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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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in jefferson, already snow on the ground. totals live this scum lesser amounts north and northeast, it looks around an inch in the metro. i think it will be a bit more on the line from oc a list to ottoman in carroll county. folks there might get an inch to two inches of snow. blowing snow is not an issue tonight. when pick up tomorrow -- wind picks up tomorrow. gusty winds with sunshine could create blowing snow. single digits with a high around 21. steve: it is a final day for the iowa utilities board liberations, and no decision on the highly controversial bakken pipeline. the board is weighing whether to allow dakota access to build a crude oil pipeline across 18 kcci's rose heaphy was at today's board meeting. she shows us where the board's discussion now stands.
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draft order to summarize the pro and con's discussed on each side over the last four days. they plan to use this in further talks because there's still a lot left to go over. the board focused on if the dakota access pipeline would promote public convenience and necessity. that meant looking at economic and environmental impacts. >> i agree they all have inherent risks, and i think when you look at what is planned for construction, those risks have been taken into account. rose: but throughout the 3-hour meeting, board members showed they still have some questions left. such as on certain issues like energy reliance. >> those are the two views which comes first? rose: the pipeline would carry up to 570,000 barrels a day from the bakken oil fields in north dakota to illinois. members of iowa citizens for community improvement have protested the pipeline. they say they're frustrated with the process. >> i think the past 4 days have indicated that this process is broken and isn't working for , iowans so we're going to be
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our demands soon. rose: these pipes, stocked in jasper county for the project, means incoming work for iowa unions. the pipeline could bring up to 4000 construction jobs. >> you always hear the temporary jobs, maybe they are but the , temporary jobs lead to careers for our members. rose: while this has been more than a year-long process, iowans say they appreciate the board's thoroughness. >> there's a lot more information to be talked about. time. rose: next plan is to meet on february 19 at 1:00 p.m.. if needed, there are also two dates reserved in march for further discussion. stacey: today the iowa senate approved a bill that would end governor branstad's plans to privatize the state's medicaid program. the democratically controlled senate voted 29 to 19 to terminate iowa's contracts with 3 companies hired to run the program. three republican senators also voted for the bill. but the republican controlled house is not expected to take up the proposal. a local woman who says she was sexually abused as a child for 9 years now can't do anything
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and state senators are trying to change that. kcci's kim st. onge is in the newsroom to explain why iowa law prevents her from pressing charges. kim: stacey, iowa law requires that victims file criminal charges against their abusers by the time they're 28. one state senator tells me the law is more in favor of the abuser than the victim. jessica henderson cries every day at the thought of her abuser. she says a family member raped her from age 6 to 14. the mental effects, ptsd, depression, and anxiety outweigh her intense physical pain. jessica: it is hard. thinking about the fact that he is still out here, and doing his daily whatever and i am in pain , everyday. kim: jessica was overcome with anger when she learned she missed the deadline to press senator janet petersen says most
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about their abuse until it's too late. she's backing a bill that would eliminate the criminal statute meaning victims could file criminal charges against their abusers at any age. jessicicsays she's fighting so other victims can finally get justice. jessica: i feel that -- jim girl the bill has passed in the senate needs to vote. the house majority leader told least some version of the bill. steve: new information in the investigation of the drowning of clive-native brandon ellingson's . today a missouri state trooper appeared before a judge on manslaughter charges. 44-year-old anthony piercy appeared in court this morning. he is currently free on bond. prosecutors say, piercy didn't properly secure a life jacket on ellingson win a arresting him on
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a man who just pleaded guilty last month to 2 union county murders died last night in a coralville prison. the iowa department of corrections says 37-year-old jerry dillinger hung himself. just 3 weeks ago, dillinger made a surprise guilty plea to murdering 2 people in union county. his sister-in-law loretta dillinger, and a man, michael robinson. a judge sentenced dillinger to 2 consecutive life prison terms without the possibility of parole. stacey: funeral services will be held next week for former principal ceo david hurd. hurd died last saturday. visitation will be next tuesday from 5:00 until 8:00 in the p.m. capitol square atrium. services will held wednesday at 10:30 at the first unitarian church on 1800 bell avenue. steve: the des moines police are looking for this man 48-year-old randal caswell. he is wanted on several felony warrants. police say caswell is a also suspect in several theft cases in des moines. if you've seen him, or know where he may be, contact
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515223 1400. stacey: des moines police also need your help to find 2 people who have been using cloned credit cards at local department stores. a security camera took these pictures of the suspects. police say the couple bought $3000 worth of merchandise with the cloned credit card. thieves copy a victim's credit card information onto a another card then use the cloned information to make purchases. if you can identify either person in these pictures, call crimestoppers. steve: is a notice -- the home -- listen to this -- the home of the iowa state cyclones is also home to the lowest unemployment rate in the country. the national bureau of labor statistics says, in december, ames iowa had the lowest unemployment rate in the whole country at 2.2%. the largest employers in ames are iowa state university, the iowa department of transportation, and mary greeley medical center. ames had the lowest unemployment rate. but lincoln nebraska came in a close second at 2.3%.
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burlington, vermont tied for , 3rd. iowa city, mankato minnesota, and provo utah, round out the top 5. stacey: plans for a new bridge over interstate 35-80 means the closing of part of 100th street in urbandale starting next monday. urbandale plans to widen 100th street in anticipation of the bridge. so starting monday the section of 100th street between plumbing north park drive will close. city engineers hope to have 100th re-opened by november. down by the river, changes in the air. des moines's vibrant east village has seen its changes in the recent years, the pretty soon, it will see several at once ran whether you live, work or play there, kcci's shaina humphries explains how you will be affected. >> we've got a lot going on, so there are both public and private projects going on int -- in this vicinity around city hall. shaina: the hammer drops april 1, when city employees move from city hall to a temporary space down the street, during renovations. it's a good thing their cars are moving too, making way for
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hall parking lot. it will become a parking garage, eventually flanked by mixed-use buildings for possible retail and restaurants. then there's the bridge. >> number one is the rebuild of the grand avenue bridge, which will start mid to late summer. shaina: it'll be the most noticeable change, and the last to wrap up. starting this summer, until sometime in 2018, drivers will have to detour. >> the good news is, is that we have multiple bridges downtown, so getting from the east side to the west side will still be relatively easy, people will just have to shift their patterns. shaina: so that's the bridge, city hall & its parking lot, not to mention 219 e. grand, its apartments, commercial and restaurant space should be open in then there's 2017. the city square hotel & apartment complex east of the embassy suites, and the ac hotel at east 4th & grand. those should open this fall. >> we want the east valley -- village to stay vibrant. there is a lot of activity, but you can still come downtown.
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park, they're still going to be able to get around. stacey: that was shaina humphries reporting. the city is working to make sure the festivals and concerts in the east village still happen by helping find new locations. during construction, robert d ray drive will be closed near city hall, but a pathway for pedestrians will be open. and the skating plaza will be open throughout all of this as well. c the city of johnston is point -- steve: the city of johnston is starting to tear down a long-standing eyesore. the old north end diner, best western hotel complex, near the intersection of merle hay road and interstate 35-80, will soon be gone. the city says demolition soon will begin on 5 buildings including the old restaurant and hotel. both businesses closed back in 2008. the city says the site will now be home to either a retail center, hotel, or an office building. webster city is taking steps to protect its courthouse and fort dodge. the county supervisors have now approved nearly $19,000 to install first-floor security cameras as well as some new security doors. the cameras will be linked to the county law enforcement
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back in december a man broke into the courthouse and discharged fire extinguishers throughout the building. they are in the top five nationally, but the only way the iowa hawkeyes state a leader in the big 10 is by winning tonight at indiana. straight ahead sports director andy garman has a preview. stacey: it is a theater where people are encouraged to put their feet up on the seats. with more snow headed our way
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin and sports director andy garman. stacey: -- >> people like to have friends over, enjoy themselves outside. we seem to be spending more time outdoors. stacey: after a long winter, we're all ready to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors again. you can do just that indoors at the iowa event center this weekend. steve: it is a sure sign of spring the des moines home and , garden show opened today. kcci's cynthia fodor is live to show us one of this year's main
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cynthia: we all come here to get ideas to help spruce up our homes, and it does not get more iowa than this a cozy outdoor living space made out of a corn crib. bob and cheryl lewis just inherited the family farm and , just got a great idea here. >> i like this we got 3 bins on family farm. i like the idea, we take the top off. we can make a garage or playhouse for the grandkids. it is unique. you to let -- utilitzing the old stuff we have on the farm. cynthia the habitat for humanity : restore built the silo chic designer shed. >> they made a flat foor little playhouse or living room. you can put a garage door on it or whatever. it is made into a playhouse or living room. cynthia using recycled elements, : even a pillow made out of a pioneer seed bag, they created a new word to describe it. >> ag elegance laugh. >> instead of getting rid of bins, i can utilitize the bins,
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that's a lot of swings, you'd have to have a big party, everybody out there. we will invite you and we get it done. cynthia: i can't wait, he invited us over when he builds this in his backyard. there are five landscape spaces with fireplace, water features, and you can see it all at the show. it runs through sunday at which time they will sell all of the flowers and plants. you can take home some color along with a lot of great ideas. stacey: thank you. it is opening night for one relaxing theater, the cinemark xd starts showing movies tonight. it features reclining stadium seating. the new theater also has reserved seating. so you'll know which seat you'll be in before you arrive. it is a good knife removing -- night for a movie.
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there is snow out there. it is slicking up the roads. 19, wind chill 11. east wind at six. hovering in the 20's and teens. we will bounce back and forth. p.m.. p.m.. 16 degrees. we will have afternoon sunshine. it is definitely not a heat wave. the snow chances are tonight. by tomorrow, that sunshine moving in. not accepting any more snow. there is a darker blue, i moderate snowfall. all of it is generally light. it is accumulating. we had one band move through southeast, and now it will pick up again. it is already picking up in western dallas county and back up through the nora, extending into carroll county. here is the back edge of the
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this is our fast-moving system moving through. after it pushes through, on from the arctic. especially tomorrow night. and early saturday. will have gusty winds for a bit. there could be some blowing snow issues in rural areas tomorrow afternoon. let's look at tonight with futurecast. here is the snow moving through. in south eastern iowa. a cold day. i think we will stay clear friday night into saturday morning. the clouds increase on saturday. our next system moves through with a band of snow saturday night. it is starting to look like more of this will have a bigger impact. to the east. . the system drags through we will clear out late in the day on sunday. we look for dry weather on monday. this computer model has been bouncing around on the snowfall forecast for sunday come of
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-- accumulation tonight. north. i think there could be a band of maybe an inch to two inches as you head south, central, and west central iowa. snowfall for the system saturday night -- sunday it looks to be five inches in northeastern iowa. this is a ways away -- we will update you as we get closer. tonight, 15, light snow. around one inch in the metro. southeast winds five to eight. with northwest winds 15 to 25 we could have blowing snow, we will get gusts around 30 miles per hour. saturday, the lowdown it for degrees below. look at the record, it is 26 below. i guess not that cold, but it will feel cold.
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an announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci eight sports. >> tonight's the big game for the hawkeyes until they get to play in indianapolis area the hawkeyes visit indiana, a team that has been in the top 25 for
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this week to two spot out of the nation's top teams. the hoosiers are rolling along, and they are doing it on the offense of and, scoring but in an 80 points a game, shooting better than 50% from the floor. he was averaging 17 point the game. he was averaging in double figures as well. this is a team that can fill it up. >> they move the ball, they run. they attack. they hit layups. if you are shooting those numbers you get layups. they are also the three point shooting team for the most part. you have the defense stretched out. >> they have guys that can put it in the hole, it is the key for the defense. no different for indiana, we will continue to make them work as hard as they can. >> it should be fun and assembly hall tonight. took time just after 8:00. it is live on espn. women's basketball and the
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lisa's team playing host to number seven ohio state. tip time coming up in just an hour. 7:30 p.m.. that game is live on bt and. what do you have to say about iowa's game last night? it was a game iowa state needed to win to stay in the championship. it was a game they should have one down the stretch. here was the key sequence. in overtime, lay-up is blocked. take a closer look -- it could of been called. texas tech out the ball into the other end. on the inbound play the bank in a five-point swing. the cyclones could get no closer. it ended up being three points. he had the front iron, no good. iowa state loses a tough one, in lubbock. another learning experience.
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i am sick for our guys. that is the bottom line. i couldn't care less about anything else six of those kids. these guys -- we have lost a couple of got rencher's. -- gut wrenchers. we have to get some rest. i am sick. we really had opportunities. >> a great opportunity ahead for the cyclones. back of a home floor at hilton coliseum saturday night. number 24 texas comes to town. that game is live on espn. i thought about it last night. the only thing that loss differ iowa state was take the championship out of reach. now there a ways back with a few weeks to go. there is tons of play for, and the reason why they cannot get it rolling, especially at hilton.
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