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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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steve: plus found in 96% of nfl , players tested after they die. it's the disease that tormented hawkeye great tyler sash. >> they have to listen to us. this is bigger than they are. steve: are. -- and inspired a major blockbuster, it may have claimed an indianola football player, too. tonight, meet the couple, determined to tell their son's story to make his last wishes come true. first at 10:00, new charges against the driver involved in a deadly warren county crash that killed a grandmother and 9-year-old boy. stacey: kcci's ryan smith in indianola tonight to explain why the driver responsible may lose his license. ryan: after the victim's family found out the driver was only going to be charged with failing to obey a stop sign, they came here to the warren county courthouse, demanding harsher punishment for the crash that claimed two lives. >> i was lost. like i said my mom was my best
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we talked everyday. ryan: on that mid-august day in 2015, karla and 9-year-old nephew eric fuller. a t-bone crash south of indianola left the family's suv unrecognizable. >> he went through three rumble strips, went through the stop and t-boned them. ,ryan: in a rare move, the case to a grand jury. -- grand jury who ultimately , decided to not charge the driver, keith hutton of oklahoma, with a serious crime. in fact, the state patrol initially only cited him with driving through a stop sign. >> none of it makes sense, at all. >> anytime there's a tragedy such as this and there's a loss of life, and in this case the loss of multiple lives, families don't want to hear that somebody's just going to get a regular traffic ticket. ryan: attorney doug eichholz tacked on two additional traffic charges -- failure to maintain control and driving on the wrong side of the road. and an enhancement for
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death. for that, hutton faces a $1000 fine and 180-day license suspension. >> something that says that mom and eric existed, you know. that they were wrongfully taken from us. not just pushed off to the wayside with just running a stop sign ticket. that doesn't say anything. ryan: that driver keith hutton, , is expected back in court here in warren county in about two weeks, facing those new, enhanced charges. reporting from warren county, ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: tens of thousands of people use it and now the dot wants to make it safer. kcci's vanessa peng is live to show us how the proposed changes to i-35 at highway 30 could impact your commute. vanessa: stacey, the dot says this part of i-35 near ames where it meets highway 30 is one of the most dangerous interchanges in the state. that's why they want to make it safer for the tens of thousands of iowans who use it.
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i-35/highway 30 interchange is getting old for lots of iowans. >> i don't really like it. it is kind of dangerous. >> there are a lot of close calls as people shuffle in and out of the lane. vanessa: other drivers weren't so lucky. january 2001, after a winter storm, a semi truck and 3 cars crash at the interchange. then, this fiery fatal crash in april 2009. it happened when a driver tried to merge onto i-35 from 30 and failed to yield. a new york driver on i-35 forced -- new york truck driver on i-35 forced through a guardrail, landing below on he died at the 30. hospital. >> it is hard to get over. vanessa: now, the iowa department of transportation wants to make is safer with a flyover ramp. it's a bridge ramp that will replace the old one. here's the problem with the current ramp. 65 mile per hour traffic heading northbound on i-35 merges onto westbound 30, but has to navigate oncoming traffic. the same thing happens on the southbound lanes of i-35 at the
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>> the weave between the two loops at this location just can't handle the amount of traffic now, and by building this flyover, it eliminates that weave in the future from occuring. 24. -- vanessa: the $16 million project is expected to be up and running at the end of 2018. >> i drive a big truck and it's hard to get around people sometimes, so i think it would be a good idea. vanessa: the dot will hold a public forum to talk about the preliminary plan. that's on tuesday night, february 16 from 5:00 to at the 630 crossroad baptist church in ames. live in ames, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: in commitment 2016 news tonight bernie sanders and , hillary clinton going head-to-head tonight in new hampshire for the last time before monday's first-in-the-nation primary. in the debate, hosted by msnbc, the candidates touched on health care, the economy, and the definition of progressive politics.
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to distinguish himself. i understand that, that is what you doing campaign. at the same time, let's not be -- i think in an unfair way, making an accusation or making an attack about where i stand and where it always stood. it is fair to say, senator, that in your definition as you being the self-proclaimed gatekeeper for progressivism, i don't know anyone else who fits that definition. sen. sanders: instead of arguing about definitions, let's talk about what we should do. one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk but walk the walk. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pack, who is not raising huge sums of money from wall street. steve: sanders has a commanding lead over clinton in the granite
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the latest wmur/cnn poll. on the republican side, donald trump has an 11-point lead on the rest of the gop field in new hampshire. marco rubio jumped to 2nd place. iowa caucus winner ted cruz is in 3rd. john kasich and jeb bush are currently in 4th and 5th. you can trust kcci for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary. our chief political reporter cynthia fodor will be there. look for her reports, starting sunday night at 10:00. look outside at the roads. a cold night. kurtis is in with some good news for the weekend. kurtis: a gradual warm-up on the way. freezing mark. overnight lower out highway 20 north in the single digits. coldest weather in the u.s., colorado. 15 below.
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some cold air off to the west and southwest. your timeline for tomorrow -- i think we'll see a little sunshine early but the sunshine -- but the clouds will fill in quickly. 3:00 p.m. temperature, 32. by evening hour, a chance for a few flurries. a nice moderation in temperatures as we go from around freezing into the mid-30's saturday. sunday, 41. then it is a cold blast as we head into midweek next week. stacey: new at 10:00, it's a growing concern among parents, coaches, doctors, and athletes. steve: kcci's scott reister begins our team 8 coverage of the issue tonight, live from san francisco. scott: the glitz and glamour of super bowl city, the issue as you mentioned that is on everyone's mind is seemingly concussions and player safety. the nfl has committed $100 million to research on the
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like ge and under armour. on thursday, in downtown san francisco, they announced their recent findings. >> there are other instruments that, for example, might measure brainwave activity that we could use on the sidelines that would give us a rapid determination of concussions. finally, not just helmet to helmet or helmet to body, but also helmet to turf. obviously, another very important area is to develop new ways to make turf safer. >> whatever information there is out there for coaches, players, future players, finding technology that i leave can help in the process people can play this great game but do it in the safest manner possible. scott: former stars like deion sanders on hand serving as reminders of the overall physical toll of the game. >> a nerve is rushing up the
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i probably have a seven minute window to sit in this position and then i have to change. how can i complain? scott: it is a far cry from watching a guy like deion play when he was in his prime. coming up later in sports, we will have more from kurt warner, the island here at super bowl studio. steve: at sign 10:00 -- >> he didn't know what to do tried. steve: was it cte? an indianola family speaking out about their son's death. >> it was very difficult to see. steve: he studied the very disease he thought was destroying him. ahead of all of us. be a game-changer for
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stacey: right now, cte concerns. it's a disease found in 96% of former nfl players tested.last -- players tested. last month, researchers confirmed former hawkeye and new york giants star tyler sash had the degenerative brain disease when he died at age 27 of an accidental prescription drug overdose. steve: this week, we also learned that former pro football great, kenny stabler had advanced cte when he died last summer. sash's mother says her son, who played high school football at oskaloosa, suffered from
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she donated his brain to the concussion legacy foundation in boston. stacey: another iowa family is donating their son's brain in the name of cte research. and they are doing so, at their son's request. mark tauscheck has the story. mark: this has been an incredibly sad story, but it is also a story of a mother and father and -- mother and father who want make sure their son's last wishes come true and that no more families have to endure what they and their son lived through the past year. zac easter's devotion to the ball started in third grade. >> he was a young man who love the sport. mark: zac played 10 years until he was forced to stop in the middle of his senior year at indianola. >> he had three confirmed concussions his senior year and he had to quit. mark: that is zac, #44, during
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from an ankeny lineman towering over him. >> i did at last was not good, ankeny. i could just see the look. mark: sue wilson was the athletic trainer at indianola on the sidelines in 2009 for each of zac's concussions. >> back then they could return , on the field 24 hours later . sometimes, they were back sooner than an ankle sprain heh. -- an ankle sprain. mark: after high school, zac joined the national guard and suffered what was likely another concussion during a training accident. at age he suffered another 21, concussion when a driver plowed into the back of his car. in the fall of 2014, zac complained of severe headaches problems with balance, his problems with balance, his vision. ,>> memory loss, i'm having a hard time remembering things, i'm having some slurred speech. mark: it was a des moines doctor who first mentioned cte, chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
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said, what exactly is cte? and he goes, it's like brain dementia mom. mark: several professional football players were among the first diagnosed with cte after they died and the issue is the subject of a hollywood movie "concussion." ,will smith plays dr. bennett omalu, who first identified cte in pro football player mike webster in 2002 and has since determined all autopsies of cte show the kind of brain damage previously seen in people with alzheimer's disease or dementia. >> i was in denial, you know we're tough guys in this family , we will get through this. mark: of course, mom went looking for help. but she discovered what her son already understood. >> he just looked at me and said, "mom, there is no hope for me. there are no treatment
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>> it was difficult to see a strong and man, very intelligent really go downhill so , quickly. mark: zac knew cte could only be diagnosed by direct tissue examination of his brain after , death. >> anything to me i want my , brain donated to science, and i said, and "no, let me find the right help for us. don't give up on me." mark: just after midnight, on december 19, zac drove to lake aquhabi and shot himself. he left a note in his car apologizing to the first responders and called the sheriff's dispatch to tell them where he was. >> we drove out there as fast as we could, and it was too late.
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damage his brain, preserving it for research. he left two notebooks in the family room including a journal, documenting his daily battle with whatever had taken over his body, his thoughts, his life. >> as it turns out, zac was way ahead of all of us. mark: mike hadden is a professor in sports sciences at simpson and just finished a sabbatical studying cte. through his journaling, we have so much material, and information from this, that it's almost as if, i mean it's a first-hand experience. mark: concussion protocol has changed dramatically since zac played his last game at indianola six years ago. trainer sue wilson says these days any symptom, even a headache, means the player is done for the game and won't come back until doctors clear them. >> i feel a little responsible because he was in our care. as an athletic trainer, our ultimate goal is to keep kids safe, that's why you go into athletic training. mark: in zac's writings, he expresses his desire to tell young athletes it's ok to tell
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headache, ok to take yourself off the field, wanting to tell everyone that all those concussions chased him, that helmets need to be safer, that more research needs to be done on cte. >> i feel like if we can make some of these things happen, it's our gift back to our son , and that's all we can give him right now. mark: zac's brain has been sent to dr. omalu in california. if he does discover cte, the detailed notes zac kept will be very valuable for his research . right now, case reports on cte largely feature 2nd hand accounts from friends and family. the easters are adamant they are not against the game of football . they are speaking out at the request of their son and to bring attention to what can be done to prevent and detect concussions. including, the development of
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the sidelines and the er that can be administered right on the -- right during the game so they can get instant feedback. stacey: such an important story. thank you. we continue looking at the topic of concussions this sunday night. mark visited a new concussion clinic in the metro that wants to help coaches and parents not only identify concussions, but also determine when an athlete is able to safely return to competition. look for that story after the super bowl and a live episode of "the late show with stephen colbert" right here on kcci. stacey: --steve: it is kind of chilly out there. much colder than i thought it would be. kurtis: it is one of those crisp nights. single digits to the north and west. if it warmer here in the metro in most locations. humidity at 74%. our wind chill at 13 and a
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clarion, carol, audubon all in a single digits. a wind chill tomorrow morning of 13. 9:00 a.m., 21. noon, 28 degrees. we had some snow showers north central and northeastern iowa. we cleared out but already upstream, another round of clouds. here is your timeline. guys move out and then here comes the next batch moving in. looks to be cloudy for most of our friday. i think we could squeeze out some flurries. a light snow shower in northern iowa, maybe north of highway 20. then saturday, clouds move out. we break free to sunshine. sunday will be a mild day, but the clouds will return. one week system moves through. then the wind picks up and it looks like very late sunday, we
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and then wrap around that area of low pressure with colder air building and on monday and a whole lot of wind. in ames. a lot of folks in the bay area. the super bowl forecast. miles north of san jose airport. 67 kickoff. half, 63. the game should end around 59. pretty nice for northern california for this time of year. our forecast tonight -- 16, partly cloudy. some re-freeze. tomorrow, 32, mostly cloudy. south winds at 5-10. saturday, 36 degrees. looking pretty nice. west winds at 5-10. mostly sunny. temperature starting the 20's and should finish in the mid 30's.
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colder late in the day. very strong winds monday and warm-up later in the week. steve: one player, who's gearing up to play in sunday's super bowl is renting out his home , while he's away. a look inside any carolina
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stacey: super bowl sunday is almost here. just 3 days away from the big game between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos, and panther fans in charlotte have a pretty cool option of where to watch the game. it is cool. this is panthers safety roman harper's townhome. weekend. proceeds from the sale will go to harper's foundation. a good idea. a pretty nice place.
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andy: we are getting closer to the greatest sports show of the year. super bowl 50. denver and carolina coming up on sunday from the city by the bay. let's go live to san francisco. scott reister is they're trying to get a handle on the scope of super bowl 50. scott: talk about the place to be. we are in downtown san francisco. you can actually hear the dave matthews band blasting at their concert. it is a really enjoyable place to be.
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among them, the nfl elite, the legends of the game, who were at the epicenter of the football universe on thursday. at radio row thursday, there was no shortage of football loyalty. guys like deion sanders. he says it will probably be another quarterback winning m.v.p.. >> they should do m.v.p. on defense and offense. scott: the former broncos m.v.p. terrel davis compared his super bowl with a retiring john elway manning swansong. >> how great would that be if john elway held that trophy? scott: running shoulders for scars -- running shoulders with stars and media has become warner. >> you never know what you're got to smile and laugh and enjoy
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>> it is a reminder every day what the nfl has become. look around. the hustle, the bustle, the buzz is crazy. scott: the hype will only get bigger and bigger. the buzz is growing as we approach sunday. we are days away. live outside super bowl city, scott reister, kcci, iowa's sports leader. andy: kickoff of the big game on sunday about 5:30. pregame starts tomorrow right here on kcci. lisa bluder's team is trying to get her pieces together in the right order. the hawks look like they are an ncaa tournament team but they can't quite get it nailed down at the clutch moments. at indiana. ally disterhoft, long-distance 43. hawks up 15 points in the first half. the bad news was everything that
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iowa gave up that 15 point lead and ended up losing 79-74. men's hoops. the iowa hawkeyes had themselves a good day yesterday, rolling past penn state. all -- we will see how i'll -- how good iowa is this year. several coaches have gone out of the way to praise the coaching job of fran mccaffery. >> it is a reflection of what they think of our team, our players. it is always about them or so then what we do.
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