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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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13 degrees currently, the wind is settling down. we will see sunshine later today with slightly melting highs near 33. eric: this is a look at the iowa dot road condition website 511ia .org. you see things improving especially since yesterday. the northern half the state has a lot of blue, partially covered roads. the southern half is mostly green. just a couple areas in pink. wednesday morning, road conditions were worse. elizabeth: vanessa peng was in hamilton county along highway 17 to show us how conditions were in rural areas. vanessa: it was hard to keep our cameras still as we captured the shot from highway 69 near randall. drivers battle lowing snow and icy roads in north-central iowa. >> between this and the snow blowing over it was kind of bad. >> on highway 30 i did a 360
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vanessa: bill follett is a truck driver and he started in clear lake. he is headed to texas. >> i got a student with me and the trailer isn't moving, it is blowing the cap around. vanessa: his final this nation is nebraska. >> i came from saint paul and the whole trip it has been ice and slush on 35. vanessa: the iowa dot had trucks out all day. >> based on what is been going on and has adhered to the road, flowering. vanessa: the goal is to get the roads back to winter driving conditions. but we asked a season and driver from minnesota his advice. >> try not to rush things and don't hit the gas, let it ride and keep it straight. elizabeth: although the roads
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reports most roads in northern iowa are still partially covered. eric: and iowa lottery winner says his $6 million lottery prize should have been $16 million and is suing the lottery. todd magel has the details. todd: the question our lawsuit poses and that we think should be very easy to answer is if you cannot trust the lottery to pay you in full when you win, why would you play? >> des moines attorney jerry crawford is representing larry dawson who did not appear at a news conference detailing the lawsuit. dawson appeared at lottery headquarters in 2011 after winning a $9 million hot weather jackpot. he took the $6 million cash lump sum. then dawson and the rest of us learned of a big problem with watery security. security chief eddie tipton right the lotto jackpot and tried to collect the $10 million cash prize and is facing 10 years in prison. dawson says that money should have been added to the $6
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we asked crawford if that seems greedy. >> that's absurd and would not be a lottery if that was the approach. anyone that knows our clients knows that they are the last thing from greedy as evidenced by what they did with the money. >> the iowa lottery believes that we rightfully played -- paid mr. dawson the jackpot he was entitled to. todd: we asked terry rich about the lawsuit. >> trying to protect the lottery integrity and for everyone in iowa and we need to defend this litigation. eric: dawson is asking for $10 million. now he is going to gamble with a polk county jury. elizabeth: four people are charged with child endangerment after several children in their care tested positive with math. laura terrell tells us it started when a concern family member conducted their own drug test on a four-year-old akin october. >> that's what got this launched. when this was done they brought
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laura: news and officers said happened in this house on east 12th street north. neighbors consider it a drug house. >> we determined for different adults either tested positive for methamphetamine or admitted to use of methamphetamine. laura: 25-year-old eric mcdowell, somer speer, christy clark, and mariah dawson are all charged with child endangerment. police are looking for dawson so they can arrest her. >> obviously very bad. we are dealing with methamphetamine which we know the epidemic. laura: officers say four children tested positive for meth. their ages are 2, 4, 4, and 6. >> we know how dangerous that drug is for anyone to use it when you have a child that is subjected to it, against their will, it is obviously something that tugs at the heartstrings. laura: police say the children
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family members who refused to go on camera tell us the kids are now with their grandparents. elizabeth: child endangerment is a class d felony. eric mcdowell is also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, interference with official acts, and probation violation. he is in the jasper having jail this morning. -- jasper county jail this morning. metinka: temperatures have fallen also grabbed warm coats, as, hope you have the heated seat button. we don't have much wind, it is coming from the south at six and it will not be as gusty as yesterday. we are tracking a couple of snowflakes across western iowa. no accumulation expected but near fort dodge, jefferson, through carroll and near greenfield and winterset you might have stray snow flurries this morning. note simulation expected with highs and the low 30's for
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no melting for you today and probably not tomorrow. highs close to freezing but we have another round of snow coming through friday night. eric: donald trump alleges that ted cruz won the iowa caucuses by committing fraud. trump tweeted ted cruz did not win iowa, he stole it. that's why the polls were wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. bad, he tweeted. cynthia fodor tells us why trump's is not the only one upset with cruz. ben carson is accusing him of telling voters he dropped out. cynthia: keith allen was surprised when a ted cruz importer from out-of-state spoke out. >> she interrupted everyone and at first i thought it was a hoax. she said i'm not trying to persuade you, i'm just letting you know that ben carson is dropping out of the race tomorrow morning. cynthia: alan says the caucus
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cynthia: right before the caucuses, cnn reported carson was taking a break and wind florida. congressman steve king then tweeted that carson looks like he is out. iowans need to vote for for their voting -- need to know for their voting. >> i'm still disappointed in congressman king and the fact that i have not heard anything formally or informally from him. i asked him on culture different occasions to apologize. cynthia: ted cruz did apologize to ben carson. >> he did apologize, that was a disgrace. cynthia: now donald trump is accusing the texas senator a fraud and calling for a new election. the gop strategists say that won't happen. >> there will not be a new election in iowa. they love their caucuses but i don't know if they want to do two of them in the course of two weeks. eric: ted cruz said his campaign made a mistake and should have
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sending a note to individuals at caucuses select people know they were staying in the race. two candidates have called it quits as of wednesday. rick santorum ended his campaign last night and endorsed marco rubio. rand paul suspended his wednesday morning. elizabeth: after a razor thin win in iowa, hillary clinton is back on stage in new hampshire for a town hall forum with bernie sanders. cnn host of the form with voters and sanders boasted his plan to crush isis. he revealed his toys for their public in nomination and touched on his face. clinton says she is not worried about a progressive label and expressed voter distrust. sanders: i would love the opportunity, i want trump to win the nomination. i would love the opportunity to run against him. my spirituality is that we are
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and that when children go hungry, veteran's sleep on the street, it impacts me. that is my strong spiritual belief. hillary clinton: all i can do is get up every day and work to do what i believe our country needs, find ways to help people, whether it's on mental health or addiction or autism or student loans. whatever it might be. i trust the american people, the people of new hampshire, to see my lifetime of work and service and to sort out all of the static. elizabeth: still ahead, zika. the steps iowa health officials are taking to battle the disease that can cause birth defects. >> first visit to a u.s. mosque
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more on his message 278-5233>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: it is a cold morning so bundle up. 13 degrees in des moines and clear skies. not much wind but just enough to make the wind chill of four degrees. dress warmly. we are tracking snow across west
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today from fort dodge scattered to the east. we are not expecting accumulation but don't be surprised to see snowflakes. today will be nicer than yesterday. temperatures will get back above freezing. we will see sunshine and have less wind and then yesterday. we a couple more chances for snow and your forecast and temperatures are headed for a roller coaster ride. >> for people to pick up these diseases and bring them back to iowa is not that rare. elizabeth: the iowa department of public health says it is testing a couple of people for a mosquito-borne virus that can cause birth defects. zika virus has been reported in more than 30 countries. eric: the first u.s. case was found in texas and it was sexually transmitted. kim st. onge sat down with health officials yesterday's said everyone traveling to affected areas needs to take cautions. kim: the mosquito borne zika virus found mostly in tropical areas like the caribbean and south america is raising new
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those areas. >> we had never heard about this and it was like what is this. why we worried about mosquito? kim: they were supposed to leave saturday for a week long trip to mexico. >> everything we have going on. they were telling everybody not to go, it is not a semi-risk, you cannot do it. kim: the reason is julia is two months pregnant. the iowa department of medical health medical director says pregnant women and women who plan to be pregnant are at the highest risk because of the effect zika virus can have on babies. >> the risk is that they could be born with microcephaly or a small head and some of these children with small heads can have developmental delays, etc.. kim: she advises everyone traveling to those areas to take
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indoors if possible. they admit they are bummed about missing the trip but say everything happens for a reason. >> a trip is not worth our babies happiness. eric: some of the most common symptoms of zika virus are fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes. she says there is no concern about mosquitoes in iowa spreading the virus, it's more likely someone would bring it from somewhere else. elizabeth: you are waking up to a chilly 13 degrees here in the metro. this is a live look outside at the east mixmaster. luckily the roads have improved greatly.
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metinka will have >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, roads are partially snow and ice covered across the northwestern half of the state. a lot of this is due to the snow yesterday but central and southern iowa have rhodes reported as being seasonal conditions by the dot. we are tracking more flurries from fort dodge through carroll and a there. we're not expecting accumulation, just a few flurries. wind chills have fallen below zero across northeast iowa and now they have dropped here in
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for. a quick system through the are iowa right now. south dakota through southern north central iowa. interesting ride through the weekend. this is the first week system dropping in, not much moisture. the next one is in our direction friday bringing another chance for light snow during the day. sunday, here comes another one. this will bring a chance for sprinkles early on followed by arctic air and wind behind it. temperatures will be warming up toward the weekend and doing right back down. tomorrow to the late morning into the afternoon health light snow across northern into central iowa. that will continue through the evening but like totals are expected. weather stays quiet saturday .
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maybe a half inch to an inch across central into the north. enough to brush off or maybe it will melt. the wind chill is at four degrees. at least the wind has settled down and remain lighter than yesterday. 33 for high starting out with flurries and sunshine. friday we expect light snow through the area. over the weekend temperatures warm up near 40. by monday, temperatures take a nosedive with a lot of wind and maybe more flurries. up and down out there. elizabeth: we will plan accordingly, thank you. eric: breaking news, we have been hearing about what's happening -- we will get back to that. elizabeth: right now, the president visited a mosque and school wednesday in baltimore to correct what he called a hugely
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eric: mark albert is in baltimore with that story. mark: neighbors waved hello as president obama arrived at the islamic society of baltimore. if you protesters lines the motorcade. instead, muslim americans told president obama about the increased by as they face. president obama: they talk about how their children were asking, are we going to be forced out of the country? will we be rounded up? why do people treat us like that? conversations you should not have to have with children. not in this country. mark: this is presidents obama's first visit to a mosque. wasn't leaders say it has been a long wait. >> we ask them to make a visit like that for a number of years now. mark: he says muslim americans are more afraid now than at any time in history. even after 9/11. >> thanks to donald trump, ben
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has become mainstream, which makes it more dangerous. mark: president obama says christians and choose need to speak out when they see at a muslim rhetoric. president obama: attack on any faith is an attack on any faith. mark: they say they are not muslim or americans, but muslim americans. elizabeth: after his speech, president obama met with the schoolchildren on the mosque grounds. eric: we do have breaking news. this is a live picture from nevada where firefighters are on the scene of an overnight house fire. this happened around 3:00 this morning and you see smoke coming from the house. it is a live picture right now, we understand either investigators have been called to the scene. our photojournalist spencer vaughn has more information.
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eric: still to come after
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metinka: we are getting off to a cold start at 13 to reason des moines with a wind chill of four. at least the wind has settled down. there are a couple of passing flurries followed by afternoon sunshine. highs today are heading to seasonably cool readings around
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less wind than yesterday but it looks like a good thursday. elizabeth: three days away from the super bowl. coaches are perfecting their game plans and coldplay is finalizing its halftime set list. for security officials, terror attacks in paris and san bernardino are at the top of their minds as they prepare. eric: a massive security operation is now underway. teri: heavily armed officers are visible in super bowl evidence. authorities have a message for fans. >> at this time we know of no specific writable threat directed ads -- specific credible threat erected at super bowl evid events. teri: giving everyone safe is been a two-year project. on the ground, in the water, and in the air, police are using high-tech equipment to search for explosives and watch for
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all intelligence and data final through the fbi command center is not far from levi's stadium. police agencies can instantly share information. authorities admit suspects acting on their own are a concern. >> is about identifying the lone wolf before he or she attacks. teri: super bowl organizers tell us they want tight security but not so overwhelming that it becomes intimidating for fans. >> it makes you feel safe that makes you feel like you're in a foreign country. >> i think it sends the message we will be protected. teri: on super bowl sunday, 70,000 fans will pack the stadium. while authorities say there have been no threats, they are taking no chances with the safety of fans and players on the nfl's biggest day of the year. cbs news, san francisco. eric: trust kcci for all your super bowl coverage. scott reister is there, look for
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