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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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come in worried about their jobs. >> it's kind of like rolling the dice, you don't really know if one day he will have a job, one day you will not. cynthia: iowa workforce development confirms about 175 jobs have been cut since december when the merger with dow chemical company was announced. a spokesperson told me 10% of the workforce would be impacted, meaning about 125 more jobs will be slashed by the end of march. >> there's so many reasons to try to keep them. first, the size of the employment and size of the firm, there is a cultural legacy there. cynthia: as for the future, the dupont ceo says, "our merger process is on track. we are meeting key milestones and have begun our planning to create three strong, highly focused, independent businesses in agriculture, material science and specialty products." , i've learned the state of iowa is now trying to lure the new ag company's headquarters here. governor branstad hosted a meeting with dow-dupont officials at terrace hill. the state economic development
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travelled to delaware. and senator chuck grassley at a town hall meeting this week said he has called on the company to sell them on the value of the assets they have here in iowa. >> we don't want to lose these jobs with pioneer in johnston. >> i also told them to remember the history of pioneer in iowa going back to 1920's, and ought to put their corporate headquarters here. cynthia: i'm told the state is waiting to hear any day now about the decision on where the new headquarters will be located. governor branstad told me he is optimistic about the company's future in iowa. the merger, creating the largest agrochemical and seed company, is still subject to regulatory approval. steve: thank you, cynthia. new information tonight in a deadly west des moines hit and run crash. 37-year-old ronald paul hauser of van meter now faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, and owi. west des moines investigators say hauser was the driver that hit and killed 22-year-old
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officers later found a vehicle they thought may have been involved in that crash. >> for us, this is all about the victim's family. the victim is unfortunately no longer with us so it was up to us to speak for the victim and find out what happened and find the person responsible for what happened. steve: hauser turned himself in yesterday and has since bonded out of jail. stacey: a sheffield woman died near the franklin county town of hampton when a semi truck crashed into her van. stacey: the iowa state patrol says 36-year-old penny rust was driving south on highway 65 just before 7:00 last night when a , semi-truck, driven by 58-year-old antonio marecheau, ran a stop sign. rust hit the semi and died from her injuries. steve: schools in maxwell were on lockdown for several hours school officials. kcci's kim st. onge is live in
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involved, right? kim: that's right. school officials with the collins maxwell high school and middle school tell me the parent made verbal threats, but did not have a weapon nor did he threaten to use one. every door was locked at all collins-maxwell schools today. only people with special permission were allowed to enter or exit. principal of the high school and middle school, jordan nelson, says the parent walked in the building shortly after 8:00 and was acting beligerent, cursing in front of students, and threatened 4 staff members. nelson believes the parent, whose name has not been released, was upset over an incident on the bus yesterday. school officials decided to do a district-wide lockdown after learning the parent was heading for the elementary school after leaving the high school. the district sent this letter to parents, saying in part "no
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danger while they are in our buildings." the locked down and around noon after the district says the suspect was arrested. >> normally, we don't mind parents coming into the building. we just don't want these kind of actions to be taken, we don't want parents to be belligerent, using bad language, especially when there is children around. kim: i also learned today that the superintendent was just put on paid leave this week. district officials will not tell me why, but they are saying that this has nothing to do with the lockdown. steve: hamilton and webster county deputies are now searching for a west des moines man in connection with a string of burglaries. arrest warrants have been issued for 33-year-old matthew lee moore for burglary in both counties. deputies say moore broke into several bars last month. security cameras recorded video of the suspect. anyone with information about moore should call the webster or hamilton county sheriff's office. stacey: a man faces charges of peeping and trespassing in iowa
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23-year-old robert hightower of iowa city faces a list of charges after university of iowa police say he tried videotaping a woman in a burge hall shower monday night. hightower is not a university of iowa student or employee. an electrician saved the life of his co-worker this morning after an accident near drake university. an electrician and contractor were working near olin hall when the contractor was shocked. the contractor's heart stopped, forcing the electrician to perform cpr until rescue crews the contractor suffered burns to his hands and head. he was taken to the burn unit and is doing well. steve: temperatures are climbing above freezing and they are not are about to get a whole lot warmer. kurtis: today, we are in the mid
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the clouds hang around, they will thin a bit tomorrow. by noon, we will be up to 48 degrees. 58 at 3:00 p.m. colder to the north. 40's from mason city to dubuque, but some 60's in southwestern iowa. look at these temperatures out in kansas. highs in the 80's from salina down and through dodge city. the warm air is going to move in on friday. we are headed up into the 60's. not bad. a lot of wind on friday. still pretty mild saturday, 59. sunday, cooling down to 50. we will see some 40's as we head into next week. stacey: the medical cannabis bill introduced last week is now a shadow of its former self. but, the pared down version did survive two significant hurdles today. kcci's mark tauscheck is just back from the statehouse. he joins us live in the newsroom with the details.
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four medical marijuana manufacturing sites in the state along with 12 dispensaries the , -- dispensaries. the new version allows just two facilities to handle both jobs. the new bill also drops the number of medical conditions eligible for medical cannabis in iowa from 11 to 3 -- epilepsy, m.s., and terminal cancer. several iowans whose medical conditions were included last week but are now left out of this latest version of the medical cannabis bill, spoke at the commerce sub-committee hearing. >> i implore you to advance this critical piece of legislation with ptsd as a qualifying condition. mark: tina austin has ulcerative colitis, a painful, chronic disease that attacks the large intestine. >> i really hope you will find that this needs to be expanded to include uc, we really need it. mark: bob lewis has lived with chronic pain for 40 years. >> if you knew what it was like
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>> why don't we legislate a bill that can introduce it to everybody that needs it and let the doctors decide? >> i don't like to pick winners and losers, and i think that's what we're doing with reducing us to 3 different medical conditions. mark: the author of the original bill says this new version will save the bill. >> everyone has been working on this. i think eyes are wide open. i knew that changes have to be made but let's be clear, this is , progress. mark: senator cownie says the bill still introduces dispensaries to the state for the first time, and adds two more medical conditions to the list. >> i'm not going to let a bill fail when we can make progress so i feel good about it. ,mark: advocates for expanding medical cannabis in the state interpret the new version bill as another small step forward. >> we could do better than this, but we sometimes have to accept positive change in whatever form that change comes.
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sub-committee this afternoon, the new medical cannabis bill also passed through the commerce committee 17 to 6, so it clears this week's funnel, but still has to clear another committee before it's eligible to reach the house floor. stacey: hy-vee says it's sending truck loads of bottled water to flint, michigan because of flint native and iowa state basketball star monte morris. the iowa state basketball twitter account this afternoon flashed the news. hy-vee sending 11 trailers of bottled water to flint in honor of morris. flint is under a state of emergency because corrosive water was allowed to leach lead from pipes into the water supply. steve: tournament time is beginning in des moines. we are live at wells fargo arena for day one of the state wrestling team competition. stacey: farewell to the king. why a popular west des moines donut shop must move or close. and, lawmakers look at changing
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with -- this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst,
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mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. >> the goal is to eliminate as many accidents as we can. stacey: moving forward or should we say moving over? a new bill at the statehouse will make drivers give bicyclists more space on the road. steve: it will also change the way that driver's education is taught. kcci's emmy victor shows us why bicyclists are now pushing legislators to support a bill that's already law in 37 other states. emmy: attention all drivers if , you are driving on a street that does not have a bike lane like this one, a proposed bill will require you to move at least three feet away from bicyclists. >> more than 50% of the fatalities that have occurred over the past 10 years have been while passing. emmy: the bill says that when a bicyclist and motorist are going in the same direction, exit that lane and go onto another, when possible. >> after they pass and there is a safe distance between them and the bycycle, then they can go back over into the original lane.
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mandate that that rule be taught in schools so teens can be , informed on how to pass a bicyclist as soon as they learn to drive. bicyclists in favor of the bill say that everyone who uses the road has a right to safety. bike world iowa says they are stepping up to help bicyclists be more visible on the road, promoting the use of bright clothing and daytime lights on bikes. >> bicyclists need to be aware that not every car sees them. emmy: but experts there say that car versus bike accidents will only decrease when driving too close to bicyclists is no longer an option. >> if you have a car speeding past two at 50 miles per three hour, feet feels more like 3 inches. it is a start, but i certainly think that a little more space is a good thing. steve: the fine for driving too close to a bicyclist will remain at $250 if the bill is passed. it has already made it through the senate transportation committee. it's now headed to the full senate for a vote.
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shop, that recently reopened after the owner recovered from a broken hip, will have to or close down. we have now learned that donut king on grand avenue will have to stop making donuts at this location by the end of march. we are told by the developer, that the leases for both donut king and the burger king next door were terminated effective march 31. that means both businesses either have to shutdown or move. stacey: the warm-up we have been waiting for is almost here. in the 30's. skycam downtown, we do have the clouds out there. nine. colder, 20's to the north from mason city to dubuque. again, with some melting today as temperatures below freezing
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develop, especially with snow drip. 33, mostly cloudy at 7:00 p.m. wind chill with a feels like temperature of 24. wind-chills will pick up as the day goes along. it will be breezy at 7:00 a.m. highs tomorrow, upper 40's by noon. how about upper 50's as we slide into the afternoon? cloud cover moved out in western iowa after the morning snow central and east. midwest. pretty tranquil, although it clouds to move out. 72 in kansas city. out to kansas, temperatures in the 80's. minneapolis, 44 a high. winds out of the southeast.
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and will allow even warmer air on friday. along with that, winds will get gusty on friday. here is futurecast. clouds hanging around, especially early tomorrow. they will fed out by the afternoon. it will be a little bit of a different day southwest to northeast. friday afternoon, sunshine out there. saturday night, a week system. southern iowa, not a great chance. as we move into sunday, we start with son and finished with some clouds. temperatures tonight down to freezing, mostly cloudy.
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self-southeast winds, 15-20. look at that temperature. 64 degrees. if we had 64, it will be the warmest february day we have had in the past five years. upper 50's on saturday. slight chance for a shower in southern iowa. we still stay in the 40's and generally, precipitation free. stacey: it was fair time at brody middle school this morning. brody held its 3rd annual college, career, and community fair. the students an early chance to talk with people with experience in jobs or colleges they are interested in pursuing one day. the state high school wrestling tournament started today at wells fargo arena. steve: underway. kcci's tony seeman is live with a look. tony: we are live at wells fargo arena.
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>> from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: there is nothing quite
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when state wrestling comes to the state capitol, you know it is going to be a fun time. tony seeman is line with semifinal action from the state duals today. tony: what you get when you combine the best wrestlers and thousands of passionate fan? you get this. absolute chaos, but also a very special week. of course, the iowa state tournament is here. today, is all about the team duals. let starting class 3a. southeast polk and johnson -- in johnston. austin garcia gets the takedown. at 220, 1 of the best around. ethan anderson. southeast polk would come back late and get the win.
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tony: valley and dubuque hempstead. it was all valley tigers. at 120, know what he was riley gets the pin -- nonoah hughes riley. >> that was our goal, to get to the finals and see what happens. tony: at 182, jackson middleton gets the takedown. the other 2a, clarion goldfield dallas -- clarion goldfield dows taking on new hampton. at 120, his twin brother josh gets the takedown. clarion goes on to get the win.
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those are big moments in matches, and critical that our guys really understand. tony: the finals 14 duals -- the finals for the team duals will wrap up tonight at 6:30. the scheduling of all this has caused controversy over the past few years. coaches have chosen to not wrestle their best guys in the team duals to keep everyone safe. don't like it as a coach. we are going to go wrestle hard and hope for the best. >> i don't like it, but we wrestle. >> what i tell anybody all the the way it is set up. i don't agree with it, a lot of coaches don't agree with it, but we have to do.
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tony: finals tonight at 6:30. until then, live at wells fargo arena, tony seeman. andy: we have talked about this being the best year ever for hawkeye sports fans. the football team went 12-0 in the regular season and ended up in the rose bowl. the hoops team is #4 in the country. and wrestling is, wrestling. today, news that the guy in charge of all of that, gary barta, recently signed a 5-year extension of his contract that will run through 2021. the contract calls for a raise to $550,000 base salary for the next two years, then $600,000 for the years following. it also includes incentives, deferred compensation. president harreld says extension reflects the current salaries across the big 10 and other major athletic programs in the
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not the start hawkeye hoops fansat's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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today. and death of a contestant from "the bachelor." >> how they tried to save her life. >> please send someone fast. plus -- here they are. the other winners of the largest jackpot in history. finally come forward. >> i lost a lot of sleep. >> i lost over ten pounds. and breast milk for sale on the street. >> it's $40. >> moms are making thousands of dollars selling it. >> we've made a pretty penny. >> it's not just for babies. wait until you see what else it's being used for. but how safe is this stuff? >> wait, wait, wait, we just want to talk to you. >> now "inside edition" with


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