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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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i asked collins-maxwell school officials about the bus incident and whether there have been any others issues with the driver, but was told they can't comment because it's a personnel matter. >> we haven't been informed of anything, so once we are informed, we'll do what we need to do on our end. kim: this concerned mother of 4 is willing to home school her children so long as that driver is still behind the wheel. >> anything it takes to protect my children, i'm gonna do it. >> i love you. kim: i'm told the bus did have a camera on it, but it doesn't -- was not working. alena just got out of meeting with school officials and police this afternoon. she tells me the bus driver will not be fired, but the driver's son will not longer ride the bus. stacey: we are waiting to learn more about collins maxwell superintendent, jason ellingson. he was put on paid leave this week. the school board held a special closed door meeting this afternoon. they're expected to release more information at 5:30 today.
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iowans all over the state to get outside this weekend. yes it will and many of us will , head straight for the recreational trails and parks. we did some checking, and while some are still pretty wet, all of the local trails are now open. and with warm temperatures in the overnight forecast -- the dreaded re-freeze is unlikely. so you will be able to get out there, and enjoy some fresh air. here is a guy who enjoys a lot of fresh air, curtis. you can get out there and ride your bike. kurtis: there are still snow drifts as you head from dallas center two. . temperatures today topped out at 52. colder to the north. shenandoah, 72. this is amazing -- kansas, great bend kansas, 90 degrees. garden city, 89. some of that warmer air is going to slide our way. as steve mentioned, when you get that temperature above freezing
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we will drop down to the upper 40's. sunshine on the way. i want to keep in mind a lot of wins tomorrow -- wind tomorrow. if we hit 64 degrees i think we well -- it will be be warmest february day since the 17th of 2011. it has been about five years since temperatures were this mild in february. stacey: we are learning about a new -- a serious crash near merle hay mall. 4100 block of 66th street and prairie avenue. both vehicles involved ended up in the front yard of a home one -- home. one flipped on its top another police say the car ran a stop sign and hit the suv. the car's driver was taken to a a man working on a cell phone tower falls to his death. it happened last night at a ellsworth.
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anamosa. the accident remains under investigation. steve: new details tonight about that private school closed over sex allegations. lee county sheriff's records show incidents report at midwest academy in keokuk were often delayed. reports of runaways, assaults, suicide attempts, were all not made until days after they happened. in some cases law enforcement did not find out until the state department of human services got involved. officers raided the boarding school for troubled teens last month to investigate allegations that a staff member sexually assaulted a student. in denison a police chief is -- has been disciplined for lewd images he created of his coworkers. authorities say chief john emswiler used editing software, to put the heads of his staff on quote different stuff. those pictures, somehow ended up
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the district attorney says the situation was investigated the , chief was disciplined, and the city considers the matter closed. stacey: iowa state university administrators appeal a federal judge's ruling that they violated free speech rights of students in a pro-marijuana group. the judge ruled against administrators who used a trademark policy to prevent the isu chapter of the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws from printing shirts with a marijuana leaf and the school logo. researchers at iowa are moving ahead with a long-delayed project in which a dozen students will be paid to eat genetically modified bananas. the bananas were created by an australian scientist. they have a gene that is supposed to help people living in africa make vitamin a. activists are urging the university to block the project. steve: making his right now, good news for flint, michigan. the epa says new water samples confirm that the lead removal filters they have handed out are working. the agency says it recommends that residents continue to use the filters in their homes. the flint water crisis is near
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iowa state university basketball player. cyclone guard monte morris is from flint. kcci's rose heaphy is in studio. rose morris inspired an iowa , company to give big didn't he? rose: steve, yes he did. heidi -- hy-vee teamed up with the basketball star to send thousands of gallons of water to the city. morris says it pains him to hear how his hometown is struggling. he says this shows he's all in for flint. junior guard monte morris leads the cyclones in assists. but now ames is working to assist him. >> i know it's rough back home. the water is coming out like orange, or something and you , can't really put words behind that. >> my hometown flint michigan has been hit with a water crisis. >> last week morris posted this video to his twitter asking people to donate. help came in the form of trucks. all filled with drinking water. >> it brought a lot of tears to my eyes because nobody wants
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it's just hard to talk about honestly. >> hy-vee's ceo heard morris' call to action. he decided to donate five trucks of bottled water and six trucks with gallons. in all 11 trucks for number 11. , >> we have to thank monte for the 11 semi trailers that you see here filled with water because he's building awareness for what's going on in his community. >> for morris it's a response he , never imagined. >> i'm very honored, truly blessed young man to have this opportunity to do this to my hometown and they really need it . >> call it a 600 mile alley-oop. rose the trucks are expected to : arrive tomorrow. morris told me he wished could have gone along. but his mom will be there at the receiving end. stacey can a smile help build a
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kcci's todd magel says if you're hy-vee the answer is yes. tonight at 10:00. : the corporate office, hy vee says there's one secret to success. >> the smile is very important. truly is what we live off of and , it's a great thing to walk down the aisle, and see a customer, and even catch them in the next isle and give them another smile it's a cool thing. todd but it's not the only cool how have they grown to support 82,000 workers. 240 stores in 8 states. and what are customers asking for? here's a hint. it's not just groceries anymore. >> we adapt and change to make sure we have the products and the services that fit the customers lifestyles of today. and if we don't we'll get left , behind. todd we go behind the scenes of : hy-vee tonight. todd magel, kcci eight news, iowa news leader.
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a popular, downtown des moines store is landing a news not in west des moines. the business record reports west into architectural salvage will open a new store in the town center. the salvage sells old items and re-purposed custom made furniture. the company has its own tv show on the diy network. next at 5:00, state wrestling. we are live at wells fargo arena with 1a and 3a action from today's individual match-ups. steve: plus historic visit. , the 2 things president obama hopes to accomplish during his trip to cuba. why news of his travels is not sitting well with some americans. but first,
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announcer this is iowa's news : leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. steve: seeking support in south carolina. the state's republican primary is just 2 days away and a new poll shows donald trump in first place. stacey: kcci's aixa diaz is live in washington. aixa, why was trump talking about the pope at a rally today? aixa: donald trump responded, after pope francis earlier today said someone who thinks about building walls not bridges, , isn't christian. after his visit to the border, pope francis was asked about donald trump's plan to build a wall between the u.s. and
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>> aixa: the pope answered that's not in the gospel, and while he'd give trump the benefit of the doubt, pope francis said this man is not christian if this is what he says. donald trump for a religious : leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. aixa: trump said he's proud to be a christian, and accused the mexican government of convincing the pope he's not a good guy. two days before the primary, a new fox news poll shows trump in first place in south carolina, with ted cruz coming in second. >> our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day. aixa: marco rubio picked up the endorsement of governor nikki haley. nikki haley it is a great day in : south carolina. >> 2016 is the most important election in a generation. aixa: jeb bush also stumped in the palmetto state, hoping for a strong finish on saturday. jeb bush: we need a president that tries to lift our hopes up. >> there is a dog fight between, especially marco rubio and jeb bush for third place. john kasich also trying to see if he can sneak into third
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aixa: tonight, hillary clinton aixa: tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning in nevada, ahead of the democratic caucuses on saturday. stacey: how are the other candidates on the trail reacting to the pope's comments on donald trump? aixa: bush, who's catholic, says while he gets his guidance from the pope, he doesn't take his -- when it comes to issues about the environment or economic policy, he does not take his cues from the pope. rubio, who's also catholic, says he respects and admires the pope, but if that is can city can respect the u.s.. cruz says he's not getting in the middle of this, he says it is between donald trump and the pope. steve: president obama will travel to cuba next month, to try to restore relations with the island nation, and improve the lives of cubans. it will be the first visit to cuba by a u.s. president in nearly 9 decades. news of the trip is not sitting well with americans opposed to
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>> is there anything is president you would do? >> not if it's not a free cuba and i'll tell you the problem , with the cuban government -- it's not just a communist dictatorship, it is an anti-american communist dictatorship. >> i think it's a real mistake i think the president should instead be pushing for a free cuba. steve: the president and first lady will spend 2 days in cuba as part of a latin american tour. stacey: right now fbi agents search a home in southern california belonging to the brother of one of the san bernardino attackers. it is part of an ongoing investigation. 14 people were killed when gunmen syed farook and his wife opened fire on a workplace holiday party. apple is still fighting a judge's order to help the fbi break into farook's iphone. authorities say encryption technology on iphones hold up criminal investigations. apple says it uses encryption to protect customer privacy. steve: making news right now -- they are everywhere, tumbleweed trouble -- it is summertime down
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dry conditions are making for a bumper crop of the weeds. in some places they are piled as high as the rooftops. we should break into that song, tumbling tumbleweed. kurtis: they happen at my house occasionally in the summertime. not so far this year, obviously. temperatures right now are very mild, 52. wind chill, 48. humidity, 66%. it was much colder to the north. a little more cloud cover out there and snow on the ground. upper 30's, storm lake. look at creston, 64. earlier in the show i showed you shenandoah was in the 70's. here is your planner -- south and southeast winds gusting at 23 at 7:00 p.m.. 10:00 p.m. temperature, 50 degrees. tomorrow morning, winds gusting
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a very warm day, but windy day for our friday. by noon, 59. forecast high, 64 degrees. the clouds thinned out as the day went on. a little bit of snow heading up to canada. overall, no major systems fighting our way at least. precipitation producing systems. this front will drive through lots of when tomorrow. -- drive through some of that wind tomorrow. here is futurecast clearing out overnight. it looks like friday we will see some nice sunshine. i think a few clouds may hang up in northern iowa. friday night, clear skies, saturday will be a beauty with less wind. as we head to saturday night and sunday, a few clouds goodbye to
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north -- scoot by to the north. temperatures will move down into the upper 40's. they will not get much colder because of the wind. this will help with the meltdown. that wind advisory including grand county going into effect at 3:00 in the morning through 6:00 p.m. friday. also included, payment county. -- came a county. gusts around 45 miles per hour. 48 tonight, breezy and mild. i want to point out the record warm low, 44. we should shatter that with an overnight low at 48. tomorrow, 64, sunny and warm. west winds 20 to 30. in town we will have gusts around 40 miles per hour. saturday, less wind, sunshine, and 60. probably better than friday. sunday the wind picks up, 52.
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even with the drop it is a bit above normal. steve: a few things to tell you about traffic. we have a wreck at eastern boulevard and east 24. on the west side we have a gas main break at 34th and woodland it is causing problems. if you are heading westbound on i 235 you will run into this -- there is an accident, 235 west at 56 on the on ramp to 56. taking a look at the drivetime see her mcmasters -- they look like this. slow to the west, 12 minutes. to the east, normal at six. stacey: tonight, the cost of all the presidential visit. >> the caucus bring millions to the local economy, but he would be city of des moines had to pay out to keep the candidate they -- safe.
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walking, stay tuned because shaina humphries will take a look at the trail conditions. >> coming up, a war of words with donald trump antipope.
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steve: hitting me matt and state wrestling. catch going on this morning and afternoon. to a starts tonight. stacey: tonio's live at the arena with all of the action. -- tony is live at the arena with all of the action. tony: wrestling started yesterday, but honestly, that is an appetizer for the main course today. they one of the state wrestling championships. we have so much to get to, let's go with class three a this afternoon. it was a packed house as usual at wells fargo arena. at 106, he lost a leg to cancer, making his state debut. he advances with a tech fall. at 113, a team to watch out for this weekend, undefeated, he
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>> we want to score a lot of points. tony: at 120 pounds, price gets the takedown, and moves on. at 126, nathan lynch takes down tyler. lynch moves on. at 132 pounds, he hangs on for a three to two decision. at 138, gets the last second takedown to move on in a six to four decision. he is feeling it. greg i want to the title bad. i got it. tony: at 145, undefeated, michael zachary pins his way to the quarterfinals. . >> i am on a mission. i can have that target on my back, but it will not change the way i wrestle. i'm going to wrestle, you will
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-- beat me. tony: absolutely dominate at two under 20 pounds. he moves on with a first. t period. we one a class got things going this morning. in the purple, never placed here, one last shot -- he started. mom and dad with her. at 132, west marshall and the black and gold, he was trailing. in the final minutes, he takes the lead and to survive three to two. he is a senior, never placed, he is on his way with a dominant 13-kccione win. this is the tip of the iceberg. class two a will actually get rolling tonight at 6:30. we will get you ready for that. we will have more tonight at
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until then, live at wells fargo arena, kcci i was first leader.
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steve: still in a beautiful 50's, and tomorrow heading up to the 60's. kurtis: saturday will probably be nicer but cooler.
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>> pelley: now it's a holy war between trump and the pope. >> for a religious leader to
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>> pelley: also tonight, two days before the nevada caucus, a personal side of hillary clinton. >> my mother met me at the door, and she said, "there is no room for cowards in this house." >> pelley: a hospital pays ransom to hackers to get its computers back. and from football to footlights. >> i got good feet. >> pelley: a former nfl star pulls off the play of a lifetime it may sound odd, but all i care about is love captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from las vegas. >> pelley: the odds-makers here at ceasar's palace never bet on this, but in a campaign that has seen just about everything, we now have donald trump feuding with the pope. it started when francis, on his


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