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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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going to be quite cold really state-wide, but colder to the north. our low is four below, and we will start out with some sunshine, the clouds fill in -- a high of 15. the snow chance tomorrow will hold off until fairly late, i think around 8 p.m. in central iowa. even a bit of sunshine before then. sunday, light snow, likely accumulating before 2 p.m. a high of 32, got a brand-new futurecast, and we will break amounts, coming up. steve: thank you, kurtis. one person is dead, and a child is flown to a des moines south of the ankeny airport on northeast 29th street. polk county deputies say the female driver lost control of her vehicle. it then left the road, flipped on its side, and became wedged between two trees. the driver died at the scene. the names of the two victims family is notified. stacey: there have been a lot of
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winter, with above average snowfall keeping those roads slick. as kcci's cynthia fodor shows us, that's keeping body shops so busy, they're almost working non-stop. cynthia: this entire garage is full of wrecked cars are lined up, waiting to be worked on. with so many accidents this winter, the auto body business is booming. >> seems like coming in every 36-48 hours periods. >> a lot of front end, rear end hits. >> all hands on deck. that is our go-to word. cynthia: at scotty's auto body, it's one of the busiest times ever. four snowfalls in two weeks means a steady stream of bended fenders, broken bumpers, and dented doors. kurtis mayfield blames the timing of the blizzards. kurtis: it is literally happening around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, and people are trapped, having to get out in
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cynthia: and we've had smaller amounts of snow more often. so far, this month? 7.9 inches, only 12 days in, which is the average february snowfall for the entire month. this winter, we're already nearly 3 inches above average, with another month and a half of snow to go. inches that add up to dollars for mechanics. >> this time of year, make hay while the sun shines. cynthia: the caucuses last week brought more collisions. all six of these are rental cars driven by campaign staffers from d.c. even though we iowans should know how to drive in the snow, mayfield still has this advice. kurtis: do not try to rush through it. these are the things you can do to move slower, but safer. cynthia, so, if you get in an accident, you may have to kiss your car goodbye. one shop told me they're already scheduled out for the next month. cynthia fodor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: the u.s. office for civil rights says it is actively looking into allegations of gender bias in the university of iowa athletic department. the office is investigating bias allegations in 13 areas. they includes awards and
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and practice schedules. investigats will be on the iowa city campus in april. last month, state civil rights investigators said there was a reasonable possibility that former women's field hockey coach, tracey griesbaum, would be able to prove discrimination played a role in her 2014 firing. stacey: wellmark will have to pay more in property taxes than it wants, according to the iowa supreme court. the polk county assessor valued the headquarters downtown at $99 million. wellmark objected, saying, if building, it would probably not go to another large corporation. but instead, the headquarters would be an office building, making it worth less. the iowa supreme court ruled in favor of polk county. saying, there is no evidence that another corporation would not buy the building to use as a headquarters. steve: a webster county couple is now charged with selling fake methamphetamine. 21-year-old tennessee ferry and 25-year-old danielle wilson are
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both were arrested yesterday by the webster county drug task force. investigators say they sold real methamphetamine, along with a substance that looked like meth, but was not. their customers weren't told what they might be buying was fake. stacey: a statehouse lawmaker wants to put an end to public intoxication arrests. vanessa peng joins us live from the ames bureau with the story. vanessa: stacey, representative mary wolfe is pushing the bill through the statehouse. and defense attorneys i spoke to today say police should take people that drunk in public to hospitals or take them back home, not slam them with a ticket. but police have a much different take. defense attorneys i talked to say the bill is a good idea. but police say public intox charges are there for people's safety. ben: if we're worried about their safety, take them home or take them to the hospital. if they're in physical danger, don't charge them for it. and it's something that can be on their record for the rest of their life. cmdr. tuttle: there may be people we find walking along the sidewalk that may be simply walking, but they're stagerring from side to side.
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traffic. they may not be loud at that point. but again, at that point, it's a safety issue, caretaking issue. so, that's the point there. if they don't have someone to take care of them, take them home, our last resort may be to arrest them and take them to jail. vanessa: according to data from the iowa department of human rights, from july 2014 to june 2015 in polk county, there were 1,598 public intox charges. 481 in story county. thomas: i don't know if that's a great idea. i think there needs to be some accountability still in place. travis: i think it would be a great idea. they wouldn't receive any repercussions on their way home little tipsy. they'd made it home. but i do think they should receive some reprimands from the academic people. vanessa: a public intox charge is a simple misdemeanor. and it can be taken off someone's record two years from a conviction, if the person convicted isn't found guilty of any other criminal charges within that time period. live in the ames bureau, vanessa leader. stacey: another budget battle
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statehouse. republican house leaders, yesterday, proposed capping state spending at just over $7.3 billion. that's less than senate democratic leaders propose. but both republicans and democrats are proposing less than governor branstad, who is asking for a little over $7.4 billion. one reason for the difference? the sides don't agree on how much money will be available to spend. steve: calling it beneath contempt, mid-american energy is now warning about scammers targeting a new specific group -- their latino customers. so far, this month alone, mid-american energy says more than 50 spanish-speaking customers reported receiving calls. claiming to be from the power company, warning the customers that their power could be shut off. >> [speaking spanish] steve: mid-american energy produced this video for its spanish-speaking customers. it can been seen on the company's youtube channel. it warns potential victims what to watch out for, if they get a call. stacey: city leaders in clive
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flooding faster. city officials say the flooding in june surprised them with how fast the water levels rose. last night, the city council adopted an updated flood response plan. they want crews to set up road blocks sooner. matt: what we're trying to do is take into account those faster rising events. and make sure that, if we're maybe three stages or three levels away from that event, that we're already thinking of prepping and staging. stacey: the city plans to hold a public meeting on march 21 about those changes, as well as proposed updates to the fema floodplain map. the iowa lottery says there are two iowa powerball winners who have never claimed their prizes. and they are now running out of time. a ticket sold in west des moines on march 7 of last year is worth $40,000. another ticket sold on march 14 in manly is worth $10,000. winning tickets have to be claimed within one year. otherwise, they lose the prize money.
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coming up, see if jameel mckay will play at hilton tomorrow, when iowa state takes on texas in a top 25 matchup. kim: these fourth-graders are jumping up and down after learning they will be getting a new classmate.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. efrah: i think kids are going to be very surprised. steve: a des moines-area elementary school is getting a very unusual new classmate. now, the classmate comes at a cost of about $2300. stacey: kcci's kim st. onge is live at clive learning academy to explain. kim: the classmate can't even read or write, but he's going to teach students here at clive learning academy a valuable lesson. >> go to your desks. get out your writing notebook. kim: it's never sy being the new kid. efrah: we were very, very nervous. kim: these fourth-graders know
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challenges. ro: it's going to be pretty funny. because we don't have a dog walking down the halls every day. kim: this golden doodle, bogey, will be the district's first-ever therapy dog. >> he's very shy, but he's a friendly dog. kim: bringing bogey aboard was the students' idea. efrah: it will help our students with a lot of things. it would help them with anxiety, and help them with reading. kim: they had to convince administrators having a dog at school is beneficial. drea: they had a lot of the questions that most people would probably have, when talking about bringing a dog to school. lisa: we've learned that test scores go up. we've learned that behavior improves. kim: the deal was, these fourth-graders had to come up with the money to care for bogey. so, they wrote letters to people in our community. avery: i am writing to ask for your support to raise enough money to keep our therapy dog happy and healthy. kim: while we were there, they
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>> we passed our goal! kim: chances are, this new kid will be welcomed with open arms. as far as figuring out who has to feed bogey, take him outside, and clean up an accidents, bocook says that's up the the fourth-graders. at clive learning academy, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: that is pretty cool. bogey's first day will be in the next few weeks. bogey is a hypo-allergenic dog. but school officials say they're figuring out how to deal with students that are allergic. steacey: we need a studio dog. triple bogey, like steve. temperatures falling, wind chill at four below zero. it is going to be a very, very cold tonight. northwest wind 18. the wind will quiet down later, but temperatures are dropping. these would be the actual lows. look at mason city, 15 below zero.
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below, and four below here in the metro. wind chill advisory to the north, 20-30 degrees below zero, county is included in this. story county, and as you head over into tama county and into the sooth county, but even colder to the north. here is your planner, below zero at 7 p.m. 10 p.m. is fioour. at 7:13, slow decline, 20 degrees below our normal high. eight at noon and 15 at 3 p.m. we did have that beautiful bright, blue sky. already some snow in the black hills, but some system to the tomorrow night. if you are traveling tomorrow, to conga.
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here is precipitation associated with that system that will slide our way. here is the future cast, got clear skies. i think we see sunshine, and the clouds phil on n, here is activity along the missouri river. moving in around 8:00, it will wind on up, and the system will slide on through. still hanging around at 6 a.m. as we head into sunday afternoon, it should be out of here by 2 p.m. and moving off to the northeast. a new computer model just came into the weather lab i can tell by looking at it, this next map -- i haven't even looked at it yet -- we will see what happens with the snowfall totals. it really pops up here. you will have to adjust this. i think it will be 2-5 inches, depending on where the system lines up. going anywhere from around 2-5,
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will update you as we get that is a brand-new model, i have not looked at it in detail. stuff. 15-25 below, northwest winds at 10-15. nighttime snow as we head into sunday, and we top out at around 32 degrees. the timing on this, again, generally after 8:00 on saturday. and before 2 p.m. on sunday. monday, 38. tuesday, 37. it warms up very nicely. 40's on thursday, 50's for friday. steve: thank you, kurtis. home sales were up in des moines last month, compared to january of 2015. the des moines area association of realtors says 671 homes were sold in january. that's an increase of 10% over last year. however, the number of homes for sale is down 4% from december. that's the lowest number of homes for sale in the des moines area in months, according to the
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stacey: coming up in sports, a
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announcer: from iowa's sports
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andy: week six of friday night hoops is on deck, if you are looking forward to warmer weather, here is news for you. the regular season is over here in the state. the postseason is underway. tonight though, all regular season games, including our game of the week. tony seeman's live at north high school over the polar bear's are hosting hoover. tony: that is right, andy. and we have entered their country. of course, i am talking polar bear country. live at north high school, it is going to be a great game tonight. des moines north taking on des moines hoover, the reason it is so good? both of these teams are so good, north only has four losses, hoover ranked third in the state. when they matchup, magic happens. but it has been some close matchup. the last time they played, it came down to the wire. hoover ended up winning by two points, so north wants to win
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they know it will take more than luck. >> you know, maybe little bit of luck. but a lot good play, for sure. playing together and staying together, and you know, that is -- i would guess it is quick to be a game that could come down to the left possession. tony: could be a fun one tonight, third-ranked hoover taking on des moines north. highlights coming at 10:00. tony seeman, iowa's news leader, kcci 8 sports. on to the college game. and it is going to be a good game for the cyclones tomorrow, in part, because the senior standout in the middle is back. jameel mckay's suspension turned out to be two games, he was reinstated for practice. and now, officially cleared to play for tomorrow night's game
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steve is going to need him and everyone else against a texas team that is getting together at the right time. steve: the tempo has been at a solid pace, they are controlling the game. but defensively, they haven't really good. it is a lot of guys being thrown at you. they have a lot of experience, too. they bring back a lot of returning guys, and they are catching their stride and playing really well. we will have to play well. andy: texas really is playing well. on to be a great game tomorrow night at hilton coliseum, the cyclones going to bounce back. texas looking for a signature road when and the season sweep. great day of basketball tomorrow, including a big game with more than iowa playing at
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ststeve: just curious, do you like giving this forecast? kurtis: i like the end of it. spectacular. snow on the way saturday night and sunday, it is going to accumulate. we will update you at 10:00. 30's into the 40's, maybe into the 50's. stacey: we like the way that ends, as well. thank you, kurtis. thank you for joining us. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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kanye west, taylor swift firestorm. >> me and taylor might still have sex, -- [ bleep ]. >> that's where taylor swift will be sitting for the grammys. will kanye show up. >> she is featured in a campaign ad for ted cruz. >> now her steamy past revealed.
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you were a soft core porn actress? >> what if you were sent back in time to stop the assassination of jfk? >> plus, what could possibly go wrong. do it yourself disasters. >> i can't believe that people are doing that. >> then, pig on a plane. imagine flying home and finding yourself sitting next to a pig. from going through security to boarding the plane, comfort animals on planes. has it finally gone too far. >> plus, she lost her leg in the boston marathon bombing. how she found true love again in time for valentine's day. >> we are married. >> now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. it is war between kanye west and taylor swift. kanye's latest release takes


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