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tv   CBS Morning News  Me-TV  February 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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so, i kid myself really captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, february 10th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." it's tough and tomorrow, boom, boom. >> donald trump scores in new hampshire, a knockout. the political outsider notches a double-digit victory over the crowded republican field in the nation's first presidential primary. >> thank you, new hampshire! >> while bernie sanders turns the democratic race on its head by sweeping to a decisive victory over hillary clinton. a cross-country flight makes an unscheduled stop. police have to pull a passenger off a plane when he becomes too much for the flight crew to handle. and sideline scare.
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roy williams collapses on the court during his team's game. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. donald trump and bernie sanders were big winners in the new hampshire primary. the two establishment outsiders coasted to victory riding a wave of voter dissatisfaction after barely losing in iowa, sanders, the little known senator from vermont, easley defeated hillary clinton. and trump needed a win after a surprising second-place finish in iowa, trounced the rest of the republican field. we begin with major garrett who is covering the trump campaign. >> he crushed his republican rivals in new hampshire winning here the way he has led many, many months by pulling together different parts of the
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becoming a galvanizeing voice for hostility with the republican party leaders inside the beltway. >> we are going to do something so good and so fast and so strong, and the world is going to respect us again, believe me. >> reporter: trump appealed to republican voters have had it with the current political system. nearly 90% of republican voters said they are angry or dissatisfied with washington, d.c. >> we are going to build a wall. it's going to be built. it's not even, believe it or not, it's not even a difficult thing to do. >> reporter: trump's controversial proposal of banning all muslims from entering the u.s. resonated in new hampshire. 64% of voters agreed with him. ohio governor john kasich poured campaign resources into new hampshire and came in second. >> maybe, just maybe, we are turning the page on a dark part of american politics because, tonight, the light overcame the
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>> reporter: ted cruz and marco rubio and jeb bush battled for third as the campaign now heads to south carolina, where trump's outsiders ideas will face new and tougher scrutiny. >> i thank you all very much. >> after a sixth place finish in new hampshire, chris christie is heading home to take a deep breath and take stock of his campaign. major garrett, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. >> we will talk to donald trump about his big win in new hampshire and what comes next when he joins us in the studio, coming up on "cbs this morning." on the democratic side, bernie sanders enjoyed overwhelming support from young voters and those who describe themselves as liberal. new hampshire women favored sanders by an 11-point margin and moderates broke sanders way by nearly 20 points. nancy cordes is covering the tightening democratic race.
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in new hampshire he can no longer be considered a fringe candidate by anyone. he still faces an uphill climb to the nomination, but his big win here, along with his recent fund-raising prowess shows he is a serious challenger to hillary clinton. >> thank you, new hampshire! >> reporter: near record turnout and an electorate is becoming more liberal, both worked to sanders' advantage here in new hampshire. >> because of a yuge voter turnout, and i say yuge! we won. >> reporter: cbs news exit polling data shows nearly two-thirds of voters here believe sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, is about right on the issues. less than a third said he is too liberal, while nearly a third said hillary clinton is not liberal enough.
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to gain the presidency. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state! >> reporter: there was no comeback in the cards for clinton. just as in iowa, she struggled to win the support of young voters. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people. >> reporter: clinton's e-mail controversy appeared to have turned off some granite state voters. the quality that mattered most to voters was whether or not the candidate was honest and trustworthy. nearly 90% of new hampshire democrats said sanders has that quality, while less than half felt that way about clinton. >> african-american parents shouldn't have to worry that their children will be harassed, humiliated, even shot because of the color of their skin. >> reporter: now she is spinning her hopes on gaining the support of black and hispanic voters in upcoming states. her campaign sent out a memo last night touting her appeal among minorities, saying a
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house without the support of those constituencies. sanders now has a lot of momentum heading into nevada and south carolina, the next contests on the calendar. but he will need to increase his support among minority voters in those states. that's something he can discuss over breakfast this morning at the famed sylvia's restaurant in harlem with the reverend al sharpton. nancy cordes, cbs news, concord, new hampshire. as the focus of the campaign switches to the first southern primary, south carolina, cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson looks at what happened and what comes next. >> reporter: out is in in the new hampshire primary. in both parties, outsiders beat the republican establishment. on the republican side, donald trump had two victories. he trounced his closest opponent and his opposition is more split than ever. now he heads to south carolina where he is ahead by double
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on the democratic side, bernie sanders is running a crusade more than a campaign and that kind of a crusade requires huge numbers of foot soldiers. his victory in new hampshire showed that he could get them. he won across the board, even beating hillary clinton in a group that she should do well in. he'll get to sleep next door in vermont in his home tonight, which he'll need. he'll need that rest, because in south carolina, there are fewer liberal voters and there are more voters of color, a group john dickerson, cbs news, manchester. john dickerson will moderate the next republican debate this saturday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern from south carolina. the royal caribbean cruise ship anthem of the seas is scheduled to dock in new jersey tonight. the ship was forced to cut short its cruise after sailing into a fierce storm.
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wants to know why the ship sailed into a storm that had been forecast for days and calling for a federal investigation. german authorities are trying to figure out why safety systems failed before a collision of two commuter trains. at least ten were killed and 80 hurt yesterday when the trains crashed about 40 miles from munich. two engineers are among the dead. city council of ferguson, missouri. the justice department found racism in the city's courts and police department in ferguson after the deadly police shooting of black teenager michael brown in 2014. the council says some government proposals could bankrupt the city. coming up on the "morning news." locking out the fbi. encryption technology is blamed for blocking the investigation into the san bernardino shooting. later, assault with an alligator.
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see ya. passengers aboard an alaska airlines flight were all smiles when a suspected drunk passenger was removed from the plane early this morning. the man was apparently making threats at other people on the plane. he was so rowdy, the pilot had to divert to denver during the flight from boston to san diego. an alligator is allegedly tossed into a wendy's drive-through window and the fbi expresses frustration with encryption. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the new york times" reports encryption technology is hindering investigations. the fbi director says that encryption is blocking the investigations in the san bernardino mass shooting more than two months later. he says the biggest impact is on
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murdering, drugs, and car crashes. "the washington post" it would require existing power plants cut their carbon dioxide emissions by a third by 2030. the associated press reports that kentucky clerk kim davis is obeying a federal court order that sent her to jail for five days. davis refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses despite supreme court's legalization of marriage equality. she relented by providing altered licenses issued by her deputies. "sports illustrated" reports u.s. goalkeeper hope solo says she would not go to the olympics over fears of the zika virus which may cause birth defects. solo said she would never take an unnecessary risk of having an unhealthy child. the 2016 games begin in august in brazil where the zika virus is spreading rapidly. "the san francisco
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nuns who are being priced out of a neighborhood that needs them. the sisters feed the homeless in san francisco's gritty tenderloin district but they are facing a 50% rent increase they simply can't afford. the neighborhood counts on the meals they serve. >> i don't know i would do without them. they are so nice and they are always, you know, it's free food that they are cooking for the homeless. so i don't know what i would do without them. >> an attorney who is donating his services is helping the nuns fight the rent hike. the palm beach post is reporting on a florida man accused of assault with an alligator! police say the man tossed a 3 1/2 foot gator into a wendy's drive-through window in october. no one was hurt. the suspect was released on bail yesterday and his mother said her son was just pulling a prank. only in florida, right? chain gets a big celebrity shout-out. we will tell you how superstar
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. check out this jaw dropping time lapse video as lightning puts on an earthly show for the
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international space station. astronaut tim peek captured the video as the iss flew over turkey and toward russia. on the cbs "moneywatch" how beyonce gave red lobster an unexpected boost. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. stocks on wall street finished lower a third day in a row after a late afternoon rally fizzled. the dow fell 12 points. s&p lost one and nasdaq finished 14 points lower. the federal government issued strict new recommendations for the shipment of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. they are widely used in cell phones and laptops and other electronics. they can short-circuit and catch fire. the national transportation safety board says the batteries should be separated from other flammable cargo and the number of batteries in a single container should be limited. >> the swedish furniture maker
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lamps. high v and lock ceiling lamps. over a million have been sold in the united states and canada. the plastic clips that hold the glass shade can break, which lets the glass fall and shatter. u.s. safety regulators have determined that computers controlling google self-driving cars can qualify as drivers. automakers and tech companies are racing to develop cars that drive themselves. the ruling affects car design. it's a big step toward winning approval of self-driving cars on the road. disney's quarterly earnings soared, thanks to "star wars." "star wars: the force awakens" helped disney gain profits 32% the last quarter to a record 2.9 billion. but its tv profits slumped, dragged down by espn which has lost over 7 million subscribers the last three years. the seafood chain red lobster is feeling some love from beyonce. red lobster says sales surged
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ago, after beyonce released her new song "formation." she references red lobster in a racy lyric. >> she said it was a bit after romantic reward. day. i can just see men all across the country saying, hey, look. if it's good enough for beyonce too. >> red lobster have been reported been renaming some of the items, like to bey biscuits. >> i love it. thanks a lot, jill. coming up, tripping up a suspect. police officers chasing a man down a street get help with a quick thinking bystander. i now just manage it, so i don't deny myself bread, i have bread everyday. that's the genius of this program.
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here's a look at today's
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the country. surveillance video in london captured the end of a police chase. a witness saw two police officers chasing after a suspect when he stepped in, literally, with one swift move, he tripped in the robbery suspect and police caught their guy. the snow that buried boston this week turned out to be a huge help at fenway park. competition this week for skiers and snowboarders. the snow covered the massive ramp three times the size of fenway's green monster and rising higher than the stadium's lights. extreme athletes are set to tame a big beast in hawaii today big surf competition, the eddie, gets under way in a few hours. the event is held when waves is 20 feet or higher. last time that happened was
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el nino is creating huge swells along oahu's north shore. >> everybody is ready to go and everybody is well prepared. everybody's equipment should be dialed. and it's up to mother nature to let us have fun. >> only 28 elite surfers ride in the competition with an estimated 30,000 fans cheering them from the shore. north carolina men's basketball coach roy williams says he is thankful to be alive after a scary incident during tuesday night's game. williams collapsed during a second half time-out. he was helped to the locker room where he watched the rest of unc's win over boston college. the 65-year-old says that he had a vertigo attack. a huge celebration for denver broncos fans but still no answer to their biggest question. thousands of fans made downtown denver look like an ocean of orange. quarterback peyton manning spoke during the rally, but he didn't say whether or not he would be retiring. i'm anne-marie green.
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bernie sanders took a break from the campaign trail yesterday to shoot some hoops. sanders was visiting a new hampshire high school where voters were casting their ballots and he showed some pretty good form as he banked a few shots. here is another look at this morning's top story. bernie sanders and donald trump were the easy winners in the new hampshire primary. sanders swept the majority of men, women and young people to beat hillary clinton. trump scored a decisive victor over his gop rivals. the campaign moves to south carolina for the election's first southern primary more than a week away. the new york "daily news" didn't think much of trump's big win in new hampshire. he is portrayed as a clown on
4:25 am
"dawn of the brain dead." >> a parody leads to pushing and shoving in new hampshire. >> why do you have your hands on me? >> some marco rubio backers got rough yesterday with a protester dressed as a robot. video of the scuffle was posted on youtube. the demonstrator was mocking the senator's most recent debate performance when he repeated the same attack line four times. a washington area attorney learned the hard way about the frenzy that free food can cause. jan jesscoat of wusa explains why hundreds of strangers texted him demanding burr refoed. >> my phone number is 888-2222. >> reporter: d.c. attorney henry levine sure has an easy number to remember. >> so i'm sitting at home, minding my own business at noon and, all of a sudden, i get a text which says rain check. i text back question mark.
4:26 am
burrito? >> reporter: in fact, hundreds of other people texted him the same thing because chipotle's promotion was as simple as his number. text raincheck to 888-222 and you get a coupon for a free burrito. the customers with a 240 area code who added that extra 2 got him instead and they were still texting him during this interview. >> one person, said get me my burrito, bleep. >> as many texts as he has gotten, he should have gotten a free burrito for every text he received. >> a free burrito for every text he got. >> reporter: henry did contact chipotle, but only because he wanted customers to get their free deal. >> the worst thing happening to me was my battery was being drained and i was feeling badly for all of these burrito-less folks! coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," reaction to the new hampshire primary results.
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john kasich and jeb bush. plus actor bob odenkirk joins us in the studio. and we will reveal the winner of the grammy's music educator award. that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. >> we will leave you this morning with the final moments
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>> you're watching kcci eight news. elizabeth: the results are in. who came out on top in new hampshire and who fell short. candidates turned their focus now. eric: deadly house fires. two men are dead following two fires. how each unfolded. elizabeth: deflation. the bill working toward legalizing medical marijuana. what it would allow. good morning and thanks for waking up with us. eric: it is wednesday, february 10. metinka: more snow is on the way but good news, no wind. completely different issues from what we had earlier. we are tracking light snow and urries throu pocahontas and ida grove. all tracking to the south and southeast. still several hours away in des moines.
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