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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm CST

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some of us saw as much as five inches today. that has shifted eastward. reasonable chance we could see some light snow, mainly through southwestern portions of the state tonight. what we did see was somewhat impressive in spots. five inches in knoxville. 3.4 just confirmed here at the airport. no more in the metro expected, but on tuesday, there is a chance we could see a little bit of snow. as you head into the noon hour tomorrow, we are back to freezing and beyond. i will further breakdown that warm-up, coming up shortly. todd: we are following a developing situation right county -- situation in right county. it happened on the 100 block of north lucas. authorities tell us that two people were involved. both are still alive. one was airlifted to des moines and another was taken to a local hospital. we will update you when we learn
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right now, the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is being flown to virginia. officials say an autopsy was not performed. they did confirm he died of natural causes. scalia's sudden death is sending shockwaves through the nation's cip -- the nation's capital. the white house tonight saying president obama will not name a supreme court nominee this week. early sunday morning, the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived at an el paso funeral home, the flag out front is lowered to half-staff. president obama paid tribute to the longest-serving member of the court. pres. obama: he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the supreme court. todd: scalia was often seen as the keystone of the conservative, five-justice majority on the high court, which frequently split with the 4 more liberal justices. present obama said he would nominate a replacement, setting up an epic battle with republicans on the direction of the court. sen. cruz: there is a long
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sen. rubio: he can nominate someone. the senate's not moving forward on it until after the election. todd: mitch mcconnell, the senate's top republican, vowed to block any obama appointment to the supreme court until a new president is voted into office. democrats lashed out. ms. clinton: it is totally out of step with our history and our constitutional principles. sen. sanders: it is beyond my comprehension and it just speaks to the unbelievable and unprecedented level of republican expansionism -- republican obstructionism against obama from day one. todd: funeral arrangements for scalia have not yet been announced. while both sides of the political aisle are bracing for a political battle over justice scalia's successor, there are many tonight remembering his legacy. kcci's grace provenzano talked with one of our state's most prominent legal experts with some first-hand knowledge of the high court justice. grace iowa's attorney general : tom miller met justice scalia and says he was very personable, even though their judicial philosophies were different. the a.g. argued a case in front
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during scalia's tenure on the it was the prairie meadows case. constitutional for the legislature to have a different tax for the land-based casinos, as with riverboat casinos. >> i was terrified. this was the first time i was supreme court. justices sometimes, rather than trying to challenge you, they try to help you because they're trying to make an argument to other members of the court. justice scalia and justice breyer did that in my case. grace senator chuck grassley : joined other prominent gop senators saying president obama should not appoint scalia's successor. grassley claimed it's been standard practice over the last 80 years not to nominate or confirm a supreme court justice during a presidential election year. turns out, justice anthony kennedy was nominated and confirmed in 1988, the year george bush was elected president.
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at a security conference, but released a statement saying, "justice scalia was a passionate defender of our constitution upholding the principles on , which our country was founded." attorney general miller says there's an iowan who might be on the list to succeed scalia. judge jane kelly serves on the u.s. court of appeals for the 8th circuit. she and president obama were law school classmates. laura? laura: two deadly crashes this weekend in central iowa. the first in story county. one teen was killed, another injured after the car they were in lost control and crashed just west of maxwell. the driver, 17-year-old rylee mohler, died in the crash. 16-year-old william spencer was taken to a des moines hospital . his condition is not known. in webster county, a 13-year-old was killed and 5 others injured when the vehicle they were in lost control and rolled into a field. it happened about 3 miles east of fort dodge on saturday. 13-year-old duane touney was thrown from the vehicle and died
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the 5 others injured range in age from 5-years-old to 18-years-old. the cause of the crash is still under investigation tonight. laura: new at 10:00 polk county , officials identify the woman killed in a friday crash as 30-year-old samantha overton of ankeny. she died after her vehicle was found wedged between two trees. it happened friday in the 6900 block of northeast 29th street. for four-year-old son with a passenger in the vehicle. we are told he is in good condition tonight. the crash remains under investigation. todd: happening tomorrow, the man charged in connection with the hit and run death of an iowa state student is expected in court. police say 23-year-old benjamin clague was driving a cyride bus when it struck 18-year-old emmalee jacobs as she was trying to cross lincoln way at ash avenue last december. clague faces charges including leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, and failure to obey a traffic device. we expect to learn more tomorrow about a deadly officer-involved
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just after 4:00 saturday morning, officers responded to a drug complaint at the holiday inn on merle hay road. a scuffle began with one of the suspects, and when he fired a gun officers then fired and , killed the man. two female suspects ran away but are now in custody. officials are not saying how many officers are involved in the shooting. laura: commitment 2016 news tonight. a new cbs poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton have big leads in south carolina. on the republican side, trump leads ted cruz by nearly 20 points. marco rubio comes in 3rd with 15%. on the democratic side, clinton leads bernie sanders by 19 points in south carolina. candidates have just one week before the big primary in south carolina, and they were making a big push on the campaign trail tonight. florida republican senator marco rubio was out looking for votes sunday in south carolina. sen. rubio: if you nominate me,
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this party, but we are also going to unify our country. after saturday night's debate. 32% of republicans and independents in a cbs news poll declared him the winner. >> i thought rubio did a very nice job. laura: donald trump finished 2nd in the poll. the billionaire businessman clashed with rubio and senator ted cruz. sen. cruz: right now, as a candidate, he supports funding for planned parenthood. mr. trump: you know you are the single biggest liar up here, probably worse than jeb bush. laura: the sudden death supreme court justice antonin scalia has also been on the minds of the candidates and some voters we spoke to. >> should president obama nominate someone to the supreme court now or should the next president? >> i think he should nominate someone now. he has the choice and he has the ability to do that. >> obama may nominate someone but it won't get through the senate this year. laura: for the democrats, senator bernie sanders made the rounds on the sunday morning
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clinton campaigned in nevada. george w. bush makes his first public foray in the 2016 race tomorrow. he's campaigning with his brother jeb in charleston. todd: next at 10:00 valentine's , delivery. snow, slush, or shine we follow florists on one of their busiest days. laura: and papal visit. , a busy day for the pope in
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, -- with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. todd: chances are you dropped , some serious cash this valentine's holiday. the national retail federation crunch the numbers. looks like americans are dropping nearly $20 billion to celebrate. men shell out almost twice as much as women. the average expense nearly $200. ,for women, almost $100. despite the snowy start to the day, a local flower shop got the job done. laura: kcci's marcus mcintosh says, whether you stopped in for a last minute flower pickup or called for a delivery, boesens on beaver was ready. >> are we sending this to her house or where are we sending this today? marcus: when valentine's day falls on a sunday, boesens on beaver does works to accommodate every last minute delivery request.
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, the work really begins. flowers have to be picked out and arrange, and lever ranges those flowers must know -- >> how to shoot things the right , way to cut flowers. marcus: the results of the matter of packing the flowers to make sure they are ready for delivery. then, the delivery driver loads up to head out on snowy roads to complete the delivery process drivers who seemed unfazed by , the weather. >> it was bad this morning but it is not too bad right now, = -- not too bad right now. marcus: there are also customers who came in to become flowers on valentines day. boesens would come through for >> i knew they would be here. i have dealt with boesens since i grew up in this area. marcus: he was counting on boesens to help make this day special for his wife of 32 years. he typically waits until the last minute. >> that is kind of what i did today. i procrastinate a little bit. >> we know how guys work, we
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we are ready for them. marcus: as expected, boesens came through and sent cody on his way. happy endings something boesens , has been providing for almost a century. in des moines, marcus mcintosh, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. laura: boesens on beaver expects to have served 5500 customers from friday to the end of business today. todd: new video at 10:00 of some pretty chilly scenes across the country. todd pratt caught this shot of the ice chunks floating in lake michigan. in parts of the northeast, it's the coldest valentine's day on record. this is the sea smoke forming in boston, it's actually steam not smoke. the fog forms when the especially cold air moves over the relatively-warmer waters. strong winds in the area made for a wind chill of 15 below zero. laura: jason, we have kind of a wild weather week in store. jason s: in such a good way
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we had chances for snow or snow lovers and then a one into the mid-50's. if you haven't liked the cold, you haven't liked the snow, just wait a little bit longer. out in algona, a beautiful night. some of that freshly fallen snow still covering the sidewalks. it has continued to shove off eastward. some snow in eastern nebraska that are trying to make their way through. don't be surprised if you see a light dusting. temperatures aren't that bad either. winds died down quite a bit. with chill in the upper single digits to low teens central and northeastern portions of the state. you can see, off to the south, in the middle 20's. not exactly hanging on to heat, but it will not be quite as cold as you head out with this massive snow which shifted eastward, which made way for some slightly dryer skies.
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the mix again tomorrow, but light dusting with the mild air we have in the next. up to 36 by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow -- 30 -- by 3 p.m. tomorrow down to 24 by 6:00 p.m. clinical p.m., 11:00 p.m., start to work in more chances for snow in chances for some mixes in spots. i don't think we will get nearly that clear. could be a -- could see a couple peeks of sunshine. we are driving in some warmer air through southern portions of the state. a bit of a mix on tuesday, but before that, not bad. this raises through fairly quickly through the morning hours on tuesday. i don't think we will see any of the five inch totals we saw with previous one.
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wednesday, but by and large, not a hugely impactful system. it will likely make those roads a little bit slick on your morning commute. other than that, a few inches in the heavier it spots. notoriously difficult to forecast the exact track, so stay with us as we head through the day tomorrow. 21 tonight, we keep the clouds in the mix. some slick spots on the road. by tomorrow, 36 degrees. not a bad day, but by evening, we start to work in some snow chances. temperatures in the low to mid 40's up to the south. we had that spring air in the next before you know it. 37 on tuesday. up to 40 degrees on thursday, but check this out. friday, saturday, and sunday, upper 40's to mid 50's with sunshine. laura: scott here now and eight
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scott: announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports.
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tonight was to either lose to last place minnesota and settle for a three-way tie for first place or beat the winless golden gophers and have an outright lead in the big ten. option b sounds better, don't you think? they actually got to within 2. then the hawkeyes said, not going to happen. peter jok had a game-high of 27. mike gesell found jerod uthoff down the lane. iowa wins 75-71. ,their 16 straight at iowa hawkeyes -- at carver hawkeye arena. iowa has a one game lead over indiana and maryland. both of those teams lost this weekend. the last time iowa was in first place this deep in the season -- 2006. it would be a kobe bryant show at all-star weekend in toronto.
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check out kevin durant. was being played. kobe had 10 points on 4-11 sh ooting. not much to consider the game was 92-90 at the half. paul george at 41 points. the high-scoring all-star game. the west win 196-173. cyclones senior wrestlers tanner weatherman and earl hall both went out winners on senior day -- went out winners. on senior day sunday, the pair helped iowa state take down west virginia 28-11. the clones wrestle at minnesota friday before the big 12 championships next month. coming up on sunday sports extra, we get you ready for the state wrestling tournament by looking back over one of the most powerful wrestling moments we can recall. plus, the torch has been passed from iowa up to minnesota.
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franchise. what a show we had the nba slamdunk contest. and that is more like it. how the cyclones need to close things out and what -- close-out and what steve prohm have to say. laura: coming up next plastic , surgery surge. the age group more willing to go under the knife. todd: plus grammy preview. , how veterans and newcomers alike are preparing for music's biggest night.
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really love them . announcer: the most-watched news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00. todd: following a developing situation in right county.
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a shooting in evil -- a shooting in eagle grove. we are told to people were involved. both are still alive. what was airlifted to des moines and the other was taken to a local hospital there. laura: and, right now snowy , sunday. dry out there now but we're still feeling that winter bitter cold. todd: jason is here now with our next chance of snow. jason s: a chance on tuesday. do not expect a lot. once beyond this that i think everyone is at least a little excited about temperatures climbing back into the 50's. we have a ridge that will be building in from the west. that will help us to pump up that warmth. that will arrive on thursday, and what to does, it will not be leaving anytime soon. 54 degrees by friday. we hang onto to that all throughout the weekend. almost 20 degrees above average and post location.
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temperatures in some spots, single digits. as far as feels like, 15 degrees here in the metro. 32 by noon. chances for snow into the late evening hours. when you can expect, coming up here soon. todd: another whirlwind day in mexico for pope francis. laura: it included an outdoor mass and a visit to a children's hospital. adriana diaz reports on the big crowds who greeted the pontiff in mexico city. adriana: pope francis visited a children's hospital in mexico city, where he gave a sick boy medicine. displaying his affection for the young he asked the children to , pray for him. a young girl serenaded the pope with a rendition of "ave maria."
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francis's hub since he arrived. from here, he's taking daily trips around the country. earlier in the day the holy , father traveled by helicopter to ecatepec, one of mexico city's poorest and most violent suburbs. there, he celebrated an outdoor mass before more than 300,000, the largest event on his six day historic visit. in his homily, the pope urged mexicans to build a society with equal opportunity for all. an estimated two million people lined his motorcade route, many waving vatican flags and balloons. >> it's amazing. i'm nervous. adriana: why did you like him? porque te gusto? porque andaba en un carro blanco y a mi me gusto tu carro . adriana: you like his white car? >> si. adriana: tomorrow, pope francis flies to the region of chiapas to meet with indigenous people on mexico's southern border.
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virus, mexican officials started aerial anti-mosquito spraying and house-to-house fumigation to protect the pope from the disease. right now in taiwan, the search is over. officials called off all rescue operations after a 6.4 earthquake struck the southern part of the country. the death toll is now up to 116. the last trapped person was rescued alive saturday afternoon. a total of 289 people were rescued. 96 people remain in hospital. todd: right now, ramping up the fight against the zika virus. brazil's military and hundreds of thousands of health workers have been mobilized to fight zika. the country's president says the outbreak will not compromise the upcoming olympics in rio. he says brazil will have success fighting mosquitos that carry the virus. it has been linked to a serious birth defect among newborns. the olympics begin in august. in the age of the selfie, it seems many are turning to
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millennials are getting botox or fillers to start, then moving on to more extensive surgeries. >> people will say, "oh my goodness i cannot believe you've had botox." the reason i get the botox is because down the road i don't want to be like, "oh my goodness i have so much i need to do." ,todd: like a growing number of millennials, brooke stevenson says seeing herself in a picture is what prompted her to start getting botox and fillers a few years ago. now she's have a breast augmentation and liposuction to her arms. >> everybody knows how to take pictures and they certainly know how to take good pictures of themselves. and they will come and tell me, you know, i look good from this side but i don't look good in this side. todd: a new survey from the american academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery shows 64% of surgeons saw an increase in cosmetic surgery or injectable treatments in patients under 30. it says millennials are highly
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becoming comfortable and unashamed of getting that kind of work done. laura: right now the biggest , names in music are getting ready for the grammy awards. suzanne marques caught some of the rehearsals, and has a sneak peek at what the artists will take home tomorrow. suzanne: four-time nominee alabama shakes his pairing for monday's grammy awards. the southern rockers are up for a big prize, album of the year and lead singer and guitarist , brittany howard admits, they're starstruck. >> we come from a little town. it's crazy to be shaking hands with people like pharrell, and adele, and prince. it's wild. suzanne: alabama shakes joins a diverse lineup of performers from across musical genres. but host ll cool j says the closing act is still under wraps. >> the appetizers will be amazing and dessert will be spectacular.
10:32 pm
is outfitted with a grammy cam, which will capture video from the winner's circle. >> when the grammy award is given to an artist, you will literally be in the hands of your favorite artist, you'll see their point of view and their perspective. suzanne: even if they don't take home a trophy, every artist is invited to the backstage grammy gifting lounge where they can choose anything from clothing to cocktails to jewelry. >> we pre-stuff and amazing gift bag, and then they get to go through this gift lounge. suzanne: two-time nominee miguel will take the stage to pay tribute to michael jackson. miguel is performing a cover of "she's out of my life," celebrating the reissue of jackson's 1979 album, "off the wall." suzanne marques, cbs news, los angeles. laura: the 58th annual grammy awards air tomorrow night. the eagles also plan to play tribute to glenn frey, plus lionel richie will be honored. it all starts at 7:00 p.m., monday night, right here on kcci. >> i want to make as many people
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todd: next at 10:00 the generous , gesture by a utah teen going viral tonight. what he did to make all the ladies at his high school smile. so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, -- with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason
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laura: happy valentine's day. check out these adorable newborns at pennsylvania's washington hospital, decked out in red hats. volunteers from the american heart association knit the hats all part of the little hats, big , hearts campaign. it raises awareness for heart disease while celebrating the holiday. for about 800 girls in northern utah, this valentine's day is one they won't forget. todd: it's all thanks to a very generous classmate. daniel woodruff explains the small gesture going viral tonight. >> it meant a lot. daniel kayedin craw is still a : little bit giddy after what happened at school -- at school. >> i brought it home and my mom is like who gave you that? hayden. daniel: hayden godfrey. the high school senior whose
10:37 pm
800 flowers out there. one for every girl at sky view high school. hayden ordered the flowers himself, recruited some friends and just before school ended , thursday for the long weekend, passed them out. >> i just thought that was so cool. daniel impressive, right? : well, especially when you consider it cost this student nearly $500 to pull off hayden works here at lee's marketplace as a bagger. he's been saving all of his money to buy those flowers. and you can bet, there is no way he could do that with just one paycheck. >> there's no way. daniel: steve hoggan knows. he's hayden's boss. now, you might think hayden is the luckiest guy in school right now. 800 girls with flowers, 800 potential dates for this big man on campus. except -- >> i already have a girlfriend, so. daniel: that's right. >> it's really sweet of him to
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to watch every single one of those girls walk out of school with a big smile on their face makes me very happy and very proud of him. todd: that is one nice student. laura: good for him. valentine's day, of course, a perfect time for couples to celebrate their relationships and love. todd: kcci's mark tauscheck met a des moines couple that knows a thing or two about making a marriage work. mark: peg and ken newell don't look at -- heck they don't act it, either. >> we went out to dinner twice a week, she went out on monday i went on friday. mark: but ken is 101, peg is 99. and this couple that lives together at valley view village assisted living in des moines has been married since 1936. >> i'm going to keep her. >> thank you. mark: that's 80 years of wedded bliss for this couple that started dating when they were students at fairfield high. >> the girls all went crzay
10:39 pm
>> i didn't know that. nobody told me. she tells me i had so many girlfriends i couldn't pick one out. mark: they had four children all , in town celebrating the rare milestone. what's their secret? >> we don't argue, don't fight. it is not a game. mark: peg thinks the most important thing to long-lasting love? a sense of humor. an area where ken is always happy to oblige. >> you want to go to bed without having a fight and you want to always have the last word, "good night dear." todd: that is good advice, especially for a newlywed over here. what do you get someone for an 80 anniversary? the same thing ken always gets peg, a red rose.
10:40 pm
i don't you can top that story. jason s: i can smile and say, give me some advice. it is going to be warm out. it is going to warm up here soon. the snow we had earlier up to the east. a little bit of light snow trying to make its way in from nebraska. that is mainly going to pass through southwestern portions of the state. that is really had for the next tonight. it is going to eventually going to warm up for us. tomorrow, it will drive our temperature into the mid-30's. i wish we could have had a little bit warmer of a valentine's day, but at least it wasn't too bad. now, we are left with the cloud cover, and we will be left with that for a bit here. fairly mild out there compared to what we have had. wind-chills only in the middle teens. 36 degrees is the high
10:41 pm
notice the clouds sticking internet. through the afternoon, a small chance we could see little bit of sunshine. it does a world of good. that system continues to push eastward. we get the clearing behind it before the next system moves in. here in metro, we have a chance of picking up a little bit more snow to go along with that. it will be very fast-moving. it drives and around the midnight hour tuesday morning. best chances for a mix will be off to the south. if you're areas in the metro northward, chances are you will see a little bit of snow out of this. it will likely make those roads a little slick for your morning commute. otherwise, we get locked in with cloud cover. futurecast also tries to bring
10:42 pm
do not plan on a lot of snow for this system. could deviate some to the south or to the north. a close eye on it as we head throughout the day tomorrow. to inches, about all we can expect on the high-end. a dusting to an inch, and it could see a little bit more of a mix. 21 degrees tonight, still could see a few slick spots, but not too bad. clouds linger into the day tomorrow. a few you break through the afternoon hours. temperatures back up to 36. comfort building back in. low to mid 40's council bluffs down through lamoni. we are in the warm stuff soon. 37 on tuesday with that chance for snow. we dry up on wednesday. after that, it looks very springlike. up to 54 degrees with sunshine by friday and we keep that warm
10:43 pm
todd: scott reister sitting down to talk about sports. scott: the cyclones have come so close all year long. i will show you that and how they got over the hump this weekend.
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i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics,
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports.
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back end of the big 12 logjam. but they are actually only a few plays away from winning every one of those games they have lost in conference play. check out the five games the cyclones have dropped this season. 87-83 at ou. bailey, they lost by five. west virginia, 81-76. saturday, at home against texas, isu led by just 2 at the half. the game could have gone either way. but it would not turn into another close loss. george niang and company delivered in an 85-75 win. jameel mckay is back from his two-game suspension. the clones prove that they have what it takes. >> i was proud of this team today. this was our team, playing the right way, playing like we are really capable of it. the one thing i have learned more than anything, it doesn't matter who you're going to play,
10:47 pm
minutes, because these teams are good. we won by 10, but it feels like we won by one. texas is obviously a very good team. scott: yes they are. the cyclones in a three-way tie for fourth place. right now, people are chasing kansas and west virginia, tie atop the standings at a 9-3 ma rk. iowa's win tonight moves than a game up in the big ten standings. they have a full game lead over both maryland and indiana, which both lost this weekend. it was closer than expected against winless minnesota, but i would did get that win. it were there two stars, peter jok and jerod uthoff. he doesn't care where he is that, just tee it up.
10:48 pm
second half, peter jok's turn. the game was far from over. under four minutes, to jordan murphy. they actually got within 2 on a pair of free throws. jok connects again. he had a game-high 27. mike gesell to uthoff. uthoff went off. iowa wins it, 75-71. afterwards, hats off to uthoff. >> i thought he was great. he started slow and he continued to be aggressive. i think that has been the evolution of him as a player. we needed him to do that. 24-15-6, a pretty good night. women's hoops. drake's winning streak has come
10:49 pm
they lose at indiana, 68-53. uni blasts illinois state 61-35. , the torch has been passed. iowa wild coach john torchetti is now the minnesota wild interim head coach. torch coached the wild last night and then announced his move to minnesota. he'll replace the fired mike yeo. torch had coached iowa since last year, and the record was never good. the team was near the bottom of the standings each year. but he has helped develop a lot of the talent that minnesota now has on its roster. it will be his third interim head coaching job at the nhl level. the boston native began work sunday, and is already familiar with the challenge ahead. >> you always watch the big club. you want to make sure you are dialed in with them just in case certain columns are needed, and make sure you are ready for it. you want to see how your role players are playing, because that is something that you take a lot of pride in.
10:50 pm
scott: the iowa wild's new head coach, his first game was tonight, a loss that no waukee. tonight's nba all-star game had about the same level of defense as last night's dunk contest. we will enjoy that in just a moment. but first, kobe bryant. he finished with just 10 points, which would say much in this game. not a lot of defense. it was 92-90 at the half. high-scoring half ever. paul george had 93-pointers, 41 points. it was the -- had nine three-pointers. the high-scoring all-star game ever. last night in toronto, what a show. the slam dunk contest is back on top and so is zach levine.
10:51 pm
levine alley-oops to himself. an incredible display. i am not sure exactly what this was the aaron gordon jumped over. it goes under his leg. he throws it down. takes off for the free-throw line. goes through the legs. state wrestling week has arrived. the chaos, the crowd, the guts and the glory. ,it begins wednesday at wells fargo arena. one of the best examples of the raw emotion? that unfolded a few years ago when southeast polk's dylan
10:52 pm
as we get ready for another life-changing week, we look back at an epic state wrestling moment in tonight's sunday sports extra. >> dylan blackford is a wrestler , that is it. bottom line. he is not a baseball player, not as football player, he's a wrestler. everything he's done. every moment he is woke up, every night when he goes to bed, he dreams of this. scott: which made last year's silver medal a near impossible pill to swallow. saturday night, the chiseled senior had one final shot to either be haunted forever or go out on top. >> i told him before the match, "finish what you started 10 years ago, 15 years ago." with mitch bowman of north scott went into overtime. first takedown wins. if you want to know what mission accomplished feels like, this is it. emotions took over.
10:53 pm
in the hallway reality set in. ,>> i'm overwhelmed. i've worked my whole life for this. i can't believe i got it. i'm overwhelmed. i'm so happy. this has been my dream my whole life. i did it. i did it. scott: talk about clutch. his semi final the day before also went into overtime, and he never had a doubt >> i wasn't gonna lose. i wanted it so bad. i dreamed about it my whole life. these last few week, i lay in bed at night and look at the silver medal hanging on my wall. i wasn't going to get another one. the background of my phone is the podium from last year, be standing on second.
10:54 pm
i wasn't gonna lose. >> i can't even explain how blessed i am to be a part of this and be here for him. >> i couldn't thank him enough. scott: there is a new metal -- a new medal hanging on dylan's wall and a place on the podium he >> i did it. scott: that remains one of the all-time greatest state wrestling moment and stories. that is one of the reasons why we love state wrestling so much, to see how much it means.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
scott: a great career for there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular, he can find some new ones. like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere.
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jason s: a chance for snow on the way, but keep thinking about those 50's. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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[dramatic music] [engine revving] [panting] come on, maura. you can do it. [sighs] no, i can't. i feel like crap. okay, come on. i told ma that we'd meet her at the bunker hill parade, okay? she has t.j. it's historically incorrect, the battle of bunker hill was fought on breed's hill. okay, well, we will tell them that when we get there, okay? come on, the doctor cleared you to work out weeks ago. no, maura. maura, maura, maura. come on come on, come on, come on, come on. oh, no, no. ow, ow, ow!
11:00 pm
i'm-i'm sorry. alright. we'll take it slow. okay, i still think it's amazing. they can suck out an organ through a straw. it's called a laparoscope, and they do not use it to suck out your kidney. minimally invasive, my ass. you're gonna feel much better when you get back in shape, okay? come on. are you saying that i'm fat and out of shape? no, i am saying that you have got to stop hoping that they're gonna send you some thank you for your kidney fruit basket. giving the gift of life is the only reward that i need, okay? i'm very happy with my decision. then why are you still such a whiny pain in the ass? did you just call me a whiny pain in the ass? no. maura. ever since you gave that ungrateful half-sister of yours, your kidney, you just you just haven't been yourself. okay? and i'm not the only one that sees it, just..


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