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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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and it's not mollie: right now at noon, police in eagle grove are trying to piece together what happened when two people were shot there last night.
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[kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mollie: it happened in the 100 block of north lucas. our vanessa peng just arrived there in the past hour. she joins us now live on the phone. vanessa, what can you tell us? vanessa: it happened yesterday around 8:00, on valentine's day. it's in the 100 block of north lucas avenue. it's kind of an industrial area, there are some older buildings and some that aren't occupied. the one we are seeing that we do believe may be it happened here, but we have not had it confirmed from authorities that happen, there's an apartment complex over here. what happened was, authorities found both the victim and the suspect had gunshot wounds. both the victim and suspect were transported to area hospitals, and then center des moines hospitals. what we're learning from authorities right now is that
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the iowa division of criminal investigation and eagle road police are both investigating this. they say the names of the victim and the suspect are being withheld as they continue to investigate. and of course, these were two men that were involved in the shooting. again, we will try to piece together what happened and talk to authorities to see if we get more information we will keep you guys updated. live in eagle grove, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. mollie: we will keep following that story. also right now at noon, state flags flying at half staff today in honor of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia, who died unexpectedly over the weekend. preparations are underway for the funeral of justice scalia, who died during a hunting trip in texas. his body has been flown back to virginia and burial plans have yet to be announced. weijia jiang has the latest from washington. weijia: flags are flying at half-staff outside the supreme court today in honor of justice antonin scalia.
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to an airport in west texas over the weekend, for a return home to virginia. scalia died while on a hunting trip at this ranch in marfa, texas. a county judge determined by phone that the 79-year-old passed away of natural causes. cinderela guevara: one of the the marshal that was there if were there any signs of foul play? >> what did they say? cinderela guevara: absolutely not. weijia: scalia was a conservative titan, ruthlessly defending his interpretation of the constitution, even though his opinions often sparked controversy. scalia: i can be charming and combative at the same time. weijia: still, he maintained deep friendships with liberal justice's, like ruth bader ginsberg, who said she and scalia "were best buddies." scalia's death leaves behind a court that's evenly split, with four conservative and four liberal supreme court justices. president obama says there's time remaining in his term to
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but many republicans, including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, say the appointment should wait until after a new president is elected. rubio: i do not believe the president should appoint someone. trump: it's called delay, delay, delay. weijia: scalia's death marks only the second time in more than 60 years that a justice has died while still serving on the bench. weijia jiang, cbs news, the supreme court. mollie: scalia served on the supreme court for three decades. he was appointed by president reagan, and was the first italian-american justice. his doctor says he suffered from a number of chronic conditions. his family declined a private autopsy. here in the metro, we're waiting to learn more later today about a deadly crash that blocked northbound traffic along i-35 this morning. the state patrol says the driver of the semi was killed, his identity has not been released. all lanes are now back opened, with the interstate was closed about three hours because of the jack-knifed semi. we also anticipate learning more later this afternoon about an officer-involved shooting in urbandale early saturday.
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on merle hay road. police say they were there on a drug complaint. one of the suspects fired a gun and officers shot and killed the man. police have not released the suspect's name, or said how many officers were involved. we've learned that the cyride bus driver charged with hitting and killing emmalee jacobs near the isu campus in december entered a written plea of not guilty this morning. 23-year-old benjamin clague is of an accident resulting in death. to the statehouse now, where iowans against the legalization of marijuana will take concerns to lawmakers today. according to one study the top 21 states with the highest rates of youth marijuana use have legalized medical or recreational marijuana. the alliance of collations for change says they don't want marijuana end up in the wrong hands, namely, iowa's youth. members say they want to warn legislators about being cautious
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the drug's availability. >> with the medical component marijuana. thc makes you high and what we're finding is that there's there's extracting of that which is really kind of a scary thing. an oil which makes it a potency rate of about 80%. mollie: just last week, republican representative peter cownie introduced a new bill that would allow medical cannabis oil to be made and distributed through the state. it would also expand the medical conditions that would be eligible for cannabis oil. currently only patients with a severe form of epilepsy can legally possess it. we were at the statehouse today when the governor announced funding for what's called the 2016 intensive summer reading program pilot study, a project dedicated to assisting school districts help young students who struggle to read. private gifts of more than $1.3 million will help cover the nearly $2 million total cost of the study. it's believed that nearly 25% of
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tests. >> this is a pilot -- a study program that with a cohort -- a group of school districts across the state that will be able to kind of test run high quality reading programs -- that school districts will then be able to implement in the summer of 2017. mollie: beginning next year, school districts around iowa will be required to provide summer reading programs for students with difficulty reading at the end of third grade. des moines is gearing up for thousands of wrestlers and fans as they will roll into town this week. the high school state wrestling tournament kicks off wednesday at wells fargo arena. wrestlers will be in town through saturday, that's when the championship rounds will take place. our sports team will have complete coverage from the well all week long. we're enjoying some warmer temps, but we can't seem to keep the snow out of the forecast. it sounds like we are in for some more.
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frank: the good news is, with warmer temperatures, the snow is not going to be sticking around very long if we do get some. 34 degrees right now in the metro, and i will tell you what, a lot warmer than it was the same time yesterday. we will show you that just a moment. 30's in the moment, 41 for council bluffs. a nice refreshing day. although clouds are out there, we will not see the sunshine. the 2:00 temperature right about where we are now in the mid 30's. by 5:00, you could make it up into the upper 30's. a quiet evening, the ad hoc chapter 35. tracking the chance for snow in some parts of the state. we have the latest futurecast timing and totals, coming up. mollie: turning to world headlines, newly people, 50 including several children, were killed during air strikes in northern syria today. activists say russian planes were responsible for the bombings that targeted hospitals and a school. tina kraus has the latest from london. tina: people ran as explosions tore apart a doctors without
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the medical charity says rockets hit the makeshift clinic four times in attacks that were minutes apart. syrian activists say russian warplanes carried out the deadly assault. [crying] tina: kids were the victims of airstrikes in the neighboring province of aleppo. a human rights group said at least seven missiles struck a children's hospital, killing several children and a pregnant woman. in a nearby village, an air raid reportedly hit a school, killing at least seven more people. the multiple attacks on syria come days after world powers agreed to a temporary ceasefire set to begin later this week. tina kraus, cbs news. mollie: russia's foreign ministry says russian planes will continue striking isis targets near aleppo despite the upcoming ceasefire agreement. still to come, it's the biggest night of music. we will tell you what to expect when some of the biggest names
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we will also tell you the favorites are when thousands of
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this is kcci 8 news at noon with mollie cooney and meteorologist . mollie: the wait is almost over, music fans. the 58th annual grammy awards will be handed out tonight. the ceremony will feature a wide variety of musical performances, including the return of adele to the grammy stage, and a tribute to late eagles guitarist glenn frey. cbs's teri okita has a preview from the staples center in los angeles, new at noon. teri: tori kelly and james bay rehearse for their duet at tonight's grammy awards. both are up for best new artist. they'll join a who's who of performers for music's biggest night, including adele's first grammy performance since 2012. teri: andra day will perform with british pop singer ellie goulding. day is up for two r&b grammys. she says it's an experience beyond her dreams. >> thought it'd be great to be nominated for a grammy, thought
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maybe some day, it was such a distant idea, something that seemed so unfathomable at the time. so, to be here now, i'm just grateful. teri: this year's grammys will also feature tributes to some big music legends that we lost this past year, including eagles guitarist and singer, glenn frey. ten-time grammy winner bonnie raitt will join gary clark junior in honoring her close friend and inspiration, the late b.b. king. bonnie raitt: he was very encouraging and telling me that i had it, and telling me, 'don't let 'em get you down, don't let 'em tell you women can't play' and that kind of stuff. teri: and one of the highlights of the night is expected to be lady gaga's tribute to david bowie. nile rodgers: this is very personal. it feels like a wonderful way to say goodbye. teri: rapper kendrick lamar leads the way with 11 grammy nominations, taylor swift has seven. teri okita, cbs news, los angeles. mollie: the show starts at 7:00 central time tonight.
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performances, tributes and much more right here on kcci. it's known as the coolest car show in america. >> i do this every year, strictly for the cars. mollie: gear heads from across the world flock to chicago every year for the country's longest running car show. the chicago auto show officially opened this weekend. feet of exhibit space, there's plenty to see and do. first staged in 1901, the chicago auto show is the largest in north america. the show runs through this sunday. it's been called the super bowl of dog shows. the westminster kennel club dog show begins today in new york with more than 2700 dogs competing. charlie, the skye terrier, and rumor, the german shephard, are considered the favorites to win the coveted best in show award. and, a spanish water dog has been entered for the first time. it wraps up tomorrow night at
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plenty of thoughtful husbands give their wives something special for valentine's day. but this winter, one guy in guthrie county gave his sweetheart the gift of nostalgia, right on main street. can you tell what it is? tonight, eric hanson will "shed some light" on the gift with 16,000 pieces, and explain how they pulled off supersizing a toy many of us had as kids. it's "love on display" in eric hanson's "this is iowa," tonight on kcci 8 news at 6:00. let's check back in with frank to find out, we have snow but also warmer weather ahead as well. frank: thankfully, the snow is going to be short-lived tonight, not everyone will see it. the warm temperatures we are all going to be able to enjoy. check out this picture send it over the weekend, check that out. fly like an eagle. i saw several pictures of eagles flying around downtown des moines this weekend. thanks for sharing that. the downtown skycam, a cloudy
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temperatures warm up a little bit. 34 degrees, we are above freezing. pressure to 9.83. if you look around the state right now, the temperatures feel great. low 40's in creston already, a bit cooler to the north. marshalltown this hour and 30 degrees. still a lot warmer than the same time yesterday. you look back at the 24 hour temperature change, we're 12 degrees warmer in des moines. 13 degrees warmer progress in, 11 degrees warmer frames. continuing. dry during the day. 38 by 5:00. clouds. it's late tonight into tomorrow morning that we see some precipitation slide through the state. only cooling down to 30 degrees tonight, not a very cold night at all. clouds around the state right now, but we're keeping an eye out to the north and west for the next system. notice the warmer air, there's a warm front setting up right
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50's today in north platte, 63 degrees the high temperature today in dodge city, kansas. a bit cooler off to the north and east. minneapolis in the 30's today, 20's for green bay. the systems going to be sliding through as we head to the overnight hours tonight into tomorrow. it's on the backside of this low that we are wrapping and moisture, but thankfully, we stay on the warmer side of it here in central iowa. a bit cooler to the north and northeast. that's where they will see the measurable snowfall tonight. is futurecast, zooming in for the statewide perspective. a cloudy rest of the day, some light rain moves and after midnight. notice where the rain, snow line sets up just off to the north and northeast of the metro. i think we mainly see rain and freezing rain here in des moines. it's off to the north and to the northeast that the snow stays, and this will continue throughout the overnight hours tonight into the early morning hours tomorrow. it will be pretty much over with. not a prolonged event, mainly overnight event tonight. how much can we expect?
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one inch two inches to the north and south east. if you are down to the south and west, it's going to be too warm to pick up on an immeasurable snow. some good news for some folks, and not much out of the system. wind out of the southwest at five to 10, that snow to the north and northeast tonight. 30 degrees below. i do think that mainly we just he arraigned snow mix in the morning and it won't add up to much. the heavier totals off to the north and northeast. it may linger into morning hours tomorrow, otherwise another warm day, wednesday, 34. and then we really jump, back to 50 on thursday, friday, 56. saturday, 55, sunday still in the 50's. it looks like spring is making an early presence. mollie: don't wash your car yet. thanks, frank. still to come, mark your calendar. the iowa state fair is just around the corner, give or take 177 days. but what you can do now to help
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next on iowa's news leader. mollie: doesn't this look
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what a great way to chase away the winter doldrums. the iowa state fair is just 177 days away, but who is counting? august 11 through the 21st. you can help that proud tradition continue this month. fair secretary gary slater joins me now to talk about the annual corndog checkoff on our tax forms. justine those pictures and thinking of corn dogs and cotton candy, thank you for helping us. next we are in the winter doldrums -- >> we are in the winter doldrums now. when you think about the fair. mollie: we do. you can honor taxes, take care of the building. >> it started for the iowa state very nice 93. today we have raised over $1,900,000. through people, and the average contribution is not that much. i think it's $13 over the years.
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one dollar or $20, or your whole refund would be great. you don't have to beginning a refund to checkoff, you can check off and then contribute that as you contribute taxes. but as you are filing your state income tax, and iowa income tax, flip to the second page. it will say line 57 be, state fair. that's where you need to put your contribution. or if you file through any of the local tax-preparation folks, they will not let it do that. but we need a call to action. we need your help. these funds are essential to the iowa state fair. mollie: how is the money used? >> this money goes roughly for capital improvements. as you and i were talking, sometimes we have a big project where we have a large donation, someone who has contributed, a lot of times we have smaller
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, but yet, they are still essential. whether they are redoing sidewalks or roofs of buildings. renovation to restrooms, we have a project that we are starting on, it's about a four-year project at the first building that was constructed on the iowa state fairground. the pioneer hall building up on the hill. it is a totally wooden building that we've done the roof, we did the east side new windows and any damage to the wood structure , we're working on the south side of it, and we are kind of march around that. but these funds are perfect for helping us renovate the fairgrounds. when you have 60 plus buildings on the ground of her year, you have to give attention to your buildings. mollie: it's just like home maintenance. once again, we remind everyone as you are doing your taxes, it's very easy as gary said, go to line 57 be on your iowa tax form 1040 and for more
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>> we will see you at the fair. mollie: welcome back, a reminder, no stocks today because of the presidents' day holiday. the weather never takes holiday. frank: we never in a day off, the weather happens every day. 38 degrees, a dry day. i want to make sure you know that. the rain and snow mix moves in
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minor accumulation in the northeast, it may linger into the morning, 37 degrees. a bit cooler on wednesday, mid
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mollie: >> quinn: come back to bed.
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