in america, there are only two ways forward for us now. we can either be greater than we have ever been or we can be a great nation in decline. i elizabeth: rubio finished less than two percentage points behind donald trump. he attacked the democratic challengers, telling the crowd the country needs new leadership. before leaving, rubio thanked iowa, saying the people here sent a clear message that it is time for a change. and two candidates ending their campaigns as the caucus results came in last night. republican mike huckabee thanking his supporters on twitter as he dropped out of the race. and democrat martin o'malley also out, he said the party must hold strong behind the eventual nominee. and republican rick santorum says he's going to reassess his campaign. he says he will take a couple days to decide whether he'll continue. shaina: the other big story is
5:39 am
metinka: it is spreading right toward the metro, it is south of des moines in indianola starting to get light precipitation. southern iowa has seen a wintry mix. from lamoni to atoma. winterset has light snow. in des moines it is coming up half an hour or less. wind will be a huge problem with gusts over 30 miles per hour and we are expecting 48 in -- four to eight inches of snow. lighter totals to the southeast. eric: the snow is already affecting flights at the des moines airport this morning. mollie cooney is there live for us, mollie, could be tricky for campaigns wanting to get to new hampshire. mollie: we have been seeing a blend that are just getting out of town ahead of the snow. somebody was going to cancun so we didn't even talk to him. but we have people definitely
5:40 am
some did last night but joining me is kevin foley, the executive director of the des moines international airport. you have been working on this for six months. there were flights canceled overnight so how does that leave us right now? kevin: we are 500 seats short going out this morning. at some point those people will come through the terminal and those flights will go ahead and launch. there were three united fights that canceled and one southwest flight and the southwest plane isn't here but the united aircraft is. i would expect those passengers to be called in and those flights to begin operating. if the weather is good. so far, we are looking to be in good shape. mollie: you have been working on this for six months with extra tsa, what else? heaven: rental cars, extra staff, --
5:41 am
materialize. mollie: sort of a blessing in disguise, thank you very much. it is sort of a call. -- calm here. people did get a heads up but we will continue to follow this and brought back to the studio and be out here until 7:00 to keep you advised. eric: thanks mollie. >> it was pretty energetic with obama the first time around but , year this was pretty crazy. elizabeth: we'll take you inside a democratic caucus. see how the larger-than-expected crowds forced some last-minute shuffling. eric: and we continue to keep a very close eye on the roads as this snowstorm moves in. statewide road conditions already deteriorating, metinka
5:42 am
break. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: we have a wintry mess spreading into central iowa. the leading edge from winterset and knoxville. ice and snow especially near atlantic. it is lifting to the north. northern iowa has seen snow so
5:43 am
of the push of moisture. over toward boonville and norwalk, this is the leading edge of light snow and a wintry mix south of the metro. but it will probably move in shortly after 6:00 a.m. and maybe close to 6:30. we will pick up most of our snowfall before noon today and it will be heavy at times. there may be thunder snow. we will catch a break from the snow this afternoon and maybe have drizzle across central into southeast iowa. northwest iowa is under the gun for blizzard like conditions. northwest iowa continues with snow this afternoon and we will get that moving into central iowa later tonight. elizabeth: another look at those democratic caucus numbers. such a close race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. no winner declared yet but clinton has a slightly.
5:44 am
shaina: it was fascinating to watch it unfold live on tv last night. eric, you were right in the middle of it. eric: it was kind of exciting and crazy. very warm in the room with that many people. the process took awhile at des moines' merrill middle school. more than 750 people showed up. emmy victor was there with me and she wraps up what was a kind of crazy evening. emmy: for nearly one year, iowa voters have been listening to presidential candidates speak. but on caucus night, it's the democrats who get to voice their support. the first fleet of voters filtered in nearly two hours early. thirty minutes left from the start, the registration table was packed. >> we have a historic 765 caucus-goers in this room. emmy: the gym at merrill middle school became the center of caucus chaos for democrat voters.
5:45 am
sanders. emmy: 745 people embracing a different voting process then the republicans. >> this is our first time ever expiriencing it, so we are really excited. >> it's like a new and exciting expirience. emmy: those with candidate fever got started by separating into preference groups. >> it will speed up the process. emmy: hillary clinton supporters on the left. bernie sanders supporters on the right. the few remaining voters in the middle as others convinced them to move. >> we will not go to bernie. wallace bubar: we were being pulled in both directions. there was a lot of scheming among the precinct chairs. ultimately i went with hillary. emmy: a process expected to last under ninety minutes went on for two hours. after a first count totaled to over 100 people that weren't there. >> we are going to have to count the clinton and sanders groups again. i apologize. emmy: some walked out the gym in
5:46 am
give up. >> i was going to stick around until the very end. this only happens every four years. emmy: a second count of hands in the air lead to the final results. >> bernie sanders, 246. hillary clinton, 462. emmy: in des moines, emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. elizabeth: we want to give you another look at the roads. this is our skycam on the le ft. you can see things are wet and we are in the middle of all of
5:47 am
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka:metinka: good morning. a wintry mess is affecting the southern half of the state with snow to the west. harlan and atlantic toward creston, and icy mix. even over toward atoma, all of this moisture is streaming to the north. it is getting closer to the metro area. on the leading edge of the precipitation, it extends to norwalk and south of carlisle
5:50 am
it is about half an hour or so away from the downtown area right at rush hour. we are picking up quick snowfall accumulations on the order of five to six inches. a lot of snow will continue to fall across northwest iowa with barely any snow to the southeast. this is our webcam, it is shaking and the wind and it will be a huge problem and you can see roads becoming snow-covered. the worst conditions today are still expected across northwest iowa in the red shaded counties. the pink counties including polk county, a winter storm warning. already we have wind gusting over 30 close to 40 miles per hour so that will provide poor visibility as snow moves in and moisture, the gulf of mexico is open for business. moisture will be streaming through missouri as it hits
5:51 am
and a continuing through nebraska even across northern kansas. an active weather day for sure. heavier snow will fall before noontime today but it will taper off. we have a chance for drizzle as temperatures get back above freezing followed by light snow tonight. it will be really windy today into wednesday. wednesday morning, there could be showers early but the weather finally settles back down and we can dig out. eric: several schools closed now. keep an eye on the bottom of the screen. shaina, this is on the rise. shaina: things will change pretty rapidly so be careful if you are going to work. you will need to give yourself extra time. be safe out there right now. we do not have accidents or problems to report. as the day goes a long you will likely not to be able to speed.
5:52 am
we have a unit at 3000 evergreen avenue. one at 3500 urbandale avenue and cold county cars as well in des
5:53 am
the primary is one week from today. a few of the candidates are already there. chris christie skipped caucus night in iowa to kick off a bus and in tour there. he held two town halls last night, analysts say he is banking on a new hampshire win to catapult his campaign to the white house. christie had 2% here in iowa last night. jeb bush also skipped caucus night to focus on new hampshire. he told a crowd last night that voters there 'reset' elections, saying next tuesday, he's going to surprise the world with a win there. eric: good day after the caucus. we have been giving you a look at our traffic cam. right now, this is i-35 and merle hay road. traffic is moving just fine but wait another 15 minutes or a half hour in an.and what's america's best-selling brand of trucks? you're in for a big surprise, pal. actually, you're not.
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