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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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eric: a special evening session of the iowa supreme court wrapped up late last night. it involves the estate of former slipknot bassist paul gray. gray died of an overdose in may of 2010. gray's pain doctor, daniel baldi was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in a 2014 manslaughter trial. but brenna gray still blames dr. baldi for her husband's death. she is suing for financial compensation. elizabeth: a lower court threw out the lawsuit, but now the highest court heard oral arguments and will decide what's next. kcci's laura terrell reports. laura: dr. daniel baldi sat in the front row as attorneys presented oral arguments before the supreme court on whether a civil lawsuit against him should move forward. brenna gray, seen here during her 2014 testimony, says baldi was negligent in prescribing pain killers to her husband paul gray, the bassist for well known heavy metal band slipknot. she now says she and her daughter deserve financial compensation. but a polk county judge threw out the lawsuit partly because gray's daughter was not born
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father's death. tonight dozens of people watched as gray's attorney bruce stoltze argued that shouldn't matter. bruce stoltze: everyday she lives without her father. there is no father around her to support her. there is no father to see her at her birthdays. laura: the lawsuit raises another important question: when a person in iowa can bring a medical malpractice lawsuit. current law says two years. gray filed hers four years later, something baldi's attorney says should not be allowed. eric hoch: we believe that the statute of limitations. it's not ambiguous. the court has been down thth road before with schultz, it's an analysis that holds true. laura: when pressed by the justices, stoltze argued a "discovery rule", meaning in death cases, he thinks the family should have two years after they discover possible malpractice to file a suit. 45 minutes of arguments later,
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all went as well as it could have gone. dr. daniel baldi: i thought the questions that the justices were asking were very good and pointed questions, and i think they were trying to understand the arguments as to why we are having to have this discussion. elizabeth: no decision was made tuesday night. the justices plan to have their written decision by may or june. they can either uphold the lower courts order, reverse it, or send the case back with instructions. eric: authorities have arrested the man they believe sexually abused a 2-month-old girl. kcci's mark tauscheck has more. mark: this is the house in albia where the abuse is alleged to have taken place. the victim, a 2 month old girl. the suspect, a 30-year-old man named justin stickrod, who is accused of molesting the baby and is now being held in the monroe county jail, charged with child endangerment and sexual abuse. >> out of the cases this has
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work through, having children of my own, and... mark: news of the crime has left those who live in this southern iowa town stunned. >> it's just shocking. it's just horrendous and i can't believe it happened here, or anywhere. >> i can't think of anything worse, my god. a 2-month-old baby. no i can't even imagine, i think he should get the very worst punishment there is. mark: the sheriff says the child was taken to the local hospital by the baby's mother. hospital staff called the sheriff's department after seeing the babies injuries. the baby was then transferred to blank children's hospital in des moines. meanwhile, investigators in monroe county were looking for stickrod. >> we heard that he was headed up to blank and the sheriff's office had notified the counties on the way to des moines and up to des moines that he may be headed that way. mark: des moines police found stickrod, and subsequently
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albia. his bond has been set at $68,000. eric: the baby has been released from the hospital. stickrod waived his preliminary hearing tuesday morning, and has not entered a plea according to the county attorney. the monroe county sheriff told kcci they are looking into more potential charges in this case. they seized computer equipment during a search of stickrod's home. it's been sent to des moines to be analyzed. we are waking up to at least a few more flurries out there. metinka: nothing like yesterday, just a few flurries from fort dodge down through creston, lamoni, toward a time want to the southeast. the wind is call him and the roads are in great shape heading for seasonably cool readings in the 30's across southwest iowa, some 40's into the state. the big warm up is tomorrow with highs jumping into the 50's and
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the warmer weather will stick with us through the weekend. eric: raising the speed limit on iowa's interstates. iowa's top limit is 70 miles an hour. elizabeth: now some state lawmakers want to boost that to 75. kcci's todd magel reports. todd: it's been 10 years since iowa raised the interstate speed limit from 65 to 70 miles an hour. now a new bill just passed in an iowa legislative transportation subcommittee would raise the limit to 75. rep. gary worthan: everything is a balancing act. todd: storm lake legislator gary worthan is sponsoring the bill. he says the dot tells him the the average speed on iowa's interstates is 72. all the more reason to boost it to 75. rep. gary worthan: if you're not going to enforce 70 to slow that traffic down. lets make it legal. todd: one driver we talked with along the interstate north of dm agrees. frank regina: most of the people are going that speed anyway, so if someone is going 70 they are actually slowing the traffic down. todd: in fact in a very unscientific test we set our
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and traffic constantly passed us. but not everyone is convinced faster is better. david werner: the thing is, they go fast enough as it is. in the winter time, people need to slow down. rep. gary worthan: you know, it's a trade off. if you want to look at safety and that's all you want to look at it should be 25 to 30 miles an hour. elizabeth: the iowa dot is not too excited about the bill, saying a faster speed limit would mean more interstate deaths. the bill goes to the full house transportation committee this week. we asked what you think about the bill in our now poll. right now and our unscientific poll, 70% of you are saying yes that you agree. you think it should be increased to 75. 30% of you say no it should not. eric: if iowa did make the change, it would join a few other midwest states with 75-mile-per-hour speed limits on interstates. right now, north dakota, nebraska, and kansas all do.
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and missouri are all at 70. and south dakota's is at 80-miles-an-hour. elizabeth: a new bill at the statehouse would put an age limit on tanning bed use. only 8 states, including iowa, let minors use tanning beds. eric: kcci's emmy victor explains how a group of cancer survivors is trying to change that. ma: they are just two over 100 people that showed up looking to propose a law that limits the use of tanning beds for minors. andrea ard: when i was diagnosed, the first thing my doctor asked me was, do you use tanning beds? he said that was a major contribution factor. emmy: andrea started using tanning beds at the age of 16 with parental consent. she was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 25. andrea ard: i had problems walking, i could not even shower or go to the restroom without any help. emmy: another lobbyist, paula, is also a melanoma survivor. she tanned right before school dances and wishes that she didn't follow the trend. paula schnack: now ten years later, this made a big impact on my life.
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doesn't go away. emmy: a house bill is proposing to restrict the use until age seventeen. lobbyists argue that no one should be allowed on a tanning bed until the age of eighteen. paula schnack: i don't feel that a lot of parents have the information they need, the educated information, to make that decision. emmy: representative art staed was one of the lawmakers that andrea and paula spoke with. and his story was similar. art staed: i used tanning beds when i was younger, and thought that it was macho and great to have a deep tan. but over the past ten years, i found out that i have cancer from that. emmy: giving teenagers no option at all, he says, will eliminate the pressure and keep our teenagers healthy. art staed: people are getting don't suffer the consequences eric: the bill would have to make it through committee this week to be considered this session. sen. grassley: i think that it
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election. elizabeth: ahead on kcci. president obama says the senate should consider his supreme court nomination. but will senator grassley allow a nomination hearing?
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him down, next. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. klinge, meteorologist kurtis
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with shaina humphries. metinka: we are waking up to flurries across the state, nothing like yesterday. flurries from fort dodge through jefferson. even through sheraton and a ottumwa. it should not be messy like yesterday. flurries should be out by tomorrow but clouds will linger through the afternoon. keep the warm coats handy. high temperatures heading for the mid to upper 30's. that's where they should be this time of year. temperatures are trending upward. the warm-up begins tomorrow with highs in the 50's across a good part of the state with 60's on the way for friday with warm temperatures remaining to the weekend. elizabeth: right now iowa's senior senator is in the middle of a major controversy in washington. eric: senator chuck grassley
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process of picking a successor to supreme court justice antonin scalia, who passed away last weekend. kcci's chief political reporter cynthia fodor caught up with grassley, who says he's taking it one step at a time. cynthia: we caught up with senator grassley at a town hall meeting in marengo, a long way from washington where the political battle over the next supreme court justice is brewing. sen. grassley: i think it should wait, it's the right thing to do, because it's a very important position. cynthia: important because the next justice will be a deciding factor on the supreme court on landmark issues like abortion rights and immigration law. senate republicans want to refuse to consider president obama's appointment because it's an election year, saying the next president should make the appointment to the bench. grassley said that's based on history. sen. grassley: in the last 18 months of bush, democrats were gonna make sure bush was not
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supreme court. cynthia: today grassley said after giving it more thought, he implied he wouldn't rule out holding hearings on an obama nominee but would only say. sen. grassley: i will take it a step at a time. he hasn't nominated anyone yet. cynthia: the constitution states the president can nominate with the advice and consent of the senate. matt sinovac who questioned grassley about the process was not pleased with his comments. matt sinovac: he kept repeating one step at a time, but didn't say yes or no vote. he tried to be very vague and play political with this nomination process. eric: president obama challenged republicans tuesday to offer any plausible rationale for refusing to consider a supreme court candidate and vowed to nominate an outstanding legal mind. elizabeth: the man looking to unseat senator grassley disagrees with him when it comes to the selection process for the next supreme court justice. state senator rob hogg says we
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justice on the bench before the court's next term in september. he says it is time for congress to stop acting in its partisan interests. sen. rob hogg: clearly, president obama has a constutional duty to nominate somebody to the supreme court. and i believe the united states senate has a constitutional duty to consider that nomination. elizabeth: state senator hogg says in an election year it is crucial to have a full compliment of judges on the supreme court. eric: as you are waking up this morning, not much precipitation in the metro but there are flurries around iowa. traffic is no problem this morning, just under freezing but temperatures are going to
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, you are waking up to snow flurries across the state statute from fort dodge through carroll and creston, lamoni, and ottumwa nothing like the big mess yesterday. we are not affecting any accumulation. wind is coming in from the northwest. now it is coming from the southeast.
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eventually bring in a nice forecast. we are currently looking at windy conditions. snow flurries condition. they will be heading out of the area by noon so time it out with futurecast, you might have light snow on your sidewalk but snow continues mainly west of i-35. i noon there will be a couple flurries close to algona. highs today will feel like february should into the 30's. feels like the 20's, you'll need warm coats. a lot of 40's on the maps across iowa. even some 60's as close as a mahal. -- as close as omaha. as we head toward friday, temperatures remain very mild in the 50's and 60's across the state.
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30 right now in des moines, we can with clouds and occasional flurries and no wind. that freeze will come from the southeast later this afternoon heading for 38. a few morning flurries, no accumulation expected. overnight lows at or below freezing. watch for slick spots. 33 is the overnight low. tomorrow the big warm-up begins. it will feel great. a bit on a breezy side with the southeast wind that 10 to 20. friday gets warmer. friday, wind will be a huge factor. over the weekend, temperatures remain mild. cooling down closer to average levels toward next week. the forecast remains pretty quiet. other than morning flurries today, it looks uneventful for next week. eric: kum & go, casey's and quick trip are all now renovating to keep up with each other. elizabeth: kcci's ryan smith was in johnston to unveil the newest
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street. ryan: kum & go officials getting their first look inside the company's brand-new marketplace store. the most eye-catching feature. chris jones: we know that our customers are looking for choice in craft beer. ryan: it's an unexpected hot spot for craft beer connoisseurs. 8 beers are on tap, including three local brews. sean bremer: you won't have to travel to different breweries to fill up and some specialty brews that will be able to get an offering from so you can stop and fill up several growlers at once. ryan: a 2015 state law now allows convenience stores to sell craft beer to-go containers called growlers. kum & go has been testing its growler service station in arkansas since july. chris jones: we had a lot of success with the growler business in arkansas and iowa is an even bigger craft beer market than arkansas is so we really expect it to do big things for our business here in iowa. ryan: from craft beer to homemade pizza, iowa-based chains are setting new trends to keep up with a competitive convenience store battle.
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store is the 5th largest pizza chain in the country. the ankeny-based company sold 19 million pizzas last year. their expansion propelled the construction of this 300,000 square-foot facility in indiana. back at kum & go's soft-opening, the gm says innovation is necessary to win over customers. sean bremer: hopefully continue to grow our sales and beat our competition with this model and here. elizabeth: doors re-open thursday. you can sample but can't drink at the store. the company plans on renovating 28 other stores across 11 states this year to match this marketplace design. eric: coming up, how iowa state is turning the standard college
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production. metinka: a few flurries across the state.
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yesterday across southern iowa there is a batch of light flurry activity to the south. the second batches to the northwest or rockwell city. that will be moving through over the next couple of hours and then it will be a quiet day. des moines starting out with clouds and flurries at 30 degrees. the wind is calm heading for 38. it will feel like it should february and. we have springlike temperatures into the 50's and possibly 60's on friday. >> let's go there live right now to see the reaction. i'm on the big screen. elizabeth: a personalized message for every student who makes it into iowa state university. after they're accepted, future iowa state students are now being welcomed to the school with a video that's all their own. eric: kcci's vanessa peng shows us what those students are saying about it. >> what's up? this is huge news.
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thought it was real, but that's just because i'm blonde. vanessa: in between the college acceptance letters and emails. >> wow it's time to drop the banner. >> and we need to alert cnn on it. vanessa: every future iowa state university student is getting something else. john barclay: i applied to other colleges and none of them did anything like that it. vanessa: they're a part of breaking news. >> hello everyone. this is the cnn news desk. vanessa: even steam -- steve prohm those about it. >> it made you feel special in that you are going to be part of the isu family. >> being a medium-size university we like to reach out to individuals and give them a personalized experience. >> it was so cool how they put our name and it. vanessa: admissions folks won't tell us how they do it.
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giant says they will not b >> the thing is they go fast enough as it is. eric: raising the limit, the new push to let you go 75 miles an hour on iowa interstates.
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elizabeth: apple says no to a federal order to help the fbi hack iphones. who it belongs to and what it means for your privacy down the road. >> you're watching kcci eight news. elizabeth: also you can pick up a little something extra the gas station this morning. your first look at kum & go's new store. welcome back it is wednesday, february 17. eric: we are waking up to chilly temperatures. eventually that will be on the way up but not today. metinka: the warm-up does not start today, it will feel like february. we have some snow flurries showing up on super doppler from fort dodge through rockwell city back through pandora, creston, and lamoni. we are not expecting any accumulation and it should not be passing or travel. those flurries will move out by mid to late morning but the


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