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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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this should be the last batch of flurries we see today. that is good news. we have a wind, 20 to 30 miles per hour. grab your warm gear. the strongest winds to occur this morning before slowing down by late this afternoon. we have hopes of seeing sunshine. watch for little bit of blowing snow early. elizabeth: taking a look at statewide road conditions right now. i-35 is still closed in both directions from ames to clear lake. travel is not advised on the roads showing up in purple and the areas nearby in pink are completely covered with ice and snow. most of the northern half of the state is in blue now meaning those roads are partially covered with snow. we had crews capturing the conditions on those dangerous roads on monday. kcci's laura terrell has more. laura: white out conditions left
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highway 20 on the way to fort dodge. >> we had a few cars that were slowing down because of the ice and wind and the blowing wind conditions and were stopped. a semi actually came up and struck a vehicle and the semi then got stuck. laura: the jackknifed semi caused 40 to 50 drivers to be stuck at a standstill for up to two hours. drivers like tristan obe. the 40 mile and hour wind was so loud we could barely hear him as we talked. the howling wind and slick spots were so bad even our news car got stuck. >> i couldn't see two feet in front of my car. laura: the dot eventually shut down i-35 from ames to clear lake forcing drivers to take dangerous back road detours. >> and on the back roads there were huge drifts about three feet high and if you weren't going 40 miles and hour you weren't going to get through them. laura: state patrol says the best thing to do it just stay home if you can. >> if you go out you are going to risk your life. you are going to risk your family's life and you can actually risk the life of others. you might be the best driver in the world but all it takes is
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mistake and then a whole bunch of people get tied up in an accident. elizabeth: the strong wind will continue today so the iowa state patrol advises people to not travel north unless you absolutely have to. stick with kcci for all the latest road conditions information, video forecasts and closing alerts. and be sure to download our kcci mobile and weather apps. eric: fire fighters in knoxville had to battle flames, the wind and the cold while trying to battle a deadly house fire sunday night. kcci's marcus mcintosh has more from knoxville. marcus: as a relative of the ronald and patricia hennings surveys the aftermath of sunday nights deadly fire he is not alone. the hennings dog nips at his heels. he may be looking for answers. marion county sheriff jason sandholdt pieces together what happened. >> the husband was sleeping, smell smoke. -- smelled smoke. he came out and then obviously
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in just after 11:00. >> one of my deputies and one of my lieutenants were first on the scene. they had two fire extinguishers and they tried to enter the residence. the flames and smoke was too much. marcus: firefighters who soon arrived were able to knock down the fire and 77-year-old patricia henning was found in the living room and pulled from the house. >> they started cpr on her called for mutual aid from knoxville city and pleasantville who brought tankers to help with the fire marcus: after cpr patricia henning was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. authorities says weather conditions, but it did make fighting the fire challenging. >> anytime the weather is this cold both with hoses hooking them up and with manpower trying to get in. we are always worried about the weather on that. eric: ronald henning was transported to iowa city to be treated for his injuries investigators still looking for what started this fire. state investigators look into another morning fatal fire. this one in fairfield. the body of 56-year-old richard hendershot was found inside the burning home. the division of criminal
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to assist in the investigation. and a house fire in st. charles affects three families. no one was home when the fire broke out so no one was injured but a number of family pets were lost in the blaze. fire fighters say windy cold conditions and the closest hydrant some 6 miles away made firefighting difficult. the cause of this fire also under investigation. simpson college is under fire for hiring a full-time coach for its shooting sports club. it's been around for 5 years now. elizabeth: but some alumni are speaking out. even former iowa u.s. senator john culver writing a letter calling for that money to be spent on other academic programs. kcci's ryan smith reports. bronco critics taking aim at -- ryan s.: critics taking aim at simpson college's shooting sports club. the petition for a weapons-free simpson garnering nearly 200 online signatures since last week. it calls on the college's board of trustees to reverse a decision to hire a full-time coach for the program. >> this type of feud that's happening i think it's a travesty. ryan s.: some alumni are now
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staff layoffs. >> it's concerning because they don't have the money for career services but they have the money to provide a full-time coach in the shooting club. ryan s.: simpson officials are reviewing school policy on equipment storage. the campus is considered a gun-free zone. firearms are currently kept inside this maintenance building on campus. >> they are stored in a safe that only has access by two people campus security and one other person and so we feel that that is something that we don't let them be stored anywhere on campus. ryan s.: simpson college president jay simmons now directing his administration to review procedures for screening potential participants and funding options. some simpson athletes see the coaching hire as a smart move for recruitment. >> i know hunting is big in iowa so i mean i think it would be , big on campus and students will be interested. elizabeth: we mentioned that online petition against the hire
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a petition we found online supporting the shooting club has more than 2000 online signatures. simpson officials plan to announce the hire in the next few days. eric: it is 4:36. metinka, everybody wants to know what is happening outside. metinka: more snow flurries out there. the phrase are flying that's the flurries are flying. winds gusting close to 24 miles per hour. that will be increasing as to 30 by midmorning. it finally settles down this evening. these winds are some enough to leave blowing snow concerns across the northern parts of the state. you will notice that will be restricting your visibility early on today. this afternoon, the weather will settle down and we will get some sunshine. elizabeth: the death of former principal executive david hurd who fell to from a downtown
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left people wondering why? des moines police are investigating the case as suicide. eric: hurd had reportedly been dealing with a serious illness. kcci's mark tauscheck has more on the end of life issues are being discussed at the statehouse. mark: the death with dignity bill was introduced and co-sponsored by senate democrats including dick dearden who remembers talking to his terminally ill friend last year. >> i remember him saying to me please take me to oregon so i can get the pill. mark: dearden says the death of david hurd and others show the importance of death with dignity legislation. >> apparently he thought this was the time for him and he did not want to be a burden. mark: death with dignity legislation currently exists in four states, the west coast and vermont. the medical director for unity point hospice helps patients and their loved ones navigate the tough decisions from diagnosis to death. >> it's giving patients all the possible choices they have and the death with dignity act could be one of those choices. mark: she thinks the push for this type of law stems from the
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a terminal illness. >> some people see the death with dignity act as a way to take back that control and to alleviate some of those fears of what's going to happen if i can't take care of myself or my family can't take care of me or if i'm worried i'm going to have unbearable suffering at the end of my life. mark: in our kcci facebook poll 94% of our viewers who responded said they would support a death with dignity bill in iowa . senator dearden says it likely won't even get to a vote. >> i think both sides of the aisle would like to but they're afraid that some of the people in the religious community beating up on them. eric: senator dearden told kcci this is one of those issues that if there was a blind vote would have approval on both sides of the aisle. ahead on kcci, a final push. we're now just hours away from the first in the nation primary. how candidates spent their final night in new hampshire. and the new polls number were seeing the two candidate with
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. the weather is better out there today but not by much. you can see it kind of shaking
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we have a few flurries falling on campus today. a gusty wind could leave us snow concerns for the north central parts of the state. windsor gusting close to 30 miles per hour. they have backed down. gusty yesterday close to 50 at times. -- gusts yesterday close to 50 at times. skies are starting to clear out to the west. grab all of your warm winter gear. it is cold out there. wind chills close to 10 below. it is very cold. we will have some sunshine today. eric: commitment 2016. new poll numbers from cnn show donald trump and bernie sanders holding substantial leads in new hampshire. sanders' 54% to 40% advantage over hillary clinton is down slightly from a 55% to 37% lead in the previous poll.
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marco rubio is in second and ted cruz close behind in third. john kasich and jeb bush round out the top 5. elizabeth: on the eve of the first in the nation primary presidential candidates made last minute pitches to voters monday. chief political reporter cynthia fodor was in manchester where it was a busy night for candidates and snow plows. cynthia: campaign signs line the snow covered streets but slick roads and slippery sidewalks didn't keep patriotic supporters home tonight. rod webber headed to a trump rally. >> do you think this weather will keep people from voting tomorrow? >> people want to make sure their candidate makes it. people come out braving it. i am braving it right now. >> i'm damn angry and so are the people who show up by the thousands to these events. cynthia: trump is far ahead of the rest of the republican pack here in polls that show the real fight is for second place. marco rubio was hoping for a big bounce out of iowa where he took third. >> tonight get some good rest. get up early to vote.
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can. cynthia: but ted cruz, john kasich and jeb bush are close behind in a toss up for second place. bernie sanders from neighboring vermont is running well ahead of hillary clinton in the polls here. >> we started off 30 points behind. that is not the case today. cynthia: but again a supporter fainted while he was making his final pitch tonight. >> i will tell you there is one issue out there. good god. cynthia: just as bill clinton showed up in dm the eve of the caucuses he was here the eve of the primary. >> you cannot imagine a greater divide between my views and the views of the republicans. cynthia: after 35 events across new hampshire in just one day just like iowa many voters may still wake up undecided. >> it is an exciting time for
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cynthia: political analyst scott spradling told me because of that he expects a big surprise tomorrow night. >> upwards of 30% to 40% haven't made up their minds in the end all these little things have a big impact on the outcome. we'll see one major surprise before it is over. elizabeth: hillary said it was her last rally there last night. the candidates will be stopping by polling places today after they open at 8:00 a.m. eric: donald trump now says his second-place showing here in iowa was actually a win. when the republican votes were totaled last monday ted cruz finished first and trump wild up in second. -- trump wound up in second. but trump says the cruz campaign's tweets that rival candidate ben carson was pulling out of the race tricked some of the carson voters into voting for cruz. >> there wasn't a loss. i came in second and i only came in second because of the fact that cruz took a lot of votes from carson that shouldn't have been taken away. i mean he's apologized but i don't know what comes of that. we'll see what happens. but that was the only reason i
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so i came in second out of the original 17 candidates. i don't consider that a loss , jake and i probably came in , first in actuality. eric: but some advertising experts say trump's 2nd place finish in iowa may be better explained by the sheer number of negative ads attacking him just before the caucuses. kantar media says 7 out of every 10 political ads that mentioned trump did so negatively. kantar media also says there were 16 ads attacking trump that aired nearly 2500 times. elizabeth: new details on a possible presidential run by michael bloomberg. the former new york city mayor confirmed monday that he is considering making an independent bid. he took aim at the overall tone of this year's campaign saying the public deserves better. bloomberg is worth an estimated $39 billion. he is expected to self-fund any presidential campaign. eric: it is 4:46.
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a live look at i-235. to the north, i-235 is still closed from ames to clear lake's.
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning.
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ames had a gust of 37 miles per hour. here in des moines, closer to 25 miles per hour. drifting snow across north-central iowa. throughout the daytime, the winds will be 10 to 25 miles per hour less than yesterday. watch for that on the roadways. lower visibility could be knocking you around a little bit. i 6:00 p.m., the winds could settle down. this morning, we are dealing with snow flurries to ankeny, down through altoona. this is sliding off to the south this morning. we cannot rule out a few spotty flurries. roads are still pretty yucky with i-35 still closed north of ames. as you can see across northern
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snow and ice cover. huge improvement over yesterday here at the winter weather advisory continues until 9:00 a.m. and chance for more blowing snow and poor visibility. wind chills are pretty cold so bundle up. that cold air is settling in here. it is going to stay cold here all day long. our wind chills will be some of the better in the state. the snow flurries are moving through. the last batch of flurries followed by clearing skies later as the whole system starts to pull away. the weather is going to stay active. tomorrow morning we will be tracking the next fast-moving system diving in here. that could produce some issues on the roadway for tomorrow evening. we could pick up a little bit of
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maybe a half inch. that is in that wednesday system. 13 in des moines. a few flurries. temps today are not going to warm up much at all. watch for a blowing snow early this morning across northern iowa. tim just stay cold as we head through the rest of the week -- temperatures stay cold as we head through the rest of the week. elizabeth: thanks metinka. >> i hope that they decide the best thing for iowa. eric: the final hearings began monday on whether to allow an oil pipeline to cut through iowa. the iowa utilities board holding three more days of hearings. -- three more days of hearings and then decide. elizabeth: the pipeline would run through 18 iowa counties and would carry up to 570,000 barrels a day. kcci's emmy victor shows us how the board is determining whether to approve or deny the permit. >> we are ready to proceed at this point. emmy: three board members led
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to deliberate whether the permit will be issued reviewing a range of global, economic and security concerns. >> dakota access says that pipelines have a better safety record than other methods of crude oil. sierra club points out that in 2013 more than 800,000 gallons of oil were spilled from railroad cars. but over 5 million hazardous liquids were spilled from pipelines emmy: one hot topic was climate change. >> environmental review from dakota access isn't enough we need full environmental review and that is something that they have the power to do. impact. >> i'll be able to put 200 to . i hope that they decide the best thing for iowa. all the polls are showing that iowans are in favor of this pipeline. emmy: emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader.
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to the meetings but the three to bash but the three dozen -- but the three dozen in attendance input. 78% of the iowans who own property that the pipeline would run through have already signed voluntary easement agreements. eric: unexpected proposal. legislature could make medical
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and use in iowa. metinka: the roads are in better shape in central iowa but still
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13 now in des moines. a few flurries and cold wind chills that have now fallen below zero. that northwind continues to be blustery. ottumwa gusting to 32 miles our. very brisk wind will produce wind chills below zero. kiddos are going to need their warm winter gear. lunch recess near 14. headed for 16 degrees today. they may not have outdoor recess . at least we will have a little bit of sunshine. the winds will let up by pickup time. elizabeth: kcci has learned of a major change in the iowa legislature that could finally iowa. eric: kcci's todd magel has the new information. >> these kids and families need this medicine and they know that it's worked. my daughter margaret has been on
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for her. todd: west des moines mayor steve gaer is an expert on the value of medical marijuana. hemp oil has dramatically helped his daughter margaret with seizures. but getting the medicine is a nightmare. a new bill set to be unveiled tuesday would make it legal to grow medical marijuana in iowa. to make cannabis oil and to set up dispensaries. it would also make it legal to carry it across state lines. republican legislators killed similar legislation last year. now republican representative peter cownie is sponsoring the new bill. he's not ready to talk about details yet but his friend steven gaer says he's encouraged. >> the critical thing about this legislation is that it would allow cannabis oil to be produced and distributed here in iowa. that's the challenge parents have right now is that we can't legally get it in this state. eric: medical marijuana supporters and lawmakers plan to unveil all the details of the new legislation at a news conference at the statehouse later today. elizabeth: still ahead on kcci at 5:00 a.m. a deadly overnight house fire. the scene crews dealt with early this morning. plus the latest road conditions across the state.
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