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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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moines right now, where one man is dead following a house fire. it happened on the 2700 block of 61st street. we have a crew on the scene. we'll have a live report in just minutes. stacey: right now, primary results. donald trump wins for the republicans in new hampshire. john kasich in second place. ted cruz and jeb bush in a close race for third. marco rubio in third -- marco rubio in fourth. chris christie, carly fiorina, and ben carson finish up the field. and on the democratic side, bernie sanders taking a double digit lead over hillary clinton. steve: the campaign celebrations are underway right now in new hampshire. stacey: kcci's chief political reporter cynthia fodor has been covering the first in the nation primaries. she joins us live from manchester tonight. cynthia? sen. sanders: a huge voter turnout.
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we won because we harness the energy and the excitement that the democratic party will be to succeed in november -- will need to succeed. mr. trump: do we love the people of new hampshire? i think it even a year ago. i said, i think i'm going to do well there because i am here a lot and it is so beautiful and i love it so much. i love the people. i said, i actually think they love me a lot. gov. kasich: we see this as an opportunity for all of us, and i mean all of us, to be involved in something bigger than our own lives. cynthia: we met up with a new hampshire political analyst two is now looking at each campaign in south carolina. >> the big question for bernie is what is next. the next date on the list to south carolina, and the polls in
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the south. what we do know about hillary clinton is, although she is taking it on the chin in new hampshire, she is doing much better among the different ethnic populations in south carolina. african-americans and latinos strong support for hillary that could be the cold water on carolina. if donald trump is the winner in new hampshire, all of a sudden it forces another look at the new york city businessman to see what he has been able to do next. he still leads in the national polls and he is still strong in other early states. cynthia: ted cruz at marco rubio, who came in first and third in iowa, have dropped down to third and fifth year in new hampshire. cruz is said to have a solid ground game in south carolina. some campaigns authority on
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stacey: the republican field will have their next debate in greenville this saturday at 8:00 you can watch it right here on p.m.. and -- on kcci. and, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will go head to head for their next debate thursday in milwaukee, wisconsin. pbs is sponsoring. stacey: --steve: a house fire in des moines kills one man. it happened in the 2700 block of 61st street. that's where we find kcci's todd magel live with what we know right now. todd: we are just south of merle hay mall. from the outside, there's not -- it doesn't look like there is much of a fire. this house. the fire call came in about 7:00 tonight and once firefighters , got inside, they found a man, who was dead. we are told he was in a wheelchair at the time.
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short time after firefighters and they confirm the victim was a 35-year-old man. he had multiple sclerosis and was combined to a wheelchair -- was confined to a wheelchair. we are also told he was a smoker, though it's too soon to say if that contributed to the fire. >> it didn't appear to be a significant structure fire, but the contents inside of the house produce a lot of terrible by products and combustion, so that part of it will be investigated further. todd: now it's up to the fire department, the state fire marshal's office, and des moines police to investigate what happened inside this house. we have learned that they won't release the name of the victim until all of the relatives can be notified. kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. out there. zero wind-chills overnight. wind-chills north and northeast of the metro.
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there is a little blanket of clouds moving in. not going to be outrageously cold for this time of year. below zero wind-chills from webster city all the way down south to ottumwa. wind-chills early on around six or seven degrees here in the metro. by noon, 16 degrees. highs tomorrow, 19. it looks like in the western half of the state, there will be some light snow developing tomorrow afternoon. accumulations should to be less than an inch. the week ahead -- we moderate just a bit. another batch of cold air on saturday. then, the general trend is a warm-up, where we will see some 40's. i think we make it even higher than that.
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republican state representative peter cownie will introduce a new bill that would allow medical cannabis oil to be made and distributed in iowa. it would also expand the number of medical conditions that would become eligible for cannabis oil. right now, only patients with a severe form epilepsy can legally possess it. iowa lawmakers are also advancing bills to raise the speed limit on some rural roads despite warnings the change could lead to more deadly crashes. one bill would raise the speed limit from 55-miles-per-hour to 60. another would bump it up to 65. both bills now go on to the full transportation committee. stacey: are you ready for this? gas prices below one dollar. kcci's todd magel has the latest prediction for falling prices at the pump. todd: it's a traffic jam at the mills fleet farm pumps in ankeny and this is why. , $1.21 for a gallon of gas. all thanks to a gas war with sam's club next door.
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cents lower than most of the stations in town. i think it's fantastic. >> it took to fill this entire $15 car and it was on e, and usually it is $25. todd: the average price at the pump this week is about $1.50 a gallon. and it continues to fall. the experts blame a global surplus. >> there's too much being discovered yet, there's more production going on that what we have ever seen in the last decade. todd: more production, and less demand. good news for drivers, but bad news for investors as the stock markets seem to keep falling with the price of gas. >> i think uncertainty in markets is always -- leads to these more volatile times. todd: and o.e other bit of bad news, these prices probably won't last. >> i'm pretty confidant that in the next year or we are going to two, see significantly higher prices. meanwhile, i'd say enjoy it at the pump.
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, are rolling in new orleans. here's a live look at the fat tuesday celebrations going on right now on bourbon street. earlier today, the city hosted its annual mardi gras festivities. thousands of people lined the streets for the parades that go on well into the night. a massive celebration today in denver for the broncos big super bowl win. tens of thousands of people crowded into civic center park, for a free concert, followed by the parade featuring players, broncos officials, and family members. denver defeated the carolina panthers on sunday, 24 to 10, to win super bowl 50. the city of des moines isn't getting much of a break after hosting the iowa caucuses. as ryan smith shows us, it is now one month away from hosting the biggest athletic event in state history. ryan: the two-day event has been #1 on the city's event wish list. wells fargo arena already gearing up for march madness hosting duties. crews will install additional
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overwhelming demand drawing a -- the overwhelming demand, drawing a capacity crowd north of 17,000. the big show is sold out, but fans can still track down a coveted seat at the arena. log onto to browse who is selling. >> that is a fan-to-fan exchange, where it is a secondary ticket that is managed by the ncaa, so it is a safe place to go and buy your ticket. chances are you will be paying above face value for those tickets when you buy them. ryan: we found all-session tickets face valued at 270 bucks going for as much as $1800. that demand means big bucks for local hotels. but a stellar hawkeye season means iowa may land a spot playing in their own backyard. sending an out-of-state team and its fans to another early tournament location. >> it would be remiss of me to say that we could probably bring
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, don't know. i really think the people from iowa will be staying a couple days downtown in des moines. if we had a choice, i think most of us would take iowa to play. ryan: if you can't fork over a a few hundred to for game day $1000 tickets wells fargo arena , is allowing fans inside for wednesday's practice that week free of charge. reporting from downtown, ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: next at 10:00 olympic , surprise. teacher by day elite marathoner , by night. how a johnston elementary school is supporting their favorite superstar. >> student section going crazy. steve: plus hip-hop high score.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman.
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it is nice to feel like i am influencing someone's life. steve: a johnston special education teacher is inspiring her students to run after their dreams, just like she is. tomorrow, obsie birru is heading to the olympic track and field trials. stacey: but as kcci's laura terrell reports, her students and colleagues wouldn't let her leave without a special surprise send off. >> good afternoon, beaver creek. laura: a special announcement from the principal, is the hint students need to start lining the halls. to say goodbye and high fives one of their favorites. >> it was a little emotional because i was probably their age when i wanted to do this. laura: originally from ethiopia, obsie birru has been running her entire life, first for johnston, then for grandview. so qualifying for the olympic trials last october was a dream come true. >> i was in a state of shock, but i was also very excited
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hard work. laura: tuesday, she got one more surprise. $1400 colleagues raised to help cover her travel expenses to the olympic trials in l.a. >> thank you, guys. laura: obsie is beloved here at beaver creek elementary. >> she helps us. she is a good teacher. >> she's got a very quiet way about her. a very calm way about her, but again, just a great role model. laura: those who know and love her say obsie's skills on the track are nothing compared to her character in the classroom. >> i had her as both a student and an athlete in cross country and track and field, and i just knew that she was a special soul. laura: and that's why everyone can't wait to see her succeed, on saturday. >> it's just really nice to have all these people who want to see me do well and who have been
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laura: obsie qualified for the marathon in the olympic trials saturday. the top 3 runners make the team. we wish her luck. stacey? stacey: we sure do. now open, the state's first natural grocers store. the store on hickman road was built in the parking lot of the old dahl's store there. the store will be open 7 days a week. the chain is based in colorado and has stores in 13 states. also opening this week, a new state-of-the-art movie theater in altoona. the altoona cinemark x.d. extreme digital theater opens thursday night. it features large reclining seats, a wall to floor screen , speakers everywhere. also has reserved seating, so it you know which seat you'll be in before you arrive. and, ames residents are excited about this one. potbelly sandwich shop will open this spring in the campustown area. it will be the first iowa store for the popular national chain,
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sandwiches signature shakes, and , live music. steve: new video tonight shows quite the spectacle today at oklahoma city's lake hefner. some seriously high waves crashing over the wall near stars and stripes park. the forecast called for wind gusts up to 23-miles-per-hour there. high winds here caused whiteout conditions across iowa on sunday and monday. tonight it's a much different , story out there. most of the roads in the state are now looking completely clear. but, highway 69 near clarion is still partially covered with ice. kurtis, the wind is gone but the cold is not. it is chilly. kurtis: it is going to be a second. i have been in tv a long time, there are a lot of cameras. i know of one is not pointed at you have to wait a while. on the radio, it is a cold one in the capital city at 10:17.
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it is a quiet night but a cold one. you can really feel the crispness. north-northwest winds at nine. some clouds rolling into western iowa. notice the temperature falling just a bit. 5 in mason city, 14 in ottumwa, 18 in lamoni. tomorrow, below zero wind-chills early on. not a lot of wind. won't that be nice. we knew, some light snow even as close by as dallas county. we will top out only at 19 tomorrow. temperatures in the upper teens right through 6:00 p.m. the wind blew for most of the day. settling down now. you can see this week system bringing some light snow up through northern north dakota.
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in temperatures tomorrow. 10 in minneapolis, 13 in green bay. 67 in dodge city. the panhandle of oklahoma will be in the 70's. this is the week system that will slide in with afternoon snow, generally across the western half of the state. not a lot of moisture with this, so it will not add up to much. you will see it moving and come hanging around at 1:00. the snow hangs in through the evening hour and then pushes on out. another system already upstream. you can see it here. that will moving friday, but i think lighter snow with that one. most locations from fort dodge to the metro south, less than an inch. maybe a little band of an inch of snow out to the west and that it lightens up again in
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tonight, that low down at 6. northwest winds 5-15. tomorrow, northeast winds 3-8. snowfall amounts in the metro -- a trace. maximally about three quarters of an inch. thursday, 22. friday, 25 degrees. light snow moves in on friday. expecting just a dusting with that next system. saturday, a cold one. here's the best news of the forecast if you like the warm up. after some snow on valentine's day, 30's and some 40's. many of the computer models are warming up even more thursday and friday. steve: next at 10:00 beyonce , boost.
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>> ok girls, let's get in formation.
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red lobster says its sales surged 33% sunday, after beyonce's mentioned the restaurant in her new song "formation." it's the same song you see her performing here at the super bowl halftime show. the superstar also announced her 40-date summer tour sunday. pre-sale tickets went on sale today. another powerful performance trending tonight. steve: this time, it's a gymnast at ucla, with a hip-hop themed floor routine that would make beyonce proud. >> stuck that landing. >> yes she did. steve: people are having fun. sophina dejesus scored just shy of a perfect 10 for that performance. she also pulled off a triple-flip into a split. a move that stacy does before every newscast. the video of her routine has now been viewed more than 22 million times. stacey: drake takes on wichita
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports.
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far back in this college basketball season when everyone , pretty much forgot about wichita state. the shockers had all kinds of injury woes and were 6-5 in the nonconference slate. that's all gone by the wayside as the shockers entered the valley season, got healthy, and got good. wichita state 11-1 in valley play, playing tonight against the bulldogs. morris with the finish inside. later on, zach brown knocks down the three. drake needs a little help. reed timmer had 20. the rest of his teammates only had 28. wichita state winds 74-48. for the hawkeyes, it is a big road test this week for an indiana team just starting to fall by the wayside.
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as the schedule is got more difficult, the hoosiers have flagged a little bit. the hawkeyes are ranked number 4 this week, and trying desperately not to pay attention to the numbers. >> we feel like we are the best team every time we step on the court the matter who we are playing. we just proven by winning. we just focus on winning, getting better as a team coming and getting ready for march. andy: hocks and hoosiers play tuesday -- play thursday at 8:00 on espn. and of overtime and dens l valentine called for the foul. a little questionable, but davis hits the first free throw, mrs. the second. officials don't call four steps and the clock runs out.
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final score 82-81. ,the big ten looks like this -- hocks on top by a half-game over maryland. purdue, michigan, wisconsin, michigan state round out the top seven. big 12. kansas and west virginia. the mountaineers leading in the big 12. the age of lot -- the ageless one, perry ellis. now a law jim once again. oklahoma, kansas, west virginia all tied at 8-3. the cyclones are still at 6-4, stretch. the cyclones head to texas tech as they take on a red raider team that is kind of at the big 12 at this point. steve prohm has a steamrolling, including at -- has his team
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>> these guys, i think they understand the expectations. the expectations are great. but we can meet all the expectations. i just want our team to be right
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hampshire primary numbers. trump the winner. second-place.
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