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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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yesterday, mason city had a record snowfall, 10 inches. jepson over 6.5 inches. -- jefferson over 6.5 inches. temperatures today will be dropping after that snow moves out. it is going to be a blustery day. wind chills be right around five degrees. bundle up as you are heading out. elizabeth: taking a look at statewide road conditions now from roads in pink are completely -- travel is not going to be easy. the pink that you see means the roads are completely covered. the blue means partially covered. that is what most -- that is what most of central iowa is looking like. eric: in commitment 2016 news. we finally have an official iowa democratic caucus winner. with 100% of the precincts reporting in hillary clinton has
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thinnest of margins, .2% to be precise. but this win is not without controversy. for example undecided delegates in some precincts were awarded by the toss of a coin when there was a tie. this happened at precincts in ames, des moines and a few other cities. a coin toss is allowed under democratic rules. it all came down to one precinct , number 42 which delayed hillary clinton from being named the winner until noon tuesday. the sander's campaign right now is asking the iowa democratic party to re-verify the numbers from each precinct. at the same time some voters are complaining about disorganization at their caucus sites. kcci's chief political reporter cynthia fodor has more on that. cynthia: they weren't swinging clubs at waveland golf course they were casting votes. >> there were people lined up outside for an hour. cynthia: doug fletcher says 327 people showed up in a room meant for 92. >> very chaotic. very disorganized.
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>> i don't think our precinct captain understood the process. i don't know what training he had. >> we didn't have results from precinct chair. that is what we like to do. we like to their of five results. we erred on the side of caution. cynthia: the party chair says the precinct chair dropped off the paperwork this morning. considering the virtual tie she made sure every last vote was counted before calling it. >> that's what it was make sure we erred on side of accuracy , make sure it was 100% before released results. cynthia: now sanders campaign wants to see those numbers from every precinct. >> make sure all numbers are right. look at paper to make sure it matches what was sent in. cynthia: can you give him numbers on paper from each precinct? >> i don't know, but the final results are the final results.
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today the clinton camp says statistically there is no outstanding information that could change the results and no way senator sanders can overcome secretary clinton's advantage. eric: the iowa democratic party reminds voters the precincts are run by volunteers who were doing the best they could, demonstrating democracy in action. new kcci entrance polling to show you about what issues democratic caucus-goers thought were the most important and how clinton and sanders scored. the economy and health care took the top spots. and hillary clinton won on both those issues. a pretty wide margin in health care, 59 238. 51 to 42 on the economy. -- 59 to 38. 51 to 42 on the economy. clinton also took a commanding 65 to 28% lead over sanders when it comes to terrorism. sanders pulled way ahead on income equality. 61 the clintons 34. elizabeth: on the republican side ted cruz won the iowa republican caucus with 28% of the vote.
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donald trump who held the top spot in most polls leading up to the caucuses. last night's republican field was dominated in large part by 2 minority candidates. and that presents an interesting dynamic for iowa's hispanic voters. kcci's ryan smith has new reaction from the state's leading latino advocacy group. ryan s.: one of the most surprising storylines from caucus 2016, not a ted cruz victory. nor a trump defeat. >> here tonight in iowa the people of this great state sent a very clear message. ryan s.: but a competitive third place finish. marco-mentum on monday. >> to a great extent caucus night was a vindication of the rubio strategy of trying to become the main alternative to donald trump and ted cruz. ryan s.: when you break down voter turnout 51% of gop caucus-goers voted for a latino. >> very interesting because on the republican side the hate rhetoric has been against latinos. but yet we had latino's
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so it is bittersweet. ryan s.: the league of united latin american citizens rallied more than 13,000 latinos to caucus sites last night, exceeding a prediction of 10,000. regional vp joe henry says cruz and rubio's stance on immigration, building a wall, cutting off pathways to citizenship hurt the candidate's popularity within the hispanic community. >> with the amount of our people who came out and caucused last night hopefully the conservatives will start addressing those issues especially those two latino candidates. elizabeth: iowa's hispanic population hovers around 6%. cruz's win made him the first latino to win the iowa caucuses. our kcci entrance polling information showed immigration at the bottom of the list of issues most important to republican caucus-goers. while government spending was at the top. marks when it comes to immigration.
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in terms of the economy rubio took the top spot by six points. cruz was tops by 7-points when it comes to fighting terrorism. crews also led by six points -- cruz also led by 6-points in terms of government spending while rubio was 2nd and trump 3rd. eric: we are waking up to snow on the ground. metinka: heavy snow overnight. the band started about 10:00 p.m. still a few flurries lingering. the wind continues to be a problem causing drinking snow and poor visibility with winds gusting over 30 miles per hour producing wind chills from five to 15 degrees. grab the warm coat. temperatures today will actually be falling. eric: donald trump is back on the campaign trail. he's in new hampshire where he's confident he will place first.
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skipping last week's fox news debate here in des moines. >> if i had to do it again i would do the exact same thing and you know why? because i raised $6 million for the vets in one hour. so if i took a 2nd place over 1st place and could give the vets $6 million i would do that all day long. eric: trump is not the only one in new hampshire right now. all of the candidates are now setting their sights on the nation's first primary state. elizabeth: kcci's sally kidd explains why some of the jump-start their campaigns in the granite state. sally: most of the candidates flew straight from iowa to new hampshire overnight kicking off seven days of intense campaigning. >> coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. sally: after a razor thin win in the closest democratic caucus in iowa history hillary clinton takes her pitch to granite state voters.
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who can go toe to toe against the republicans to make sure >> bernie. bernie. sally: but new hampshire polls sizeable lead over clinton. >> it sounds to me like you're ready for a political revolution. [cheers] sally: after cruising to the republican win in iowa ted cruz sought to differentiate himself from donald trump who finished 4 points behind. but he'll have to close the gap with trump who has about a 20 point lead in granite state polls. >> i think the voters of new hampshire frankly deserve more than politicians trading insults and behaving like school children. sally: marco rubio is hoping his strong 3rd place iowa finish will fuel his momentum ahead of the primary. >> i can take our message to people who have not voted for us before and bring them on into the conservative movement. >> it's time for him to step up and man up and stop letting all
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and handle him. sally: chris christie, john kasich and jeb bush have invested more time in new hampshire and are looking to make a comeback there. elizabeth: that was sally kidd reporting. candidates on both sides will share a stage one more time before new hampshire. tonight cnn hosts a town hall with the democratic candidates beginning at 7:00 central. the republicans have their next debate saturday abc news is hosting it. it will also begin at 7:00. trust kcci for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary next week. chief political reporter cynthia fodor will be there. follow her on twitter and facebook for a behind the scenes look at all the action. eric: still ahead new information in the death of a prominent metro architect. who police are talking to. elizabeth: and snow in fort dodge. see how people there are dealt with impassable roads for much
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: we have a little bit of snow out there. accumulating snow moving into eastern iowa with this last push that moved through overnight.
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we still have blizzard like conditions. northwest iowa picked up the most snow yesterday. that wind is causing a lot of poor visibility. after that, conditions will be slowly improving as that snow heads up. today, temperatures will be -- wind chills will be a problem down close to five degrees. whether it will be improving. we can get started on our snow melt. eric: new information now in the suspicious death of des moines architect kirk blunck. elizabeth: more than week ago blunck was found dead inside the teachout building in the east village of des moines. now police say they have interviewed two potential witnesses caught on surveillance tape inside the building the day blunck died. kcci's todd magel has the new details. >> we're just trying to piece it all together. todd: des moines police have a mystery on their hands.
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kirk blunck die? a witness found him at the bottom of a stairway sunday january 24. minutes before he'd been drinking next door with a friend at the locust cap, -- locust tap, a building he owns. >> heart broken hurt. todd: that friend? nick stapek who has worked for blunck for 15 years. >> we spent the last couple hours chit chatting in the corner and just before he left he said he had to go across the street for a few minutes and that he was going home to watch the game. todd: 15 minutes later stapeck saw police cars and ambulances at the teachout building. >> in my heart i didn't know my friend had gotten hurt across the street. todd: soon after rumors of foul play began circulating. did he simply fall? or did someone attack blunck and push him down the stairs. maybe a disgruntled tenant? >> we try not to get involved in the rumors. what we want are the facts so we are investigating this as any other death that has such curious circumstances. todd: police released pictures of two people in the building about the time of blunck's death. they've since talked to detectives and are scheduled for more questioning. but police are not calling them suspects.
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information that's actually leading us to some other questions. so we are still working on this. elizabeth: police say they are now waiting for autopsy results to shed more light on blunck's death. eric: kirk blunck was a long-time des moines architect. he was one of the first to restore several buildings on the east-side of downtown des moines which eventually led to the birth of the east village. he also had conflicts with tenants and the city over poor upkeep at several of his rental properties. elizabeth: the time is 4:45. you are waking up to 29 degrees and the some snowy slick conditions on the roads. more snow moving in overnight. you will want to give yourself extra time this morning before you head out. you are looking live at i-235 at 42nd street.
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. there is snow falling across central and eastern iowa. from ankeny down through des moines. off to the east. east of i-35 20 tema. -- east of i-35 toward tema.
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jefferson, 6.5 inches. officially at the des moines airport, 2.5 inches. we had another round overnight. temperatures today will be falling in -- falling and that snow heads up. make sure you bundle up. yesterday wind coming in from the north and northwest, gusting close to 35 miles per hour. visibility is down to a mile in algona. be extra careful. the blizzard warning will continue. it is still very slippery. we are dealing with the blowing snow. wind chills all back into the single digits.
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we had two main pushes of precipitation. another band overnight. this is a huge storm system that extends from canada down 20 gulf coast. they even had tornadoes across the southern midwest. -- from canada down toward the gulf coast. they even had tornadoes across the southern midwest. as we head toward friday, here comes another quick mover. it will bring light snow across the northern part of the state on friday. next week could be pretty chilly as well. temperatures began -- temperatures have begun to follow. temperatures will be falling this afternoon. blustery wind continues from the north. accumulating snows are over. tomorrow, up to 32.
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highs will get back close to 40 before the head back downward. eric: you're looking at video taken near story city. cars, suvs and semi-trucks all in the ditch after hitting slick spots on interstate 35. further northwest in fort dodge they were hit with a lot of snow. elizabeth: some residents say it was the worst snowfall they've seen so far this winter. kcci's vanessa peng shows us how much they got and how they dealt with it. vanessa: inches on sidewalks yard and roads meant closures in town. >> it was coming down pretty good. >> blowing sideways it was messy. everything looked buried. i mean you couldn't see the road you couldn't see the sidewalk. vanessa: residents off work and school spent the day with shovels and snowblowers. >> it's heavy and i'm glad i have a snow blower. otherwise it would be really hard to do. vanessa: check out this team effort. >> this is the worst snow fall
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think last time we got 4 inches it was nothing. vanessa: the iowa department of transportation had every working truck out on state highways and interstates. crews taking advantage of a break in the snowfall to catch up before the next round. >> they're ice blading trying to pull that bottom half inch off the road so that it doesn't pack and turn to ice. vanessa: maintenance office assistant director ken morrow says this next round of snow will bring cold temperatures which could turn all that slush from earlier into ice. he says don't drive unless you have to. >> most of the time the people that get into trouble are traveling too fast and it happens so quick, they don't have time to react and turn into the skid or try to recover that vehicle. elizabeth: some other good ideas when the weather is bad don't use cruise control. and give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going. eric: caucusing for clinton at 102. why one central iowa woman is so passionate this election cycle
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metinka: good morning. winter has made a comeback. the rows are all snow-covered. make sure you allow yourself plenty of extra time to get where you are going. try not to be in a hurry today. the roads are very slick. we still have blowing interesting snow across northern iowa. if the kiddos to have school,
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temps will be falling down to nearest -- to near 22. down close to five degrees later this afternoon. it will be very cold. eric: no matter which way you lean politically you have to admire a pleasant hill woman for even making it to her caucus on monday night. elizabeth: the 102-year-old says for anything. kcci's laura terrell shows us why she will continue to vote until of the day she dies. >> i say i hope hillary appreciates all this. laura: one step at a time. >> ok now where do i go? laura: ruline steininger makes it to her caucus site. may i ask how old you are? laura: i am 102. born 7 years before women could vote this will be her 20th
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>> i feel like going to the caucus is more important than voting because the caucus that's when you pick the candidate. laura: and ruline has had her candidate picked out for a long time. >> i think hillary clinton has the most experience and i think we really need a good president. laura: ruline sent clinton a >> in my second century i look president. laura: and even got the chance friday but monday night was the highlight. >> so this is the time of the caucus that we break into preference groups. laura: for a 102-year-old woman who loves democracy. >> you have no right to criticize the government if you're not involved. laura: and today secretary clinton took notice sending this tweet out for ruline and we were the first to show her. she said ruline. this means the world to me. -- h. >> well that's great.
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goal. >> we have 98 for hillary clinton. 67 for bernie sanders. laura: vote in the election on november. >> unless i die in the meantime. but i don't have that in my plans. elizabeth: ruline is in good health so there's a great chance she will make that goal happen. laura tells us she plans to do another story on her when she votes in november. eric: super bowl week is well under way in the san francisco bay area. here's an aerial view of super bowl city. fans have come together there for a week of fun and festivities leading up to the big game. early this morning we have a kcci crew heading for the super bowl. you can catch live reports from scott reister starting thursday at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. make sure to follow him on facebook and twitter for a behind the scenes look at all the super bowl action. and watch the big game between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos right here on kcci. elizabeth: we have more snow
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