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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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on the increase, upwards of 45 miles tomorrow. i will have a timing breakdown of that, and how much snow you can expect, coming up. laura: lifeserve blood center here in des moines says recent snows stopped many regular donors from giving blood, leaving central iowa's blood supply critically low. lifeserve provides blood to 100 hospitals in iowa, nebraska, and south dakota. and they say there is less than a two-day supply of some types of blood. so, they are asking for immediate volunteers and have been even expanding hours to take those donations. you can make an appointment by calling lifeserve on their toll free number -- 800-287-4903. des moines police are investigating a body found near cowles comments, near 3rd and walnut. witnesses say they saw a man in his 80's fall from the 22nd
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kcci is aware of who the victim is, but is not releasing that information, untoldil all next of kin can be notified. todd: the first primary of the election takes place in new hampshire, in three days. tonight, the candidates that made it through the iowa caucuses will take the stage in a nationally televised debate. danielle nottingham has the story from manchester, new hampshire. vanessa: my name is vanessa. we're from the bernie sanders campaign for president. danielle: vanessa banti has been hitting the pavement hard. she's one of more than 140 volunteers from connecticut, who call themselves "road berners." they've spent the last six weeks driving hundreds of miles across the country, knocking on doors. vanessa: we've had a lot of people in new hampshire, but also in iowa and massachusetts, too. because the super tuesday primary on march 1 is also very important there, as well. danielle: they'll be out here every day until tuesday's primary, even though polls show sanders has a double-digit lead over hillary clinton in the granite state. at this point in the game, what are you telling people, when you're knocking on the doors? vanessa: we want to make sure
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primary. danielle: rival hillary clinton spent saturday courting voters. sec. hillary clinton: bring your friends and your neighbors to vote for me on tuesday, and i promise you, i will fight. their final showdown before tuesday's primary tonight, here donald trump returns to the last one in iowa. on social media for bringing his mother on the campaign trail. he tweeted, "wow, jeb bush, whose campaign is a total disaster, had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me. not nice!" jeb bush hit back, saying it's a sign of insecurity. jeb bush: i'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but the guy needs therapy. danielle: the fireworks may continue tonight, with john kasich and ted cruz in a close race for third in the polls, and marco rubio's recent surge to second place. danielle nottingham, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. todd: republican candidate carly
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debate. now, our chief political reporter cynthia fodor is on her way to new hampshire for this week's first-in-the-nation primary. you can watch for her live reports, starting monday night, only here on kcci 8 news. an iowa city man will go on trial next month, charged with throwing two tomatoes at presidential candidate donald trump, during a speech last month. a judge set trial for 28-year-old andrew alemao for march 22. university of iowa police say alemao threw the two tomatoes during a january 26 rally in iowa city. by the way, trump was not hit. laura: the state democratic party is reviewing the results from monday's caucus. the results from monday showed hillary clinton with a slight lead over bernie sanders. but both the clinton and sanders campaigns questioned the results from some of the precincts. thousands of bowlers from across the state are expected to bring in big bucks to the des moines economy. kcci's kim st. onge is in studio to explain.
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will be here in des moines for the next several weekends, competing in a tournament with a prize worth nearly $200,000. teams of five took up nearly every lane at the merle hay mall bowling alley. this is the 99th annual iowa state bowling tournament. the tourney travels across the state. this year, des moines won the bid to host. bowlers will compete in teams of five, doubles and singles. over the next 14 weekends, some 200 teams with the highest scores will split the $186,000 prize. with 75% of the bowlers being out-of-towners, des moines city officials expect local hotels and restaurants to see a boom in business. team captain for bohica, shannon stolba has been bowling since he was three. and he has bowled two perfect scores. he says this tournament is all about being with friends. shannon: if we bowl good, then we bowl good. if we don't, i guess it's a story of we came up here, had a good time, got away from the hometown. kim: the winner of the tournament will be announced in may.
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impact this tournament is expected to have here in the metro. todd? todd: well, a man convicted of a polk county murder has died in prison. the iowa department of corrections says 66-year-old david freeman died of pancreatic cancer. freeman was serving a life prison sentence for murder, back in 1979. laura: madison county deputies still looking for the driver of a truck involved in a hit and run accident near winterset. tuesday morning, brett shady spun out on the ice on highway 92 near winterset. moments later, a blue pickup t-boned the driver's side. the impact bruised shady's ribs. he also suffered a torn tendon on his right pinky. if you have any information about the crash, contact the iowa state patrol. we're just one day away from super bowl 50. the game will be seen tomorrow at this time, right here on kcci channel 8. todd: but while most iowans will be watching the game between the denver broncos and carolina panthers on tv, at lest one kcci-er will be there in person. kcci's scott reister joins us
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from the stadium of super bowl 50. scott: it is a great place to be right now. we are actually live outside stanford stadium, in palo alto, where the brocnos have been working out. events are spread out across the bay. but the actual host city is santa clara. and saturday, it was their day to shine. the super community celebration had lots of fans. and lots of star power. nfl legends like michael irvin showed up for the celebrity sweat game benefitting the real heroes, the wounded warriors. >> just to celebrate them, have them come out and enjoy the festivities, and just honor them. scott: fans could try out some virtual reality.
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or just go play. >> it is a movement started by the nfl to get kids involved in athletic activities and exercising every day. scott: i could do this all day. just a few more times. having fun out here. as far as the celebrities come we got a surprise from ludacris. the world-famous rapper, and more coming up. kcci's scott reister. todd: kickoff tomorrow is at 5:30. and you can see the game right here, on kcci channel 8. well, they are playing rugby at the stade de france. why this game was such a milestone of the entire city of paris.
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a road win one man short. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. todd: welcome back. the town of elliott can now drink its own water. laura: the dnr put out a boil advisory tuesday, after an electrical failure drained the town's water tower. residents were advised to drink
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drinking water from the tap. but the electrical problem has been repaired. and tests show the water is safe now to drink. todd: in western iowa, dubuque employing a bug-sniffing dog to go though the town's library. a specially-trained labrador, named cooper, has been sniffing the library monthly, since bedbugs were discovered in the folds of a couch at carnegie-stout public library. library officials now have requested $5400 to continue the canine inspections. a library patron first spotted the bug in october. well, if you have been outside today, kind of warm weather today. laura: but parts of central iowa facing blizzard conditions tomorrow. kcci meteorologist jason sydekjo with your storm team 8 forecast. jason: yeah, and the vibe has been rather split. some one the mother of all storms, some want spring to get here. this won't be either. wind moving in, causing blowing
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his abilities necessary for -- lower visibilities necessary for the blizzard. along with the blowing snow. what is a blizzard, exactly? snow falling or blowing, limiting visibility to under a quarter of a mile. that means wind of 35 miles or greater. you need those conditions for three hours or longer for it to be termed a blizzard. we don't quite have that yet, but still very high. 26 out in caroll, that is sustained. not wind gusts. more difficult conditions move in. clouds are pushing from the northwest, they will eventually overtake us into the evening tonight, and continue to build throughout tomorrow, as that system approaches. you see the general lack of moisture throughout the system, though.
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expecting that much snow, generally an inch or two off to the north, which can make it more difficult when the wind. travel more difficult, excuse me. 34 right now, very mild. for the rest of the night, going to stay mild. down to 34 by 10 p.m. between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., dropping to 29. beyond there, back to the warm stuff. another spring-like day, even though we have the clouds and the wind. at least it will be worn out there for little bit, as the system pushes off. these isobars get closer together, those winds pick up quite a bit. that is the way it will be for most of tomorrow, into monday, as well. futurecast has a general smattering of clouds overnight, though i think we will see much more as far as cloud cover goes, especially by the morning hours, as it brings in more snow,
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notice how scattered it is, you can see through the evening hours, it does not pick up much bluster. which is why will not see more snow, generally a half inch across the state. up near fort dodge and mason city, could see an inch or two in spots. strong wind leading to that, ramping up throughout the evening into tomorrow. northwest, mid-30's, could be talking gusts of upwards of 45 miles per hour comic in for hazardous road travel and low visibility. please be safe. 29 tonight, back up to 40 tomorrow, another day out of spring. it will feel a bit more wintry. best chance for snow off to the north. looking at the next eight days, have to get out while it is warm. low 20's monday through wednesday. by the end of the week, back to
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laura: coming up after the news at 6:00, "matter of fact." tonight's show talks with political analysts about how tuesday's new hampshire primary could change the democratic party. and with the mayor of flint, michigan, about the water crisis facing that city. todd: rescue crews in california now calling off the search for possible survivors in a mid-air collision off the coast of los angeles. the coast guard had been searching a 200-square mile area, where divers found wreckage on friday. three people were believed to be on the planes -- two men, ages 61 and 81, and a 72-year-old woman. radar showed air traffic controllers both planes crashing. wreckage and the logbook from one plane was found. the other is missing. laura: a 41-gun salute in london today, to commemorate the ascension of queen elizabeth to the throne. it was 64 years ago today that elizabeth was crowned, after the death of king george vi. gun salutes are customarily fired, both on shore and at sea, as a sign of respect or welcome. todd: a rugby match taking place at stade de france -- the stadium that was a potential
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attacks. this is the first time, since terrorists tried to get into the stadium on november 13. 130 people were killed at other locations. paris police increased security checks on trains and cars, warning that any cars illegally parked around the stadium would be immediately impounded. laura: tony seeman joining us a talk about iowa state.
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take announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. tony: welcome back. iowa state announced that jameel mckay was suspended indefinitely and would not make the trek to oklahoma state. which turned isu's already shallow bench into, essentially, a puddle. on the road, trying to bounce back, after losing at home to press virginia last week. early on, deonte burton drives to the basket. guy is built like a big 12 linebacker. look out. later on, how many times have we seen this? georges niang doing georges niang things. nice finish with the left. tied at 22, oklahoma state going to work. tavarius shine gets the tip in. okie state leads at half. coming into the second half, jeffrey carroll drains the 3. the dagger.
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but when iowa state runs into trouble, they go to the one-two punch -- morris to niang, who finishes. he is not done yet. niang, again. he had a team-high 18 points. morris, 16 points, 8 assists, and no turnovers. and iowa state wins 64-59 over the cowboys. in-state rivalry, uni and drake. time. triple. he is loving it. uni up by 9. later on, washpun dish to klint carlson for the jam. then, it's wes washpun. this time, he does it himself. he is a crafty little one. drives to the lane and scores. uni wins big. 82-66 the final. over drake. the cyclone women were hopiong for a little hilton magic this afternoon, taking on 6th-ranked texas. but the lady cyclones come up
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they fall in this one. 65-49 the final. next up, they hit the road to play west virginia, on the 10th. we are less than 24 hours from the biggest game of the year. super bowl 50 is upon us, denver taking on carolina. the game is tomorrow, but the fun has been out in full-force all week. scott reister is in california, right in the middle of it, and joins us with more. scott? scott: tony, it is gorgeous here in california. right now, we are in palo alto -- stanford stadium you can see behind me. that is where the broncos are practicing. talking about star power -- not just peyton manning. celebrities in sports, entertainment, they are all around the bay this week. that was especially true in santa clara earlier today, as they had their super bowl celebration. an nfl legend beforehand, speaking at santa clara. for the older guys, talking
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>> last week, i beat the greats from around here in jerry rice. and now, i am about to beat my old great, tony dorsett. >> going to beat him down. >> have you ever known michael irvin off the field> ? tony: any game left in you? >> just watch me. tony: the game was all in good fun, with quarterback doug flutie and kirk cousins of washington leading the charge. there was still plenty of time to chit chat. >> i would love to see peyton win a second title. but my head says to go with the panthers, just because how talented they are. ludacris: shout out to everybody in iowa. i love you guys, all for the wounded warriors.
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scott: i have no idea who won the celebrity sweat game. i think kcci was the winner because of ludacris on the mic. counting down the days until reister. we will see you again at 10:00. tony: i am jealous. scott hanging out with luda! the game sunday kicks off at 5:30. you can see it on kcci. in the d league tonight, the energy are at home, taking on canton. tip time is set for 7:00. and on the ice tonight, the wild are on the road, taking on chicago. puck drops at 7:00. scott reister hanging out with hall of famer's and ludcarisacris. it does not get any better than that.
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laura: coming up on kcci 8 news at 10:00, a marion county town could lose the hub of its community. how the people are fighting to keep their general store. why, to them, it means so much . todd: jason is back with more reason to stay inside. jason: you might season sunshine, some blowing snow off to the north. ok, a lot of that by the end of the day. wind upwards of 45, as far as gusts go. one of those kind of days. mid-30's for highs, low 40's off to the south there. not a terrible day by all accounts, but definitely difficult on the travel side, until around middle of the day sunday. temperatures take a dip middle of the week, 23 on wednesday. back in the 30's for the weekend. laura: thanks, jason. stay tuned on we will be back at 10:00 with more updates. see you then. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, you're watching the most viewed
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this is kcci 8 news at, [no audio]
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>> today on "matter of fact." down to the wire in new hampshire. one opinion leader urges voters to change course. >> new hampshire voters break late and they often break together >> plus, while washington weighs in, outrage overflows in flint. can mayor karen weaver save her city? >> i'm going to talk to whoever i have to talk to. all the way up to the white house. >> and, offense, defense and special teams. why the super bowl is the perfect pregame show for super
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