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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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through central iowa. checking in with jason, what can we expect overnight? jason: another way then through the morning hours -- another wave in through the morning hours per it own picking up 1.3 inches. just getting this thing take off here. you can see a fairly formidable line continues to push eastward. this system will continue to effect us throughout the day and tomorrow. around 2-4 inches through the metro. i will get a more specific look coming up. todd: new tonight. the death of supreme court justice scalia was the first topic at tonight's gop debate in south carolina. laura: there were also some sparks between candidates. craig boswell shows us what happened. craig: the republican candidates took the debate stage and the first questions turned to the
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antonin scalia. president obama announced he will nominate a replacement for the conservative justice, but the candidates argued it should be up to the next president. >> i would like the president for once to put the country first. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we are not going to give up the supreme court to a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. craig: but that consensus quickly turned to disagreements. >> let me just tell you this jeb is so wrong. craig: things got heated between donald trump and former governor jeb bush over the war in iraq. >> obviously the war in iraq was a big, fat mistake. george bush made a mistake, we make mistakes, but this was a beauty. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show my , brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. craig: this debate could be crucial for the candidates. the south carolina primary is
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who continues in this race. for marco rubio, this was a chance to redeem himself after faltering in the last debate in new hampshire. >> i'm going to have a tax plan that is pro family because the family is the most important institution and society. laura justice scalia's empty : seat is now a hot topic this election season. todd: kcci's rose heaphy is live in the newsroom tonight to explain. rose drake university professors : i spoke with say his passing is tragic and unexpected. they say his decisions and his demeanor will be remembered, but also missed by conservatives. >> this is scalia right here. rose david walker is the former : drake law dean. he remembers supreme court justice antonin scalia when he visited the campus, once in the 90's and again in 2002. >> he was very giving of his time and was able to laugh at himself. didn't shrink from the kind of expression you'd see in his opinions. rose opinions, he held as a : consistent conservative. drake constitutional law professor mark kende says, scalia's legacy is undeniable. >> he helped the court become
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historians think this is the most conservative supreme court we've ever had. it's a consistency, -- rose it's a consistency, : conservatives may miss this term. his passing comes at time with hot topics like affirmative action abortion and religious freedom on the docket. >> those cases would be close. 5-4 decisions, so it becomes complicated now in terms of the conservatives have lost one of their loudest voices. rose the vacant position is now : a point of contention between the two parties. >> i think it means a battle. i know republican senators i believe even ted cruz who's obviously running for president, that it should be the next president who appoints. rose as the conversation moves : forward, kende says it's important to remember scalia's lasting impact. >> just recognize again whether you agree with him or disagree with him, what a significant, historical figure he is.
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the most supreme -- senior member of the supreme court. laura: president obama also reacting tonight. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. todd: iowa senator chuck grassley is the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. grassley cautioned the president tonight in making an appointment to the high court. grassley said, "the fact of the matter is that it's been standard practice over the last 80 years to not confirm supreme court nominees during a presidential election year. it only makes sense that we defer to the american people who will elect a new president to select the next supreme court justice." coming up later in this newscast. a look back on the life of
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reaction from chief justice john roberts. laura the investigation : continues on a deadly officer-involved shooting in urbandale. after 4:00 a.m. officers responded to a drug complaint at the holiday inn on merle hay road. a scuffle began with one of the suspects, when he fired a gun. officers then fired and killed the man. two female suspects ran away but are now in custody. no names have been released. >> they ended up in a struggle with one of the subjects, who ended up pulling a gun. one shop was fired by him and our officers returned fire. laura: officials are not saying how many officers are involved in the shooting. the investigation is ongoing. todd we've learned the name of : the suspect involved in a shooting near drake university. police say 45-year-old reginald douglas fired gun shots into the air outside platinum kutz on university avenue. no one was injured but university avenue was shut down for a short time friday night. douglas is facing two weapons
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video evidence in the case against a former des moines roosevelt high school girls basketball coach could be thrown out. gerald tig johnson is accused of having inappropriate contact with a student. des moines police tell us video evidence from the school district was corrupted. johnson's attorney filed a motion to have the evidence thrown out, because johnson cannot get a fair trial. back in december, police charged johnson with sexual exploitation and assault to commit sexual abuse after a student claimed johnson kissed and touched her. laura new tonight. : pope francis celebrated mass at one of the most holy sites in latin america. his message focused on hope and adriana diaz has more from adriana: before celebrating entrance of the basilica of our lady of guadalupe. 5,000 people attended the service. including this young boy. the holy father's homily touched
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drugs and immigration. ,afterwards he spent nearly 20 , minutes alone to pray before mexico's patron saint representing the virgin mary. pope francis said he and was coming to mexico as both a missionary and a pilgrim as his visit to the basilica displayed . what does that show to mexicans? >> that he is with them. adriana: the pope's day began with an official welcome ceremony at the national palace where he delivered a tough love message to mexican politicians. he urged them to resist privilege and serve those in need. thousands waited to catch a glimpse of his pope mobile. >> it was very exciting experience here with my mother. it was a blessing. adriana: the pope will celebrate sunday mass outside mexico city at a field that holds nearly half a million people. adriana diaz, cbs news, mexico city. laura: so far, pope francis has clocked about 23 miles in his
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wednesday. todd: josh brolin and george clooney star in the new film comedy, "hail caesar." we will find out our reviewer john pascuzzi is laughing. laura jameel mckay is back on : the court. later in sports, scott reister
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura nichols, -- carol meteorologist jason sydejko and sports with scott reister. todd: it's a story we've been following all day long. the death of us supreme court judge antonin scalia. laura: scalia was an influential conservative and most provocative member of the supreme court. omar villafranca has a look at his life. omar supreme court justice : antonin scalia made his mark during his 3 decades on the supreme court. he asked more questions and made more comments than any other justice and was known for his outsized personality and brilliant legal mind. ronald reagan chose scalia for the high court in 1986, and he was to the longest-serving member of the current court. >> always sticking to his guns.
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: immigrants in trenton, new jersey. his family later moved to queens. college took him to georgetown university and harvard law school. one of the staunchest conservative members of the court he was a strong advocate for gun rights, privacy and he consistently voted to let states outlaw abortion. in 2012, he talked to charlie rose about one of the court's most famous decisions that led to president george w. bush taking the white house, instead of al gore. >> you don't regret that do you? >> that case no, it was an easy case. laura: chief justice john roberts called scalia, an extraordinary individual and jurist, admired and treasured by his colleagues. todd: despite the forecast, a lot of people are dreaming of
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the des moines home and garden show. there's a lot to check out including firepits, fireplaces, gazebos. folks we spoke with said this was a great way to think spring in the middle of winter. >> it makes you pull good with all the snow and the cold. todd: the show will be open tomorrow from 10:00 to 6:00. tickets are $12 at the door for adults. laura: checking back with jason, we have a little bit of everything. jason: you're not going to get the wheeled -- weird feeling. if you are fan of the snow, you can see it out there in haynes already. we have a decent coding. -- coating. you can see where that band has set up. it asserts -- certainly light right now. reasonably strong so far, you are not saying that much set up.
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breakthrough the overnight and so make its way through in the early hours. you can see heavier stuff east of ankeny. this will continue for a bit. winter weather advisory spanning all the way from north to north dakota, down to nashville with this system. some of us can pick upwards up -- of the five inches of snow. 14 degrees right now, fairly chilly out there. wind chill of one degree. thankfully, we're going to warm it up here. temperatures climb to 31 degrees by three pbm -- 3:00 p.m. this forest futurecast is concerned, you can see the line
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stronger snow pushing through into the morning hours. this is going to linger with us for a bit. in the afternoon hours, we start to get more of the light stuff that is making its way through. don't expect anything to heavy in the afternoon. this thing clears out. we are going to have temperatures on the incline and we are going to be in the 40's and 50's before you know it. if you don't like the snow we have, it will be gone soon. 2-4 inches in the metro and one-two enters for council bluffs -- inches for council bluffs. 2-4 inches for the metro. 31 degrees. finally warming it back up as
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we are going to warm up quickly as temperatures will be above freezing monday and tuesday. we continue to climb from there on out. 49 on thursday. we don't have anything lower than 48 for the weekend. todd the coen brothers are back : with a spoof of old hollywood.
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laura tonight john pascuzzi : reviews a brand new movie, that looks a lot like an old one. todd: let's see what he thinks of hail caesari. -- caesar. john it's from the coen : brothers, the award winning team that brought us fargo, no country for old men and the big lebowski. and now comes "hail, caesar." josh brolin, seen here with tilda swinton is eddie mannix, a studio fixer for capitol pictures in 1950's hollywood. eddie's job is to keep the studio stars out of the tabloid headlines. and he has his hands full, especially with their biggest star, baird whitlock, george clooney, a dim-witted doofus who
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biblical epic, "hail, caesar." >> you're going to believe every word you say. you are going to believe it because you're an actor and that is what you do. you're going to do it because the picture has worth. john: featuring an all-star ensemble cast that includes jonah hill, channing tatum and scarlet johansson, "hail, "hail, caesar" is a comedy homage to old time hollywood. it's fun, if a bit fractured that's both hit and miss. but if you're a fan of hollywood's golden age, you'll forgive the misses and enjoy all the hilarious hits. "hail, caesar," not their best, but what the hail, it's a coen brothers film. for kcci 8 news, this is "john pascuzzi at the movies." todd: next week john reviews, a movie. it is called "deadpool",
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>> from iowa's sports leader,
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scott: camille's best to mckay's suspension is over. getting the star over mckay. getting the -- most of his start over mckay. speaking of feeling it, the big monkey cut out. a big night. an absolute tear. three straight threes. the all-american had 13 straight points. he finished with 24. cyclones only apply to at the break.
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that will work. the cyclones go up by eight. monte morris was huge. the cyclones pull away for an 85-75 win. >> the phrase dynamic duo gets used a lot. >> a lot of guys did a lot of good things. when those two guys are locked in, -- it is what it is. monterey seems to find me. that zip past rum half-court. that guy really makes me look
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iom the world. >> whether that was going -- we try to throw it in. i think running the clock, trying to get our best shot. scott: it was a solid homecoming for jameel mckay. the coach said he was proud of jamil. -- scott: kansas are ready beat ou this year. as it comes is -- isaiah cousins mrs.. they are tied with west virginia and the big 12. uni's up and down season is on
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the panthers took a five game wining streak to first place wichita state. the shockers had a 43-game home court winning streak. first half, ron baker puts it back in. wsu goes up by 1. final minute of the half. uni up up by 8. klint carlson out of nowhere. he had uni to an 11 point lead at the half. they pushed the lead to the -- to 15 in the second half before wsu rallied. wyatt loahaus steps inside the arc. puts them up by four. he had 11 points and four system. matt bohannon within three. -- with a three. unite gets it done. they win 53-50.
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college possible giant. >> we have a different confidence about us. that confidence has helped us defensively and rebounding. 10,000 plus fans screaming at you. it takes a team effort. guys like clint and stepping up and making bid place -- a big place. scott: how's this? they beat number one north already, now you can add you and i. also, today the cyclone women lose 79-69. they are for-nine in the big 12. the minnesota wild fired head coach mike yo, and are reportedly calling up iowa wild coach jorn torchetti to take his
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he took over the iowa wild last season, going 21-39-0-4. this year he has a record of 15-28-3-3. he also coached the team from -- when they were the houston arrows. we caught up with him moments ago. he is now headed to minnesota. the news is final. after the i will wild game, he had this to say about his big move up. >> moving forward, for the guys i haven't worked with, i'm looking forward to meeting them and going over our roles as a team and what is expected moving forward. pretty exciting time. scott: he will be the new interim coach of the minnesota wild.
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also on the ice tonight, best wrestlers across iowa work all year to make it to next week's state tournament. saturday they punched their tickets. johnston high hosted the 3a qualifiers. a story to keep an eye on indianola sophomore kobey pritchard lost his leg to cancer but here he is pinning his way , to a win. he's going to state for the first time. indianola's lane runyon gets a takedown against dowling catholics sergio orozco. at 126 dowlings jake watters gets a takedown against johnstons elliott polmeyer. watters wins a 4-0 decision. he is headed to the state tournament as is michael zachary. gets a dominant 21-8 major decision. >> i love the atmosphere. i love the fans and competition. i just love to go there and
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>> last year i fell really short. i did not a compass my goals at all. this year i feel like i can reach what i am looking for. >> it is indescribable. when you come out of the tunnel and see all is the will. really on her to come back. scott: his team came in 10th and he was honored for a 40 year
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todd: some of the roads are already snow-covered.
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