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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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kcci 8 news at noon is next. >> the most watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. mollie: right now at noon, he admitted in court to murdering his sister in law and her boyfriend. this morning, the iowa department of corrections tells us that jerry dillinger killed himself in jail. good afternoon. thank you for joining us today. it was just last month that dillinger made a stunning guilty plea in union county courtroom. on january 22, he told the court he was the one who shot and killed his sister-in-law, loretta dillinger, and later disposed of her body in a pond. during that hearing he also
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of michael robinson, saying he buried him after the murder. at the time investigators said robinson was loretta dillinger's boyfriend. jerry dillinger was immediately sentenced to two life prison terms. but officials tell us they found him hanging by a bed sheet in his single occupancy cell around 11:30 last night. staff immediatly began cpr. the effort lasted nearly an hour before dillinger was pronounced dead. the department of corrections says that due to the ongoing investigation no additional information is being released. also new at noon, missouri state trooper anthony piercy is -- was scheduled to be arraigned today in the death of clive native brandon ellingson. he way that and pled not guilty. a trial date will be set month. ellingson died at lake of the ozarks in may of 2014 while in missouri state police custody after being arrested on suspicion of boating while intoxicated. piercy admitted that ellingson had the improper life jacket on when he was thrown from the
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piercy was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the case. here in des moines, police are asking for the publics help identifying two suspects in a fraud investigation. they say the suspects used a cloned credit card last month to make purchases from retail stores at merle hay mall , stealing more that $3,000 in merchandise. if you recognize any of the individuals, you're urged to call des moines police or polk county crimestoppers at 515-223-1400. it's another cold outside and one snow in western iowa. let's check in now with jason to see if it's heading our way. jason: it is. that wonderful bounty of winter is upon us yet again. some light stuff off to the west. we have some dry stuff in the service right out helping to eat away at the snow. it's having a hard time at this point read -- reaching to the ground. we will start to pick up on some of this. it will straddle that morning
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you can see chances on the increase. update 80% chance for 70 5 p.m.. it's not like we will see a lot of snow out of this pretty good enough to make those roads slick initially as you head out from work. temperatures stay cool. low-to-mid 20's through that 4:00 p.m. hour chances of snow continue through 7:00 p.m. i will have the latest of how much you can expect coming up shortly. mollie: the final hearing is today for the iowa utilities board on whether or not to approve the bakken oil pipeline. the pipeline would cut through 18 iowa counties, and right now iowa is the only state that has not approved it. the board may be close to making a final decision. the hearing today begins at 1:00 this afternoon. the state department says it will release over 500 of hillary clinton's emails this weekend. officials made the announcement after a federal judge criticized them yesterday for delaying the release. the e-mails are from the private server clinton used when she was secretary of state.
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server put national secrets at risk. so far the e-mails and clintons -- clinton's use of that private server have yet to be an issue with rival bernie sanders staying away from the contriversy. but that could change tonight when the two face off in their latest debate. as marlie hall reports, a small field republican candidates are battling for votes in south carolina. reporter: marco rubio rallied early this morning in south carolina. he is trying to rebound from his disappointing if place finish in new hampshire. >> it is my hope if elected president, when elected president, to try to unite this country as much as possible. reporter: jeb bush also attacked the front runners rhetoric. >> he's downright divisive and ugly in mean-spirited. reporter: polls show trump has a commanding lead. >> i have spent less money than anybody else and i am number one. reporter: in a state where two
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evangelical, ted cruz thinks he can win. >> the only candidate they can be donald trump is me. reporter: john kasich who came in second in new hampshire is inspected to have a tougher time among south carolina conservatives. >> democrats love to spend. republicans due to, but they feel guilty when they do it. reporter: there are lessons about health bernie sanders will do among minority voters in the south. the democratic socialist told scott pelley wednesday he is confident. >> change always takes place when millions of people stand up and fight back. reporter: hillary clinton received a boost thursday morning with an endorsement from the black congressional caucus. >> hillary clinton wants to turn the page. she was the new storyline to emerge. reporter: the 20 endorsement and the debate she is looking to better new hampshire defeat behind her. marlie hall, cbs news, waukee -- milwaukee. mollie: more than a dozen
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congressional caucus will be campaigning for her in south carolina. cs supporters to send -- sanders was sent more than $6 million in 24 hours. in other national headlines, it was back in 1882 when the community of fargo, north dakota lost an officer in the line of duty. but that appears to have changed early this morning during a stand off with an armed man . fargo's police chief said 33-year-old jason moszer has a wound that is quote, "non-survivable." over several hours the suspect shot repeatedly out of the house at police. one of those rounds struck moszer. the gunman was found shot to death early this morning. the son of a gunman who fatally shot two maryland sheriff's deputies before he was killed in a shootout says his father was a heavy drinker with emotional problems. 68-year-old david brian evans open fired on officers who had a warrant for his arrest. officials say evans fatally shot a deputy in a restaurant yesterday and killed another
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before he was killed himself. the last four armed occupiers of that national wildlife refuge in oregon say they're getting ready to turn themselves in after fbi agents came to the federal property and surrounded them. they are the last remnants of the group that seized the national wildlife refuge on january 2 demanding the federal government turn over public lands to local control. investigators from the national transportation safety board have arrived in new jersey to inspect damage on the royal caribbean cruise ship that sailed right into the path of a dangerous storm this weekend. the luxury cruise liner, along with thousands of passengers on board, returned to its home port last night following the nightmare trip. don champion is there. reporter: after a nightmare at sea, passengers of the anthem of the cr back on solid ground sharing tales of a dream caribbean vacation gone wrong. >> the wind was coming through
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we slept on the sofa because we did not think we would make it. reporter: the 200,000 ton liner set sail for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel was battered by 30 foot waves and hurricane force winds. >> i could see the water coming up to our balcony. reporter: he was on the cruise with his family. they spent hours on lock down in the ship's captain navigated out of the storm. >> my sisters and my brother were pretty distraught. my mom was ok. they opened up the minibar so that was good for her. reporter: real caribbean officials say a are reviewing the storm avoidance policy to make sure an incident like this never happens again. >> this should never happen. we have got to do better. we cannot ask guests coming to us for a dream vacation to experience this kind of conditions. reporter: some passengers said they are done. >> i'm not going to hold it against them,. i'm just never going to crews
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will inspect the ship before it heads out on a sexy voice this weekend. don champion, cbs news, new jersey. mollie: passengers expect a full refund and 50% off a future crews. in world headlines, a mexican governor says no escapes have been reported during a brutal fight between rival factions at a prison which left 52 inmates dead and injured 12 others. the battle sent flames billowing into the pre-dawn sky. it's mexico's deadliest prison riot in years coming six days before pope francis is scheduled to visit another mexican prison. a 94-year-old former auschwitz guard is now on trial, charged with 170,000 counts of accessory to murder in western germany. former ss sergeant reinhold hanning is accused of serving in the death camp at a time when hundreds of thousands of hungarian jews were gassed. hanning maintains that he served in a part of the auschwitz camp complex where no gassings were taking place.
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the same building for years. but coming up, we'll tell you why some san francisco nuns say they need a miracle to continue doing so. and stocks are taking another beating today.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon with mollie cooney and meteorologist jason sydejko. >> we have no income. we don't get paid. so we work for the poor people. that's all. mollie: to san francisco nuns are hoping for a financial miracle. they could be forced to close the soup kitchen they've run for almost a decade because of a big rent hike. the reason is that the nuns' generosity is clashing with the city's plan of gentrification a , trend in urban neighborhoods resulting in increased property values and the displacing of lower-income families and small businesses. mireya villarreal has more. it's new at noon. reporter: the fraternity notre dame mary of nazareth has been
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soon the sisters might be served with an addiction notice. the landlord is raising their monthly rent by more than 50%, from about $3500 to $5,500. >> we have no income. we don't get paid so we work for the four people. that is all -- poor people. >> from some donations and some of the things we are baking ourselves. we are ready -- we cannot make $2000 more a month. reporter: it is in the tenderloin neighborhood, once considered undesirable and now it within walking distance of a revitalized area. it's for twitter opens its headquarters in 2012. the demand for office faces skyrocketed citywide. >> it's an absolute frenzy. renton driven -- rants have
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manhattan. reporter: critics say san francisco's gentrification is affecting the city's character. >> prince of got too far into high into fast. if we start losing the nonprofits, either the arts, you lose the soul of your city. we cannot have that. reporter: the landlord says the nuns and the kitchen can stay for now. they plan to be with him this week. they know they have a strong at the get on their side. >> i hope people understand. mollie: that was mireya villarreal reporting. the rock band the eagles will honor their late member glenn frey at the grammy awards next monday nht in los angeles. frey died last month at the age of 67. they'll be joined by singer jackson browne, who co wrote the eagles first hit "take it easy" with frey.
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band's other big hits including "hotel california" and "lyin eyes." you can catch the grammy's monday night on kcci. down again. major stock indexes have been struggling today amidst increasing concern. this follows steep market declines all around the world. financial stocks were among the biggest the climbers as investors worried that interest rates in the u.s. and elsewhere would remain low. the dow industrials have been down more than 300 points in midday trading. as you can see, they just changed. 3183..90. jason is doing the weather and affect our temperatures will be down and more snow on the way. jason: temperatures down, snow down on the ground. thankfully not seeing a lot of that yet. we are starting to see that push its way to the southeast.
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surface that is something -- that is helping before it falls all the way to the surface. no accumulation jet but by late afternoon hours we will pick up on some of that in the metro and at least. -- southeast words. -- southeastwards. some beautiful shots of a few snowflakes. i think he only saw a couple. thanks for sending in those beautiful shots and continue to do so. not a lot of luster with this system. fairly ragged in nature. as it pushes its way southeast we should see an ramp up just a little bit. enough to push out an inch or two in a couple of spots. you look at the right now and it is rather deceptive. it looks beautiful but still pretty chilly. when chills at nine degrees in the metro. we saw some this morning in the teens below. thankfully no more of that in the cards for us as we go throughout our day.
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clouds build in. snow moving in late afternoon and early evening. that will taper off before the morning hours tomorrow. we do have wind chills in the single-digit categories tomorrow morning. another reason to bundle up. really just a weak impulse as it travels to the southeast. high pressure will be making its way south. that will bring in a little bit more sunshine throughout our friday. before that we do have a light coating of snow on the way. futurecast springs that in his we had through the afternoon and evening hours. you can see on the backend of this, already out of here before midnight in multiple locations. plan on snow but not a lot. it will bring in clear skies as the area of high pressure slides southwards. we are looking for a little bit sunnier of the day on friday. a few more clouds and futurecast is picking them up right now. not a lot as far as snow goes. between council bluffs of the metro you can see the darker patch. we could see a couple of spots
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inches, maybe up to 2.5 inches. 22 today. chances for snow later on in the afternoon and evening. a cold one for most of us. midteens for highs up to the northeast. southwest. tonight teens. looking at a fairly chilly day all around. the next few days we drop even further. 14 degrees is the high on saturday. more snow chances on sunday will look beyond that. i don't want to say spring yet. mollie: light at the end of the tunnel. do you have a good case of the winter blues? we've got just the remedy all you have to do is head downtown this weekend. we have a preview of the winter
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mollie: chase away the winter blues i getting tickets to the winter blues fest. they are with the central iowa blues society. we are definitely ready. perfect weather outside to the inside for some good hot jazz. tell us about the society in
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won. guest: the society was formed in 1992 and we've an active ever since. we have 300 volunteer members to staff our events and our various programs that we take part in throughout the year. we just came back from memphis two weeks ago for the international blues challenge where we were awarded a keeping the blues alive award for the blues foundation in memphis. it's a pretty big deal in our world. it's cap like an enemy or an oscar. mollie: congratulations. keeping the blues alive in the community? guest: there are various blues societies, promoters, blues venues, record and recording labels and those of the categories to give the awards for. mollie: congratulations again. date weekend this weekend.
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guest: starting friday night we inductions. year. that will kick off our winter blues fest in downtown at the marriott. we have friday night the blues hall of fame inductions and that's followed by john primer, national action chicago. friday night. saturday we kickoff at 5:00. the doors open at 4:00. we start off with local, regional and national acts featured all night long. we have 13 bands in for ballrooms -- four ballrooms. they will be in the downstairs lobby. in the rock river lounge. we have beens int there. we cap the night off with a jam at the end of the night and that will go until the cows come home. mollie: that is wonderful.
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it gets bigger every years or how do we get tickets? guest: tickets are available until 5:00 p.m. today at the cips website, $25 for saturday night great get both nights for $40. you can get tickets at the door. mollie: for more information, 5:00 and 6:00 and then until the cows come home. sounds good.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic] jason: we continue to build that temperature a few degrees and bring in snow chances into the late afternoon hours. that will be with us into the evening hours as well. we will not pick up more than an inch or so of the could make the roads slick so please be safe if you're traveling tonight. temperatures go back to the 40's. mollie: we are looking forward to that.
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