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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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we will check in with her >> you're watching kcci eight news. elizabeth: morning snow. another round of snow falls across central iowa just in time for the morning commute. we'll give you a live look at how its affecting the roads right now. eric: and next stop, new hampshire. with the iowa caucuses behind them, presidential candidates zero in on the granite state. we'll preview the first primary of the 2016 election. good morning everybody and welcome back to kcci eight news this morning. elizabeth: we will get right over to metinka with some blowing snow out there to worry about. metinka: we have a new winter weather advisory that has just been issued that does not include polk county but it does include story and dallas county and to the northwest.
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overnight we had another band of moderate to heavy snow. this is the dot camera showing the freeway still all snow a. a few tower clock -- tracks. it is 28 degrees, accumulating snow has stopped and there are a few flurries. but it is the wind that will cause headaches on the roads. causing more blowing and drifting. eric: thanks metinka. right now we want to take a look at a whole lot of color. most of central iowa has a lot of pink which is completely covered. blue means partially covered. and as you go northwest, the purple you see means travel is not advised there, and the dark red means those roads are impassable. stay away from that area. alyx sacks is keeping an eye on the road in the metro.
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alyx: good morning. we are east at the windsor heights exit. one thing to note as we've been traveling through the morning is that the side streets are definitely the most covered in snow and on and off ramps. we will go to an offramp show you to see if we capture you what that's like. note a letter vehicles have snow on their cars so that flies of the vehicles and lands on your windshield so it will impact her vision for a moment. blowing snow is a real problem. also it is slushy. if you are -- if you were awake at 12:30 it was probably clear and by 1:00 a.m., the snow started dumping. a lot of people waking up to snow on their cars so a lot of people have fresh snow on their driveways. that is something you will be
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the interstate has things moving smoothly, people are taking their time. the side streets are the problem. when you enter an intersection it will be slippery. you see the ice sitting underneath the snow and any roads lead is less traveled will have more snow on it. you can't really see the lines in the road as you head into more side streets. another thing we've noticed is a lot of plows out there. the city did put brian down in preparation. -- did put brine down. something to remind people about is that parking is prohibited on snow routes once the plowing continues and as it begins. if you see the person in front of us fighting a bit because they turned to quickly. that is what you don't want to
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we will keep you updated and be back in a bit. eric: more schools are starting to call in now. several are on a two-hour delay like norwalk. others like rack coon rapids are already closed. you can see a full list of the bottom of your screen in alphabetical order or go online at elizabeth: turning to commitment 2016 news now. new hampshire highlight. with less than a week before new hampshire voters make their voices heard, the 2016 candidates are looking to win their support. jennifer davis is in washington with the latest. jennifer: it's new hampshire's turn. voters there are typically more moderate and independent than iowans, and many are late deciders. so candidates are storming into the state hoping to envigorate their campaigns. sen. cruz: god bless the great state of new hampshire. jennifer: ted cruz has the momentum coming off his win in the iowa caucuses, and he's ready to show it off in new
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sen. cruz: it's going to be decided by the grassroots. it's going to be decided by the men and women here in this room. jennifer: as donald trump preps for the first-in-the-nation primary where polls show him with a large advantage, he says he's not licking his wounds after iowa. donald trump: there were 17 people when we started. now you have 11. i come in second. i'm not humiliated. jennifer: on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton continues to tout her narrow iowa win against vermont senator bernie sanders and has high hopes for the granite state. hillary clinton: i know that they tend to favor their neighbors. that's the pattern, the history of the primary, and senator sanders is a neighbor, but i think we will have a good contest. jennifer: but sanders, who's polling strong in new hampshire, is vowing to keep up the momentum. sen. sanders: we began the political revolution. not just in iowa, new hampshire, but all over this country. jennifer: tonight, the
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take part in a town hall in derry, new hampshire. in washington, i'm jennifer davis. elizabeth: the new hampshire primary will be held tuesday november 9th. -- february 9, rather. and its actually considered one of the more unpredictable states, with more than 40% of voters unregistered in a political party. elizabeth: on the democratic side here in iowa, hillary clinton was declared the winner of the iowa caucuses by a razor-thin margin of 49.8% to bernie sanders' 49.6%. and that all came down to one precinct, number 42. the votes from there were missing until tuesday morning, so clinton was not officially declared the winner until several hours had passed. the iowa democratic party chair tells us she made sure every last vote was counted before she called it. but right now, the sanders campaign is asking the party to reverify the numbers from each precinct. dr. andy mcguire: that's what it
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of accuracy make sure it was verified, look at anything to make sure it was 100% done before we released results. pete d'alessandro: make sure all numbers are right. look at paper to make sure it matches what was sent in. elizabeth: on the republican side, the field was largely dominated by two minority candidates, which is presenting an interesting dynamic for hispanic iowa voters. ted cruz and marco rubio finished in the top three for the gop. when you break down voter turnout, 51% of republican caucusgoers voted for a latino. regional vp league of united latin american citizens joe henry says however, cruz and rubio's stance on immigration hurt the candidate's popularity within the hispanic community. joe henry: very interesting because on the republican side, the hate rhetoric has been against latinos. but yet, we had latino's supported last night. so it is bittersweet. elizabeth: the league of united
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more than 13,000 latinos to caucus sites monday night. exceeding a prediction of 10,000. candidates on both sides will share a stage off one more time before new hampshire. tonight, cnn hosts a town hall with the democratic candidates, beginning at 7:00 central. the republicans have their next debate saturday. abc news is hosting, that also begins at 7:00. and you can trust kcci for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary next week. chief political reporter cynthia fodor will be there. follow her on twitter and facebook for a behind the scenes look at all the action. eric: whichever way you lean politically, you have to admire one pleasant hill woman for making it out to caucus monday night. this is 102-year-old ruline steininger. she was born seven years before women could vote, and this will be her 20th presidential election. ruline supports hillary clinton and says she can't wait to see a woman president. ruline says there is really no
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ruline steininger: i feel like going to the caucus is more important than voting because the caucus, that's when you pick the candidate. you have no right to criticize the government if you're not involved. eric: ruline's story went viral and hillary clinton did take notice. she tweeted a message out yesterday, saying "ruline this means the world to me. h" elizabeth: new information overnight in the zika virus suggests it could be spread by more than just mosquito bites. shaina humphries tells us more, shaina? shaina: elizabeth, a new case in texas suggests the viral illness may be transmittable through sex. this is the first case of the zika virus caught in the u.s. officials say the person likely contracted the virus through sex with an infected person who had traveled to venezuela. before this, health officials thought the zika virus was only spread by mosquitoes. the virus is linked to a rare birth defect that has been found in thousands of babies, mostly in south america.
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are bracing for more severe weather just a day after being hit by storms and tornadoes. this is video of some of the damage in alabama. officials say at least nine tornadoes were reported between mississippi and alabama tuesday. the twisters tore apart homes, ripped up trees, and left thousands of people without power. thankfully, though, there are no current reports of any injuries or deaths from the storms. we are cleaning up from our own storms. metinka: we really are and overnight we have the last burst of snow and some places picked up more from that then yesterday morning. this is what it looks like in winterset with snow-covered roads. very slow traffic. we do have updated snow totals coming in. the des moines airport had 4.1 inches and it was all slushy yesterday. overnight we had almost two more inches of snow come through the area. parts of west central iowa picked up five overnight.
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across northwest iowa through the morning hours. wind chills will be a huge factor with falling temperatures and feels like temperatures close to five or four degrees later this afternoon. eric: more big stories now. des moines police say facts, not rumors, are helping them investigate the death of local architect kirk blunck. blunck died near his east 5th and locust office in the teachout building on january 24th. a man found him near a stairway. police have interviewed two people who were on surveillance camera in the building at the time of his death. since then, there have been many rumors about foul play, but police say autopsy results are not complete. sgt. paul parizek: we try not to get involved in the rumors, what we want are the facts, so we are investigating this as any other death that has such curious circumstance. eric: police hope to have autopsy results back in the next few weeks. a top 25 take down. another loss for the iowa state cyclones.
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half did not appear in the elizabeth: plus, super bowl second. countdown. we're just a few days away from the biggest game in football. how it's already affecting the economy in the san francisco bay area. eric: and water crisis. lawmakers grill federal and state officials over the lead contamination in flint, michigan's water supply. the key player in the crisis who is not invited to participate. shaina: we are accident free but i would not call it problem free. we are already seeing quite a bit of yellow and orange. things are slowing down significantly. wherever you are you will run into snow on the road. it is blowing around. even roads that have been cleared are having problems. 235 and east 21st, it is just a mess. you will need a lot of extra time when you head out. give yourself a a lot of extra space between the other cars. people are sliding around there.
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morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis
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metinka: good morning. snow-covered runways, it will be a slow go of it. our webcam is showing a snowy road. it has stopped falling but it is still blowing in open areas, creating poor visibility and bad road conditions. overnight we had a last round of snow and it intensified through central iowa with some places picking up two to five inches overnight. that is spreading to dubuque heading out of here. we will have flurries leftover. grab the coats and mittens. temperatures will turn colder by the afternoon and wind chills will be a factor heading down toward five degrees later today with a feels-like temperature low. we want to take another look at you can see the storm is taking its toll on iowa roads this morning. throughout most of central iowa, roads are pink meaning completely covered in snow or ice. blue means partially covered. and as you go northwest, the
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not advised there. and the dark red means those roads are impassable. and taking a look now at a live picture from alyx sacks. she's out driving around the metro giving us a preview of your morning commute. you can see the roads are covered in some snow or ice here in central iowa, so you'll want to be careful as your starting your day. we do have several school delays and closures which you can see on the bottom of your screen or at we'll check back with alyx in a few minutes for another look at those roads. eric: sports news now. it was a top 25 challenge last night for the 13th ranked iowa state cyclones, taking on the 14th ranked west virginia mountaineers at hilton coliseum last night. the clones came out strong. at one point, going up 23 to 8 in the first half. west virginia bounced back though, cutting the lead to 4 at halftime. the second half was a different story though.
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point. several late free throws gave the mountaineers the game, 81 to 76 the final. the cyclones play at oklahoma state saturday on espn2. eric: for the iowa hawkeyes, winning big ten games doesn't go unnoticed. the hawks are ranked fifth in the country right now. and star player jarrod uthoff is getting some national attention as well. he's front and center on the regional cover of sports illustrated right now. uthoff is leading the big ten in points and blocks. and he'll take those big numbers into tonight's game against penn state. the hawkeyes and the nittany lions tip off in iowa city tonight at 6:00 p.m. you can watch it on espn u. super bowl week is well under way in the san francisco bay area. here's an aerial view of super bowl city. fans have come together there for a week of fun and festivities leading up to the big game. and the super bowl is already a big win for some small businesses in the bay area. more than three million dollars have been spent by the nfl alone
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businesses, and fans will bring in even more than that. one bakery, for example, was given an order for 2,400 baked goods through the nfl's business connect program for local businesses. kcci is sending a crew to the super bowl this year. you can catch live reports from scott reister starting thursday at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. make sure to follow him on facebook and twitter for a behind the scenes look at all the super bowl action. and of course, you can catch the big game between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos right here on kcci on sunday. elizabeth: economic headlines now. it was a rough day on wall street tuesday. the dow dropped more than 295 points. the nasdaq fell more than 103. and the s&p 500 was down more than 36. an outside panel hired by takata airbags found the company has no program to find major problems with its products. the panel also found no established process to improve
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for at least 11 deaths and 50 million recalls worldwide. yahoo could be making some drastic cuts. the wall street journal reports the company is laying off 15% of its workforce. the fate of ceo marissa mayer is also unclear. the company has struggled to keep up with google and facebook eric: traffic on our website and moves in. metinka: we did pick up another round of snow that was moderate to heavy. for a lot of us, the snow storm was a big headache but these folks had fun. that is a huge snowman, eight foot tall. at least they were out enjoying the weather yesterday. if you are getting an early start, this is our webcam, the roads are snow-covered and you can see by the trees, it is windy causing blowing snow
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there's a lot of snow around as well especially in northwest iowa with eight to 10 inches. we picked up another five overnight to boost the total another eight inches and the snow total at the airport was 4.1 inches. yesterday morning it was all slushy with thunder. quite the exciting storm system. northwest iowa under a winter weather advisory until noon. it does not include polk county but it is wintry including story, dallas, and to the northwest. roads are in terrible conditions except southeast iowa. partially to mostly snow-covered roads across central iowa and a portion of i-35 north of story city. travel is still not recommended and some roads are impassable due to the blowing and drifting of snow. gusting over 30 mile per hour wind will continue through the
6:21 am
visibility concerns with slick roads making it feel colder. it feels like winter today with wind chills close to five degrees across the northern part of the state. we will still pick up a few snow flurries the backside today. this will be spreading to the east during the day today with weather settling down by tomorrow. he cannot relet a straightforward across northeastern corner of the state. it will be a slow go of it with roads snowy and icy in a few patches. 25 degrees in des moines. watch for the wind. temperatures today will hold steady or even falling off in the afternoon so grab the warm coats and mittens. we have some melting conditions coming our way by tomorrow and into friday over the weekend. it will be followed playoff and on chances for more snow
6:22 am
elizabeth: shaina is keeping track of the metro conditions. shaina: it has been a tough drive all morning long, the roads have been messy but now a lot are heading out and they are having issues. we are hearing of a lot of ice in north east 14th. very slippery, a lot of people are in the ditches. there's an accident here, three vehicles in the ditch at 80 west near east 14th. give yourself extra time to avoid being in a similar accident. also on i 80 west in waukee, an accident slowing things down. we are hearing about traffic lights on a four-way flash at mlk turning to fleur drive. that will slow people down so keep that in mind. give yourself as much extra time as you can.
6:23 am
lawmakers are expected to tackle
6:24 am
this morning, lawmakers are set to grill federal and state figures over the ongoing water crisis in flint, michigan. jennifer davis joins us live from washington and jennifer, what can we expect to see? we know some of the people in the hot seat including michigan's top environmental regulator keith creagh, and , acting chief of the epa's water office. both are expected to attend a house committee this morning. in written testimony obtained by the associated press, creagh says the state should have required flint to treat its water corrosion-causing elements after elevated lead levels were discovered in the city's water a year ago. but it's not just the state that's under the microscope. the hearing will also focus on the epa's role in administering the safe drinking water act. in addition to officials at the hearing, we are expecting flint residents. they boarded buses to head down
6:25 am
some are coming to the meeting carrying jugs of dirty water so they can show what they've been living with. live in washington, i'm jennifer davis. back to you guys. eric: more schools are now closing and we get an update on snowy roads from alyx sacks. elizabeth: plus, what donald trump so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month
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>> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: more snow. falling fast overnight while you were sleeping, you could be in for another very slow commute. eric: we want to show you exactly what you'll be dealing with today. metinka will show you how long it will last, we'll tell you statewide road conditions, and we'll put you in the driver's seat with our live drive cam. elizabeth: it is 45 days until spring. eric: it was a challenge to drive in. shaina: especially in some areas.
6:28 am
metinka: overnight we picked up another two to five inches across central iowa so roads are all snowpacked and very slippery. in des moines, we still have a few flurries that accumulating snow has ended. watch for blowing and jerking conditions across northwest iowa. due to a gusty northwest wind, winter weather advisory continues for purple counties including dallas and story county and the northwest until then today for blowing and driving snow. plus we need to warm coats, mittens, hats. temperatures will be falling into the teens and feel like temperatures will drop into close to zero. eric: and we do want to get right out to alyx sacks. she's with our live drive cam. alyx, how are the roads? alyx: we actually just past a person on the side of the road being helped by state patrol. we are on 80 heading westbound toward west des moines and
6:29 am
people on the side of the road, a lot more traffic has picked up in the last hour. a positive note is more traffic so more snow is getting melted off the highway. the roads have improved a little bit in the last two hours but that doesn't mean they're great. there are some slick spots and dry conditions. there's about 38 miles per hour going on this road. things are starting to slow down . i have seen tires spin out in an arm of the highway interstate here. traffic asserting to get backed up on the other side of the interstate. hopefully you guys can see that with a couple of emergency vehicles heading the other direction eastbound on 80. i am sure it is creating a situation of the road there. but things are slowing down traffic wise with some blowing
6:30 am
it impacts visibility. we will keep driving on the request for you so of take it slow and have a great morning. eric: and checking again those updated statewide road conditions, what a mess. most of the state is pink. that's completely covered. the purple in northwest iowa up toward the boondocks, travel not advised. the only ok area is southeast of des moines. a lot of schools have slowed down calling the newsroom but we are still at more than 100 announcements. a lot of districts on a two hour delay, places like carlisle and gilbert. others who had delayed are closed, like northeast hamilton and webster city. keeping the ticker up on the bottom of the screen. also at shaina: and eric, we are definitely not alone when it comes to this blast of winter weather. we didn't even get the worst of
6:31 am
just look at the road conditions right now in southern minnesota. dozens of roads closed, absolutely no travel is advised the blizzard really slammed that state. they have more than 10 inches of snow, and zero visibility. this video was taken yesterday afternoon when it was still somewhat okay, although you can see a lot of cars and trucks in the ditches along i-35. plows just couldn't keep up. and it's the same story in nebraska. roads are closed, and schools are closed in omaha for the second day in a row. more than 200 miles of interstate 80 were closed in the state because of the heavy snow and strong winds. one trucker said he had to pull off because he couldn't see 10 feet in front of him. and while we are dealing with winter weather, down south they were hit hard by tornadoes. at least nine were reported in mississippi and alabama. one of them was caught on tape. there was some damage, but we are not hearing that anyone was seriously hurt. elizabeth: this morning, it's now a three-way race on the republican side in new hampshire. the iowa caucuses heated things up between ted cruz, donald
6:32 am
for the democrats, hillary clinton is campaigning hard after her razor thin victory over bernie sanders. weijia jiang is in new hampshire this morning. weijia: donald trump took to the campaign trail in milford, new hampshire tuesday, brushing off his second place standing in iowa and downplaying marco rubio's third place finish. donald trump: he comes in third, i come in trump no good, rubio second. unbelievable night, unbelievable victory. weijia: rubio outperformed expectations in the hawkeye state, finishing just one percentage point behind trump, the new hampshire favorite. sen. rubio: we cant just win with the people have now. we have to go out and convince more people that conservatism is the right approach for america. weijia: the florida senator is now positioning himself as the alternative to trump and first place iowa finisher ted cruz. after beating bernie sanders in iowa by a razor thin margin,
6:33 am
new hampshire as the underdog trailing sanders by 18 points. hillary clinton: i hope you will choose with both your heart and your mind. sen. sanders: we're going to go after state after state after state. weijia: both candidates could face each other in a possible debate here tomorrow. weijia jiang, cbs news, windham, new hampshire. elizabeth: and last night, donald trump said his decision to skip that last republican debate may have led to his second place finish here. another debate is set for next week, after new hampshire's primary. eric: more big stories this morning. des moines police still waiting on autopsy results in the death of prominent architect kirk blunck. he died january 24th inside the teachout building in the east village. police have interviewed two people who were in the building when he died. they are aware of rumors of foul play, but say they are waiting on the autopsy. this morning, the polk county sheriff is warning of a new phone scam. a recorded message tells people they will be arrested if they
6:34 am
back. the number sometimes comes from area code 804. officials say you should not call the number back and never give personal information out. elizabeth: a helping hand will warm your heart to show you what to firefighters did to help a homeowner in ankeny. plus super funny super bowl ads. your first look at three of them. why they'll have you laughing and maybe scratching your head a little, ahead. metinka: they will be another white knuckle commute. another burst of snow overnight combined with very strong wind has left slick roadways. shaina: we are already seeing problems being caused on the road. there are a number of accidents. people are slipping all of the place. you looking at the writer corner. this is better than some areas in the metro. you will need plenty of extra time today especially on side streets, on and off ramps,
6:35 am
metinka: if you were just getting ready to head outcome of the roads are all snow a. last night we had another burst of snow move through. you can see traffic is moving
6:36 am
overnight, most spots picked up as much if not more snow than yesterday morning. it has moved through the area toward dubuque and out of the state. we will have a few flurries left over and a lot of wind that will still cause blowing, even drifting snow. especially to the northwest. it will be a really chilly day so grab the warm coats and mittens. temperatures will fall and wind chills will be getting close to five degrees later today. elizabeth: thanks metinka. and giving you another live look outside, statewide road conditions kind of a mess. not great across most of the state. our live drive cam also showing metro roads. alyx sacks is keeping us on top of that. eric: check out what happened in ankeny. the fire department had a medical call and while the ems
6:37 am
and snowblowed their drive and sidewalk. what a great example of iowa nice. let's talk about the super bowl. we are counting down the days until the game against the denver broncos and panthers. shaina: crews are putting the finishing touches on and it is kind of a big whoops. they painted both end zones with denver broncos' logos. that was remedied yesterday and now one end zone sports the teal letters of the carolina panthers. much to the delight of fans. they've had some rain this week, but it's tapered off so field preps are in their final stages. grounds crews even have to schedule time to work on it around all the rehearsals for the performers. eric: you've heard that coldplay is going to play the halftime event. last night he was on the late late show and was apparently on
6:38 am
>> chris, what are you doing, >> i'm trying to get to the super bowl. i'm supposed to be there. is there any way i could get a ride from you? eric: i love going back and watching that in theorning because we cannot watch that stuff at night when it happens. great segment on "the late late show" here on kcci. what a great idea, the clips always go viral. shaina: the other thing we're looking forward to is the commercials. and we're already getting some sneak peeks. check out this one from heinz. shaina: that slow-motion dog. that's a pretty good one.
6:39 am
across a field towards ketchup. pretty clever. elizabeth: another surprise planned by mountain dew. the star of their first super bowl ad in 16 years seems to be a mix of a baby, a monkey, a horse and a space alien. mountain dew says we'll have to wait to see what the creature is all about. >> all right, let's hear it. >> cheerleaders. >> cheerleaders again? >> alexa, what's a snack stadium? eric: and alec baldwin and dan marino star in amazon's first super bowl ad ever. they're trying to throw the perfect super bowl party using the echo computing assistant for advice. shaina: and did you hear what one 30-second ad is going for this year? $5 million.
6:40 am
elizabeth: we will give you another look outside now. it will be a slow go as you see here and i-35 and corporate woods. this is an ankeny. you will need to go slow. it is a mess out there. a lot of blowing snow so even
6:41 am
>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: yesterday was a snow day for a lot of students and some got out and enjoy the snow. this is a snow fort coming in from the south side of des moines. looks like they had a lot of fun and temperatures were not too cold so kids can enjoy things. it is a snow covered campus out there and it is also very blustery with strong wind blowing all the snow around and record snow totals coming from north-central iowa near mason city, jefferson picking up close to seven inches of snow. just over four inches of snow was measured. that was blowing around so we have a winter weather advisory in effect until noon today
6:42 am
not include polk county but it includes story county and dallas county. be prepared for the worst road conditions across the part of the state. the wind is very strong with gusts over 30 and 35 miles per hour creating snow drifts out there. plus we have lower visibility's so take it easy on the roads and go slowly. give yourself plenty of extra time. the wind is making it feel chilly. the wind chills across northern iowa getting close to zero degrees while in central iowa our wind chills are holding to the double digits overnight we had snow move through central iowa that was moderate to heavy with folks picking up as much or most -- more snow than yesterday evening. still a bit of snow left over near dubuque but accumulating snow is done. we will have a few flurries passing through today, turning colder. des moines is 25 with a wind chill at 11 with snowy roads and very strong wind.
6:43 am
fall off a few more degrees so bundle up and get more coats and mittens going on. we will start a meltdown with a little bit of sunshine and has close to freezing may be back there 40 by sunday. shaina: itshaina: is very tricky. a lot of roads are completely to partially covered. you will need to give yourself a lot of extra time if you want to make it to work on time today. getting rid of a lot of ice on the road in this general area. 80/35 in both directions near merle hay road. right before the east mixmaster were 235 times to i-35. there's another accident in that area at the eastbound lanes on morningstar. it looks like it is really slowing things down in certain directions, 230 five and 22nd street tends to be backed up during the commute so expect a very slow go of it there. this is a busy intersection right where fleur drive turns to
6:44 am
that is a busy intersection, you may be slowing down significantly if you try to get through. we will take a look at drive times to show you they are slowing down so you will need to add more time on top of that. elizabeth: for another perspective we will check in with our live drive of the metro roads so you know what will be like. the tricky what's america's best-selling brand of trucks? you're in for a big surprise, pal.
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elizabeth: a messy morning. a couple inches of new snow could definitely slow you down. eric: it came down fast and a couple of hours. elizabeth: check out the road conditions here. a lot of pink meaning the roads are completely covered and to the northwest, the purple you see means travel is not advised. blowing snow, love his abilities, they want people to stay off the roads. eric: alyx sacks is driving around the metro. what is it like you are? alyx: we hope you have plenty of windshield liver fluid because it is messy on the roadways.
6:47 am
we're going eastbound after 86. a really slows down traffic wise. it is mostly slushy snow on the interstate. another thing to mention is side streets have more snow on them and ice underneath the snow. take it slow or on side streets. and especially underneath brushes -- bridges. and also on and off ramps. take it slow when you are turning. elizabeth: you're also seeing a long list of school delays and cancellations on the bottom of the screen. some delay districts are closing altogether. metinka: accumulations have ended. we will have flurries but wind is causing problems. blowing and drifting especially across the northwestern half of the state. temperatures are falling to the 20's and we will battle wind as
6:48 am
melting conditions now for the weekend followed by off and on chances of colder highs next week. shaina: people are sliding all over the place. i want to call you attention to 80/35 getting backed up especially near morningstar and merle hay road. there have been a number of accidents. a lot of ice and a lot of cars in the ditches. be ready to give yourself extra time because you will need it. also fleur drive and mlk and
6:49 am
flash so even slow it's time to rise and shine. at kum & go, we're doing more for you to start your day right. like serving up a friendly "good morning" along with breakfast sandwiches & breakfast pizza, yes pizza, & donuts & muffins & coffee that are all made fresh & hot in our store's kitchens every day. kum & go. where & means more.
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