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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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congressman king, and the fact that i have not heard anything formally or informally from him, and i asked him on 4 different occasions yesterday to apologize. cynthia: cruz did apologize to carson. mr. trump: he insulted ben carson. now, donald trump is accusing the texas senator of fraud and calling for a new election. gop strategists say that won't happen. >> there will not be a new election in iowa. iowa loves their caucuses but i don't know if they want to do 2 of them in 2 weeks. cynthia: ted cruz said his campaign made a mistake and should have corrected the situation by sending out a statement to supporters at caucuses, clarifying that carson was staying in the race. steve? steve: as the 2 front-runners continue to battle for support 2 -- for support 2 other , republicans announce that they are dropping out of the race. rick santorum will make a formal tonight officially ending his , presidential bid.
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in 2012 but didn't gain any momentum this year. the former pennsylvania senator will also endorse a candidate tonight. rand paul is also dropping out. he will return the senate and run for re-election. sen. paul: although today, i will suspend my campaign for the presidency, i will continue to fight on for liberty, for the constitution, and for justice in the united states senate. steve: paul placed 5th in the iowa caucuses. he says he will not endorse another candidate. on the democratic side hillary , clinton and bernie sanders will face off tonight in a town hall debate in new hampshire. you can watch it live on cnn . it starts at 8:00 iowa time. sanders is leading clinton in the granite state, 55% to 37%, in the latest cnn poll. stacey: a former iowa lottery winner is suing the lottery to collect a bigger jackpot. kcci's todd magel is in studio with the multi million dollar story. todd: stacey, larry dawson of
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hot lotto prize back in 2011. but now, he says it should have been $16 million. here is dawson collecting his prize at lottery headquarters 5 years ago. he says the lottery owes him another $10 million. why? well, shortly before he won, former lottery security chief eddie tipton rigged the hot lotto game and tried to collect a $10 million prize. a jury convicted tipton and that went back into the lottery pool. $10 million dawson says that money should have gone on to boost the next winning jackpot, the jackpot that he won. jerry crawford is dawson's des moines attorney. >> the question that our lawsuit poses and that we think should be very easy to answer is if you can't trust the lottery to pay you in full when you win, why would you ever play? todd: we talked with the iowa lottery chief terry rich today as well. what he says about the lawsuit and the integrity of the iowa lottery, coming up tonight at 6:00. steve? steve: many of us woke up this
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check out this video. our alyx sacks was out there driving around. as you can see, snow and sleet covered much of central iowa. stacey: let's check in with kurtis. kurtis: the system moves out. chris wind-chills. in the single digits across states. coldest reading right now on the map is webster city. seven degrees in pella. actual temperatures in many locations, teens and 20's. there will be a few morning clouds and that will see some sunshine. they little afternoon cloudiness. temperature tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., 12. we will warm up to around the freezing mark, near our average high. a gradual warming trend. low 30's up into the mid-30's on saturday. sunday, a high around 40 degrees.
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moving in early next week. stacey: blowing snow and ice are making travel treacherous north of the metro. kcci's vanessa peng is live in hamilton county. vanessa, how are the roads now? vanessa: it is a lot better now. that is because the wind has died down quite a bit and on the blowing snow has slowed down. it is very cold out here with that wind chill. you can see there are some spots where it might be icy. usually, you can tell. the blowing snow made for dangerous driving conditions out on highway 69 in both directions between story city and webster city. we drove northbound and hit quite a few slick spots. plenty of points where, if we were driving carefully, we could have spun out. the iowa dot says they focused on those areas with blowing snow today. >> we know there are known
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lot of drifting so we want to , make sure we minimize those impacts, those areas as much as possible. we try to go back and treat those areas as much as possible. vanessa: coming up tonight at 6:00, we will show you what drivers tell us about driving through these conditions. vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: let's take a look at those road conditions. this is our statewide map from roads in the northern half of the state still aren't in great shape. the roads in hot pink on the map are completely covered in snow and/or ice. the roads in blue are partially covered. areas in green report normal, seasonal driving conditions. steve: west des moines police release the name of a man who was killed on monday night near a caucus site. 69-year-old richard carstensen of west des moines was killed just before 7:00 in the 7000 p.m. block of ashworth road. police say they don't know if
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from the saint francis of assisi catholic church caucus site. he was pronounced dead at the scene. gas prices are still going down. we spotted regular unleaded gas for $1.59 a gallon today in the metro. aaa says the national average is now $1.78. stacey: super commercials. advertisers spend millions of dollars for a 30-second ad during the big game. coming up why some are no longer , keeping those ads secret until kick-off. steve: and zika emergency. , the u.s. state that is now worried about its residents and the spread of the virus. mark: president obama makes his
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with
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chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. steve: president obama visited a mosque and school today in baltimore to correct, what he calls a hugely distorted impression of muslim americans. stacey: mark albert is in baltimore with the story, new at 5:00. mark: neighbors waved hello as president obama arrived at the islamic society of baltimore. a few protestors lined the motorcade route as well. inside, muslim-americans told president obama about the increased bias they face. pres. obama: they talked about how their children were asking, are we going to be forced out of the country? are we going to be rounded up? why do people treat us like that? conversations that you shouldn't have to have with children, not in this country. mark: this is president obama's first visit to a u.s mosque since taking office. muslim leaders say it's been a long wait. >> we have asked him to make such a visit for a number of
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mark: ibrahim hooper is the communications director for the council on american-islamic relations. he says muslim-americans are more afraid now than at any time in history, even after 9-11. thanks to donald trump, ben >>thanks to donald trump, ben carson, and others, islamophobia has been mainstreamed, which makes it all the more dangerous. mark: president obama says christians and jews need to speak out when they see anti-muslim rhetoric. pres. obama: we have to understand, an attack on one faith is an attack on all of our faiths. mark:mark: and, he called on muslims not to become cynical saying they're not muslim or , americans but muslim-americans. mark albert for cbs news, baltimore. stacey: after his speech, president obama met with some of the schoolchildren on the mosque grounds. steve: a congressional hearing on the water crisis in flint, michigan results in a flood of finger-pointing. the epa says michigan officials ignored federal advice to treat flint's water, resulting in lead contamination.
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needed to treat flint's drinking water properly, and in informing the public of on-going health risks, have had serious consequences. steve: but a michigan official , says the epa did not display enough urgency, and allowed the problem to fester for months. one of the anti-abortion activists indicted after making undercover videos about planned parenthood has now turned herself in to texas authorities. sandra merritt appeared in a houston courtroom and posted a $2000 bond. the other activist is scheduled to turn himself in tomorrow. both are charged with tampering with a governmental record. stacey: right now at 5:00, the governor of florida has declared a health emergency in four counties because of the zika virus. at least nine cases of the mosquito-borne virus have been detected there. officials believe all the patients contracted the virus while traveling. health officials around the world are also paying close attention to a dallas case of zika virus which was transmitted through sexual contact. the investigation continues
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mid-air explosion on a plane in somalia. the explosion blew a passenger right out of the aircraft. the explosion happened early, when the plane began to climb out of mogadishu. because the plane was at low altitude, there was no violent decompression. investigators say they are looking into whether or not this was caused by a bomb. steve: while we are dealing with some snow here in central iowa people in mississippi and , alabama are cleaning up after a big tornado outbreak. 12 twisters were reported throughout the south on tuesday. the good news is there are no reports of serious injuries or death, related to these storms. kurtis, we really do have things good. kurtis: a lot quieter here. some places sunshine today, especially earlier on. temperatures in the 20's.
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current readings with joe weiss, feels like -- wind-chill wives, feels like above three. a big snow on february 1 last year. this season, a bit below normal act 21.1. clouds are now moving out after we had some sunshine early on. a little snow opera green bay, wisconsin overthrew michigan and then clearing skies out to the west. there is this week system in the dakotas. systems are going to be spending bias to the north. it looks like over the next couple of days, the farther north you are, the more cloud cover. temperatures in the 40's in kansas city. a wintry mix in minneapolis. chicago, 30 degrees. the first system will generate a
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the second system, i think it may even kick up a flurry. here is futurecast. 11:00, mostly clear. morning clouds moving through. some sunshine with a flurry in northern iowa. late afternoon, early clouds. friday, the clouds return. north of highway 20, you might get a dusting of snow. saturday starts with cloud cover and looks to finish with some sunshine. temperatures tonight down to around 12 degrees. west winds 5-15. tomorrow, 32. in the metro, more sunshine and cloud cover. again, to the north, a few would clouds -- a few more clouds. a chance of a dusting of snow, maybe a little more north of highway 20.
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i thought i would give you an early look at the forecast. clouds early, sunshine late. no, 34. 2:00 p.m. temperature, 37. i will be out there having some fun. sunday, a chance of some light snow. a better chance of snow on monday. enjoy the warm up for the weekend. it looks like we will get a cold snap midweek next week. stacey: breaking news right now. two teenagers are in custody after a shooting at a townhome complex in waukee. steve: this happened this morning in the 1100 block of southeast olson drive. police found evidence that multiple guns were fired during an alleged assault. one person was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries but was not shot.
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walls and 19-year-old juwan wright are in custody. while he high school and a middle school nearby were placed on lockdown for about an hour. time for traffic. what they desire you about your heading westbound. a little bit of an accident on 56th street. that is slowing things up a little bit. we will take a look at that. going out to the west mixmaster, about eight minutes slower in normal and off to the east, things are normal. stacey: tonight on kcci 8 news at 6:00 lottery lawsuit. , it's a story we've been following all day. a former lottery winner is suing the lottery for a bigger jackpot. when he says was not enough. $6 millionkim: new concerns over the zika virus after the first united states case was sexually transmitted. im kim st. onge, the precautions
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everyone should take. andy: hawkeye hoops are in full -- tony: hawkeye hoops are in full force, iowa is taking on penn state and we take a look at the new recruits. annual signing day is here and we take a look at the new hawks and clones, coming up tonight at
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steve: we are still four days away from the super bowl but the advertising game is already in full swing. steve: instead of keeping commercials secret until the big
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releasing them early, in hopes they go viral. stacey: and they sure are. here are a few already getting buzz online. call me on my cell phone >> berdych, here are the changes. >> when you said coldly on my cell phone -- >> genius. >> you need to include that streaming music will incur data charges. stacey: this t-mobile ad starring drake is getting people talking by incorporating one of the most talked about music videos of the year, "hotline bling". steve: this hyundai ad features actor ryan reynolds riding a bicycle, ryan reynolds as a police officer, ryan reynolds
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playing football, and ryan reynolds walking dogs. nuff said. >> chill leaders. -- cheerleaders. >> again? i thought you're the expert at these parties. >> how about a snack stadium? >> a stadium built entirely of snacks. stacey: amazon is stepping into the super bowl ad game with alec baldwin and dan marino. the two use amazon's echo computing device for help planning the perfect party. steve: and finally, super bowl sunday would not be complete without puppies. dress up like hot dogs, as you
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those dioxins -- those dac hshunds are dashing toward a whole host of heinz condiments. stacey: stick with kcci for the super bowl. kcci is sending a crew catch -- a crew. catch scott reister's live reports starting tomorrow at 5, 6:00, and 10:00. and be sure to follow him on facebook and twitter for a behind the scenes look at all the action. the big game between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos is sunday, right here on kcci. steve: we are back next with a final check of your forecast. you are watching he's ef5 news
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stacey: that kurtis: temperatures in the teens and 20's, wind-chills in the single digits. there is a pretty shot from our downtown skycam. 31 thursday, flurries friday. nice for the weekend and then he gets colder next week. steve: so excited you double-click. we are back at 6:00.
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