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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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>> you're watching kcci eight news. elizabeth: right now, it's snowing. the first flakes falling in the metro around 3:00 a.m. the updated timeline and totals ahead, plus a first look at your morning drive. hillary clinton: so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa. eric: and hillary clinton thanked her supporters, but the vote counting continued into the early morning hours. right now she has just barely defeated bernie sanders to win the caucus. welcome back to kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth, shaina and i all here on this very busy morning. elizabeth: the iowa caucuses a big story, but so is the snow. shaina: we want to get over for an outlook of the day but it looks like things are changing. metinka: the messes heading toward the metro at 20 to 30 minutes away from downtown. heavy snow from atlantic to winterset with lightning tracker picking up on a few lightning strikes across southwest iowa.
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watch out for a burst of snow. lamoni over toward centerville, it is lifting toward the metro. we will pick up most snowfall before noontime before it tapers off. elizabeth: across the state, that snow could impact your morning commute. here's the latest look at blue means partially covered, pink is completely covered. here in the metro, snow already covering parts. you can see that. kcci's alyx sacks is out keeping an eye on things in the metro this morning, so alyx, what are you seeing right now? alyx: wind is the big factor. if you are stepping out right now, he will feel it. bundle up. we saw a gentleman walking through the parking lot on university, bundled. all you could see were his eyes.
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before the west mixmaster, things are looking pretty good. we did see snow at 3:00 a.m. and it was sloppy but so far it has dried up a little bit. we are just waiting for snow to kick in to that commute. it if you are on the roadways, give yourself extra time. distance between you and the car in front of you and some of the areas that are going to be the messiest are offramp bridges and underneath bridges. back to you. elizabeth: we are getting more school closings. more than 130 of them. including des moines public schools, they are closed today. waukee, west des moines as well. you can see a full list scrolling at the bottom of your screen online at or through our kcci weather app, free to download for apple and android. news now, the iowa democratic caucus turned out to be a
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very very close race. a couple dozen precincts still coming in after midnight. still one precinct out, hillary clinton has a slight edge over bernie sanders. just 5 votes. looking at the fractions here, clinton with 49.9%, sanders with 49.6%. they both round up to 50%. on the republican side, ted cruz came out on top with 28% of voters. donald trump finished second with 24%, and marco rubio in third with 23%. eric: despite the close numbers, hillary clinton declared victory last night in des moines. todd magel reports from drake university. todd: no matter how close the victory, hillary clinton is taking it. hillary clinton: what a great campaign. this has been an incredible honor to campaign across iowa with so many of you to make the
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want for the democratic party and for the united states of america. still, it appeared clinton was not entirely happy with the nearly tied caucus results with bernie sanders. her victory speech was just 7 minutes long and barely mentioned iowa. no matter, her supporters say a win is a win. jennifer konfrst: i think she can keep going with this victory. what it really means is we need to keep having this conversation, and we going to keep having this conversation and democrats win when we talk about the issues that matter to americans. hillary clinton: join me, let's go win the nomination. todd: hillary clevenger of to the airport, hopped on a plane, in which a new hampshire. she says that's the next battleground against bernie sanders. at drake university, todd magel, eric: while clinton claimed victory, bernie sanders called it a tie. sanders gave a 17 minute speech. where he was quick to
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sanders supporters were not as gracious. they booed when clinton came on the big screen and yelled "liar" when she called herself a progressive. overall, sanders says monday night's tie was a victory for him, considering where he started in may. sen. sanders: nine months ago, when we came to this beautiful state, we had no political organization. we had no money. we had no name recognition and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. eric: the only other democratic candidate, former maryland governor martin o'malley dropped out of the race as the caucus numbers rolled in. martin o'malley: so tonight, i have to tell you that i am suspending this presidential bid. but i am not ending this fight. eric: o'malley struggled to raise money and keep up with the
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despite actively stumping in iowa and new hampshire. shaina: on the republican side, it was a clear win for texas senator ted cruz. sen. cruz: tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and across the nation. shaina: the texas senator earned the most votes ever cast for a republican primary winner. cruz's state director says the campaign based their ground game off lists of past caucus participants and profiles of potentially pro-cruz voters. after keeping a commanding lead in, donald trump suffered a pretty big below right out the gate. kcci's ryan smith has more from his watch party after he learned he finished in second place. ryan: a near capacity crowd welcomed trump with boisterous applause. despite suffering a big campaign blow right out the gate. the candidate keeping his remarks uncharacteristically short, and cordial.
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and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored, i'm really honored and i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all the candidates. ryan: in the final weeks of iowa campaigning, trump retained a dominant lead. but that record-setting gop caucus turnout did not swing in favor for the billionaire businessman. >> boo. ryan: supporters expressing immediate disappointment following the call for a cruz victory. bobby rice: i thought trump would be there 100%. i'm a little down. on to new hampshire, east coast, south, he'll take it. darcie rice: i don't think it was a concession speech because i don't think he'll ever give up. ryan: now the fight moves east to new hampshire. where trump has his eyes set on an already commanding lead in the polls. donald trump: we will go out to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. shaina: it may not have been a caucus victory, but marco rubio
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him is a win. rubio finished less than two percentage points behind donald trump. he stood before his supporters last night telling the crowd the country needs new leadership and when he wins the republican nomination for president he can and will beat whoever the nominee is from the democratic party. sen. rubio: if bernie sanders or hillary clinton get elected, if they're who they throw in, we will be a great nation in decline. if they win, obamacare becomes permanent. if they win, these unconstitutional executive orders from the president become permanent. if they win, our military cotinues to decline. shaina: rubio thanked iowa, saying the people here sent a clear message that it is time for a change. elizabeth: a few other republican candidates we're following. mike huckabee announces he's dropping out of the race. the former arkansas governor tweeted this last night, announcing the suspension of his
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supporters. and rick santorum says he's going to reassess his campaign. he says he will take a couple days to decide whether he'll continue. eric: about an hour ago you told thunder snow and we are seeing that coming down. metinka: there are lightning strikes across southwest iowa meaning it will be an enhanced area of snow fall near atlantic toward creston. we have heavy snow lifting right into the metro. a long south of i 80 is where we have the wintry mix. it will be hitting right at rush hour so be careful and watch for quickly changing road conditions. snow will come down heavily this morning at rates of one to three inches per hour. then it will taper off by noon, possibly changing to drizzle for southeast iowa while it continues to snow to the northwest. then we get the second band of
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elizabeth: moore caucus coverage overnight. eric: the airport is busy with campaigners and media trying to fly to new hampshire. our mollie cooney is there live with the 'mass exodus' and we'll talk to her ahead. elizabeth: and in case you're just joining us, the big story from the caucuses, the near dead heat between clinton and sanders. clinton appears to have a slight edge over sanders, just .3%. cnn is reporting some democratic precincts were not properly staffed, so that delayed the reporting. shaina: the commute might get a little bit messy out there. we have had no issues so far but things will start changing pretty quickly. no accidents and not too much snow on the ground. give yourself extra time. we will look at the roads. this is 235 and 63rd street. a lot of people going downtown
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>> this is iowa's news leader. morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth
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gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: snow is on the way. it is falling south of i 80 back to the north and northwest. heavy snow continues from atlantic through winterset. it is spreading right toward downtown. across southern iowa, they have seen freezing rain. our webcam is frozen over. they have had ice pellets as well. the wind is a huge problem sustained to 20 miles per hour. gusts over 30 close to 40 miles per hour this morning. poor visibility and poor travel today and we are expecting a band of four to eight inches. more snow to the northwest and a lot less snow to the northeast. travel across central and western iowa and the northern part of the state will be very tricky later on. elizabeth: a lot of caucus staffers and reporters hoping
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flights out of town today. kcci's mollie cooney is live at the des moines airport this morning, is it busy? how is it going? mollie: kind of call him before the storm and it has been an easy process. there were three flights canceled last nice from united from houston, denver, and chicago. 500 people will have to find other flights. those planes are on the ground but they were canceled as a precaution. the des moines airport staff has been fully staffed with extra tsa lines. they had extra people handling tickets and bulger airplanes. -- and the larger airplanes. people are getting ready to go. where are you from? >> new york. mollie: where you going now? >> back to new york.
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>> it was interesting, unexpected. mollie: welcome to iowa, come back sometime. as you can see, -- ok, we will see you in four years. everything has been going smoothly. most flights right now into the afternoon are on time. but it can change ahead. elizabeth: good news so far. thank you. eric: the snow held off just long enough and did not deter iowans from caucusing last night. both parties are reporting some record turnouts. at this republican precinct in ankeny, organizers had to print off an extra 200 ballots. more than 570 republicans packed ankeny baptist church, where marco rubio was declared the winner. ted cruz came in second there, and donald trump in third. caucus organizers had to recount the votes after realizing they forgot to count one pile of 25 ballots. and this democratic caucus at merrill middle school was a very
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it's one of 45 des moines public schools that hosted a caucus. nearly 750 democrats crowded the gymnasium there. the room divided into separate candidate preference groups. a recount lead to some people being there for more than two hours. waiting in the hot temperatures. voters saying they've never seen a fired up caucus like this one. it was so cool to see democracy play out in front of us. elizabeth: luckily, the weather cooperated with democracy last night. metinka: we have heavy snow lifting into the metro. heavy snow from atlantic through winterset, knoxville, through sheraton. we had a report from clark county, thunder snow. an inch of snow in 30 minutes. this is streaming to the north and northwest. southern iowa is dealing with freezing rain and ice. the metro is just getting
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clive, urbandale, des moines, the first main snowflakes and the heavy snow will follow through rush hour. heavy snow through central iowa to 10:00 a.m. if you're temperatures warm up another degree or two you could have light rain or drizzle. three men, -- through noon, that is the cutoff line. south, a brief break in the action. we will have light rain continuing. everybody catches a break by the late this afternoon. the last band of snow quickly moves through central iowa and we are looking at intense accumulation rates. this is the winterset webcam. we checked in with them half an hour ago with not much going on. they have large snowflakes and rapid accumulation. snowfall rates could be one to three inches per hour. winter storm warnings continue in the pink counties and blizzard warnings to the northwest.
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problems with gusts over 30 to 40 miles per hour blowing snow all around. the system is getting started with moisture streaming in from the side. heavy snow across nebraska through kansas. it is a far-reaching system. a break this afternoon, maybe drizzle from des moines southeast. the last band of snow moves through overnight. that will move out on wednesday and wind will be gusting tomorrow and temperatures will fall on wednesday. that will follow with melting temperatures and quiet weather. getting tricky quickly but things. shaina: we are still accident free and the roads look clear. we do expect that to change soon. if you have not left yet you will need to give yourself extra time. especially for the evening commute. pay attention around these locations.
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-- 1200 thomas back road. 3500 urbandale avenue. des moines at 1000 northeast 50 4th avenue. 13,000 block of northeast 6th street.
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mark sent a low -- marc shaina: a record turnout in iowa. more candidates declaring victory then there were actual winners. so which of them have the momentum? many senior have sure as the make or break. we go now to our political analyst in washington, marc sandalow. good morning. what do last night's results tell us? marc: everyone is trying to figure out what you guys did. seven polls in a row had donald trump winning but iowans didn't give him the winn.. is that because there's more enthusiasm when talking to a
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more effort? more iowans upset that trump skipped the last debate. is possible the polls are off? was it the new york values? washington values. the three most outside candidates when you talk about trump, the winner, ted cruz, and carson, between the three of votes. shaina: was it too close for either clinton or sanders to claim victory? marc: it was which did not stop both of them from doing that. clinton won a smidgen more delegates and only iowans understand how little that tells you about who got the actual popular vote. the iowa electorate is very different. in south carolina, 50% of the democratic voters are african-american. iowans represent a very
6:22 am
representative of the entire party -- country. you'll have to wait until everyone ways in this month before we can figure out whether or not sanders is a legitimate threat to hillary quinton. -- hillary clinton. shaina: the winter storm is developing out there and it is affecting travel.
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my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: winter storm moves in. where the snow is now, where it's headed, and what to expect throughout the day. eric: we're also looking at the travel impacts of this storm. we're giving you a live look at road conditions for your morning commute and showing you the impact on people trying to leave town at the des moines airport. that's a busy place this morning. welcome back everyone. elizabeth: shaina and metinka are with you as well this morning on this groundhog day.
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metinka: call it off, we will try again tomorrow. whiteout conditions, this is our winterset webcam. you can see it coming down and it is blowing with very strong wind. visibility is poor and road conditions are rapidly changing, becoming snow-covered. heavy snow from carol to atlanta, winterset, knoxville, toward sheraton. with reports of thunder snow down in clark county this morning. it is lifting to the north. we expect most snow accumulation to occur the forenoon at rates of one to three inches. there is also drizzle followed by more light snow overnight. elizabeth: with snow picking up, we want to go live to alyx sacks. wind up there.
6:26 am
braving the snow and wind. it is heading me directly. you see by my jacket the way the fluffy snow is starting to fall. is picking up as well. we are next to 835 by the west mixmaster and the roads are wet but it is not too slick. again, it is windy and with falling snow, that could impact visibility especially if snow continues to fall. there's light snow over here and you can see how windy it is and how much snow is starting to fall. again, roadways are wet so if you are heading out, give yourself extra time. the patrol says please do not put your car in cruise control and give yourself plenty of room between the car in front of you.
6:27 am
to you can see to the north and south. pink means the roads are completely covered and blue means the roads are partially covered. you are seeing school closings on the bottom of your screen. we are coming up on 200 announcements. des moines public schools closed, many others as well. we are taking more in the newsroom right now, those go out immediately when we get them. you can also see them online to and on our mobile app. eric: getting to those caucus results. what a close finish between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. still one precinct left to report. but it does appear clinton has the edge, .3% over sanders. for the republicans, ted cruz with a decisive victory over donald trump. marco rubio in third. even with the race so close,
6:28 am
last night at drake university. clinton thanking the crowd of about 450 supporters at the olmsted center, her husband the former president and daughter chelsea with her. even though she tried to celebrate, she didn't appear too enthusiastic. in the end, her speech was only seven minutes long, and she barely mentioned iowa. hillary clinton: what a great campaign. this has been an incredible honor to campaign across iowa with so many of you to make the case for the kind of future we want for the democratic party and for the united states of america. eric: and while clinton claimed victory in iowa, bernie sanders had a different take. bernie sanders: i think the people of iowa has sent a profound message to the political establishment, to the
6:29 am
the way, to the media establishment. eric: sanders could barely get through his 17 minute speech without constant applause from his supporters. he congratulated clinton but he called it a virtual tie. he said one year ago he was only pulling at 5% in iowa so he says this finishes more like a big shaina: on the republican side, one. texas senator ted cruz came out on top. kcci's mark tauscheck reports he earned the most votes ever cast for a republican caucus winner. sen. cruz: tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and across the nation. mark: senator ted cruz basked in his victory, surrounded by his wife, political allies and overjoyed supporters. sen. cruz: we together earned the votes of 48,608 iowans. that is the most votes ever cast for a republican primary winner. mark: cruz's state director says the campaign based their ground game, powered by 12,000 volunteers, off lists of past
6:30 am
profiles on potentially pro-cruz voters. >> we knew neighborhood by neighborhood who the people were who we needed to reach out to, to share our message with to draw out to come on our team. mark: iowa congressman steve king says cruz winning after governor branstad called on iowans to not vote for the texas senator, ensures iowa's first in the nation caucus status for at least another cycle. congressman king: if ted had not prevailed tonight, there always would have been that threat of what about the other candidates that don't want to come to iowa, that say i don't want to be subjected to the governor's criticism in 4 years or 8 years or 12 years. mark: cruz said the campaign will continue in new hampshire the same way they succeeded in iowa face to face with conservatives who believe. sen. cruz: 800,000 contributions at with an average contribution of $67. that is the power of the grassroots. mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader.
6:31 am
campaigning in new hampshire the same way he won iowa, face to face with what he calls courageous conservatives. and after keeping a commanding lead during his iowa campaign, donald trump suffering a blow right out of the gate. still, a near-capacity crowd welcomed trump with boisterous applause last night. the candidate kept his remarks uncharacteristically short, and cordial. now trump moves on to new hampshire. eric: the des moines airport is a popular place this morning. snow is moving in but a lot of people are trying to get to new hampshire. mollie: that's right, a lot of people got out and as you can see right now, it is darn light. it's a steady stream. one person says they have no comment because they don't want to jinx it but they say it is going smoothly.
6:32 am
canceled and that has stranded about 500 people. kevin foley is joining me. he is the executive managing director at the des moines international airport. what about the flight last night? kevin: the flights canceled us night, we had for that did not go out. that was about 400 passengers that did not come through first thing this morning. the airlines have put on the flights or brought in larger airplanes. i anticipate passengers will be accommodated and so far we are lucky the snow isn't here but it is probably still coming. my advice to passengers would be to be here 90 minutes before departure and check with your airline. they have the most current information as to whether a flight has been canceled or delayed. mollie: thank you, i how you have extra staff and tsa lines.
6:33 am
thank you very much. that's the situation here. things can change, though. back to you in the studio. eric: hopefully the people trying to get out of town midmorning can get out. elizabeth: turnout would be key and islands came out -- iowans came out in droves. metinka: heavy snow with strong wind is creating whiteout conditions across central iowa. shaina: we have not had accidents so that is good news but things will change quickly. we are looking at i-80 and jordan creek parkway. you can see roads are wet and snow is starting to false or give yourself extra time.
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metinka: it is really coming down this morning. this is our winterset webcam or heavy snow is falling. a lot of wind and snowy roads. take it slow and easy. super doppler was picking up on lightning strikes across madison county so don't be surprised if you hear thunder. that will indicate unenhanced heavy band of snow with a potential of one to three inches per hour. heavy snow continuing through
6:37 am
once the snow is in your neighborhood, expected to be whipped around by strong wind at 30 to 40 mile per hour gusts. the heaviest snow will last three to four hours and should taper back off by 11:00 a.m. followed by quieter afternoons for central and south west iowa wild the northern part of the worst of the system. we will pick up more light snow but it will affect the morning commute. elizabeth: another look at those democratic caucus numbers. such a close race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. no winner declared yet but clinton has a slight lead. one precinct left to report. shaina: really fascinating to see this process unfold live on tv last night. eric: it was fun to watch the people out of state asking this is how you do it? we want to show you what
6:38 am
rose heaphy reports a got so crowded they all must to tally the votes outside. rose: them a credit caucus-goers had to move to the parking lot. precinct coordinators say it was a record turnout with more than 600 people attending. >> i am pleased we had such a turnout. this election is more important than a lot of the other ones were. because it is so close. rose: the crowd stayed outside until about 8:00 p.m., bundled up in coats and hats. jane barlow: well we came out for awhile and then we got too cold and i thought i'm going back in. i have to. rose: once everyone was registered, they squeezed back inside, packed in shoulder to shoulder. jane barlow: but they're making it work. it's a tough situation, but they're doing what they have to to get the job done. rose: people said having the big crowds was a good problem to have. jane barlow: it matters. right now i think it matters a lot. rose: in des moines, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news iowa's news leader.
6:39 am
door to a public. . shaina: we are getting new video in now. some candidates left immediately. here is bernie sanders after touching down. bernie sanders: we just got in from iowa. shaina: sanders held an impromptu rally there. ted cruz was also speaking with reporters on his plane. >> congratulations. i am chris with cnn. elizabeth: ted cruz was with his daughter. the iowa caucus winner hoping to wreck -- rack up another win. >> we are in new hampshire. eric: as marco rubio is also arriving overnight, no doubt feeling good after a strong
6:40 am
elizabeth: it is now 6:45 and we want to give you another look at the roads. our sky camera on the west, you can see i-235 at 42nd street on the right. it is wet out there but the snow
6:41 am
tell us what t >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: heavy snow is falling across the southern two thirds of iowa, including the metro area through carroll and winterset. super doppler has been picking up on lightning strikes across central iowa as close to us as madison county. so far not picking up on strikes closer to the metro but heavy snow moving from altoona to grimes and boonville. it is lifting to the north and northwest. this is heavy snow in winterset, coming down in impressive rates and the wind is ripping it around. the downtown area has wet roads but snow has just begun. watch for rapid accumulation and deteriorating roads.
6:42 am
lowering visibility's to a mile and a half in des moines but even worse across western iowa. visibility falling to a quarter of a mile. heavy snow will continue to lift through central iowa by 10:00 a.m. the strongest potential be across the northwestern half of the state with rain possible to the southeast. by noon, south central iowa will catch a break. drier air comes in and that will continue for des moines southeast through the evening all of by a quick band of snow overnight that will single the end of the system. blizzard conditions on tap for northwest iowa with winter storm warnings for polk county and southeast iowa, you will miss out on it. moisture streaming from the gulf of mexico as showers continue across missouri with snow in nebraska and kansas. snowfall rates could approach one to three inches in our. once it begins expect three to
6:43 am
followed by a break in the afternoon. snow moves out early on wednesday followed by a lot of wind and tumbling temperatures. then we start the meltdown by the end of the week. shaina: on the roads, you will need extra time when you go out. things will get messy. we have one accident on highway 65. at the intersection with vandalia. hope everyone is ok there what other than that no other accidents. i will show you where the mobile speed units are. 1200 thomas beck road. one here at 3500 urbandale avenue. 1000 northeast 54th. on the 13,000 block of northeast 6th street. give yourself plenty of extra
6:44 am
you will need snow elizabeth: we are covering this winter storm in iowa. our reporters ready with the
6:45 am
alyx: here it is, guys. it is windy out there. if i open my mouth it will fill with snow. it is a fluffy snow. roadways are picking up starting to accumulate. this is within the last five minutes. this snow will make visibility really difficult on the roadways. it is picking up something you certainly notice in the last 20 minutes or so. the roadways are wet, we will head over to mollie cooney who is at the airport. mollie: thank you. it has been kind of going in waves as far as the crowd is concerned so we have had a blizzard earlier with a lot of media leaving town because there was almost 2000 people across the world that were here.
6:46 am
earlier so there are 500 people that are going to be needing to get flights out of here. it was united going to chicago and denver and houston. hopefully everything will be on track. we also caught up with tom harkin today at noon. eric: snow continues. metinka: it is lifting in at one to three inches per hour with thunder and road conditions will go downhill. once snow begins, expect heavy snow the last three to four hours the four tapering off with maybe drizzle. snow will be compacting as freezing. overnight. it is lifting up to the north with more moisture across missouri. right now, des moines is 35 and 36 degrees. the worst conditions across northwest iowa and a blizzard
6:47 am
a bit better conditions but still, be safe. shaina: you will need plenty of extra time especially for your later commute. if you are going out right now, give yourself extra time. we have one accident, a vehicle fire and the southbound lanes of highway 65 and vandalia. stay clear of that for the time being. drivetime should not be affected but add a few mutes. seven minutes from the west mix master and six minutes from the east mixmaster. expect conditions to deteriorate. elizabeth: stay with for the latest on the weather and roads. thanks for joining us.
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