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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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the senate judiciary committee. with republican leaders vowing to block the president's pick, it's his job to call for senate hearings on a nominee. when asked if he would do so, grassley remained fake, telling me only, he'll take one step at a time. we caught up with senator grassley at a town hall meeting in marengo, a long way from washington where the political , battle over the next supreme court justice is brewing. senator grassley: i think it should wait until the next election, and i believe that is the right thing to do because it is a very important position. cynthia: important because the next justice will be a deciding factor on the supreme court on landmark issues like abortion rights and immigration law. senate republicans want to refuse to consider president obama's appointment because it's an election year, saying the next president should make the appointment to the bench. grassley said that's based on history.
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administration, the democrats were going to make sure he did not appoint anybody to the suprcourt. cynthia: today grassley said , after giving it more thought, he implied he wouldn't rule out holding hearings on an obama nominee, but would only say -- senator grassley i will take it : a step at a time. he hasn't nominated anyone yet. cynthia: the constitution states the president can nominate with the advice and consent of the senate. matt sinovac, who questioned grassley about the process, was not pleased with his answers. the kept repeating that we will take it one step at a time, but he tried to be very vague and continued to play political games with this nomination process. cynthia: president obama today challenged republicans to offer any plausible rationale for refusing to consider a supreme court candidate, and he vowed to nominate an outstanding legal mind. stacey: the man looking to unseat senator grassley
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comes to the selection process for the next supreme court justice. state senator rob hogg says we could and should have a new justice on the bench before the court's next term in september. he says it is time for congress to stop acting in its partisan interests. >> clearly, president obama has a constutional duty to nominate somebody for the supreme court, and i believe the united states senate has a constitutional duty to consider that nomination. stacey: state senator hogg says, in an election year, it is crucial to have a full compliment of judges on the supreme court. there is new information in the police involved shooting at an urbandale hotel saturday. urbandale say they are looking for this woman, 17-year-old kiara olson. a material witness warrant has been issued for olsen. investigators say they believe she has information in the shooting. ali yahia was shot and killed during a shootout with police. officers were called to the hotel on reports of a drug deal. steve: the monroe county
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arrested a man for sexually assaulting a 2-month-old baby. justin stickrod is now in the monroe county jail charged with child endangerment and first-degree sexual abuse. kcci's mark tauscheck is just back from albia. he joins us live from the newsroom. mark: this is a horrendous crime. in fact, the monroe county sheriff tells me his staff was reminded to handle the suspect the same as any other prisoner, and if they have any personal issues with this case or the suspect, to talk to a supervisor. >> i can't think of anything worse. my god, a 2-month-old baby no i -- a two-month-old baby. no, i can't even imagine. i think he should get the very worst punishment there is. he has to be one sick person. >> mark: 30-year-old justin stickrod is charged with molesting a two-month-old girl. police say the abuse happened at this albia home. the girl's mother took her to the hospital where workers called the monroe county
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seeing the baby's injuries. >> out of the cases, this has probably been my hardest one to work through having children of my own. mark: stickrod is being held in the monroe county jail on a $68,000 bond. he waived his preliminary hearing this morning and has not entered a plea. the sheriff told me they are looking into more possible charges in this case. they seized computer equipment during a search of stickrod's home and sent it to des moines to be analyzed. before the arrest the monroe , county sheriff's department told des moines police stickrod was likely headed to blank children's hospital where the young victim was being treated. des moines police not only found him, they also charged him with owi before he was transported back to albia. as for the 2-month-old, she is out of the hospital. stacey: the iowa supreme court holds a special night session tonight in des moines to review a lawsuit filed by the widow of former slipknot band member, paul gray. gray, a bassist for the heavy metal band, died of a drug overdose in 2010. gray's wife is suing gray's
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been treating gray. as kcci's laura terrell explains, this case could have some major legal implications. she joins us from the iowa judicial branch building to explain. laura: brenna gray is suing for financial compensation, on behalf of her and her daughter, for what she calls the wrongful death of her husband paul gray. back in 2014, dr. daniel baldi walked out of the polk county courthouse a free man. after weeks of testimony in his manslaughter trial, baldi was cleared criminally of any wrong doing in the overdose death of several patients, including slipknot bassist paul gray. but brenna gray, seen here testifying in the 2014 trial, still blames dr. baldi for her husband's death. that's why she filed this civil suit nearly four years later. a polk county judge threw it out, saying the two year statute of limitations for a medical malpractice suit was already over, and that her daughter can't get damages because she
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father's death. now, gray is asking the iowa supreme court to reconsider. if the highest court sides with her, this could have a big impact on when a person can bring a medical malpractice lawsuit and the rights of unborn , children. the special evening session begins at 7:00 tonight. both sides will argue their case, and the justices can ask questions. but no decision will be made , tonight. that comes at a later date, still to be determined. in des moines, laura terrell, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: the iowa supreme court says it's going to keep an experimental business court going because it is working so well. established in the business 2013, court was supposed to end in may. it deals exclusively with business cases involving $200,000 or more in dispute. it is staffed by three judges. steve: we got some rain instead of snow this morning here in the des moines area thanks to our above-freezing temperatures. but there were some areas of central iowa where things got a little slick during the morning drive. kurtis gertz is here.
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kurtis: the system is moving on out. all we have left in behind it is clouds. right now, visibility's aren't dropping. later tonight, expect some fog. temperatures to drop below the freezing mark tonight, so going to be some re-freeze out there. generally mostly cloudy for your wednesday. a high around 37, and that is our average high for this time of year. well above normal temperatures on the way. mid-50's thursday, 60's on friday. we hang onto those 50's right and through the weekend. i do want to point out that we have already had some thin ice out there. keep that in mind. futurecast coming your way in just a few minutes. stacey: a pizza ranch fire in the greene county town of jefferson is now an arson investigation. the greene county news reports search warrants state that the jefferson fire and police
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january 27 was intentionally set. they point to a number of places in the building where the fire started. search warrants have been issued for the pizza ranch's owners and manager, as well as for security cameras at a near-by bank. no charges have been filed. steve: believe it or not, one of the biggest pizza chains in the country, isn't really a pizza chain at all. casey's general stores now lays claim to being the 5th the largest pizza chain in the united states. this is based on the number of kitchens casey's has that serve pizza. the company makes 15 million pizzas a year. casey's says it's because it is now the 5th largest convenience store chain in the country. they recently opened a new warehouse in indiana as the chain expands east. casey's says the indiana warehouse will take over some of the workload from its ankeny warehouse. stacey: at the statehouse today hundreds of people lobbied , against the use of tanning beds for minors. a house bill would ban tanning until the age of 17 and then
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cancer survivors who attended say tanning has too many side effects. lawmakers in support of the bill say tanning is too risky for your health. >> this is like a ticking time bomb. it is something that is happening, you are damaging your skin now and you don't suffer the consequences until later. stacey: this is funnel week. the bill has to make it through committees this week or be considered dead for the session. steve: last month was a record breaker for the iowa lottery. the lottery says the $1.6 billion powerball jackpot helped boost sales. total sales in january reached more than the previous record $54 million. was set back in february of 2006 at $42 million. the last time they met, things didn't go well at home for the cyclones. straight ahead, why things are when isu matches tonight up with different when isu matches tonight up with baylor, on the road. stacey: we know the music stars who will play central iowa's hinterland music festival this summer. why organizers decided not to hold the concert in des moines. and, it's breaking news for thousands of incoming iowa state
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader.
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steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. >> let's go there live right now to see the reaction. >> i'm on the big screen. stacey: a personalized message for every student who makes it into iowa state university. steve: after they're accepted, future iowa state students are now being welcomed to the school with a video that's all their own. stacey: kcci's vanessa peng live to show us what they're saying about it. vanessa: students who haven't even started classes here yet say they feel like they're a part of the cyclone family. that is because of a video that stars them. >> what's up? >> at first i thought it was real, but that is just because i'm blonde.
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acceptance letters and e-mails every future iowa state , university student is getting something else. >> i applied to other colleges and none of them did anything like that. vanessa: they're a part of breaking news. >> this is christine romans from the cnn news desk with some breaking news. vanessa: even basketball coach steve prohm knows about it. >> i have got to get the word out. >> make you feel special and that you were going to be a part of the isu family. >> being a medium sized university, we really like to reach out to our students as individuals and we like to give them that personalized experience. vanessa: admissions folks won't tell us how they do it. >> that is admissions magic. vanessa: whatever their secret is, the personalized cyclone experience is apparently working. >> it like seems like they care about us and to have like a
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good and like right to be going to that school. vanessa: admissions started sending out the videos in august and they told me they sent out 16,000 of them for the following school year. this is their third year. live in ames, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: a summer music festival in central iowa is already generating a lot of buzz. the headline acts were recently announced for the 2nd annual hinterland music festival. this year, willie nelson and ray lamontagne get top billing for the two day event. the other acts include 2 iowa-based bands, the folk wave duo, field division, and william elliot whitmore. the hinterland music festival takes place at the avenue of the saints amphitheatre in saint charles on august 5 and 6. tickets go on sale friday morning at 10:00. information, log on hinterland -- for more information, log on if you remember, originally, the hinterland music festival was going to be held last year at water works park in des moines,
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along with the rising raccoon river forcing a change of locations. organizers tell us the move to saint charles last year went relatively smoothly and now, the , avenue of the saints amphitheater is the home of the annual music festival. stacey: check back in with meteorologist kurtis gertz. kurtis: a little bit of fault will develop as the night goes along. it will take probably until thursday for the higher temperatures. around normal temperatures for the next 24 hours or so. 35 degrees, wind chill 27. north-northwest winds at 12. no problems out there right now with faulk statewide -- with fog statewide. frank scaglione over at south middle school in waukee today. temperatures tonight down around 33 at 7:00 a.m. 24 tomorrow.
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temperatures in the 20's. , 33. 3:00 p.m. temperature, 37. -- we did have that rain the metro, .37 inch. there were reports in southeastern iowa of an inch or inch and a half. maybe a drizzle or flurry on to be widespread. tomorrow. minneapolis and green bay in the 20's. rapid city, north platte, upper 60's. that warm air is going to slide our way. this little rich slides by to the north. the moisture will kind of stay locked in place. not going to see a lot of sunshine tomorrow.
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early in the morning, could be a sprinkle. clouds will thin out gradually wednesday night. another little batch of clouds will move through thursday night and early on friday. then, we will break free to sunshine as we head into friday afternoon. temperatures tonight will dipped down below the freezing mark. keep an eye out for some slick spots. northwest winds fairly light. tomorrow, 37. mostly cloudy, winds out of the southeast at about 5-10 miles per hour. thursday, 56 degrees. i do want to point out, these are very mild reading, but nowhere near the record high. thursday, the record is 68 back in 1981. friday, the warmest day. it is going to be windy though. we will bounce up to the 60's, but i think to get out of the metro, you will see gusts over
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sunshine on sunday, 50. cooler next week but still above the normal highs. stacey: crews are taking advantage of the warm weather to work on the jackson street bridge. they are taking down old lights and replacing them. the bridge closed in 2013 because it was deemed unsafe. but last november, the des moines city council approved plans to restore the bridge for bicyclists and pedestrians. the city hopes to re-open the bridge, which is located south of downtown des moines, later this year. steve: the iowa saint -- the iowa state cyclones are down waco, texas doing some bear
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: iowa state's men are on the road tonight, looking for revenge against a baylor team that shot isu in ames last month. not made teams have come into hilton and hung an l on the cyclones, but baylor did it in january. >> i like where our team is. the texas game was where -- was as good as we have played in a long time. we were efficient authentically
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andy: the game tips a little after 8:00. live on espn2. they are just under way in the league basketball. for the second straight game, the iowa hawkeyes have to be aware of a trap. after running through some of the best, the hawks play some of the lesser teams. a winless minnesota team at carver hawkeye arena over the weekend. tomorrow, it is a trip to happy valley for a team -- for a penn state team that has only won three big 10 game this year. >> it is our job to make sure we come in ready. we understand we are going to go through hard-fought games like this, physical game's versus athletic teams. we're just trying to make sure we are ready each and every gain.
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5:30 iowa time on btn. the iowa wild an unexpected coaching change over the weekend with their head coach, john torchetti, was called up to the minnesota wild. his decision opened up an opportunity. david cunniff had spent years at -- years as an assistant, but he will now be in charge of the team for the first time in his life. >> my wife came in that night. here she is, her first time in des moines, and we get the first -- we get the news that i am taking over. she has been through a lot, my kids have been through a lot through this process. a lot of nights away from home, a lot of times missing her.
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andy: cunniff one of the good guys in a sport. only three of the next 16 games will be on the home ice. iowa playing 2 next weekend. a big-time road trip. state wrestling starts tomorrow with the tools. a week off, and then voice and girls basketball.
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[kcci captioning is brought to taylor swift. >> swift revenge. >> there will be people along the way who take credit for your accomplishments. >> and beyonce's defiant message to america after her controversial super bowl appearance. >> some will react, some will respond and some will be moved. >> and natalie cole's grieving family. why they are so upset with this >> it's really insulting. >> inside the grammys. [barking]. >> barking hillary clinton. >> she is barking like a dog. >> and here she is. the beauty the certain of the -- at the center of the new hooker scandal. what is her relationship with the former governor of new york.


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