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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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in altoona elizabeth: arrest made. six months after a fatal hit and run, a family finally has some answers. how police were able to track down who did it. eric: plus, funnel week. several bills being considered at the statehouse. how lawmakers pushed through a bill on medical marijuana. elizabeth: plus, iowa stunned. what fell apart for the hawkeyes in last night's game against
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>> you're watching kcci 8 news. eric: good morning, and thank you for waking up with kcci eight news this morning. elizabeth: 86:00 on thursday, february 18. metinka: starting out a little frosty, 33 degrees in des moines , headed for a major meltdown this afternoon. 58 degrees, these highs will be about 20 degrees to warm for this time of year. very windy on friday, and it is 60's across a good part of the state. these temperatures will stick with us through the weekend. temperatures cool only slightly as we head to next week. elizabeth: today's big stories now, six months after a deadly hit and run, a family finally has answers. west des moines police have charged 37-year-old ronald hauser of van meter in connection with the death of
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holly was found dead along raccoon river drive in front of west grand golf in august. he had only been in des moines about two months when he died. his family in tennessee says they've waited six months for an arrest. police say evidence analyzed at the dci crime lab and witness statements led them to hauser. >> for us this is all about the victim's family. the victim is unfortunately no longer with us so it was up to us to speak for the victim and find out what happened. elizabeth: hauser is charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, and owi. he turned himself in tuesday, and has since bonded out of jail. and in fort dodge, a man wanted for attempted murder in sac county, is behind bars. fort dodge police were called to the walmart on 1st avenue on a tip. 36-year-old jeremy werneburg allegedly assaulted the officer when he tried to arrest him. he's charged with assault on a peace officer causing injury and
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causing injury. he's also being held on the attempted murder charge from sac county. eric: it's funnel week at the statehouse, and several bills are working their way through before the deadline. major changes are being proposed for iowa's medical cannabis laws. lawmakers introduced a pared-down bill wednesday, replacing for manufacturing sites -- four manufacturing sites and 12 dispensaries, with just two facilities to handle both jobs. the new version also drops the number of medical conditions eligible for the drug from 11 to three. the republican representative who introduced the bill says it had to be scaled-back to survive. this new version has cleared this week's funnel but it still has to pass through another committee before it's eligible to reach a vote on the house floor. another bill would require drivers to move over to the other lane when passing bicyclists. if they can't, drivers would have to wait behind the bicycle until it is safe to pass. advocates say this will help save bicyclists' lives. the bill has passed the senate
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now up for a full senate vote. elizabeth: happening today, president obama is unveiling plans for an historic trip to cuba. shaina humphries is following this shaina, how long has it been since a president visited there? shaina: elizabeth, calvin coolidge was the last sitting president to go to cuba, 88 years ago. now, president obama says he'll visit in the next few weeks. the white house is expected to lay out details of the trip later today. this comes after cuba and the u.s. reopened diplomatic relations 15 months ago. we'll have more on this historic trip, including what some critics are saying, live from washington, d.c. before 6:30. turning now to the tension between north and south korea. overnight a south korean spy service announced they've learned, that north korean leader kim jong un, is preparing to launch attacks on seoul. the spy service says that includes cyber attacks. concern over the north has been growing, because of recent nuclear tests and rocket launchers. and right now engineers in
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lead pipes. michigan governor rick snyder set that deadline wednesday, saying the city's goal is to replace the old pipes as soon as possible, but they must locate them first and prioritize which ones need to be removed fastest. elizabeth: in the mean time, flint residents still need to find a way to get fresh water, and hy-vee is pledging their help. the grocer is sending 11 truck loads of bottled water in honor of flint native and iowa state basketball star monte morris. the trucks are expected to leave ames today, and arrive in flint tomorrow morning. morris took to twitter wednesday to say thank you. eric: on paper, last night's game between the hawkeyes and penn state should have been an easy win for 4th-ranked iowa. but penn state had a different idea on how the night should go. the hawks led 12-4 early on, but back to back 3's from penn state's shep garner jumpstarted their offense, and things took off from there. penn state was up 7 at the half. iowa was plagued with missed free throws and turnovers, giving their opponents plenty of
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penn state ended up pulling off the upset over iowa, 79-75. state wrestling continues today at wells fargo arena with the first rounds of individual competition. class 1a starts at 9:00 am. class 3a at 1:30pm. and class 2a at 6:00 pm. the state wrestling tournament draws thousands of people to des moines. elizabeth: but this year some fans are dealing with a disconnect between wells fargo and downtown businesses. construction on the new 300-room convention center hotel has shut down a major artery of the skywalk system. while the closure is a temporary inconvenience for wrestling visitors it's become a permanent problem for some skywalk businesses. aj's popcorn reports a 30% drop in sales with fewer people in the skywalk. the owner says she was recently forced to let two employees go. >> of course, it was hard to do
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so i can afford the employees' money. elizabeth: the convention and visitors bureau say this construction means progress for the area, even with the skywalks down. the hotel is slated for completion in 2018. eric: if you are on your way downtown, you might want to watch your step. metinka: it is going to be a gorgeous day, although we are starting out a little bit frosty with temperatures either side of freezing. highs this afternoon will be very comfortable. maybe you might need a windbreaker because it will be breezy, but 58 degrees this time of year is hard to come by. more 60's on the way for your friday. the southern half of the state has the best chances of seeing those warmer temperatures, but northern iowa will be in the high 50's tomorrow. eric: in commitment 2016 news,
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the gop race is heating up ahead of this weekend's primary as some of the candidates square off in another town hall tonight. elizabeth: nikole killion is in washington with a look ahead. nikole: tonight three of the gop , candidates will take part in a town hall after two competing ones were held last night. it was a town hall two-fer with donald trump on msnbc, ted cruz, marco rubio and ben carson on cnn. as a new nbc news / wall street journal poll shows trump slipping behind cruz nationally, the two argued over the airwaves about a letter trump sent cruz threatening to sue over false campaign ads. mr. cruz this letter really : pressed the bounds of the most frivolous and ridiculous letters i've ever seen. mr. trump i don't know that we : are going to have a lawsuit but we certainly want to keep somebody honest. nikole: the town hall tangle comes as marco rubio picks ups a key endorsement from south carolina governor nikki haley. it's considered a setback to jeb bush but he's got another powerful woman campaigning with him today his mother barbara. , in washington, nikole killion reporting. elizabeth: tonight's town hall
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and ohio governor john kasich. it will be held again on cnn, well msnbc will host another one with democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders. taking sides, coming up. google gives its opinion on the ongoing battle between apple, and the federal government. eric: job cuts. dupont pioneer lays off more than 100 employees in johnston. how lawmakers are working to keep the company in iowa. emmy: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, the preview of a day devoted to stem at the statehouse. shaina: we do not see any issues right now, and the roads are in good shape. they are dry, so that is a nice change of pace, and we have no accidents. we will head outside and take a look at the road, 235 and 22nd street, still pretty light
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis
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with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back, the time is 6:13. students at the university of rochester in new york, are making the best out of a winter storm there. eric: take a look at that creation. a group of them built this 10-foot high and 12-foot wide igloo on campus wednesday, and they even stayed overnight in it. rochester saw more than 16 inches of snow fall in just one day. it is awesome until it starts melting, and then get out. metinka: it is going to be kind of sloppy out this afternoon but that is ok, the warm temperatures are worth it. 33 degrees in des moines, headed for 58 this afternoon. a little bit cooler across northern iowa but it is going to be a great stretch of weather.
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southeast at 15 to 20 with a few heavier gusts, but tomorrow will be a very windy day and a high in the low 60's. even next week looks pretty good. shaina: right now, pope francis is en route back to the vatican, after a five-day tour of mexico. while there, he stopped in some of mexico's poorest and most dangerous areas, and focused on drug violence and immigration. his final stop wednesday was in juarez, where he celebrated mass just 50 yards from the texas border. he called on the u.s. to address immigration reform, calling it a humanitarian crisis. overnight, pope francis tweeted from his plane, thanking the mexican people for welcoming him. the fbi is investigating a hack at this hospital in los angeles. hollywood presbyterian medical center payday $17,000 ransom to the hackers in order to get their systems back online. hospital officials say paying the ransom was in the best interest of its patients.
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attacks can happen to everyone from individuals to large companies. and the debate between silicon valley and the government continues, as apple refuses to comply with a court order to unlock the phone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. on wednesday, google's chief executive sided with apple, saying enabling hacking on one phone could compromise other users' privacy. apple intends to file an appeal of the ruling as early as next week. eric: back here in central iowa, it is stem day at the statehouse and emmy victor is there live. emmy: we are expecting about 170 different teachers, students, and administrators to come to the statehouse to show off some of the hands-on innovative progress -- projects they have, and they will be talking to lawmakers about the importance of stem in the classroom.
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recommends stem, calling it the most complete way for students to learn in schools. stem interest can also fill work face development. there's about 3.4 stem jobs for everyone qualified graduate in iowa. several des moines schools are working to spark the interest early in order to set them up for employment. >> they've really been looking at not just educators and teachers on the board but also lots of business leaders for their input so there's business leaders can tell us this is what , we need of the kids coming out of school. emmy: stem day at the statehouse is open to anyone interested in attending. preschool to 12th grade students are some of those that you will be seeing today. elizabeth: economic headlines now, layoffs at dupont pioneer
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begins a merger with dow chemical. the iowa workforce development confirms about 175 jobs have been cut since the merger was announced in december, and about 10% of the total workforce will be impacted. however, there are efforts being made by governor branstad and senator grassley to bring the company's new headquarters to iowa. a popular west des moines donut shop that recently reopened after the owner recovered from a broken hip, may be closing down again. we've learned that donut king on grand avenue will have to stop making donuts at that location by the end of march. the leases for both donut king and the burger king next door were terminated effective march 31st. that means both businesses either have to shut down or move. eric: on wall street, markets ended the day up for the third straight day. the dow added more than 257 points. the nasdaq finished up about 98. and the s and p 500 gained about 31. a new survey finds businesses
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cards. right now only 37% of businesses , can read the cards. the chip technology is considered more secure than traditional cards that use those magnetic strips that you swipe. a aaa survey shows u.s. drivers shelled out about three billion dollars for vehicle repairs over the last 5 years, just because of potholes. aaa is urging state and local governments to make road maintenance a priority to help reduce vehicle damage. ford is taking potholes seriously. it's new technology allows vehicles to skip over them as you are driving them. it is a computer-controlled shock absorber system that stiffens when detectors detect a pothole, keeping the wheel elevated enough so it rolls over the howl -- over the whole.
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major automaker is testing dries -- cars that can drive themselves. but researchers say we're still a long way from these cars taking over the road. one major hurdle is giving the cars the ability to make the right decision when faced with common sense and even moral dilemmas. for example, say your car is approaching a head-on collision, but the only way to avoid it is veering towards a pedestrian. >> the biggest nightmare that people like me who work on autonomous cars have is that somebody deploys this technology prematurely and the car hits a stroller. elizabeth: in the coming years there will be more changes to , make cars drive on their own. but researchers say true self-driving cars are still a good 10 years away or so. and check this out. nissan is showing off its self driving technology, in the office. a new video from the automaker shows self-parking chairs. look at them go. the chairs can return themselves to their original positions once meetings wrap up, and they respond to hand clapping.
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elizabeth: the clapper for chairs. eric: today, it sounds like this afternoon is going to be awesome. metinka: we have temperatures headed for about 20 degrees warmer than they should be this time of year, well into the 50's, and we will see a little bit of sunshine. the wind is starting to pick up from the southeast, 15 to 20 minute -- 220 miles per hour. tomorrow the wind will be coming in from the west, gusting near 40 miles per hour and despite temperatures being warm, the wind will make it feel not as nice as it otherwise would. we have clouds filling in from the northwest, but no precipitation and no fog to slow you down. a warm front will be moving through the midwest today.
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it across kansas and nebraska. this will be plowing through the state overnight tonight. you will hear the wind shifting back to the west and picking up after midnight. that cold front heads off to the east and the air behind it is from the pacific so it will not be cold. the best chance for precipitation with this front will stay across missouri. another cold front on sunday will have some slightly cooler air coming in behind it. today will feel like spring with highs well into the 50's for the southern half of the state, northern iowa not quite as warm. tomorrow, the warmth expands across the region so widespread 50's and 60's for your friday. 30's in des moines, 24 is our wind chill, so dress in layers. maybe not even a coat this
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46 tonight, warming up to 60 for tomorrow but there will be a lot of wind on friday. the weekend is looking great for outdoor plans or errands with highs in the 50's and 60's, and next week the weather stays mild. elizabeth: so far, so good on the road? shaina: so far, so good. the roads are dry so good news. mobile speed unit, 1200 thomas beck road, 3000 evergreen avenue, 3500 urbandale avenue, 4900 northwest beaver drive, and 800 northeast 16th avenue.
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an historic trip to cuba. eric: welcome back to kcci at 6:26. president obama is heading to
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elizabeth: he'll become the first commander in chief to visit the island in nearly nine decades but the trip is already drawing some criticism. nikole killion joins us live from washington with the latest. nikole: , today, the white house is set to unveil its plans for president obama's historic visit to cuba. he's expected to travel to the island in march as part of a broader trip to latin america. this comes about a year after his administration moved to relaunch relations with havana. but some aren't happy with the president's visit. that includes florida congresswoman illeana ros-lehtinen who was born in cuba and calls the trip "absolutely shameful." she points to the castro regime saying there has been no progress regarding human rights. live in washington, the cold killian, kcci eight news. eric: when near after dahl's demise how is price chopper doing? find out if the company has been able to lure grocery shoppers back to its aisles. unusual rescue. check out that guy that she is
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where he turned up and who gave him the tlc he needed to survive. >> if you can hear me, just say really loud hello from the outside. >> hello from the outside. eric: and a laugh to start your
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on today's show this might rival >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: we're calling it now. this is what many of you will be probably doing today, going to the car wash. a perfect day for it, going to be a lot of melting. let's shake off winter. we're going to have some serious spring fever today. welcome back, everyone. eric: we're all with you on this thursday morning and all looking forward to some really nice temperatures. bring it on. metinka: a beautiful day for maybe hitting the bike trails. right now, it is frosty so there
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33 starting out in des moines, headed for 58 degrees, although it will be a bit on the breezy side. we have 60's on the way for your friday, and if you cannot get outside the next couple of days, the weather stays really comfortable even over the weekend. eric: big stories this thursday morning fort dodge police say , some observant shoppers helped them catch a dangerous suspect. officers got a tip that 36-year-old jeremy werneburg was at walmart wednesday. he was wanted for attempted murder in sac county. officers say werneburg fought with officers at the walmart forcing them to use a taser. , werneburg now facing several additional charges including assault on a peace officer. this man, 37-year-old ronald hauser of van meter, is out of jail this morning on bond, but he's still facing charges in a deadly hit and run. police now say hauser is the one who hit and killed 22-year-old
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august. holly was in des moines working he was hit while walking along raccoon river drive in west des moines. police say hauser was driving drunk. and this morning we've learned a , des moines man has pleaded guilty to a murder after he's been in jail for three years. 44-year-old lavelle mckinley was arrested in 2013 for the murder of cynthia rouse. now, he has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and sex abuse. his case was delayed because an appeal to the iowa supreme court over his public defenders took a year to resolve. elizabeth: several bills advancing at the statehouse before the first funnel deadline. a pared down version of the a first, bill allowing cannabis oil to be made and distributed in iowa. the new bill reduces the number of manufacturers and dispensaries. it also cuts the number of patients who could use it. the measure now goes to the full house. also, today lawmakers could take up a new bill giving the state oversight of licensed dog breeders. some say it would hold bad breeders more accountable but
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increased licensing fees. and another bill focuses on sex education in iowa schools. it would require health classes to teach about dating violence. it's made it out of committee and should be debated in the next couple weeks. and live at the statehouse this morning is our emmy victor. it's also a special day there today, stem day. what's this all about, emmy? emmy: elizabeth, it is going to be a very interactive and visual day at the statehouse. we are expecting 32 different exhibits to display stem projects from across the state. the event is put on each year by the governors stem advisory board which focuses on , increasing stem participation in our classrooms. in each of the last 3 years more students in iowa took advanced placement stem-related courses and scored high enough to earn college credit than the previous
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the number of high school teachers with licenses in stem subject areas increased by 9.4%. the advisory board receives about $5 million to invest between 100,000 students. those in attendance today will be given opportunities to speak with legislators on how stem is -- inside the classroom. >> if a school or district has been repeatedly funded, we try to encourage other schools, so that way that funding can be spread out and we can get stem to more students. emmy: the event kicks off at 10:00 a.m. and governor terry branstad and lieutenant governor kim reynolds will address the crowd. elizabeth: thank you. this morning shaina's watching , several more developing stories starting with apple's fight with the federal government. shaina: elizabeth, other companies are now throwing their
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google's chief executive sent a series of tweets last night questioning the validity, of a court order requiring apple to help the fbi unlock the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. he says the move could set a troubling precedent. but federal authorities maintain that the order is only for this terror investigation. our now poll is getting your reaction. should apple hack the iphone for this terror investigation? most people, 58% say yes while 42% say no, they should not. you can vote on facebook, twitter, or by calling 200-1508. also this morning a new report , reveals more troubling findings within the department of veterans affairs. an internal watchdog found calls to the suicide hotline went to voicemail and callers did not receive immediate assistance. veteran and senator john mccain says it's particularly disturbing because calls to the hotline have increased dramatically in recent years, with the wars in iraq and afghanistan.
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in overnight, a slow-speed chase with a backhoe. police say a man went for a joyride dumping boulders on a , highway and then driving up and down a bridge, damaging the sides. he refused to stop for police . they finally put down spike strips and arrested him. eric: it's been about one year since dahl's foods closed and price chopper opened in the metro. we talked with company officials and they say sales are up but wouldn't give exact figures. the company made a huge investment to update the old dahl's stores, new lighting, signs, fixtures, layouts and pricing. >> we were long overdue in the dahl's world to be remodeled and this has just been a fresh, clean look so we're very happy to have that. >> oh, i was really skeptical about it and i was a little nervous about it. but it's beautiful. they've done a great job with it. eric: meanwhile, in other isles there's no disputing the success of rival grocery store hy-vee here in central iowa.
6:37 am
and todd magel is taking us behind the scenes tonight. todd: from the check out lane, to the corporate office, hy vee says there's one secret to success. >> the smile is very important. >> a helpful smile in every aisle truly is what we live off of and it's a great thing to walk down the aisle and see a customer and even catch them in the next aaisle and give them another smile. it's a cool thing. todd: but it's not the only cool thing. how have they grown to support 82,000 workers. 240 stores in 8 states. and what are customers asking for? here's a hint. it's not just groceries anymore. >> we adapt and change to make sure we have the products and the services that fit the customers' lifestyles of today. and if we don't we'll get left behind. todd: we go behind the scenes of hy-vee tonight. todd magel, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. eric: should be pretty interesting to see what's cooking next. behind the scenes of hy-vee, tonight at 10:00 here on kcci. elizabeth: protesting the police chief what officials in one iowa , town found on the top cop's computer. and what protestors want to have
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scary sight. what's lurking below these waters? where these sharks are gathering and why. and ellen's in her ear. adele pulls a prank that's sure to go viral and we have your first look here on kcci. metinka: going to get a little bit of spring fever today after a gloomy and wintry week, but just how warm while temperatures get? shaina: things are looking great on the road with that wonderful forecast. this is the east mixmaster, and we have not seen any issue so far.
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wrestling metinka: good morning, it is going to be a great day. right now temperatures are either side of 32 degrees, so dress in layers. this afternoon, highs headed for the upper 50's, about 20 degrees warmer than it should be this time of year. maybe you cannot get outside today and tomorrow will be gorgeous with highs in the 60's but really windy. over the weekend, the nice weather sticks with us, highs from 50's and 60's, and next
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shaina: around iowa now, in denison, outrage over offensive images allegedly created by the police chief. an investigation by the mayor's office found racist and pornographic pictures from chief john emswiler were transmitted to a shared city computer drive. the denison city attorney confirmed the lewd images were created on chief emswiler's personal computer. people are protesting the police chief's actions. >> what he's got on his computer is not right and i think any reasonable person would agree. basically, trying to get it out there, saying this is what's going on here, this is the reason the things are they way they are, and it needs to change. shaina: the mayor did take disciplinary action against the police chief but that has not been made public. elizabeth: now to dubuque, two sheriff's deputies found something kind of strange along the road last month. it was this guy a bearded , dragon. it was frozen and deputies assumed it was dead. but they cranked up the heat in their squad car and rushed it to
6:43 am
the lizard started to move. >> it happened quick enough. hopefully that's what kept her alive, because it was bitter cold that night. eric: must have snuck out of somebody's house. elizabeth: the lizard is now doing well no idea where it came from so the vet, dr mundt, is keeping it at her office in dubuque. eric: this morning we have some incredible video to show you in the buzz. we need the jaws theme playing here. tens of thousands of sharks spotted off the florida coast palm beach. these are all blacktip sharks . the biological sciences professor counted 157 of them in just one frame of video and there were a lot more than that. this was part of an aerial shark migration survey. the professor is still trying to figure out why the sharks are attracted to that particular area.
6:44 am
australia, this is crazy video. those are all tumbleweeds truckloads of them in streets , and yards, as high as the rooftops. officials say the dry conditions led to a bumper crop this year. people say it is just incredible to try to clean them up. shaina: seems like kids might have fun in that. so this morning we want to show you a sneak peek of something that is sure to go viral later today. adele is on ellen this afternoon and she pulls off a very funny prank at jamba juice. ellen is in her ear, telling her what to say. >> am i seeing wheatgrass? take out some scissors from your purse. i would like, and just start chopping some.
6:45 am
-- chew on it. this is so good. >> this is really good, actually. >> i feel like a deer in a forest. >> i feel like a deer in a forest. eric: what are you supposed to do? shaina: you will have to see how this ends, it is hilarious. also today, she talks about her auto -- her audio problems with her performance at the grammys, her stage fright and her son , angelo. a must-see today at 4:00. elizabeth: this is at the toronto zoo, and this pandemic could not get enough snow. you might want to get out and walk around lunchtime today. metinka tells us how warm we'll get coming up next, as we look
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thanks for waking up with kcci 8 news this morning here's a look at what's ahead at 7:00 a.m.. >> ahead on cbs this morning, we'll reveal the results of a new national cbs news poll on the presidential race. and meet the first american woman to complete seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.
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see you at 7:00. >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: we have got a great stretch of weather. it is going to start to get warm today so everyone will have spring fever, near 60 degrees this afternoon. it is still a little bit breezy out there, a southeast wind 15 to 20 miles per hour, and tomorrow that wind will play a huge factor on driving plans. we are expecting a strong west wind on friday, gusting at times over 40 miles per hour.
6:50 am
clouds are over a ridge of high pressure centered in kansas and nebraska, and that is where the warmest air will be today. this system is coming in from the pacific, so tomorrow the cold front will move through but the air behind it will not be cold, but very windy. high wind watches have already been posted for nebraska and kansas. another push of warm air arrives by saturday. 50's for the southern half of the state today, 40's up north. tomorrow it is going to be really mild, widespread 50's and 60's across the state. in des moines right now, 33 degrees, headed for 58 degrees.
6:51 am
of the weekend, the weather stays quiet and mild with highs in the 60's and 50's. eric: watcher step this morning if you are walking the dog for re-freeze. shaina: we do have one accident we want to tell you about at mlk and 4th avenue in des moines, so keep that in mind as you are getting ready to head out. also if you are going to be around downtown, state wrestling is there so there could be some backups. 1200 thomas beck road, 3000 evergreen avenue, 3500 urbandale avenue, 4900 northwest beaver drive, and 800 northeast 50th avenue.
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controversial elizabeth: the time is now 6:54. news to go, new stories for your thursday, president obama is going to cuba. he will be the first u.s. president to visit cuba in nearly 90 years, going in mid-march. the white house will reveal full
6:55 am
eric: this morning toyota is , recalling nearly 3 million suv's because of the seatbelts. the company says a flaw could cause some rear seatbelts to fail. this recall affects the rav-4 and toyota vanguard. elizabeth: iowa hawkeye fans bummed after they lost last night at penn state 79-75. but seems it was an off-night for other top-five teams too. third-ranked oklahoma fell 65-63 to texas tech. and 5th-rated north carolina lost to duke 74-73. eric: state lawmakers will get a lesson in science, technology, engineering and math today it's -- mass today -- math today. it's stem day at the capitol. students and teachers will be showing their projects and lesson plans to lawmakers part of a big push to focus on these growing areas in iowa classrooms. shaina: it's also day two of the state wrestling tournament and visitors will find they can't get to wells fargo arena through the skywalk. construction on a new 300-room hotel has shut down the major artery. keep that in mind as you head to
6:56 am
eric: hy-vee is doing something really special today sending 11 , trailers of bottled water to flint, michigan to help with the water crisis. it is all in honor of number 11, isu basketball player monte morris. he is from flint and has been asking for help. metinka: starting out a little frosty with some light fog, nothing that should slow you down. 58 this afternoon. tomorrow, up to 64 but it will be very windy. highs saturday close to 60 and sunday, still mayor 50. -- still mayor 50. -- near 50. shaina: mlk and forth, there is an accident. otherwise, your drive times are
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11 minutes from ankeny, 25 from indianola and 30 from newton. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers.
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good morning. it is thursday, february 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz dares donald trump to sue him over an attack ad. we reveal the results of a new national cbs news poll. google backs rival apple in its fight against the fbi over unlocking a terrorist's cell phone. how about this? seven marathon on seven continents in seven days! a single mom who is the first american woman to complete this daunting challenge. we begin begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. this has not been a typically race by any sense and i don't think anyone is surprised that donald is threaten to sue people. he has done that most of his adult life. >> slugging it out in south carolina. >> he didn't doesn't have one public endorsement from the senate. think of it. hard to believe. >> major endorse from south


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